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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 13, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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why did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance. i used that money to buy a falcon. ergo, you bought me a falcon. i should've got a falcon. most people who switch to state farm save on average about $480. what they do with it, well, that's their business. oh, that explains a lot, actually. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 all over three big stories right off the top tonight, while weather tearing through our area and a possible tornado caught on camera in
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virginia. wire live where people are pick -- we're live where people are picking up the pieces tonight. an 11-year-old boy missing tonight, his mother found dead less than 24 hours ago and tonight her husband is in police custody. and a story you will only see on fox 5, boxes and boxes of documents with sensitive personal information dumped in the trash for anyone to grab. just wait until you hear where they were found. we begin tonight with a fox 5 weather alert. more showers, more storms hitting at this hour. thanks for joining us. i'm laura evans. >> and i'm brian bolter in the weather center downstairs with sue palka who has been tracking this dale and it's going into the evening as -- day and it's going into the evening as well. >> it's greatly diminished. we have a few flash flood warnings but no severe storm or tornado warnings and be that's important. we had a number of -- and that's important. we had a number of those earlier today. unbelievable pictures. this was shot by a woman
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driving south on 95, darlene brock saw this 5:30 just before quantico and the national weather service confirms this tornado via the video just at the entrance to quantity quo and it's estimated and they're going to take a look at it. look at debris that flies around, very frightening in stafford county this afternoon. let me show you closer here on our sentinel radar, we kind of pinpointed a couple things. for starters see the big hook? that is always danger sign and that's where the tornado was right around here. it's 905, this white line the entrance -- 95, this white line is the line dividing prince williams county and stafford county and that moved closer to triangle. at this hour we still have a couple showers and thunderstorms. they are mostly out to our west through fairfax county. we have a couple more in prince william county and down running
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right along 905 through portions of extreme -- 95 through portions of extreme western charles county into stafford and a little bit of king william down there as well. want you to see we also have -- actual cling george, sorry, getting my kings mix -- king george, sorry, getting my kings mixed up. we have a number of flash flood warnings going going for a while in fairfax county, and culpeper. watch out until about 11:00 for flash flood warnings and i can't finish until i mention a bit of drama that happened tonight. at the university of maryland a lot of kids were receiving warnings via the campus system there was a tornado coming and it was about to hit the campus. >> on their phones, text messaging? >> text messages, tweets and those were unfortunately not because of anything that the national weather service sent out. a long story short, no tornado
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but a lot of panic. the sirens went off. we think we know what happened and that's going to be leading the news edge at 11:00 tonight. so no tornado. there was never a tornado coming toward college park this afternoon, but a lot of people were really terrified because they had a bad history in 2001, an ef3 there. we thank our interns. they were the first ones to say show us where the tornado is and we said what are you talking about? it's in stafford county. >> university of maryland looking at their warning system now. >> and the wording, too. those questions will all get answered. meantime as sue mentioned and you saw the video in stafford, virginia, some serious damage down there. roz plater has been checking it out for us. >> reporter: in the townhouse development in stafford folks say it's been miserable and crazy weather that started about just before 5:00 this afternoon. the video you saw from a woman
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sitting in her car along 95, they said all of a sudden they heard a loud noise, strong winds and debris flying around. about the same time this woman was recording what she saw were funnel clouds she said moving up 95. one of the men who lives in this development said he heard crazy noise as well and he and his grandson went to the sliding glass door and here's what he tells us he saw at that time. >> it came through the smaller part of the funnel went behind my house and the neighbor's house. a large portion of the wind blew right between my house and the neighbor's house, but the heaviest part went behind and it picked up the bmw, the back end of a bmw, didn't push it anywhere, but it folded the truck and it picked up eight -- the fire department thinks it was five or six, maybe eight,
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we lost count, the manhole covers and threw them about 4 blocks on top of a neighbor's house and apparently there is water damage. >> reporter: there is some damage we're told, not been able to see it yet. the power is out here. most of the damage we're told is trees down, damage to one of the playgrounds in the development and a home this gentleman talked about and some of the fencing. we'll try and look at some of that later on. in the meantime the weather is still miserable. we just had a huge rain and thunder and lightning here. so they're certainly not out of the woods and no power, so a long night ahead of them. another big story tonight, the arrest in north carolina of a suspect in a montgomery county murder, but the amber alert for the victim's 11-year- old son is in effect still now. police say the boy's stepfather is charged with killing his mother. fox 5's bob barnard is in the newsroom with the latest
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information. >> police in charlotte, north carolina, arrested a man named curtis lopez suspected of murdering his wife in her germantown home. more troubling than that tonight is the fact the victim's young son is missing. >> i pray to god he is still alive. >> reporter: sis ford lives in the same condo building on briarcliff terrace in germantown where 11-year-old william mcquain lived with his mother. jane mcquain, 51 years orlando was found last night murdered in her bedroom -- 51 years old was found last night murdered in her bedroom. police say she may have been dead 10 to 12 days. >> our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. >> reporter: montgomery county police chief tom manger said william hasn't been seen since september 30th. that was at martin luther king jr. middle school in germantown where william is a 6th grader. >> he's the nicest kid you ever did moment of. >> reporter: ms. ford said she would see william -- did meet.
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>> reporter: ms. ford said she would see william almost every day. >> if i had trash, he said let me have it. mama said to take for you. >> reporter: his stepfather curtis lopez was arrested at a hotel in charlotte, north carolina, this morning and is being charged with first degree murder. police say james mcquain -- jane mcquain's missing honda was found in the hotel parking lot. the two were married but did not live together. >> mr. lopez was recently seen in the area of ms. mcquain's residence and was seen removing property from the residence and loading it into the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: ms. ford says she saw him in the parking lot. >> i talked to him about 20 minutes, just as cool as a cucumber like nothing was wrong. >> reporter: the murder victim ms. mcquain worked in this building in gaithersburg as a secretary for an accounting firm, police not yet giving up hope her son is still alive. >> we're asking for the public's help in locating 11-
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year-old william mcquain. >> reporter: the chief said they hoped to find william with his stepfather but did not. at this hour we don't know whether curtis lopez is telling montgomery county detectives anything about the boy's whereabouts. >> clearly there's a time gap here, bob. are police explaining why it took more than a week for anybody to report mother and son missing? >> reporter: not really. no reason we've been told why it took almost two weeks foranybody to say anything. police this afternoon i -- police say this afternoon somebody called yesterday afternoon to report mother and son missing. we aren't sure to what lengths the school system went to see why william had not been seen at all this month. now to a story only seen on fox 5, a local church is trying to figure out who dumped private documents on their property. fox 5's wisdom martin has been investigating and joins me now. >> brian, it's sad enough that someone did this on church property, but it's what's
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inside those boxes is disturbing, all kinds of personal information. it's really sad when you think about it and the big deal about this is that the company that owned the boxes appears to be out of business and now the church is stuck trying to figure out what to do. just before wednesday night bible study at the lord's church of transformation pastor sylvia people's and her daughter sybil did their routine check of the back parking lot. >> we kind of patrol our parking lot and when we drove back here, we saw this. >> when i got here, it was oh, my god, all these boxes somebody dumped again. >> reporter: but this wasn't just any trash. there were boxes and boxes of documents, contracts, social security numbers, record books, personal photos, checkbooks. >> team's social security numbers, date of birth -- people's social security numbers, day of the birth, names, addresses, military information, base information, all kind of information, security clinic information. >> after i went in and i saw the information i was even more
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upset that someone came and dumped all this private information back here and i wondered why. i mean out here where it's wide open anybody could have access to it. >> reporter: the letterhead listed the company name as total service solutions. there were two addresses. went to the corporate drive suite 700 address and found an empty office and at the second location on forbes boulevard suite 320 we found another empty office. total service solutions also had offices listed all over the country in maryland, atlanta, chicago and portland. we called all those office numbers and they are no longer in service. >> if it was my information, i would be extremely upset to know my date of birth, social security, security clearance information, my military history all disclosed openly. >> reporter: so with no idea who dumped the documents and no way to get in touch with the company, the church leaders find themselves in a difficult position.
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>> it's people's information in there. i don't want to just throw it out there. >> we need to know what do we do with this information because normally we would move, it but don't want to perpetuate a crime. >> now the man who owns the company, his name was on some of those documents. we tried several times to call them. we didn't get an answer, but we are going to keep trying and find it out what actually happened, why this happened and why this company got rid of these documents in this manner. >> ultimately who is responsible? >> there's a couple different things. the person who dumped the things behind the church broke the law because that's illegal dumping and the other part is the company, why didn't they destroy these documents even if they are out of business? we don't know and an investigation will have to be done, but clearly there's some culpability on both parts in this. >> record keeping probably not part of the total service solutions. >> probably not. new tonight police are investigating a second crime spree near the suitland metro station in prince george's
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county. five victims have been robbed at gunpoint in the parking garage over the past two weeks. the suspect described as being 5' 6, early 20s and black dreadlocks. transit police are sending extra officers to patrol the garage. >> we are encouraging any customers who use the suitland parking garage to exercise caution, to always park in well lit areas. have your keys in your hand when you go to your car and be alert and aware of your surroundings. >> prince george's county police recently arrested another man accused of assaulting two women near the same station. the metro to dulles project taking another big step forward. find out about the changes you'll seen if you're not heading to the airport. -- see even if you're not heading to the airport 6789. first it was the washington mon -- airport. first it was the washington monument and now the national cathedral, the eye popping timeline coming up. 
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neither the wind nor this fog could stop the repair work at the national cathedral
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today. stone masons climbed to the top of the central tower to move a huge damaged pinnacle. the august quake shifted some of the massive stones chopping off gargoyle heads leaving gigantic cracks in the walls. as fox 5's melanie alnwick explains, the work to fix the damage could take a decade to complete. >> reporter: a delicate operation to remove a 2,000- pound pinnacle from the highest point in the district. >> keep squeezing her up. >> reporter: to the ground 30 stories below. workers hook the stone structure to a crane, then watch it lift off into a gray sky. >> this is perfect. i'll take this fog and this rain over the wind any day. >> reporter: after the earthquake the cathedral posted pictures showing the damage, stones moved and wires popped out of this pinnacle, another collapse completely. >> it's the worst thing to be involved in is an earthquake.
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>> reporter: removing the damaged pinnacles will stablize the cathedral. the headstone mason has worked on this building since 1985 before it was even dedicated. >> for me personally it's sad. sure, it's a challenge and all that, but i never dreamed i'd be reconstructing this building. >> reporter: a $25 million fundraising drive is in progress to pay for repairs. >> there's no way to know at this time how much total money needs to be raised to restore the building fully. we're all just blown away by the outpouring of support that has come in. >> reporter: but at least a little money uncovered by the earthquake won't go to the official les racing efforts. >> in the mortar -- restoration efforts. >> in the mortar between the last stone at the top i found an old quarter, a nickel, penny and dime that the mason must have put in the mortar. so i saved them and i'm going to put them back whenever we lay that last stone again.
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i will put those coins from 1963 right back in the mortar. >> that was fox 5 melanie alnwick reporting. the final pinnacle will be removed tomorrow. the cathedral is expected to reopen november 12. monitoring metro, the transit agency preparing for the arrival of the dulles rail line. earlier today april of board committee approved plans to -- a board committee approved plans to realign the blue line and create a new match. >> reporter: the new rail line to dulles opens in 2013 and to get the process on track the map is changing to show the realigned yellow and blue lines starting in june. blue line trains will be diverted and trains added during rush hour on the orange line to largo and the yellow line to greenbelt. >> the benefits of this, though, is that it will provide more capacity on the orange line where trains are busier than anywhere else on the system and it prepares us for
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the additional trains that will need to operate on the silver line as that service comes online. >> reporter: metro bought in the system's original mapmaker -- brought in the system's original mapmaker to change the design. metro is still working on the map for the new dulles rain extension. it's called the silver line based on customer feedback, but wineman is still pushing for pink. >> seems like a nice welcome coming into the airport and be welcomed by a cherry blossom line. >> reporter: the new map includes subtle changes, updated parking logos and h symbols for hospitals and letter designations for each rail line for those who may be color blind. the agency is looking at whether to add icons for major attractions. >> the next version beyond this version of the map would come when we open dulles, when
10:21 pm
dulles begins service in 20their seen. so we have some -- 20their seen. so we have some -- 2013. so we have some time. >> reporter: wineman says keep it short and simple. >> you have smaller names, then you can make them bigger so they're easier to see. you can remember them more easily. >> reporter: with the relinement, lean faint will be at capacity essential -- la faint will be at capacity maxing out -- l-elfant will be at capacity maxing out the system. the president and first lady hosting a state dinner tonight on the heels of a trade agreement with south korea. they welcome south korean president lee min bach to the white house tonight welcoming the trade deal hoping to create thousands of jobs in the u.s. in the michael jackson
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conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial continued today. a sleep expert testified that the drug cocktail given to michael jackson was a recipe for disaster and ultimately caused the pop star's death. he joined a chorus of other medical professionals who say they believe dr. murray lacked the equipment and expertise to give jackson the surgical anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid. >> in standard practice, particularly in a home setting without appropriate monitoring it is absolutely incomprehensible and unacceptable. >> murray has pleaded not guilty topic voluntary manslaughter. prosecutors are expected to rest their case -- guilty to involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors are expected to
10:26 pm
rest their case next week. gridlock after 9/11 and again after the august earthquake and now the council wants answers, hear what those in charge have to say about it next.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. no cell phone service, gridlock on d.c. streets, 10 years after 9/11 and most recently after the earthquake this summer many residents and elected leaders are asking the same question. can the city adequately handle an emergency? that became the focus of a city council hearing and fox 5's matt ackland has the report tonight. >> reporter: this is cell phone video minutes after the earthquake hit in august, downtown d.c. streets packed with people. many employers weren't sure what to do and told folks to head home causing a huge traffic mess. >> if everyone tries to leave at the same time, it's impossible for to us manage the traffic.
10:30 pm
>> reporter: council member phil mendelson oversees public safety and is frustrated and even angry over the district's communication response to the earthquake. he said it took 27 minutes for d.c.'s homeland security to issue a simple alert, a lot longer for the director to respond to his e-mail. >> i send you an e-mail within an hour after the earthquake, wasn't much going on, but it was something like that and you got back to me easily a day later. >> reporter: gridlock was an issue last january when many were stranded in their car as a snowstorm hit. in that case federal employees were allowed to leave early but not told to do so. >> they were given the option of leaving and they chose not to leave because the sky was sunny and they said oh, nothing is going to. what. >> reporter: in response to the winter storm and earthquake, d.c. officials agree more has to be done to improve communication and make sure computers know exactly what to
10:31 pm
-- commuters know exactly what to do. >> we're working on some things we believe will really impact our ability to safely get people where they need to be. >> reporter: d.c. officials have been in contact with the federal government and other major companies in the city to talk about the next time. instead of releasing employees right away maybe they'll stay in place to avoid traffic gridlock. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> joining me now is the man himself, d.c. mayor sprig thanks for joining us. >> thank -- mayor vincent gray. >> thank you, brian. >> we've got to have regionwide collaboration and cooperation on this because when you go back to the snowstorm, some of the traffic issues actually went out into the counties, into virginia and maryland. people got backed up in the district, but the problems actually were on the other side of the district line. >> a couple things i want to ask you tonight, in the news lately is this whole situation where d.c. police are arresting
10:32 pm
people with expired license plate tags. i think that's one of those are you kidding me kind of stories. have you put an end to this? >> that's what the law says. it really is -- hearkens back to an era when -- hearkens back to an era when we had drug dealers in the area and were trying to stop that kind of behavior. we're looking to propose legislation that will stop the arrests and look at the possibility of seizure of the vehicle, if that's warranted, or just issuing a ticket. >> how long will this legislation? is a mom out there who doesn't know her tacks are expired going to the grobe -- tags are expired going to the grocery store tomorrow going to get arrested? >> we don't want that to happen. we've said to police officers this is the direction we're going and asking police officers to use common sense judgment. >> the dedicates mlk memorial this -- the dedication of the mlk memorial this weekend and the freedom rally and march.
10:33 pm
are you stepping on the toes of the organizers here with such a big event in d.c. for this rally? >> no. i think it's entirely consistent with what dr. king stood for. he actually talked about the plight of the district of columbia in 1965 where he 46 years ago talked about the fact democracy and justice had not come to the people of the district of columbia. so i think it's entirely consummate with the dedication celebration. we're working closely with them as we did leading up to the gus postponed. so this is not being done in collaboration with the organizers. >> whose attention are you trying to grab with this? >> first and foremost, the attention of d.c. resident to come out and say we've got to stand up for our own democracy and not attention of the rest of the nation as well. we've got congressman john lewis who had a storied history in the civil rights movement, mark morial, ralph nader, some real luminaries coming out who believe it's time for the district citizen to have the
10:34 pm
same level of democracy as any other citizen in this nation. >> this conflict between your administration and the d.c. police department and police officers when it comes to the all hands on deck, you're going to pay a lot of overtime. now you're quibbling about how much overtime it will cost you for having these all hands on deck. how significant impact is that on our budget? >> we don't know, but we've heard estimates of tens of millions of dollars. i just don't see that being the case. we're going to get that calculated and put the number out, but there's nothing that leads me to believe it's going to be anywhere near that. also there are those who have said this is something that should stop all hands on deck from being done in the future, but it's cheer to me this was specific to -- clear to me this was specific to two instances of all hands on deck events in 2009 because the authority that had been delegated to the chief unfortunately had lapsed. that was fixed and we don't see the same problem going forward.
10:35 pm
>> mayor gray, thank you as always. more about martin luther king coming up, a man sharing his list of memories. we'll have his fascinating story coming up. but first fox business network neil cavuto has a way to get a plane ticket for nine bucks. >> big time jail time for a one- time wall street titan, ex- hedge fund giant sentenced to 11 years behind bars. a federal judge also fined him $10 million. meantime google searching for a profit and boy, did they find it after the bell thursday. the world's top internet search engine posting big gains in quarterly profits and sales handily beating estimates. and the blackberry is back for now. research in motion says service is fully restored to its global
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on this historic weekend we honor martin luther king jr. his memorial on the mall will be a big part of washington's future, but this is also a chance for all of to us look back, 11 more about the man who led america -- to learn more about the man who led america's
10:40 pm
civil rights movement. fox 5's beth parker sat down with a washington resident who had the great privilege of knowing dr. king and has a long list of his own civil rights accomplishments. >> reporter: one look at this 1960s photo and you know julian bond is a leader. that's him in the front. as a student at morehouse college bond took a class with seven other students, the professor? martin luther king, jr. >> i curse myself to this day didn't take a tape reporter or take notes. i just sat and listened. he was such a constant figure in atlanta where i lived. you saw him in the grocery store, the bank. he was not a stranger or a celebrity to us. he was a familiar figure. >> reporter: bond was there for the march on washington in 1963. that's him on the far right of this photo with members of the student nonvie lint coordinating committee he help -- none violent coordinating committee he helped found. >> my job was giving coca-colas
10:41 pm
to the movie stars and one of my memories to the march on washington was giving a coke to sammy davis jr. and i said thanks, kid. >> reporter: by the time king arrived at the podium nobody was focused on the celebrities. >> i don't think most white americans had ever heard anyone like him give a speech like that and i think most black americans had never heard a speech quite like that anywhere. >> reporter: the speech cemented king's place as leader of the civil right movement is give speeches all the time and there are moments when you know you have the crowd and moments when you everybody you don't have the crowd. he had the crowd. the crowd had him. they were like one. it was as if he said to them listen to me. >> reporter: in the years that followed king would call bond a young man who dared to speak his mind. >> i was in the georgia legislature. he was one of my constituents. voted for me. i have a picture of him casting a vote while i watched him. he toll me he was voting for me and -- told me he was voting for me. >> reporter: bond said in many
10:42 pm
ways the man now larger than life was like the rest of us. >> he had two personalities like we all do, a public and private parent. the private personality was re- - private personality. private parent was reach lacked and easy going. he liked to joke -- relaxed and easy going. he liked to joke and tease. he was a funny person. he wanted the public to think him as a serious person. >> reporter: and he was. bond still feels he owes king. in time bond became president of the naacp. >> i teach at the university of virginia. when king was alive, i couldn't go there. now i type of there. >> reporter: bond said his students and his own -- i teach there. >> reporter: bond said his students and even his own children cannotten the ugliness of the past -- cannot understand the ugliness of the past. >> when i talk to my children about sitting in the back of the bus, they're indignant nobody would make me sit in the back of the bus. of course, they would have. you had no choice but to do
10:43 pm
that and it was to demeaning and so hurtful to your personality to sit there. you just burned up, but they would have done, it, too and they would have found out how mind shattering it was. >> reporter: bond said a great deal has changed, but some things have not. >> so many people say gee, i wish dr. king was with us now, but he's not and he's not coming around. won't be reborn. we have to do it -- he won't be reborn. we have to do it ourselves. we've got to push for progress and the day will come when we say gee, we've won. maybe won't be around, but the day will come. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we want to let you know about our coverage plans for the mlk memorial dedication. we will broadcast the official ceremony at 11 a.m. sunday on our sister station my 20 and we'll be streaming the live coverage on coming up on the news edge at 11:00 a wild weather night for students at university of maryland, several storm alerts
10:44 pm
from the school sen many running for cover. we're there live with the -- send many running for cover. we're there live with the latest. >> reporter: the man beating to activity outside the dc9 nightclub taking the man to court, what his father is saying nearly one year after his son's death. ♪
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busy day for you. >> yes, it. is we're going to talk more about the crazy weather dune to our south. i want to say this. -- dune to our south. it's going to get a lot -- down to our south. it's going to get a lot better for the weekend, lots of fall festivals going on. oh, wait, what popped up on my desk? the great pumpkin raid and fall festival is taking place at montgomery village 11:00 to 3:00 at north creek community center. they'll have pumpkin racing. you can get a kits. this thing really rolls. i think they went to take lot of trouble to make sure fox 5 weather got a shout out with
10:48 pm
all the clouds and snowflakes and i will be there to start your pumpkin. we're looking forward to it. >> they use icons from your old weather balloons. >> if they were magnetized i could probably use them. things are settling down around the region tonight. we do still have active flash flood warnings for 15 minutes or so. i think they will be dropped. if they're not, i will advise you of that at 11:00. i wanted to show you on sentinel radar that thermometer rain things are winding down as well. -- that in terms of rain things are winding down as well. this band pop lates along 95 and moves south -- populates along 95 and moves south to north. it rained real hard along western charles county and coming into the district give you another picture. we have a few more streamers as we put this in motion for the last three or so hours. this should be about it. there could be a shower
10:49 pm
overnight, but the pattern generally winding down. unfortunately again some flash flood warnings remain in effect for western fairfax county. that's what this green polygon. is you often hear us saying a flash flood warning is in effect for fairfax county, but it's really this portion of western fairfax in green we're watching and keeping an eye on madison and culpeper, but the rain seems to be long out of there. i'm guessing those will be dropped at 11:00. we look at it all in motion and not only do we watch the last of what is tonight's rain with the exception of a couple spotty showers that could develop overnight, but you can clearly see there is more out to our west. that is some of our friday weather. we've got to do a little more of this again tomorrow. we are going to enjoy a drier sunnier within, but today the sunshine popped out -- weekend, but today the sunshine popped out and it was humid and that was enough instability to rapidly cook up rotating
10:50 pm
thunderstorms. tomorrow hopefully just some garden variety showers and thunderstorms, but let's check the futurecast to give you the timing in case you've go. a lot planned for friday. as we put this in motion, 7:00 in the morning probably east of the step you've got clouds, maybe fog -- city you've got clouds, maybe fog in a few areas and showers pushing in from the west and maybe downpours around front royal and hagerstown. at the noon hour a lot of activity is trying to move out of the area but still raining north and east. we get to 5:00 and it's about out of here and get your party on for friday night because it likes it will be dry and the rest of the weekend will be, too. the showers we get tomorrow should be pulling out of town quickly from west to east so that your friday evening and weekend will be redeemed. one thing i want to say about the weekend, saturday will be breezy and temperatures will be close to where we are now at this hour at 72 degrees. for the weekend we expect to see breezes on saturday between 20 and 30 miles per hour.
10:51 pm
that's the only wrinkle, but it will be dry and sunny. showers and storms around tonight will end, drier toward sunrise, 62 degrees and again for tomorrow showers and storms possible, 72 degrees. the winds pick up later in the day out of west 15 went to 5 signaling the drier air -- 15 to 25 signaling the drier air coming for the weekend. maybe at times out of the west, north west 20 to 30 mile-per- hour. sunday looks fantastic. monday and tuesday, talk about some storms on tuesday and mid and late next week, some of the coldest air of the season on the way so far. >> just in time for halloween. >> actually that time out well for us. downstairs to laura. >> in the web center now with sarah frazier and your x-factor chat finished up. what are the highlights tonight? >> it was a great show. tonight they had the guest
10:52 pm
celebrity judges. rihanna was on, enrique, love enrique. he joined. >> easy on the eyes. >> he's so great. he was on and stacy frances killed her tonight. >> i love her back story about her wanting to be a star. >> single mom and the biggest thing they said is marketability like will they able to actually -- even with the amazing voice, that's what x-factor is all about. >> they were over dexter hayward. >> we're still over you. >> not so good. he was over himself, too. and the little kid rapping. >> oh, my god, i was so good. he came out with rihanna and phillip lamar is our new favorite. he did a rihanna song in front of her. she was good. >> so good guest judges tonight, but more surprise guest judges coming up. >> more surprises. >> do you have an edge? >> we're hearing justin bieber because he was signed by l.a.
10:53 pm
reed and l.a. is such a fan, jessica simpson and kanye west. so we'll see if that happens next week. >> a lot of chatter? >> tons. people love it. we tweet and chat the entire time who we like and don't like. >> sarah frazier, always we love having you on. not skins set to take on the eagles in days -- the skins set to take on the eagles in days. know your opponent is next. on the news edge an assassination plot busted to be carried out in d.c. tonight iran is starting to feel the fallout, details at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.  bbig! big.
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10:57 pm
at fedex field and in this week's know euro opponent fox 5 sport director dave feldman -- know your opponent fox 5's sports director dave feldman is questioning again. >> this year an aussie kicks the ball, nail for a little thing we like to call -- a natural for a little thing we like to call know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. here's your host dave feldman. >> know your opponent with the aussie, sal rocca who played follow the philadelphia eagles. are you pretty americanized after living in philly? >> not quite as you can hear from my accent. >> reporter: are you ready for know your opponent? >> yes. >> reporter: all right. question one. philadelphia is home to all of the following food items except the cheesesteak, water ice, soft pretzels, the slurpee or
10:58 pm
tasty cakes? >> i don't know really. >> reporter: which one would you guess? the cheesesteak, water ice, soft pretzel -- >> soft pretzel. >> reporter: no. that's a philly thing. the slurpee. >> we have those in australia, too. >> reporter: you do? >> they're quite nice. >> reporter: question two, which one of these people is not from philadelphia -- you can ask for a clue. >> okay. >> reporter: actor will smith, you know who he is? >> yeah of. >> reporter: basketball player wilt chamberlain, that's old school do. you remember him? >> i've heard of him. >> reporter: or your coach mike shanahan. >> is that a trick question? >> reporter: no. >> i'll pick mike shanahan. >> reporter: correct. he's from chicago. question three, this is old american history like when you were a kid, did you have to learn about the constitution,
10:59 pm
the declaration of independence? did they teach that in australia? >> no. >> reporter: in 1750 this famous philadelphiaian proposed flying a kite in a lightning storm to prove lightning and electricity were the same. i'll give you a clue, famous american from the old days. >> i wouldn't have a clue. >> reporter: ben -- >> franklin. >> reporter: correct. this was an easier one. four years ago at 33 sal rocca became the oldest rookie in nfl history. who previously held that distinction? >> ben graham. >> reporter: correct. didn't need a clue. another aussie. >> there you. go. >> reporter: that was easy. last one, philadelphia is a greek word. >> is it? >> reporter: yeah. roughly translated it nines a, the cattle are dying, b -- it means the cattle are dying, steeltown or loving brother


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