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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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really no other way to say t the weather just downright ugly last night. the severe storms that tore through the evening rush spawned a tornado caught on camera. they left behind some damage in an area hit by the august earthquake. this morning, we are following developments in the search if a missing 11-year-old montgomery county boy whose mother was found murdered in their home. there has been an arrest in the case but still no sign of william mcquain. fox 5 morning news continues right now. well, let's take a look over northwest washington this
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morning. we made it to friday. that is the good news. the bad news is we still have some wet weather to get out of the area. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. we'll get to weather and traffic coming up in just a moment. first, some amazing scenes from the storms that tore through around the rush hour yesterday. this video was shot around 5:30 on i-95. it is near the stafford-prince william county line. so far, there are two confirmed tornadoes that hit yesterday. we've been talking about this all morning long. there has been confirmation that this has been two tornadoes. video just astounding. >> it really is. and to have this type of activity in mid-october, a little unusual. we could see some more thunderstorms today. at this point, i don't expect them to be as severe as yesterday's storms but we'll keep our eyes open and see how things develop during the course of the day today. let's take a look at what is going on out there right now with hd radar.
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you can see that there are some showers and some areas of heavy rain this morning to our south and west. now, we have some showers that are beginning to get closer to the d.c. area, pushing in from the south and west. so like yesterday, first places to see this activity will be in virginia and portions of southern maryland into southwest d.c., places like that. and that is indeed what is happening. it looks like there is some heavy rain falling right now down across -- i have to apologize because our cameras so far away i can't see it. down to our south across charlottesville is where we're seeing some heavy rain right now. let's take a look at the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport. 66degrees is the current temperature at reagan national. relative humidity, 93%. your wind are out of the south. forecast for today, a mix of sun and clouds with periods of rain. again, showers, maybe some thunderstorms as well. rather breezy today. i'm say windy at times with winds gusting up to about 25
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miles per hour. highs in the low to mid-70s. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. thank you. let's check in with julie wright now. she has the latest for traffic. >> it is busy out there on the roads early this morning. this is where we have accident activity if you are traveling southbound along 295 at howard road, heads up, authorities checking for the crash here so beware of that as you guys travel southbound. no incidents to report right now as you continue at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely there. outer loop of the beltway as you continue to work your way past connecticut avenue. the remains of the accident that occurred earlier this morning off the road to the shoulder so our lanes are open. big delays coming fresh a29 colville road to the accident scene. 395 coming northbound north of duke street, no incidents to report in the main line or over in the hovs. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the big story this morning is the wild weather. these dramatic picture of the
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funnel cloud forming in louise county yesterday. it came down close to the area that was the epicenter from the earthquake back in august. some of the worst damage was at this historic man station home dating back to 1746. students at the university of maryland in college park heard sunday sirens and they got several edmonton mail alerts telling them to seek shelter immediately. many headed for the basement t opportunity out there was no tornado up in that area. campus police sent out the warning based on warning from the ask use weather data service. students tell us, despite the scare, they appreciate the alert. now to a story they are following in montgomery county. search for young william mcquain. an am baer alert is still in effect -- an amber alert is still in effect. >> the boy's mother was found dead inside their germantown home. his stepfather is now under arrest. sherry ly joins us with more
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details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. william was not with his stepfather when he was arrested yesterday in north carolina. we already know that his mother was murdered and now the big question is where is william and is he alive? his mother, jane mcquain, was found dead wednesday night. montgomery county police say the 51-year-old was murderrd in the bed roo. germ appeartown condo she shared with her son. police say 11-year-old william has not been seep at his middle school since september 30th. his stepfather, curtis lopez was arrested at a motel in charlotte, north carolina yesterday morning were he is 45 years old and has been charged with first degree murder. mcquinn's missing honda crv was found in the parking lot and police haven't given up hope of finding william. >> i pray to god is still alive. >> our priority, our focus, right now is to locate william mcquain. >> reporter: police say lopez
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was seen at her condo recently unloading things and putting them into her honda crv. although the two were he is strained and not living together, montgomery county schools did send out a letter to students at william's school, martin luther king middle school where he was a sixth grader explaining what has happened. they have counselors there in case the children need it. the school system is not saying what efforts were made to locate william. he had been missing -- he has been missing for almost two week. by the time anyone reported them missing, his mother had been dead, police say, 10 to 12 days. that is the latest here in rockville. back to you. >> thank you. police are warning people to be on alert around the suitland metro stop inform the past two weeks, five people have been robbed at gunpoint in the parking garage. the suspect is described at 5'6" in his early 20s with black dread logs.
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transit police are sending extra officers to patrol the garage i don't we are encouraging any customers to exercise caution, to always park in well-lit areasen as you go back to your car to have your keys in your hand and to be alert and ware of your surroundings. >> this week, prince george's countiy police arrested another man accused of assaulting two women near the same station. coming up next, the plan was to kill an ambassador in d.c. with for regard for the lives of bystanders. >> we are gunpointing to get a clearer picture of the punishment iran could fees for its involvement. the occupy wall street protesters facing a possible confrontation at one their camps in new york this morning. we'll tell you about that after the break. drinkin'?u i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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 the biggest iced coffee i can get. iced coffee helps me keep up. i love iced coffee. drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin'... iced coffee. i run on dunkin' iced coffee. america runs on dunkin' coffee. checking headlines this morning, a heart breaking crash in colorado. five children and a man all dead after their van collided with a tractor-trailer. officials say all of the
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children in the van were from a home for adopt ad ped foster children run by howard mitchell. mitchell was driving and among those killed. the children ranged in age from four to 17. sick other people are in serious condition. one person suffered minor injuries. in the next hour, police in new york are going to try to clear the park that has been occupied by wall street protesters. the owners of the private park want to clean the area and yesterday some of the demonstrators took it upon themselves to try and clean the area to get park owners to abandon their own plans of trying to spruce things up. police are now planning to move into the park within the next hour. president obama is promising tough sanctions on iran over the alleged bomb plot. at a news conference with the president of south creigh at the white house, president obama said all options were on the table. iran has denied any involvement in the plot to kill the saudi ambassador but the president said yesterday that the u.n. can back up the thought that
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iran had a hand in the plot. coming up next, details of what came out of the president's conversation with john boehner yesterday and what the gop says it will not budge on. 
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the final pinnacle will be removed from the national cathedral today and then the rebuilding can begin. it will tax a while though, reportedly up to a decade. fog and rain could not stop the repair pair work yesterday. stonemasons climbed to the top of the central tower. they removed pieces of the structure that were damaged in the 5.2 magnitude quake that we experienced back in august. three pieces, weighing two tons were taken down by crane. the cathedral is scheduled to reopen november 12th. let's take a look outside. wilson bridge traffic is moving okay. it is a little levy out there but the wet roads are slowing things down just a bit.
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>> even a little bit of patchy fog i think we are experiencing as well. go ahead and check in with tony perkins for more on your forecast. >> thank you very much, guys. we are going to start this weather forecast with a look at the bus stop forecast for this morning as you are getting the kids ready for school. we have mostly cloudy skies out there this morning. there are some showers possible. it does look like they're moving into the region as we speak and sphenl generally speaking, your temperatures or 60 to 65 degrees vonda generally speaking, your temperatures are 60 to -- and generally speaking, your temperatures are 60 to 65 degrees. we are getting some showers moving in. some light to moderate rainfall that is pushing in. portions of 66 you are seeing some rainfall now. farther out to the west, we've got? rain -- we've got some rain down to the south and west as well. this is the big picture and we still is have a lot of precipitation to get through. not that all of this is going to make it through our area.
6:17 am
certainly some of it will. we cannot rule out more thunderstorms popping up here and there during the course of the day today. i don't think that would be this morning but latter, maybe late morning and during the afternoon hours. current temperatures around the region, 66 degrees now here in the district. also 66 in baltimore. fredericksburg, you are at 64 degrees. 60 out in martinsburg. annapolis is at 69 degrees. here is the forecast for today. going to be a mix of clouds and sun. i think mostly cloud but there will be some rays of sun that will break through later on. showers are likely becoming windy today. winds blowing out of the west at 15 to 25 miles per hour. high about 73 degrees in town and remember, there is still a chance of some thunderstorms. tonight, clearing skies. much cooler overnight as a frontal boundary makes its way through. look for an overfight low in town of 51. that means outside of town, many of you will be in the 40s tonight. five-day forecast, tomorrow,
6:18 am
better. we'll see sunshine and breezy conditions. high about 70. i do think the winds will be still rather strong particularly in the morning and then it becomes breezy. sunday, nice, 71 degrees with sunshine. mostly sunny on monday. tuesday, we bring back the chance of some showers late in the day. that is the latest on the weather. now, here is julie wright with an update on our rush hour traffic. >> busy out there on the roads. you are traveling across the inbound sousa bridge, the accident activity was reported along the right side of road and a moment ago, it was really gridlocked at this point coming across the anacostia. we are able to see some traffic is moving. be careful. accident activity reported inbound on the sousa bridge. if you are continuing eastbound along ?irks heavy and steady, that's how she rolls from business 234 headed east.
6:19 am
-- if you are continuing eastbound along 66, heavy and steady, that's how she rolls from business 24 head -- 234 headed east. we will broadcast the entire dedication ceremony of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. the care monday will include remarks by president obama. we will stream our coverage on our web site at so can you watch from anywhere. apple lovers nationwide have been lining up overnight in some cases for more than a night for the iphone 4 s. first in line in california, apple cofounder, that was steve wozniak who found the -- founded the company with steve jobs. here in our area, apple stores will open at #:00 a.m. a number of people have been cam -- will open at 8:00 a.m. a number of people have been camping out overnight. president obama and house
6:20 am
speaker john boehner spent some time to the phone talking about jobs legislation. speaker boehner told the president that republicans are willinged to rest new transportation on transportation appear infrastructure but only in a fiscally responsible way. in another development, senate republicans unveiled their own jobs bill. >> this bill will serve as a blueprint to bring your country back economically, create jobs and give americans hope again for the future. president obama and my friends on the other side of the aisle in the senate believe that they can create jobs through government spending. we believe that we can create jobs through growth. >> republicans are advocating a balanced budget amendment. a simplified tax system, a reduction in corporate tax and
6:21 am
regulatory reform. the kreuk of herman cain's 9 -- herman cain's 999 tax plan is going a lot of buzz but what exactly is it in we are breaking it down in our 7:00 hour. the president and first lady gave a high profile welcome to the president of south korea at the white house yesterday. after a joint press conference in the afternoon, they sat down tie lavish state dinner. the visit will include a tour of a general motors plant in michigan. wealthy campaign donors tightening the purse springs string when it comes to contributions to the presidential race. a whole bun of of elvis memorabilia out there but this item is really unique. presley's military service records are now on display at the national personnel records center in st. louis. can you check out the records also of jackie robinson, george s. patton, even jimmy hendrick. he was in the army but was
6:22 am
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democrats and republicans seeing smaller donation from wealthy contributors. let's check in with dennis neal from fox business network in new york. >> good morning. >> up 6%, the shares gained $35. $35 on google. the big thing is the revenue line up 33%. advertising is the first thing that businesses cut back on if the economy is heading into recession. with google, a 33% add growth on a really big number is pretty amazing.
6:26 am
we'll see if they can keep up that gain today. the markets look to be in a positive mood opening up and maybe we'll hold onto gains for friday t will be quite an extraordinary week if they can do that. what else did you want to talk about? >> i'm still trying to comprehend how nice it would be able to wake up in the morning thing a little wealthier. all of these regulation have been passed and some say have limited the wealthiest in america. now the wealthiest seems to be striking back against the politicians. how so? >> we've been demonizing welt creation since the meltdown and those occupy wall street protesters are upset at the top 1%. reuters closing financial ad describers saying they've got millionaire client telling them i'm not giving anything to anybody this year and reuters quoting a figure in 2007 in the second quarter, individuals gave republican candidates $115 million so how does that compare with second quarter
6:27 am
this year? it is down by 2/3. that is a shocker. and that is just for republican donation. if they're not giving it to the republicans, there is for way the rich are giving almost anything at all to the democrats. >> this is a huge drop. ng that earnings couldn't overcome this morning. we'll talk to you soon. have a great wound. >> all right. we're still following developments in the search if a missing montgomery county boy. police are holding ton hope that this little guy, 11-year- old william mcquain will be found. the amber alert issued after his mother was found murdered in their germantown home on wednesday night remains in effect. a tornado right in the middle of rush hour. we'll have more on what is happening outside. ♪
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we are going to get to weather and traffic in just a
6:31 am
moment. first, we want to he show you this, some amazing scenes from the storms that tore through around the evening rush hour yesterday. this was shot at about 5:30 on i-95 near the stafford-prince william county line. so far, there is one confirmed tornado that hit yesterday and two others reported. what a mess. >> coming down dibble railroad hard, not just the tornadoes but heavy rains in some parts of the area yesterday. >> -- coming down definitely very hard, not just the tornadoes but heavy rains in some parts of the area yesterday. >> let me he show you what is happening right now with hd radar. we do have some rainfall that is beginning to move through the area. it is mainly light to moderate rain. a little spot of heavier rain off to the south and west but
6:32 am
this rain getting closer to the beltway and the washington d.c. area itself. most of it though outside the beltway. manassas, fredericksburg, st. mary's city, not yet seeing rain but you are likely to soon. front royal is seeing some rainfall. a lot of the areas where we had rain yesterday, moraine right now. and there could be some concerns about some standing water and flooding conditions, that type of thing. there is a coastal flood warning in effect until noon. let's take a look at the temperatures across the region. 66degrees in washington. 67 in quantico. 63 in frederick. across the eastern united states, or at least the mid- atlantic, temperatures range from the 50s in pittsburgh where it is 57-degree to 71 down at cape hatteras. forecast for today, mostly cloudy. there will be some sunshine. showers are likely. it is going to become windy with those wind blowing up to 20, 25 miles per hour. we think the high will be about 73 degrees. officially yesterday's high, 77 degrees. i was wrong and i must admit here that i talked tucker into
6:33 am
lowering the high temperature. he was closer to being right than i. i was wrong. >> it take a big man to step up and admit that. >> i am sometimes wrong. speaking of that, today's ask the -- how much time do we have? we don't have enough time for this. >> i was reading "newsweek" the other day. they had a correction column that was about two columns long. they should have said, you know what? throw out last week's issue. ask the weather guy, yesterday, we got many e-mails from folks saying that the answer was incorrect. we asked an expert so we are going to deal with the e-mails yesterday about the gas games. >> if it the first you don't succeed, do it again until you get it right. >> did you see how he deflected the i was wrong on to the good hardworking people at "newsweek" saying they were also wrong. >> i was going to ask them how
6:34 am
those words taste combing out of their mouth. >> i pride myself on being one of the few weather men would will admit when he was wrong and will occasionally apologize about it. >> i like you for that. i do. >> okay. >> you got nothing to say on your behalf? >> no, you see when air right, you're never wrong. that is -- i'm going to leave it at that. new york avenue, that is where we have lanes open coming from northwest to northeast. pennsylvania avenue here on the sousa bridge unfortunately, d- d.o.t. trying to help us out so we get a bird's eye view but it's little blurry to say the least. the accident activity there at the left hand exit for 295. follow police direction to get by. 395 here at duke street, it is heavy and slow. no incidents to report as you travel along the top stretch of the beltway but again, the outer loop will slow leaving 95 headed around towards 270. about a 5-minute commute there. they are checking for another
6:35 am
crash near 355. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story in montgomery county. a woman found dead inside her germantown home. >> yesterday, her estranged husband was arrested for her murder but an amber alert remains in effect for her 11- year-old son. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: every effort is being made now to try to find 11-year-old william mcquain. he has been missing for two weeks now as of today. police did track down his stepfather in north carolina but there was no sign of william. his mother, jane mcquain, was found dead wednesday night. police say she had been dead for 10 to 12 days when they found her murdered inside her germantown condo. her son hasn't been seen at his middle school since september 30th where he is a sixth grader. yesterday morning, police arrested his stepfather, curtis
6:36 am
lopez. the 45-year-old was at a motel in charlotte, north carolina. he is now charged with first damage murder. mcquan's missing crv was in the parking lot. >> not at all. no fear, nothing. she was happy every time i seen her at giant. she was always happy. i just don't believe this happened to her. i mean it is very disturbing. >> reporter: montgomery county schools say they did send a letter home to william's classmates at martin luther king, junior middle school. they will have counselors there. the school system is not plaining what efforts were made to try and locate william. they say typically, they would try to tact a parent or an emergency contact but they won't specify in this case. that is the latest here in rockville. back to you. >> thank you. let's head onto what
6:37 am
happened yesterday with the stormy weather and the university of maryland. college park campus on high alert yesterday. school officials sent repeated warnings that a tornado was forecast to strike the campus. university police said they sent the warnings after getting warnings from the accu-weather data service. we'll see what kind scoring warnings can he with put into place out at next field. the redskins back in action this weekend taking on the eagles. i know sarah has a lot of questions about this. >> how is it going to end up. it will be close. >> doing a poll of the newsroom, they split. i got a lot of people that think this is the week that philadelphia will show they're philadelphia and they've got this talent and they are agoing to rebound. >> wait a minute. the redskins are 3-1 for a reason. >> this is the week that the redskin can proof themselves. >> hard week defeats talent every time when talent refuses
6:38 am
to work hard. the eagles have not been working very hard so far. the last game they played against the bills, this game shows their 1-4 start. this is what has been the problem with them. michael vic, they foe up and down the feel as we talked about last hour. as you said, steve, third in the league in offense. they are averaging almost 450 yards of phone but than they do this, they turn it over. vick is getting hit in the face more than he has ever been hit this year versus last year. he had nine turnovers a year ago, has 10 already this year. to sean jackson on the edge. you can't catch him. we know about sean jackson from last year. they go again. ball gets batted up in the air. interception, game over. mike shanahan says these eagles are very dangerous. >> i think you can see their offense. they can score in any second. they are averaging 450 yards and moving the heck out of the
6:39 am
football. so number one in rushing, top 10 and almost top five in almost every statistical area and defensively, they are getting the feel for their system and each game gets a little bit better. if you lose the turn overbattle like we've talked about many times, it is hard to win the close games and they've lost those close games with turn overs. >> you want to know the answer to the question. the skins are going to win on sunday. i'm sticking by it. we'll tax a closer look at rex grossman in the next hour. >> here what is stinks for the scub this weekend. if they lose, they losty to team that was 1-4. if they win, they beat a team that was 1-4. >> can you only beat the teams on your schedule. that what is they've done so far. >> a week at a time. >> we'll have a look at what movies are coming up this weekend. >> it is all about the remake. you remember that one, including that take on the 80s
6:40 am
classic footloose. >> oh, my goodness. >> i love that song. >> come on. we're back in a moment.
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it is going to be deja vu at the movies this weekend. kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan here. you know, remakes. there has been so many of them lately it seems like. >> it is unoriginal week. >> it is. >> so footloose is one of those remakes and you and i -- okay, we both liked the movie. i know the rest of the peep out gallery did not. >> i don't get that. >> i don't either. >> i loved the original footloose. i thought -- chris penn actually died with a before his time. he was so great in the original footloose and john lithgow. i loved that film. i think it holds up today as a strong, solid emotional film but also a really good dance
6:44 am
film. it is a great story. >> but the new one. >> here is the thin about this new one. there are two ways you can look at this film. it is an exact carbon copy of the original film except for a couple of minor changes in the beginning, a couple of scenes that are changed around, dialogue, shot for shot, scene for scene, 95% pretty much the exact same film. it got to the point and up anot kidding you, the first time i watched this new footloose, i was able to quote the movie. i was able to finish the dialogue of the actors because they lifted the script off the first one and put it down in this one. in my opinion, that is lazy film making. and craig brewer, he is a great director who has done a decent job here but why go out and spend the $12 for a better version is already on dvd at home from 1984. so for me, i think a younger generation will appreciate this.
6:45 am
it will be their footloose. it was entertaining. you heave tapping your feet. i gave it a three out of five. i would give the original a four and a half so it is a step down and it is a carbon copy. i do want to bring up that i thought mark wahlberg stepped in and did the voiceover. chara him. >> another remake, the thing from the 1951 film. what did you think of this one? >> this is an interesting thing. it is like inception. this twoich prequel of the thing is a remake of a -- the 2011 film is a 19 # -- 1982 remake of a 1951 film. this is a prequel to both of those. it is absolutely absurd what
6:46 am
hollywood is doing these days. that is why i'm cop fused here. this particular film, it is -- that is why i'm confused here. this particular film, it is all c tb. i -- all cgi. it is i prequel that take place three days prior to the 1982 classic about a norwegian science team. this alien can imitate humans and become a human being. they have to stop it from getting out. i am a huge fan of practical make-up effects. the '82 version had make-up effects. this had all cgi. i wasn't a fan. gave day two envelope out of five. >> we won't be able to get to the big year but you have it on a web site? yes, kevin on i gave the movie a two. skip it. >> i would not real use we can
6:47 am
go back and represent these dvds from the original movies. we're not fooling people. i think we need to partner up with kevin, create an original themed no cgi, no green screen movie, just put it out. we are coming to you for some help on that one being kevin. >> what is happening outside? >> we have a few rain showers moving in. let's go right to it. we'll take a look at sentinel radar. some rain showers beginning to move into the area. it is getting closer to us. some of the same areas that saw rain yesterday seeing it again today. let's pull this out. we'll so you the big picture as we will continue to see a lot of precipitation out there still to come. we will have precipitation off to the south and west across virginia. some areas of heavy rain. some of this ill with work its way in here and we can't rule out some thunderstorms for later on today as well. certainly a possibility. all right, here is a look at
6:48 am
the current temperatures around the region. 66degrees now in washington. 64 at dulles airport. rather cool you out to the west. 59-degree in martinsburg. 52349 winchester. forecast for today a mix of clouds and sun, mostly clouds though. showers likely. becoming windy today, high about 73 degrees. can't rule out some thunderstorms. cheering skies tonight, much cooler. 51 for your overnight low in town. some of new the 40s. tomorrow, some of you in the 60s but it will be windy tomorrow. it won't be the perfect day. i think it will be rather breezy. sunday, better, nice, 71 degrees. lots of sunshine. as we head into the next workweek, things look good then as well. tucker barnes joins us here at the desk. you know what it is time for, ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and a and sometimes others put our
6:49 am
heads together to do the best we can to we are your questions. before we get to today's question, we want to talk about yesterday's question. >> flashback. >> the question was about your gas gauge, why does it seem to move so much faster when it gets to the bottom end when you are like the a quarter tank or less than it does when you first fill your tank. we had an expert call in to answer that question and many viewers wrote in afterwards saying that the answer was inadequate or not complete and they took us to task. several people who are mechanics and what have you who have given us more detailed answers. we want to -- they gave us good answers. >> we recycle. imagine this is a gas tank. >> can i help you? >> can i use your water bottle. >> glad you thought about doing this before hand. >> this is your gas tank. this is the area where you fill the gas tank, you put the hose
6:50 am
in and it is longer than that and the gas tank is bigger. there is a gauge inside your tank that -- it is like a little ball that operates or is linked to the gauge on your dashboard to tell you how much you have. when people fill their gas tank, the gauge is in the tank and can only go up to the top of the tank. it can't goen here where people tend to put more gas, sometimes topping off as we hear so that, when you start driving around, you're burning the gas in the lower end of the tank but it is dropping down from here. the gauge is still up at the top. tank. >> so in other words, when the gauge hits the top of the tank, you can still in many cases put in another gallon or two. that is why it hangs out longer at the top of the gauge. >> right. then when the gas is moved from below here to the tank, then that gauge starts dropping slowly but surely and it moves faster as it gets to the bottom
6:51 am
because there is less space at the bottom as it kind of come to a v in many gas tanks. >> this is much more entertaining. >> nice visual. >> now let's move o i'm taking over. i can't see the question. >> here it is right here. >> there you go. today's question, brad in lorton, virginia writes, when i see lightning in the distance, i hear a buzz or crackle come across my radio. what causes this? can this be excused on track lightning? >> we've all heard that. you are listening to the radio at home, people don't do that anymore or you're driving in the car and you hear it. >> it only happens on am frequencies. >> sounds like an am radio. >> people doing fm are not hearing it. yot answer is absolutely. you are hearing lightning in real time when you hear that
6:52 am
come across. >> the answer is absolutely. >> when you hear thunder, that is a delayed effect from the lightning. when you hear the crackle on the radio, that is it. i don't engineers call it a static crash -- engineers call day static crash and it is appear electromagnetic radio wave put out by the lightning. the best place to hear it, the lower frequencies of your am radio band. you know how sometimes you can suddenly be listening to new york city or listening ohio. you can actually hear the lightning out there too. >> so you would hear the lightning from new york. >> you could hear the crash of the -- so it would be picking up wherever that signal is being broadcast from, not necessarily where you are. >> right. so in a sense, you can track lightning in a way doing that. i mean you're not going to be plotting it on a map or anything but you could k. do
6:53 am
that. >> when is the last time you listened to a am radio station. >> i did it when i was a kid y i did it too then because that was the option. things are a little bit different today. >> cell phone and gps, we weren't able to fine as much information about that. i believe i've been on my cell phone, seen lightning and heard it crackle on my cell phone. i don't believe it has an impact on gps. did you find that? >> yes. >> what the lightning shows up on the maps, what is that picking up? >> steve, write in to ask the national weather service guy. >> i'm just curious. >> for those of who you wrote in, thank you for the further unsight into yesterday's question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. you can also upload your video question. one viewer was surprised that
6:54 am
we yesterday never mentioned that there is a warning light your dashboard. thought we had mentioned it but we have to go. >> julie, hello. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> we're being told go, go. all right. here we are on the roads. you will find accident activity reported along the southbound side of 59 here as you approach route 100. heads up coming north as you work your way out towards the capital beltway. accident number three was reported on the outer loop after 355. meanwhile, the camera showing you southbound 207 here in rockville. accident activity reported here in the main line. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the time to find that perfect halloween costume running out. >> holly this morning in silver spring getting a little inspiration from some experts this morning. >> there is a couple of them. stay with us. h us. 
6:55 am
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris and i have the most important question of the day. what are you going to be for halloween? it's only a little more than two weeks away. no, that's not me. i'm a little bigger than that these days. we are live today in halloween adventures in silver spring and we're going to provide you all the inspiration that you need to provide you all all the vlade sean tour. if you don't think that people don't spend on halloween, think again because they are predicting $6.9 billion on halloween and we're going to get you in the mood. as for me, sarah, i don't know why i'm standing next to her. i think maybe my goddess days
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are behind me. i'm looking for something with a little more room in this area. >> no, you look green. >> facebook fan of the day, jeremiah. he is a fan of not only fox 5, but also of the skins. if you want to be our facebook fan of the day, go to facebook. that does it for the 6:00 hour. let's send it over to allison who is joining steve. >> good morning. happy friday to you >> coming up, severe weather causes damage and power out annuals all over our area. this is dramatic video of the video caught on camera near i- 95. reaction from a man caught. and confusion when the


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