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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fox 5's martin is live with an update on a story you saw first here on fox 5. wisdom. >> your right. a lot of that information ended up in the dumpster behind this church. members of the lord's church of transformation came out and found it before bible study. as you just mentioned, a lot of private information, social security numbers, checks, private pictures, a lot of stuff that shouldn't have been out here was out here in this dumpster. some background on how this came to be. those documents belong to a company called total services solutions. last night after watching our story, the owner of that campaign came company came here. it turns out they were actually in a storage facility. the company has suspended operations in april of 2011. the items were put in a storage facility in december of last year. the owner says he was two months behind in paying rent at that facility. so, the storage facility sold his boxes, his furniture, all
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those documents that were inside there. sold them all. the person who got them, someone from that company that bought them came over here and illegally dumped the information behind this church. now the police here, they are investigating this. we did talk to the storage facility about this. they called us late this afternoon from extra storage. they say this indeed was an auction situation because the owner did not pay. they did auction it off, but under their rules, the person who buys the items, if they find any kind of documents, sensitive information, they were supposed to turn that information back over to the facility. clearly in this case, they did not do that and that is where we are right now. they are cooperating with the police and an investigation into who bought it and who dumped it over here at this church. more on that story coming up tonight. >> wisdom, what are they going to do with it? is somebody coming to get it? >> the information is here right now.
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none of that personal information is here anymore. is this a lot of paper and boxes that the church will have to deal with because it was illegally dumped here. but all of the personal information that was here. the social security numbers, the checks, the private pictures, the owner came and picked that up last night after our story aired. he saw it on our news and got all the personal information out of here. the other things that are here, they are still here. we haven't been able to see any personal information. he says he got it all. the church will have to figure out how to get rid of it. >> of course. what a mess. wisdom martin, thanks for the update. new allegations that the obama administration broke the law by putting taxpayers at the end of the list of those who be paid back in the solyndra bankrupt. new e-mails are pitting the justice department and energy department against each other over who approved that change. fox 5's tom fitzgerald following this one. i understand all this in a tense hearing on capitol hill today. >> it did, lauri.
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the obama administration has $535 million of taxpayer money. the energy department changed the terms of that loan. so if solyndra went bankrupt, they would be paid back before taxpayers. they wanted to know why. republicans continue to pound away on the obama administration half billion loan to solyndra. >> essentially, who knew what and when did they know it? >> the gop is standard. >> there's no criminal or serious behavior here. there was some dumbness. >> these allegations flying around about coverup are exactly the problem with this investigation. >> the white house is defending a $535 million loan to solyndra before it went bankrupt. chains to that loan are sparking new questions. >> i think those are important questions to ask because it looks like there's a cover up.
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>> solyndra was in financial trouble when the company's investors will repaid before taxpayers if solyndra failed. the change raised concerns at the treasury department. >> i can say the department of the treasury put in view that extreme care should be taken in putting the taxpayer at risk. >> two treasury officials testified friday. the energy department ignored its calls to have the loan changes cleared by government lawyers. >> absent other authorities, we recommended the department of energy go seek and consult with the department of justice. >> and newly released e-mails say no consultation took place. the treasury department official wrote in august, we requested in writing that he seek the department of justice's approval of any proposed restructuring. to our knowledge, that has never happened. >> they realize they made a
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bad loan. they are trying to figure out a way they made a bad loan. >> democrats say the gop probe isn't about taxpayer concern, but embarrassing president obama and snuffing out energy competition. >> they are not coal, competitors to those incumbent industries. that's what this is all about. kill the competition. >> but the questions over solydra show no sign of dying off any time soon. was any of this illegal? that question was left somewhat unclear at the end of today's hearing and the question about whether or not the energy's department failure to get the justice's department approval and whether or not that broke the law. those questions are going to be awaiting energy department officials, republicans pledged today to bring before this committee as well. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you.
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officers say a farmer's market in northeast d.c. was full of fake goods. d.c. police teamed up with federal agents today to raid the market near the university. it happened this morning. 11 people were arrested on charges ranging from counterfeiting to deceptive labeling. >> this hurt americans. americans lose jobs because people are counterfeiting merchandise. u.s. industries lose revenue, which they would use in turn to hire people. >> do you have any idea they were selling counterfeit stuff? >> i never buy anything from them. i go to the department store and get all my stuff. >> easy money, easy go. >> they found bootleg nfl, and nike gear and pirated dvd's. saying this is about justice, not money. the parents of the man killed outside a d.c. nightclub filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the club's owners. the suit claims five men beat and restrained ali mohommed
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after he allegedly threw a brick through the window of dc nine last october. all murder charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence. we spoke briefly today with the men that own the bar and both declined to comment. the hunt continuing for a missing 11-year-old boy after his mother was found murdered in their germantown home. the boy's stepfather has been arrested. there's still no sign of william mcquain. bob is live in germantown with the latest developments. bob. >> reporter: laura, william hasn't been seen in two weeks and frankly police and those concerned don't know where to look for him. they were hoping to get some answers from curtis lopez. this new video into fox 5 from charlotte, but he is no longer talking to investigators. he hired a lawyer. has a court date in charlotte on monday. now according to the maryland medical examiner's office, jane mcquain was stabbed and beaten
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to death. the stabbing is interesting because mr. lopez served 13 years in prison in pennsylvania on a stabbing case. by all accounts, he and his estranged wife were not close. we're told he was an absentee stepfather. family friends tells us that besides his mother, william has no family. >> i have known jane over six years. >> so he didn't know his father? his biological father? >> no. >> a former neighbor who says her son and william have been friends for years. >> and jane always adores my kid and same thing. >> it had not been an easy life for jane and william. the two were homeless for a time, living in a car. and she turned her life around for william's sake.
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>> she was very ashamed of herself being homeless. it took a long time for her to pick herself up. i don't believe she has any family in the area. >> i just want him found. so we can have closure. whether he is dead or alive, i want him found. hopefully he's still alive. >> in montgomery county police say they are not giving up hope of finding william mcquain alive either. there are twovigils. one at his middle school. another at the germantown community center. both at 7:30 tonight. >> bob, thank you. it is critical evidence in the lumulemon murder case and the suspect's lawyers are trying to keep it out of court during her upcoming trial. we'll tell you what a judge had to say about that today. plus, a clerk fears for his life during a bold robbery in virginia and it's all caught on camera. 
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lawyers in the lumulemon murder case in court today.
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the defense team wanted to suppress some of the evidence against brittany norwood. she is accused of killing jayna murray. that motion was denied. the jury will likely hear the allegations that murray confronted norwood about stolen clothing before the attack and murder. the trial is scheduled to begin later this month. one year with no answers. now there is a huge reward for information on a fairfax business owner's death. young was robbed and murdered in his home in fairfax station one year ago. and none of the leads have panned out. now there's a private reward of $70,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest. detectives are asking for any piece of information, no matter how small it may seem. you can call crime solvers and stay unanimous. surveillance video from fairfax county shows just how
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scary an armed robbery can be. cameras rolling as two masked men ran into the shell gas station. it happened last sunday. they pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash. eventually on that tape, you can hear the victim saying i beg you, don't kill me. the men drove away in a white sedan. if you have any information on this, please call police. it is one of the biggest churches in the d.c. area. but who should be running it? coming up, the latest on this legal tug of war. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to be. alabama's got you all beat. no matter which state you choose, everyone agrees the gulf is vacation at it's best. mississippi outdoors, louisiana seafood, florida beaches, alabama shoreline. so come on down to mississippi, louisiana, florida, alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business.
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a judge in prince georges county says he will make the decision shortly on who should be running one of the biggest church communities. it's the jeer koa city of praise church in landover. john hanrahan was there for today's hearing. he is here to bring us up to date. john. >> this is one of those cases where a church community is divided and the courts have to
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settle the question of who should be in charge. on one side, the current minister. on the other side, a board that was hand picked by the church founder who died a year ago of cancer. >> the jericho church is huge. nearly 20,000 people are on its membership rolls. the church sanctuary is enough to sit 10,000 people at a time. the late betty and her late husband founded a predecessor church in d.c. in 1964. when james pebble sr. died in 1996, betty took over the institution, growing it at its landover location. in addition to church buildings, city appraise other entities, including an apartment complex and a school. two of betty's sons predeceased her. she installed her surviving son as assistant pastor, but apparently unsure to manage the huge enterprise.
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betty instructed some of the board members to keep her son in ministry, but out of financial leadership. joel in the board majority are fighting each other over who should head the enterprise. many con grow congregation members are supporting the minnesota steer. >> he loves everybody. >> how is this affecting you? >> well, it affects me that you know, a small portion is not unified. but as a leader, he wants us to go on and unify and love one another. >> jericho city was incorporated as an entity. and an attorney for joe said in court, under d.c. law, the controlling board has not been properly elected. the board disagrees and wants k instruction. both sides want a quick
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resolution. circuit judge dwight jackson agreed to rule soon, but not today. >> the judge tried earlier to get the two sides to mediate the leadership dispute. that hasn't worked. tens and millions of dollars in properties are on the line and hundreds of thousands of dollars in collections a month are in dispute. tonight, the church will hold a gospel concert to remember betty who die died a year ago. her son will officiate at that remembrance service. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. after wild weather yesterday and a start of a rainy day today. this is beautiful out there tonight. >> can we have the rain on the weekdays please? done. unfortunately, yesterday it was too much rain and we did have a confirmed tornado. probably two of them. this one in charles city, virginia, that's a wall cloud and when you see something like that and the whole thing is
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turning, you have a real good chance of a tornado and what i wanted to show you here is, we're not sure. because it's hard to see. we think that's the beginning of a funnel coming on down, but look how low the base is. that's the wall cloud and that had to have been quite a frightening sight for them. very hard to see, but we think that is the beginning. something definitely touch down around there. there was damage in louisa county. this area is east of richmond, virginia. that was the beginning of it and of course some of those came up to the north and we had that confirmed tornado also in stafford, virginia. pretty dramatic pictures. it's on over to the satellite radar. this is the last of the early stuff that we had this morning rotating on out of here. we have a mix of clouds and sun now and a few showers still in the mountains. a couple trying to cross interstate 81 here. maybe you'll see that in front royal. it also maybe just drying up. so bottom line, we are on a nice drying path and you
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probably notice the breezes out there. they are going to continue in the overnight hours and into tomorrow as we start bringing in the dryer air. in the last 24 hours, these rain totals, including reston, virginia, 4.11 inches. this is why we had flash flood warnings for fairfax county last night. gaithersburg picked up over an inch and a half. columbia, an inch and a half of rain. in fairfax, up and over 2 inches. and front royal, virginia, 1 inches. so while we didn't see the spinning storms, we certainly had tremendous thunder and lightning. the hall mark of this late summer and fall season. winds gusting at 23 at reagan national. so heading out later tonight, bundle up. a 44-mile per hour gust. we'll have similar gusts tomorrow that could get up to 30 miles an hour at times. they'll blow the leaves around a little bit. but temperature wise and sky cover wise, we're going to be in good shape. 68 degrees now. heading out for friday night, maybe you'll want a jacket
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because it's in the 50s on the other side of the mountains and overnight temperatures will drop into the 40s. so it's going to be getting chilly out there. overnight, we drop to 52 here in the metro area. winds out of the west, southwest at 10 to 15 and occasionally higher. same thing tomorrow for the wind. just a few clouds. a bries si day, but nice at 70 degrees. and a quick look at your planner for your saturday. sunny and breezy. 53 at 8:00 in the morning. by noon, we are 65 and 70 degrees. your five-day forecast, a few clouds on sunday. we have a system that is going to be approaching a cold front sunday night into monday that will produce a few clouds. tuesday, maybe some showers or storms. same deal for wednesday. beyond that, if you were doing a seven-day forecast, we would see colder temperatures coming in. big changes at the end of next week. >> maybe getting them ready. >> all right. i'm rushing it. >> enjoy the weekend for now. >> sounds good. we'll stay in the present. >> thanks.
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good evening. i'm lindsey murphy. we have that action going down at 7:00 this evening. in redskins news, we have five players who are listed as
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questionable for sunday. they include anthony armstrong, chris cooley, tim hightower and just added today, deangelo hall with a knee injury. let's go back to chris cooley for a moment. mike shanahan said that he had suffered a bit of a setback with his knee and had to have it drained earlier this week. well, shanahan said it has affected his play and it takes time to get back into football shape. well, chris cooley not too happy he was talked about. >> i'm fine. it's something that i'm managing and something i deal with every day. i am able to practice every day. i'm a firm believer in making you better. and i get myself ready to practice and play every day. am i playing the way i would like to play? probably not. but i'm still playing in my opinion, i'm still playing extremely consistent in the role that i'm being asked to play. >> you can watch the redskins take on the eagles right here at fox 5 at 1:00 p.m. on sunday. the cowboys then face the pay
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patriots at 4:00. we recap everything at 10:00 with nissan sports xtra. the capitals season have gotten off to an exciting start. they won their first road game yesterday over the pits pittsburgh penguin. not about the win, but more about a fight between jay and the penguins aaron ashum. you'll see right here. go down from a right hook and afterwards, asham makes a sleeping gesture which he apologized for after the game. bruce says he is doing fine. he has a fat lip and isn't experiencing any concussion symptoms, but his gesture didn't go over so well with the capitals. >> what he did after the play was uncalled for, but at the same time, i give him credit for apologizing and realize what he did was wrong. that stuff happens in the heated battle. i've been there and i
6:27 pm
understand that with regards what happened to jay, that happened to about everybody. >> it was obviously the wrong thing to do, but really sincere and it wasn't like it took two weeks for him to apologize. it was right after the game. as long as i've known of him, i have never seen him do anything like that. as far as i'm concerned, it's over. >> and just a reminder, coolage and roosevelt kicking off at 7:00. >> looking forward to that. thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on at keep it right here. tmz on tv coming up next. see you tonight. 
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