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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  October 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 6:00. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> i'm will thomas. for weeks, a family has been waiting for any word on a missing father. tonight, friends and loved ones of lenny harris are meeting again in search of answers. >> fox 5 is live in alexandria with more. ross. >> reporter: good evening. this is indeed a mystery. police suspect foul play, but this is the family that is not giving up hope. they have passed out fliers. they have conducted searches and tonight here at the elks
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lodge in old town alexandria, they are raising money for a private rewards fund. lenny harris is a popular community activist here in old town alexandria. he was seen three weeks ago on september 21 at the houston center. he got a phone call, driving his own car. that next morning, his cell phone was discovered on the bridge. police are also still looking for a man caught on surveillance tape trying to use mr. harris' bank card twice and just four days ago, his car was discovered in prince georges county. i want to join by his family, his brother, and his sister. i want to ask you first, harold, if the discovery of the car is a hopeful sign for you guys. >> absolutely. we are hoping and praying every day. we know closure is near. >> sadly, sometimes money is what gets people talking. is that what you're hoping to do and how much do you have so far? >> so far, we raised $8,000. tonight, we raised $2,000.
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so we are extremely excited about that. >> some of that money coming from his church tonight. >> absolutely. thank you. it is definitely going to do you some good. >> you are having this fundraiser tonight. it goes on until 7:00 or so tonight. if people can't get to the fundraiser to contribute and want to contribute, how else can they do that? >> they can make a check payable to the reward fund. that's the virginia commerce bank and the address is 2401 mt. vernon avenue. al san drinkalexandria, virginia. >> we hope we get answers soon. will, back to you. >> thank you so much. again that address, 2401 mt. vernon avenue. the zip code, 22301. two d.c. police officers and a civilian all hurt when their cars collided this afternoon. it happened at 9th in northwest
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when the cruiser was heading to a call. it's not clear exactly how the crash happened and police didn't say whether the officers have lights and sirens running at the time. someone posing as a policeman -- the man struck twice last week. john hanrahan talked to police about what residents can do to stay safe. >> both attacks happened on tuesday. one in a residential neighborhood and one in a commercial area of hernden. a woman approaching her residence on the 1200 block of magnolia lane encountered a man wearing civilian clothing, but claiming to be a law man. >> he displayed some type of badge and said he was with law enforcement. he was not in uniform. best to our knowledge, there were no markings on the vehicle. >> imposter sexually assaulted the woman, but she broke away from him and he drove away in a
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gray mid sized sedan. at 7:00 tuesday evening in the 400 block, the same suspect accosted another woman. this time forcing her into his car, driving several blocks away to the parking lot of an office complex and sexually assaulting her. again, a four-door gray sedan was his vehicle. this is the suspect police are looking for. a 35 to 40-year-old asian male, 5'5" to 5'6", weighing about 150-pounds. investigators are anyone who may have seen this suspect on tuesday afternoon on magnolia lane or near the shopping centers near eldon street, call the hernden police department. this imposter may be armed. >> there was something, he did not brandish a weapon. he had something in his waistband. there was not a clear look at what it was. >> sergeant reminds people if they are asked to stop by a person in civilian clothing
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claiming to be an officer, you may call 911 and ask that a marked cruiser and uniformed officers be dispatched to the scene. in hernden, fox 5 news. >> and there's no sign of the germantown boy at the center of an amber alert. william hasn't been seen since september 30. his mother was found dead in their germantown home. her ex-husband is under arrest, but william has not been found. his friends at martin luther king, middle school held a vigil and prayed for his safe return. more drone strikes. nine dead overnight, including the son of an american. al-qaeda linked fighters seem to be gaining traction after months of political unrest. forces loyal to the president opened fire and hurt nearly 200 people. new york city police arrested about two dozen protesters from the occupy wall street movement
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today after they marched into a bank banging drums. protesters are hanging while the city plans to clean up their encampment, because protesters refuse to move out. not just across the country, but around the globe. fox's rick gives us a look at this growing movement. >> after a week of peace in a public park, scuffles and arrests in san diego. men and women standing in protests are picked off and pepper sprayed by police. >> they were holding me up by my neck. they were pushing our bodies together. >> more arrests in denver, at least two dozen in cuffs friday. police in riot gear herding hundreds of protesters away from the state capital. >> police are coming here to arrest people for exercising their first amendment rights. >> no new york, some aggression against the police. at least 14 people arrested friday and reports of pepper
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spraying. protesters didn't have to leave their post for cleaning as feared on friday. >> the key is to simply be here and for human beings to show it is possible to be human with all of these inhuman institutions. >> some occupy wall street demonstrators are trying a new strategy. showing the public a new prospective that they aren't hippies with a cause. >> a lot of people dismissed the protesters here, saying you are jerk bags, you can never get a job. you want to level the playing field? how to do that? >> tens of thousands marching today from asia to europe. demonstrations turning violent in rome where more than 70 people were hurt. in new york, fox news. >> president obama went over the new free trade agreement in his weekly address this morning. he says countries like south korea will create tens and thousands of jobs. here is more. >> we'll sell more ford,
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chevies, and chryslers abroad stamped with three proud words. made in america. it was good to see congress act in a bipartisan way on something that will help create jobs at a time when millions of americans are still out of work and need them now. >> hundreds of south koreaens are protesting the trade agreement. prices need to be moderated in their country. south korea's president said the deal will benefit both countries. >> not long to go before the dr. king memorial is officially dedicated. >> thousands of people are in town for the historic day. president obama will give the dedication address tomorrow. he spoke at the ground breaking ceremony when he was a u.s. senator. we will broadcast the official ceremony tomorrow on our sister station, wbca my 20, we are also going to stream the coverage on coming up, we're going to be live in southwest dc where thousands headed out with a message. >> and more tricks than
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treats. why would a principal put a ban on halloween? gwen. >> we have weather that is going to be pretty nice for the rest of the weekend if you enjoyed today. i'll have those details later. >> we are just getting started at 6:00. stay with us, we'll be right back. 
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capital may expand in arlington county. the board will vote soon on a plan to build up to 30 more stations. some of them would go to
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pentagon city and crystal city. two areas that don't currently have service. scheduled for this tuesday. today's weather made getting up early this morning easier for hundreds of people who gathered along the georgetown waterfront for the annual kidney walk. this event started years ago with just 60 walkers. now the crowd is inching close to 1,000. it raised $180,000. shout out to eagle bank. they are a big part of why that number is so big. the goal this year, $220,000. speaking of numbers, the washington region is at the top of the list for kidney disease with nearly 700,000 people battling kidney disease. i served as honorary chair for the walk and this year, my cochair was chapman, one of the stars of 30 rock. here's some of that interview. >> all jokes aside, i know what these people are going through firsthand. so i am making my business to
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keep, you know, coming out and bringing awareness to the situation because if i would have known my risk factors ten years ago, maybe i could have prevented me going on dialysis and being at this point in my life. >> d.c. was number seven in an eight city tour. he is attending a kidney walk in each city to raise money and awareness. >> always a good job there. we are starting to see a lot of halloween decorations in yards around the area, but it looks like halloween is going to be no treat for some students near boston. the principal is putting a ban on halloween celebrations because they could be offensive to some people. no costumes, no decorations, no candy. the principal has her eye on columbus day and thanksgiving, saying they may be hurtful to native americans. >> they are children. they need to express themselves. and you know, be children. not take holidays and fun time away from them that i mean
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them. >> i take columbus day very near and gear and america is named after another italian. if we ignore it, if we don't want to talk about it, then we are ignoring it. >> now students and their parents may have to have their halloween parties after school hours. >> the city is finally ready to dedicate the dream. we'll be live with stories of people who came from all over to be part of history. be right back. troit area, you'd see bad news. companies are closing and houses were being foreclosed upon. however when there are negative things going on there is also opportunity. and for people that look for it like dave, they see the opportunity and they say i can make a difference here. there's a constant stream of negative news, about economics, and whatever. and so it's nice to inject some positive news coming out of ypsilanti. it's motivation to make you want to do something to help out your town. so my friend corin, who is the manager at the ypsilanti food co-op,
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sent me what she thought was a grant for a solar project. turned out it was a very low interest loan. so it kind of sparked my interest and then i did some searching. i was able to actually find a small $6,000 grant from the state of michigan. but i have never done solar, i didn't know square one about how it was done. we bought panels, we figured out how to do it, and that was our first system. we needed to monitor the power and be able to track how much was coming in and out, and i did find products that would do this for us, but those products could cost thousands of dollars. you know, we didn't have a thousand dollars. we invented a way to read utility meters for essentially free. ♪ my goal is to see a cloud. and i want to see a nice smooth solar graph and then i want it to dip a little bit and know that a cloud just went over the solar panels. my wildest dreams is to have 100 locations in ypsilanti, all on solar ypsi, all being tracked in real time and ypsilanti would be the place to come for solar information. when i started, i was searching and i was looking in ten or twelve difference places, and so now we have a website where information has already been collated
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so someone can search on solar, find this site and hopefully have all the information they need. it's just amazing that you see people in far off remote villages in like mongolia, you know? they're looking for solar power, for some information, it's there for them to find. it has happened, you know. it is so cool. ♪ city leaders and residented united today to demand state hood for the district. the rally was aimed at gaining complete economy from congress for the way d. c. governs itself. a civil rights movement ahead of the dedication of the martin luther king memorial. >> here it is, just as important to march on saturday
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for the freedom of those who live in the city that host the king memorial. as it is to show up on sunday to commemorate king and the freedom he wants for others. >> the leaders of the civil rights movement knew if they just wanted for their rights to be given to them, they would never get them. so d.c. residents can't just wait either. >> exciting day. >> sure is. >> washington is packed with people here to celebrate the dedication of the new martin luther king, jr., memorial tomorrow. >> and today, thousands rallied and marched with the message. fox 5's audrey barnes has more. >> as the nation prepares to officially dedicate the first monument on the national mall honoring a black leader, the fight for freedom and jobs that martin luther king was passionate about continues.
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a group of 47 from louisiana rode on the bus for 24 hours to be here to see it for themselves. >> we just had to be here. so much a part of history. >> i am so moved. i can't think of anything but that. >> the crowd on this day before the dedication was dotted with many different colored t-shirts. each representing a different group with a different cause. all gathering at the feet of the man who sparke revolution. >> i was in the struggle 40 years ago, you know, so it is very important to me. >> i was here last year when it was under construction. when i came back this october, i had to come see it. >> a will the of times teens are not aware of how far we have come. it's good to find the history behind that. >> and tomorrow, the first black president will be the featured speaker as the king memorial is dedicated. you have to wonder what the
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civil rights pioneer would say about that 48 years later. >> it has done wonders. it can be done again. >> the fight has to go on. we are not through. we have to fight on. i think that's what he would say. >> that was audrey barnes reporting. a reminder of our coverage plans, we will broadcast the ceremony at 11:00 tomorrow on our sister station and stream the coverage on tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. an awful lot of folks coming into washington want to know what it's going to be like. >> we remember the last time the dedication was scheduled. hurricane irene and weather was a big issue. but i'm happy to say that everybody will be able to enjoy it tomorrow. very pleasant weather. mother nature definitely cooperating. and she cooperated today. >> she did. >> beautiful, beautiful sunshine. let's take a live look outside now and see. the winds were a factor today,
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however. and they will improve as we move through into the course of tonight. we're going to see winds start to diminish. you can see the camera shaking quite a bit. the wind still pretty brisk outside, but overall, we're not going to do too bad. winds will start to die down as we get into the evening hours. the weekend is going to continue just downright pleasant. no complaints there at all. and seasonal temperatures as well, but we'll be sticking around. the week is going to start out very sunny, but we are going to end up seeing a little bit of wet weather. you'll have to keep the umbrella handy in the days ahead. it's not going to be tomorrow, so that's a good thing. here's where we hit in terms of our temperatures. 71 degrees at national airport. 7 # at dulles, and 71 degrees at baltimore. temperatures pretty close to where we should be, just a few degrees off the mark. we are close to seasonal conditions and looks like it's going to stick around that way into the course of the next two days, which is good. here's a look at your current temperatures. we have 68 degrees right now at
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dulles. annapolis at 68. 67 degrees at baltimore. 68 degrees in fredericksburg. so temperatures pretty much the same everywhere and once again, the winds will improve. look at us compared to the national temperatures. all the warm weather down to the south. we are seeing a little bit of a cooler shot well to the north of us, but the good news is, it will stay well to the north of us. we aren't going to end up seeing any of the 40s for daytime highs at all. we are going to stay in the realm of the 60s and 70s. the upper 60s, we are going to get a southerlifully as well. ridge of high pressure in control for us. plenty of clear skies. the sun is going to be evident into the course of today and tomorrow with clear skies tonight and any of the clouds we see will start to move in as we move into the extended period. we have a frontal system heading our way into the course of tomorrow. nothing will do anything. a low pressure system will head our way as we move into the later part of the week with a cold front. so, sunny skies for the rest of
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the weekend. ridge of high pressure in control. the cooler air stays to the north. 47 your overnight low tonight. 70 tomorrow with no shortage of sunshine. just a few clouds. not bad at all. tomorrow's highs overall in our neighborhoods, as i mentioned, into the upper 60s and lower 70s. a dry day so you can get out and enjoy it. your day planner for tomorrow by midday will be 65 degrees. by the 5:00 hour around 68. so by the time we hit the 11:00 hour for the ceremony for mlk for the dedication, we will see plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds and fairly comfortable out there. you might want to take a light sweater. it's going to warm up in the afternoon hours. it will be a nice day overall. tonight, clear skies and breezy. 47 degrees. southwesterly 10 to 15 miles per hour. those winds will improve overnight. by tomorrow we are talking light winds, which is going to be good. plenty of sunshine, a very pleasant day. 70 degrees for the martin luther king memorial
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dedication. i'm happy to say the weather is going to be cooperative. here's a look at the five-day forecast for you. things start to change tuesday night into wednesday. as a frontal system starts to push its way toward us. move in there into late sunday, but then by tuesday night into wednesday, it will hit us and looking at a 40% chance of showers on tuesday, that increases in the overnight hours into wednesday. so basically tuesday night into wednesday. >> come on, let's celebrate for tomorrow's weather. >> the rest of the week is going to be back to sunshine. >> a great celebration tomorrow. >> let's listen to this. oh, six-year-old boy with a chronic illness just got the surprise of a lifetime. that is basically high school students in alabama surprising him. they raised $4,000 to send james and his family to disney world. james has a disorder that makes him allergic to every kind of
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food, but he'll have plenty to smile about when he takes that trip next may. the folks at disney are going to find out he is coming and make it that much more special. >> pull out all the stops for that young man. i'm happy to see that. >> plenty at stake tomorrow. >> local bragging rights are on the line as georgetown and howard will bring you their rivalry. lindsey murphy up next with sports.
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to ensure a w for the homecoming crowd. but this year, clemson has thrown a wrench into maryland's plans. the tigers entered tonight's game as the 8th ranked team in the nation. that game kicks off tonight at 7:00. virginia facing tech. throws to a streaking tim smith, 37 yards, virginia raced out to a surprising 14-0 lead.
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2nd quarter, freshman richardson threw a big hole. he would lose his balance, but initially ruled down to the 1. it was reviewed. he was24-21. howard hosting georgetown. the third meeting between the two schools. we will start in the 1st quarter. georgetown in the white jerseys. he takes tup the sidelines for the longest gain of the day. 37 yards. a one-yard touchdown, 7-0 hoyas. 4th quarter, now 7-3. on the end around, burke would stop and throws to tucker stafford. 14-3 hoyas. and later, more georgetown. finds logan for the score. georgetown on the road to beat howard 21-3. >> i love the guys on my team. they would die for me out there on the field. get a win with them, especially, it's great. especially receivers, i'm
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making plays all day. we struggled early. >> everything centers around the quarterback. he's going to get the heck beat out of him, but he's going to get right back up. he runs the ball extremely well. we are very proud of him. >> the scarlet knights trail by 4. gary threading the neat l to tim wright. rutgers took a 21-17 lead. with less than 5 to go, navy trailing by 1. 34-yard field goal, blocked for the second straight week. navy falls 21-20. their fourth straight loss. >> the redskins are 1 1/2 point underdogs against the eagles. november 15, 2010 at fedex field. the eagles burn the skins on the first play. 88 yards to deshawn jackson. they scored a monday night football record, 59 points. this year's eagles point is under achieving. a 1-4 record and a minus turnover region which is tied for worst in the nfl. despite two teams heading in
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opposite directions, there is plenty at stake in tomorrow's showdown. >> this is a big game, a division game. we understand, you know, our opportunity to separate ourselves in the division. but we also know that we are going to take care of business and do things the right way. play one of our best games because we are playing a talented team and a team that we know is desperate for a win. >> tomorrow on fox 5, the skins and eagles at 1:00 followed by the cowboys and patriots. the nissan sports xtra at 11:10. last night game five of the nlcs. cardinals leading the brewers with runners on second and third. nick rips one to the left side. the former nat laying out. he would save at least one run and he is playing the role of hero at this moment. on the next pitch, harrison would lose that title. garcia smacks one through the legs. the cards beat the brewers. game six is tomorrow in milwaukee. one programming reminder for tonight. game six of the alcs, tigers
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and rangers can be seen right here on fox. first pitch at 8:05. tonight the capitals looking to go 4-0 to start the season. >> very nice. tomorrow we get to see who the team of destiny is. because we know it's not the eagles. >> that's a nice one. >> all right, i think that's a wrap. that's the sign when the camera starts to move away. we're back tonight after baseball. >> see you then. bye bye. i am a face unclogger.
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