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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[ male announcer ] the tight-turning, space-saving, eco-friendly smart. escape your stuff. ♪ problems on a major commuter road damaging cars overnight, temporarily shutting down several lanes on 295-6789 we have an update for new hour. we'll let you know what you need to know. >> tragedy on the racetrack. how the racing world is reacting this morning. fox 5 morning news continues
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right now. we'll take a look down on this monday morning. it is october 17th. glad you're with us. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning and hell toe to tony perkins. >> hello. >> let's try not to focus on the bad news for the weekend. let's just focus on the good things. weather was fantastic. we had a high of 71 degrees yesterday. lots of sunshine. we'll be in the 70s again today and ultimately, we'll see lots of sunshine. >> a couple of you might see a brief shower north of the district. as you can ehere, there is a little bit of shower activity south of hagerstown and in cumberland, western, maryland, places like that. there is a frontal boundary sinking southward and till come through the washington area. there have been some showers associated with them but they are breaking up and dissipating.
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i think this will be a dry front as it comes through here but some viewers well to the north and west could see a brief shower this morning. right now, current conditions being reported across the region. 62degrees in the district. 67 in ocean city. 60degrees at dulles airport. forecast for today, we'll see mostly sunny skies develop across the area after some clouds this morning. look for a high in the 70s. 73degrees in washington. 7 # in waldorf. 71 in manassas. -- 72 in waldorf. there is a little bonus. >> that's all right. before we head over to julie, we have several traffic alerts to pass along. first, from 259 and south capital street, parts of both are closed. overnight a large pothole opened up on the overpass sending some debris onto south capital below. so let's check in with julie wright now. she has got the latest from that scene and another bridge accident that is having a big impact on the commute. >> as you can see, again, this
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is a portion of south capital street that remains closed heading southbound as you cross over 295 if you will. this is down near malcolm x avenue so again, that is the portions of south capital street that is closed off at this time because of that large pothole. there is the petworth of 295 on the southbound side as it crosses over south capital street. only the left leap is getting by. this is affecting the commute on both outbound south capital street as well as 295, all in the vicinity of malcolm x avenue. if you are coming northbound, you we'll find your lanes are open headed into d.c. right now, we've got problems along allentown road as you approach branch avenue. accident activity involving a tractor-trailer. it is reported that the tractor- trailer has struck the bridge abutment there at route 5 branch avenue. it looks like we've got a portion of alhelptown road shut down oche way until branch avenue until further notice. you will find your lanes are open as you work your way eastbound 66 coming in from manassas. you will find slow traffic there, 50 to 123 and at the
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capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. tragedy on the racetrack as a two-time indy 500 winner dan wheldon, died yesterday after being caught in the middle of this fiery crash during the last race of the season in las vegas. the 15-car pile-up happened during lap 13 of the race. wheldon's car was one of three to go airborne. his landed on top of another car and burst into flames. his family watched in disbelief. >> i just can't believe that he is no longer with us. i don't know if i mentioned this but they sang happy birthday today for me today because i have my birthday and i wished him a good race and here we are. >> wheldon was 33 years old, the father of two. he accepted a position to drive in the race to try to win a $5 million bone us, part of a
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promotional gimmick. the fan would have won money as well. back here in the district, violence has investigators working two homicides this weekend. the latest happened just a few hours ago in the 1100 clock of stevens road southeast. one man shot in the head. no word on suspects in that case. in northeast d.c., a man stabbed to death last night in an apartment building in the 1900 block of i street. investigators say a woman is the suspect although she is not in custody at this time. police still have hope of finding a missing 11-year-old germantown boy alive. william mcquain has not been seen in two weeks. officers and volunteers searched little bennett regional park in clarksburg and damascus regional park yesterday. william's mother was found dead in her germantown home last wednesday. police arrested her estranged husband for the murder. he is due in court in north carolina today to declare whether or not he wants to waive extradition to maryland. a warning to the united states from iran's supreme lewder not to take action against tehran. it was issued yesterday over
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the alleged plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to washington. the supreme lead are said any measures by the u.s. would bring a, quote, resolute response. the white house is pushing other countries to ratchet up sank shops but is not talking about any military response. -- sanctions but is not talking about any military response. stevey wonder, one of the headliners at the event to honor dr. martin luther king's birthday. yesterday's ceremony was a kind of passing of the torch to a younger generation with speeches marked by fierce rhetoric. thousands gathered to hear president obama and kin's children and other civil rights leaders speak. they all invoked king's i have a dream speech from 1963. the repair work at the national cathedral picks back up. the same crew that worked on
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earthquake repairs at the washington monument will be at the cathedral today. just last week, crews removed a huge two-ton pinnacle damaged by the august quake. the$25million fund raising drive has been started to help pay for repairs. the cathedral is scheduled to reopen november 12th. more by news in the sports world this morning. the world series match-up is set now. it will be st. louis versus texas. the cardinals capturing their 18th national league pennant last night with a 12-6 win offer the milwaukee brewers and the rainers won the american league crown on saturday. the world seer usc starts wednesday night and it is right here on fox 5. -- the world series starts wednesday night and it is right here on fox 5. the redskins fall to the eagles. we'll take a lock at what went wrong with dave ross coming up at 6:40. federal investigators turning up the heat on d.c. with their investigation into
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the administration's hiring practices. we'll be right back.
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making headlines, the fbi still moving forward with the investigation into the practices of d.c. mayor vince gray's administration. the "washington post" is now reporting that a witness in the scandal has been offered immunity. gray's staffer have been under fire allegedly offering brown a job and crash to badger than mayor direct. a new redribbinging plan in maryland is parking debate about minorities. governor martin o'malley officially unveiled the plan on saturday. some leaders in the d.c. suburbs say owe naturally's plan will hurt the current fourth district in montgomery and prince george's counties. they are calling to create another district with a mostly minority population. we could get new insight this week into the thinking of people leading the dulles project. the metropolitan rail authority is promising ways to become
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more transparent. local leader have claimed that there is no way to comment on action taken by the authority. we've got a new treat for foodies. there is a brand-new program from living social checking off here in d.c. we'll have the details after the break. big changes for the wireless world. the deal reached between sell it may mean for you.
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welcome back on this monday morning. taking a live look outside. women, traffic moving along quite well there although we have had some issues in some other areas. we'll check in with julie wright about that in just a moment. >> one thing we haven't had to worry about is the weather the last couple of days. great weekend.
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will it continue today? >> it will continue. only difference is we have a few clouds this morning. i think for the most part, they will clear out and we'll have a lot of sunshine later on today. we start this forecast with the bus stop forecast for those of you getting the kids ready for school. >> do we have a new bus? >> it is the same bus. >> we were talking about revamping that bus. >> we would like to. what tucker? >> tucker likes it but it is an odd bus. blackout windows. i don't know what's going on with the rear tires. >> i like it. >> partly sunny skies this morning. cool temperatures ranging from the upper 50s into the low 60s. nice today, and you will see it is at 7:19. we have dropped off againen current will you, we are at 61 degrees here in the nation's capital. we see more temperatures in the 50s now as that cool front comes through. 59 in manassas. 59 at dulles. 55 in frederick.
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52 in hagerstown. cumberland where he have they ahad some shower activity, it is 50 degrees there. here is alike at the sent nell satellite-radar for the entire nation appear the nation's midsection. with that he do soo some precipitation out there across the northern plains. the eastern part of the united states, mostly quiet condition and only rainfall is associated with that cold front. most of this rain is breaking up and dissipating as the front gets closer to us so we remain dry. i do mention the chance of a shower, brief shower or two to the north and west of the district this morning and then that should be it. so the forecast for today looks like this. skies becoming mostly sunny after some morning clouds. mild this afternoon, high about 73 degrees. those wind will be out of the west, five to 10 miles per hour. for tonight, partly cloudy, cool overnight. 55 for your low in town. some low 50s out there in the suburbs. then the five-day forecast, tomorrow, partly sunny, 74,
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maybe a shower overnight tuesday into wednesday. wednesday looks like it will be a wet day. 56degrees. then for the latter part of the week, cool temperatures only in the upper 50s to around 60. that is what is happen with the weather. now, let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> all right. you hit the ground running. we've had h. major tie-ups to report right now. accident involving a tractor- trailer is what is tying up allentown road in each direction at branch avenue. let's pull up those pictures. accident activity reportedly involving a tractor-trailer. as you travel along allentown road at branch avenue, that is tied up there. branch, you should find all lanes opening traveling to and from the beltway. we are told that this tractor- trailer was loaded with wood. this is a portion of what is left there that needs to be cleaned up and removed from the scene. so allentown road remains blocked off at branch avenue. we'll take it back inside. we'll updatt your ride along
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south -- update your ride along south capital street. we have just received word that south capital street has been reopened in each direction. traffic flowing once again on south capital street. however, it is 295 after malcolm x as it crosses over south capital street on the bridge overpass, that is where we have the large pothole and only one lane to the left is able to get by. if you are coming northbound on 295 from the beltway headed into d.c., your lanes remain open. authorities are checking for a crash near route 50 the john hanson highway. accident activity closing 355 at new horizon way. that is closed off each what i back to you. living social launching a new invitation only super bowl is. it will aim at gourmet dining experiences at fine restaurants. these offers will run less
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frequently than the daily deals and ranging from $100 to $200 a person. a big change for wirele customers to be announced today. carriers have reached a deal with the fcc to implement voluntary new standards. they will begin sending real- time alerts next year to customers about to go over their monthly voice data or ten message limit. companies have also agreed to provide alerts to subscribers who could face international roaming charges. that will be very helpful. concerns over debit card chains maybing other cards seem more attractive. we'll head live to fox business network in new york when fox 5 morning news continues. stay with us. ♪
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from swiping your place
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ticks and munching on peanuts, it could impact your consumer habits. lauren simonetti joins us now with the business beat. >> welcome back. >> i definitely don't munch on mean its but i do swipe my credit card. >> for both of them, you will probably be paying more. let's talk about the markets real quick. we ended up in positive territory for the year on friday. can we keep the momentum going? >> yeah, it is continuing. dow is up, positive for the year, rallying 1.5%. it is higher this morning in the futures market. ditto to the s&p and the nasdaq. they are coming off exceptional weeks, their best since early 2009. that is the good news for the stock market. if you remember, early october, we were talk bathe possible bear market. guess what? now, all of the major averages have gained at least 6% this month so far. we are getting it back. the momentum is returning. >> we knew the bank would try to cash in at some point with the regulation, that they would make up for some somewhere. we've seen that with the debit
6:25 am
considered industry. does that mean we'll go back to the credit cards. >> the debit cards which were very popular, security, you knew exact hi how much you spent. you didn't rack up debt. they offered great persons and rewards programs and now those are starting to go away. many insiders are saying the credit card is back. many people are now starting to use their credit cards again, signing up for new credit cards, the rewards programs are pretty good right now and the average debt we are holing is now basically at the lest level since 1994 so you guess part the recession means we are better consumers and more responsible. >> you mentioned peanuts. prices going up. that is for peanut butter. and up, really up, 40% in some cases. your peanut butter will cost more starting at the end of this month. that is because the peanut crop has been very slim this year. prices are way up. same for coffee going way up and also pumpkins. >> we'll have to go with a
6:26 am
little more j in the pb &. >> yeah. >> see you tomorrow morning. >> stacy is live with an important alert. good morning. >> reporter: we are live in camp springs where they are cleaning up one mess of an accident. no one was hurt but it could affect your commute. i'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. 
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come on in here, tony. >> i'm he on my way. >> a long walk from the weather center. >> a lot going on over there. these things come up every 15 minutes. >> the problem has got to be tucker.
6:30 am
>> not tucker, busy. stuff going on. >> it better be something. >> perfectly clear, sunny, 70- degree day. >> we have weather guy that we have to do every day. >> coming up in about 15 minutes. >> here is a look at what is happening with our weather conditions around the region. satellite-radar composite and we have a few clouds out there. you can also make out the frontal boundary that is coming through if you look very closely. can you pretty much see the line right there. there are rain showers along that line particularly off to the north and east. there is some back to the north and west across western portions of maryland and some portions of west virginia as well. but all that rainfall has dissipated as it has gotten close are to us. current temperature, 61 degrees at reagan national. relative humidity, 62%. winds are out of the north at 13 miles per hour. the forecast for today, becoming mostly sunny. mild this afternoon. high today about 73 degrees. there you go, that is a look at the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes,
6:31 am
today's edition of ask the weather guys. today's question is about how do we determine the average daily temperature and the average precipitation amounts. >> okay. >> kind of scientific today. hence the continued research that is going on. tucker and i have been working on this all weekend and just wrapping it up. >> fantastic. we look forward to a very well thought out, informative, detailed -- >> don't go that far. >> that is asking a lot. >> we to have a traffic alert out of maryland this morning. >> that's right. an accident has shut down some lanes on allentown road in suitland. stacy cohan is live on the scene us for. what is the latest out there? >> reporter: it is quite a mess out here. i will step right out of the way quickly so can you take a look at what is behind me. that is really the introduce. there is a truck. you can see that sort of pile of wood through all of the emergency personnel. a truck was heading northbound on branch avenue and just failed to turn really and crashed right into that wall under allentown road.
6:32 am
as far as traffic getting by, they do have run one leap getting by the accident on the side of westbound allentown road. that is shut down here. one lane getting by on eastbound alhelptown road. amazingly, the driver of that truck walked away from this crash unharmed. no one hurt but we've got quite a bit of clean-up here to move the debris and vehicle completely out of the roadway. fuel spilled into a storm drain. luckily, it has drained over to sort of a holding pond. it opportunity seem like a wider hazmat incident but they are hooking that that to get another team out there to make sure that is contained. all that to say it will be a lengthy clean-up and julie wright can tell you more about the workaround. >> it won't be easy at this point since branch avenue is a heavily traveled route that take a lot of people out of southern maryland back up towards the capital beltway. there will be a lot of to see and anticipate that slowdown there. grab a cup of joe to go. you may want to plan on using
6:33 am
route 4 pennsylvania avenue. that could assist you on your workaround. 270 is open for business but the accident ask it was will tie up your drive along 355 here at new horizon way. that is blocked off in each direction between i-70 and the monocacy river until further notice. lanes are open leaving 95 college park headed around towards georgia avenue. found the wreck at the end of the ramp from inbound 50 to the outer loop of the beltway. all of that activity now confine to the shoulder. kenilworth avenue at east capital street, authorities are checking for a crash at that location. no problems reported on 59 or 395. traffic slowing at the occoquan, newington to springfield, duke street to seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, violence in the district has investigators working two homicides. the late one happened after 1:00 this morning in the 1100 block of stevens road southeast. a man there shot in the head. no word on suspects in that case.
6:34 am
in northeast d.c., aman stabbed to death. this was last night in an apartment building in the 1900 block of i street. investigators say a woman is the suspect although she is not in custody at this time. meanwhile, police are working a new lead in the hunt for a missing germantown boy. 11-year-old william mcquain has not been seen in two weeks. his mother, jane mcquain, was found dead in their germantown home last wednesday. police arrested her estranged husband for the murder and officers searched little bennett regional park in clarkburg and damascus regional park yesterday but came up empty. >> if jane was still with us, she would be doing the same thing for any of us. i know that for a fact. >> it brings up all your emotions and then you think that you could have spent more time with him before he went missing and you just want to know where he could be. >> mcquain's estranged husband is due in court in north carolina today to declare
6:35 am
whether he wants to waive extradition to maryland. president obama hits the road bringing his jobs bill and re-election campaign to virginia and north carolina. the three-day bus tour begins in asheville, north carolina this morning. the president is in traditional republican states both of which he carried in 2008. the president's trip will focus on selling the public on his jobs initiative rejected by congress last week. author, activist and prince and professor dr. cornell west is waking up in a d.c. jail this week. he was arrested while protesting with the group october 2011. dr.west will be rained in d.c. superior court today. fourteen others were arrested during that protest. -- dr. west will be rained in d.c. superior court today. the occupy wall street protest movement now one month old today. there were more rallies and arrests over the weekend. here in new york is what you're
6:36 am
looking at. the biggest protests were in europe and the protesters there getting a lot of donations. the movement has received $300,000 so far. first occupy wall street protest started in manhattan september 17th. it was a rare treat to see martin luther king, jr.'s i have a dream speech in its entirety. it was broadcast yesterday for the thousands of people from around the country who came to washington to mark the dedication of the mlk memorial on the mall. audrey barnes was there for the historic event. & happy birthday &&. >> reporter: the stevie wonder song that galvanized the country behind a national holiday to honor dr. martin luther king's birthday was today the song that unified the crowd of thousands at the dedication of a monument in his honor j most inspiring moment of my life.
6:37 am
i just celebrated a birthday about three weeks ago, 75 years of age. and i never thought, i never dreamed that i would see the things that i'm seeing today. >> reporter: jack lowe and his wife gerty made the trip from atlanta to honor the civil rights pioneer she met many years ago. >> this was a momentous moment to me just to know that the man i did shake hands, talked with, marched with, that i had the occasion to be at the dedication this. meant so much to me. >> reporter: the celebration was a moving experience for these students from the coretta scott king leadership academy in atlanta who made the trip too. >> there is not other than a word to describe being here. like, object, lincoln memorial, excellent. but dr. martin luther king memorial, no one ever saw this. coming. >> reporter: fifteen years in the make agoened now it is happening. what are your thoughts this morning. >> it's big deal i don't he has
6:38 am
a global frame of reference for justice and peace and that is a gratifying feeling to me to know that he is appreciated in that way. >> reporter: barbara frederick and her daughter jessica stumbled on the dedication and never left. >> we had other places to go to but this is a once in a lifetime. we couldn't miss the opportunity to honor dr. king. >> the president of the united states, president barack obama. >> to have the nation's first black president dedicate the first montana on the national mall honoring a black leader wasn't lost on even the very young here. >> it is a life lesson. >> reporter: those month who stayed around a little longer got a special treat, a few extra songs by superstar stevie wonder. they also got to hear the i have a dream speech in its entire at this. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: that for mosts with the defining moment of today's dedication, of calls to finish dr. king's dream. >> the dream is not over.
6:39 am
>> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. a check on weather and traffic is coming up next. we'll do a little monday morning quarterbacking. the skins fall to the eagles so what went wrong? we have dave ross in with the ross review. coming up after this. , you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs.
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no doubt about it, it was a rough day at the office for the redskins yesterday. burgundy and gold fell to the eagles, 20-13. dave ross join us for monday morning quarterback. if we would have said two months ago that we would be at 3-2 five games into the season, we'd be okay with that. >> it is so funny. you get a pulse of the newsroom with all the people's different affiliation and some people are happy. some people want to jump off the woodrow wilson bridge. we talked about it. it is great because it is what makes people fans.
6:43 am
i'm getting facebook and tritter messages saying enough with rex, we've seen rex. we want to see john beck. i get that. i want to take a little moment of pause and just realize i think mike shanahan, although i think john beck probably should get the nod next week, i don't think necessarily think that means he will get the nod. we talked about -- you asked me last week about this. i said if you're going to switch quarterbacks, this is not switching wide receivers. this isn't switching any other position on the team. when you switch the quarterback on the team, that sands message that this thing is going to be for the long term woman take i quick peek at why we're having this discussion. >> that is pretty obvious. >> when you throw four picks, that the good but when you throw three of them, that is bad judgment. double coverage, linebacker underneath and this one on the scramble, you go what? where that is going?
6:44 am
what is he thinking? cue john beck. i think people want to see, because they figure that rex grossman can only take them so far so let's see where beck can take you. i'm not saying that mike shanahan is saying that. i'm going out to the locker room today at 11:00 and we'll find out. thatmade next yeek. >> he won't give that answer. >> he'll let carolina sweat it out. i don't know that they're sweating it out. let's hear what they had to say. well, we'll hear from the coaches. >> i believe in myself no matter if the whole stadium doesn't, the coaching staff doesn't, you know. whatever the situation is, i believe in myself that every single play i'm going to get it done and so i fall back on that. >> we need a spark. job's been practicing very well the last couple of -- john's been practicing very well the last couple of weeks and with four turnovers, we thought it
6:45 am
it was time it mechanic a change. >> it was good to play -- make a change. >> it was good to play because when i went in, my initial mindset was a couple stores. i feel like i played the whole game and in the end we didn't win. >> bottom line is we talked about it on friday. the eagles were the turn overmachine coming in. you can't turn it over four times. when you listen to rex grossman speak, he is still speaking like he is the starting quarterback which is what he has to do. it will be a very interesting decision. i don't think it is one that has been made yet. >> john beck wins best post- game outfit in my mind. >> you like that. >> i can't wait to get allison seymour's thoughts later this morning. >> we'll see where it goes. >> always nothing stopping john beck from going out and throwing four interceptions. or he could throw for 400 yards. junior high school wowbt at the
6:46 am
chris cooley compound and check in with chris and the sports universallies and we'll talk about the game and the injury that put chris out of geament in the -- out of the game in the first quarter. he could miss a few weeks. >> i could sense your disappointment today. i really feel for you. >> i hope yesterday wasn't a turning point. we'll see. >> i'm sure it will be fine. >> me too. let's take a look at what is going on wore weather conditions around the region. i certainly hope so. -- let's take a look at what is going on with our weather conditions around the region. 71 was the high at reagan national yesterday and 71 at dulles, 71 at bw incident marshall. not a bad day. today, we are 10 degrees cooler. 61degrees here in washington. 64 in annapolis. in the 50s out to the west. 59 at dulles. -- 71 at bwi marshall. there have been some rain showers off in western
6:47 am
maryland. 63 in fredericksburg. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the region. there you go. the frontal boundary has sunk through washington. you see the temperatures dropping off in the 50s out to the west where some of that cooler air is. we have some clouds around too. your precipitation pretty much is breaking up before it gets here. that is some good news. as it sinks southward, it will take some of the clouds with it and we'll see more sunshine in the latter part of the day. we are going to see skies become mostly sunny. it will be mild this afternoon. 73degrees for your high today. then for tonight, we'll see partly cloudy skies, cooler temperatures. temperatures will be in the 50s for your overnight lows in town. and then the five-day forecast, we'll take a look at that. five-day forecast, tomorrow, we'll have partial sunshine. 74degrees and then we cool off. for wednesday, 65 degrees for your high with some shower
6:48 am
activity. thursday, friday, our highs only in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. that is what is happen with the weather. it is now time to ask the weather guys. the second-degreement where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing question, weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from diane, a fifth grader at st. john the baptist school in silver spring. she says her science assignment this week is to ask us a question so she wants to know how are the average temperatures and precipitations calculated and how often are they updated? excellent question. >> can we give a big shout out to st. john the baptist school because each one asked us a
6:49 am
question. so we have about 20 questions. are you talking about the average over one day? >> we don't know exactly but we can talk about both. >> here is how it works. we have take a daily measurement of the temperature, the high and the low and the amount of precipitation we get at the local airports. those are the measuring stations here. bwi marshall and rig national and dut less. we take -- and dulles. we can take today's date and he we can look at the last 100 years and we can divide. >> one high, one low, one precipitation total for every october 17th. >> that is how you do it on a daily basis. on a long-term scale, we take measurements for 30 years.
6:50 am
can you explain more on that. but now i'm confused with what you just said. because you said we can go back 100 years. but, for example, today's average highs is what? >> i don't have my papers in front of me. >> i don't either. >> today's average high is 68 degrees. doesn't that come from the 30- year period that we are most recently using? >> yes, it does. >> it is from the 30 years. >> so we look back over last 30 years. >> kind of. >> you are not helping this boar girl. >> she is in tears now. i'm not going to get my homework right. >> it is over a 30-year period. tucker, come on. >> here is the deal. the problem is it is comparing a little bit apples to oranges.
6:51 am
>> the slight yam, the urban heat island effect we were getting 100 years ago, not what we're getting today. the national weather service takes 30-year periods of time to measure our climate. so 68 degrees 100 years ago was not 6 # degrees today. >> no, it was. >> here is the deal -- so 68 degrees 100 years ago was not 68 degrees today. >> from 1981 -- what is 30 years. >> 2011. >> ten year ago, it was the previous 30 years. >> i get that. why report we just doing it over the 100 years in. >> i don't know. you can see gradual changes more quickly. with the recent change in a shift of 10 years, it is showing us that our average high temperature is up, not just here but nationally about a half a degree. and at nighttime, the average low is up by about a degree or
6:52 am
so. so by taking it over a long period of time, 30 years but shorter than say a century or so, we are able to see what is happening with our climate over a shorter period of time. what we do know is this. our temperatures here in the united states and actually worldwide but in the united states have gone up, not as dramatically as the movies and people would have you think but by about a half a degree to a degree at nighttime. that tells you our temperatures will be becoming milder. >> if you are saying that the average high for october 17th is 68 degrees, that is over the last 30 years. >> over the last 30 years. that may have been -- it may have been 67 degrees before. >> but i'm just saying it today, when we make reference to,. >> right. >> and precipitation? >> yes. >> i think you day nice job saving that. >> i didn't have my notes in front of me. got it all together. >> what is the average high
6:53 am
temperature for today? >> i will tell you. what do you think it is? >> i think it is 68. >> let's tell you. it is 68. if you have a question -- thank you, diane, for the question. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on the air. >> i thought maybe diane would be the rock star for getting her question in. now the other students are like we don't want to do that. >> we'll get questions from the other students going don't answer that. >> hopefully, traffic will be a little easier to explain this morning. >> hi, you guys. let this be a lesson to you all to do your own homework. >> that is the message we're trying to impart. >> did you ever try on go back and doating grade math. forget it. >> i couldn't do
6:54 am
8th grade math when i was in #th grade. >> if you are traveling westbound 50 out at 07 4-rbg the accident activity reported here. watch out for fire and rest excuse units responding. we've got delays southbound along 270 leaving germantown headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you so much. holly is with us this morning. she is exercising her mind. >> she is live at the anacostia community museum giving us a closer look at one of of their interesting exhibits. we'll check in with her coming up after the break. i will awaken you with a song.
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6:58 am
morning. an artist is asking you to exercise your mind. he has a wonderful exhibit on display at the smithsonian museum where we are live this is the largest corn lace of his work to date -- compilation of his work to date. this is just one of three exhibits part of a bigger project here at the museum that has ever thing to do with creativity and the community. we will spend a lot of time with bk he has come out here we are going to talk about his inspiration, some of his favorite pieces and what he means by this whole 100% mind use perhaps the most fun thing we will do because he wants everyone to be creative in any way they can he likes people to create together as a group we are going to have some kids along with myself and we will create our own abstract painting and we will give you
6:59 am
all the information so you can come out and see this amazing exhibit yourself. >> thanks we will check with you later. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, today maternity leave is over for her and she is headed back to work i am sure it will be difficult for you hopefully we can make your day a little bit being your fan of the day. find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news, and post a comment under her photo. that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to alison joining steve good morning. >> happy monday sarah. than you. coming -- thank you. coming up, two big traffic alerts overnight a truck carrying wood smashes into a bridge in prince georges county a major commuter route impacted while in dc a large pothole to blame for delays on south capitol street and 295 after debris falls from an overpass. stacy cohen and julie wright have team coverage. pray for


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