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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 17, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[ jennifer ] here... this is my world. ♪ this place inspires me to be tougher... to stay sharper... to think faster. they may be just streets to you. but to me... they're a playground. ♪ ...loving you ♪ 'cause i'm alive, i can breathe, i can feel ♪ ♪ i believe ♪ and there ain't no doubt about it ♪ the man police say murdered a maryland mother could be headed back to the state in a
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matter of hours but the search for her son continues. and a boy fell out of this third story window. tonight the neighbor who found the child. and the redskins in the middle of yet another quarterback controversy. tonight the players are weighing in. but we begin with a search for an 11-year-old boy missing for more than two weeks. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. william mcquain was last seen october 1st and his mother's body was found in her germantown apartment with no sign of her son. bob barnard is working this one tonight. >> reporter: curtis lopez will come here to the montgomery county jail sometime later this week to face those first-degree murder charges. as police try to find his step- son, murder victim jane mcquain's missing son william. saying only they are not acting on a hunch, montgomery county police have spent the past two
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days in the woods in several locations not too far from the germantown home where jane mcquain was found murdered last wednesday. her 11-year-old son william is missing, hasn't been seen since his last day at school, mlk middle in germantown sept 30th. >> i love james. i love him well. >> reporter: we spoke by phone with ronald mccombs, a one-time boyfriend of jane mcquain who said he helped to raise william. >> i know jane, she was my girlfriend for almost 12 years. >> reporter: he sent us this picture of mother and son together. >> all i can say is that anybody out there that has kids, i pray to god that you never -- or girlfriends -- have to go through what i'm going through right now. this is painful. it's worse than somebody dying. >> reporter: mccome now lives
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near omaha nebraska and said william was a huge philadelphia fan. >> the eagles beat the redskins yesterday. i'm a huge fan because i used to work for the owner. but i'm glad they beat the redskins, just for william. >> it breaks my heart. they grew up together for the last few years. >> reporter: the maryland father of one of william's best friends lead police to one of the search locations, a wooded park near damascus where kenny said he and his friend jane mcquain and curtis lopez had visited not long ago. >> so we have been down there a few times and they said, hey, that might be a place to look. it is heavily wooded. and of course they're thinking possibly that's the worst case scenario. hopefully they don't find anything and he's somewhere and is okay, you know. >> reporter: now in these court documents released in charlotte, north carolina today, investigators report is finding a credit card belonging
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to jane mcquain and a box cutter knife in the motel room that kurtize lopez was staying in. >> bob, what is the latest for the search now? are they done. >> reporter: we found out within the hour that montgomery county police will be back in clarksburg tomorrow starting at 10:00 in the morning. that's the com sat complex along 270 and apparently they are going back into the woods tomorrow morning. >> bob barnard. another big story tonight, a young child left alone fell from a third story apartment window in silver spring. wisdom martin is on the scene. how old is the little boy and how did this happen? >> reporter: the little boy at the hospital recovering from his injuries. here is what happened. according to the witnesses, the father was trying to move the family into this new apartment. he was working with another man who was helping him. he to go pick up his other son so he told the second man who was helping him, watch my child, i'll be right back and
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that's when this accident happened. lindsey was at home with her child when she heard a baby crying outside of her window. when she looked outside she saw a young child lying on the ground in tears. >> so i came down, i was looking for an entrance to the backyard and it was all locked. so i just threw myself over the fence and i went to the little boy and he was in pain. >> reporter: a 5-year-old boy had fallen from the third floor window and there were no adults around. >> i was very nervous. i was scared. i didn't know what to do. now i can think that the only thing i thought of was to call the police. when the ambulance was taking him, he was crying because he was yelling because it hurt. i think he hurt his back and his head and his arm. >> reporter: witnesses say the child's family was in the process of moving in. the father was moving furniture from a loading truck to the third floor with the help of a mover. the child's mother was not here. at some point the father had to
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go pick up his other son from school so he asked the man helping him move to keep an eye on his 5-year-old son. >> the mover was still moving the things. and he got a phone call. and then he go back up to the little boy and he saw police cars. >> so in that short amount of time. >> that short amount of time. >> reporter: witnesses say the 5-year-old child who was home alone fell outside of the third floor window while the mover was still downstairs with the truck parked in front of the building. police say the child was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. now police also say it is standard operating procedure when there is an accident involving a child if it was an accident or some other issue that was involved that may have caused the child to fall from the window. >> certainly hope he's okay.
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thank you. a judge in arriba is refusing bail to gary giordano. he claims robyn gardner's body was swept out to sea while snorkeling. his attorney plans to appeal again at the end of the month when a 60-day holding order expires. the search for a man accusing of posing as a law enforcement officer and sexually assaulting two women. the first at 3:45 on magnolia lane and the second at 7:00 that evening on eldon street. police will be out in the area passing out flyers and looking for clues. first it was the washington monument and now other building looking for earthquake damage. and the inspectors are the ones that rappeled down the washington monument. beth parker has a closer look.
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>> reporter: first they lowered the ropes. then someone carefully climbs out over the edge. >> really we're looking at this point for anything that might be unstable. >> reporter: this is a day at the office for emma cardiny and katie francis. the sky is their ceiling. with their eyes and hands, members of the difficult access time are scouring the exterior of the washington national cathedral, looking for damage from the august earthquake. the cathedral was rocked by the 5.8 magnitude quake, and days later a hurricane. >> this is a case that came off in hurricane irene. >> reporter: that's a big piece of limestone, something smaller might be taken down in mid-air by the rappellers themselves. >> if it is something small enough we can pull ourselves, we'll take them with us like we did at the monument. we had the bags. if it's something larger we'll mark it for later. >> reporter: some of the same team members rappeled down the washington monument in recent
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weeks. while the work is similar this time, the architecture is different. >> this, with all of the ornamentation that we're touching and feeling, it's more entertaining for us, if you want to say, while we're up there. >> reporter: they expect to complete work this weekend and return to quieter projects. >> fun for you? >> absolutely. this part, no. but that part is amazing. >> reporter: a rare opportunity to help return a national landmark to its original majesty. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the cathedral is scheduled to open november 12th for the consecration of the new bishop of washington. well it's a combination of things. the redskins loss, the extension of rex grossman and another quarterback controversy is now wafting over the d.c. region. and what is going to start the next game then? >> i wish i knew. mike shanahan doesn't know either. i think i believe him. but you know, shawn, this town is no stranger to quarterback
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controversy. we talked about this last year. mcnabb yanked with three games left. and then rex grossman, the guy that beat out john beck, yanked yesterday for john beck. and we still don't know who will start. but rex grossman had a very bad day yesterday and here is how it all went down. rex was making his 8th start as a redskin and his most forgettable. completed 9 of 22 passes, picked off four times matching a career high. he now has 11 turnovers through 9 games, 9 interceptions and two lost fumbles. after the fourth, shanahan had seen enough. john beck making his first start since sept 2007. he didn't start but first action. he can run and he showed that during his fourth quarter clearance. 117 and his longest a 32-yard hookup with terrance austin which led to the redskins lone touchdown in the 20-13 loss to the eagles. now the question is, is it
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grossman or beck sunday against its panthers? >> i've not made up my mind right now. i have talked to the coaches to get their opinions on the play. you go through game situations and look at who is active and who gives you the best chance to win. >> i feel like he deserves another shot. he played a hell of a game. tom brady threw four, what, two weeks ago. >> everybody deserves another chance. that's what football is. you can't win them all. that's just life. you want to win them all, but at the same time everyone makes mistakes. it's not just rex. you can't pencil in one guy. >> well 4-1 is better than 3-2 but that's still a winning record. rex grossman led them to three wins. i do not think it is a no- brainer that he's going to go with john beck. i think he's going to waive those options and santana moss saying the politically correct thing, you have to back your
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quarterback. what if it stays quarterback. >> then he's not throwing you the ball. >> exactly. so we'll see what happens. i think it will be beck. >> here is my question for you. we saw this similar type of thing with shanahan, is it a coach thing? it would seem when you keep benching the quarterbacks, and then pull them out, and it's got to be bad on the psyche. >> and i understand. but rex was bad. he threw four interceptions sand really made bad decisions. and he looked like his confidence was shaken and he said he didn't care if the whole stadium was against him, he believed in himself. but clearly the way he played, shawn, looked like his confidence was shaken. shanahan said he will play whoever gives him the best chance to win after the preseason. the answer to that, according to shanahan, was rex grossman. the answer now might be beck. you don't want to switch quarterbacks. it shows that you have problems with your team. >> right. >> but if i -- if a guy is
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throwing four interceptions you have to go with somebody else. >> thank you. the sports world reeling after a deadly 15-car pileup claims a fan favorite. tonight we know what he did with his wife hours before his death. is the mother of this missing baby changing her story about what happened just before her daughter disappeared? a beautiful monday here in d.c. bright skies and cloud cover this morning. we have a few clouds around tonight but more rain back in the forecast. i'll let you know when to expect it and how much we're expecting. and tonight at 11:00, hear from a virginia man who fought off a gun-wielding burglar. his story on the news edge. 
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a missouri mom makes a stunning admission about the night her baby girl disappeared. she now admits she was drunk. meantime the fbi and local authorities are still searching for baby lisa. laura evans is here with more details. >> reporter: so the new story coming from deborah bradley, the mother of the missing 10- month-old, is that she saw her baby last at 6:40 p.m. when she put her to bed on the night of october 4th.
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but she originally told police that she last checked on lisa at 10:30 p.m. and then there is the drinking. deborah bradley now admits she was so drunk she may have blacked out the night her daughter went missing. they sat down with fox news anchor megan kelly. >> and how drunk were you? >> i was drunk. >> were you slurring your words, were you stumbling? >> i don't think so, no. >> do you remember the period well? >> no. >> is it possible you had a blackout? >> it's a possibility. i mean, just like anybody else when you drink, you don't remember the things that happen. >> reporter: 10-month-old lisa irwin disappears october 4th. her parents reported her missing from her crib at 2:00 a.m. saying the child may have been kidnapped. now security video from a nearby store shows bradley buying a box of wine among other things earlier that night. she is seen leaving the store
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with a man the family said is her brother. >> is there an issue? >> i'm sure they are. >> [ inaudible ] >> to me there is nothing wrong with me if this is something i want to do after dark. >> reporter: the fbi investigating the area outside of the family home and removing bags from a neighbor's home and using dogs and family car searching for the baby scent. kansas city police do not have any suspects and bradley believes she thinks she and irwin are involved. >> all of the ideas people have or what me and him might have done, it's just sick. >> reporter: when asked how much she drank that night, if it was more than five glasses of wine, she said probably. and she said she didn't have more than ten glasses. bradley also said she takes anxiety medication and had taken a dose that day. shawn. >> laura, thank you. tonight we're learning more about the case of four mentally challenge adults found chained up in a philadelphia basement.
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police believe a woman holding them captive, and one of the victims, herbert knolls, is from virginia. he was reported missing back in december of 2008. a case number discovered his social security numbers were being sent to a philadelphia address and the people at that address didn't know knolls. and they canceled the benefits. the woman who kidnapped him took him to a social security office in philadelphia to reinstate the benefit checks. >> it makes you scratch your head and it's very sad and it's sickening. what these people are doing is just out and out evil. >> the suspect, linda weston, pled guilty to a 1993 murder. she beat her sister's boyfriend and locked him in a closet because he wouldn't support a child. he later died of starvation. it's not clear if she served time for that murder. questions tonight about whether an indy car race in las vegas ever should have been run the way it was. a horrific 15-car crash during the last race of the season
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killed one of the series most popular drivers. dan wheldon won the indy 500 twice. and now casey steigel reports there were doubts about the race before it ever started. >> he was a racer and left us doing what he loved to do. >> reporter: the father of dan wheldon making an emotional statement, thanking the public for the outpouring of support and allowing the family to grieve in private. >> words can't describe how much our family will miss him. >> reporter: he was killed in a crash seen around the world and now there are questions being asked about whether the race was too dangerous to begin with. some drivers, including wheldon, voicing concerns prior to the race starting that the track in las vegas was too packed for its small size and the speeds they would be traveling. the road for the annual indianapolis 500 is a 2.5-mile oval compared to the las vegas motor speedway of only a 1.5- mile track. >> they raced 34 cars, which is
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one more than they have at indianapolis, at speeds of 225 miles per hour within inches of each other. >> reporter: wheldon was racing for a $5 million bonus as part of a special promotion. he had to start at the very back of the field but had quickly come up through the pack. experts say despite the tragedy nature of this crash, auto racing in general is much safer than years ago. >> there was a time not long ago in our racing past when we would lose three, four, six people a year to racing accidents. and the advancements and the racing technology and the safety technology and the crews that are there has helped to minimize that considerably. >> reporter: this was indy car's first fatality since 2006 when paul dana was killed during a crash in miami. wheldon went on to win that particular race. in los angeles, casey steigel, fox news. yahoo sports is reporting that wheldon and his wife got
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new tonight, from warnings to tickets. virginia drivers who use the largest commuter lot in the state are being told to park legally or pay up. will thomas is now back from woodbridge with the latest. will? >> reporter: shawn, as we spoke with commuter this is evening, we heard the same concern over and over. there is just not enough parking. and that has opened the door for commuters to park illegally along curbs and in spaces that aren't spaces. take a look at this place. it's in woodbridge near interstate 95 in the prince william county parkway called the horner road lot. it is maintained by the state, v-dot. more than 2300 spaces but it
10:26 pm
still gets full prettych every day week we're told. some commuters are parking illegally, creating blind spots for drivers. accidents are happening, and some people have been hit out there. virginia state police which patrols the lot with county police began issuing warnings last week. as of today, this is the big headline, as of today they started issuing tickets. we've had one commuter waiting on his car tonight. >> by 7:00, pretty much every spot in the whole lot is full. and if you want to catch a ride from here, you have to park next to a curb. >> what do you think about getting this ticket? >> frustrating. >> reporter: and that was a $35 ticket he got today for parking along the curb. one of the reasons behind the parking problem is this -- the closure of hundreds of parking spaces at potomac mills mall. the mall was nice enough to open part of the lot to commuters but the expansion last year limited their ability
10:27 pm
to do that. the state is adding 600 new spaces in a lot nearby so that should help soon. a 23-year-old woman ages to look like she's 50 in a matter of days. we're digging deeper into this medical mystery. and plus bill shock could be over. the changes coming to a cell phone near you, coming up.
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maryland governor martin alley's proposed redistricting plan is one step closer to being passed. earlier today the senate gave preliminary approval. a final vote is scheduled for tomorrow. the senate and house are meeting in special session to decide the issue. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. alley said redrawing congressional districts come with built-in disagreements. >> and it's disruptive for incumbent elected officials. >> reporter: at the state
10:31 pm
house, the governor unveiled his proposal to redraw the boundaries that make up the eight congressional districts. >> we have put together a project that is balanced and fair as we could make it. >> reporter: but the plan to remove montgomery county from the fourth district is drawing fire from its current democratic congresswoman donna edwards. >> we shouldn't just draw conclusions because we just believe that. >> reporter: removing montgomery county from the fourth district will allow it to be put into the 6th district , injecting more minority voters into the district and republican congressman roscoe bartlett. edwards has drawn up her own map that keeps more of her current district in tact than the one proposed by the governor. >> that may be satisfactory for certain political or other considerations, but it may not satisfy the interest of the people who live in those counties and communities. >> reporter: in hearings of a joint legislative committees,
10:32 pm
the executives of prince george and montgomery county, supported the governor's plan. >> i comment the governor and the commission for what they've done. >> those in opposition to the maps that have been drawn, four simple words. give me your map. >> reporter: public advocates are siding with edwards, saying spreading out minority voters would weaken their influence. >> the maryland governor should assess their role in creating audition functional congress and accept the proposition that just because you can create such boundaries, doesn't not mean you should. >> the house will consider the redistricting plan as early as tomorrow. while democrats control that body as well, the redistricting plan could face a bigger challenge. civil rights activist dr. cornell west walked out of a d.c. courthouse after there were no charged against him.
10:33 pm
he was arrested for protesting on the supreme court. jessie jackson met west after he was released. >> we come out with smiles on our faces because of your love and your support, but also because of our love and support of one another. and millions of people across the nation and around the world. >> dr. west was in washington to attend a sunday dedication of the martin luther king, jr., memorial on the national mall. "occupy wall street" rallies continue nationwide today. two days after two dozen protestors were arrested at a new york city citibank branch. the earnings are up to $3.8 billion. police arrested the protestors after they entered the new york bank and refused to leave. they were among hundreds handcuffed at protests throughout the country. president obama hit the rode ton a three-day bus tour. his mission is to put the pressure on congress to pass the jobs bill after the measure hit a road block in the senate. craig boswell has the latest.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: president obama kicks off his three-day bus tour with a stop in asheville, north carolina. >> we'll give members of congress another chance. >> reporter: the president is again pushing his $447 billion jobs plan, while slamming lawmakers for standing in the way of the measure, he said it will boost a sluggish economy and lower the 9.1% unemployment rate. >> they said no to putting teachers and construction workers back on the job. they said no to rebuilding our roads and bridges and airports. >> reporter: the measure failed to pass last week. and no president obama wants them to pass the plan lit by bit, including a $35 billion proposal to help prevent layoffs of educators, firefighters and police officers and new spending on infrastructure. republicans say some of the plan they like and much of it they've heard before and oppose the new taxes. >> this is the type of money and the type of programs that the president advocated in the stimulus program. i think the country understands washington doesn't create jobs.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: while the trip is about the jobs plan, it's also about the importance of north carolina and virginia, two traditionally republican states that obama won in 2008 and needs to win again in 2012. >> president obama's bus pull news virginia late tuesday, the same day the republican candidates debate again, this time in nevada. craig boswell, fox news. a new cup cake store is opening up in a place that might surprise you. and the surprise many parents were finding next. and first blackberry has an offer that they hope none can refuse. we have the details. apple seeing no shortage of demand for the iphone, selling 4 million of the model in the first three days in the market, that is more than twice the pace the last model. research in motion still trying to patch up a major black eye.
10:36 pm
the company hoping that a month of free games and tech service will help customers forgive the company for last week's worldwide network failure. but news of that offer not helping the stock. down over 6%. in fact most stocks taking a hit. hopes of a quick-fix for the european debt crisis hitting a big snag. keep an eye on ibm because after monday they are raising the financial lookout for the year. and big blue looking for big business spending. and a hume improvement giant not helping improve the job market. lowes is going to close 20 stores in 15 states. 2,000 jobs will be affected. retailer saying is that the hope of the economy is hurting consumer demand. that's your business news.  [ speaking french ]
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the web tonight at 10:00. take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself if this is real or make-believe. doctors are troying to figure out what caused this 23-year- old vietnamese woman to age rapidly. take a look at the photo on the left and compare it to the photo on the right. she claims she aged 50 years in days. woman believes she had a bad reaction to seafood and doctors think her skin condition was caused by medicine she took to deal with her reaction. the case is still a mystery. and sesame street's you tube channel is back up and running but yesterday it was turned off after hackers broke in. normally they carry new and old clips of the popular children's television show but actors had other plans. they replaced the clips with x rated material. once the producers found out, they took the channel down. also tonight e news and
10:41 pm
style news, san sick was diagnosed with cancer. she was undergoing fertility treatment and she said they caused cancer. we wish her well tonight. and a virginia man comes face-to-face with an armed burglar in his own home. we'll tell you what happened next. and remember kwame brown's suv scandal and now the council is saving taxpayer money, but some say its not enough. we'll explain at 11:00. it's gonna be a casual thing.
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[ male announcer ] the tight-turning, space-saving, eco-friendly smart. escape your stuff. ♪ ever open your cell phone bill and wonder you exactly how it got so much higher than your plan's price. now there are new rules for cell phone companies to stop them from cramming your bill full of charges. fox 5 monday reporter melanie alnwick reports. >> reporter: a minute of talk isn't much. but if you go over on your monthly plan, it can cost a lot. >> how do you feel when that happens? >> i'm mad, because why didn't you tell me sooner. >> reporter: a simple question
10:45 pm
with now a simple answer. >> wireless providers are sending free alerts to subscribers to help them manage usage and avoid unexpected overage charges. >> reporter: that's a big win for consumers, said policy council with consumers union. >> i think the carriers are doing the right thing by making sure consumers are aware. >> reporter: many large carriers alert customers to plan usage. notifications will go out for voice, data, text and international plans. >> i think that's a good idea and i think it's good to be able to check that very easily. >> reporter: and no more hunting around to figure out how much you have left. the new rules say carriers have to make that information easy to find. the fcc had proposed new federal regulations to force wireless companies to notify subscribers when their account balances were getting low. the industry agreed to do it without the force of law. >> as a commitment here to do something that is win-win for the companies and consumers.
10:46 pm
now moving forward the fcc will take a trust but verify approach. >> reporter: making sure consumers do have the information they need at their finger tips. >> melanie alnwick reporting. the new rules apply to 95% of cell phone customers. the alerts are depending on the service. the rules give companies about a year and a half to get those alerts up and running across all of their services. if you stayed in the house all day, you missed out. it was absolutely gorgeous. >> that's right. >> felt like california out there. >> didn't it? and the weekend was good. saturday was blustery, but that was the only mark. but compared to so many other weekends not bad. and we're in good shape for next weekend too. so far so good, but cooler. and in between now and then we have another dry day and then the rain moves in. it might be a lot of rain. so we'll talk about our wet day that is coming up. and tonight is rather mild and cloudy.
10:47 pm
not a bad night at all. and we will stay dry. and don't worry about rain for the morning commute. we're going to stay in good shape there. so the weather headline said it all. one more dry day and then pretty decent rain in here on wednesday and it will likely be showing up just south of town by this time tomorrow night. if not already beginning to rain. so your next three days look like this: tuesday a mix of clouds and sun. but we'll have some sunshine to get through and a comfortable day at 72 degrees. wednesday is a soaker. it looks like we'll have a stretch of tropical moisture coming up from florida. and the national hurricane center is continuing to keep an eye on that system in case it becomes tropical in nature. but so far it isn't. be we'll have tropical-like rains and downpours and maybe a thunderstorm on wednesday, temperature 68 degrees. thursday i think there could be an early-morning shower and clouds and then down to about 61 degrees and that is our high for the day. so our heaviest rain is wednesday. and it looks as though that heavy rain will be east of 95
10:48 pm
on wednesday. so we'll have to watch those areas closely. especially if your in an area with flooding problems in september and early october. max hd satellite and radar, you can see clouds coming in tonight but it is dry around here. we have to go down to south florida to find our system. it's been raining and raining hard in the keys. this is a system that's in the gulf of mexico and hurricane hunters went in and checked it out tonight and decided it's not tropical and don't have a closed circulation, but it is still being monitored as it begins to come inland, it is gusty with 35-40 mile-per-hour winds. but then it should get sheer add part and as it comes up the coast, it is a breezy rain- maker for us. and there is a trough of low pressure circulating in there and that will help to tap this deep plume of tropical moisture and bring it on up to the east coast. luckily it does appear it will move quickly. but this tropical moisture may be able to put down several inches in some areas and we're also thinking that maybe new england is going to get a big
10:49 pm
sampling of that and that's the last thing they need as well. but for tonight, just some clouds. low 50s in the suburbs to about 57 in the metro area. tomorrow some clouds around. but also some sunshine getting through from time to time. up to 72 degrees. so a pretty decent tuesday. now we'll probably see some showers tomorrow night and certainly in the overnight hours, we think that will get in here. so our tuesday will be dry and mild. at 9:00 a.m., about 57 degrees. by noon we're up to 68 degrees. and by 4:00, still sunshine and some clouds at 72. but let's check out the future cast so you can get an idea of the timing. as we watch our system, it will take its time of getting out of florida. and at 8:00 in the morning we're still dealing with clouds and sunnier conditions south of d.c. but not the rain. 5:00 tomorrow night, still not dealing with the rain but i want you to see that rain and maybe some thunderstorms showing up in the forecast on wednesday. and these oranges and yellows showing us where the heavier rain will be on the east side of 95.
10:50 pm
raleigh getting the heavy rain down to the hampton roads area. by 6:00 it's a drier commute for us. it looks like we'll heavy stuff we're left with showers and one more spinning piece of energy that may bring us a thunderstorm as it crosses the area wednesday evening and into the first part of thursday where we may have a shower here and there. last thing i want to show you quickly is the amount of rain that we may get. and again in the red, this is where we'll probably have our jackpot totals of 2-4 inches of rain. that's a lot in a short amount of time. most of the rest of the area, anywhere from a half inch to an inch and a half. and the bulk of that is on wednesday. so enjoy your dry day tomorrow. nice to get the rain over in the middle of the week with the thunderstorms. but it may be enough to cause brief flooding problems in some areas. we'll watch that closely. but a second front comes through on thursday and it cools us off as you can see. thursday and friday and saturday, right now looking pretty decent but significantly cooler than it has been. >> it's fine as long as we get the sunshine. >> that's what i'm thinking
10:51 pm
too. >> thank you, sue. >> good plan. idol judge steven tyler has a new achievement under his belt. he has a clothing line called andrew charles. it's designed by hilfiger with tyler's inspiration. >> i wanted it to look as nashy and flowy over the top, because of my movements and what i do. and i just -- that's rock and roll fashion. looking like a cool decide in a loose move. >> i'm thinking brian could sport some of these andrew charles clothes. they are sold at macy's. and you can find steven tyler on fox 5 for every episode of american idol. cup cake stores have become popular in neighborhoods and for the first time one is opening in anacostia. it is part of a renaissance taking place in the southeast community. maureen umeh has the story. >> reporter: it is hard to miss the purple rowhouse on busy
10:52 pm
minnesota avenue in southeast. >> good morning. hi, how can i help you today. >> reporter: and even harder to resist is the sweet treats baking up inside of olivia's cupcakes. >> reporter: bob and cindy opened the business a month ago. >> my wife and i both grew up in anacostia. we saw the ups and downs. >> and i thought why not, why can't we have the same quality and class of business in our ward eight that the other washingtonians are offered and privileged with. >> reporter: so the couple, along with two college-aged daughters, christina olivia who the business is named after, and alexis royal decided to bring the cup cake craze to anacostia, beginning a family business and investing in the often-neglected community. >> i'm glad it's in the southeast. i'm glad it's in southeast. >> reporter: the cup cakes are cindy's own recipes, learning
10:53 pm
to cook from her mother. she started baking at 2:00 every morning. turning out 14 flavors every day. and at $2 a treat, it's been a welcome hit. but that's not all. >> this here is our princess party palace. >> reporter: a bright and cheery place for young girls to live out princess fantasies. >> and here is where they do little mani and pedis. >> the family hire volunteers from the community to help with the event and they feel it is another way of giving back. >> i feel we are as deserving as any other community to have the finest. >> reporter: and while it may just be cupcakes, many say it's helping to change the face of the southeast community, a community coming into its own one sweet treat at a time. >> it's been long-time overdue and we're here to stay. >> reporter: in anacostia, maureen umeh, fox 5 news.
10:54 pm
>> i'll take some strawberry shortcake. president obama's health care law is setting up a big batedle between church and state. catholic universities being forced to provide couldn't reception -- contraception for students. we'll have that next. as flu shots get. get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip. at safeway.
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and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life.
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working odd shifts or late hours can increase a teenager's risk of developing multiple sclerosis, disruption of sleep patterns may be responsible for the risk. people who worked overnight hours for three years or more before the age of 23 were twice as likely to develop m.s. as those who never worked night shift at all. trying to get pregnant. watch what your man eats. studies found a link between nutrition and the quality of sperm. one study found diets rich in
10:58 pm
receipt made seemed to impair the sperm's ability to move. diets high in transfats appeared to lower the sperm count. researchers suggest men eat a diet with fish, vegetables and fruits and whole grains. tonight a controversy is brewing over the issue of contraceptives for college students. regulations stemming from the new health care law could require universities to pay for some contraceptives, something catholic schools are not happy about. shannon green has the story. >> reporter: a group of catholic universities signed on to a letter to the obama administration saying the schools are gravely concerned over agency regulations stemming from the health care law which could force the universities to cover the costs of contraceptives in their health insurance plans in direct conflict with the catholic faith. >> these policies set by agents not elected by the people force it on institutions that cannot as a matter of conscious provide them. >> reporter: the schools say the regulation could force them
10:59 pm
to drop insurance altogether. the president of notre dame sent his own letter in which he acknowledged letting the president speak on campus in 2009, an event he hoped would foster a discussion on issue of life. >> there are those that disagree with abortion. >> reporter: but they say the administration is failing to protect pro-life interest by crafting the definition of religious employer much too narrowly, quote. notre dame and nearly all catholic colleges and universities would not be considered religious employers. may i suggest that this is not the kind of sensible approach that the president had in mind when he spoke here. the department of health and human services said, quote, we explored and are open to other definitions of religious organizations to ensure organizations that have religious objections to covering contraception can choose whether or not to cover these services. some analysts warn that even if a university is founded as a religious institution, once


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