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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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students who do not share the same faith, the issue is lost. >> for them to say come and study at our institution. by the way, if terms of a basic piece of health care and a piece of women's well-being, forget it. >> reporter: the comment period for the proposed regulation is now closed. and whether or not it's modified, it's set to take effect next august. in washington, shannon breen, fox news. the news keeps coming tonight. here is brian with the news edge at 11:00. >> i said who are you? at the same time i put my hands on him and we fell probably right about here. >> a virginia man opening up with his intense encounter with an intruder into his home with a handgun. and we begin in frederickberg. it began when a man watching the skins yesterday heard a noise. the next thing he knew, he's face-to-face with a bad guy. will thomas is here to start us
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off. will? >> reporter: talk about a bold burglar. the guy picked a home to hit while the homeowner and his girlfriend were there watching the game. what he didn't count on was the homeowner, who wasn't afraid and who was not going to let him go until police arrived. >> i was watching my skins game. third quarter and i'm all ready. >> reporter: john dell acey was already having a bad afternoon, watching his team get pounded by the eagles. and then -- >> my dog starts going funny. she's funny any way, but she started doing this weird bark. >> reporter: that led john to investigate. >> i got up and started walking in this direction. >> reporter: and that's when he walked down to the lower level of his fredericksberg. >> once i got to about here, i saw the blur come across just barely from left to right across here and that's when i turned around into this room and i saw the suspect right here. >> reporter: police say this is who john encountered, 41-year- old robert white. john tackled him and yelled for his girlfriend to call 911. >> i'm sure he was probably
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just about as scared as i was at that point. i mean, i'm a big guy and he was kind of a little guy. i probably had 100 pounds on him. >> reporter: the suspect broke his wrist in the scuffle with john and maybe that's a good thing. because police say he attempted to steal john's loaded handgun, but it fell out of his pants. with the outcome of the skins game and the burglary attempt itself, john was understandably frustrated. then he discovered another reason to take issue with the intruder. >> i pulled out his wallet to see who he was and sure enough, he had a cowboys wallet. and i was just like, i won't normally hold that against somebody, being a cowboy fan. as a redskins fan we love to joke around with each other but it made it more personal, you know. >> reporter: the charges against the suspect, robert white, include two counts of burglary and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. brian. >> do we know anything about the guy. >> another burglary happened in
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the same neighborhood 30 minutes earlier. and they searched the guy's house in stafford, virginia, and they found drugs, including heroin. and another big story this evening, a new photo just released of the murdered mom in germantown standing with her missing son. police are back out searching woods areas in montgomery county today hoping find a clue to the disappearance of 11-year- old william mcquain. bob barnard is live in rockville now with more. bob? >> reporter: brian, there is still no sign of young william who has been missing 17 days. his mother jane was found murdered in her germantown home last wednesday. we would like you to see this photo again. this was taken several years ago by jane mcquain's -- at that time, her boyfriend, a long time boyfriend that helped raise william. he took this picture several years ago and shared this with us. and you'll hear from him in a moment. some video to show you of the search today. the second of two days of
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searching in areas up near clarksburg and damascus. police are saying they are not acting on a hunch but these are areas where the murder suspect curtis lopez may have visited in the past. they were led to one of the locations by a long time friend of jane and you'll hear from him in a moment. they found nothing today, but police say they are going back tomorrow. those who love mother and son fear the worst for william. >> all i can say is that anybody out there that has kids, i'll pray to god that you never, never -- or a girlfriend -- have to go through what i'm going through right now. >> it's breaks my heart. my son is tore up about it. they grew up together for the last five or six yearsism the 45-year-old suspect, curtis lopez, long-time husband of murder victim jane mcquain, was in court in north carolina
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today, waiving extradition and coming back to maryland. not sure when. police say he is refusing to speak with investigators. >> it was really a shock to hear that he was locked up for her murder. i just was floored. >> reporter: and the best we can tell is he'll be coming here maybe tomorrow, sometime later this week to the montgomery county jail here in rockville. in court today in charlotte, north carolina, brian, it came out that during a search of the motel room where lopez was staying in charlotte, investigators found a credit card belonging to jane mcquain and a box cutter knife. she was stabbed to death. >> bob barnard tonight. a twist in the arrest of the leesberg virginia man accused of spying for serious. mohammed soueid was back in court for a detention hearing. his lawyers are twisting facts to make his actions appear sinister. when he recently traveled to syria he said he was not engaged in spying but on a fact- finding mission for dennis kucinich. kucinich denies knowing soueid.
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looking for damage from the east coast earthquake. inspectors rappeled down the side of the washington fashion cathedral today scouring it for more damage from the august other -- earthquake. this time the architecture is different. >> this, with all of the ornamentation that we're crawling around and touching and feeling, it is more entertaining for us, if you want to say, while we're up there. >> the team expects to finish up its job there this week. the cathedral is scheduled to reopen november 12th for consecration for the new bishop of washington. an arrest following a weekend fire in manassas. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> a woman is under arrest accused of setting the fire that left 23 people with nowhere to live. 28-year-old tannisha bates is behind bars with no bond. the fire destroyed six aparts on woodbury drive around 7:00 on sunday morning. bates is charged with felony arson. no word yet on a motive.
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a judge in aruba refusing to release a maryland man suspected if the disappearance of robyn gardner. gary giordano of gaithersburg in jail since early august suspected in the presumed death. he claimed she was swept out to sea while snorkeling but her body has never been found. a judge rejected the request for giordano to be released during the investigation. and president on the road. a three day bus tour. today it was north carolina and tomorrow virginia and the president is speaking at a military base in hampton stressing the importance of hiring veterans. d.c. has made major changes to protect your taxpayer cash. some say it's not enough. we'll break it down next. and a couple of other stories on the rundown. news edge at 11:00 will be right back. 
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d.c. mayor vincent gray facing questions about his run last year. fox 5 sources confirm federal prosecutors are moving forward with their probe into allegations that the gay campaign offered sulaiman brown for cash and a job for attacks on mayor fenty. mayor issue aid statement this evening saying he is cooperating with the u.s. attorney and wants anyone who may have committed a crime to be held accountable. changes coming to d.c. city hall. remember kwame brown's expensive lincoln navigator paid for with your taxpayer dollars? that scandal led to the revelation that the d.c. fleet was filled with large gas- guzzling vehicles. now the council is reporting some changes. matt acland is working that one. >> reporter: boy, how times
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have changed. earlier this year chairman kwame brown was driving that expensive suv. then after the uproar, he started using his own mail truck. and now he gets behind the wheel of a hybrid. he may be just starting a trend. >> how many hybrid vehicles do we have now? >> it's very low. i would say less than 1%. >> reporter: several members gathered to the progress made in the fleet. the public director said fuel efficiency is a top priority. >> we're going to eliminate mid size vehicles and only go to compact vehicles. >> reporter: and council members heard about the progress being made to make sure vehicles in the fleet are being shared. >> nobody should get a vehicle assigned to him or her exclusively unless there is a rational for it. in other words sh the default position has to be that we are sharing the cars. that's how we save money. >> reporter: but tommy wells said more should be done. sure, vehicles are needed to perform government duties, but
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wells believe the vehicle fleet should be greatly reduced. >> i think that public safety where we deal obviously with police and fire, that our goal should be cost-free. >> reporter: the district could save big bucks when it comes to using the smaller vehicles. here is the reason why. currently it costs about 20- $25,000 on average to put fuel in each vehicle each year. in the flews room, pat acland, fox 5 news. from stevie wonder to tina turner. a local man worked as a security guard for several celebrities and now is heading to prison. his story next. and how much more you might have to pay to heat your home this winter. and the decision, rex or beck. that's in the sport edge. but first we're two weeks away from a historic milestone. on halloween the world's estimated population will reach
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7 billion, according to the united population fund. the population hit 6 billion back in 1998.
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celebrity security guard turned drug ringleader. a maryland man is facing
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serious prison time tonight. he was found guilty of distributing oxycodone. he used various identities and wore disguises to get oxycontin from several pharmacies. he worked as a security guard protecting people like stevie wonder, lionel richie. and susan sar andon calling the pope a nazi. during a recent interview about her movie dead man walking and she sent a copy to the pope and she said she meant pope john paul ii, not the nazi one we have now. he was a member of the hitler youth as a child which was required by law at the time. to a fox 5 consumer alert. one of your monthly bills is about to go up. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top 5. >> we begin with the heads up. heating your house this winter is going to cost you more. number five, the energy information administration projects the average household
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will pay about 3% more for natural gas, 7% more for propane and 8% more for heating oil. but if you have electric heat, expect your bill to drop 1%. number four, the maryland transit administration is looking to improve the environment thanks to a $8 million grant from the government. they will pay for new diesel elect ris hybrid buses. they want to convert the fleet of 700 buses to hybrids by 2018. and number three is another reason to give up cigarettes. women who smoke may experience menopause earlier than others. it is due to estrogen. your baby's berth weight could determine if they are at risk of autism. low berth weight babies are five times more likely to develop autism. a study of 800 premature low birth weight infants found 5% had autism compared with 1% of
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the population. and cell phone companies will start giving you a heads up before you go over your monthly limits for talking, texting and data use. they will send you warnings via text and you don't need to sign up. they will be sent to you automatically. the warning system should be in place for everyone within two years. and brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. today was absolutely perfect picture. >> wasn't it great? i thought yesterday was fantastic too. a little bit breezy on saturday, and tomorrow is not bad but more clouds around and then wednesday is a wet day and it may feature heavy rain. clouds are out there tonight. live look outside and it's not raining. and the clouds will be an atmospheric blanket to keep us from getting cool. so you don't have to click that furnace on. but tomorrow looks like a mild day. we'll properly up and over the 80 degrees mark and we may not have that many of those days
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left. so we have to safe them. and this frontal system is moving in our direction at the same time we continue to monitor this heavy rain- producing area of low pressure that has been meandering down across the gulf of mexico and it's slowly moving north at about 10 miles per hour. this thing is really producing heavy rain for florida sand the keys. and that's why we're watching it because it's a system heading in our direction. so some 24-hour rain totals to show you. parts of the keys picking up close to 9.5 inches of rain. and now that the system is getting closer, we're starting to get some 2.5 and 4-inch amounts across southern florida. so we're going to continue to watch what happens with this system. as it moves up in our direction, how much rain are we talking about? well the models will jump a little bit each day with this, but it sure looks as though heavier bands will be capable of producing 2-4 inches of rain. maybe for the metro area it's closer to a half inch to an inch and a half. but again this could also have thunderstorms within it which would produce heavier rain. it looks like this time the
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lighter amounts may be out to the west. so again, we have to continue to watch it because you still have that system with the cold front that will be approaching to the west. so bottom line, wednesday looks pretty wet and when you're talking about tropical moisture and a deep and unending seed of it, you have to be on your guard and see what is happening. i think wednesday morning's commute will be wet. probably the evening commute as well. but both commutes tomorrow should be dry. but its tropical moisture that we are watching and several inches possible. after we get the tropical system out of here, our what appears to be a subtrap -- sub tropical. and average is 80 degrees. and chillier for thursday and friday and some of the commuters -- computer models are suggesting we don't get out of the 50s on a couple of days. maybe an early morning shower on thursday but the bulk of the rain is wednesday and we'll get it going around here in the overnight hours, very late
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tomorrow. so some clouds in the forecast for us tonight with low 50s in the suburbs. not a cold night at 57 degrees. and tomorrow a mix of clouds and some sunshine. maybe a shower possible late but for the bulk of the daylight showers it will be dry and probably well into the nighttime too. 72 degrees. but we'll be watching that closely for you tomorrow. at 8:00 in the morning, 57. by noon we should be about 68 degrees and still dry. same for 5:00, but the temperature bumps up to 71 degrees. so here is your five-day forecast. and you can see what we're talking about with temperatures trending down. a breezy day on thursday as well. maybe quite gusty as a matter of fact. we'll need to dry out after what we're expecting on wednesday with the showers and thunderstorms approaching. so that's weather. but don't go anywhere. dave feldman is coming up next with starty everybody -- up next with the story that everybody is talking about. oh, we love quarterback controversy. we'll talk about it when we come back.
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mike shanahan does not know who is starting quarterback on sunday verse the panthers. and as a result, we don't know either. we should know on wednesday when the skins coach said he would make up his mind and tell his quarterback and then tell us. probably in that order. rex grossman had a game he would like to forget on sunday. his worst as a redskin. completed only 9 of 22 passes and that's a career high with
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four interceptions. by all accounts, very poor decision-making by number 8. after the 4th interception he was replaced with john beck. beck engineered the offense's only touchdown drive culminating with a 2-yard touchdown run. and now the question is who will the next starter be on sunday and are the players behind grossman. here is santana moss. >> i feel like he deserves another shot. i mean [ inaudible ]. he played a hell of a game. tom brady threw four what, a couple of weeks ago. i feel like for the florida game yesterday, it worked. it kind of got a spark to bring him back in but that's the luxury you have when you have two quarterbacks that can come in there and do his thing when we need him. but i feel like you can't give up on a guy because he had a bad outing. >> that's exactly what you want, santana, supporting your quarterback. you want an offensive line supporting your quarterback. you want a defense supporting your quarterback or whatever position they are at.
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yesterday the injury bug hit the redskins hard. left guard kory lichtensteiger suffering an acl and mcl injury to the right knee and lost for the reason. trent williams, left tackle, the big fella had some issues. high ankle sprain. he's expected to miss a minimum of two weeks. and chris cooley, captain chaos, factured the index finger on his left hand and his knee swelled up after the game. and monday night game, dolphins visiting the jets. miami leading in the first quarter. moore looking for marshall and picked by darrelle revis and he is weaving his way 100 yards for the touchdown. the last ten he does in reverse. that's not good sportsmanship but it is good coordination. fourth quarter right now and the jets lead the dolphins 24- 7. the 49ers are one of the best stories in football. 5-1 in first place and
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yesterday knocked off the previously unbeaten detroit lions. jim harbaugh was asked if his team could still improve and he said, yes, and i could improve on my post-game hand shake too. here is what he was talking about. harbaugh still as competitive as when he was an nfl player and maybe more and the lions jim schwartz built the same way. after the 69ers win the game, harbaugh came in hot for the post-game handshake and followed it up with a slap to the back for swartz. swartz took exception and ran down harbaugh and down and bumped him and then everybody gets in there, including lineman and p.r. people. and they were separated and it went on for a while and it was the talk of the town yesterday and here is what the two coaches had to say. >> i was just really revved up and i shook his hand too hard. it was on me. i went in with a strong kind of slap-grab handshake. >> we certainly don't want
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things like that to occur. but there is competitive people in the league and i think we need to do a better job of just leaving it to the players on the field. >> neither coach will be fined according to the league. and tomorrow night the caps host the panthers. seeking the first 5-0 start in history. i'll see you verizon. brian is back with the edge right after this. have a good night. [ speaking french ]
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