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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at the search continues for any sign of what happened to 11- year-old william mcquain. it has been nearly a week since his mother was found murdered in their germantown apartment. president obama on the road in north carolina and virginia today pushing his plan for job creation. fox 5 morning news continues right now. let's take a look out over the skyline this morning. if you just look to the left of your screen there, you can see
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the capitol dome. on the right, it is the washington monument and it is a decent start to this tuesday morning. it will be a real nice day on this october 18th. glad air waking one fox 5 morning news -- glad you're waking up with fox 5 morning news. >> let's say hello to tony perkins. >> slide on in here. >> yes, indeed. not a bad day. another day where temperatures are in the upper 60s and low 70s. good amount of sunshine. changes are coming starting tomorrow. we want to enjoy today. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll show you what is going on out there. we have a frontal boundary that is pretty much a stationary front down to our south. out to the west, there is a cold front that will be making its way in this direction. it doesn't impact us so much today. with the fronts around, there are some clouds this morning. i think we'll see a good amount of sunshine today but there will be some clouds featured through outthe day and then the rain you see out to the west does begin to move in here overnight tonight, early, early, early tomorrow morning. temperatures across the region look like this.
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5 of degrees right now in washington. ocean city is at 57 degrees. winchester, virginia, 48. dulles airport, 51 and ball is at 50 degrees. forecast for today, partly sunny skies. we'll see another mild day with temperatures at or above seasonal. 69 in germantown. 70 in manassas. waldorf, 71 degrees. in washington, a high of about 72 degrees. we'll have more on the weather coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check approximate julie and see how traffic is moving now at 6:00. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they have made their way out to the springfield mixing bowl. as you work your way northbound from newington headed across the beltway and out towards 395, the remains of this accident activity is what is blocking the ramp from northbound 395 to exit at edsall road. so again, you can see that the cars there, there are state police on the scene as well but that ramp is what is causing also that right through lane partially block as well as you travel northbound on 359 and
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that explains the big delay as you travel northbound out of newington. let's take it back inside so we can update your ride elsewhere. if you are traveling on metro this morning, metro's red line having some problems here in wheaton. wheaton escalators are not in service could to a mechanical issue. shuttle bus service has been requested there at the scene. on the other side of town, you will find that lanes are open southbound along 270. no problems to report out of rockville. lanes are open here as you continue out towards the lane divide. you will find if you are traveling the top side of the beltway, you are slowing trying to get past university boulevard and around towards georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. new this morning, an accident between a commuter bus an a car claim the life of a young man from prince george's county. the crash happened in waldorf just after 6:00 last night. the bus pulled out in front of the car which was driven by a 20-year-old from fort washington. he died at the hospital. d.c. police are
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investigating a deadly shooting. officers found a man shot on the 16th block of lincoln road in northeast. that is near north capital street. he later died at a local hospital. so far, no word on any suspects or motive. just minutes later, a man was shot to death at the king food and grocery on mlk, jr. avenue in southeast. police say some sort of incident began inside the store and that the man was gunned down while running outside. police are still looking for the shooter. for the third day in a row now, police and volunteers will be out combing the woods in montgomery county. it is part of the search for 11- year-old william mcquain. police say william's mother jane was beaten and stabbed to death inside her home in germantown. her estranged suspect is charged in her death. >> we've been down there a few times. they said hey that, might be a place to look. they said is it it heavily wood
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and i said yes, it is pretty heavily wood. that is the worst case scenario. hope they they don't find anything and he is somewhere okay, you know. >> the father of one of william's best friends led investigator ties wooded park in damascus. he said he it meant time there with the mcquains and murder suspect curtis lopez. a young boy fell 30 feet out of an apartment building. this happened at an apartment complex on schuyler road. a woman found the child crying outside her window. the father had asked hi mover to keep an eye on his son while he picked up his other son from school. the boy is expected to survive. take a look at this morning's other top stories. the first palestinians in today's historic prisoner swap just reached the gaza strip. it is part of the first wave of 1,000 prisoners exchanged for one israeli soldier. the soldier was release this
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morning and spoke to egypian television. the 25-year-old now on his way home after spending more than five years as a captive of hamas. president obama pushes congress to pass part of his jobs bill. >> maybe they can't oondz the whole thing all at once -- maybe they couldn't understand the whole thing all at once. we'll break it up into bite- size pieces. >> it is clearly campaigning. i must say again that i've never seen appear uglier bus than the canadian one. he is traveling around on a canadian buss touting american jobs. >> the president visits southern virginia today and when he stops in hampton to speak to troops tomorrow, he will be joined by virginia's republican governor bob mcdonnell. the maryland state senate and house are both meeting in special session to discuss governor martineau malloryy's proposed redistricting plan. senate is expected to take a final vote today. democratic congresswoman donna
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edwards is opposed to moving montgomery county from the fourth district which would put more minority voters in the fifth district represented by republican congressman roscoe bartlett. >> that i man satisfactory for certainly political or -- that may be satisfactory for certain political or other considerations but it may not satisfy the interests of the people would live in those counties. >> what we have put forward is a map that is balanced and as could make it. coming up in the next hour, we'll talk live with montgomery county councilmember valerie irvin about the proposed redistricting plan. some prince george's countiy voters go to the polls today. the polls have davis facing off against gardner. the polls will stay open until 8:00 tonight. this is the special election to fill the sixth district seat
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left open by leslie johnson. new details in the disappearance of a 10-month-old baby girl. what the baby's mother says she is doing the night the baby disappeared and why the original time line in this case has now changed. also being a horrific case out of philadelphia actually woman and two others accused of chaining disabled adults in a basement and collecting their social security checks. why investigators think there may be even more victims.
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the woman accused of being the ring lead are of a group that crane chained handicapped adult in a philadelphia basement may have done the same thing in virginia, florida and texas. investigators say a search of linda weston's home turned up document of 50 people including driver's license, social security cards and even power of attorney forms already filled out. a missouri mother now changing her story about the night her baby girl
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disappeared. she admits she was drunk. deborah bradley says she last saw her missing 10-month-old baby at 6:40 when he put her to bed. originally, she said she last checked on that baby at 10:30. she admit she was so drunk she may have just blacked out that night. a judge in arube as refusing to release gary giordano. he has been in jail since august now in connection with the death of robyn gardner. her body has not been found. he claims she was swept away while snorkeling. coming up next, the largest commuter lot in virginia facing congestion problems of its own and now some drivers would use it are finding themselves ticketed. first, we'll check in with tony for your full forecast and find out more about some rain heading our way. that is when fox 5 morning news continues. inues. [ female announcer ] today, your busy schedule
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let's take a look down on wisconsin avenue today. tony is back with us today because today is date we should make every effort to get out there and enjoy it today if we can. >> yeah, because this willen the last really, really nice day of the week. we'll have nice days at the end of the week but it will be much cooler. highs now around 07 or so. highs at the end of the week around 60. that is not bad but, you know -- >> but it's colder. >> absolutely. let's take a look at the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school this morning. temperatures are in the 50s. actually thrashings couple of 40s out there. most of us are in the low to mid-50s. we'll see partly sunny skies this morning. there are plenty of clouds out there right now. sunrise is at 7:20 today so there you have it. and you will see the sunrise. -- actually, there are a couple
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of 40s out there. we've just gone up to 57 degrees. 58 in annapolis. it is 46 in frederick and 48 in winchester. so there are cool spots out there. here is what is going to be going on for the next couple of days as we take a look at the jet stream. here is what is happening. we have an area of low pressure off to the west. your jet stream moving up to the north for the eastern seaboard. that will allow some tropical moisture that exists right now in the gulf of mexico to make its way up the coast. that starts happening later on today. by the time it gets here, it will be tomorrow. and this will be enhancing some precipitation that is going to be moving eastward with a frontal boundary. it will make for a rainy day tomorrow during the course of the day. here is what the forecast is for today though. partly sunny skies, one more mild afternoon. look for a high today of about 72 degrees. not bad at all. then for tonight, the clouds move in. we could see some showers move
6:18 am
in overnight. by that, i mean well after midnight. i'm really thinking after 3:00 a.m. is when we'll start to see showers develop. tomorrow is a wet day, 68. then the cold front cop in and for the end of the woodbridge, we have a mix of clouds and sun. cool conditions, quite breezy on thursday. highs only around 60 degrees. so do enjoy today. now, let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> all right. a lot going on right now especially if you are traveling in virginia. we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox once again. taking that live shot along northbound 395. the accident activity occurred at the end of the ram top exit at edsall road so again, you have the right through lane that is blocked on 395 and then the exit ramp to edsall road is closed off with state police on the scene with that accident activity and delays building off of northbound i-95. of a he got folk sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic hitting me up on twitter saying they are hitting the backup in lorton headed up towards edsall road so a good 10-mile backup
6:19 am
if not i a little more heading up lorton. we'll take it back inside here and we'll update your ride elsewhere. if you are making the commute along outer loop, you will find delays leaving 59 headed past georgia avenue. no incidents to report at this time. just simply volume delays that you are dealing with. your lanes here are open. no incidents to report coming in out of germantown and working your way out of rockville headed towards the lane divide. on the other side of town, if you are traveling metro's red line this morning at the wheat son on stop, the stop remains open. the staying is open but the entrance escalatorers are not in service due to a mechanical issue. a shuttle bus has been requested for you. -- the station is open but the entrance escalators are not in service due to a mechanical issue. no incidents to report coming in out of laurel coming down towards the beltway. father hurley boulevard, about 56 miles per hour headed southbound through the
6:20 am
germantownenter changes. it starts to slow to 27 miles per hour as you continue past middle brook road. volume increasing and the speeds are starting to diminish southbound along 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. just a heads up, state police in virginia issuing tickets to drivers who park illegally at the state's largest commuter lot. that is the horner road lot in woodbridge near i-95 and the prince william parkway. the state plans to add about 600 more spaces in a new lot nearby hoping that that will help with some of the overcrowding. the latest retail chain to announce it is taking a hit in the economy, lowe's home improvement. it is taking steps to improve its bottom line. the company says it shut down 10 underperforming stores on sunday and 10 more will close in a month. locations in 15 states are affected by this. nearly 2,000 jobs are being shut. lowe's says it does plan to continue expanding but the
6:21 am
company will focus on opening stores some more profitable locations. we'll talk some business with the good folk at the fox -- some good folk at the fox business network. the iphone 4 s went on sale last friday. since then, more than four million have been sold. compare that to the release of the iphone 4 last june when only 1.7 million were sold in the first three days it was available. back after this. [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question.
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we were hoping it would last. but the recent positive run on the market ended yesterday. lauren simonetti is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning. what was behind the market's 2% dive. >> the germ appear finance minister came out and said this deal we hoped on the european
6:25 am
debt crisis that was expected to be struck this weekend probably isn't going to happen. markets and investors didn't want to hear that and we saw a 250 point dive for the dow. this morning, we looking weaker again. the reason is china. their economic growth, their gdp in the third quarter slowed down a bit. still then nominal growth of 9.1% but that is a two-year low for the world's second largest economy and that is dampening sentiment here in the u.s. this morning. >> we can't believe how far we are through the year, late october and looking forward to christmas. and american express is hopeful for the holiday season. tell us about that are nestudy. >> that are new study shows that the same number of people as last year are going to travel this holiday season but they're going to spend a lot more money doing so. $659. this is a $200 increase over last year. where are they spending the money in eating out an entertainment. so can you expect the diet companies and gyms to do well
6:26 am
after the holidays as we try to get that $200 of extra money off our bellies. >> exactly. anything to get the economy moving for sure. all right. thank you so much. we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> see you later. still ahead, most household budge it is are tighter than ever. a a higher than normal cell phone bill can hit you where it hurts. find out what is happening to help a void the unexpected charges. first, if has been nearly a week since his mother was found murdered in her germantown apartment. still, no sign of what happened to 11-year-old william mcquain. we are live with the latest on the investigation this morning. [ female announcer ]  did you know that the sources of bad breath
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this is just coming into the newsroom. we are taking some live picture right now from sky fox in new york. this is where a tour bus has
6:30 am
crashed. you can see emergency crews are there on the scene trying to work in freeing some people. the bus driver is actually trapped, from what we understand. this is on the new york state flu way at exit 15 a. >> if you are familiar, if you head up north and you take the tappan zee bridge to get across, it is not far from there. just past after you would exit to take the tappan zee bridge. we are just getting these pictures in. we don't know at this point the number of injuries. as we find out more information, we'll pass it along to you. that is the big story up in that part of noirveg right across the border from northern new jersey. >> let's check in -- part of new york right across the border from northern new jersey. >> let's check in with tony perkins now for the weather. >> we'll see a good amount of sunshine today and pleasant
6:31 am
temperatures. let's enjoy it. changes are coming. we'll look at the satellite- radar composite. you see there, we do have some clouds moving across the region early this morning and we'll see some clouds through the day today. i think it will be partly sunny but that means there will be some clouds. there is rain up to the north across pennsylvania, more rain out to the west in indiana, illinois, places like that. that is the frontal boundary that will come through here and not until overnight tonight into tomorrow. that will serve to lower our temperatures. it will serve to bring some rain showers into the region. currently, 57 degrees at reagan national. 87% is your relative humidity. the winds are calm. the planner for today looks like this. we'll see partly sunny skies, a mild day and dry today. rain doesn't start until overnight tonight. 72 for your high in town. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. we'll talk about a phenomenon that is very, very common. we have all experienced it.
6:32 am
it has to do with temperatures and how we perceive them. >> okay. >> we'll talk about that. >> we'll wait about 15 minutes for details. in the meantime, let's check approximate julie wright. >> once again, we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox. we added it up. it is about a 12-mile backup from the prince william parkway up to the scene of this crash. it is northbound 395. where not only is the right lane blocked butt exit ramp at edsall road remains closed off as well. incident occurred about 4:00 this morning. police were in a high been speed pursuit. they call day controlled crash if you will. the person has been taken away to the hospital. there is an ongoing investigation and therefore the ramp as well as the right through lane remain closed for this ongoing investigation. the delay is beginning back here at the prince will item parkway. that is about a 12-mile backup northbound on 395. takenning it back inside so we can update your ride elsewhere. lanes are open out of rockville. the pace will slow in germantown as you work your way south of father hurley boulevard trying to get past
6:33 am
118. no incidents to report as you continue to work your way along 355 coming southbound leaving ien 70. at the white on stop, the station is open but the escalators are not in everybody sis. so shuttle bus service has been requested for you there. traveling southbound on 95, nurse good sheep. no incidents to report out of laurel headed down towards the beltway. accident report the near 197 and powder mill road for the other accident respected. no incidents to report south on 270. 4 45miles per hour in germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a new photo just released of the murder the germantown mother standing with her son. >> the search continues for 11- year-old william mcquain. let's head to stacy cohan live with the latest. >> reporter: police do say they are following viable
6:34 am
information of course leads that are taking them to these wooded areas that they are searching, that it is not just a hunch leading them to these location. william mcquain and his mother were last seen over two week ago on september 30th near the home they shared in germantown. jane mcquain's body was found inside the germantown apartment last week. she had been beaten and stabbed to death. mcqaip's estranged husband, curtis lopez has been charged with the murder. he is in north carolina. he is not cooperating with police. they have searched several parks in montgomery county. they have still come up empty during the searches of these parks. the father of one of william's very best friends says the disappearance of this 11-year- old boy is simply devastating. >> it break my heart. my son is kind of tore up about it too. they grew up for the last five or six years. >> curtis lopez has been
6:35 am
charged charged with jane mcquain's murder. he has waived extradition and is heading back up for his trial. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. a young child is recovering after falling out of a third story apartment complex. a woman found the 5-year-old crying outside her window. witnesses say the boy's family was moving in and the father had asked the mover to keep an eye on his son while he picked up his other son from school. the boy is expect to survive. the pres pushing his job creation plan as he continues his three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. he now wants this man broken up into smaller parts so congress can prove them one by one. >> it is completely paid for. it asks folks like me who have been incredibly blessed to pay a little bit more so that -- to pay our fair share.
6:36 am
folk making a million dollars or more so that we can help folks who are struggling to get by. >> this morning, the president is addressing two colleges in north carolina. tonight, he speaks at a high school in emporia in southern virginia. the president's bus tour will be in hampton tomorrow. he will be joined by republican governor bob somebody donell. he will address troops at a military base in hampton where he is expected to stress the importance of hiring military veterans. a new analysis of campaign contributions find mitt romney has the lead over president obama when it comes to support from wall street. the center for responsive politics says wall street employees an execs have crobted just under $4 million to president obama's re-election efforts. compare that to more than $7 million for romney's campaign. the report in "usa today" says texas governor rick perry is a distant third.
6:37 am
the race to the house for businessman herman cain says he is leading in a new head to head poll with independents taking a particular lining to his campaign. cain is squeaking ahead of the president in a hypothetical presidential contest. the maryland state senate and house are meeting in special session today to discuss governor martin o'malley's redistricting plan. the senate is expected to he can that i final vote today. donna edwards is opposed to moving montgomery county from the fourth district and put more minority voters in the sixth district of republican congressman roscoe bartlett. executives in both prim and montgomery county support the governor's plan -- in both bridge and montgomery county support the governor's plan. >> i commend the governor and commission for what they've dub. >> those in opposition, four sum pell words, give me your
6:38 am
map. >> maryland -- four simple words, give me your map. >> just because you can create such boundaries does not mean you should. we'll talk live with valerie irvin about the proposed redistricting plan. it has been nearly two months since the earthquake and now that same team that rappeled down the washington monument is looking for damages, working on the national cathedral. our beth packer went to take a closer look. >> reporter: first, they lowered the ropes and then someone carefully climbed out over the edge. >> really, we are locking at this point for anything that might be unstable. >> reporter: this is a day at the office for these visktors. members of the difficult access teen team are scouring the exterior of the washington national cathedral looking for damage from the august
6:39 am
earthquake. the cathedral was rocked by the 5.8 magnitude quake and days late are a hurricane. >> this is a piece that came of off in hurricane irene. >> reporter: that is a big piece of limestone. something smaller might be taken down in midair by the rappellers themselves. >> if it is something small enough that we can pull ourselves, we will take them ourselves. if it is something larger, we'll mark it for later. >> reporter: some of the same team members rappeled down the washington monday innocent in recent weeks. while the work is stim this time, the architecture is different. >> with all the orange mentation that we'll be crawling -- ornamentation that will be crawling around, it is more fun for us. >> a rare opportunity to help return a national landmark to its original mansionesty.
6:40 am
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papiamento. papiamento. yeah. so how would i say, uh, one happy island ? un isla feliz. un isla feliz. yeah... what about work related stress ? pssssh... there must be a word for it. i don't know that one. worrying news for the global economy. china's red-hot economic growth cooled in second quart are but it is still doing a lot better than the u.s. an pe which is still struggling to recover from the worldwide amendmentdown.
6:44 am
china's gdp grew 9.1% down from 9.5. it is important because china is the only country keeping the world economy from going into a recession. the is always an unpleasant surprise. you open up the cell phone bill and find out it is higher than what you thought. new rules coming to make those unexpected charges a little more expected, let's say. melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: a minute of talk isn't much but if you go over on your monthly plan, it can cost a lot how do you feel when that happens? >> i'm amad because why didn't you tell me sooner. >> a simple question with how a simple answer. >> wireless providers will be sending free alerts to their subscribers to help them manage their usage and avoid unexpected overage charges. >> reporter: that is a big win for consumers, says the policy council with consumers union. >> i'm hoping it will be good. i think the carriers are doing the right thing. >> reporter: many large carriers already alert their customers to plan use ang. note if i indications will now go out for voice, data, text
6:45 am
and international plans. >> i think that is a good idea and i think it is good to be able to check that very easily. >> reporter: and no more hunting around to figure out how much you have left. the new rules say carriers have to make that information easy to find. the fcc had proposed a new federal regulation to force wireless companies to notify subscribes are when their account balances were getting low. the industry agreed to do it without the force of law. >> there is a commitment here to do something that is a win- win for the companies and consumers. now, moving forward, the fcc will take a trust but verify approach. >> reporter: making sure consumers really do have the information they need at their fingertips. juror and that was melanie alnwick reporting. the bill alerts will be phased in depending on the service whether it is call, text, data usage or international plans. companies have about a year and a half to get the alerts up and running so it might be a while before you see it. >> you hear about it and you
6:46 am
think, a area and a half? i need it now. -- a year and a half? >> i need it now. >> then we forget about it. >> we should have a follow-up. we should put calendars and say hey, did this happen. i can tell you what is going to happen today. we'll see another nice day today. here is what else is going to happen. we have changes coming so do enjoy today because we'll get cooler air working its way in here for the latter part of week and rain showers as well. let's show you the current temperatures around the region. we are in the others -- in the 50s for the most part. 56 in quantico. annapolis at 58. baltimore at 52. it is cool out in frederick where it is 46 degrees. dulles airport is at 52 degrees at this hour. sentinel satellite-radar for the nation shows a pretty vigorous frontal system out across just to the west of the mississippi river really and this is a cold front. this colder air behind, it rain showers along it. it will move eastward and it will push into our area.
6:47 am
we are all going to get some of this tropical moisture pulling into our region as well so that will bring us fairly wet conditions for tomorrow. here is a look at the futurecast is what we think is going to happen. today, partly sunny skies. a few clouds out there. this is some good sunshine during the afternoon today. that look great. then during the evening, some clouds start to push in during the overnight hour and early tomorrow morning. rain showers, this is tomorrow morning at about 11:00. it will be raining. some of the heaviest rain, thisindicating we'll be off to the east, offshore so that is good. we will late wednesday into early thursday and i'm talking about midnight, maybe see some more heavy rain showers off to the west as the precipitation slowly pulls out of the region. so about a good day and a half of off and on rain showers on the way here. here is your five-day forecast. high today about 72 degrees under partly sunny skies. tomorrow, the rain comes. 68degrees for your high. could rain into early thursday morning. thursday will be breezy. in fact, i think late tomorrow
6:48 am
will be breezy as well. check out your high temperatures thursday, friday, saturday, all those days highs only around 60 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. tucker barnes joins us now. how you doing? >> just fine, thank you. >> good, good. it is now tomb to ask the weather guys. -- it is now time for ask the weather guys. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i and others put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from julie in centreville. i think she is writing about something we all have experienced. she writes why does 67 degrees in the fall feel colder than 67 degrees in the spring? >> i think i have a theory. >> i would like to hear your theory. >> because it has been warm and then when you were heading into the cooler weather, you are not used to it like in the fall so
6:49 am
it feels colder in the spring than when you've been cold all winter long and it starts to warm up, the temperature will feel just warmer. >> you are now and honorary weather guy. >> i am? do i get a medal. >> it took a while. >> or something from the vending machine. >> 67 degrees in february and i'm running around in shorts. and now i'm putting on a sweatshirt. >> when i say, it will be 75 degrees which is going to be very warm relatively peeking, it is because of what we are used to as he we foot warmer or cooler weather. it is rather funny and to take note of because literally, when we're going from the winter into spring, we do hit like a 56-degree day which is really pretty mild and people are like oh, it is -- it was so warm today. but it is because your body has gotten acclimated. again, every now and then, we talk about these things. it is the miracle of the human
6:50 am
body. your internal temperature doesn't really change but your body ask limb it's to whatever the predominant weather is around it. during the wintertime when it is colder and it is kind of an act of self-preservation as well. for example, when it is in the 20s, now, in the 20s is cold obviously, right? but at a point, if it stays in the 20s say for i aweek, you will kind get used to t it is still cold to you but you will get used to it and if the next day, it is in the 50s, it feels, very warm. >> let me they this out there to mess with your logic. how much of this do you think is physical -- us physiological. >> that is i good question. >> is our mind telling us to block if out or is the body actually doing something. >> i think a lot of it is mental and psychological.
6:51 am
>> i think so too. >> your internal body temperature does not change. >> i would agree. >> if you ever go to florida and it is january and their temperature gets down to 70 and they're just -- everybody is in winter coats. >> we're all different. julie would never set foot outside when it is cold. we all know when we -- if we head out of the staights in the middle of winter, tucker never wears a jacket. he adapts to the cold much better than other people do. >> i think one of the other factor involve is the humidity. the more humidity in the atmosphere the more it acts like a blanket. >> you probably notice the huge has been on the decrease in the last couple of weeks. >> bet example has to do with water. in the summertime in the middle of summer, you jump into the pool or like you forget jumping, you start to walk into the pool and that pool water may be 10-degree or so cooler than the air temperature and it
6:52 am
really feels cold. i know no someone like me, it did k. take me forever to get fully into the pool but once i'm np, once you're in for a couple of minutes, it feels great -- but once i'm in, you're in for a couple of minutes it feels great. can you come out, have a beverage and go back in. and you're like the water is so cold. >> i can already feel julie wright's response to this one. >> it is all about the body acclimating itself to the surrounding weather conditions. >> which is good. >> thank you for the question. if have you a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. lovely day. >> moi point was i'm guessing the beverages that julie has by the pool would never have her feeling all that cool i don't if you drink enough of those,
6:53 am
you don't feel a thing. >> there you go. >> the crew in sky fox with us this morning checking out the drive along northbound i-95. there has been a change. the right new lane is now open. the rapen is still closed. 359 northbound, it was a high- speed chase with a controlled accident according to police. the rapen from 359 at edsall road is blocked. big delays headed northbound on 395. we still have folks sitting in the bumper-to-bumper traffic hitting me up on twitter telling me about the miserable commute northbound off of i-95. authorities are now checking for yet another crash. let me take it inside. we'll update the ride elsewhere. if you are traveling inbound along new york avenue, lanes are open leaving northeast to northwest. no incidents to report here as you travel out towards the third street tunnel. southbound 270 gridlocked out
6:54 am
of germantown headed to a point south of mva. more slow traffic headed out towards the capital beltway. you will fine if you are traveling the wheat son stop on metro's red line of course thent raps escalate ires on not in service because of a mechanical problem -- the entrance escalators are not in service because of a mechanical problem. an accident activity reported eastbound on the dulles toll road at the beltway, authorities checking the scene there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. coming up next hour, looking if a bit of a wild halloween celebration. it is also, family friendly. >> holly is live at the national zoo this morning with a sneak peek of this year's boo at the zoo. >> really i don't we mow how much you love them? >> really? come on. >> you wanted scary. >> not gross. >> we'll be right back. we'll talk with holly in a bit.
6:55 am
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good morning i am holly morris. where is the coolest place on the planet your child could trick or treat? at one of the coolest places is the national zoo, it is always fun to come here this year they are gearing up for the 15th annual boo at the zoo. going on this weekend of course while we are here in the halloween spirit we will talk all things creepy crawly, things that go bump in the night. these animals are all going to be super stars by the time we are done just for you sarah we are starting in the reptile house you are looking at. >> announcer: atan anaconda one of the largest males -- anaconda one of the
6:59 am
largest males in captivity. we will give you all the information so you come out and go boo at the zoo yourself. >> really holly did you have to do this to me this morning. >> because i love you i am helping you conquer your fear. >> thanks. time to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day, this is nicole and her best friend at their 20 year class reunion. hope you had fun at your reunion there. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news and post a comment under the photo. now over to alison joining steve good morning. thank you coming up fox 5 morning news, mystery surrounding president obama's bus tour. [ audio d


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