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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 18, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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looking forward to that. meanwhile tucker barnes standing by in the weather center to tell us what we have in store today. >> cool start temperatures 50s. should be a nice finish highs expected back in low 70s a few more clouds than yesterday all in all a dry one let's look at current conditions nice overnight, starting off cool, 57 now, in washington regan national, 50 winchester, 54, cooler than yesterday, 58 ocean city satellite radar together let you know we are starting the day with cloud cover you can see it across the area, high, thin cirrus clouds, filtered sunshine, and we will be more along the lines of partly sunny than later this afternoon out to the west storminess to the south down into florida tropical moisture, two areas of disturbed weather going to gang up on the washington area and bring us
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rounds of showers during the day tomorrow until then should be a decent day today dry weather expected this afternoon high temperatures, 72 washington 69 german town, wall door of partly sunny -- wall door of, partly sunny conditions expected. thank you. top story the search for missing 11-year-old william this is a newly released photo and his mother jane the mother jane was found murdered inside their german town home this is not a new photo we will get you that. >> we will get it in a moment new evidence led police to several wooded areas stacy cohappen is live outside police headquarters -- cohen is live outside police headquarters. >> reporter: police are going to take a slightly difference approach as they search for 11-
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year-old william his mother was found murdered in their german town apartment last week she had been beaten and stabbed to death, neither her norher son had been seen since september 30th montgomery police have focused on damascus regional park and little bennett they have done wide ranging searches, many combing through, today they will break up into smaller, more focused groups, now one of william's best friends fathers said he told police to look in the woods near this damascus park because he knew jane and her estranged husband had once been there. >> we had been there a few times they said well, hey, that might be a place to look is that heavily wooded and i said yes, of course they are thinking possibly, hopefully that is the worst case scenario hopefully they don't find
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anything. >> curtis lopez, was arrested in north carolina found there, he had her vehicle had a credit card and box cutters, with him at the time of his arrest however he has not said anything to police not co- operating although he did waive extradition and will return to maryland to face charges the search resumes this morning police are expected to speak to us within the hour i am stacy cohen back to you. thank you. new this hour a part of power mill road in laurel is shut down last night as of right now, rather as officials investigate a dead limo tore cycle accident this -- deadly, motorcycle accident. it is powder mill road it is unclear whether the cycle crashed on its own or another vehicle was involved. southeast now, a man shot to death as he ran out of a grocery store investigators say
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the incident began inside king food and grocery mlk junior avenue, 8:35 p.m. last night the victim ran from the store but was gunned down police are still looking for the shooter. young child recovering after falling out of a third story apartment building a woman living at the complex on skyler road silver springs found the 5-year-old crying outside the window the boy's family was in the process of moving in the father asked his mover to keep an eye on his son while he picked up the other son from school the boy is expected to survive. tony. in this mornings other big stories, after spending 20% of his life held captive by palestinian militants, 25-year- old israeli soldier is home this morning hamas released him early this morning as part of a prisoner exchange israel agreed to release over a thousand prisoners in exchange for him 477 of those arrived in palestine on buses this morning
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the rest will be released later or next month. he appeared pale and thin but a medical check up found him in good condition. >> twist in the arrest of the lees burg virginia man accused of spying for syria, he was back in court yesterday for detention hearing his lawyers say prosecutors appear to be making his actions sinister when he recently traveled to syria, he was on a fact finding mission for dennis kusonich. who denies knowing suede. a judge in aruba refusing to release the maryland man suspected in the disappearence of robin gardener he has been in jail since early august he is suspected in her presumed death he claims gardener was swept out to sea while they
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were snorkeling however her body has never been found a judge rejected his request to be released during the investigation his lawyer plans to appeal again end of the month when a 60 day holding order expires. >> today the special general election to replace leslie johnson on prince georges county council polls are open until 8:00 p.m. this evening only those registered in the 6th district will be able to vote davis is the democratic nominee and gardener the republican nominee. >> maryland state senate expected to take a final vote on maryland's governor martin o'malley's proposed redistricting plan. once it clears it goes to the house, democratic congress woman donna edwards is among those who plan to move montgomery county from the 4th district it will water down my toreties in several --
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minorities in several districts. >> another republican debate tonight. >> this time business man her main cain could -- herman cain could find himself the target of the others. he is surging in a new poll. >> herman cain is a front runer that carries close scrutiny he will likely feel at tonight's debate. >> can y'all see that big bulls eye on my back. front runners, occupational hazard. his simply communicated 999 plan has shot him into the front of the pack into the sights of his rivals. >> herman cain is in it to win it the reason i am rising i am connecting with the people. poll averages show him tied with mitt romney in the general election a nourice plussen poll shows him beat -- news are moussen poll shows him beating president obama.
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he trailed by 5 points two weeks ago the surge forcing cain to beef up his lean campaign machine. >> what changed is my movement in the polls we have inpack have you which you just do not have -- infrastructure we just do not have some others may thing we need to have. >> president obama is on the road too but the white house insists the taxpayer funded tour is not a campaign trip even though the chants make it sound like one. >> i appreciate the four more years but right now i am thinking about the next 13 months. because yes, we've got an election coming up but that is a long way away. >> some political experts question whether cain is in it to win it and say he is not focussing on early primary states nicole collins, fox news. >> there is already a security
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breech involving tomorrow's stop in virginia by the president a truck filled with equipment used for his speeches was stolen from a hotel parking lot it was going to be used at a stop in chesterfield virginia in the truck were podiums, presidential seal, teleprompter and and $200,000 in audio equipment. the truck was found yesterday in the parking lot of a different hotel near the richmond airport statement from defense information systems agency says no classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle we take incidents such as this very seriously and a formal investigation is continuing. battle over republican primaries and caucuses is heating up iowa republicans are holding their state's presidential nominating caucuses january 3rd even though new hampshire is threatening to move its traditional first in the nation primary to december. florida's decision to move theirs to late january set off a chain reaction to early
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voting states. well, needless to say sunday's red skins game was a bummer for most fans for one it was a really rough day for two reasons. >> i said who are you at the same time i put my hands on we fell probably right about here. intruder. virginia man opening up about his encounter with an intruder in his home that involved a loaded handgun that happened during the game. >> heads up about unicef collection boxes we are used to they are changing when we come back
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welcome back 9:13 a.m., a frightening story in fredericks burg began when a man watching the red skins game sunday heard a noise next thing he knew he was face to face with a bad guy. >> i was watching my skins game
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you know, third quarter. >> reporter: john was already having a bad afternoon watching his team get pounded by the eagles. then ... >> my dog starts kind of going funny she is funny any way but she started doing this weird bark. >> reporter: that lead john to investigate. >> i got up started walking in this direction. >> reporter: he walked down to the lower level of his fredericks burg home. once i got here i saw the blur come across just barely, from left to right across here and that is when i turned around into this room and i saw the suspect right here. >> reporter: police say this is who john encountered, 41-year- old robert white, john tackled him and yelled for his girlfriend to call 911. >> i am sure he was as scared as i was i am a big guy and he was a little guy i probably had 100 pounds on him. >> the suspect broke his wrist maybe that is a good thing because police say he attempted to steal john's loaded handgun
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but it fell out of his pants, between the outcome of the skins game and outcome of the burglary, john was understandably frustrated then he found another reason to take issue with the intruder. >> i pulled out his wallet, he had a cowboys wallet i won't normally hold that against some body as a red skins fan we love to joke around with each other but it made it a little more personal. the charges against the suspect include two counts ofburglary and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. you have probably seen them for years on halloween, familiar boxes some trick or treaters carry to collect money for unicef take a close look this year that box has gone high tech more from new york city caroll stern president and ceo of the u.s. fund for unicef
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good morning caroll. >> good morning alison. >> i see that familiar box in front of you but on closer glance there is something really different tell us about it. >> well, this year, our little trick or treat box has taken a leap forward and gone high tech this year on the side of the box we have a microsoft tag which is kind of exciting because it means if you are short on change today when they or any day when this box comes in front of you you can scan your smart phone and it will automatically make a gift to unicef. >> we are looking at old and adorable video of trick or treaters holding up unicef boxes waiting for change. if you don't have your smart phone with you right then, how else can you get in on making sure you help unicef? >> well, you can drop your change right in the lidle box as always and -- little box as always and take that to a coin
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star machine or send it to us go on your website trick or treat for text a gift just text the letters tot to the letters of unicef and you can pick up your box at our partners. also looking at heidi klum she has been a big help getting the word out so many children need help also i know lauren bush designed a bag for you too. sure. little bag right here in front of me is lauren's feed bag if you purchase one of those from home shopping network, $3.50 of your purchase go directly to saving the lives of children $1 buys enough good, clean
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drinking water for a child for 40 days doesn't take a lot of money just a lot of children. >> now back to that bar code for a second it has been 60 years this is the 61st year why now? >> well, i think the world has gone more digital people are using their smart phones we believe it is important for you to stay current. you know what can you tell the viewers how much money has been raised with those orange boxes on trick or treating this is kids this is a grass roots effort how successful has it been over the years. >> highly successful, key clubs alone one of our other partners, have raised themselves over $5 million we anticipate this year the children of america will raise close to $5 million this year alone. >> that is fantastic, all right we will look for those boxes we
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will put this entire interview on our website so you know where to pick up a box when your kids head out a couple monday's from now on halloween evening thank you so much. >> thank you so much. really cool other interactive digital ways to get involved too an online halloween party and stuff. >> good stuff. >> now speaking of halloween national zoo gearing up for what they call a spooky time hey, holly. >> they are gearing up for boo at the zoo tony i think now that orangutan under there is playing a little peek a boo with us come on out we have moved on over to the think tank as we get a preview of the spectacular event coming up this weekend you know what else is in here, rats are intelligent we will find out about that, we will tell you about the event live later. >> thanks holly.
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>> first, a look at our trivia question for the day what was the may flowers cargo before it was chartered to carry the pilgrims to america in 1620? wine, spices, cheese, or silk? the answer coming up in just a bit don't go any where ais
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it's a new way to greet the holiday season. the winter lights collection. something in the air wick. welcome back a missouri mom makes a stunning admission about the night her baby girl disappeared she admits she was drunk, debra bradly says she last saw her missing 10 month old lisa, 6:40 p.m., october 4th when she put her to bed she originally told police she checked on her at 10:30 p.m. she admits she was so drunk she may have blacked out that night. >> is it possible you had a black out? >> it is a possibility. i mean, just like anybody else
9:24 am
when you drink you don't remember the things that happened. when asked how much she drank that night if it was more than five glasses of wine she said probably kansas police do not have suspects but bradly believes police think she and her husband are involved. >> we are learning more about the case of four mentally challenged adults found chained in a philadelphia basement police believe a woman was holding them captive one of the victims is from virginia he was reported missing from norfolk december 2008, a case worker discovered his social security checks were sent to a philadelphia address but the people at that address said they did not know that man so the government cancelled his benefits turns out police say the woman accused of kidnapping him took him to a social security office in philadelphia to reinstate his checks. just makes you scratch your head and it is very sad, and it is sickening i mean, what these people are doing is out and out
9:25 am
evil. the suspect pleaded guilty to a 1993 murder she beat her sisters boyfriend and locked him in the closet because he wouldn't support his child he died of starvation. it is not clear if weston served time for that murder. some of the news we have to report is atrocious. >> however on the positive front a team of soccer players from haiti giving a lesson in courage right here in washington area. how they are helping wounded war years from walter reed. some special guests are here in studio to talk about it. >> plus a 9-year-old takes the wheel of that van right there, wait until you hear why she was driving with her father's permission. this sparked some big discussion in our newsroom. back in a moment 9:25 a.m. t
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did i tell you this story had folks debating in the newsroom i am not exaggerating it is a talker here it is a man let his 9-year-old daughter drive his van because he had too many drinks. customer at a gas station noticed her get behind the wheel and called 911 that was after the father told the clerk pretty emphatically the girl was going to drive. take a listen. >> she is 9 years old, 9. listen we're leaving and she is driving i'm drunk. >> that is the part i like it is not funny but. >> he thinks he is doing the right thing. >> she is 9. >> she is the one driving. i'm drunk police stopped the van a short time later the girl sitting on a booster seat apparently asked the officer why she had been pulled over because she thought she was driving pretty good. >> automatic at her.
9:30 am
>> here is the problem this is what she is being brought up like. she told police this wasn't her first time behind the wheel, her father faces felony child abuse charges. >> and she was eating a nutty buddy. >> i hate to say but she did a better job than a lot of sober drivers i see. what was the debate in the newsroom >> they were saying what would you rather do, and you have to do one or the other if you were so drunk that you knew you could not drive but had a 9- year-old who could drive, would you do it? >> this was the debate. >> right so if you knew. >> i think my decision would be not to drive at all. >> that would be the decision that a normal person -- but then he just went to the store. >> at 3:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m. >> would you rather have to be in a car with a drunk driver or a 9-year-old driver. >> a 9-year-old good driver. >> yeah. >> i would say the 9-year-old
9:31 am
good driver. >> me too. >> but the problem -- you know, kind of making some light of this,. >> do not drive if you are 9 we are talking about this story. >> first of all, you are drunk, this happened before she has been behind the wheel she is your designated driver your 9- year-old daughter you got her out at 3:00 a.m. have some sense, have some brains you are raising a child this is the thing that gets me. >> you can't see it again. >> i am not going to -- as the old expression goes you have to have a license to fish and do all kinds of other things you need nothing to have a kid. all right maybe that is the way it should be but once these dumb people have children who don't know what to do with them take the kids away and give them to loving families because this guy is a moron. >> well, look there is a nutter butter oh, is it a candy apple. >> this is what i am talking about. >> and the woman in missouri getting defensive because she was drunk you know, and her little baby girl is missing.
9:32 am
>> anything else you've got to say tony. >> no, i will leave it at that. >> well said. all right. >> this does not necessarily represent the views of management. >> of management. i agree with you. >> i suspect they do. >> we will see. >> tucker what is going on in weather. >> weather is beautiful if you are out playing soccer, good for it. >> we will talk about that in a minute. >> i know we are. temperatures now, pleasant department, 60 degrees, regan national,. >> i love this show. let me just go on record. >> tony we only have an hour in the show. 62 annapolis, i agree with you by the way. >> thank you. >> this time. 54 martins burg, 55 winchester nice afternoon temperatures back in the 70s enjoy today cooler air on the way, by tomorrow night and particularly thursday highs only upper 50s to 60. cloud cover again high, thin
9:33 am
cloudiness and we will go with filtered sunshine not a perfect day combination of a cold front out to the west, and a lot of tropical moisture you are not seeing it on this map into florida. we will get a stream of moisture, in here, probably in time for the rush hour and during the day periods of rain around here and cool, or cooler with an easterly wind future cast doing a great job, there is a front out to the west watch that happens, late this afternoon clouds moving in probably mostly cloudy by sunset rain sets up overnight early tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m., front out to the west that whole system combines into one here during the day tomorrow and brings us periods of shower for wednesday early thursday i think we will kick it on out of here and start to get sunshine back in the forecast much cooler by thursday. here is the forecast, 72, partly sunny skies one more mild afternoon winds out of the east, 5 miles per hour later tonight cloudy skies, showers
9:34 am
develop overnight 60 overnight low winds out of the east, 5 miles per hour your five day, 68 tomorrow showers in the forecast bring back sunshine by thursday, breezy conditions cool, highs 60, overnight lows 40s. 30s by early saturday morning, coolest weather of the season over the you and a great story. >> thank you tuck era team of soccer players from haiti giving a lesson in courage right here in washington area, all team members are amputees meeting with wounded warriers from walter reed medical center to offer soccer clinics and show how it is possible to play the game no matter what. joining us now. pat courten, senior vice president of nights of columbus sponsoring the club and they are beth with us thank you -- both with us. thank you. sidu let's talk about the team itself now we say they are all
9:35 am
the team members are amputees and most of the team members had limbs amputated due to the earthquake in haiti correct? >> yes. >> tell me how the team got formed. >> team got formed after the taking care of the patients after this terrible situation this earthquake in haiti that caused a lot of people amputated in haiti and in after taking care of them, they still come to the hospital, and then every time they come they say sidhu we don't see anything to do what are you going to do for us you have to create something for us. after, imagine me, we say, let's create amputee soccer team. >> soccer team this is not unheard of there are amputee soccer teams all around the world as a matter of fact we are looking at some of the skills here absolutely remarkable pat tell me about
9:36 am
your involvement i want to talk about the emblem on your shirt team zarian what does it mean? >> it means in english spider, at that ran chula. >> yes. >> when spider lost one leg, he doesn't mean life is over for him, he doesn't mean that he is going to die, so he regenerates. the reason when he call our team zarian because they lost one leg and then they will have a prosthetic, just to work again they will have a prosthetic to start on those activities, like they can do everything like everybody are doing, if you see how they are running with the crutches, that is meant something very very important for us the reason why we call it the team zarian. >> tarantula keeps going they can keep going.
9:37 am
>> pat tell me how knights of columbus got involved. >> we had come to haiti in the weeks following the earthquake and brought a thousand wheelchairs for people injured and very quickly it became apparent to us the people we were working with there, project medishare for haiti, miami medical school, were doing special things and had opportunities to do for things for people of haiti we might be able to help with. the problems with haiti are so large, we thought let's take one thing we can do and that was to commit a million dollars to fit every child who lost a limb in the earthquake in haiti with a prosthetic we have done that we built a complete prosthetic laboratory downtown port-au-prince we were there a couple days ago to dedicate the facility where people receive therapeutic training in honor of the knight of columbus who
9:38 am
died recently who made that project possible. cosponsoring the team fitting the children with prosthetic limbs all part and parcel of something we call helping healing haiti's children. there is so much potential, the attitudes in haiti towards people missing a limb are frankly not very good they are regarded at bad people some how otherwise why would they have lost a limb the beauty of this project working with team zarian is to say to the entire country these types of things need not hold you back there are no limits to what you can do with a little help and a lot of spirit and energy bringing the team here, is a phenomenal thing at walter reed yesterday, they were playing soccer and the wounded warriors were there watching, those being treated at walter reed who lost limbs in afghanistan or iraq looked and thought wow there is something i can do, i can rebuild my life and so, these
9:39 am
wonderful people in haiti who were helped by the u.s. military after the earthquake treated on the hospital ship comfort are coming back and saying thank you, to our wounded warriors by showing them the possibilities that exist for them. >> it is an extraordinary story sidhu i imagine for the team members themselves it is good for them but must make them feel good they are helping others as well. >> so they are so proud to help the other soldiers because according to everything on the soldiers, just after the earthquake they still continue to do all kinds of things, but to thank them, is to come here, to training, the soldiers, to play soccer and to let them know they can do everything, they can still be soldiers even
9:40 am
though they lost both legs they can still work in like as soldiers. >> very positive thing to bring out of a tragic situation i want to thank both of you for coming in want to let folks know three days of events started yesterday today there are soccer clinics and that going on at rfk stadium we will have more on gentlemen thank you. >> thank you so much and for interviewing to let the people know what they can do. >> our pleasure alison back to you. 9:40 a.m. thanks tony. halloween right around the corner that means it is time for boo at the zoo. holly is there live this morning she is up next with more on this event and we will meet some of the creepy crawly this one is cute, residents of the zoo.  ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news, holly morris here you are looking live at a brown rat as we are live this morning, at the smithsonian national zoo where they are gearing up for the 13th annual boo at the zoo event it is a fun halloween weekend, they have planned here, and of course they focus on perhaps what would be traditionally scary animals with a we are doing and what they are doing if you come out to be a part of this event is fighting the fear and letting you learn a little bit more about these little creatures that creep and crawl and scurry all around. you might be surprised to find out we are in the think tank because rats though you might call someone a dirty rat you might give them a complement they are highly intelligent they can think, learn that is why they are in the think tank along with the orangutans but i am making my way over toeless she is the -- to elise she is
9:45 am
the educational coordinator good to see you. >> you too. >> you have this huge button on ask me, tell me about it. >> sure boo at the zoo wonderful event we have tickets available on friday and sunday this is a safe environment for kids and families to be in we have 40 treat stations from the top of the zoo down to the bottom and the treats range from super sugary to super healthy but you can also come in and meet our wonderful animals all our indoor exhibits are open during the event, meet our rats, creepy crawllies, meet our small mammals, our great apes we have all of the exhibits open, and there is also an educational component to this event so kids can come and learn how to dig like a sloth or learn about small mammals talk to volunteers so go out and trick or treat in a fun and safe environment come on in and learn about animals. >> you can see why this gets
9:46 am
more and more popular each and year you heard tickets are available for friday and sunday saturday sold out. people not familiar, can you tell us what the organization is, and how it enables you to take advantage of boo at the zoo. >> friends to national zoo is the nonprofit association for smithsonian national zoo our primary responsibility is to raise funds to care for our animals here and do conservation in the wild we do fundraising events that have an educational component when you come to boo at the zoo as i said you will meet our animals get a little bit of education receive this reusable tote. >> which is a feature. >> again and again we are trying to walk the walk and go green and it is just a really great time, they do really important work as an educational organization and conservation organization. >> what do you know about rats.
9:47 am
>> well, i know despite the fact they get a bad rap they are intelligent, clean. >> really? >> yep they groom themselves all the time they live in social units so moms and babies live together as well as females live together we have three pee males here in this exhibit, mabel, pandora and isabel. we is learned from rats that they have a good short term memory if you put them in the maze you've seen the mazes they have a good short term memory they remember where they have been, how to get to the treats we have put in for them and make decisions so that is important for us to know they are very smart they can make their own decisions and find the food and go back to where they found it. >> fascinating thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> our website we have a link to not only smithsonian's national zoo
9:48 am
website but also to the main website boo at the zoo this weekend sold out saturday tickets available friday and sunday they are going fast 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., make sure your ghost or goblin comes dressed in something it is a trick or treat event, but it is a memorable one to say the least. back to you in studio tony and alison. >> never noticed the little people hand before. freaked out thank you. thanks holly. >> leila hathaway joins us live in studio next. >> she will talk about a special project she is supporting and perform live. 9:48 a.m. we will be right back 
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20 years dc area students have been able to enrich education and prepare for college thanks to organizations like college bound this nonprofit has been able to consistently enrol 95% or more into college over the years tonight they are celebrating achievements with a special guest and very special singer too, here to tell us more kenneth ward executive director at college bound and r&b super star, leila hathaway who will be performing tonight at this gala good morning. >> nice to see you. >> let me start with you tell us about college bound how important it is of an organization. >> nonprofit that started 20 years ago, work with local youth, ages 8th grade through 12th grade, one to one academic mentoring, we are successful, we graduate from high school,.
9:53 am
tonight you are celebrating 20 years. >> yep. >> tell us about the gala. >> you can still come to the gala my beautiful entertainer will be there, leila hathaway, we are trying to raise the visibility of college bound we have been around 20 years a lot of people don't know about us, hyatt regency, 6:00 p.m., tickets available at the door go to our website and also dr. bill cosby will be with us and an educational panel. political movers and shakers, jasmine guy, sonia sanchez a great line up i am there too. leila hathaway i have just enjoyed that voice for years. >> thank you so much. >> your new album drops today >> it dropped at midnight i was at the ready on my computer to buy it my 6th solo record, i am really excited it talks
9:54 am
about the beginning who i am as an artist i want to empower other people to thing of their lives as art just because you don't sing or dance does not mean you are not an artist you create art in the world every day. >> when college called or got in touch why did you say yes? >> this was a no brainer any time i can do anything in an effort to help kids i am there does not matter what the cause is, i am there really really about kids. >> we are thankful. >> glad to be here. >> this is leila hathaway you are going to do something. >> a little a and b selection. >> super star lela hathaway ♪ [ music ] ♪  hey guys, what can i get for you?
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