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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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just a programming reminder for you. the 107th world series gets under way tonight right here on fox 5. the cardinals are hosting the rangers and the first pitch is set for 8:05 p.m. we still have plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >> it is just an ugly start to this wednesday morning. lots of rain out there and the water pooling in some places. tough to see out there as. we it is wednesday morning. we are halfway through the week. glad you're with us. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tony perkins now. it is just nasty today. >> we've got the rain in here early this morning. there are areas of heavy rain as you said and some pooling on some of the roadways too. we got a lot to deal with this morning. let's start with hd radar. we'll show you where the precipitation is as we speak. not everybody is getting it but most of you are right now. all across the washington metropolitan area, you can see it in green there. the areas where you are seeing
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some of the yellow colors, that is where we have heavier rainfall at this hour including in northwest washington and just out to the west and southwest as well. and then south and west of manassas, dale city, places like that. seneca valley he were apark, a little narrow band of heavy rain coming through there. portions of eastern maryland, chesapeake bay aren't getting rain at this point but you will a little bit later. right now, current conditions being reported at reagan national airport, 61 degrees. relative humidity, 93%. those wind are out of the north and east at nine miles per hour. forecast for today, more rain on the way, particularly this morning but even this afternoon. cloudy skies and periods of showers. we cannot rule out some thunderstorms popping up here and there. this morning and this afternoon and some of them could be strong. we'll have to wait to see how that develops. highs today only in the upper 60s. we'll have more detail on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> on top of the rain, i know
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all the leaves are coming down with the wind. >> a little slippy out there on the roads. >> good morning to you all. that mix of the wet pavement with the leaves especially on the long and winding roads, the georgetown pike. that is just one of the heaviest traveled routes that we have and a lot of folk use that as a parallel route to route 7 and it does get very slippery out there this time of year with the combination of the rain and leaves. so are very careful. we are talking about 66 and coming inbound, this is where they have lingering construction that was blocking the ramp to the inner loop and to head unbound on the beltway. all of that activity should be cleared. no incidents to report coming in from manassas. 395 leaving duke street, both the express lanes and the man line, your lanes are open continuing out to the 14th street bridge. on the other side of town, you will find southbound along 270, lanes are open coming in out of germantown at about 53 to 55
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miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top stories this morning. two children from montgomery county murdered in separate cases and their stepfathers suspected in both of their deaths. on the left, 12-year-old jessica nguyen was found dead in the basement of her gaithersburg home last may. yesterday, on the right, miss believe they found the body of 11-year-old william mcquain in clarksburg. william had been missing for more than two weeks. officers and volunteers were all involved in the intense search. police found the remain in a wooded area just west of route 355 in clarksburg. there are some signs of trauma to his body. discovery comes about a week after william's mother was found murdered in their germantown home. those who know them obviously are devastated. >> william was the greatest, most beautiful, wonderful, cheerful child in the entire world, entire world. and there is no reason that this should have ever happened to him. >> we were neighbors and she had such a giving heart and she did such a good job with her
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son and she loved him and lived for him. >> jape mcquain's estranged husband, curtis lopez, was arrested in north carolina. he will be extradited to maryland in the next 10 days. more now on the case of the 12-year-old found dead in her gaithersburg home back in may. after an investigation that spanned several months, police now have her stepfather in custody. fox 5's stacy cohan is live at police headquarters in rockville with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning t all began as a normal day back on may 31st. jessica nguyen came home from school at 3:00 p.m. and by 7:30 p.m. that day, she was dead. police have charged her stepfather, 42-year-old david hang. happening was separated if jessica's mother at the time and dna evidence found near the body is reportedly a match for hang. hang was living in the same gnash gained where the murder happened when -- in the same gaithersburg neighborhood where
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the murder happened. he was living with a woman who claims to be his wife although he still currently married to jessica's mother. the woman did show us a search and seizure warrant and included in that was a pair the boots issued to ride-on employees. the murder of 12-year-old jessica shocked the gaithersburg neighborhood at the time it occurred. she had been stabbed multiple times and left for dead in her basement where she was discovered by her sister. we are awaiting a press conference later this morning by montgomery county police where we hope to learn more. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. we have awinner in last night's special election in prince george's county. wasn't much a contest. the county is heavily democrat and democrat leon davis easily beat republican day gardner.
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he got 91% of the vote to day's 9%. he replaces leslie johnson who resigned. the stage heated up in las vegas last night as republican presidential candidates attacked each other in another debate with hispanics making up 27% of nevada's population, immigration was a big top being. >> admit you lose all of your standing because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life and so i'm afraid -- i'm looking forward to finding your facts on that. >> i'll tell you what the facts are radio. >> rick, i'm speaking. i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> you get 30 seconds. this is the way the rule work
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is that i get 06 seconds. >> but the american people want the truth. >> the president surprising some fans with an unscheduled stop on his bus tour as the crowd lined up along the side of the road in broad neck, virginia to see his motorcade drive by. later today, first lady michelle obama joins the president when he speaks to troops at a base in hampton. the final stop will be in chesterfield, virginia. a truck full of equipment president obama used to public events was stolen in richmond, virginia. podiums, sound systems, presidential seals, $200,000 worth of gear belonging to the defense department information systems agency. truck disappeared from a suburban hotel parking lot and was later found at another hotel. a warning for some residents at n. a town in ohio. stay indoors, don't leave your house, don't go to school. why? >> because that warning comes as some wild animals are on the
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loose. we are talking about tigers, bears, even cheetahs out there. the situation has already turned deadly. we are checking more headlines when we return. 
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some disturbing news coming from the camp of demonstrators at an occupy clear land rally. a 19-year-old girl says she was raped by a man who shared her tent. the woman says the organization instructed her to share the tent with the man but organizers deny the ask decision and say scherr cooperating with police to try on get to the bottom of the alleged incident. the search for a missing 11- month-old maybey girl has now stretch stood kansas. witnesses say two women in their 20s went into a deli in kansas with a baby resembling lisa irwin but left without buying anything they became suspicious with everybody stairing at them. her parents say she was taken from her crib while they slept scientist warning for people to stay inside because wild animals are on the loose. some schools are closed because of this. dozens escaped from a farm where the own are was found dead. the animals include bears, big cats, tigers, giraffes and
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wolves. police have already shot some of them. the sheriff as a these are wild animals and he urges everyone to be careful for you see them. >> we have a little bit of a list compiled. mainly, there were grizzly bears and black bears there. there were cheetahs. there were lions and there were tigers. those were the primary things that we would with. any kind of a cat species and any kind of bear species right now is what we're mainly concerned about. >> the sheriff also wants to remind people that these animals are very big and aggressive. >> you would not need to remind me twice about that. some decisive action by d.c. council concerning a controversial driving law. >> at the end. day, you have some laws on the books that don't make any sense. when you find out about them of course the idea is to correct them. >> a decision that affects anyone who drives in the district. also coming up in just a few moments, we have the latest on today's forecast. rain. it is raining right now.
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we'll see more ran through the day today. also, julie wright will be here to tell us what is happening with traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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take a look outside. it is a rainy start to the day. pretty much anywhere you point that camera this morning, you will see wet roads. it will take a little extra time to get into work today. a heads up. we don't know how the weather might impact this. the plan was, if you hear some helicopters flying around today, it is an emergency drill. the defense department participating also. today's drill runs from 8:30 this morning to 2:00. you could have attacks in any weather conditions but as far as the drills, not quite sure if that will go on with the weather but that was the plan.
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so you might hear a few extra noises or see some strange things out there today i don't. >> they will be doing it in the rain during those hours. there may somebody gaps in the rain. but basically a rainy day for us. a fair amount of rain. anywhere from maybe a quarter of an inch, half inch up to three-quarters of an inch. you can see around the washington area, rainfall including heavy rain off to the north and down to the south along 359 here. that is where some of the heaviest rainfall here down towards mount vernon, the riverside area, alexandria, perhaps hybla valley as well. there is the district, a little bit of heavy rain in portions of northwest and in southeast, northeast washington as well. rockville getting some heavy rain. surf advisory am, maryland and
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then off to the south as well -- savage, maryland and then off to the south as well. outer banks getting in heavy rain an upper level low well out to the west through st. louis, that will be spinning a warm front through here and than a cold front later on today. a mix of elements. essentially when it means for us is rain during the day. breezy conditions developing as all of this begins to move out of here late today into tomorrow in particular and threat of some thunderstorms as well. let's take a look at the temperatures. we can show you what we're talking about as far as the mix of cool air and warm air. i won't say warm but more mild air. 61degrees here currently in the district. 66 in annapolis.
5:19 am
manassas, 61. 61 out at dull list airport. we open this up and take a look out to the west behind that cold front. you can see that dividing line there. so whenever you see that sharp line, you know that, as these air masses clash, it could produce some thunderstorm activity. it will take a while for the cooler air to work its way in here but then, as it does, we could see some of the thunderstorms pop up. so the forecast for today, cloudy skies, rain, showers likely, some afternoon thunderstorms are possible. high today around 68-degree with your winds out of east at five to 10 miles per hour. then for tonight, cloudy skies, showers ending but not until overnight, i think. late tonight or during the overnight hours for many of you. 54degrees for your overnight low. then the five-day forecast, you see the cool air, we've moted rated these temperatures a little bit though. 64 tomorrow. rather breezy. the winds blowing up to 20, 25, maybe 30 miles per hour tomorrow. friday, saturday and sunday, or particularly, friday and saturday, cooler temperatures, 66 to overnight hoes in the 40s but it should be dry as we head
5:20 am
through the weekend. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic. we go to julie wright for that. >> all right. out on the roads this morning, no dillydallying around. already starting to see tea lays forming on 29 randolph road at industrial park. about 35 miles per hour here. southbound along 270, heads up coming in out of german up two. we have delays maintaining about 60 miles per hour headed southbound and now on 270, checking for the crash near shady grove road here in rockville. we'll keep you posted on what he with we find in the next report. a decision that affects anybody who drives in the district. city council voted to halt a controversial law that allowed police to arrest drivers with expired tags. instead of being arrested, drivers will get a ticket and a tow. fox 5's matt ask land has the story. -- ackland has the story. >> reporter: it took several media stories an even a request
5:21 am
from the u.s. senator to getle old law temporarily changed. remember this guy we talked to who was locked up. >> i asked them to cut me a break, we were heading home and i would get it fixed the next day, it would be top of my priority list. they said we'll take you in to process you for about three hours. >> reporter: brought up as emergency legislation, the d.c. council backed a change that would make an arrestable offense now a civil charge. >> at the end of the day, you have some laws on the books that don't make any sense. when you find out about them, the idea is to correct they want. >> the idea is to find out how many people have been arrested under this law in the past 10 years. i hope it is not very many but if it is one or two or three, it is too many. >> reporter: although supporting the council's decision, aaa mid-atlantic wishes city leader was have done away with an impound policy as well. >> what will happen now is fur your car is tagged for more than 30 days, they'll sunday
5:22 am
you walking and accepted your car to an impoundment lot and that will be problematic for a lot of motorists. >> reporter: a police representative told us he bes there are more important things for the mayor and city council to focus on. >> if you want to step into law enforcement issues in the district, don't pick something like this. pick something that will save lives. >> the legislation is just a temporary change to the law. mayor gray is expected to sign it within 10 days. city will then have 225 days to review the old law and council can bring forward i permanent law or allow it to return to the way it was before. a surprise visit by secretary of state hillary clinton. coming up next, details of her visit to libya and its historical footnote. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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nato saying its bombing campaign in labia is very close to ending. >> hillary clinton made a surprise visit to the war torn country. we have a report. >> reporter: secretary the state clinton was greeted with cheers by a group of revolutionary fighters in control of tripoli's airport on a visit not announced before hand for security reasons. late are at a news conference, she con dprat lated the libyan people for win ago few tour fee of moammar ghadafi. >> this is libya's moment. this is libya's strict and the future belongs to you. >> reporter: mrs. clinton is the highest ranking u.s.
5:26 am
official to visit libya since condoleezza rice came here in 2008. french president sarkozy and british prime minister david cameron are v. both made vies it is since ghadafi was pushed from power. -- have both made visits since ghadafi was pushed from power. >> getting a national army and a police force under civilian command is essential and the united nations, the united states and other partners stand red question to do that. >> reporter: officials announced another $10 million in aid to secure lib yap weapons, -- to secure libyan
5:27 am
weapons. >> with will continue to pursue justice on behalf of the victims of the lockerbie bombing. >> reporter: in tripoli, libya, wendell goler. in about 13 minutes, what led to this scene. a former u.s. marine screaming down some police officers. we'll hear the vid would coming up. there has been an arrest in the murder of a 12-year-old gaithersburg girl. i will have all the details coming up in a live report. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did.
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welcome back. we're getting close to friday, folks. stick with us annual get you through today as well which obvious lase very rainy day. hopefully, there is some good news on the other side of that. let's check in with tony. -- obviously a very rainy day. >> we do have rain today through the morning. we'll show you where the rain
5:31 am
is falling right now. there are some areas where we are getting heavy rain with the yellows and oranges there. some heavy rainfall. allow some extra time this morning. i think for all of us coming in, we encountered some of that and that is in the middle of the night. we'll continue to see this new the morning hours and maybe some breaks as you can see down to the south and east. then more rain will move in as the day progresses. current temperatures at the area airports, 61 degrees at reagan national. 61 at dulles. and 61 at bwi marshall. forecast for today, lots of clouds around, off and on rain today, particularly steady rain this morning and off and on rain during the course of the day. maybe some thunderstorms as well and some of those could be strong. highs today in the upper 60s. 62348 washington. 69 in in fredericksburg. more coming up in just a little bit. >> let's check in with julie wright and find out how the wet
5:32 am
roads are this morning. >> i got to tell you guys. this is sad news coming in from v-d.o.t. the construction crew scheduled to clear at 5:00 a.m. not going to happen. they were doing? overnight patching, some concrete work. the job failed and now what they're dealing wais very large hole along the right side of the roadway northbound on i-95. coming north from 234 dumfries up to the prince william parkway, only within left lane will get you by. you guys coming north out of fredericksburg, this will cause you problems this morning. v-d.o.t. says they will be out there throughout the morning drive. only one left lane getting by northbound i-95 between 234 and the prince william parkway. no word on what they will do with the hov lanes right now. the hov rules are in effect. don't think twice about using
5:33 am
those right now. a lot of bail outtraffic is expected over on route one. that won't be able to handle it. that will get jammed up quickly. northbound 95, dumfries up to the prince william parkway, only the right lane is able to get through. if you are coming southbound on 29, randolph road passing industrial parkway, about 35 miles per hour. so that is typical at this hour. southbound 95 for those traveling out of laurel headed down towards the beltway, maintaining about 60 miles per hour trying to get past 198 and 212 and again on 270. delays in germantown starting to back up but again maintaining 65 miles per hour headed down towards 370. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to today's top stories. two tragic cases involving children in montgomery county. both of them murdered. their stepfathers are suspected in their deaths. on the right side of the screen, afterren intense search, police believe they have found the body of 11-year-
5:34 am
old william mcquain. we'll have more on that story coming up in just a moment. stacy cohan is live with the news of an arrest in the murder of another young child, jessica nip. she joins us now from police headquarters in rockville. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you may remember this story. this was back in may of this year when 12-year-old jessica nguyen was found murdered in the basement of her home. her stepfather has been charged in the murder of his stepdaughter a cording to duarte court documents were the arrest is of 42-year-old mr. hang. he was apparently living with a woman he called his wife in the same neighborhood where his stepdaughter was found murdered. now, the search and seizure warrant shown to fox 5 also included boots that were size eight that were issued to ride- on bus drivers and apparently a similar boot print was found at the murder scene. the woman that she was living
5:35 am
with claims to be his wife even though he was still married to jessica's mother. >> have you had any interaction with them. >> they don't talk. they don't come outside. see them only at nighttime when they were coming in the house. >> reporter: david hang was also allegedly connected by dna evidence to the murder scene. we will have much more coming up later including a press conference from montgomery county police. back to you. a tragic end to the search fay missing 11-year-old boy. police believe the remains found in a wood area of clarksburg yesterday are those of william mcquain. there are signs of trauma to his body. this discovery comes less than a week after his mother was found murdered in their germantown home. the boy's stepfather, curtis lopez, is the crime suspect in both cases. he is being extradited from north carolina. that will happen within the next 10 days. the results are in from last night's special election
5:36 am
in prince george's county. democrat derek leon davis easily beat republican day gardner with more than 91% of vote to gardner's 9%. it was expected as prince george's county is heavily democratic. the special elect was to replace leslie johnson who resigned after pleading guilty to corruption charges in june. republican presidential hopeful herman cain got a lot of attacks in last night's cnn debate. cape is the frontrunner in most polls and his 999 tax plan was criticized for imposing a national sales tax. >> are you saying that the state sales tax will also go away? >> no, that is an apple. we are replacing a bunch of oranges. >> so then governor perry was right -- >> no, he wasn't. he was mixing apples and oranges. >> will the people in neve not have to pay nevada sales tax and in addition pay the 9% tax. >> governor romney, you are doing same thing that they're doing. you are mixing apples an oranges. you are going to pay the state
5:37 am
sales tax no matter what. when you throw out the existing code and you put in our plan, you are still going to pay that. that is apples an oranges. >> i'm going to be getting a bushel basket that has apples and oranging in it because i'm going to pay both taxes. the president made an up expected stop on his bus tour across north carolina and virginia. excited supporter got hugs and micts. today, the first lady joins president when he makes a stop in hampton. the president make a final stop at a firehouse in chester feel, virginia before coming back here to d.c. a warning now for some area students. coming up next, a concern so serious school administrators have handed out a crime fighting tool to some students. we'll explain that. >> there is nothing tough about it to hurt these people. if you want to go fight, go to
5:38 am
iraq and afghanistan. stop hurting these people. >> frustration at the occupy protest in new york. details of this video that is all over the web now. stay with us. [ female announcer ] if you're considering going back to school, you have options. you can attend our online program or if you prefer a classroom experience... look no further than your own neighborhood. we have over 200 campuses and learning centers around the country. where you can attend classes, career fairs and meet with students and faculty.
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south administrators at oakton high school handing out whistle for fee fail students that they can use in they are accosted in
5:41 am
the streets. on tuesday, a 16-year-old girl said main tried to force her into his car. she got away. two girls reported being stopped and asked for directions by a suspicious man on friday. they quickly walked away. police say the suspect has a piercing in one of his eyebrows and two piercings in his left ear. he has a baby on board placard on the driver's side. video of the occupy wall street protest going viral. on, it a u.s. marine vents his frustration with new york police for getting physical with protesters. take a look at this video. >> it does not make you cops to hurt these people. there is nothing tough about it. nothing. you want to go fight, go to iraq and afghanistan. stop hurting these people, man. why you got to do this to our people. i been to iraq 14 months for my
5:42 am
people. she don't have guns. i don't want you hurting these people. it doesn't make any sense. it doesn't make any sense. how did you sleep at night. >> you can feel the frustration there. sergeant thomas says he was at the occupy rally on october 5th and saw officers hitting people who he says were not antagonizing the police. that is why he is angry. he wrote on his youtube channel that he is not anti-police and that he has been discharged from the marines. a legal ruling against red light cameras. coming up next, details of a judge's decision in favor of some ticketed drivers. >> the latest on efforts to stop oil from gushing out of a sinking tanker ship. plus, we'll check the forecast. and julie has our traffic update coming up next. ♪
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we'll take a look down at the wilson branle right now and it is a little slow going because of all the water on the road. the rain is continuing to fall. it will be off and on throughout the day today. problems continue down in new zealand. there were hundreds of tons of oil that have already leak out of this ship. bad weather is making the clean- up more difficult.
5:46 am
the liberian ship could break apart t ran aground on a reef two week ago. spill has already killed more than 1,000 sea birds. storms have stopped the work to pump some 15 hon tons of the oil still on board that ship. >> they have quite a mess to clean up. you can see them hard at work there as well. as you mentioned, weather could be a problem. weather as problem here. we are not dealing with anything like that down there but weather could be a mess for our commute. >> yeah, definitely a messy commute. we've got rain today and in some spots, it is heavy y rain. we'll start by showing you that. not everybody is getting rain right now. we have a pretty big gap off to the south and east of the district but most of you are seeing rain showers this morning. we have had some spots of heavy rain. those seem to be moving out right now. here in this area, it is not raining. annapolis, chesapeake beach, waldorf, you are not getting rain right now. you will get more rain later on. here is washington. there is the beltway. heavy rain off to the north and
5:47 am
east. columbia, you've had a little bit of heavy rain come through. a couple of heavier rain showers here and there towards reston and south of leesburg. this motion will continue through the course of the morning hours and indeed during the course of the day. there may be some breaks in the precipitation but more rain will come through. let's take a look at the sentinel satellite-radar. here is the big picture. there is a lot going on here. we have this area of low pressure down to the south bringing this tropical moisture up into our region and a lot of moisture with this system along the coast of the crimes. you see some heavy rain there. offshore, even in our region, as you can tell, this is overplaying some of this a little bit. the hd radar didn't quite look like this. we have another frontal boundary, eye a cold front out to the west. it will be coming through. but not before a warm front comes through, believe are to not. very complicated but a warm front will come through later on today and then when the cold front come through, the concern is that the you wanter action
5:48 am
of that cooler air moving in with that warmer air in place could create some thunderstorms for us late are on in the day. futurecast, want to show you that. here is what we expect for see as far as precipitation goes. here we are wednesday morning, 5:00 a.m. we have the rain showers including some spots of heavy rain. this is not doing a particularly good job of depicting where that heavy rain is right now. then later on this morning, still some rain showers but we do have some gaps. still cloudy skies. i don't think we'll see anything in the way of sunshine. maybe a ray or two here or there. it looks like we'll have clouds all day. as the day progresses, periods of showers. that is what we're talking about even during the evening rush hour. we'll have some rainfall going on. this is not showing particularly heavy rain at that point and then it is during the overnight hours that we start to clear out including getting the clouds out of here by 4:00 tomorrow morning. we have clearing skies. end of precipitation. so the forecast for today looks like this. clouds, rain, rain and showers likely through the day. afternoon thunderstorms are possible.
5:49 am
high today about 6 # degrees. then for tonight, gradual clearing. rain showers during the evening. maybe even a couple of thunderstorms this evening. overnight, gradual clearing. 54 for your low as some of that cooler air begins to work its way in. tomorrow, we are only up into the mid-60s. it will be quite breezy tomorrow as well. friday and saturday, cooler conditions. highs only around 06 degrees or so and then back into the mid- 60s for sunday. so we'll see cooler temperatures than what we have been used to for quite some time. now, we've got julie wright standing by for an update on traffic. >> it is a road servicing project that went awry. that is what v-d.o.t. is describing it. only the left lane will get you by here. it was a cop crete patching job that took place overnight. something didn't go quite as planned so therefore only one left lane is getting by in the main line of northbound i-59 leaving dumb president headed up to the prince william parkway. this is going to impact the commute and feed into the
5:50 am
delays on a rainy day that we simply don't need. we've got to deal with it. coming out of fredericksburg and stafford this morning, plan your trip accordingly. remember route one, the two- lane road not going to be able to handle all that bailout. the hov rules still in effect. as you can clearly see, already starting to back up as you travel northbound out of dale city. let me continue further north on 395. accident activity here as you work your way up past duke street has traffic squeezing by single file to the left. as you are coming southbound along 27 0rbg the accident activity, we found it here at 307 blocking the right leap and the main line. -- as you are coming southbound along 270, the accident activity, we found it here at 307 blocking the right lane and the main line. a floarnl judge has ruled in favor of nine drivers who chal -- a florida judge has
5:51 am
ruled favor of nine drivers who challenged a red light camera ticket. other jumps have ruled again the drivers. attorneys say they will keep fighting against the cameras. time now for today's my fox half off deal which will got you to the airport with a discount on car service to either dulles or bwi from global sedan. $52,308 a one-with a trip to dulles. $65 for a one-way trip to bwi. if you would like more information, go to our web site at and look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. you were pretty excited about this game last night. >> gate game for the caps. >> regard start to the season for the caps. plus decision did i for the redskins, goes man or beck. we'll check in with the sports junkies coming up.
5:52 am
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to our facebook fan of the day right now, someone who calls himself mr. dog smith. he says he wants to hear some good news today like john beck will be starting in redskin game on sunday. >> we'll find out in a few hours. let's talk a little bit about it with the sports junkies right now. junkies join us from 106.7 the fan. good morning, guys. do we have the junkies this morning?
5:55 am
there they are. good morning. >> hello. >> what's happening. >> doing great. before we get to the redskins situation, i'm trying to understand this carson palmer trade and i say this because, when you look at quarterbacks that have been traded in the nfl recently, you look at the redskins sending jason campbell for a four round pick, donovan mcnabb for a sixth round pick and you get carson palmer that could go for potentially two first round picks. last i checked, carson palmer was no tom brady. this to me says if the redskins want to go get a quarterback somewhere else now, they have to trade their first round picks for the next 30 years. >> it is appear act of desperation bit oakland raiders and a win now mentality. they are 4-2. they got a great running game, good solid defense an i guess they are desperate for a quarterback once they lost jace son campbell. they get carson palmer. kudos to the bengals to get two first round picked for a guy they said they weren't going to trade.
5:56 am
>> it shows you how important the quarterback position is. they were left with bowler. they to h. to pay the price and get a real one. >> he is night premiere quarterback anymore. >> thank you. >> his best days are three or four years behind him. they didn't have a premiere quarterback before. they had a serviceable one. >> he is a huge upgrade over kyle bowler. you can't them to try to contend for the playoffs with him. is carson palmer what he was? no. >> can you imagine if this injury happened a week later. jot raiders would have been screwed because it would have been post-deadline and they would have been going with kyle bowler or someone else. it is a desperate move. >> carson palmer threw 20
5:57 am
interceptions last year. >> you kind of a punk move by carson pirm. he was under contract and he held them hostage. >> a great move by the cincinnati brass to be able to get anything for him. the redskins now, we'll get the decision later today. i say you got to go with rex grossman again simply because you put the faith in him as the starting quarterback. if he fails again, you pull him, he is done for the year but i think you got to give him the start on sunday. >> why? you are putting misguided faith in the guy who made a run to the super bowl back in the day but he is a guy who historically for every touch downhe throws he is going to they a pick and he turns the bull over at an alarming rate. >> but i think because you put faith in him and you picked him at the beginning of the year, you got to stick with this or you will flip-flop every game for the rest of the season. >> this is the spot they're in. frankly, he blame mike shanahan and bruce allen for this mess. they made a huge miscalculation in the off season that either grossman or beck could lead
5:58 am
this team to the playoffs. while it is still early and they are still 3-2, that is why we are in this mess. we have two losers. >> we're going to leave it on that. i'm not going to disagree with you there. we are back after. this it is the junkies at 106.7 the fan. we're back at 6:00 after this.  big!
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