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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 19, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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away. >> that doesn't look dry or rotted or anything. i don't know what could have done it. if it had been laden with wet snow or ice or something. >> reporter: just a few blocks from where ben lost his life his favorite pub and this is where his friends are gathering to remember him. >> right now i'm just trying to wrap my head around it. i just lost my best friend and i just kind of feel a little lost. >> reporter: who can blame her? monica forker was just one of many friends who were more like ben's family members. some of the crowd gathered here and worked together at the health and fitness industry with ben. >> he was an amazing trainer amazing friend and just had so much love within him and he was going to take that to yoga. >> reporter: ben had no shortage of energy and no shortage of people he touched so deeply. he dated colleen crinnion for a couple of years and they remained close. >> he was really one of my best friends. i could talk to him any time of day about anything.
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>> reporter: colcolleen believes ben still listening. >> and here is a toast to my favorite ex-boyfriend and one of my very very very best friends. >> reporter: ben's landlord happened to be walking by this morning and found him and performed cpr. a city official did and checking for me and told me where that tree is located. it's public space that area between the sidewalk and the street. mrs. mitchell who we heard from, the nature says she's never filed any complaints or requests to have that tree trimmed back shawn. >> such a bizarre accident. does ben have any family members? >> reporter: i'm told he's an only child, shawn and ben lost his father six weeks ago so now his mother in florida has to bury her son next. >> will thomas thank you. another big story we are following tonight disturbing details emerging in court on the murder of a 12-year-old gaithersburg girl. prosecutors reveal that jessica
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nguyen was stabbed 40 times and left to die on the basement of her home. the accused killer is her stepfather. bob barnard has the story tonight. >> reporter: jessica nguyen's mother and other relatives left the district court this afternoon. moments earlier a judge ordered david hang, held without bond charged with murdering his stepdaughter. >> what bothers me is you have somebody as cold and heartless as and would kill an innocent child and had nothing to do with whatever issues he had. >> reporter: it was a brutal crime, worse than we could imagine, prosecutors saying jessica was stabbed more than 40 times, her body found on the floor of a basement bedroom at the family's town house on raven avenue in gaithersburg. for five months, police had little to tell the community. >> they didn't have any idea what happened, who did it, and that's what scared me about it and i think would scare anybody else. >> reporter: now, prosecutors say they have a motive for the
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killing believing jessica was butchered because suspect hang was mad at her mother. >> he was married as part of an arranged marriage to defeat some immigration problems that she was having years ago and there was some money that was paid for that arrangement. >> reporter: but she would not divorce hang who was arrested at this apartment complex in gaithersburg, where he was living with a new wife. prosecutors say hang hadn't lived in the raven avenue home for five years, but still had a key and allegedly left a knife sheath with his dna on it near jessica's body. >> we do believe that the knife was the murder weapon, yes. >> reporter: have you found it? >> we have not found it yet. >> reporter: but police say they have collected boot prints from the murder scene that match a pair hang owned and cell phone records showing he was in the area the afternoon of may 31st. >> it was over time that we were able to gather that additional evidence that really put him as
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the prime suspect. >> reporter: in court this afternoon the 42-year-old suspect sobbed, proclaiming his innocence. >> i was with you when i watched it, i am not going to characterize why he acted the way he did. >> he said i didn't do that. >> i heard that. resolving this matter is for another day. >> reporter: in rockville bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> jessica's family did not want to speak with reporters after the bond hearing today. a montgomery county official tells us david hang was fired from his job as a ride on bus driver after his arrest yesterday. a montgomery county special education teacher charged with child sex offenses. 28-year-old jeremy brown teaches children with autism at meadow hall elementary school in rockville. police say he posted in online chat rooms in 2010 and contacted undercover officers who were posing as 14-year-old girls. brown is accused with having sexually oriented conversations
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with them and showing inappropriate images on a web cam and investigators claim he had inappropriate images of young girls on his computer. the fox 5 storm force is keeping an eye on the wet weather tonight. in fact, it rained on and off all day today. here's a live look where the streets look wet. let's check in with sue palka in the weather center. are we in the clear? >> not quite yet but it's not very wet out there now. we've got drizzle and areas of fog and very light showers. we have vipir behind me because i want you to see the bulk of the really heavy stuff through ohio that will be pushing up through the great lakes but the front associated with that will swing through tonight. very weird out right now temperature is close to 70 degrees. i'll take you to sentinel radar because we have the muggy night and the drizzle but not much left in the way of showers. had we had the thunderstorms today, they may have been able to reach high into the atmosphere and tap some very strong winds.
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we will feel those winds later on tonight but hopefully not with a lot of thunder. what's more substantial is crossing the bay, moving to the northeast towards chrisfield and salisbury. not much left tonight, just a couple of showers, but as i give you that wider view you can see the low pressure spinning through the ohio valley and that will be moving to the north. as it does that it will drive a front through and change things up tomorrow. your forecast tonight, a few showers and drizzle, and a gusty wind will develop, and we're going to drop from near 70 down to 60 degrees. the wind will be with us during the day tomorrow, dryer conditions, but temperatures are going to be dropping. we'll talk more about that and it's time to start looking toward the weekend. we'll do that with the full forecast coming up. the state of the skins the talk of the town tonight. coach shanahan made the call for sunday and feldy is here for the latest on the controversy. >> reporter: maybe it's over for awhile we'll know, because
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the answer is john beck, only four nfl starts four years ago, but today, mike shanahan says he believes beck could be the guy to carry the skins in the future. we certainly know he's the present. as shanahan said it's not like great quarterbacks are falling out of trees. number 8's rex gross man at today's rainy practice. grossman ranked in the fourth quarter on sunday, a loss to the eagles. and now beck will get a chance. the same beck that spoke like he was the starter in the offseason and the same beck that mike shanahan fell in love with when he came out of byu in '07 and now it's beck's job to lose. >> i've got a lot of confidence in john beck because he has that mobility and a strong arm. i'm not going to put him in the hall of fame yet but i believe he has a lot of talent and just as he showed in the fourth quarter, hopefully he can keep on doing that and we can see
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some of his mobility help us out as well. >> things change in the blink of an eye and you always have got to be ready and i'm just trying to move forward with this opportunity to do the very best that i can. i was hoping the day would come when i would get the opportunity but like i said, i just never knew, and over these last six weeks, i've just been trying to prepare myself for if it did happen and now the preparation will come into play. >> i was frustrated. not completely surprised but you know, disappointed that i wasn't able to you know come back off that game. >> does it make sentimental that you feel a little sorry for rex grossman? i don't know if he has a cold because he was sniveling but you feel bad for the kid. >> anybody in that position you feel for. >> and john beck you feel good for because he gets a chance and he was the guy a lot of people thought would get it. the best job you can have with
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any nfl team is the backup quarterback. anybody loves you because you're perfect and you can come in and only be a savior. he'll have a long leash because they just changed quarterbacks. they won't want to make another change. >> i hope not. >> so i think he'll get a chance to really show what he can do. by the way, 21 different quarterbacks for the redskins in the last 19 years. >> that's something so crazy to me mid-season too, you know. >> we've been waiting awhile for some stability. >> mcnabb got yanked today in minnesota. >> oh, wow. >> back to back years of mcnabb losing his starting job. >> thank you feldy. still to come on fox 5 news, it is being called a safari in the suburbs lions tigers and bears, some of the exotic animals on the loose in ohio. police turned into big game hunters. tonight, we have an update on the community held hostage. plus, this man killed in a crash involving a teenager talking on her cell phone. the outcome of her court case is leaving some people stunned.
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>> a sad ending to a strange story out of ohio. dozens of exotic animals were set free from a wild life preserve. their owner released them into the community and took his own life. police captured a few of the animals but had to put down 48 lions, tigers and other beasts. mike tobin has the latest. >> reporter: grizzlies, lions even tigers shot by sheriff's deputies in the dead of night, in such proximity that the lives of the deputies were at risk. >> i had deputies that had to shoot animals with their side arms at close range. that's how volatile this situation was. we are not talking about your normal everyday house cat or dog. these are 300 pound bengal tigers that we have had to put down. >> reporter: 18 bengal tigers were killed, a tragedy by jack hanna of the columbus zoo given there are only 1400 left in the wild but he say done had to be done. the safety of people takes precedence over animals.
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>> it's not just the nightmare. it's like noah's ark wrecking here in ohio. >> reporter: one veterinarian tried to tranquilize a tiger but when she darted it, the tiger was unaffected by the drug and ultimately the tiger was shot and killed. >> you can train a wild animal but can never tame a wild animal. >> reporter: terry thompson was found dead on his property and autopsy results are not back. it's believed he opened the cages and then killed himself. locals went into lockdown after they were told by sheriff's deputies to stay indoors and keep their children and animals inside. classes were canceled at three local school districts. ultimately, 48 exotic animals were shot and killed by officers using everything from handguns to high-powered scopes. thomas was already known to law enforcement and have received numerous complaints since 2004 about animals on his property and he was released after jail from serving one year with a
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firearm. animal rights advocates say this never should have been allowed to happen. >> we have regulations governor strickland wrote them and governor casey dropped them. they're trying to get it taken care of. >> reporter: the governor tells fox news he wants to do legislation that will eliminate the sale of exotic animals in the buck eye state. there's one monkey still unaccounted for but jack hanna of the zoo says he believes a larger predator ate that monkey. regional first responders want to make sure they can handle a mass casualty situation so they held a special drill today. not only did the drill involve fire and rescue departments but also local hospitals. one of the key elements of this response seven ambulance busses that can handle dozens of patients. >> there are seven of them currently in the region and each has a capacity of 26 littered patients. this will assist the prehospital providers in moving minor injured patients all the way through critically injured and
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ill patients out of the region to receiving hospitals or in the regions to treatment and triage areas. >> the department of defense and the university for maryland center for health and homeland security organized today's drill. new tonight, a not guilty verdict for the teenager accused of vehicular manslaughter for a crash she caused while talking on her phone. as fox 5's wisdom martin reports tonight she will pay a fine. >> reporter: the verdict is in and the jury has decided that the teenager who admitted to talking on the phone when she caused a fatal accident last year is not guilty. instead of going to jail, she will have a $500 and one point on her driver's license. the accident happened may 15 2010, when ronda callahan with and her husband were on the way to a classic car show in maryland. they were heading north on 301 in their 1934 chevy car. out of nowhere a woman ran through a stop sign at 301 central avenue and crashed into the couple.
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ronda's husband was killed. she spent the next few weeks fighting for her life in the hospital. investigators later determined the 18-year-old who caused the accident was talking on a cell phone at the time. >> we're hoping by this case going to court we're bringing awareness to people that this is what can happen. i would really hate for something like this to happen to your family. we thought it could never happen to ours. we lost a father we lost a son-in-law, we lost a brother we lost a business associate. i lost my husband. i lost my best friend in this. >> reporter: state's attorney angela also says this case is an example of what needs to go before legislature to enforce tougher laws had it comes to distracted drivers. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the skins' quarterback controversy has plenty of people talking and tonight, the players are weighing in on who will start this weekend's game against the panthers. reaction straight from the locker room when we come back.
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>> hello again. jek john beck is in rex grossman is out. shanahan made the announcement today. he told beck and grossman yesterday. for the first time in over a month beck worked out with the first team offense. he said during the offseason he would be the guy. mike shanahan spoke like beck would be the guy and he picked rex grossman and now he's picking beck for real. >> i'm going to give john a chance to see what he can do. i believe in both guys. you're one play away from being a starter. it's always a tough decision to make but doing what john did in that game with some of our guys and his mobility and with some of his offensive linemen out, i believe he deserves a chance to
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show what he can do. >> definitely excited. you never know when your opportunity will come and you always got to stay ready and i've tried to do that, you know and just want to go out there and perform my best. >> anytime that you don't produce enough points and statistics, it leaves room for you know judgment. so i had an opportunity to make it clear as day and it wasn't. >> as for the rest of the team let's start with wide receiver santana moss who publicly backed grossman on monday. >> whatever coach decides to do we'll go with it. i told y'all on monday that we had two quarterbacks that we were very confident in, and we know when the decision was made whoever was going to start and whoever was going to play, we were going to have to go with it and that's how i feel. >> we feel comfortable with rex and players. i know other receivers. we feel comfortable with john as
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well so we're looking forward to playing with john and moving forward. >> chris cooley had surgery on his broken left index finger today. also dealing with a left knee scenario, and mike shanahan said cooley will meet with a doctor on sunday to determine whether he will return this season. rex grossman was not the only quarterback benched today. with the vikings off to a 1-5 start, coach leslie frasier announce that former redskins' donovan mcnabb will be replaced by ponder for the rest of the season. this year, he was benched after six games. the cardinals hosting the rangers. bottom of the 4th no score. lance berkman with two on, the base hit just inside right field. poolhall scores, followed by matt holliday to give them a 2-0
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lead. another look shows it was actually foul, landing to the right of the line. bottom of the 6th tied 2-2 fly ball to the right nelson cruz cannot make the catch. david frieze scored what proved to be the game winner. game 2 tomorrow, 8:00 on fox. dc united hosting portland. united needing to win to keep playoff hosts alive. he spins and scores with the left footed boot his 16th goal of the season, game tied 1-1. 89th minute still 1-1 perkins comes out of the net crosses it to snyder, who heads it in. but he is off sides no goal. united and portland play to a 1-1 draw that eliminates dc united from the postseason. >> that's bad news for them. >> read all about it in duh
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magazine. it's getting late. it's late. >> it's almost midnight. >> i was just expressing my imagination. that wasn't very nice. >> for all the hate mail that love shawn, it was a joke. the nba and its players union met today for the second round nine hours of talks. they're going to meet again tomorrow. no progress, we might not have an nba season. >> all right. >> do you care if we have an nba season. >> yes, we need an nba season. >> i like basketball. >> it was a joke. >> bye-bye. >> what she said. thanks feldy. all right. in other news tonight a new twist in the search for a missing 10-month-old as police turn the spot light on her parents. new details about the hours just before police say a man killed this 11-year-old germantown boy. the new clues putting the pieces together. >> the topic tonight, ethics and the dc city council.
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>> and now "that's my take" with wttg vice president and general manager, duffy dyer. >> recently, the the dc city council voted 12-1 against the creation of an emergency ethics reform task force. several of the members who voted against the measure sponsored by councilman at large vincent orange, said that a more comprehensive approach is needed. okay, that's fine. here's some input. somebody better do something about ethics reform and do it fast. a february 2011 of city councils in major cities founded that the dc council members are the second highest paid city council in the nation. only los angeles pays more. on a per resident basis washington dc spends the most on its city council. so one would think we could find and elect a council that would serve our needs in a competent and honest manner.
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the citizens of the district of columbia have been inundated with revelation after revelation of improper and unethical and possibly illegal actions. some of them concern kwame brown's request for an suv and that his campaign funnel money to a firm operated by his brother. and the use of city funds ear marked for the development of use sports used for a car purchase and a golf outing. with all the revelations coming to life it's no surprise they are saying we are losing our moral authority to govern. so why do we the voting public, let this go on? well, given recent voter turnout it would appear that we just don't care. on april 26th of this year in a special election for several offices, including an at large
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seat only 10% of registered voters turned out to put vincent orange in office. in an important primary last september, only 37% of registered voters showed up to cast their vote. the next time dc voters get a chance to improve on this record is primary date april 3, 2012. six council seats will be on the ballot, two at large and seats in ward 4 7 and 8. washington dc is a great city and the citizens deserve elected officials that can be trusted to act above the law and in the city's best interest but we have to get involved. we at fox 5 news intend to keep a spot light on this for voters when you go to the polls april 3. that's my take. what's yours sn send me an e-mail at tmt @
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