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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a dictate or is dead. >> and this morning, reaction is coming in from around the world. fox 5 morning news continues right now. 6:00 right now on this friday morning. it's october 21st. and let me say again, friday morning. >> woo-hoo! >> we made it through the week. >> all right. >> chilly out there and we can deal with that. it's friday morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve cheveney.
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>> i'm sarah sim opposite. >> and light say hello to tony perkins. >> it's fine and chilly out and it's fall. we're heading towards late october and here we go. temperatures have take know a dip and let's look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the satellite radar. our skies this morning are mostly clear. a mostly clear, crisp, cool morning on tap for your friday and not much to stay and we should be dry the next few days here in the washington area and some current conditions reported through the region and in the 40s at reagan national and some webs out of the southwest at 7 -- winds out of the southwest at 7 miles an hour and there is some clouds here and there and a cool day, not as breezy as it was yesterday. the highs in the low 60s. 60 in germantown; 63, fredericksburg; 62 in the district. more on the forecast coming up
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in just a bit. >> all right, hopefully the ride on the beltway will be a breeze this mother. and we have some problems right now, according to metro rail. it's unscheduled track maintenance and that is what is going to affection your commute on metro's blue-yellow line. unscheduled track work, if you will, a figging the commute on both -- affecting the commute on both the blue and yellow line this mother. no incidents on new york avenue, leaving northeast to northwest and mark brunswick line service has been suspended in germantown for those travelling on trains 8 seven and 890. the police are in search of a suspect in the area of the germantown and again, some mark brunswick train service is suspended for those travelling on that and there is no problems to report and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. thank you, we go to libya first. people are celebrating the
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death of moammar daguffey and. >> we have -- we have -- we have more now from sherri ly. >> reporter: celebrations erupted yesterday and following the death of ghadafi. that marks a victory for president obama and brings an end to his 42-year reign of terror. the last pastion to fall in the revolutionaries and they panted an inscription that reads this is the place where the rat ghadafi was hiding and in an hour, he was killed with a gun shot to the head and the death of the dictator came as welcome news around the world. >> the world is rid of one more dictator, a good thing for libya and the middle east. >> it's a die of triumph of the
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human spirit and i want to pay tribute to the hundreds -- thousands of libyans who, with courage, fought for freedom in their nation. >> i'm proud of the work we did on this operation. most importantly, i'm proud of what the lybian people have achieved. >> reporter: u.n. human rights officials, though, are calling for an investigation into ghadafi's death. he was initially captured wounded and still alive. ghadafi was expected to be buried today in an unmarked grade grave and libyan officials are saying his burial will be delayed so an international criminal court can look into his deg. >> the most infamous act was when he ordered the plane filled with americans blown up in 1988, over lockerbie
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scotland; elizabeth and her husband had drove to new york from bethesda to pick up their son nicolas. >> and still to this day how many years later? and i still -- can't believe that we went through this. i am happy to say. it may be the end of this vigil we have had. >> a portrait of nicolas on a mountain top was a sign to her that he was okay. it blew out of the plane and landed in a farmer's field completely untouched. alexandrea police briefly stopped a metro train to search for a shooting suspect. they say the victim was shot after 10 last night. he was taken to the hospital and is listed in serious condition. the police believe the shooting suspect may have boarded a metro train at the braddock stop but turned up emty and the
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suspect is -- empty and the suspect is on the loose. stabbed in the ear, the police were called to that scene last night. they have not identified the victim and there is no word on a suspect or police released surveillance video in the hopes it will help them solve a deadly shooting on board the metro bus. demetrious thompson is on the way home from his father's house when he was shot after midnight on thursday. the video shows two men getting on to the bus here and pointing at someone or something and shortly after, he stumbled off of the bus and collapsed. if you have any information, call d.c. police. >> a bristol company is pleading guilty of putting their three young dugs behind the dry wall they nailed a large piece of drywall in the doorway of the bedroom stow the children can not get out. they did it because they need aid break. they each pleaded guilty to
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three counts of felony child abuse and neglect. sentencing in is -- is in january. coming up next, his ideas changed technology as he know -- as we know it. and applied the innovation to fighting the disease that took his life. a new book on steve jobs and details -- details of how he faced cancer. >> president obama facing continued opposition from the republicans. the latest on that is next.
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>> making headlines, the senate last night rejected part of the legislation aimed at helping teachers and firefighters keep their jobs. the 50/50 vote was well short of the 60 required to prevent a republican philly buster and this is the second -- filibuster and this is the second time they turned it down. and. more people struggling in the d.c. region because of the recession. our region has it good compared
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to the left of the country. the washington region has the lowest poverty rate among manor urban areas and the census bureau said 8 1/2% of local residents lived in poverty in 2010, up from 2007 before the recession and just about half the national poverty rate of 15%. those interested in learning about the life of steve jobs started on monday. what a new biography will be published. according to "the new york times," the book includes details about the marriage, his relationship with the sister and his business dealings and illness. this describes the decision to put off surgery for months and rely on aca puncture and herb alremedies distressing family, friends, and positions. the author conducted more than 40 introduces with jobs over a two-year period. >> still ahead, what a new study said about the impact of makeup on a woman's image at work. >> and checking in with tony again and a look of what is
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shaping up to be a nice weekend forecast. grab a jacket and city tuned. fox 5 morning news will be back after this. @@@@
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>> all righty. 6:15 right now on a friday morning and there is a look at the wilson bridge this morning and traffic is moving good this morning. >> yeah. >> and a little bit. i know that. julie wright is using the seat warmers this morning and i turned them on for a bit. >> did you really? i had leather seats, though. >> you know what i hate this time of the year, though, speak of that. in the afternoon, it's nice and warm and then i get in the car in the morning and the air conditioner is still cranked and blasting with the cold air. >> what is this? [ laughter ] >> and, you know, people are -- some folks will use a little bit of both. >> uh. >> and that is not going to be hot. temperatures in the 60s later on and i just roll the windows down and enjoy the fresh air. >> yeah. >> and let it flow through your
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hair. >> that's right, in slow motion. all right, let's look at what is going out there. here's your weather headlines for the day and recall is for the morning. breezy and crisp. yes, a fall day out. there and it feels like it. it's a cool start to the day. check out the temperatures. right now, we're in the 40s and dropping off a bit. 47 degrees now in washington. 49 in annapolis. as they dropped off. dulles is at 42; winchester, 48 degrees and to the north and east. baltimore at 47 degrees this morning. stevensville is at 50 degrees and definitely a cool start to the day and some winds are not strong, blowing between 5 and 12 miles an hour. the satellite radar composite, an area of low pressure over the great lakes and continuing to pull out to the north and cods across portions of canada and some rain. not a lot and you can see the skies are becoming mostly clear right around our region here in
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maryland, pennsylvania, places like that and into ohio as well and going to see some sunshine. there are some clouds that could make their way in here and we're going call it a partly sunny and dry day and with that low moving away, the winds diminish, too. partly sunny skies, a cool afternoon and 62 did for the high, and not gusting up to 35 or 40. partly cloudy skies, cool overnight, 46 degrees for the low in town and that five-day forecast, the weekend looks good and it will be cool. the temperatures below normal and a very nice weekend. lots of sunshine, 63 for the high on saturday; 65, sunday, monday and today look to be good as well. that is it. here's julie wright with more.
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>> and in germantown, the trains are moving again and along the trains 870 and 890 and moving through germantown and that is a different story. unscheduled track maintenance is what is tying up the commute and that is going to affect your drive and into lafont plaza and pentagon city and some additional time needed. to the west on 66, lanes are open, no incidents to report from 234 and centreville, going from 54, 58 miles per hour and still in good shape there and northbound to ye why i 95 and out of -- i-95 out of woodbridge, continuing northbound and 63 miles an hour approaching 234 cup frys and 58 miles an hour there in dale city and there is no incidents to report and to 3ive in and duke street, lanes are open. the light traffic volume here and lanes are open on the top stretch and passing by
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colesville road and going west of university boulevard and to georgia avenue. >> and in metro this weekend, the metro will cause delays on the red, blue, green and yellow lines. the rhode island and metro stay will be closed. the trains between stadium armory and addison road will share one track and on the green and yellow lines, they will also. >> coming up next, we're going go live to new york and fox business network and a look at how the death of moammar ghadafi could impact the oil market. and women may want to look at the makeup routine. that is done a by -- in a study. women who wore more makeup without overdoing it were likely to be considered competent compared to they wear bare or natural face. the study was paid for by proctor & gamble, the company
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behind cover girl and dolce and gabana makeup.
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>> coming up on 6:23 now on this friday morning, the death of moammar gagave will impact the -- moammar ghadafi will impact the world's oil spay. and we welcome lawrence on this friday morning happy friday, lauren. >> happy friday. we made it. >> and made it through another aid crazy day of training, too. what is going? >> red, green, red, green, ending mix. the dow is up 37 pones in then, the nasdaq downsized the -- 37 points in the then and the nasdaq downsized. we have lots of green arrows, european shares are hire and the reason is that there is confidence they will reach a deal on that on sunday. another one is expected to come
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midmid-way during next week. >> and the big news continues to be that of what is happening in northern africa and libya. the death of moammar ghadafi and what does this mean now that he's dead as far as what we're looking for as far as oil? >> yeah. libya is the large of the oil producer in africa. , unfortunately, the u.s. does not get the crude that comes from libya. it goes mostly to europe is more expensive. the overall oil market has been so jittery since february when the protests began in libya and nearly 2 million barrels of oil was taken off of the market. in the meantime, we saw the u.s. take 30 million barrels of oil out of the emergency stock pile and put that on the market and trying to quell concerns. as libya ramps up product, it's expected to take months to do that and we expect if the economy to stay the way it is, the oil prices to come on down
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and gas prices. >> that would be nice from a european economy these days. >> thank you, 6:24. >> sure. >> we'll see on you monday. and we continue to follow developments in the death of moammar ghadafi. up next the reaction as celebrations continue on the streets of libya. >> and this is going to be a big day for john beck and to charlotte. a lot of pressure. the team takes the trip down to carolinas. 6:25. 
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>> an amazingly close call for an australian mother and her children. it was all caught on camera. an out-of-control car came barreling through a storefront window with that bab inside. no one was -- baby inside. no one was hurt including the 17-month-old baby boy. the woman's daughter ran to get away from the accident. this was a newspaper store and it was extensively damaged. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. there needs to be an
6:29 am
advertise metfor the baby stroller. >> what jeff it is. >> there is the ad there. >> i know. >> and probably the greatest panic of your life and relief. a cool start to the day. if you getting the little ones ready for school, and put them in jackets. partly sunny once the sun comes up an hour from now, 7:23 and cool. temps at 42 and to 47 degrees. 47 here, 47 in baltimore; fredericksburg, 46 degrees; dulles airport is at a cool 42 degrees and the day planner for today, and that is going to be dry today and some clouds and sunshine moving through later on tonight. the highs in the low 60s and it will be a cool one. you may need a jacket or sweater today as you go on
6:30 am
about your business. i'm hearing you and -- >> who are you talking to, tony? the voices in your head. >> i'm being told something in my ear. >> it's going to be dry for the foreseeable future. >> yeah. >> and that is not just today. the weekend? >> yeah. >> and there is that disturbance next week that being bring rain showers north of here and that best chance is wednesday. >> i hear we're going to talk football later? >> yes n 15 minutes. today's edition of ask the weather guys, great, great question prompted all kinds of talkiest and -- talk yesterday and the research being done. we have a surprise about that and about quarterbacks and the frequency with which teams change their quarterbacks since the redskins are going through a change right now. >> all right. >> how common is it, that stuff? >> the redskins seem to be doing that lately. >> they do. no. and that is coming up in about
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15 minutes or so, 6:45 or so. we'll hit the ask the curt guy segment and -- the weather guy segment and let's get traffic from julie wright and hopefully it's a warmer commute. >> and this weekend, a lot of people this morning, holly morris is going to be at cox farm, a lot of people may want to go to this weekend. >> you going to promote everything? >> i am. >> and to promote everything in the show? >> why not. >> we were told to stretch. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] >> the secret. >> the boxing hope now. >> i want to meg this. during the -- mention this. i'm talking to miss america during the 9:00 hour. >> and how about that? >> you just now brought it june. fantastic. >> and allen will join us in a few minutes. you have the heater cranked? >> i'm sorry.
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>> did you finish your breakfast? have a good meal? >> i had a good mell. >> on the radio? >> -- good meal. >> on the radio? >> i had some breakfast and on the radio? i'm lucky to come up here once in a while. here we go, on the roads this morning, i believe the crew is going to be above a crash in montgomery county and as you travel between norwood drive and good hope road. the accident is reported here and, again, some traffic is able to get by and on that southbound side of the highway and one lane is -- one lane is opened at this time and we'll take it back inside. travelling the outter loop in montgomery county, the lanes are open and no incidents to report and to georgia avenue and 395, delays from duke street to the road. traffic volume is building and we're slowing here. no incidents to report. >> and thank you very much. >> let's go to what is happening in the world and
6:33 am
there is some wile celebrations going on. >> they're celebrating the death of the dictator who ruled libya for more than 40 years. sherri ly has the latest. >> reporter: despite the sell bray, human rights officials are -- celebrations, human rights officials are asking about his death. he was originally captureed and wounded and still alive. the rebels dragged him from a drainage -- drainage pipe. they paraded him through the streets and this is the place where the rat ghadafi was hiding they desplayed. he was captureed in his home town of sirte and killed the by rebels with a gun shot to the head and secretary of state's immediate reaction after getting the news. >> wow. huh we came, we saw, he died. >> i said at the outset this is a matter of days and not weeks.
6:34 am
>> he was expected to be buried later today and libyan officials say that will be delayed while an international criminal court investigates. later today, nato officials are expected to air the air -- end the air bombing campaign over the country, although forces may continue to keep up care controls until the situation there stabilizes. >> all right, thank you seen. >> here at home, though, today, d.c. mayor gray will ask fema for a disaster declaration for the district and this is to help pay for damage from the earthquake. the mayor made the announcement yesterday at the national cathedral and is asking for $22 million, 15 million would go towards remarries -- repairs at the cathedral. >> the epicenter of the august 23rd quake was louisa county, virginia, and fema rejected virginia's request for disaster aid for people dealing with damage there. yesterday, senator jim webb sent a letter to fema administrator craig fugate asking why the request was
6:35 am
rejected and what needs to happen to reverse that decision. 6:35 right now and the redskins take on the panthers in carolina. >> i wonder what is going to happy, dave. >> are you intrigued by this? >> i am intrigued by the drama. >> you should be and this is what fans were clamoring for since training camp. they wanted john beck the whole way and i think they're getting their wish and hope what they wish for is what we're hoping for, which is good performance out of john beck. this is what they like about john beck. a couple of things. the key and number one thing about the game that the coaches, i.e. the shanahans like, his mobility. that you're seeing here and this is what rex breezeman -- rex grossman doesn't do well. >> right. >> and they're going to need to run him a lot. they have three new guys starting on that offensive line this week. >> is that really a game plan you that want, to have your quarterback scramble something. >> going to have to -- scrambling?
6:36 am
>> going to have to and there is no other way earn it. they cape expect him to be a drop back pass and have some success. they will bot leg a lot with him and that is part of the became plan and that is what they hoping will happen this week. the players i spoke to on monday, clearly wanted rex grossman and on wednesday, this is what they had to say. >> i think we're pretty confident. he played well in preseason. just the fact that he hasn't had any end game this year and he hopes to stay calm and we expect him to do that. the expecting a, in the quarterback position and we expect -- expectation, the quarterback position and expect him to win. >> we seen it picked a part before and we fill like he knows what to do ask scout it.
6:37 am
things move faster and there is no repeat. -- hopefully he'll go out there and feel confident and get us a win. we need one. >> and i wouldn't say that is a glowing endorsement of john beck. what they're saying is what you do in practice is fine. what you do in a game is completely and utterly different. the game speed is ratcheted up. five notches. >> we don't know. >> we don't know. we're hoping and even there, that is what hall said. we're hoping. >> and let me tell you something, no matter what he thinks now, if armstrong gets the balls down had his way, he will love them. >> hoping. that is the key word. >> they have a big guy to stop on the other side. coming up next, some swash buckling fun, and scares and spy humor this weekend. kevin mccarthy is here to give us his take on the movies. coming up. 
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>> all right.
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we've got a scary movie, a spy comedy and, yes, another remake. they're all opening at the box office this weekend. the movie reviewer kevin mccarthy with 106.7 fm the fan is here now. >> how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> another unoriginal movie in hall. >> paranormal 3. judge question. >> what did you think of this one? >> let -- . >> yeah. >> what did you think of this one? >> this is not a joke. i reviewed the movie two years ago on this station. i didn't sleep right for three weeks after seeing the original paranormal activity. it has the same effect like the movie the shining and the exorcist had. i think not fall back to sleep. it was a movie that affected me. it affected meafter i left the theatre. >> are you sure it's not the rebel you drink? >> it was made for $15,000 came out in a time where we are so
6:42 am
inundated with bleed, disgusting, violent horror movies today, that you get away from the whole thing where you can scare people with the atmosphere and the aesthetics and shadows. that is what paranormal activity 1 did. two, not so much. tried to copy off of the first one and to three. you bring the directors in who directed "catfish." >> they had nothing to do with one or two? >> no. they're taking it back to the '80s, remember the character of katie in the first one, and we see her in the childhood he par happened in her house and sister and the mother's boyfriend had cameras around the house. it's fake and supposed to look like sound footage and what the directors have done is taken it back to the scares of the original. they tricked you. they know that you as an
6:43 am
audience member are prepared for certain scares. >> you feel it coming? >> yeah, they wait a couple of beats. >> i was in a crowded theatre, grown men were screaming. [ laughter ] >> i was screaming. >> we figured that. >> andy jumped out of my chair. no joe, 12 times and -- no joke, 12 times and i kept jumping out of the chair. you know if a friend jumps out and scares you? >> oh, yeah. >> and that is what this type of scare is i have a feeling if you're into big audiences and watching the film and having fun, this is your film. the last 15 minutes will ploy your mind. i am -- blow your mind. it's so scary. >> and what did you get? >> and that improves on all the problems in the second film that doesn't live up to the originality and 3 1/2 and 5 of paranormal activity 3. >> and what about johnny
6:44 am
english? this is a jet sequel? >> this is to a 2003, wowann atkinson, mr. bean. -- rowann atkinson, mr. beep. he's an austin powers meets james bond character and they bring him back in to take on a mission to -- and there is an assassination attempt on the chinese premier. he wants to only deal with johnny english. i wrote a blog on this on my website about trailers ruining films. i didn't watch the trailer for this movie and when i sat down, i was laughing and i liked the mixture of comedy and spy thriller. all of the scenes this i laughed at, nobody else was laughing at. i'm out of the theatre and they were like all of the scenes were in the trailer. that is why i was not laughing. if you think the trailers are movies, check it out. it's fun for the kids. >> and the family?
6:45 am
>> yeah. >> it's a james bond-like movie. i think it's fun and give it a three out of five. it's fun. >> on the remake scene again. >> right. >> three musketeers. how many remakes have we had this year? have you counseled that? >> and -- counted that? >> get this. i was doing research. the novel came out in 1844. if you look through the history of films, okay, there is nearly two dozen adapting as of this novel -- adaptations of this novel. >> right. >> across the world and in russia and france. there were tons of different reinterpretations of this novel. for all purposes, the most famous is in the '40s with jim and elraquel welch and charlie sheep and kiefer sutter lan and this is -- kiefer sutter lap. he's throwing in a matrix-style slow motion special effects 3d
6:46 am
adaptation of the novel. and this is the thing, though. i had a problem between the chemistry of the three musketeers, i didn't buy that one bit. the action is a gorgeous fill tom look at. i didn't follow it and -- gorgeous film to look at. i didn't follow it. i say stay away from it. >> not worth the money? >> no. stay away from this and check it out on rentals. to see a great movie in theatres, go see drive, the ides of march or 50/50. >> okay. >> go to the website, >> okay. >> paranormal activity 3 sounds like the best. >> very scary. >> back to you guys. >> you know what i want to you do for the website? >> and kevin has 15 by now. i want you to rank the best original movies in hollywood. >> oh,. >> and that is a great idea. >> yeah. >> and your take on the best original movie? >> i will do that next week.
6:47 am
find that on >> okay. >> and good stuff. >> and i would like to have a hidden camera in a movie theate when are he's watching. he's reactive to the movie. >> i want to see the tears on camer. >> that is the whole thing, the best. >> yeah. thanks, kevin. and let's jump in and show you the weather. >> okay. >> weather guy, a good one today and first, we'll talk about the temperatures. it's a cool start to the day. i'll tell you what, it's a good weekend to go to the movies, temps in the 60s for the daytime highs, 40s at night, 47 degrees in the district; 49 at quantico, virginia and 49 in annapolis, frederick, maryland, 48 degrees;en with chester, 48; monasses, 49 degrees. the first 30 on the map this morning and this is your sentinel satellite radar, things look good. look at all of the clear skies here and some rain, some clouds earlier and we'll get a few more. you can see some in west
6:48 am
virginia here and for the most part, the clear skies this morning and we'll see a good amount of sunshine with some clouds added in later. this is what the weekend is going to do. expect some clouds and still, it's going to be nice and cool, the high pressure is dominating meaning it will be a quiet weekend. check it out. saturday and sunday, a good amount of sunshine each day, the temperatures in the 60s. and so a very, very pleasant fall weekend. you're going like it. >> all right. >> excellent. >> yup. >> and that is a look at the weather. tucker barnes joins us again and it's time for ask the weather guy. >> wow. >> a segment where tucker barnes and i and sometimes others, put our heads together to ask the most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise, we love this question coming from matthew nickles. he wrote in about the quarterback changes for the redskins and said the answer is obvious but maybe it's not. he wants to know which nfl team
6:49 am
had the most starting quarterbacks, including the entire season since 1990? now washington, you know. we figured washington has to be up there. >> yeah, yeah. >> and there are some other teams as well and let me ask you, sarah. you're not a big football fan, are you? >> yeah, i follow a little bit. >> and -- you think washington has had the most quarterbacks since 1990? >> i don't think so. i think there has to be another one out there. >> another team start something. >> yeah. >> and there has to be. >> yeah. >> and before we answer this, we want -- tucker and i need to tip our hat to steve cheveney. >> yeah. >> the first time got involved. >> and that is a backstabbing compliment. >> no. >> this is the first time. >> no, this is what we -- .
6:50 am
>> and this is a question from steve. coming from you? >> no. >> oh. >> and tucker, we got the question, he came to me and said that is a great question. and then made he get a coffee. [ laughter ] >> and not doing anymore for you. >> let's get to it. >> your breakfast. >> you will notice something with is interesting here. the teams with the most starting quarterback since 1990 -- >> wait. wait. >> oakland raiders. >> heart. >> they're up there -- . >> that's right. they're up there. >> and i was surprised with the team with the most. >> i was, too. >> the bears. >> really? they have had 24 different starting quarterbacks since 1990s. >> and that is -- . >> 24 and 21 years. >> ia yeah. >> rex grossman and todd colins and shane matthews all played in chicago.
6:51 am
>> and some of these guys played for every nfl team. >> yeah. >> the redskins, of course, number two. >> and it will be 23 with the start ---- . >> and on sunday. >> right. >> and -- >> we have to play aing light here. the browns at 23, remember, they didn't is a team for three years. -- didn't have a team for three years. >> and they would be on top. >> absolutely right. >> they had no team in '96, '97, and '98. >> when i think about nfl dominance, i think about the cleveland browns. [ laughter ] >> and this -- . >> yeah. >> the flipside, go to the teams that have had the fewest starting quarterbacks during the 21 years, here they are, the packers. >> yeah. >> you know why? >> and the packers with 7, the giants with only 9 and the
6:52 am
steelers with only 10. >> uh-huh. >> and the texans with five. >> yeah. >> and earn since 2002. >> and i guess uck probably pull something from this. >> and the teams with the least seem to have had the most success. >> the packers have done well. >> and let's go through their names? >> and -- log-term redskins fan. your favorite redskin quarterback? >> and that is a tough one to answer. >> john breeze? >> dave ross. >> yeah. >> i go with joe -- . >> i am going to say joe. >> i love doug williams. >> yeah. >> and let me say this, i'm going go with joe because for me, growing up and i love sunny. i was young and not born. >> good, dave. >> and real quick. >> yeah. yes. >> and i guess that jeff
6:53 am
stetler didn't make the list. >> he is on the list. >> no, make your list of best quarterbacks? >> no. >> mitch canon had a good year and brad johnson. >> just here, i'm going read this quickly. you know, you forgot many of the people. john beck as of sunday. rex grossman, mcnabb, jason campbell, todd collins, mark brunell, patrick ramsey, tim hasselbeck, i forgot, that shape matthews, tone ewer veel, jeff george, played for everyone -- brad johnson, trent green, jeff hoff stetler, and he was supposed to be the man. we have to go. john freeze, harry conklin, jeff rutledge -- . >> and real quick, one bonus question. of the 35 winningest quarterbacks of al time -- of all-time, one is for the redskins. you know who it is? >> i don't know. >> donovan mcnabb.
6:54 am
>> very cool. >> he had so much fun with the question. >> thank you for the question. if you have a question that you want answered g to and click on the weather tab since dave ross is in the studio, i will let him know the cowboys the last 21 years have had 20 starting quarterbacks. right up there. >> wow. and light go to julie wright. what is going? >> i love right now, unfortunately, guys. we're -- and tied up right now omitro's blue-yellow line and there is some single tracking because of the unscheduled work and expect delays on the blue- yellow line respectively from lafont plaza to pentagon city and to arlington cemetery. inbound on route 50 this morning from the beltway to bladensburg road, a 15-minute trip, the lanes there and reported on the road and highway, follow police direction to get by and in fredericksburg, northbound i-95 and route 3. two lanes are tied up and expect delays travelling northbound from route 1 and eastbound, 66 tide up here in monasses, heading to
6:55 am
centerville. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and thank you, halloween is just 10 days away. >> right earn the corner. if you haven't found the perfect pumpkin yet, we'll help you out. next hour, holly is in centreville and is going to show us what you can find in one of the largest fall festivals in virginia. when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
6:56 am
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. we are going to have ourselves a pumpkin party. there's no better place to have it than in centerville, where they have the largest fall festival in the area. we are going to search for the perfect pumpkin. there's actually a pumpkin shortage this year. we're going carve pumpkins. we're going to cook pumpkins,
6:59 am
pies, doughnuts, and did i tell you that last weekend, sasha and malia obama were here. if it's good enough for the president's daughters, it should be good enough for everyone, don't you think? >> i think so. every year you go out there it's so much fun. thank you. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. ziggy, celebrating her 35th birthday tomorrow. happy birthday. she was also hoping to be the fan of the day for her special day and she's also hoping for a redskins win. we second that. want to be monday's fan of the day, find us on facebook, search for fox 5 and post a comment under zig e's photo. now over to allison who is joining steve. good morning. good morning. happy friday to you. thank you so much. coming up, on this friday morning, life in libya after the country's long time leader is killed. [sound of gunfire]


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