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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 22, 2011 11:30pm-11:45pm EDT

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deck. lead-off double by beltre. cruz with a flyball in to left. now the 1-1 to napoli. 2-1. these are two teams in the world series who had their bullpen really added to by their general managers. in the month of july in the case of the rangers, also in august with gonzale gonzalez. dotel came to the cardinals and he has been used a lot. as he fires a fastball for strike two. mark lowe is still getting loose. presumably he will be in, in the eight eighth. >> joe: that foul tip caught the mask of molina.
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dotel has been at it for a long time. this is his 12th game, his first world series. a big weapon for cardinals in the nlcs against ryan braun, the number three hitter for the bruschi. brewers. >> tim: lifetime, ryan braun struck out ten times against octavio dotel. i think it's like 18 at-bats. there are not too many guys that can get ryan braun that successfully. but dotel is one of them. what a player ryan braun has turned out to be. >> joe: a 2-2. full count. >> tim: we talked about albert pujols
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declaring free agencies. well, prince fielder also. it will be interesting to see where the two massive run-producers end up. >> joe: two guys in the n.l. central. here is a 3-2. that in to left. holliday drifts back to make the catch. tagging and scoring is beltre. it's 14-7. second sac fly tonight by napoli. like a football score you might see tomorrow on fox n.f.l. sunday, 14-7. major league baseball is proud to support boys and girls clubs of america. visit to see where great futures start. now david murphy with a bases empty, two out. fouls it away. s for lance lynn, 2-1/3, one run,
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three hits. a couple of walks, a couple of strike-outs and he did a nice job. a line driver ends the inning. caught by pujols off the bat of murphy sends us in the eighth. game three of the world series. cardinals lead by seven. ♪ [ male announcer ] a simple gesture can spark romance anytime.
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>> joe: the first post season appearance for mark lowe. there is what he did in the regular season. 52 games. record of 2-3. a good era. he will try to keep it a seven-run game as cardinals become a team with four consecutive multiple run innings. four in the third, four in the sixth, two in the seventh. berkman has been a part of all of that. a single in the fourth. walk and scored in the fifth. single this the sixth. the wind has really picked up. ball one. the storm is coming
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as we play here in the eighth. one ball, one strike. david freese on deck and then yadier molina for the cardinal club that is proving they can slug with the texas rangers. tigers could not. the tampa bay rays could not. it makes it 2-1. tonight the bullpen has been roughed up. ogando in just a third of an inning. four runs on three hits. 2-2.
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>> tim: to echo again the rangers bullpen 4-0 in the alcs. only the second time in 154 best four out of seven series where the bullpen won all the games. other time it was done was 1997 when cleveland did it against baltimore. >> joe: 2-2 fouled away. cleveland went on to the world series and lost to the florida marlins. and leyland's team. edgar rentaria, the game-winning hit in game seven. lowe gets the sign from torrealba.
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here comes a 2-2. berkman trying to reach for the fourth straight time and he popped it foul back here. >> joe: the cardinals came in hitting .203 as a team through two games of the world series. but scored 14 runs on 12 hit, popped three home runs. that is ball three. mark mcgwire in his second season of hitting coach has returned to the game. a good pitch. that is dropped down and away from lowe to get berkman to
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start the eighth. >> tim: it looks like a splitter or a changeup. really going down to get lance berkman. that was a split-finger fastball from mark lowe. good pitch. >> joe: that will bring in david freese. >> tim: the cardinals have a left-handed hitting instructor and a right-handed hitting instructor mark mcgwire. vy said for years and it's been my philosophy through years that every team should have a left-hand and a right-handed hitting instructor. i think left-handed hitters are different enough that they need someone who understands their swing. i'm not, this has nothing to do with mark mcgwire. >> joe: freese has got another hit. his second of the night. to go with a walk. he is on for the third time. >> tim: i think left-handed swings, in baseball, are so
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much more different than right-handed swings. that it should require a right-hander to understand the right-handed swing and the left-hander with the left-handed swing. >> joe: here is descalso coming in to run. that said, by a former left-handed hitting big leaguer. >> tim: for instance, as an example no, left hasn'ted hitter -- or few left-handed hitters can drive the ball to left center like a right-handed hit ker drive the ball to right center. a guy like albert pujols. we talked about eight guys on rangers and cardinals with power the other way. we talk about left-handed hitters who have power to left. >> joe: strike one to molina. >> tim: we asked tony la russa hearing a rumor that bob melvin, the manager of the oakland athletics was thinking about hiring his old buddy mike aldretti and tony said, "i hope
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so." giving a shot at a full-time job. not that his job now is not full-time but he is sharing it with mark mcgwire. he is the main guy. >> joe: the count is 0-2, on molina. the cardinals single game post season record with the 14 runs tonight. the starters, the combination of matt harrison and kyle lohse are long gone. harrison went 3-2/3. lohse went in to the fourth. didn't get an out. >> joe: ball one. jon jay has not been in on the bunt. he is 0-4 and waiting on deck. here is a 1-2. and left centerfield. that is down and
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will go all the way to the wall. descalso will score from first. it's another rbi double for molina. it's 15-7 here in the eighth. >> tim: the fourth rbi of the night for yadier molina. whose brothers bengie and jose were in st. louis. we have talked about it, the only three brothers to win world series rings. and yadier is trying to win his second. the pitch was up from low. descalso took over at a pinch runner scored easily. >> joe: now jay. ball one. watching mcgwire i got a chance to be around the team, the cardinals when
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mcgwire was playing and setting the home run record, back in 1998. he passed maris. he won a title with the a's back in '89, with tony la russa. i think in some ways the cardinal worse win this world series. he will get as much, maybe more in some ways out of it, because he has taken to coaching. it hasn't surprised la russa, but it might have surprised mark a little bit. he loves being around these young hitters. sharing what he learned as a hitter. >> tim: didn't think he would initially. >> joe: i don't think he knew what the reception would be getting back around the game of baseball. after the record-setting season. leaving with a bad knee and the


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