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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 23, 2011 11:00pm-12:30am EDT

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>> joe: this crowd lit up when they saw derek holland coming out of the dugout to try to finish game four. the last a. l. pitcher to throw a shutout in the world series with that gem tossed by jack morris in '91 against atlanta in game seven. strike 1 to punto. hamilton moves to left. craig gentry is in center.
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just inside, as he gets back to 96 on the radar gun. beltre. down on a knee. one out. >> tim: adrian beltre really comes into play because derek holland froze so many right-handed batters inside. and beltre is among the best. he can win yet another gold glove this year.
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>> joe: now furcal, who is hitless tonight and 2 out of 16 in this world series. chanting derek holland's name. strike 2. 2-2 from holland, who
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is really working rapidly. getting it, getting his sign, and bringing it. ball 3. and any hiccup, we will probably see feliz. >> tim: holland and napoli with great rhythm, cadence. a one-out walk. with the heart of the order coming up, the big bats, in a four-run game, that's going to be it.
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a 116-pitch night. no call yet.
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>> joe: look at all the smiles in the dugout for the work tonight of derek holland who threw 116 pitches. got into the ninth. went 8 1/3. only two hits, two walks. his last one ended his night. seven strikeouts. now it's neftali feliz. ball 1 high to allen craig. >> tim: that's where feliz was in st. louis. he pitched game two. he walked the first batter. you do not want to walk the first batter in this situation, orally any situation. but he was wild high
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with all his deliveries. >> joe: pujols on deck, then holliday, berkman, all the big bats are stacked up. >> tim: you have to take a pitch right here, make him get the ball down in the strike zone. >> joe: and he does. down and away. 3-0. now feliz goes behind the mound. you see the anguished looks on the faces of the fans here at the end of a long day of pro sports in arlington. 3-1.
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3-2. two on with one out. and allen craig never had to swing the bat. here is pujols. feliz, who is 6 for 6 during the postseason in save chances with an e.r.a. of just over 1. he's making it interesting here in the ninth.
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pujols hitless tonight. he goes after the first pitch. fly ball down the right-field line and moreland can't get there. >> tim: the rangers caught a break because nelson cruz was playing albert pujols so deeply in right field, he couldn't make the play. and obviously you have to respect the power of pujols. so the cardinals actually caught a break there with nelson cruz playing so deep in right field. >> joe: and he's back out there again. >> tim: yeah. i mean, you have to. >> joe: two on, one out. and a breaking ball from feliz is strike 2.
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pujols into center. gentry to his left. two outs. now the last chance for the cardinals is matt holliday. if he can get berkman to the plate. berkman would represent the tieing run. john daniels, the young general manager, who has done so well here with the rangers. ball 1 outside.
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>> tim: any way to reach first base, that's in holliday's mind right now. >> joe: it's 2-0. the guy on deck, berkman, hit 31 home runs during the regular season. 3-0.
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he will take one. >> tim: he may take another. >> joe: that pitch could have been up. >> tim: maybe. >> joe: and it's a full count. holliday spoiled the pitch. 99 from feliz.
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feliz means "happy" in spanish and these fans have been happy throughout. runners will go. and another foul from holliday on a 98 mile-an-hour fastball. >> tim: this is one-on-one baseball right here. holliday will only get fastballs. >> joe: game over! rangers win it, 4-0!
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napoli with a big swing of the night. and derek holland did his work from the mound through 8 1/3. two hits, no runs. no save for feliz. but this world series is tied two games a piece. >> tim: after derek holland, the biggest baseball day of his life. >> joe: and it was all heat from feliz.
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the best play of tonight's game brought to you by the audi a8. true greatness should never go unrecognized. in the sixth, first pitch, and napoli got on top and rode it out for a 3-1 shot and the 4-0 lead. that's how it ended. his third home run of this postseason, second of the world series. and it is our chevrolet world series postgame show, and we go down to the field and ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. derek, you had a number of nights like this during the regular season. not so much in the postseason. what was the difference tonight? >> i was very focused tonight and i knew this was a big game for us. i had to step up and made sure i was prepared. i was motivated from my start against the tigers. i didn't goos long as i wanted to so i did everything i could to get prepared.
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>> you had two notable conversations with ron washington. tell me what he said to you before the game in the dugout and the ninth inning on the mound. >> just making sure if i go in i'm not trying to hit him. it's not intentional, keep doing your normal game plan. if you hit them one of our guys will get hit, too. go in there and back them off the play and continue to pitch your game and obviously the second conversation i was beg to go stay out there. i told him i will give it everything i've got. i can get the double play, feeling good. just let me finish. if i don't get it, take me out and let nevin face pujols. >> the crowd was chanting your name and you got the huge ovation walking off the mound. >> it was huge. that's what i love about texas fans. they are in the game nonstop. they are roaring no matter what is going on. i came off the field, and my arm harrison was sticking up. not like i have much,
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but it was continuingfully and felt really good. >> he was been trying to throw the mustache for so long. now he's talking arm hair. what a day for the sports fans in arlington. hamilton and berkman went over to toss the coin. the cowboys beat the rams and then over here down the street, the rangers beat cardinals. one big swing by napoli and a lot of pitches from derek holland. back after this. 4-0, rangers.
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will federal el is in d.c. and bringing his famous friends along. get ready for what's coming. >> we'll see you after the game.
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>> chris: welcome back to the postgame show on fox. for the first time
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since 2003 when the yankees battled the florida marlins, the world series is tied at two games a piece. rangers the winner at game four, 4-0. hi, everybody, alongside eric karros and a.j. pierzynski of the white sox, i am chris rose. did you notice this is the first shutout since -- >> a.j.: '05, game four. houston astros. >> chris: he had his pompoms out all night. derek holland, you challenged him and it was like he was listening to you. >> a.j.: i think it was obvious. he had to go inside after what st. louis did to this pitching staff last night. that's what he did. you don't have to hit anybody but you have to throw you will throw inside. and this is just to keep them off the plate. then that opens up the outside part. ground ball to first.
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they can't dive over the plate. that ties up matt holliday. what does that do? it opens up the outside. derek holland before the game, ron washington told him in the interview, we heard him say, it's okay to go inside and if you hit somebody, you hit somebody. you can't pitch scared. what i mean by pitching scared, if a pitcher is out there and worried about hitting a pitcher, a hitter sentences that and you dig right in. but if you are a pitcher and you say, i don't care if i drill you in the ribs or get to that inside part of the plate everybody this is my plate. that's what derek holland established tonight. >> a.j.: derek holland was unbelievable tonight. he pitched the game of his life in the world series. and the texas offense, edwin jackson went out, had a good game, but seven walks. what does that do for you? it turns the lineup over. the rangers only went 1 for 8 with runners in scoring position. what was the one, though? mike napoli, three-run homer. they finally got to him. they finally got the hit. it wasn't off jackson, it was off boggs but
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they finished off edwin by being patient, working the count. only 59 strikes in 109 pitches. rangers did a great job of being patient, working, and finally come up with the huge hits. >> chris: it was all about the rangers tonight. we caught up with the rangers backstop, napoli. >> ken: mike, sixth inning, two on, one out. obvious double play situation. boggs came into the game. you hit the three-run homer. what was your mind set coming into the at-bat? >> i mean i knew he had a good sinker and trying to get me to hit into a ground ball. i was looking fastball, trying to get something up in the zone, and drive it somewhere. i got a pitch i could handle and did a good thing with it. >> ken: derek holland, what made him so successful tonight? >> getting strike 1. we preach to him all the time getting strike 1 so he can do different things and trying to keep hitters off balance. he did that tonight. mixed inside and had a good curveball. >> ken: you guys have
11:25 pm
a lot of fun with him. talk about his permit, what makes him usual, his personality? >> he's crazy. he's messing around all the time. he wears funny shirts all the time. he's a young kid. he acts like it at the park, and we enjoy him in the clubhouse. >> ken: series tied 2-2. williams -- wilson and carpenter tomorrow night. what do you think to see the rest of the way? >> he will have to follow up his good start last time and get out and play our style baseball. >> ken: mike, thank you very much. back to you. >> chris: guys, thank you very much. so first 2-2 series since 2003. it's something baseball has needed. we've seen it all. we've seen two three-run games, homers by pujols, great pitching by derek holland. what do you see home with a pair of aces on the mound. >> a.j.: a good pitching performance. chris carpenter, his last few starts in the postseason has been unbelievable. i think it will be a
11:26 pm
lot better pitching than the last couple nights. offense will struggle, even though we are here in arlington. >> eric: i think we've seen a blueprint. c.j. wilson can learn from derek holland and how he threw tonight. are you listening to in? i know it's not milwaukee, a.j., and i know it's not a home field advantage, but this place is rocking. >> chris: it is. we know one thing, that mustache that derek holland has, it lives a few more days. we might see him in game seven if we have one in st. louis. we are definitely heading back to st. louis wednesday night, but first things first we will see you tomorrow night for game five of the world series on fox. a quick reminder, coming up next, except on the west coast, the late local news. tomorrow night we bring you game five of the world series. from here in arlington, texas starting at 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central, 4:30 pacific. promotional consideration paid for by the following.
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for more information on tonight's became and the latest in major league baseball news, simply log on to powered by msn, the world's favorite sports night. for all our crew, this is chris rose saying so long from rangers ballpark. a huge day in the city of arlington, as the cowboys take care of business against the rams, and the rangers beat the cardinals. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪
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maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. the search is on for a suspect after a deadly shooting in northwest washington. it happened near the howard university campus, not long after the homecoming events wrapped up at the school. >> police say the victim was
11:32 pm
not a student. fox5's lauren demarco has the story. >> ma'am, can't come this way. >> reporter: a shot spotter device first alerted police to the gunfire. investigators say 20-year-old keenan lee was shot multiple times around 10:00 saturday night along georgia avenue. he did not survive. it happened steps from the school where students had been celebrating homecoming weekend. >> we went to the show last night, and we were on our way back, and usually we walk up georgia avenue, but it was blocked off. >> reporter: police say the victim was not a student or in any way involved with howard university. they believed the incident started with a verbal dispute between two men that turned physical. the suspect remains on the loose. >> people told us that something happened on that street and we should stay away. >> reporter: a spokesman for howard university says the school immediately issued e- mail and text alerts to the students, faculty and staff
11:33 pm
through its notification system, warning about the incident and asking everyone to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. everyone we spoke with on campus received that text message. you need to register for that part of the service. this incident should serve as an important reminder to do so. freshman taylor mcmillan says she will make a point to do this. >> i would like to know when stuff like this happens. >> reporter: students are being extra careful. >> don't be the person walking down the street. >> reporter: the description of the suspect is very vague, but investigators say they are interviewing possible witnesses. anyone with information in the case is asked to contact police. lauren demarco, fox 5 news. d.c. police arrested a man in a deadly shooting yesterday. investigators found the 40-year- old man dead, he was a cab
11:34 pm
driver. police arrested 20-year-old rashad sly. they have not announced a motive. redskins' fans were handed another disappointment today. >> this is a big game. fans were watching. it was the first game with the new starting quarterback. dave feldman has more. >> the new quarterback, john beck be looked pretty good. first nfl start in four years. the issue today was really the defense and the inability to contain cam newton and the offense. redskins trail 9-6. newton takes off running. he's pretty good when he does that. scores from 16 yards out. rushed for 59 yards. hightower injures his left knee. rushed for 88 yards and 17
11:35 pm
carries. x-rays were negative. another mri tomorrow. beck carries it himself. 4yards for the score. deficit cut to 16-13. fourth quarter, 23-13, newton on third and 16 goes deep to steve smith behind the defense. 36yards to the one to set up a touchdown. panthers up 30-13. over five to go. beck connects with davis. completed 22 of 37 for a career high, 279 yards. but that's as close as the skins get. they lose, 33-20. they are now 3-3. >> right now my gut is just, we didn't win. you know, i just want to win. that's the number one thing. however it can happen, i don't care if we run the ball 60 times a game and i only throw it once. i want to win. >> we need to focus on playing
11:36 pm
a full speed game. [inaudible] >> hightower will have an mri tomorrow on that knee, and fletcher left in the second half with a hamstring injury. not only did they lose, they got beat up a little bit. go they sure did. thank you. see you later on. how about we talk about something a little better? some of the funniest people on the planet are in d.c. tonight honoring a man who has made us have for many years. will ferrell. ♪ >> reporter: warming up the crowd, jack black changed the words a bit to a well known queen's song. ♪ will, will, will, will rock you ♪ >> reporter: like so many
11:37 pm
comedians, ferrell got his start on "saturday night live." >> i like big butts and i cannot lie. >> robert goulet here. >> reporter: after seven years there, his career exploded, as he landed the lead in many movies. he even started on broadway. >> extremely surreal. but you know, to be here and to be in d.c. the last couple of days. all these wonderful people speak on my behalf, it's incredible. >> reporter: a long line of stars were on hand at the kennedy center to cheer him on. current snl star andy sandberg says he watched ferrell in college. >> i think everyone working in comedy has owed something to will. he's like a force of nature. >> he's kicked ted knight off the top. ted knight was at absolutely the top. now that i know will, he takes it a few steps further.
11:38 pm
>> reporter: molly shannon has known ferrell long before they were famous. >> if you look at the list of incredible people who have received this prize, it makes me smile knowing will's agents and managers clearly bought this for him to make him happy. >> in real life he's quiet and shy and kind of reserved. >> i don't know if i'm shy, but i'm definitely not, you know, i'm just myself. whether i feel like being funny or not. that's the way i governor myself. i've never felt pressure to be on. yeah, i'm probably more studious. >> reporter: the kennedy center says as soon as ferrell was announced to receive tonight's prize, tickets sold out immediately. we were only able show you a few clips of the performance tonight, but it will be televised october 31st on pbs. at the kennedy center, matt ackland, fox 5 news.
11:39 pm
>> i hear he wants to reprize his role as ron burgandy. >> probably can't say it here. beautiful today. fall-like. down the road if you were watching previous newscasts, and i was here with you last night, going to get cold, huh? >> it is. the good news is we're going to warm up a little bit before we have to deal with too cool of a day. won't be all bad. it is typical fall weather. today, 64 degrees at national airport. 65 at dulles. 65degrees at baltimore airport. right now it's 54 at national. 51 at dulles. one to two degrees below where we should have been. clouds are rolling in. that will continue through the course of tonight. won't be all bad tomorrow. the clouds will linger through
11:40 pm
the early part of the morning day. tonight is will be mostly cloudy with light winds. 47degrees overnight low with a light southerly winds. there are changes in the five- day forecast, and the temperatures will change. we will definitely get a little bit of a warmup before we feel the coolness again. back to you. >> we'll focus on that. the glass is half full. thanks. a devastating earthquake in turkey leaves at least 100 people dead. >> the latest on the cleanup and what the international community is doing to help. the saudi crown prince has died. what this means for women in this country. those stories and more coming up on this late edition of fox 5 news at 10:00. we'll be right back.  
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the death toll in turkey stands at 138 after a major earthquake. the epicenter of the 7.2 quake was near the border of iran.
11:44 pm
officials were worried as many as 900 people were trapped beneath the rubble. president obama says the u.s. is ready to help. israel's president is also offering help. >> this is also how turkey reacted when we had the devastating forest fire and they sent planes to help us put out the fire. this is how we're reacting today. i think it's what neighbors should be doing. >> civilians and crews are digging through the rubble trying to find survivors. now that qaddafi is dead, the transitional council is beginning to take the first steps in forming a new government. david piper has more. a warning, some of the images are graphic. >> reporter: libya's new leader is declaring liberation and
11:45 pm
formal end to the civil war. this, three days after qaddafi's capture and death. >> the regime is gone. we have to look at the new feature. make sure he is finished and he is finished, gone, finished now. >> reporter: the council chair calling on libyaens to show patience and tolerance as libya begins the process of establishing a new government. >>(translator): we as a muslim nation take the shira law as basic source of law. >> reporter: also saying the laws which contradicts teachings of islam would be voided. meanwhile, an autopsy confirms that a gunshot wound to the head ended qaddafi's life. and there's pressure to investigate whether he killed by crossfire or whether rebels
11:46 pm
executed him. >> such an investigation would be important to establish accountability and rule of law. >> reporter: those leading the process of a post conflict transition in libya say a vote will take place during a year. david piper, fox news. some republicans are complaining the obama administration is bringing home too many troops from iraq at thend of the year. the administration announced last week all but a few hundred military trainers will leave iraq. the decision is partly because the iraqi leadership didn't agree to host the groups any longer. some gop leaders say the decision makes iraq too vulnerable to iran's influence. >> the president has fulfilled the commitment he made to the american people. we have also, under the president's leadership, fulfilled the commitment requested by the iraqis. >> at a time when we need troops in iraq to secure the
11:47 pm
place against intervention by iran and the bad actors in the region, we're going to go into 2012 with none. it was his job, the obama administration's job to end this well. they failed. >> secretary clinton says because combat troops will be gone does not mean there won't be a u.s. military presence. the bases she says will stay open and operating. the heir to the saudi arabiaen throne has died. prince nayef bin abdul aziz was 85 years old, suffering from colon cancer. there is pressure to replace the crown prince. that decision may be left up to a council. earlier we found an expert to give us more insight. >> joining us with more on the death of the saudi crown prince is an international relations professor at an american university. the crown prince was the man
11:48 pm
believed to be the heir to the saudi throne. the likely successor is the current prime minister. he is controversial. i understand he's against reforms especially for women the sultan supported. >> it's conservative, closed to that, some of the religious elements and religious leadership who are conservative. however, i remember also king abdullah when he took his post and before that he was also said to be very closed to that religious establishment in saudi arabia. but since then it has been prince -- the former prince, abdullah, who is now the king, who has been pushing for reforms in saudi arabia. >> very interesting. >> and has taken some important steps. i think while the prince has been seen as a hard liner, especially when it comes to fighting against al-qaida and some of the reforms that have
11:49 pm
been taking place, there are many who believe when he comes to power, then he's likely to change -- >> soften a bit? >> right. >> the crown prince served as defense minister for decades. the prince always wanted and had good ties with the united states. >> absolutely. i think the priss was a very close to the united states. he favored ideas maintains strong military ties, political ties with the united states. he was the one who pushed for also buying u.s. weapons and he favored maintaining a close relationship with washington. so this is something that probably is likely to continue regardless of who is going to get into that job. but of course, there are going to be questions as to who is going to take place -- the place of the saudi defense
11:50 pm
minister. will it be, for example, the son, or will it be his brother, who is currently the deputy minister? but i think that probably saudi arabia will continue the same policies when it comes to security issues, when it comes to realizes with the united states, regardless of which leader or which individual is going to be the new defense minister. >> professor, again, thank you for coming in tonight, giving us light on a subject that i guess a lot of us haven't talked much about. good insight from you, sir. >> thank you. the holiday season should bring hopes to americans looking for help. and it was a crime that shocked our area. now the woman accused of killing her coworker is about to go on trial. we have a preview.
11:51 pm
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retailers are hiring for the holidays. casey setting el reports. >> retailers are expected to rake in big bucks this holiday season. sales projected to grow by nearly 3% year compared to last. if that rings true, it means consumers will be shelling out about $466 billion over the next couple of months. many of the biggest retailers bulking up its staff, macy's for example will hire the most, looking to add about 78,000 temporary workers to the payroll, which is 4% more than last year. toys "r" us, the world's largest toy company, will hire roughly 40,000 as will kohl's department store, nearly 5% increase. >> the amount of hours they can expect to work is a few hours a
11:55 pm
week up to 20 hours a week. unloading of trucks, processing of freights, stocking on sales floor and cash register duties. >> retail isn't growing as fast, but it's a slow but sure process. sales will be on the rise 15 months in a row. the industry has added about 100,000 permanent jobs just in the last year. >> it's important to keep in mind just because you start off as a seasonal employee doesn't necessarily mean your job will end in january. if you do a great job, retailers, who are continuing to add permanent jobs, might look at you as a candidate for something long-term going forward. >> it's estimated nearly a half a million temporary workers will be added all around the country in the coming months, which could hopefully put a dent in the national
11:56 pm
unemployment rate of 9.1%. in los angeles, casey stegel, fox news. we'll take a look at the case of a woman accused of killing her coworker. a boy facing adult charges tonight. why the case is creating an international outcry, as we continue. ♪
11:57 pm
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trial of the woman accused of killing her coworker in bethesda begins tomorrow. >> brittany norwood is facing first degree murder charges. audrey barnes takes a look back. >> reporter: it was a crime that shocked the community. two women found tied up inside the apparel store last march. one of them already dead when
12:00 am
police arrived. the other, 21-year-old brittany norwood, told investigators they had been sexually abused by two men who killed murray. >> we had a conversation with dana, when she was helping us at the store. it was really unbelievable. like, sod to a month ago is now dead, so, i was shocked, especially here. >> reporter: the store was closed several weeks after the murder and renovated before it reopened. even so, it will be hard for people to forget what happened here. >> it was really scary just being in bethesda. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have plenty of forensic evidence against norwood, who they believed killed murray after she found stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. investigators say some of the strongest evidence against norwood may be recordings of her repeatedly changing her
12:01 am
story, possibly to cover her tracks. many said they planned to follow the trial to try and make sense of it all. >> it's a horrendous crime. i doubt it was an impulsive act. >> my age, you know, and it's so freaky and weird. i've been reading about it in the papers. >> reporter: others said they want to see justice served. >> seems like such a heinous crime. i want to make sure, and i'm sure everyone else does, justice is brought to jane and her family. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. one person killed overnight after a crash in charles county. police say 40-year-old eugene cancer was driving the wrong way down a one way road and his car crashed into another car. he was killed and two others
12:02 am
were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. a 2-year-old florida boy is dead, his 12-year-old brother accused of killing him and prosecutors have decided to charge him as an adult. that means he could be locked up for life. phil keating explains what's going on in jacksonville. >> reporter: wearing inmate orange and handcuffs, the 12- year-old is facing trial for intentionally killing his 2- year-old brother, david. he's being prosecuted as an adult for first degree murder. >> yes, i have compassion for christian fernandez. >> reporter: the grand jury found he used premeditation to kill his brother by shoving him so hard into the bookcase by causing massive internal bleeding. cause of death, homicide by blunt force trauma. allegedly he's confessed, but
12:03 am
what has created outrage is prosecutors won't treat him as a juvenile. >> he's just a kid. >> he's a child. he's got a baby face. he doesn't know. he doesn't understand this. >> reporter: according to the fbi and bureau of justice statistics, florida sends more children into adult prison than any other state. nearly 400 in 2009. followed by connecticut, north carolina, new york, arizona, and texas. complicating the case is the role of the children's mother, the 25-year-old. investigators say while the 2- year-old david lay unconscious at home, she searched on her laptop for at least four hours, checking her bank account, downloading music, before finally taking david to the hospital. she's also in jail, charged
12:04 am
with aggravated manslaughter of a child and felony child abuse. >> i think many would argue she's the most cul pable. >> reporter: one doctor told the police had the mother not waited so long, her 2-year-old may have survived and her 12- year-old wouldn't be charged with murder. today a new era began for the redskins on the road against the panthers. >> how did the john beck experiment turn out? dave feldman is next with sports. gwen? we have some clouds rolling in across the area. that will continue well into the overnight hours. what about your monday? will the sun return? i'll have the details coming up later. full forecast straight ahead. stay with us. we'll be back after the break.  
12:05 am
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eagles. today, lost to the 1-5 panthers. other teams are using the redskins as slump busters and that's not good. beck completed five of 12 passes in the first half. came alive in the second half. 4for 4. 81yards, including 24-
12:09 am
yard hook up to paulison. led to this, beck using his feet. takes off running for 4 yards. second rushing touchdown in as many weeks. 16-13. early fourth quarter, 23-13. cam newton, 2 yards for the score. newton passed for 256 yards and rushed for 59. just over five left. 7yards to fred davis. redskins fall to the panthers, 33-20. lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: eight days ago the redskins were in sole possession of first place in the nfc east. they have fallen to 500 on the season. the spirits down in the locker room. >> should have played better than we did. >> winning is the only thing that matters. it's the only thing i wanted to do today. my goal was to walk away having
12:10 am
won the game. because of that, obviously it's the feeling we want to have. >> going through tough time. the thing i reminded the guys was, regardless we're still in the hunt, you know. whether we were 6-0 at this point or 1 and whatever, we're still in the hunt now. >> reporter: if they want to turn the seizen around, it starts next week in toronto against the buffalo bills. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> thanks. game four of the world series seen here on fox. bottom 6, home team leads 1-0. top of the 9th, still 4-0. two on and to outs. rangers should out the cardinals to even the series
12:11 am
two games a piece. game tomorrow here on fox 5. will be kenny kate will miss the rest of the season. surgery this week. he's expected to seek a medical red shirt to return hopefully next year in 2012. >> redskins beaten up on the field today. your thoughts on next week? stand a chance of getting the season turned around? >> there's a chance. buffalo is 4-2. very good team. be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. we'll have the results -- we won't have the results, but will know more on tim hightower's bad knee. if it's acl, could be out for some time, and may be done for his redskins career. it's a severe injury. >> we'll see, thank you. coming up, lady liberty getting a high tech makeover.
12:12 am
>> how these new gadgets on lady liberty will get used and haven't been seen in nearly a century. ♪
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we want to tell you about a breast cancer event this past friday, pink rocks the runway celebrated young breast cancer survivors. it raised $30,000 for the capital breast cancer center. the spring 2012 ready to wear collection was brought to the runway. i was honored to walk in the show. look at me trying to pose there. some of the other guys -- she founded the nonprofit pink
12:16 am
jams. she lost a 35-year-old friend to breast cancer. for more information. first class event all the way. >> you looked good, my friend. >> sucking it in. >> you looked good and great cause. >> thank you, ma'am. good thing, weather. >> gwen is wearing her pink. >> light pink. >> works with that story. and with that weather. >> are you feeling okay? >> voice problem i've had the past couple of days. >> i'm sorry. >> get you through this weather and get you home. >> pretty nice day today, and clouds rolling in tonight across the area. those clouds won't be sticking around for too long however. ridge of high pressure has been in control. that's really nice shot there as you can see of the monument. winds have been calm as well. that's a good deal. we'll begin with a look at our weather headlines. monday a little bit warmer.
12:17 am
today wasn't all bad. little rise in the temperatures. we have cool nights ahead in the forecast. be prepared. temperatures will rise and take a significant drop and chance of rain in the five-day forecast as well. today's highs, close to where they should be. 64 at national airport. 65 at dulles. now outside little bit on the cooler side. 48 at baltimore. 46 only at fredericksburg. 41at frederick. 52 hagerstown and dulles at 46. here's a look at national temperatures. to the south, they've seen the warmer air. we'll get the benefit of that as we move into the week, about mid-week a little more of a southerly flow headed our way. now there's a frontal system. this is pretty much temperature- wise the dividing line of where the cooler air is behind that
12:18 am
frontal system versus a lot of southerly air flowing up across areas here from the gulf states to the upper midwest. quite a difference in terms of our temperatures because of that front. that front is headed our way. has a little bit of moisture with it. however, by the time it reaches us, it will be moisture starved. that's a good thing for us. not going to feel the effects of it as it pushes through across areas of the mid- atlantic. for us now, we are seeing some clouds. those clouds will be on the increase, into tonight, lingering through for the early part of your monday morning before we start to see them clear out as that frontal system another ridge of high pr starts to build in behind it. for us, through tomorrow, this front will move across. a chance of an isolated shower possibly in northern maryland, closer to the mason dixon line. otherwise, dry pretty much everyelse. mixture of sun and clouds throughout the course of the day. tomorrow, mainly sunshine with
12:19 am
a few clouds. temperatures into the 60s. pretty much the low to mid-60s. even a 70 or two somewhere we are expecting. that's what we're headed for as far as we're concerned. day planner showing the clouds in the morning, and midday about 65. forecast high around 70 degrees. for tonight, becoming partly cloudy. a cool night at 47. southerly flow at 5 miles per hour. tomorrow warming up to about 70. a chance of an isolated shower. looks like across northern maryland or closer to the mason/dixon line. wet weather that definitely will be sticking around through into wednesday. thursday, better chance of that with another system that will stall out, and we're back to drier conditions the end of the week, but much cooler temperatures. big drop, 70s into the 50s for
12:20 am
daytime highs. >> feel better. >> thank you. a tool is being called a job killer. a bill in the house could force companies to use it. casey stegall is in los angeles with a closer look tonight. >> reporter: getting food from here to your dinner table is no easy feat, and one most people don't think about. >> don't understand how hard it is here to work. come out here in 100-degree temperature in the sand, pushing a wheelbarrow 40 pounds. >> the people willing and able to do the work is the work force we have, is mostly the hispanic coming across the border. >> reporter: oftentimes they're coming across illegally. according to the pew research center, estimated 8 million illegal immigrants were employed in america last year, or about 5% of the country's total work force. this at a time when the national unemployment rate
12:21 am
hovers around 9.1%. >> the jobs now held by illegal workers should go to unemployed americans. >> reporter: one of the main reasons congressman smith of texas coauthored the legal work force act. it would require all u.s. employers to verify a person's immigration status before hiring them. >> all we're doing is checking the social security number, future employees to make sure they're eligible to work. >> reporter: it's called e- verify, and is currently optional for companies in most states. >> i think e-verify may be the most popular way to create jobs in america. >> reporter: many in the agriculture industry are fighting the bill. farmers from florida to california say this would dramatically narrow their pool of employees. >> when you suddenly come out and take farm workers out of the field, how does the farmer get that harvested? >> reporter: they say the reality is most americans
12:22 am
aren't interested in canard to say i am personally pro-life, but government should stay out of that decision. if that is your view, you are not pro-life. you are pro having your cake and eating it, too. >> you can't be for pro life and say people have a choice to
12:23 am
do whatever they want. >> meanwhile, ron paul spoke about the economy today, saying to get back on track, the market must first crash, something he said the government should have let happen a long time ago. news correspondent robert peer point has died. he went on to report on the civil rights movement, the kennedy assassination and iran hostage crisis. he was hired in 1990. he was 86 years old. 130 protestors at occupy chicago led away in handcuffs. police started putting up metal barricades and hauling people way. police say none of the protestors resisted arrest. new york's protestors are starting their fifth week on the streets, with camps threatening to split over how donations have been distributed. so far, the city hasn't lowered tents in lower manhattan and
12:24 am
now there are squabbles over the half a million dollars in donations the group has collected, with some people complaining they have to fill out paperwork to request what they need. statue of liberty is getting a high tech gift for her 125th birthday. five web cams will be installed in her torch, offering streaming live views from the highest points, views no one has seen since 1916. the cameras were donated to the parks service. "house" brought in two new doctors this season. >> we put them to the test. homecoming weekend at howard marked by violence. how students are reacting to a deadly shooting close to campus. that is coming up on the news edge.   
12:25 am
12:26 am
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12:28 am
"house" brought two new doctors into its 8th season. >> casey stegall caught up with them. >> reporter: it's never easy working with or pleasing dr. house. when you're new to his team, the were ons usually outaway -- cons usually outweigh the pros. >> new girl, and newer girl, and vice versa. >> the great thing about hugh, he treats us like we're his peer, and we're, you know, sort of on the same level. >> the day they arrive and the day they walk in front of a camera, that's it. they're on. it's going. that's going out in front of millions of people. you don't have sort of a week of practicing.
12:29 am
well, we'll shoot an episode we don't use and you can get the feel of it. we don't operate that way. >> reporter: it's not all about business on the set as hugh loves to give his costars nicknames. >> charlene's immediate response was to try and come back with an extremely impertinent nickname for me, which i'm trying to brush off. i think if i show her that it bothers me, it will encourage her to use it more. >> reporter: we challenged the new docs to see which could name the most medical terms. >> lupus. >> [inaudible]. >> [inaudible].


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