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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 24, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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courtroom heard of the murder of the lulu lemon athletia store, nearly everyone got to their feet. 18 people never heard of brittany norwood or the brutal murder police say she carried out. when asked who made up their minds on the guilt or innocence of the defendant, 38 people raised their hands. >> the jury selection is probably the most important part of the trial. we're trying to get jurors, particularly in this case, who don't know the facts of the case, which is very difficult to do. and in any situation, particularly a high-profile case like this case. >> reporter: steven cuffperberg, who is not representing anyone in this case s a veteran criminal defense attorney with extensive experience picking juries. >> it's difficult in any case, whether it's in publicity, to put aside what you heard or learned and certainly where you're taabout a high- profile case like this is extremely difficult. >> reporter: britney norwood's parents arrived at the courthouse with a bag of
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clothes for their daughter. they did in the speak with reporters. at one point, the judge asked norwood to stand up and face the courtroom to see if anyone in the jury pool recognized her. none did. britney norwood is accused of killing her coworker jana murray during a heated argument during the lulu lemon store the night of march 11th. norwood first told police she and murray were assaulted by two masked men who entered the store at closing time and raped and beat them. the 29-year-old was found in a rear bathroom, bloodied and bound. after days of questioning, the police determined norwoods' wounds were self-inflicted and she bound herself. authorities believe that murray may have confronted norwood over stolen merchandise. during a break in the case today, state's attorney john mccarthy told me he was ax sounded at the number -- astounded at the number of 38, the number of people who were asked if they came to a conclusion as to whether britney norwood was guilty or
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innocent. as far as the jury pool is concerned now, 150 came in today, 150 were supposed to come in tomorrow, they want a total of 300 to try to choose 12 jurors and five alternates, shawn. >> paul, i know early on there were talk about britney norwood possibly use the insanity defense. did any of that come up today? >> reporter: that is not going happen for this simple reason, shawn. the defense attorneys had to file some paperwork with the court. if they intended to use that defense, that is the not criminally responsible defense. the reason for that is you have to give the prosecution enough time to hire doctors to examine norwood so they can make a defense of that as well. to say that, well, we don't believe that she's criminally insane. so, since they did not do that, the defense is not going to mount that defense. the question here is what is her defense? we won't know that until we
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hear the opening statements. and paul is also blogging and tweeting about the trial from the courthouse g. to and click on hot topics. look at the top of our news tab. and a death investigation inside a assisted living center today. a husband shot his wife and killed himself inside the village this mother. the police say the 80-year-old albert ballard went to the center to visit his wife, 74- year-old sandra ballard. witnesses heard a gun shot and found the bodies inside her room. the couple lived on parkwood road in rockville. and developing in pennsylvania, more than a dozen protestors at "occupy philadelphia" were led away in handcuffs last night. the officers arrested the demonstrators after spending the night on the street blocking police headquarters and other traffic. three days of arrests have led leaders of occupy cincinnati movement to rethink their
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locations. and protestors will move them out of the park at closing time and deliver their message on the other side of the street, something city leaders were asking them to do all along. people in the occupy chicago group looking for a you in place to protest. last not, they camped out in grant park. the last week, 175 people were arrested when they tried to do that and police refused to let them spend the night. and let's check in with d.c. occupiers gathering in down to. they have been camping out the past three weeks and any trouble there some maureen umeh just returned with a closer look. >> reporter: health and safety issues are a concern. park police plan to distribute flyers this week and when protestors bogged guidelines. from what i saw, the rules are being followed. the makeshift kitchen could be considered ground zero. the new battle protestors are fighting again, health and
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safety concerns razed since the movement began three weeks ago and heavy rains turn the site into a muddy mess. leaving the officials to express concern. the violations could lead to enforcement and a possible shutdown and protestors have been self-policeing. >> i believe they are probing us to try to find any way they can to shut us down, and this is who way they're trying to do that. >> we're trying to improve our facilities as we go. >> reporter: the kitchen is constantly being cleaned and food preparations handled with help in mind. protestors say area businesses have been allowing them to use their restroom or shower facility but say more is needed. >> we're working on this issue. to get porta potties and to make sure everyone keeps things clean. >> reporter: protestors say their stay is indefinite and they don't want to give cause for removal or any reason to disrupt their ultimate mission.
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>> and if they see something, deal with it. this is your park, where you live and your front porch. >> reporter: aside from the health and safety issue, there is a permit problem that may come to a head. the park police have been weighing how to handle that. >> and in the spirit of trying to get their message to a broader audience, in some areas, we have seen the protestors wear suit and ties. any sign of that? i didn't see it in the video. >> i didn't either. this seems to be a more organic sort of movement and they're committed to beingef man and woman. what you saw is reflective of the entire scene and everyone wearing jeans and t-shirts and keeping that loose and wanting to stick to the message that they want to take the government back for the people. >> okay, thank you for the update. now to the state of the redskins. the quarterback change was not enough to stop the panthers from defeating the burgundy and
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gold and the team is dealing with mounting injuries. feldy has the latest. >> reporter: it's bad enough they lost and now they have injury on top of insult and things are not going the way they thought of. tim hightower tore the acl on his left knee and he'll be placed on injured reserve and they hope yesterday he could bounce back but no, he's done for the season. santana moss burp went surgery today and exis expected to miss five -- is expected to miss five to seven weeks and rex grossman is in the hospital for pneumonia and has to be there for 48 hours that is a serious bout of pneumonia. he's not in a good scenario and yesterday, john beck led the team to two touchdowns against carolina and in the third quarter, he completed four passes for 81 yards, finished with a career high 279 yards.
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the drive culminated with beck using his feet and scrambling for a four-yard score to cut the deficit to 16-13 and that sick rushing touchdown in as many weeks. newton throws the perfect strike to smith, 36 yards for the one and smith with a game high, 143 receiving yards. three playsulary, newton connects with wrapop, two yards for the touchdown and passes for 259 yards. and that is the head coach who took the blame for not having the defense ready to shut down the dynamic cam you inton. >> i can do a better job making sure we're prepared during the week. our defense is too physical and too good and i am going to give them credit, too and they're persistent through the season and i have to make sure i put them in situations more times than not to make sure they're
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comfortable. >> and most people believe he has the team on the upswing. but, through 22 games of the head coach, he's 9 and 13 and his predecessor, 10 and 12 after 22 games. ahead of mike shanahan and that is something to think about. >> thank you very much, feldy. we want top who you think is to blame for the redskins loss and their we're woes? text your vote to 29473. text number one if you blame the quarterback, number two if you blame the coach and number three if you blame the defense. standard messaging rates apply. tune in for the results at 10. the prosecution rests and it's time for the defense to mount its case. we're following a new twist in the conrad murray trial. the latest from los angeles is coming your way next. i'm beth parker overlooking
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downtown bethesda. something is about to change. not bad out there and we have had a few showers. will they continue through the evening? what about the workweek forecast. i see sunshine out there now and that is not ad about evening. the look at the forecast is coming up. the sunshine looks nice out there, gary. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. ck. 
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>> the battle for a parking space is heating up in downtown bethesda. two key parking lots are about to close. beth parker is live there tonight. we all know that parking is at a premium down there. why are they closing? >> reporter: well, this spot where i'm standing is about to become a construction zone. that is what is going to happen in january. let me show you what they're trying to do. bethesda rose, the bustling shopping area, what they're trying to do is extend that and make the downtown larger. that means this parking lot is going to be gobbled up. eventually, there will be underground parking here where i'm standing and retail and living space on top of that and the completion of the project is several years away and not feeding a meter but fining a meter will be a bigger hassle in bethesda. >> we don't have a parking problem overall. we have plenty of spaces in
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bethesda. it's here at the corner of bethesda and elm and woodmont. and this is where people want to eat and see a movie. >> this is the spot where more parking is about to go away. three hundred spaces in two lots on bethesda avenue and woodmont will be removed in january when ground is broke own an underground garage -- broke own an underground garage, retail building. >> they will suffer, i believe, but in the end, we need housing and improved transportation. i think all of that, in the end, is a good thing for the citizens, the community, the tax base and for jobs. >> reporter: for those who work and visit downtown bethesda, it could be a long three years. >> it's no secret that bethesda is standing and growing. they haven't really thought practically about the employees that are staffing all of these stores and the retail spaces
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here. and besides the customers. >> reporter: she is more optimistic. >> it's not all that big of a deal, i think. mostly because i think most people know when they come here to use metro, there are other places. >> reporter: during construction, the county plans to increase the number of circulator buses on the road and boost short-term parking in garages like this one and hope to ease the pain. >> reporter: back out here live now, when that construction starts in january, the stretch of woodmont between bethesda avenue and miller. ritenour nor the barnes and noble -- right near the barnes and noble store. that area is going to be closed temporarily while they're digs and building the underground garage. this whole stretch is going to be closed, a heavily used road and something people will have to adjust to.
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the capitol trail has an entrance here along the edge of the parking lot and that is going to stay during construction and eventually, when all of the work is complete, they will have a second access point to the trail for people who interon their beaks to jog and walk will be able to do that and had is going to take two years to build the underground parking here on this lot and on year and that'll build the retail and housing and that is looking like the whole project should be completed in january 2015. live in bethesda, i'm beth parker. back to you. >> no doubt about it, growing pains out there. thank you. if your weekend plans include metro, here's some heads up on major road to -- work to cause delays. the road work will single track. metro advisors want us to consider using the bus lines and circulator service. on the green line, the waterfront, navy yard and accostia and congress heights stays will be closed and the
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work starts until 5:00 a.m. on monday. the shuttle buses will be operating. the work wraps up sunday at closing. >> and to california now and the latest on the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. he's charged in the death of michael jackson. the defense is challengeing the prosecution's star witness again. adam housley has more from inside the crime. >> reporter: the defense team of dr. conrad murray grilled the key witness a second day. dr. steven schaeffer, an expert of propofol, cross-examined by murray's lead defense attorney, ed turnoff. dr. schaeffer said it's hard to know exactly how propofol affected michael jackson. he received the drug on on a nightly basis for more than two months and had other sedatives in the system. last week, the doctor schaeffer testified the only explanation was that murray put the sing or an iv drip of propofol and left the room. the defense said there is a
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possibility that jackson could have given him a shot of propofol after murray left. >> one of the things he said -- in your testimony was you could not desdiscount discount the possibility that michael jackson woke up, reached up and turned off the limiter on the iv site. is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: the prosecutor redirect -- conducted his redirection examination. >> dr. murray should have been present in observing the patient. >> are those your opinions that you pull out of then air? are those accepted standards of medical care here in california? >> those are published standards of medical care. >> reporter: dr. schaeffer is the last of the 33 witnesses called. now, the defense getting their turn and they're expected to call 15 different witnesses, including another expert and a longtime colleague, dr. white and some say he's a one-time
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friend. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is starting additional therapy to recover from a gun shot wound to the head and arrived in north carolina and she was shot in a parking lot. that man there, jared loughner, is charged in the attack and is being, valuated to see if he's competent to stand trial. deadly bombings in kenya two days after the united states warned of imminent terror attacks. grenade attacks killed one person and injured a dozen others. an al qaeda-linked group claimed it would start reprisal attacks as kenya started sinning hundreds of troops to battle terrorists. >> rescuers are working through the night searching for survivors in turkey of a power
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offul earthquake. the quake -- of a powerful earthquake. the quake hit the eastern part of the crew. more than 72 people are dead. they're looking for victims under massive rubble. two huge after shocks rattled the area. even people chose homes are will -- people whose homes are still standing are sleeping outdoors. we're talking about a 20 million-ton mess floating in the ocean right now. how long before it reaches the u.s. coast line. that is coming up next. and let's look live outside, how will the weather shape up? and hopefully the sunshine will continue. we hope so. and i believe gary. if you're looking for work, stop what you're doing and check this out. this is our job shop. the job-of-the-day is with novak group inc. the company provides insurance to non-profits and they're looking for an insurance account manager. 45 to $65,000 a year is the pay. for more on this job and many
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others, go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. we'll be right back.
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>> europe's most active volcano is roaring back to life again. italy's mount etna spewed overnight. this is the volcano's 17th eruption this year. the village is on the mountain's lower slopes and are not in danger from the lava. it's flowing down a valley where no one lives. pretty impressive to look at that. >> yeah, it is impressive. you know what else is impressive? >> the weather here. >> yeah, i know it's fall and we have had some cold days but this is impressive. >> i have showers in the forecast and i will show you
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why. we go to our max hd radar. just to the northwest, we do have some showers and earlier, wy shoulded you a live picture outside. at least here in the city northwest, we were having some sun breaking through. i'm in the guaranteeing that this is comings across the metro, listen, if you're going to be out, make sure you at least have your umbrella and if you're going to be outside and outdoors, have something in case this does make it across and that does seem to be holding together. we can get in teeter for you. right now, washington county, and approaching western secs of loudoun county and in i-81 and frederick county, virginia. i think if you're in frederick county, maryland, loudoun county and to gaithersburg, this probably holds together and brigs us a shower. at least that is the going forecast and this is that forecast. the temperatures dropping into the 60s and upper 50s. the good news here, once this
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gets through, we'll clear overnight tonight and it looks like for tomorrow, a really, really pleasant day. but, we do have showers back in the forecast in the five-day and you will want to see when we think is the next chance for some substantial rain. >> thanks, gary. if you're going for a run, do it pretty soon. >> yeah. >> you might be running in the race. >> exactly, some do. seven months after the devastating tsunami struck the japanese coast, there is a new concern about all of the debris. a russian freighter spotted about 20 million tons of wreckage as it moves towards hawaii and the west coast. the floating garbage is moving more quickly than expected. researchers believe it will reach hawaii in less than two years. the debris is a threat to small ships and u.s. coast lines. >> wow, what a mess. >> yeah. >> can you imagine? >> yeah. and coming up in tonight's health alert, the rate of hiv and aids is sky rocketing in d.c. for one particular group right now.
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>> pretty scary statistics. we're going to look at what is being done to curb the disturbing trend. we're going to look closer as we continue. and some cars, more dangerous than others when it comes to women in crashes. why can i not talk tonight? >> it's the weather. you're excited. >> and like my tongue has a giant weight on it. we're breaking down the results of a new study. i got through that one. and if you see a story you think we should look into. give us a shout and send us your news tips to fox 5 and call us at (202)895-3140. we'll be right back. o
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>> it's a big issue in the district. few feel comfortable talking about. the number of senior citizens affected with hiv/aids are on
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the rise and those that arep fibbed don't get tested until the disease progresses. fox 5s matt ackland is live with more on the story. >> reporter: in 2005, 10% of the new cases of hiv/aid were mention those 50 and older n. 2009, that figure dropped to 26%. the problem here, many older folks don't use protection and if they are infected, they don't find out soon enough. >> we've learned over time that hiv is no descrimeinant. it doesn't care who you are. >> reporter: carolyn never thought as a middle-aged woman, she would be infected with hiv. she has been living with it now for 18 years. >> and i got sick. the doctors said let's do this other test. >> reporter: with help from her church and other organizations, carolyn spends much of her time speaking to middle-aged and older folks warning them that hiv does not discriminate when it comes to age and getting an
5:32 pm
hiv test is nothing to be ashamed of. >> people need to know and need to understand that this is not something we can side step or wish away or that we're, nookulated against somehow. >> reporter: the d.c. council member would like to so many others like caroline. as chair of the committee on health, catanya proposed legislation that would direct the health department to hire and train senior citizens to be pier educators -- peer educators on hiv/aid. >> and taking this out of the book of something we learned. the young people prefer to get information and learn about the particular illness from other young people. >> reporter: under the proposal, senior peer advisors would conduct workshops in senior centers, nursing and retirement homes. >> and that is long, overdue. >> reporter: growing older and liveing with hiv has not been
5:33 pm
easy and that is why she's dedicated her life to putting those not infected and supporting those who are. >> want to see older ageing, i will say, and more mature adults involved. you're supposed to have a wisdom after a certain period of living. >> reporter: if it makes it through, it will be the first in the nation. council member katan ia would like to see it here and in other cities. >> how wonderful the woman is who shared her story. >> yeah. >> i have a question, if seniors don't get tested, how do they find out when they're infectd? >> when they get sick. many older folks ignore the signs and think they're getting ole, feeling sick and it's not until they get so sick that they're finally diagnosed. >> all right, thank you, matt ackland. >> uh-huh. with more worries about the effects of bisphenol a and what they may have on children.
5:34 pm
a new study shows high levels exposed to girl in the womb were likely to show since of behavioral and emotional problems as toddlers. boys behavior was unaffected by bpa. bpa is a chemical used in plastic and household products and in recent years, it's linked to a variety of health problems. one researcher believes she may have found the first ana tomical marker for autism. she studied nearly 50 children with autism who came in with a persistent cough and compared their results with more than 300 kids without outism and found all the kids with autism had two smaller branches in well lungs and the children without autism had one. dr. stewart doesn't know the significance of the finding but hopes more research will be done to find out if there is a link. a new study finds a link -- a new study finds that women are more likely to be seriously injured in a car accident than
5:35 pm
men. researchers say because vehicle safety equipment is made from men's bodies and women's bodies tend to be lighter and shorter. the study found women are 47% more likely to suffer serious injury in a car crash and the woman experienced more chest and spain injuries than men. researchers would like to see vehicle regulations focus on safety scenes, specifically tailored toward women. steve jobs' biography is out today and offers plenty of insights not only to the life of the apple cofounder but the unique way he viewed the tech industry and the big of the players. fox's tracy burnes has our story tonight. >> reporter: it's on sale now, the steve jobs' biography and could end up being the big of the non-fiction seller ever. probably the most downloaded book ever. he cooperated with walter isaacson on it and it's delivered interesting revelations. not the least of which is jobs' intense dislike of google. >> he didn't feel it was in their dna, the liberal arts kind of ethic to have elegance
5:36 pm
in their product. >> reporter: in the book, jobs talks about his relief that google stole from apple's iphone to build many features in goggle's android software. jobs told isaacson, quote, i'm going to destroyandroid because it's a stolen product. they're scared to death because they know they're guilty. jobs attack suggests that apple could try to derail android in court and the brand could take a hit, especially as jobs' public esteem has risen as friends, colleagues, and customers pay tribute the last few weeks. for you in, more than 550,000 devices running on android are activated each day. meanwhile, apple sold about 3 million fewer iphones than anticipateed in the july- september quarter. contributing to a slight drop in the company's stock. the latestandroid challenger to the iphone is the galaxy nexus from samsung that is scheduled to go on sale next month. we're watching your money on the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. in new york, i'm tracy burns.
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the redskins took on the carolina panthers and lost. still ahead, who is taking the blame? sports director dave feldman is live with the players ' reaction. and talk about feeling the halloween spirit? the pumpkin-carving competition may have win a world record. we'll explain why next. vey lev. to what's next, to what's possible.
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confident that taking action now, is the way to create a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been... and always will be a smart investment. at&t.
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>> we have a consumer alert for harley-davidson riders. the company is recalling 300,000 motorcycles due to a switch problem. the affected models include the touring, cvo touring and tryke motorcycles. go to and click on money and recalls to see if your bike is on this list. the spirit of halloween came to a small town in
5:41 pm
illinois aiming to make their young mark on the world. the youngest which were helped to carve pump cape -- children helped to carve pumpkin. boston set the record in 2006, with more than 30,000 company kips and though they counting to see if they have done it this year. >> and that is cool. >> and that can translate into a lot of pump condition pier. >> and we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend. we're like -- . >> and you made the mistake to tell them whatever you want. >> and that is what he picked out. >> you should have said anything you want. >> and he's convinced. >> i am sure he can have. and it was a cool morning, a grab your jacket morning for sure. >> yeah. >> and some of you can see shows. >> and how will the rest of the workweek shape up? and the rumor mel in overdrive.
5:42 pm
a simon and l.a. rode, are they ready to play dirt -- l.a. reid ready to play dirty. what is going on behind the scopes at x factor still ahead.
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>> the redskins hope new starting quarterback john beck will be a leader. he proved he's ready to take ownership after yesterday's loss to the panthers. what can he have to -- what did had have to say? >> reporter: he was very honest, i'll say this. he's a straight up guy and knows he didn't do something and had a good counterpart. the seventh straight time he faced the rookie quarterback, the redskins lost. the other quarterback, cam newton, threw for 256 yards and rushed for 59 more. it spoiled the redskins starting debut and when we talked to hip, he said there is one play he would like to have
5:46 pm
back. he wishes a pully gap and that is in the third quarter and on that first place. a miscommuning a and thought he would -- miscommunication and went deep. an easy interception and to, fectively ease the game. they held an impromptu media seg and took the blame. >> listen that is on moo. i'm the guy who -- on me. i'm the guy who has the ball in my hand and i make a decision where that ball goes. we were excited to have hangerson be a part -- hankerson be a part of the football team. he's going to be a great player. >> he'll learn from it, john will learn from it, especially a guy new in that decision and going against a pretty experience defensive back w. growing pains, that goes on.
5:47 pm
>> and coming up later, more from mike shanahan on the loss and tim hightower for the season and that is a big time loss. >> and he knows is 1 second miles south of corpus christi and that is near the mexican border. >> and that is the real deal. >> really? yeah. >> what? >> and go to chihuahua, texas. >> and some things you wouldn't want to know about, too. >> okay. >> and i think there is some story. >> yeah? >> very interesting. >> and like nova scotia, chihuahua, texas, really fits. >> doesn't work, huh? >> yeah. >> and this is that ongoing story. >> right. >> and the local weather is working for us. >> it is. >> for now. look at that and we have some showers on the radar. so as much as i don't want to
5:48 pm
say this, if you're headed out, keep a jacket and that might be an umbrella heavy, too and some shows to the northwest, too and that is a change in pressure and wins, and that is fancy meteorological stuff and in front of that is showers. in hagerstown, you're getting wet and to could be 81, martinsburg, too and front royal, the showers are in on your areas, western secs about to get wet and looks like warn sections of frederick county and this moves to the east. tonight, it looks like this is moving across. once this gets through, the drier air comes in and that is
5:49 pm
looks like tomorrow promises to be a nice day and can that be the descent day of the week? and with some temperatures in the city, gaithersburg, 61 and where they've had showers, hagerstown is 58; frederick, 59; dulles, ahead of the area of rain is up to 66 and is manasses and with some temperatures there close to 70 degrees and at 7:00, some showers, they will come in from west too east and lingering by 9:00 and in a second, our future cast model is suggesting by 9, the showers are east of the metro and at 11:00, lingering clouds here before clearing out overnight and notice the temperatures falling through the 50s and this is future cast at 7:00, the line extends from eastern sections of pennsylvania and to maryland west of the district and a
5:50 pm
couple of the showers imbedded look the line will be, i would say, more than light and maybe moderate and as we go through here, that'll get out of here by tonight and through tomorrow, loads of sunshine. the temperatures should be in the mid-60 s or so for high temperatures and won't that be nice. so, enjoy tomorrow. as we begin to get intoed with, here comes some changes and i think we have a few clouds wednesday morning and by wednesday afternoon and evening, a couple of showers. nothing bad here and into thursday, more rain is on the way and eventually overnight tonight. after the evening showers get out of here, we're going to have some clearing skies. in the suburbs, mid- to upper 40s in town and we're talking lower 50s around 51 degrees or see and we start off tomorrow morning, sunny skies and noontime, sunny skies, 5:00 tomorrow and nothing else but sunshine, knowing in the mid-
5:51 pm
to upper 60s -- and ending in the mid- to upper 60s. i'm not saying this is going to be a rainout and material is the pick of the week with the best day all week long and some showers on wednesday and not bad on friday and the temperatures will drop interest the 50s and on is the, that could be a cold, wet, breezy day and with some temperatures in the lower 50s. >> and tomorrow is the day to play hookie. [ laughter ] >> liberty -- all right, we'll move on now. and to the talk of the up to, one of the men accused of plotting to kidnap and kill singer joss stone is in court today. what happened? >> reporter: how's it going. yes, one of the men earlier this year, josh stone, they showed up at her house and were accused of basic conspiracy to
5:52 pm
murder her. one of the guys was in court this morning in england and plead not guilty and they're not buying it, charging him with conspiracy to commit murder, bodily grievous harm, all sorts of stuff and he's ordered to be held under lock and key. so, he's not getting away with anything. the guys are behind bars and joss stone is safe. >> that's good news. let's talk about zoey dechanel. the new girl, she got called out. why, what happened? >> she sang the national anthem at the rangegers stadium for the world -- ragers stadium for the world series and they made a comment that typically after a star sings the world series, they like to duck out of the game and don't like to hang around but hey, look, it was the 4th inning, look, zoey and the cast of her new show "new girl" is still there and that is great they're supporting the game. they come back in the 7th inning and say wait a seg, she's gone and they -- second,
5:53 pm
she's gone. she said, listen, i'm sorry i had to duck out early, i had to catch a plane to work this morning. but the commentators roasted her a bit. she did leave the world series seats empty but you have to work. >> yeah, you have to work. that is the important thing. thank you so much for the update. we'll see you for tmz on tv at 6 hurt. rt. at 6:30. and tmz is reporting rumors of mind games coming out of the x factor. the show sources say simon cowel and l.a. reid are vowing to destroy each other in the competition. calhas -- cowell has the girls, the guys -- and reid has the guys. he's going to do what jeff it takes. cowel called reid out on it. you can catch the first of the performances here. >> make the drama interesting. indeed. and light check in with brian for a look at what is next on the news edge at 6. coming up, fixing the
5:54 pm
mortgage mess. president obama outlines his plan to rescue home owners under water and some say it's too little too late. >> and why this surveillance video could be the clue that investigators need as the search continues for a messing baby. and he's a personal train or a mission. why this once fit guy is getting fat on purpose. pose. 
5:55 pm
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>> a special farmer's market at wilson plaza and the district today. this is part of the celebration for national food day and an effort to encourage people to eat healthy meals with less processed foods. fresh produce, plenty -- plenty of food made from natural ingredients. joggers are on the national mall waiting to stay healthy -- healthy.
5:58 pm
they were there to boost the health of women all over the country. it ended at 8 this morning and the run started friday morning. cancer survivors, doctors, friends and -- and -- and make medical supplies and she an eight-year survivor. >> very important to us to let women know what their options are in surgery as right now, not many women are aware of what their options are. >> d.c., meantime, at the high east -- has the highest rate of cervical cancer mortality in the country. there is a race to end women's cancer set for the 6th in the district on of n. and it's impressive to speak and hear fromcaer survivors and they take on the mission. now that they battled their own sick tense to take on the battle of aware -- sickness to take on the battle of awareness. thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts
5:59 pm
right now. the suspect in a brutal bethesda murder goes on trial. fox 5 takes you inside the courtroom as jury selection gets underway. plus, could it help crack the case? new video surfaces as the search continues for a missing baby. and financial we're woes for -- financial woes for rickey lake's -- and president obama announcing changes to a federal home loan program and in know hopes of making yet easier. the president outlined the new plan moments ago and at an appearance in las vegas. one idea, project rebuild, is contained in the job bill. >> by helping put construction workers, we have rehabilitated


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