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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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across the country and that will stabilize prices like this one and help to -- to buy a new home and build a nest egg. >> light bring in tom fitzgerald now. i am sure the families like the bonillas in a select group. >> and this is aimed at the -- and who got federal loans. people who got the mortgages and found out when that follow on the housing mark, they were larger than the homes are worth now nearly 500,000 home owners have mortgages with the program known as h.a.r.p. and -- when the program started in 2009. >> and that a result of learning how it's worked and practice.
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>> the director of the federal housing agency and spear heading the charges that are too upside down to catch up. >> and to be able to take advantage of today's lower rates. >> the program is aimed at fanny may and freddie mac taken before 2009 and they will last and goro -- borrows for 25% or more upside down. they would get lower interest rates. some private mortgage brokers have concerns. >> we're going to make money on it. more loans will do and that is a bad news. >> and that is a critic of the changes. he said the housing market need iss to stabilize on its own without anymore government interference. let it seek its own bottom if it's in the there and that will
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repair and all they do is delay the ultimate repair in that housing market. >> reporter: among the top 10 states are maryland at 24% and in virginia 23%. they will ensure more home owners stay off of the roles. >> one of the things we have done here is to make this a stream lined community so it involves less pain and hassle for folks. >> it will not do anything for 3.5 million people who are badly in did fault or clip kept. the white house is -- or delinquent. the white house is turning on another program to turn all of those houses into rental properties as well. and a news alert on u.s.- syrian relations.
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the u.s. withdrew its ambassador to syria because of security concerns. ambassador robert ford returned to washington after credin threats. tensions -- credible threats. tegs have been high and. a cure appearance for a man accused of plotting to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states. he pleaded not guilty in new york. he accepted $1.5 million to set off exploitives in the restaurant where the ambassador frequented. iran denied any involvement in the a lenned plot. -- alleged plot. a murder that frightened and shocked residents in bethesda, maryland. the vicious killing of lulu lemon worker gina murray. the woman accused went on trial. jury selection is underway, how did it go? >> reporter: very slowly, brian. they were hoping to get to 300
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people and they put off what they hoped would be the young statements tomorrow and that is put off until wednesday. they have to bring in an additional 150 people today and tomorrow and and this is the problem. when the judge asked the potential pool how many had heard about the case, nearly everyone in the courtroom stood up. she sat next to the dappers as the judge went through a series of questions and some were mundane, like do you know anyone in the health and medical field. when the judge asked who heard of the murder, nearly everyone got to the feet. only 18 people never heard of brittany norwood or the brutal person show carried out. when asked who made up her means on the guilt or innocence of the defendant, 38 people
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raised their hands. britney norwood's parent arrived at the courthouse with a bag of clots for reporters. at one pope, the judge asked norwood to stand up and face the courtroom to see if anyone recognized her. none dead. she's accused of killing her coworker jana murray during a heated argument the night of march 11th and norwood firstel to police she was assaulted by two max masked men who entered the store on the closing time and raped and beat them. the 29-year-old was found in a rear bathroom bloodied and bound. after days of questioning, police determined norwoods' wounds were self-inflicted and she bound herself. >> the you're trying to get jurors particularly in this case i don't know the facts of the case, difficult to do in any situation, particular la jolla a hi -- particularly a high profile case like this
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case. >> reporter: he is not representing gone in this case. he was keen enough to give us analysis today. the state's attorney john mccarthy said in a break today, he was astounded at the number of people who already made up their mines, brian. the number was 38. >> paul wagner will be riding constant on air and online and in the hot topics bar and get updates. >> amount developing story now, montgomery county detectives investigating two deaths at the senior living community in rockville and they believe it's a murder suicide. her husband, 80-year-old alberts ballard went to the visit and detectives found a gun in the woman's room. the news edge on virginia now. a prince william county man
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charged with felony child abuse and neglect for sleeping whole two toddlers watched their neighbor. benjamin libby is related to the three- and one-year-old boys who were found outside. the children were not hurt and they now with other family members. the mother of a missing missouri babied her daughter was abducted. coming up -- baby who said her daughter was abducted. and the end could be near for wikileaks. and hey, brian, lots of people are -- and watching a line of showers before it's moving at 30 miles per hour and there could be a shower in your future tonight and you might see that at redskin park, dave feldman. i hope you packed an umbrella. that is the least of the worries, i'm sure. and right now, it's bull, sue and now the news on tim hightower who lost the season and what the coach has to say
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about that again the bills in toronto. the news edge at 6 continues. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>> could be a major break in the case of a missing baby for missouri. detectives are examining this surveillance video showing a man walks in a wooded area on the night that lisa irwin disappeared. the video was shot from a gas station near the wirein -- irwin house. witnesses tell police they saw someone walking with a baby. >> wikileaks might be going dark. it spilled hundreds of this of classified u.s. documents. i was having trouble paying the bills. the founder said donations have -- major credit card companies refused to make the transactions. the website could be forced to close in weeks. libya's transitional government trying to decide what to do with moammar ghadafi's body no long or display in a commercial freezer
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in a shopping mall and matily, a religious edict will determine what happens and ordered oon investigation -- an investigation into how he died and to find out exact circumstances. a local woman fights to keep her inheritance. >> the addendum to my stepfather's will that were recognized in court. they don't want to recognize them. >> and find out who is trying to claim the money she citizen rightfully hers. and a personal trainer packs on the pops r. why he's get -- pounds. why he's getting fat on purpose. first, if you want to gain welterweight, add these: -- gain wait, add these. the mcdonald's mcrib is back with a cult-like following will be sold at all leagues through november 14th, 500 calories, and slightly trimmer than the big mac. g mac. d@
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>> how much is enough? that is the question being asked by a local college student. a major charity is contesting her inheritance saying it plopping to them -- belongs to then. >> reporter: the charity is shriner's hospitals for children. it specializes in burn injuries, special needs and conditions which affect kids abilities to move. the organization is not moving much in its dispute with alicia decatur. alicia decatur has find memories of her stepfather and said he helped raise her in this house. now, it and all of its contents are being sold while she fights for what he left her. >> definitely the most shocking thing i experienced. >> reporter: he shot himself in the kitchen march 28th, 2011. he left a suicide note. >> it said given my current
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health conditions and the situations, this is the best option for me. i hope god will forgive me. >> reporter: and an addendum to the will, increasing alicia's inheritance to $100,000. >> he said i wish you the best in school. >> reporter: the bulk of the million-dollar plus estate is going to a well-known children's charity. in his first will, badini, a member of the masonic lodge, willed everything to their screener's hospital to children. despite his handwritten change, it and two earlier revisions known legally as codocils are being challenged. >> they're fighting for the $100,000. y that fighting for the 10,000 he left his nephew. >> reporter: richard lion, the attorney representing shriner's hospital told fox 5, quote, it's our opinion that the judge should not have accepted the cody sills, end quote. this is the problem. the changes he made were not signed by any witnesses. maryland law requires two. according to lion, quote,
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shriner's hospital simply wants to follow the decedent's last will and testament and the law of maryland, end quote. she's stunned the masons are taking her to court. >> it makes me feel like it's a contradiction. i mean all growing up my stepfather was a mason about ethics, principles, you know, family values and doing the right thing. >> it's left her to wonder how charitable the organization really is. now, shriner's will be in court tomorrow. the charity's attorney is asking a judge to rule the codocil's invalid. i spoke with several attorneys whoel to me the same thing. it's unfortunate that fights like this do happen and they can all be avoided if people fall the -- follow the ball lawhen making changes to -- follow the law when making changes to their will. a chaplain was dedicated at arlington national semtar he afternoon. the memorial -- semtariy this afternoon. the memorial stand next to a
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previous one. jewish groups fought to get recognition for the rabbis who served during world time. -- war time of the. some may not know the name of fred shuttlesworth. those who knew him well said the reverend was a force to be be reckoned with. he died two weeks ago and his funeral was in his hometown of alabama. >> he was the incredible force and there were a lot of talented people around and there was one shuttlesworth around martin. >> and he was one of the four founding ministers of the southern christian leadership conditions. close associates said he survived beatings and bombings and was a key player in the civil rights movement. shuttlesworth was 89 years ole. some changes in the forecast. >> and a couple of showers to the west and that is nice to
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get a break from the clouds. you may want to deal with some showers later and we'll give you a look outside and the sun is going down earlier and earlier and we're not too far away from returning and that is from sunday, possibly, november 4th or 5th. i will check on that and i wanted to start with radar and to show you we have a weak trough in the atmosphere. you can see the hatch line here and that is very insignificant and we're seeing a few showers and southeast to about 25 to 30 miles per hour and some light rain. we'll switch you over to sendel in radar and to that hagerstown area, we're checking that out and you can see there is some rain up here, sleet stuff, though, and as we go down east of interstate 81, we're finding
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a few heavier downpours and east and moving toward the east and -- southeast. share lights -- charlottesville, you might be getting in on that and the last three hours, you can see them over the mountains and looking like it's about to break up. bottom line, a couple of light showers or sprinkle and to the west, you will see clouds as well and to is:00, 61 degrees and if we have some left, they'll be diminishing. by 11:00, some clouds, 56 degrees and wins out of the west and that is going to bring in cooler tells. not bad today and not bad now. once we broke up the clouds a bit, the temperature is now 63 degrees and we're beginning to see it falling in the 50s behind the trough of low pressure coming on through. and -- to 44 degrees.
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centreville, friend; germantown, 45 and in d.c., 51 and an evening shower possible then, we'll help out and a mostly sunny day and that mean one of the few days this week and 53 degrees at 8 in the morning and about 63 and i wanted to show you we're expecting to get some showers later this week and 68 tomorrow, fredericksburg, 69 and la plata, 68 degrees and following the line of showers, still holding together and that is coming through and pretty quickly, the clouds clear up after that and there is some unel ised weather and the area of low pressure works to the coast and something i didn't have time to meg and you don't have to worry about that too much and we have a hurricane in
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the caribbean. we'll talk about that after the game. a couple of showers late on wednesday and ond this, 65 degrees and late showers on friday and dare i say it, more showers saturday. >> and -- >> me, too judge and video gone viral. a trainer decides to pack onest is pounds in six months and this is drew manning. he wanted to understand his cleans and got fat to know how it feels and document what it takes to lose the weight. the weight loss starts november 5th. another redskins loss brings with it significant injuries. who is out and for howl? and tim tebow is in the afraid to show his affection to
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the teammates. he lost after thomas caught a touchdown pass and similar in college. he was on the cheek by a floridafa gators teammate a couple of years ago. so -- florida gators teammate a couple of years ago. so sweet.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman live at redskins park in a non-victory on men. after the redskins lost at the carolina panthers. rex grossman is checked into a local hospital and has bad pneumonia and has to be there 48 hours due to a high fever. santana moss underwent surgery to replace or fix the broken bone in the hand and hightower. with the first game of the
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season in charlotte yesterday and in the third quarter, her to the acl and on forced to leave the game with 88 yards and 17 kicks and officially ruled out for the season and placed on the season-ening injured reserve and this is that head coach. >> and type of energy that tell does. you feel bad for tim because he's worked hard to get in the position. everyone understands we're going to lose players, you hate to lose them and men has to step up to get the job done and john beck was making his first nfl start since december 9th, 2007. a 5th of his career and some good things look rushing for a second touchdown in as many
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weeks and his 279-yard passing and did make mistakes and threw a late -- and he's still confident. >> and there is some -- in the offensive line and taking on the first snap at quarterback and that was a different feeling. you do your best to prepare and that is more comfortable into next week. and you know your washington capitals are the only undefeated team in the nhl. they're 7-0 and ond this, they begin the swing and the best playerop hoered -- player honored, ovechkin's twin unveiled at madame tousseau's wax figure in washington and it even has a signature missing tooth. the caps wish they had to ovi's in the lineup. and that consists of the world series. game 5 between the cards and ragers, here on fox. the first pitch is at 8:05 and
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that series is tied at two games apiece. and in five to serve weeks and the redskins regroup and they will do it against the 4-2 buffalo bills and they will do it on sudden and in toronto, canada and it's starting to rain and back to you. >> and perhaps appropriate out. there. >> now you have the news knowledge. the news is always on as dave said to me, we will be here after the game. he you will be, too. ñ
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