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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 24, 2011 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> joe: pujols will take off. holliday a good rip.
10:31 pm
>> joe: mark lowe and darren oliver but all eyes are on ogando and holliday. the runner goes. and a line drive hit to left center. pujols will dig for third. they will bring him to the plate and now hold late. pujols stops. halfway down. gets back to the bag. >> tim: what that did was allow matt holliday to go to second base. pujols hundreding on the play. single is -- pujols running on the play. single up the middle, toward left center and josh hamilton realizing they had to get rid of the ball in a hurry. pujols finds the ball. and alexi ogando brings him around the bag and holds him up. i'm not sure that pujols ever saw ogando. he is an excellent base runner but i've got to say that the second to third you have no reason to look at the fielder. it slows you down.
10:32 pm
pujols did that. he stopped in time. turning around, all of that -- i mean your third base coach is there for a reason. pujols going three or four feet up and now he is talking to ogando about it. but the look from second to third, when you look out at the outfield, that throws you down. pay attention to your signal right in front of you. >> joe: second and third with two out. berkman on the plate and they'll see if the rangers want to pitch to him. and they won't. it will be up to david freese. >> tim: that is the advantage of matt holliday taking second base. he really took two bases there.
10:33 pm
he is on second. and now they have to pitch around berkma berkman. >> joe: one thing the cardinals have done in the series the tigers could not do is figure out ogando, who has walked two. this will be the third in the inning. the second intentional pass. a big caught stealing, as allen craig was thrown out. it has led to this. bases loaded. two out. david freese coming up as mike maddux will jog out and talk to ogando. the numbers back it up even in the division series against tampa bay. >> tim: joe, it's interesting to do the math. how many times have you seen the bases loaded with three hitters. with two intentional walks?
10:34 pm
very rare. obviously. with nobody on. pujols was walked. the base hit by holliday and now berkman has walked. >> chris: it's up to david freese who is 1-3. >> joe: david freese, 1-3. flies it in to center. should end the inning. hamilton is there. and the cardinals have now stranded ten. hit in a double play and lost allen craig trying to steal in this seventh.
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ogando gets out of trouble and this game remains 2-2 as we get to the seventh inning stretch. one hit in the inning. three walks. in the bottom of the seventh, it will be moreland, kinsler, andrus. for the rangers. right now we join public address announcer chuck morgan for the introduction of "god bless america." >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to please rise, on behalf of the united states military families around the world. we invite you to join in singing "god bless america" with molly corbett, wife of air force technical sergeant charles corbett.
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sponsored by -- >> joe: aerial coverage of tonight's game is provided by directv. what a game. 2-2 in the bottom of the seventh. chris carpenter is back to work. it will be moreland, kinsler and elvis andrus. carpenter pitched around back-to-back hits after the home run by beltre last inning. that he has been watching his offense. he has seen one missed opportunity after another. to score runs here tonight as the cardinals have stranded ten. hit in to a double play and lost a man stealing. questionable bit of strategy by either allen craig on his own or tony la russa or a missed sign.
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but as a result, a walk, followed by a walk a hit, another intentional walk and no runs. >> tim: what a weird inning. >> joe: here is the 0-2 to moreland. in to centerfield. schumaker makes the catch. got a nice jump. one out. this december two of the most storied conferences in college football culminate their season with two epic championship games for the first time in their history. fox sports will bring them to you back-to-back nights. championship game friday december 2. big ten championship game saturday, december 3. both games are only on fox. here is kinsler. 0-3. ball one.
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>> joe: strike one. >> joe: ball two. >> tim: cardinals are in the no doubles defense, in tie game from seventh inning on the outfielders are playing deeper than they normally would. >> joe: three balls and a strike. >> joe: rzepczynski getting loose. as kinsler takes a 1-1. this -- a one-out walk. this is the second walk issued by carpenter tonight.
10:43 pm
>> joe: as molina guess out to talk. elvis andrus digs in. -- as molina goes out to talk, elvis andrus digs in. >> joe: kinsler reached on an error in the fifth. did not try to run. as we mentioned then, he is 1-3 in this world series trying to steal a base. trying to steal a base on yadier molina. >> tim: te e takes
10:44 pm
that walking lead, trying to time the pitcher. >> joe: strike one on andrus. >> tim: the best percentage in the american league, kinsler had 30 stolen bases in 34 tries. he is an excellent base runner, the best on the rangers. >> joe: what the rangers have done as a team. percentage is down in the regular season. that is strike two. a throw down. kinsler gets back. we have seen beltre hit a home run from his knees and nobody throws better from his knees than yadier molina. >> tim: what he can do is unbelievable. from his left knee. a rocket to first. 39 pickoffs during the season in his career.
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>> joe: the 0-2. andrus chased it. two out. strike-out number four. >> tim: a good slider way off the plate. playing on the aggressiveness of andrus. six inches outside. a good pitch by carpenter. >> joe: right at 100. now carpenter deals with josh hamilton. has not homered this post season. playing with a sore groin, he is 1-2 tonight. in to center. schumaker is there. carpenter has pitched through seven. molina, schumaker, punto coming up. images from game five, which is a beauty! 2-2 in the eighth.
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>> joe: alexi ogando is back to work in the eighth inning. yadier molina is first up.
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ogando walked three. two intentionally last inning. allowed one hit. but then got david freese with the bases loaded to end the threat. oliver and adams. a good fastball from ogando. strike two. molina has had a nice night. two hits, an rbi. ball one with schumaker and then punto. bottom three in the line-up. molina checks on andrus from the hole. safe.
10:50 pm
molina has his third hit of the night! [ applause ] >> tim: andrus jumping. i think with molina running. elvis could have planted and thrown a strike when he jumps, he throws a ball in the dirt. in-between hops and moreland couldn't come up with it. >> joe: now ron washington is going to come out. he has got the lefty oliver. the cardinals have theriot on their bench. moreland couldn't dig out that throw. that is it for ogando. ogando gives up the infield hit. oliver is coming in out of the pen. schumaker, the scheduled hitter. strategy here in the eighth of a 2-2 game. game five.
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manager led them to their first title? roger hornsby in the first full season of the cardinals' manager. he was a player manager. he played second base, hit .317 with 91 rbis. so that is the answer. as we're in the eighth. runner at first. nobody out. and theriot will pinch-hit for schumaker. >> tim: in that world series, 1926, i'm not going to say you may remember, but the score was 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth, when babe ruth threw a two-out walk before his attempted steal of second. and his being thrown out at second base. was the last play of the game. the cardinals won their first world championship. >> joe: theriot showing bunt. there will be a lot of conversation about allen craig. it goes down as
10:54 pm
caught stealing. the more we look at the replay of what transpired in the seventh, it was a hit-and-run put on by either la russa or the guy at the plate, albert pujol pujols. here is theriot with the bunt. that is good enough to get molina down to second. good job by theriot. one out. we go back to last inning. >> tim: here is the play. watch allen craig, the runner at first base. get the second shot. watch him look back. when he looks at albert pujols, that always signifys a hit-and-run. now if it was put on by tony la russa, la russa would haven't stopped and asked allen why you were running. so what you said makes all the sense in the world. there are some hitters that will put their own hit-and-run on. they have their own sign. remember dick grope usedded to do that in the early '60s with the cardinals. it was an open palm. right-hand. open palm to first base. you were running. >> joe: punto
10:55 pm
takes a ball inside. >> joe: yadier molina does not run well. he is at second. the go-ahead run. one out. tie game in the eighth. punto who struck out with runners on at second and third in the sixth inning against reliever feldman on a breaking ball. he fouls this off his leg and trying to make the pain go away. 1-1 count. 1-14 tonight with runners in scoring position, rather, are the cardinals. tonight they have stranded ten. now have the go-ahead run at second. one out in the eighth. mike adams is the one getting loose. >> tim: what some of you folks may be
10:56 pm
thinking if it was a hit-and-run, why didn't pujols swing the bat? well, the ball was out of the strike zone. it was actually above his helmet. so there are some pitches that are made that you know you can't make contact with, so there is no sense in swinging. and allen craig was a dead duck at second. >> joe: punto with a runner at second. fouls it back. strike two. weaving that video together it's our opinion that pujols put on the hit-and-run. and that strange play last inning of the seventh. we'll all find out after the game. 1-2. got him on the outside corner. two out. [ applause ]
10:57 pm
>> tim: nick punto, takes a cutter on the outside part of the plate. just there. darren oliver has been making pitches like that for 20 years in the major leagues. >> joe: tony la russa contemplated a line-up switch with furcal going to the number nine spot. left furcal in the lead-off position. here he is. strike one on a breaking ball. furcal has a bunt hit in this game. no rbis in this world series. left side. in the hole. it's a beautiful
10:58 pm
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by -- >> joe: kurt busch, the star from nascar is at the stadium tonight. >> tim: you know that guy! >> joe: the other guy i work with on weekends troy aikman. n.f.l. hall-of-famer, three-time super bowl champ. and chris carpenter did all he could. he was good through seven. allowed two runs. on six hits. jon jay is in the game taking over at center. and octavio dotel steals to young who shoots to gap in right centerfield. michael young has got a lead-off double to start the eighth. [ applause ]
11:02 pm
>> tim: jon jay is in for defense, replacing ryan theriot. playing toward right centerfield. michael young hit it so hard, it didn't matter. lead-off double in the eighth by michael young. >> joe: now adrian beltre will be the hitter. yadier molina walks out to talk to dotel. >> tim: i think the odds are against a bunt in this situation. beltre hit a homeer the last time up. he had good power the other way. hit a ground ball the other way. i think the odds are better as you look at marc rzepczynski warming. i think the odds are
11:03 pm
better to allow beltre to hit away here. >> joe: a high fastball, strike one. beltre's swing prior to that was a game tying home run on a carveball from carpenter back in the sixth. time called at the plate.
11:04 pm
0-2. >> tim: beltre thought the slider was high. may have had a point. last sacrifice for beltre, by way, was back in 2006. when he played third for the seattle mariners. >> joe: go-ahead run at second. nobody out. until now. high heat. 95-mile-per-hour fastball. one away. a big strike-out for dotel. >> tim: well, two-strike sandwich by a called strike. all three balls out of the strike zone. >> joe: now you've got first base open. a conversation about nelson cruz. the left-handed hitting, david murphy is the next batter with the lefty rzepczynski getting loose. so we'll see if the cardinals pitch to nelson cruz.
11:05 pm
a guy who has hit seven home runs this post season. >> tim: if you bring in the left-hander, if you walk cruz, bring in the left-hander to pitch murphy, you'll be facing craig gentry. >> joe: they are going to walk cruz. >> tim: i think again, think your odds are better to walk cruz and pitch to the pinch-hitter after bringing in rzepczynski. >> joe: all in an effort to get around a lead-off double hit by michael youn young. >> joe: really, all three of these intentional walk pitches have been just lobbed to the
11:06 pm
plate by dotel. that could have been disaster. this one, a guy who throws 95 is just lobbing it to the plate to put two on with one out. that will bring in rzepczynski. we'll see if it's murphy or gentry. or torrealba. all possibilities. as the young left-hander marc rzepczynski will enter here in the eighth of game five. mk the millions of you who stood up and helped raise more than four million dollars for stand up to cancer, just by using your mastercard. i stand up for my best friend. i stand up for survivors. i stand up for my wife's mom. i stand up to cancer. [ male announcer ] standing with those, who stand up to cancer -- "priceless." join mastercard and major league baseball, and stand up to cancer. go to standuptocancer.o and give. tltltltlestand up to cancer. emotional here?
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11:09 pm
cardinals have left 11 and have gone 1 1-12 with runners in scoring position. rzepczynski will deal with the left-handed hitting. david murphy. >> tim: a bit of a surprise here. david murphy hitting against rzepczynski. however, tony la russa telling us before the game last night, that he would not -- don't be surprised, he said, if i bring in rzepczynski to pitch to right-handed hitters. but against lefties, only .215 this year. >> joe: so no craig gentry no, torrealba. murphy. rzepczynski knocks
11:10 pm
it to punto who has no play. bases are loaded. one out. [ cheering ] >> tim: the ball was not hit hard enough for a double play. however, if it's hit by rzepczynski then you at least get the runner at second base, i think. but because it hit rzepczynski, punto can't come up with it. an in-field hit for murphy. >> tim: about the only thing that could have prevented an out for the cardinals then was for the ball to get through rzepczynski without hitting him. man! >> joe: napoli with the bases loaded z one out.
11:11 pm
-- loaded. one out. strike one. michael young led off with a double. intentional walk to cruz. the infield hit by david murphy. >> joe: right off his left knee. feliz getting loose. time called. rzepczynski picked up by the cardinals in july in that trade. three-way deal with the white sox, blue jayse and cardinals. and now yadier molina goes out to
11:12 pm
talk as lance lynn gets loose. he got the win here in game three. >> tim: rzepczynski has faced three right-handed batters for the rangers. in his 1-1/3 inning. make it 1-2/3. he struck them all out. >> joe: ball one.
11:13 pm
>> joe: in the air to right centerfield. this ball is down and off the ball. one run scores. young. here is cruz. it's 4-2 texas in the eighth. [ cheering ]
11:14 pm
>> joe: moreland now, strike one. napoli delivers for texas what the cardinals have been waiting for all night. a big hit with runners in scoring position. craig gentry take over as the pinch-runner at third. david murphy who got that infield hit. off the left knee of rzepczynski. who will be replaced both on the bases and then on the outfield, as gentry will go to center. hamilton to left.
11:15 pm
the count is 0-2 on moreland, who has homered tonight. >> tim: hard to figure out which was a more valuable hit. murphy, or napoli. they were equally important. >> joe: i think that look from behind home plate, runners at first and second on the ball hit by murphy might have led right to the bag. that is a ball outside. never know how a play is going to wind up. >> tim: right. >> tim: i think it would. i don't think the ball was hit hard enough for a double play. that's the way i saw it. but hard to say. again, you are there. there is no speed. >> joe: moreland strikes out.
11:16 pm
two out in the inning. kinsler is coming u up. and rzepczynski is coming out. lance lynn will enter. the right-hander will take over. two out and rangers up in the eighth. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it.y. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home.
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>> joe: some of the reaction from this bottom of the eighth. la russa to washington to the fans, rzepczynski.
11:19 pm
can only thing about what might have been had he not touched that ground ball off the bat of david murphy. and then it's mike napoli getting the big two-run double. here is that ball up the middle. >> tim: watch punto. going toward the bag. either punto or furcal. furcal had the best shot of completing the double play if it was hit hard enough. the one thing you can't tell a pitcher is don't react. he is just reacting. it's a natural thing to do. you are 55 feet away from home plate. >> joe: here is lance lynn. they are going to watch kinsler and pitch to andrus. sometimes we talk about it in the alcs, sometimes the manager lets the previous pitcher gives a walk so the new guy isn't coming in and first thing
11:20 pm
he is asked to do is lob it out of the strike zone. >> tim: if there is any way to develop a bad habit is come in from the bullpen and throw four straight balls. >> joe: cardinals in the ninth inning will have craig, pujols, holliday. two, three, four hitters. down by at least two. andrus is the eighth man to bat in the inning. the strategy, la russa wanted lynn to come in for the intentional walk and now he is going back to his bullpen. whoever is coming in from behind that wall, and it's motte, wasn't ready. so he bought some time by having lance lynn come in. and walk kinsler intentionally.
11:21 pm
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>> joe: here is jason motte, the cardinal closer trying to keep at it two-run game. time for nigh cobb one replay cam -- nikon one replay cam. good play by elvis andrus and big stretch by moreland with a go-ahead run at second, start of the play in the top of the eighth. and now motte with the bases loaded, two-out. you know ron washington is in the rangers dug-out, in this park with the cardinal hitters coming up, craig, pujols, holliday, he wants more of those runs sitting out there. >> tim: that's right. even with neftali feliz in the bullpen, one of the great young closers. we talked earlier in the opening that both teams playing this like it was a game seven. i think that is still true.
11:24 pm
>> joe: andrus, strike one. we haven't seen motte since he was saddled with the loss in game two. the guy at the plate got him for a big base hit. to setup flying sac fly and the go-ahead sac fly. hamilton, young. strike two. 99 from motte. >> tim: i mean with the element andrus hits the ball to right field. on 90-mile-per-hour fastball. motte is not going to give him anything other than a 94-mile-per-hour slider. upwards of 97 fastball. so you have to swing your outfield toward the right-field line. give him the left-field line. that appears to be what craig is doing.
11:25 pm
>> joe: the strike-out ends the bottom of the eighth. but mike napoli who has had a tremendous season and post season has put rangers on top for the first time all night. the big bats coming up for the cardinals. in the ninth. down by two. [ airport announcer ] now boarding group 4 to barbados.
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>> joe: the usual late inning switch for ron washington. he puts hamilton in left with the lead and craig gentry who pinch-ran for murphy in the bottom of the eighth to center. here is neftali feliz. with his post-season career has not blown a save. allen craig. first up. strike one from feliz. felipfeliz got the finl two outs last night. took over for derek holland. walked the lead man he faced, which is the guy at the plate right now craig. a little bit low. a ball and a strike.
11:29 pm
strike two. >> joe: matt harrison is scheduled for a game seven, if we get there. this ninth inning belongs to feliz. the 1-2. fouled out of play. again, there will be questions about him being -- in the end it goes down as a caught stealing. it looked to us as a hit-and-run. the question from la russa when craig got back to the dug-out, we believe it may have been a play put on by the hitter albert pujols. the pitch was high. he was thrown out.


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