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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 24, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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and three walks. did not score. and now craig is hit. that will bring the tying run to the plate. here in the ninth inning with pujols walking in. >> tim: earlier in the count, feliz threw a breaking ball. he tries another breaking ball. it slips out of his hands. and freese walks and nolan ryan can't watch. don't blame him. >> joe: and now pujols. >> joe: tying run at the plate. breaking ball in for a strike.
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>> joe: dangerous foul ball in to the seats. strike two. the only game pujols has produced runs, that huge game three with his three-homer night. >> joe: 98 miles per hour. missed ball one. >> joe: ball two. >> tim: two curve balls, two fast
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balls. 2-2. >> joe: pujols intentionally walked his last three plate appearances. rangers have to pitch to him now. out goes from 0-2 to 3-2. matt holliday on deck. >> joe: the runner was going. and he will come back. >> tim: that is not that risky. but since the pitch is out of the strike zone, it's ball four as pujols makes
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enough contact to warrant sending craig in this spot. >> joe: another foul. cardinals trying to avoid a double play. we talked about already tonight 169 times during the regular season for a new national league record. grounded in to a double play. home run hitters to follow pujols. >> tim: pitchers and catchers are trained if you are going to get beaten, or if they are going to tie, do it with your best pitch. his best pitch is a fastball. >> joe: struck him out. throw down. two out. [ applause ]
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>> tim: fastball. outside. napoli. for the second time in a row craig is out at second base. >> joe: napoli is having an incredible series. at the end of a long year. a guy who was major league baseball's best hitter average wise. since the fourth of july. has done it with his bat. and now he has cut down craig twice. with his arm. ball one outside. 1-1. sending the runner looks good when pujols makes contact. looks bad when he
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doesn't. >> tim: yeah. what that does to some right-handed batters it makes them swing at bad balls because of the movement on the bases they become overly anxious. that pitch was about six inches outside. you don't normally swing pujols swing at a pitch like that. but maybe, just maybe the runner running caused him to do that. >> joe: three strikes on holliday. >> joe: 2-2. if holliday reaches, berkman who has hit
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32 home runs total this season waits on deck. >> joe: ball three, outside.
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>> joe: that is foul. the rangers have never won a world series in franchise history. they lost in five games last year to the giants and they are trying to take a 3-2 series advantage after losing big here at home. game three. going back to st. louis. and this will continue. after hitting craig to start the inning, a strike-out of pujols. craig out stealing. now a walk to again bring the tying run to the plate. lance berkman. >> tim: lance, the fourth hitter here in the ninth inning. we have not seen a fair ball yet.
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there are two outs. >> joe: cardinals have been handed nine walks here tonight. >> tim: scored two runs. >> joe: berkman's last home run was a division series game off roy halladay in philadelphia. strike one. big swing by berkman. strike two.
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>> joe: feliz is aiming for his sixth save of this post season. berkman is swinging to try to tie it. it's still 0-2. >> tim: just got a lot of napoli behind the plate. that is no reward. two strong throws to second in a game go-ahead double. this ball has a bite right there. the left sidestep of mike napoli.
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>> joe: ball one to berkman. >> tim: there have been two caught stealing and now second base is his for the taking with mitch moreland way behind matt hollida holliday. the cardinals trail by two. holliday elects to stay there. >> joe: one gets away. napoli has to finish it. he's done it all tonight. the rangers win game five. [ applause ] a final 4-2. they led this world series three games to two. [ cheering ] >> tim: of all the goofy things in this game, it ends on a catcher going farther than any catcher i've ever seen. i have never seen a catcher on a third strike underhand a ball to a first baseman.
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unbelievable game. >> joe: three hours, 31 minutes. here is the last play on the strike out. napoli missed it. hit him on the left knee. >> tim: yeah. hit a shin guard. >> joe: then he had to go get it and get the out at first. awe the glove, off the knee, down the line. winner of the game is darren oliver. his first world series win. this is his 18th season. dotel gets the loss. and the rangers are one win away from their first championship in franchise history. how about napoli? the best player brought to you by the audi-8. true greatness should never go unrecognized. go-ahead bases double to score two.
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then he threw down to get allen craig. here in the ninth. go down to the field. ken rosenthal. >> ken: thank you. mike, a lot to talk about. the defense, ninth inning, strike him out, throw him out. pujols and craig. tell me about that play. >> pujols was going to put it in play. a good contact hitter. they were starting to run at 3-2. i just got rid of it and put it on the bag. >> ken: the play in the sixth, craig thrown out. did you think it was a hit-and-run, missed sign? after the fact did you know? >> player: i don't know. it's tough if you hit-and-run with albert. if it was, a tough pitch to hit. i got rid of it. >> ken: eighth inning, take me through the at-bat. >> player: trying to get to the outfield and get a sac fly and run across the board. trying to stay short. i have a pitch to handle over the middle of the play
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and put in the gap >> ken: last play? >> player: i don't know. off my hand, my glove, my knee. >> ken: back to you. >> joe: thank you, kenny. for our audience at home we welcome you to the chevrolet post-game show on fox. send it back down to ken rosenthal. kentucky adrian, >> ken: adrian, talk about the at-bat? >> the previous at-bat he had two breaking balls. i felt good and hoping that he found another one higher he did. >> ken: mike napoli, best number eight hitter in baseball? >> player: without a doubt. >> ken: cardinals, going back to st. louis now. one win away. how difficult or challenging is it going to be in st. louis getting that one win? >> player: not going to be easy. we know that.
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a good ball club. but better to go there and try to win one game, instead of winning two. the weather is tough, too. we have a good ball club and we can do it. >> ken: you played a long time, this is your first world series. one win away. what are your emotions right now? >> player: i can't explain it. one win away. i can't wait until it happens. it will be amazing to be waiting a long time for this. >> ken: to play in a world series like this. a competitive world series. has it been worth the wait? >> player: definitely. definitely. been a good series. both team is playing really well. i hope that, you know, the last team standing is us. >> ken: thank you. back to you. >> joe: a big piece of the success with the rangers. adrian beltre in his first year of five-year deal. rangers win game five. final of 4-2. another classic, another tight one. so much to talk about in this game.
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>> joe: the guys will on the other side of the break. napoli, one of the biggest games of his life. the rangers are one win away. chris rose and the guys on the other side of the break. 
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>> chris: welcome back to the chevrolet world series post-game show on fox. and the last game of the season here in arlington, texas, was one to remember. the texas rangers have the world series lead after taking game five 4-2, the final. hi, everybody. alongside eric karros, a.j. pierzynski of the chicago white sox, i'm chris rose. congratulations to the texas rangers. they lead 3-2 games.
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they got it done. it seemed that every pitcher out there wiggled in and out of jams be. tu st. louis cardinals i guarantee you, e.k., they are kicking themselveses in the clubhouse now. >> eric: another amazing game, outstanding game. the cardinals are sweating this one, just kicking themselves over this. they left 12 guys on base tonight. that is really hard to do, especially with the heart of their line-up. we have talked before the game about holliday having to step up. other guys, berkman and pujols. guess what? holliday, five guys left on base. three, five guys, nick punto, four guys. the second most they have left on base in a world series game since 1982. game seven. that is a lot of world series games for the cardinals. they didn't get it done one through nine in the line-up tonight. a bad night, we have to move on quickly to game six coming up real fast. >> a.j.: we just showed highlight of cardinal hitters and their futility. one thing that struck me, the texas rangers pitchers, you don't see the same pitcher in any situation.
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c.j. wilson gets out of it in the fifth. scott feldman, and the sixth. alexi ogando, the seventh. darren oliver in the eighth. neftali feliz closing it out in the ninth. ron washington does not get a lot of credit but he managed the game masterfully. navigated through the last and used the bullpen well and he out-managed tony la russa tonight. i was asked before the game who would you rath ber? tony la russa or ron washington going in today's game? i can tell you right now with the questions tony la russa will have to field tonight i'm glad i took ron washington. >> a.j.: you got everything right so far. >> chris: you can tell, the fans are going nuts. a few seconds ago they were doing the "napoli" chant. it was a different mike, michael young that got the rally started in the eighth. a few moments ago, our ken rosenthal caught up with the rangers all-time hits leader. >> ken: thanks. michael, talk about the eighth inning starting with a double. take me through it. >> chris: i wanted to get shorter.
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>> player: i thought it might get long. i want to be shorter, quicker, and be more fundamentally sound and get on base. fortunately i got on second. >> ken: how tough was carpenter early? >> player: good. keeping the ball down, both sides of the plate, changing the speed. being himself. a good pitcher. a pitcher's' dual in the early going. >> ken: situation that napoli made the final out in the sixth. coming off the field carpenter appeared to be yelling at him. were you aware of that? what was your reaction? >> player: i don't think it's that big of a deal. just world series adrenaline. impact on outcome. this is the world series. no one is interested in getting that stuff. move on. >> ken: this world series is going differently than the last one. what is the situation going to st. louis? >> player: we're hungry and looking forward to game six. it's fun. we know what to expect going back. we are looking forward to that game. it will be fun. >> ken: thank you.
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back to you. >> chris: thank you very much. he brought up the yelling situation, chris carpenter going after mike napoli. as a hitter, do you remember that? >> a.j.: you remember that. i guarantee you the guys in the ranger dugout heard about it and somebody is up there in the video room watching the game. they see that. they come down and they say hey, look. carp was getting excited out there. a heat of the moment thing. myger morgan with the brewers made mention earlier this year and we saw it tonight. >> chris: by the way, you don't have to answer it. >> a.j.: no. >> going on a trip with him. >> a.j.: i got to play. i know facing the guys, i yelled at a guy before and i said things i don't wish i had. but it's the heat of the battle. it's not a personal attack. not something where you say hey, i don't like your mother or something but it happens. i get it. >> eric: but the ironic thing was that was napoli early on in game. who destroyed him
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later? on mike napoli. >> a.j.: offensively and defensively. >> chris: clutch of you to admit you said stupid stuff on the field before. nice of you. quickly look ahead to starters for game six wednesday night st. louis. rematch of game two. both of the guys were spectacular. especially jaime garcia who is in line for the win before jason motte blew the lead. there in st. louis. >> a.j.: jaime garcia has been unbelievable for cardinals, especially at home. 3-1 in his last start at home. he has just been doing it great. pitched great in game two. he deserved a win. he didn't give up anything. jason motte came in. and we talked about the controversial call to take him out of the game. jaime garcia has to do it again and step up. that's why he is pitching two games at home. home. >> eric: rangers have the guy they want starting. colby lewis has been the best post-series starter with an era under 3.0. this year also on the road, he has been the dominant guy. a warrior, he pitched well earlier in the series. expect him to pitch well in st. louis. >> chris: anybody up here named
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napoli? apparently the people like him here. with good reason. hey, listen, this is final game of the year in arlington. it ends a very special year in the state of texas. last year they made their first ever world series. then they had their first ever super bowl. won by the green bay packers. the dallas mavericks won their first ever n.b.a. title. and now, the texas rangers just one win away from their first ever world series championship. hey, a quick remind they're coming up next except on the west coast is your late local news. and witness night we're going to be back -- wednesday night we're back in st. louis for game six of the outstanding world series. our coverage begins at 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central, 4:30 pacific. only on fox. promotionale consideration paid for by the followin following -- >> chris: for more information on tonight's game and latest in major league baseball news, log on to
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powered by msn. the world's favorite sports site. for joe, tim, ken, eric, a.j. and the rest of the crew, i'm chris rose say something long from arlington, texas. next stop for us, the arch. we're off to st. louis of game six of world series. the rangers lead the best of seven series three games to two. we'll see you wednesday night at 7:30 eastern. colby lewis taking on jaime garcia. have a great night, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪
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. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a group of bike riding bandits targeting people on d.c. streets. thanks for staying up late with us. >> the bold crime is happening in the middle of the day. tonight, one of those victims is telling its frightening story. bob has the story you will only see here on fox 5. bob. >> in at least one of the attacks, the bad guys flashed a gun, said to be a silver pistol. the victim you are about to hear from agreed to speak with as long as we kept his id


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