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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we will let you know. a local college student battling it out with a major charity in court why they owe her $100,000. we will explain that as fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. what a great shot from tower cam as we point it off, sunrise this morning beautiful start to this tuesday. it will look real nice should get sunshine throughout the day could be a really nice day glad you are with us, i am steve chenevey. i am alison seymour looks like a promising start to the day. tony perkens joining us with details. really what is going to happen. >> did you see the crescent moon at the top of the screen? a wonderful picture i think there is a planet you can see in the sky. we've got a fine day on tap let's go right to weather headlines it will be a terrific
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tuesday. yes, indeed as we see lots of sunshine and a fine day here is a look at satellite radar, clear skies, with the exception of some fog however, the fog advisory we have been talking about this morning was just cancelled. just cancelled so that fog is diminishing as we speak. you can see there, things look awfully clear to me. current conditions regan national airport, 50 degrees relative humidity 86% winds out of the west, 6 miles per hour bare row metric pressure on the rise your forecast today, plenty of sunshine, mild day highs mid-60s to 70. 65 martins burg, 69 wall door of, 67 in the district. now an update on the morning traffic. >> good morning tony. busy in virginia, accident activity, end of the ramp, going northbound i-95 that is where we find a crew in sky fox, state police on the scene
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of the incident. again, this is what is blocking the right lane on the ramp from morton, to go northbound on 95, 95 itself open for business, back inside travelling northbound 395 accident activity at the beginning of the bridge has cleared our lanes are open however, accident number two, dc end of the bridge tieing up the second lane from the right. eastbound 66 lanes open coming through vienna, 36, 45 miles almost a few miles an hour, headed toward the capitol belt way accident activity, suit land parkway, police on the scene of this crash and will help direct you around. inbound, right now a 20 minute commute as you head to northeast, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning, former
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libyan leader, moammar gadhafi buried in the libyan desert with just a few relativeofficials watching before dawn this morning his body was on view in the city where libyans lined up to see him after he was captured and killed in his hometown of sirte. a confidant of the former leader said he spent his last days shuffling between hide outs. thousands of people spent a second night outdoors in turkey, afraid to go home there have been hundreds of after shocks searchers are picking through ruined buildings in the hopes of finding survivors, a few were rescued today including a 2 week old baby girl. president obama makes his help for homeowners, while on a trip out west. meanwhile the talk for a need of a flat tax this is
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someone other than herman can. >> reporter: president obama continues his west coast swing more fundraising, more positioning for 2012. >> are you working hard in school? >> reporter: for all the public photo opens beyond the cameras what we can't show you is president obama rubbing elbows with hollywood elite like will smith, each paying nearly $36,000 for presidential face time but beyond the fundraising, the president is also showing off a new strategy on this west coast trip. new initiatives like help for struggling homeowners, he could order up without congressional approval. >> consumers save money, families save money gets those families spending it again. >> reporter: republicans and at least one conservative economist. >> it is this kind of thing that got us into the last crisis it looks like he is trying to buy the state of florida and he will worry about
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this in 2013. >> reporter: the effort is to cast the president as a lead whore can get things done just as republican candidates for president lay out dualing tax plans the latest from governor perry a flat tax proposal that simplifies the tax. a popular idea championed by herman cain and a concept backed by many of the gops best known number crunchers. >> i think probably governor perry will find a receptive audience with his somewhat similar suggestion this week. the president's re-election team wasted little time responding to republican tax plans calling them a big boost for wealthy americans. in washington doug luzader, fox news. >> more on the biggest news out of the president's west coast trip help for struggling homeowners, his plan will allow homeowners who owe more than their home is worth refinance you must be current on your mortgage payments and loan must be either loaned or backed by
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fannie mae or freddie mac that is about half of all mortgages in the united states it is an executive order the president is bypassing congressional approval. a vice president at fannie mae will join us live to talk more about this plan and who can take advantage of it and how to get started. joe the plumber is ready to announce where he will run for congress the ohio republican became a household name after questioning then candidate barack obama about his economic policies during the 2008 presidential race. he says he will make an official announcement in toledo he already filed paperwork to run and set up a campaign website to raise money. >> european debt crisis, investors on wall street and around the world awaiting a come pro hen sieve plan expect to be unvailed by european leaders tomorrow the 17 nations that use the euro have been working on the plan. it is hoped the fund can stop
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the debt crisis from spreading across europe. other stories the lulu lemon murder trial which started yesterday, so many people have heard of the case finding an impartial jury is difficult. >> it has to do with the maryland woman accused of killing her co-worker and allegedly covering it up stacy. >> reporter: this is by no means the highest profile case we've had in our region, remember the chandra levee the sniper case moved to virginia. this lululemon trial is proving to have a slower jury selection process than some originally hoped this is about brittany norwood, 29 years old charged with killing her co-worker back in the lululemon store in bethesda, march of this year.
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150 of 300 potential jurors were questioned whether or not they heard of this case, over 80% had. when asked if they had made up their mind on the guilt or incense of the subject charged 38 potential jurors said they already decided on her guilt or imsense. it is very difficult in any case, where there has been publicity to put aside what you have heard or learned and a high profile case like this it is extremely difficult. >> only a half dozen jurors were reloosed yesterday, 150 more will be questioned today, lawyers on both sides are hoping to get this finished they would like to begin opening arguments tomorrow live in rockville stacy cohen back to you. thank you police are investigating an apparent murder suicide at a senior living community in montgomery county. officers were called to national lutheran home in
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rockville monday morning 80- year-old robert ballard went to visit his wife, sandra a short term rehabilitation patient at the facility witnesses reported hearing gunshots from the wound and found the couple dead. funeral services for the german town woman and her son who were killed this month the service for jane and william mcclean will be held saturday at 1:00 p.m. at the cedar brook community church in clarks burg. police found the body of 11- year-old william in the woods last week his mother was found stabbed and beaten to death in hair german town apartment the week before mcclean's estranged husband, curtis lopez is charged with her murder and a suspect in william's death. dc police trying to track down bandits on bikes accused of stealing smart phones out of people's hands, one happened last night and sunday several calls went out near logan's circle. police took them around the
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area in the cruiser, looking for the young man who punched him in the face and demanded his phone. >> when i got into the car with cops, riding around the neighbourhood they got three more calls of robberies with guys on bikes. >> there is a security camera where the man was attacked police hope to find evidence from that. a college student and a major charity are in a battle, over an inter tense from her step father. he left a suicide note about his health problem and increased her inher tense $100,000 the changes he made were not signed by any witnesses maryland law requires two witnesses. it makes me feel like it is a contradiction i mean all growing up my step father was a
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mason about ethics, principles, family values. shriners hospital says it simply wants to follow the decedent's last will and testament and follow the law of maryland. sue monobrown, dc -- sulomon brown, police pulled him over for a head light that was broken and found out he had a maryland license. brown gained notoriety for accusing aid to vincente grey trying to buy his support for last year's election. special meeting called today to deal with metro's esculator problem. this one after one busy stop saw not one, not two but all busy stops shut down. fox 5 talks with the newest prince george county
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councilmember hear what he says are the biggest challenges he wants to take on. >> as we head to break a live lookout side, it is a very nice start to this tuesday morning, unless you are in this traffic on 395, hopefully that will clear up soon, 11 minutes past the hour arvey levin producti.
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making headlines on tuesday morning two teens in custody following the shooting of 15- year-old north carolina student. caitlin aber com by was shot in the neck during a lunch break outside her high school. surveillance show the suspects both students carrying a rifle inside the school. police do not think she was the intended target. today, house panel will hear testimony on whether online gambling should be legalized americans currently spend billion as year gambling
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on the internet but the action takes place on foreign websites because of a 5-year-old federal ban the head of the poker players alliance will urge subcommittee to over turn that ban, supporters say reversing it will mean jobs and tax revenues opponents question if enough protection can be put in place including for compulsive gamblers. on the baseball field, there you go buddy, that was actually congratulations texas rangers, one game away from winning their first world series last night they rallied to beat the cardinals 4- . rangers who -- 4-2. rangers who lost last year have a 3-2 series lead tony la russo reacting to the fact that he didn't have the right pitcher ready to go into the game, so they had to leave the guy in and this is what happened next. >> he knew it. >> he didn't want to throw that
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pitch. mike napopoli got the bases loaded. >> apparently he called and they said they didn't hear the phone ringing in the bullpen. >> very odd. >> did you know i wonder if the rangers lowered the volume of the ringt it on vibrate. >> that would be cheating. >> can't do that on a land line. >> wait i am surprised they don't have strobe lights that go off. >> yeah. >> very odd. listen, take a look at -- it is beautiful outside really really nice, let's take a look at the bus stop forecast, get the kids ready for school this morning, we've got partly sunny skies, is what we've written, mostly we will have a lot of sun, comes up 7:27 a.m., some areas where there is a little bit of fog we will call it partly sunny temperatures ranging from 20s to 50 degrees
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here is a look at temperatures across the country, we remain at 50 degrees here in the district, oh, let's see, 53 boston, 58 st. louis, 67 degrees dallas, 56 denver not a bad start to the day temperatures pretty much mild over in the mountains obviously you see some in the 30s you would expect that this time of year here is a look at satellite radar for the entire country eastern u.s. things are quiet except for around the great lakes area, wisconsin, places like that we have some rain showers some rain showers across portions of the western u.s. today we will be precipitation free our next shot will be overnight wednesday into thursday particularly on thursday. 5 day forecast today, high of 67, not bad at all lots of sunshine tomorrow not bad 71, clouds build in as the day progresses, maybe overnight rain showers into thursday, thursday rain friday, saturday
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chance of rain each of those days main thing about friday and saturday highs only in the 50s. that will do it for your highs on friday and saturday and sunday frankly as well. >> all right. >> going to feel it. >> got to deal with it still looking forward to the weekend? >> that was why i was in l.a. last weekend. >> you can't go to l.a. every weekend. >> i could if you let me borrow your credit card. >> like i said you can't go to l.a. every weekend. >> westbound 50th as you approach 454, tractor trailer loaded with sheet rock it caught fire they are in the process of extinguishing that fire going to find multiple lanes blocked, westbound 50, davidsonville montgomery county, 385, shady grove, accident activity also travelling elsewhere in southeast washington where we had the accident activity, follow police direction to get
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by there. inbound route 50 from the belt way headed out, 20 minute ride, not bad at this time you will find lanes are open top side of the belt way outer loop leaving 95, 395 across the 14th street bridge accident activity cleared slow going from the belt way up to the potomac that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. monitoring metro this morning broken esculators, becoming a constant problem at one of the systems busiest stops today it is focus of a special meeting held by montgomery council transportation committee, last week all three esculators were out of order metro plans to replace all three work isn't scheduled to begin until 2014, transit advocacy group in the county is looking for other ways to ease the burden such as a second entrance. >> speaking of bethesda and things there, a pain, parking pain will grow starting in
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january construction on a retail and housing project will eat up300 parking spots construction is expected to last three years. big change in prince georges county, derek leon davis taking over the council seat vacated by leslie johnson. >> she resigned? july after pleading -- she resigned in july after pleading guilty to a corruption charge. >> one of the biggest things we will have to teal with coming up right away, there is a debate right now going on with regard to how the districts will be redrawn one of the main things we can do as a community, is rally around academic achievement. and that making sure we send our very best to schools to be educated by our very best educators the only thing that is free in education is involvement. >> any ideas how to deal with crime. >> crimes hate light when it comes down to it we have to be
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vigilant as i was raised all eyes on my street were on what derek was doing we need to go back to those types of times we need to start to prevent crime and then, when we have a police force that is adequately staffed and that we are supporting, with new age technology, and opportunity, i think we will have the very best prince georges county we could have. davis will be sworn in, on the council november 8th, wisdom martin reporting there. still ahead grocery shoppers in dc may see a familiar face bagging their food today. >> let the price wars begin as retailers gear up for holidays checking out the competition to offer you the best deal. lesson in kick ball from the very best. straight to the top, holly morris is standing by with the other top callers, fresh off a win in las vegas.
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people who own electronic tablets are spending more time tracking news but they are reluctant to pay for it. a study from the pew research center found 11% of american adults on tablet of some kind users spend as much time reading news as they do reading e-mails and checking social networking sites, just 14% pay for news content another 23% pay for a subscription that includes tablet content. >> 2 months before christmas stores are reabouting to customers worn down by the economy staples and bed bath and beyond said they will price match big retailers, sears offering to beat a competitors best price by 10% wal-mart announced gift cards to shoppers if they buy something there and find it cheaper
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elsewhere. don't be surprised if you find the mayor of the district of columbia bagging your grocery this is afternoon. major grey will be a celebrity guest bagger at safeway market he will work a one hour shift bagging groceries at safeway in the southwest water front all in the name of breast cancer awareness and prevention. >> e would like to have the mayor -- i would like to have the mayor bagging my groceries. >> would you give him a little tip. >> a big tip. dupont circle gearing up for an annual tradition, think stilettos. >> i remember tucker barnes from last year. more than the nickel a bag. >> of course. >> instead of pressuring congress to act, an executive order to help struggling homeowners who qualifies for this latest attempt to jump start the economy we will hear from one of the top guns in the business after the break. 7:28 a.m. 
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tonight is the 25th annual dupont high heel race in the district, scores of men in costumes and high heels will start their sprint at 17th and
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kirk street northwest at 9:00 p.m. you better get there early if you want to attend this prehalloween tradition, crowds begin to form in the late afternoon. whoever was at the beginning of the line, took off like they have new nike heels on didn't tucker try that in the parking lot. >> remember when annie won. >> yeah, but she is a girl. she is used to -- you know what i mean? she cheated. >> you know those are men though right? >> that is what i said, it went against all the other competition is my point. >> okay. >> it was more entertaining for me to watch tucker stumble. the other gentlemen fell. >> he was not a pro. >> you know one of the guys who -- >> usual competitors. >> got right back up maybe we can find that video later. >> don't count on it. take a look at what is going on out there, as far as
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weather goes,. defining part of it. >> that's right. >> going to be a terrific tuesday, yes, indeed, as far as weather goes, great day folks that is all i can tell you, although i am going to tell you another minute and a half worth. 50 degrees current temperature in washington annapolis, 52 degrees, dulles 49, manassas, 41 they were 39 degrees not long ago they have made it into the 40s now, 44 baltimore let's check out leonard town, 43 degrees there. here is a look at satellite radar composite for the region things look good we are clear we have areas of fog this morning, other than that, we've got clear skies beautiful sunrise and in fact, skies are so clear, with sunrise having now occurred or occurring now, as you drive to the east you may have the slow down for sunshine delays, this morning. the next rain maker doesn't get here until thursday maybe very very early thursday but basically thursday forecast for us today, looks like this, not
7:33 am
a bad one mostly sunny, very pleasant afternoon high 67 degrees right where we should be for this time of year for tonight a few more clouds build in, we are going to see cool temperatures again, just like last night overnight low in town, 50 in the 40s elsewhere outside of town 5 day forecast tomorrow not a bad day it does cloud up during the day that rain we've got on there really is for overnight wednesday into thursday i don't expect it to rain during the day tomorrow at least not at this point 71. i expect rain on thursday, maybe some lingering showers, first half of friday, and cooler temperatures as we head into the weekened highs only in the mid-50s. that is a look at what is happen being weather now julie right -- happening with weather now leer is julie wright. >> friday is a soup and sandwich kind of day. >> grilled cheese, tomato soup. >> i will eat it if you buy it. i will buy you that. that is not too expensive.
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>> my god. all right tony. let's say hi to the crew in sky fox they could use a warm cup of joe, westbound 50, now the latest incident a truck fire, as you work your way over 424 davidsonville this was apparently loaded with sheet rock and a bunch of other material, the fire has been extinguished fire and rescue on the scene, westbound 50 toward the capitol belt way you will squeeze by single file to the west expect delays as you travel out of davidsonville in towards buoy only the left shoulder getting by. we will take it back inside and update your ride elsewhere travelling in southeast washington the accident could be reported southbound 295, howard road, tieing up the right lane as you work your way through southeast, coming inbound, 66 leaving ma that sis you are doing the double -- ma that sis. you are doing the double nickel, 18 miles per hour
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centerville, average speed, 20 miles per hour headed inbound towards the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. some relief for homeowners who are seeing the value of their properties dip lower and lower. president barack obama now making it easier for some to refinance share mortgage loan joining us now to explain the program and who is eligible, vice president at fannie mae. we appreciate you coming in sir. >> happy to be here. >> let's talk about this plan this is as we were talking out >> correct originally rolled out 2.5 years ago we have had a lot of learning so what we have done is try and address some of the issue that is were frictions keeping borrowers from refinancing. >> because was this widely taken advantage of. >> no, to date in total just under 900,000 harp refinances in the context of overall refinances fannie mae and freddie mac have done just
7:36 am
under 9 million a lot of people are refinancing but harp targeted at borrowers with fannie mae or freddie mac loans may be under water and not able to refinance the take up has not been as great as we would have hoped. >> exactly what does this do? what does this do as far as helping homeowners struggling out? >> well, harp is for loans that have loan to value of 80% or higher we had a cap in place that capped that at 125% so if your home was worth $100,000 your maximum mortgage should be $125,000. what we announced yesterday we removed that cap any lcd is eligible traditionally many borrowers would not have been able the refinance value of home relative to mortgage was too low offering flexibility around the process the idea to expand the population, reduce cost and in the changes we just made, make it more attractive
7:37 am
for lenders to offer the refinance. before we talk about who is eligible what does this mean for lenders do they take a hit? >> no, lenders are already servicing these loans some of the changes we made, initially, were process efficiencies to make it easier for them to do these loans what we announced yesterday we moved some of the concerns lenders had with doing high ltv loans, something called reps and warrants where the lender is on the the hook and had to repurchase the loan. for some of those reps and warranties we removed those our hope lenders will step up and do more loans they don't have that risk of repurchase. >> who is eligible with that, do you have to be in certain tax bracket -- certain tax bracket? >> income independent, the critical components your loans are guaranteed by fannie mae or freddie mac most people don't know that, fannie mae and
7:38 am
freddie mac have web based tools to allow the borrower to find out if they have one. so you can go see if you have a loan. and for harp specifically you have to have an ltv of 08% or higher but -- 80% or higher but we have refinance initiatives. >> it is an election period as we know there will be critics of this harsh -- of the obama administration who made this an executive order now let me ask you, they say this is just prolonging the pain that in several years down the road you will still be facing this same problem, how does this look to the future? >> well, i think one of the other criteria, for eligibility is they have a good pay history and currently current harp is for those people who have been making payments on their loans there are a lot of issues in the foreclosure space harp is not focused on that, it is for people who through no fault of
7:39 am
their own the loan has lost value they can refinance get into a more stable loan get a lower payment have more disposable income and more cushion. >> how do we get started? the last thing i want to ask you, how does a person get started with this? >> call their lender you know, we are dealing with 1500 lenders, almost all the lenders are participating, the changes we've just announced will take a few months for lenders to implement we are excited, this is a great opportunity borrowers should avail themselves of this. >> again your loan must be backed by fannie mae or freddie mac there are ways to find out if you qualify for that. again we talked about the website go to if you need to hear this interview again, get the information again to get some help over to you. >> alison thank you, 7:39 a.m., pretty serious work today, going to get done on the country's biggest nuclear bomb.
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we will take a look at what is happening coming up newly released surveillance video of the missing baby girl what it may show to support her parents claims. our half off deal. one month of unlimited fitness classes for $39 or a family membership for a month $49. dulles, mount claire, alexandria, verizon 4g lte.
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making headlines a possible break-in a decades old cold case investigators in maine are trying to confirm identity of human remains found in an unplugged freezer in the storage unit of an 80-year-old man who died this month they think it may be those of his girlfriend who disappeared in 1983 when she was 29 years old. >> no word from police about a
7:44 am
surveillance tape that could provide clues into the disappearence of a missouri baby the arrow on the left side of the screen points a to a man leaving a wooded area on the night lisa irwin went missing the 10 month old went missing 3 weeks ago her parents insist someone broke into their home and kidnapped their baby. >> over overseas flood waters wreak havoc in thailand at one bangkok airport, water is pouring over thigh high sand bags commercial flights have been stopped at that facility but the main airport is not effected. >> tony is back with a look at our forecast. >> going to be a good day the way things are shaping up a fine day nice temperatures a lot of sunshine not too bad at all. let's start taking a look at temperatures across the region. they have been pretty consistent, steady all morning we remain, at 50 degrees this
7:45 am
hour in dc 49 showing on this map at dulles airport, 44 baltimore, 45 in fredericks burg, 50 in frederick maryland. let's talk a little hurricane activity, there on the left side of your screen that is hurricane rina now a category 2 hurricane with maximum sustained winds 100 miles per hour. kind of moving to the west, northwest showily, at 3 miles per hour. we do have a hurricane watch in effect for the east coast much of the the east coast of the yucatan peninsula even where there is not a hurricane watch there is a tropical storm watch the bad thing about this, it is very slow moving could dump a lot of rain on the east coast of the yucatan peninsula and parts of belize as well. >> your forecast high today, 67 degrees, lots of sunshine, a fine day, not a bad one, early morning sun and clouds start to build in as the day progresses, high 71 degrees, overnight
7:46 am
wednesday into thursday, thursday a rainy day friday and saturday, chance of rain those days, but cool, highs only in the 50s. there you go, in fact, friday night and saturday night overnight lows in 30s. >> getting down there. >> almost november. >> check with julie wright. all right guys very busy on the top side of the belt way here is what i know if you are travelling in along 29 this morning, randolph road trying to get past industrial parkway, 20 miles per hour down to 10. gain, delays right now on northbound, excuse me southbound, leaving 198 down towards 212, between 17 and 6 miles per hour. the tie up, georgia avenue tied up two left lanes blocked, big delays route 1, college park average speed new hampshire avenue, 11 miles per hour westbound 495, southbound 295, crash at howard road still in place tieing up the right side of the highway accident activity, suit land parkway,
7:47 am
silver hill road cleared travelling 395 northbound big delays, leaving duke street, two separate accidents over the potomac both cleared. >> what weighs 10,000 pounds as big as a minivan? the last of the biggest most powerful nuclear bombs it is being taken apart, almost a half century after it was put into service during the cold war. the first lady is writing a book about her produce garden at the white house called american growth how the white house kitchen garden inspires families, schools and community it is book will explore how improving access to healthy and affordable food can influence better eating habits it is slated to be released april all proceeds will go to charity. >> holly bringing her a game this morning, she better. >> she is getting a lesson in kick ball from the best team in
7:48 am
the country good morning. >> i know. the last time i played kick ball i think it was i don't know 10 years old isn't that a game we play in elementary school. thing again, the world adult kick ball association is alive and well and yes, the world champs are from our area, we are hanging out with the shot callers this morning meet them see how they won the title and find out how you can get involved in a league of your own live next fox 5 morning news stay with us. thanks holly before we take you to break time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day check out this good looking group. john benjamin centerville virginia if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 and post a comment under john's photo  [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company
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earlier this month, the most competitive kick ball team, teams from all other the country gathered where else but las vegas for the world champion kick ball. the other shot callers, holly morris is hanging with the team this morning good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it is not every morning you get to hang with world champions, right and they have the hard ware to prove it. take a look. here it is. this is what the other shot callers brought back from vegas this is officially the founders cup don't worry gentle pen i am holding it with both hands to make sure i don't drop it or this little aluminum thing doesn't separate i am just kidding this is wonderful. this is bill the team captain, joel the manager for the world
7:53 am
adult kick ball association. first of all let's talk about the big championship that had to be pretty exciting usually we say what happens in vegas stays in vegas not now we are tellingeverybody what happened. >> no, our team came together right at the right moment it is great to win $10,000 split it. >> i'm sorry did you get $10,000 for playing kick ball. >> we did. >> how long have you guys been a team? >> together for the past 3 years. >> wow so you gelled quickly. >> right. >> and in terms of your team, do you recruit or -- >> yeah. >> obviously you are serious. >> we do some recruiting there is a lot of good local teams in the area, we are able to kind of pick and choose for some of theand bring players on for most of the team it is the core that play together. as the regional manager, people might be surprised to know it started here. >> correct. >> in dc in 98 tell me about
7:54 am
that. >> sure, they started here in 98 and in dc by three gentlemen who founded the organization, they came together really just looking for a way to get friends together and meet new people and they came up with kick ball and from there it has grown, huge. it is huge throughout the whole country 35 states, there is tens of thousands of players all over the country hundreds of fans. >> did i read there are teams in london and iraq. >> correct >> it is really a world championship. not just to the nation. why did you thing something dare i say as elementary as kick ball took off so quickly and. >> really it is a big thing people find with kick ball is the social aspect especially for young professionals in a city that takes itself seriously you can do a sport that is not that serious and be a kid again it is an opportunity for young professionals to come together, a lot of people who play don't know anyone when they first start and some of their best
7:55 am
friends are their teammates. >> my next question will be what is the average player. >> young adult, who is looking to have fun, and then as soon as you know the competitive nature gets to you some teams come together making really good teams, we are lucky to have a few here. is there a kick ball season? >> multiple seasons we play throughout the whole year we do fall, spring, winter and summer spring is by far our biggest season. so if you are on a team, like how often do you practice, what is the commitment. >> so, depending on your team and the environment, some people just do it social which is great networking get out our team -- >> the other shot callers don't just do it -- >> no,. just clear about that right now. >> no, so leading up to a tournament probably once a week practice and include it in our weekly game, as the tournament gets closer we will practice a little bit more.
7:56 am
>> have you ever kicked anybody off the team? >> eww. >> i asked a tough question see. >> occasionally. >> see. >> occasionally. these guys are students they are competitive when they go to vegas they are playing some to have best teams in the country. we do have competitive teams that is awesome and great but a big part is social aspect. >> you have all levels but the championship game you did win 5- 1. >> yeah, we had lost the year before in overtime and won it back. >> has how you roll. any way okay our website we have a link to waka if you want to find out how to get involved if you are wondering how exactly the game is played like the difference between elementary school kick ball world championship kick ball we will show you. >> thank you.
7:57 am
>> folks getting their exercise early. >> local lawmakers about to consider having to legislate themselves to stay scandal free coming up we will talk with muriel busker in charge of drumming up support. >> singer turned judge nicole talks about life on the x factor as the hit show gets set to hear from the top 17 contestants tonight. we will hear from nicole next hour  when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
7:58 am
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it appears jury selection will take longer than first thought in the case of brittany norwood accused of killing her co-worker inside bethesda's lululemon store. an amazing survival story out of turkey nearly 50 hours after that 7.2 earthquake hit, rescuers pulled a 2 week old baby from the rubble. x factor's nicole she zinger goes one on one with fox 5 what it takes to judge this
8:01 am
talent competition. i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. nicole is so pretty. >> she is. >> and seems like a nice person that whole crew, even simon seems softer on this show. >> you are right >> i agree. >> compassion factor. >> can't wait for that -- x factor. >> i can't wait for that. >> should be fun. >> meantime. >> fine conditions beautiful conditions out there, this morning, going to be a good day today. let's start with the sentinel satellite, hmm, now you may look at us and go well, tony it seems to be broken it is not showing anything that is because there is nothing to see we've got cloud free skies, we have had some morning fog but that is burning off there is still some fog out to the west the fog advisory that was in effect has been cancelled right now regan national, 50 degrees relative humidity, 83% winds out of thest 5 miles an hour barometric pressure continues to be on the rise. your day planner, plenty of sunshine, a nice mild day, look
8:02 am
for a high in the mid- to upper 60s depending where you are in the district we will call it 67 degrees for your high today, enjoy it folks get outside and do something. >> all right. >> i like it. good advice. >> thanks tony. >> let's check with julie right she is out dealing with folks outside. >> hey, steve i thought about you when i was in l.a. >> you did? >> you were tweeting you ran 6 miles i was running up that hill when i say hill it was forever, ventura boulevard by the time i got there i saw jesus then he kicked me back down the hill. >> wow. >> that might be a good thing. >> that is what you get for being up in the valley you got to stay in the flat lands of hollywood. >> you definitely want to run flat california is not the place to run flat. it is bumper the bumper 95 college park all the way around to georgia, accident i mentioned earlier, cleared to
8:03 am
the shoulder. you are going to find if you are travelling along the gw parkway coming southbound from the belt way authorities checking for the crash on the exit to cia. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right thank you our top story, jury selection started in the lululemon case, a maryland woman charged with killing her coworker but finding a jury not so easy, stacy. >> reporter: they do have not perspective jurors, they have 300 folks from our community that have come down here to the courthouse that may be a part of the jury the problem is they only got through half of those yesterday at the very early stages of this murder trial now the case is about the murder, of 29-year-old brittany norwood accused of murdering her coworker jana murray at the lulu lemon store in bethesda back in march originally norwood said they were both assaulted and raped and murray was killed that story quickly
8:04 am
unraveled and norwood was charged with killing her coworker yesterday prosecutors and defense attorneys questioned the jury pool over 80% of the jurors said they already had heard about this case and 38 jurors stood up in court and said they already made up their mind on norwood's guilt or innocence. it will be up to attorneys to come to some agreement on getting this process moving forward only six jurors were released yesterday 150 more to be questioned today also on hand a motion by defense, to get rid of graphic pictures of the crime scene that the prosecution wants to use in their opening statement the defense attorneys say those pictures would be prejudicial the prosecution says they are critical for jurors to understand the horrific nature of this crime jury selection
8:05 am
under way in just over an hour at the courthouse. back to you. >> thank you very much alison. thanks steve let's look at other top stories of the day montgomery county police investigating a murder suicide at a senior living center officers were called to national lutheran home in rockville yesterday morning investigators say 80-year-old albert ballard went to visit his wife sandra a patient at the home, several people reported hearing gunshots and then police say they found a gun in sandra ballard's room. a local loss in the war in afghanistan, airman first class jerome miller junior died october 13th the 23-year-old was from dc the.gone will only say he died in a -- the pentagon will only say he died in a noncombat incident miller was stationed at andrews airforce base maryland. somewhere under the libyan
8:06 am
desert lies the body of former dictator moammar gadhafi he was buried this morning with his son. his body was taken from a freezer in the city last night where it layed on public display. >> nothing short of a miracle in the wake of turkey's massive earthquake a 2 week old baby pulled alive from the rubble right there see it, in that person's hands more than two days after the disaster rescuers wearing these orange jump suits, clapped as the little one was removed from the wreckage of a collapsed building more tan 2,000 buildings -- more than 2,000 buildings destroyed the death toll almost 40000s more missing still. governor of virginia still looking for money to help with this summers earthquake, he is looking for disaster relief for schools damaged by the august earthquake and seeking emergency declarations with fema, engineers say the damage
8:07 am
to the school is $31 million. president barack obama announcing an enhanced to help -- plan to help more people under water on their mortgages. you have to be at least 25% upside down. it will last through 2013. right now on tuesday morning several dc council members currently under investigation for ethical lapses now, there are calls for reform. >> councilmember muriel busker
8:08 am
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8:10 am
>> don't be alarmed if you see fighter jets in the sky across the dc region, tomorrow, norad is going to do another exercise to test a warning system it will start 1 minute after midnight could be in the overnight hours the main one will be really in the middle of the night between 3 and 5:00 a.m. all kinds of jethelicopters
8:11 am
will participate you might hear planes buzzing around. >> absolutely perfect, nice start to the day. >> try to remember that like if i hear it. >> you will be awake already. >> right. any way, tony perkens joining us with a little pick me up the forecast is looking all right. >> seems like an odd time to do it, between 3 and 5:00 a.m. >> when you are disoriented any way. >> yeah, that is why we are telling you now. >> okay. >> here we go before we get to the weather, the pick me up of the morning it is time now for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> aww. >> i love -- i said this before i love these little baby costumes, for halloween. >> this is cute. >> very very cute, chloe, what a face she is 11 months old, this is her halloween costume she is going to be a lady bug. >> and she really is a little lady bug. >> she is that is very cute alison it is so great to have your kids halloween costume picked out and planned and ready. >> and not have to pay double if you times
8:12 am
the a wonderful thing isn't it happy halloween everybody. >> chloe you look adorable thanks for sending the photo in. >> if you want to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. all right take a look, here is the national map we show you national temperatures including our own, 52 degrees now, here in the district, things are looking up however, in cincinnati temperature dropped off to 39 degrees check it out most of the country is quite comfortable with temps in the 50s and 60s many locations some 40s and some 30s where you would expect them, in the mountains out to the west, although eugene oregon is at 35 degrees pretty chilly there. a look at the national map precipitation wise not a lot going on in eastern u.s. we have some presip around the great lakes region, chicago portions of wisconsin places like that, we are dry in the mid-atlantic and shall remain dry for the day today don't
8:13 am
expect any presip here until oh, wednesday night into thursday. and here is your 5 day forecast speaking to have week ahead, today beautiful day, 67 degrees for your high lots of sunshine tomorrow, we start with sun clouds build in, look for a high of 71 degrees thursday rain showers, 64, friday, chance of rain early, we might end up taking it out we will see saturday chance of showers could see another storm system develop and highs friday, saturday and sunday, only in the 50s. that is a look at what is happen being weather now let's turn to -- happening with weather now let's turn to julie wright. >> you are getting on alison about the costume, do you have your candy? >> i have to say i don't yet have my candy. >> okay i am just saying, reese cups. >> i got to get the candy one year i ran out and gave out popsicles. >> i had to tell the kids you got the eat this now. it was not good.
8:14 am
>> nice. >> 50 degrees outside, you are giving the kids popsicles. 395 across the 14th street bridge all lanes are open earlier, accidents we had on here, cleaned up and moved out of the roadway, a better ride for you there, a tough go from the belt way outer loop, crash georgia avenue gone travelling southbound, 29th and randolph road, approaching randolph, 20 miles per hour, 32 miles per hour southbound towards the build way and 95, still a tough go leaving 198 and 212 from 36 to 13 miles per hour, headed out of laurel and the average speed on the belt way 20 miles per hour headed west that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks julie there is no doubt the dc council has had its fair share of scandal and ethics lapses as a result calls for reform have reached a fever pitch in an effort to make things right there are currently 10 bills being
8:15 am
introduced and responsibility to vet and review these falls to councilmember bowser of ward 4. she joins us live in studio we should mention you are chair of the committee on government operations this duty does fall into your lap let's talk about this, these bills being introduced this happens tomorrow how will you narrow this down thanks for being here >> my pleasure thank you for having me i get to watch you every morning and we appreciate it but you know, residents of the district of columbia, want to make sure we are having an open and honest government the laws are in place structure is in place to make sure public officials are being held accountable my committee has 10 bills we are hearing a big hearing tomorrow 10:00 a.m. john wilson building we will hear from members of the public to see what they thing and what we should do. we spent the last couple months focused on where are the gaps in the law, how do we need to
8:16 am
stress and enforce the law, so we have some ideas moving forward about how that should work we know that we have a lot of the entities in place and they are not all talking to each other. one important thing we know and what will present tomorrow is the idea of separating our current board of electionethics so we have a portion of that entity dedicated to elections and we know we have a big one coming up but also, for the first time in the district of columbia, having an entity dedicated to investigating and enforcing ethics rules. >> you plan on doing this pretty quickly. >> yes, well, i think you know there have been as you know fever pitch, and everybody wants to make sure the government is working as openly as possible, so we think that we can pull the bills together, and bring to council for a vote early december, a comprehensive ethics reform bill that will deal with the core problems,
8:17 am
deal with loopholes and make sure our enforcement tools are robust. >> when this -- now this one big bill is now introduced and there for everyone to see, the enforcement of it i think that is where it seems to be a bit of fall out we hear about these things and nothing ever seems to really happen. >> yep. >> that will change. >> exactly right what we have seen if there is an investigation it almost falls into a black hole so, the public wants to make sure all the enforcement entities have the tools they need to investigate and practice crimes against the district of columbia or ethics violations it is important we put that in place we are not just moving boxes on a table i want everyone to understand this entity is just not some bureaucratic exercise we will have to give a board and professional staff the tools they need to investigate and report back to us. >> right. >> not just send an investigation over to this entity and this box and you never hear from it again, they
8:18 am
need to be able to 8:00 back periodically and tell us -- to come back periodically and tell us the stay does of their investigation. >> agencies are closing the loopholes and enforcement too with these 10 bills being introduced does it speak to anything other than those broad categories? i won't ask you to go through all of them but what is the nature of these. >> one big one is that public disclosure for example, so that we can avoid conflicts of interest, public officials have to disclose more, we will deal with that in a comprehensive bill deal with fundraising issues also, questions about services fund should we limit the amount restrict some uses what do we do about the defense funds, and transition committee we will deal with coordination, fundraising and enforcement. a little inside baseball how is moral going into this? are folks defensive about this? eager to be open about this? what is the feeling.
8:19 am
>> for all members of the council and mayor and appointed officials it is to our benefit to have rules in place that we all have to follow and they are enforced consistently and equally certainly to public officials benefit but more importantly for the public good i think all members of the council have been supportive they have come up with their own ideas i expect many of them to participate tomorrow they have all agreed to a very aggressive schedule we will bring it to the committee on government operations very soon after the hearing and for the whole council for a vote in december. >> public is invited. >> absolutely. this is dc councilmember bowser and chair of committee on government operations good luck we hope to report on the outcome soon. coming up 20 minutes past 8 new video surfaced providing investigators to clues in regards to the disappearence of
8:20 am
baby lisa irwin in missouri. >> live once again now that the sun is up we can see the skills of the world champion kick ball league. right here in dc yeah, they are from our area they just won the title in las vegas.  to war zones.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
names of the jurors in the casey anthony trial being made public for the first time since they acquitted the florida mother of murdering her 3-year- old daughter the 3 month old cooling off period, ended today. jurors were threatened after the verdict in july. still no word from police in the case of the missing 10 month old baby lisa irwin >> it could be a big clue the family as been looking for aiynsley ear hart explains. >> reporter: take a look at this surveillance video it was taken from a gas station near baby lisa's home, october 4th a man dressed in white emerging from the woods 2:30 a.m. in the morning, this might support the claim by the girl's
8:24 am
parents the baby was abducted from their house kansas city police are not commenting on the video. the attorney representing the parents are raising questions. >> so many people in their white suits coming in and out, 17 hours later they brought out 6 bags i believe all of which i think came from baby lisa's room. >> reporter: the lawyer claimed the cadaver dog that picked up the scent of a dead body proved nothing. >> there are no walls torn out, whatever x raying they did, did not confirm whatever it was that some dog thought it sniffed. >> reporter: meanwhile prayers continue for baby lisa as those searching for her held another vigil outside her home. >> please bring her back as soon as possible to the family that missing her, loves her. >> reporter: a friend of the family says the turn out and support from the vigil was incredible this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> there is so many people out
8:25 am
there crazy enough to do anything but i know jeremy and bradly are not them. >> reporter: they say their daughter was abducted by the time bradly fell asleep on theth and jeremy came home from a night shift. one traveler found what she is calling a wildly inappropriate something inside of her suitcase and she thinks it was written by a tsa screener this was a note found more on what it said when we come back when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
8:26 am
8:27 am
to what's next, to what's possible. confident that taking action now, is the way to create a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been...
8:28 am
and always will be a smart investment. at&t. it is 8:28 a.m. on a tuesday morning let's look at stories making headlines, health and safety concerns at the occupy protest in the district, protestors are taking
8:29 am
matters into their own hands the makeshift kitchen is constantly cleaned using bathrooms at area businesses. former dc mayoral candidate in court on traffic charges dc police arrested him last month driving on a suspended maryland license is fill your to obey -- failure to obey officers he gained notoriety for accusing aids for grey to buying him. a passenger claims someone from tsa wrote a message inside her suitcase, it said get your freak on girl. >> it is never appropriate. >> it is funny.
8:30 am
yeah. >> tucker. >> hard to read that, and stay ... >> maybe you wouldn't want to bring that in your carry on. >> yeah, why would you. all right. your weathehey, a terrific tuesday. >> all right. >> get your freak on girl. >> thank you alison took the words out of my mouth. expecting sunshine across the area, back into the upper 60s. cool start, done this the last couple mornings, fog here south and west of the city for the rest, lots of sunshine 45 gaithersburg very cool overnight low, 30s manassas, 43 for you, 48 dulles, 49 martins burg, 48 hagerstown bright sunshine expected today and first part of tomorrow look at clear skies, quiet conditions west virginia and ohio, this is
8:31 am
tomorrow's forecast clouds will start to move in then the weather forecast weather pattern will break down starting late in the day tomorrow, during the week thursday showers around and much cooler weather get ready for a real cool down by friday and saturday, daytime highs only in the 50s. yeah, 50s. going the feel like halloween for the weekend. 67, mostly sunny very pleasant afternoon get out and enjoy winds north and west, 5 to 10 later tonight, cool off, a few clouds, overnight low in the city, lots of 40s another cool one when you head out the door, your 5 day, 71 tomorrow mild increasingly cloudy during the course of the day showers late wednesday during the day thursday we hope to get it out of here by early friday and cool this weekend, could be more shower activity maybe rain around here during the day on saturday. okay that is the weather steve. one out of every three women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetime sadly this type of violence can happen to anybody
8:32 am
regardless of race, age, socio- economic status. there is hope for victims of domestic violence. joining us now becky lee, founder and executive director of becky's fund and comcast sport's net julie donaldson we will help becky with an event coming up next week good to see both of you let's talk about what you are doing to try to help out and continue to raise awareness. >> sure, october is domestic violence awareness month it is a great time to bring awareness to the issue. one in three women are effected by domestic violence yet often due to the stigma of going through this victims often feel blamed and judged and blamed for the situation we often ask the question why doesn't he or she leave instead of saying why is this crime not being talked about we have been working on workshops such as financial planning, engaging youth we
8:33 am
have a college tour, they will speak at gw, engaging men and women to talk about the issue openly when people realize there is help out there it is not their fault and resources are available to help them get through it or prevent it, you know, worst situations from happening. >> you have been doing this with your organization for several years now, the more you get involved the more people you talk to through the outreach people coming to you, are you finding more hope in that more people are coming forward, or is it almost, to the point where you are just finding out more and more people are victims or becoming involved. >> due to technology, social media, we are hearing about it more often due to the fact that it is easier to manipulate and take advantage of a situation we see the highest range happening between students who are 16 to 24 years old. this is not something happening between married couples only it is happening among our youth we are trying to create
8:34 am
prevention, and awareness by engaging youth, through our mentor ship program working even with young girls starting at the age of 9 years old telling them what it means to be in a healthy relationship what it means to be empowered but realizing there are warning signs and resources for help. >> all right. let's talk about what is happening next week one of your big events you have. >> yeah, i think it is very important for the community to show support we have engaged community and corporate leaders, here in dc as well as some great name athletes including the dc red skins, we have brine arapahoe, anthony armstrong, dang low hall yesterday we signed on nick backstrom and with support of comcast sportsnet and julie, it has been great to bring out these names, also at the same time show the community we need to come together it is really important to create a safe space saying it is okay for victims to come forward to get help.
8:35 am
one issue i found i spent over a year counselling a whole bunch of different women and men effected by domestic violence or dating violence it is taking that first step of saying you know, there is a problem and that some body does need help when you have resources like becky's fund or a lot of different social media, you see violence addressed in a lot of movies and magazines saying this is an issue. when you can get people in the community, and leaders and different athletes and people that are much involved to stand up and say this is something you don't have to carry around this shame of, this is something you don't have to be embarrassed by, you can come forward and say i need help. >> does it help for people to know though, they are not alone like so many other people? >> yeah, that was the biggest thing when i was leading these groups the fact to realize everybody's story however did i have aren't they may be, a lot of the -- different they may be, a lot of the emotions are
8:36 am
the same thing. whatever experience you are going through be it depression, sadness, anger, just feeling loss, everybody is going through the relatively different emotions. something like becky's fund, the courage to take those steps, to start their process of getting out. real quick give us details about the event can folks still get tickets. >> yes, they can visit the website at www.becky's we have tickets available, really excited an amazing event andrew melon auditorium next wednesday november 2nd, 6:30 p.m. we are thrilled to have our different sponsors, a lot of great companies really showing support, to publicly talk about this issue openly. >> and a fashion show do you have your suit picked out? >> no, i will be consulting both of you later. support becky's fund and get out there and help victims of
8:37 am
domestic violence you will see what we end up wearing for the evening chef >> thank you see you both next week. alison. >> thank you it is 8:36 a.m. on tuesday morning, netflix got a lot of heat when it raised its rates and seems like customers are not over that yet. details up next. check out today's my fox half off deal, 77% off individual or family packages capitol mixed martial arts and elite fitness get a month of unlimited fitness classes for $39, or a month long family membership for $49. there are locations in dulles, mount claire and alexandria, virginia along with tacoma park maryland for more on this deal go to look for the half off on the right side of the home page, we will be right back  hey guys, what can i get for you?
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veterans looking for work are in luck today there is a big job fair being held in the district runs from 9-2 on the ark mississippi avenue southeast near the southern avenue metro station proof of service is required, for more information go to click on web links.
8:41 am
while on the web, why not check out our job shop our job of the day is looking for a heavy equipment operator pay starts $14 an hour for more on this job and many others, go to click on the job shop tab. fast drop off for netflix third quarter financial report shows video subscription service lost 800,000 customers, more defections are expected over the next several months the mass exodus started after they announced an unpopular price increase. 8:41 a.m., next the x factor's nicole joins us, she will talk with tony what it takes to judge this talent competition. kick ball isn't just a playground sport any more right holly? >> oh, no, no. you do not pose for a team picture like this if you are just playing kick ball. on the playground.
8:42 am
you are looking at the other shot callers they are holding the founders cup because they are indeed, the world's kick ball champions. coming up we will find out what it takes to be the best of the best. all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
8:43 am
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8:45 am
not looking to good for basketball fans, nba expected to cancel two more weeks of the season because of the ongoing lock out the league commissioner already cancelled the first two weeks, translates to 100 games, owners and players are haggling over a slew of issues the main one how to split the $4 billion in revenue. world series right here on fox if you missed it last night you missed a great game including mike naply getting slapped in the face by his own manager. they rallied from a 2 run deficit to beat the cardinals, 4-2. oh, no, i couldn't get the
8:46 am
pitcher i wanted into the game. i will leave this guy in and see what happens. oh, that, that is the aforce mentioned mike napoli, bases loaded doubled. that gives the rangers the win back at the cards home turf tomorrow on fox. to a sport gaining in popularity you probably played kick ball as a kid. >> and enjoyed it more and more adults are getting in on the action we enjoyed when we were younger. live from the national mall with them good morning. >> good morning let me tell you just how popular kick ball is here in the dc area, in the springtime, the world adult kick ball association founded here in dc and goes across the nation and even to a couple countries here in the spring in
8:47 am
dc alone, within each league there is about 16 different teams, we are talking several thousand players, that are kicking the red ball in the spring that is just the dc area, this is a super fun sport that has taken off, and now, the world champions, of course hail from where it all began, that is is the other shot callers, and joe is the catcher for the world champions good morning okay so what does it feel like to win? >> we started as a social thing and after a few years made it into something special we put the work in came out on top when you do that, it is awesome. >> you are the best in the world. >> yes. >> it is kick ball. >> and having $10,000 in your pocket doesn't hurt either. >> all right, so i am thinking a lot of people at home are watching saying i could use $10,000 so they are like i think this is like a lot of fun i would like to be a part of it so since most of us haven't
8:48 am
played since we were maybe 10. >> right. >> can you give us an idea of the overall rules. >> yeah, similar to baseball we play 5 inning games, 3 outs and you have normal position, 11 players on the field versus 9 players you got the find people who can kick to the holes but similar to baseball similar to what you guys did in eleme. >> now, so it is a coed so there has to be a certain number of women on the field at all times. >> yes, four girls on the field, we look for athletic girls, girls that played soccer. >> what about a girl that looks like she has a kick ball in her stomach. just kidding we are heading out to the pitching mound there are a few aspects of the game that are critical. >> absolutely. >> in terms of pitching, talk me through it here. >> all right so the pitch has to bounce twice before it hits the plate. >> okay. >> strike zone is one foot to either side of the plate and
8:49 am
one off the ground. >> got it. >> just like elementary school, a slow one coming in. >> so there is -- oh, my gosh that was slow one? >> that is with a you see in a lot of the d c leagues then you go to the tournaments. >> you got to kick it up a notch. >> he will come in with a hard slider. right there. >> oh, wow. >> bounces literally right before the plate and you know how hard that is to kick. >> you got to get the spin on it. >> absolutely. put a little english on it, curves across if plate that was -- the plate that was only one bounce, that would have been called a bound. >> give us your best i want to see it. >> there it is. >> this you go when the rubber meets the road he knows how to do it. >> tell me what is going on here. >> a big part of kick ball another rule i didn't explain was imagine diagonal between 1st and 3rd no one in the in
8:50 am
field can touch the ball until they cross that diagonal until the ball is touched so we have a third baseman that can charge quickly and a catcher running out here both of ours play at a high level we want to try to do, is take that away from them so we have guys that can get in here and gun the ball, throw one to pat bill. >> yeah, put one to pat bill. >> pat comes up. >> nice very good. >> definitely got an arm and yeah,. >> i hear the seriousness in your tone remember waka has all levels of people to come out and play you don't have to be the best in the world you can have the most fun in the world if you want to be on one of those teams, we have a link to find out more. coming up next hour we will continue to break down the fundamentals of the game since we are hanging out with the world champs this morning making the most of the opportunity back to you in studio. >> think you can play at that level. >> no i can watch at that
8:51 am
level. >> you are right about that. >> tonight the x factor's top 17 will perform live. >> tony had a chance to sit down with nicole, about the challenges of being an x factor judge and sitting alongside paula and l.a. reed and simon cowell. >> nicole thanks for taking the time to join us we do appreciate it. i got to ask you tonight is the first live episode, of the show, it is a big deal, i will talk about the contestants in a minute for you and the other judges is that a little bit more nerve wracking knowing you are going out live to millions of people? >> yeah. i am not going to lie. i am a little nervous i mean obviously paula and simon, they you know, they created -- they are the masters of this game l.a. reed is the coolest cat i know i always have him to lean on, me i am used to being on the other side of the stage and feeling a lot more comfortable up there, performing, so let's
8:52 am
just hope i don't say anything stupid and mess it up for all of us. >> well, let's talk about the contestants, you know, most of these kids, they are not all kids most of these people have not been in this kind of situation before, how do you calm them down and get them ready for a big night like this? i have been working with my contestants for a few weeks now, and i always say practice doesn't make perfect it makes permanent we need to work and run things and get out of our heads so that when we are out there on stage we can just shine and enjoy ourselves and have fun when we are out there, so in order to do that we have been practicing, i have been working on little things like making sure you look comfortable when you walk on stage josh and he roy i need you to hope your eyes when you sing and stacy i need you to walk forward when we hit this note it is not too much but
8:53 am
then we explode here and it is all these little dynamics and little things other people don't see that you have these tools that you put in your pocket so when they are out there, i've got them all ammod up. >> do you thing that you bring something different to the table because you have been through this yourself? this is pretty much how you were discovered or started in the uk correct? >> well, 10 years ago i was on a show called pop stars in america i have been through this entire process i know exactly what these contestants are feeling i know their fears and doubts, um, and as an artist, you know, in the industry today, i feel like i can really communicate with them, and connect with them and it is a way that i can communicate with them, whether it is technical on vocals or saying what do we need behind this line where are your thoughts at right now i kind of
8:54 am
go a little deep into it but the contestants know what i am talking about that is what is wonderful working with the over 30s they are so experienced. so we are able to work and grow on another level. >> forgive me for saying the uk i am thinking ahead to the next question the fact that a version of this show was so big already in the uk, did that give you extra confidence when it came to joining simon and the rest of the gang for the american version of the show? or did that give you any sort of trepidation hey, i don't know if we can repeat that success here or not. >> absolutely not i have full faith in simon cowell, i trust him having worked closely with him, last year, when they asked me to guest judge on the x factor in the uk i felt and got to see the inner workings behind the scenes of x factor what made it so great and what made it just -- it was you know there was a competition unlike any other that had no age limit and it was about stories and
8:55 am
people, and it just went beyond a singing contest, and just to put it on this level, everything x factor does is big and for these live shows to be happening, every audition is going to be like an event, i mean, to put those two together, i mean i just, i couldn't wait for the x factor to come to america now i can't wait for the live shows. >> you guys assembled an amazing group of talent we thank you for joining us to talk about it we look forward to the show tonight and continued good luck and success to you. >> thank you. all right you can see nicole and the rest of the crew on the special 2.5 hour x factor tonight, 8:00 p.m. >> that is a long evening in front of tv. >> we are not done with new singing talent ahead, british up and comer, rumour joins us her voice has been compared to that of legendary singers and
8:56 am
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almost 9:00 a.m. this tuesday morning where does all that time go. one more hour for you of fox 5 morning news, tony is back to join alison for the 9:00 a.m. hour. here is a look at stories we are following, more on the mortgage melt down, president barack obama announcing changes to a federal home loan program, in hopes of making it easier for folks to get refinancing for their home what does this mean for you? we are checking this out. plus we know you probably get tired of hearing about her this is one lyndsey lohan story, that will have you talking she found a way to make some money while doing


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