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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 26, 2011 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. i'm fox 5's bob barnard back with you now to go more in depth on one of today's big stories, opening day in the lululemon murder trial in. court this afternoon brittany norwood's attorney admitted his client killed jayna murray last march but only offered she just lost it during an argument. montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy told the jury the lululemon manager was beat and stabbed to death in a savage attack after norwood lured murray back to the store after hours. joining us to talk about the trial is former prince george's county prosecutor and state's attorney glenn ivey. glenn, thanks for joining us this evening. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about this defense admission, an opening statement that question, brittany norwood killed jayna murray. what are we to make of that?
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>> apparently the defense decided that the evidence was not to try and challenge the fact that the defendant committed the murder but instead to attack the issue of premeditation. the logic there is if they went on that point, you would end up with a second degree murder conviction which would have a maximum of a 30-year jail sentence as opposed to a potential life sentence for a first degree murder conviction. >> clearly the state, montgomery county, wants life in prison for brittany norwood and obviously wouldn't make a plea deal. so it happens this way? >> yeah. don't know what the plea negotiations were. i assume that they had some fairly extensively. why it didn't come together, perhaps the defendant didn't want to plead guilty or maybe they couldn't find common ground between a sentence for first degree murder that's not life and a second degree murder cap of 30 years, but clearly because we're at trial plea negotiations didn't come together. >> and there was no motive given in court today in the
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state's opening argument, motive for the killing and no reason for why brittany norwood just lost it. is that surprising to you that the jurors would not have been given any sense as to what was going on here? >> well, i think we'll have to see. it's not clear to me if there just isn't sufficient evidence for them to prove motive from a testimony standpoint or if, you know, perhaps the prosecution is holding back and going to allow the witnesses to explain it as the trial evolves to the jury, but i'm sure that will unfold over the next day or two. >> does it surprise you taft state's attorney himself john mccarthy -- that the state's attorney himself john mccarthy is trying the case himself? >> no. mr. mccarthy is a very experienced trial attorney and has handled quite a few homicides. i think this is the type of case where the lead prosecutor in an office might want to step up and take it himself. >> glenn ivey, former prince george's county state's attorney, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> fox 5's paul wagner is
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blogging and tweeting about the trial from the courthouse. go to click on hot topics for a close are look at our topics and daily updates by paul. there is speculation tonight virginia governor bob mcdonnell could be on the short list of gop vice presidential running mates. met with mitt romney today in fairfax. although their conversation was private, speculation is growing. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: they say virginia is for lovers. if mitt romney was trying to romance a potential running mate, he may have come to the right place. at fairfax county's gop headquarters the former massachusetts governor met with current virginia governor bob mcdonnell sparking questions about romney and mcdonnell as potential running mates. >> it would be presumptuous for anyone in my position to start thinking about who might be a vice president, but i'm sure that all the people recognize the great leaders we have in the republican party and certainly this man is one of
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them. >> reporter: mcdonnell returned romney's praise but stopped short of an endorsement or saying if he was interested in joining a romney ticket. >> governor romney gets it when it comes to free enterprise, the marvelous record of achievement at bain capital krieg wealth and jobs and opportunity -- creating wealth and jobs and opportunities for people. >> reporter: the meeting between the two lasted only a few minute, but outside a few obama demonstrators tried to grab media attention from the republican crowd. the numbers for mitt romney in virginia are a bit of a reflection for his national poll numbers, both he and herman cain tied at 21%. if romney is looking for raining mate, many speculate he may find -- a running mate, many speculate he may find one in virginia. >> reporter: wtop political analyst mark plotkin calls virginia a 2012 battleground state. politically i says mcdonnell is strong in areas where romney is
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weak. >> i think he appeals to independent voters and is a lot more conservative than he projects, but i think he would be an asset. >> reporter: as for whether or not romney asked for mcdonnell's endorsement? >> i've asked every governor for their endorsement. >> reporter: while that may have sparked laughs romney's campaign is serious about wanting to lock up the nomination long before virginia's march 6th primary date. in fairfax tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. meantime today gop presidential hopeful herman cain spent the day talking to voters in texas. rick perry hit florida and unveiled his first tv ad in iowa. president obama is in colorado looking for support for his reelection and his jobs plan. he also introduced a series of executive actions to bypass congress if they block his student loan bill. the occupy wall street movement erupted here in oakland, california, last night with a clash between protesters and police. demonstrators were told to
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leave their campsite. some refused, threw paint at the officers. in response the officers fired tear gas and stun gun grenades. participants have vowed to occupy cities nationwide to protest corporate greed. a stunning claim from bernie madoff's wife about a suicide attempt, those details next. plus an incredible story of survival in turkey, the latest in the earthquake aftermath. but first here's fox 5's neil cavuto. >> stocks seeing green on a possible green light for a bailout in europe, u.s. markets hoping there's a financial rescue, meantime another victory on wall street getting -- near director on wall street getting fried as part of the case that brought down a hedge fund giant, gupta pleading not guilty, the board member released on $10 million bail. it looks like new home sales rising in september after four
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straight monthly losses. the median sale price hitting its lowest level in the earlier year and that helped out those buyers. not cost of higher education moving higher, tuition at a four-year public university now running 8,200 bucks a year, nearly 80% of americans undergrads attending public schools. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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minutes saying they were bombarded with angry phone calls and hate mail. she says think both took pills on christmas eve 2008 but woke up early the next day. bernie may dove is surfing 150 -- madoff is serving 150 years in prison. another remarkable story of survival following the devastating earthquake in turkey. after three days rescuers pulled an english language teacher from the rubble. she was rushed into an ambulance off to the hospital. >> her heart stopped, but we managed to make it start beating again. everybody faced a heroic challenge here. rescue workers put in of a huge effort. we managed to keep her alive. >> crews rescued another teacher and student, but hopes are fading they'll find many more survivors. nile 500 people have died. the prime minister is -- nearly 500 people have died. the prime minister is blaming shoddy construction for the deaths. teens are taking texting to a whole new message, some sending messages in their sleep. a new video allegedly catches a
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d.c. woman in the act of poisoning cats in her neighborhood, we have details in the case including the surprising profession of the suspect. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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three weeks ago the redskins were going to win the super bowl, right? goodness. one of nfl's healthiest teams at least. >> certainly things have taken a turn for the worst. fox 5 sports director dave feldman is here with how the team is coping to major changes to the starting lineup. >> three players placed on injured reserve in just the last two weeks and two more are facing substantial injuries, talk about taking hits, the redskins took them. tight end chris cooley -- [ audio difficulties ] >> yesterday the eight-year vet was placed on injured reserve. you're hearing tim hightower, but i'm telling you about chris
10:46 pm
cooley. this is john beck. wide receiver santana moss brig a bone in his left hand and will be -- broke a bone in his left hand and will be out five to seven weeks. the last time he missed a game, 2005. tim hightower is the leading rusher. this is coand he broke his hand so cooley, one of the most popular players, out of the mix. that's a shame. now moss with the broken hand out five to seven weeks already had surgery on it. moss and cooley, two of the locker room leaders, gone and hightower, the team's leading rusher also went down sunday tearing the acl in his left knee placed on injured reserve. despite losing three key players, it's no time for excuses. >> nobody is going to file sorry for us, so we can't -- feel sorry for us, so we can't be the ones feeling sorry in here. the main focus is guys know whenever someone goes down, the next guys step up. >> we slainful of guys go down. that's -- we have a handful of
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guys go down. that's odd, but we believe in the guys that we have and we can play very good football. that's our plan. >> all these guys get a chance to show people what they can do and some guys really take advantage of it. that's what you look for, guys taking advantage of an opportunity. >> next up is the 4-2 bills. they play them in toronto. sue, do you have the forecast yet for sunday, 4 p.m. in toronto? >> i think it will be okay, chilly but dry. >> i don't know if it's going ton good or bad for the redskins, but -- to be good or bad for the redskins, but they've lost two straight with one win going in. they need to regroup. >> maybe they need challenge, play some winners. >> it will probably be windy, too. >> that's just sue outsport. didn't even tell her i was ask -- on the spot. i didn't even tell her i was asking her about toronto. >> that's because she's a franchise. >> toronto must be near erie. >> not too far. that used to be our big city
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we'd visit in the weekend. >> beautiful town. >> we were teasing earlier about the series. we love the series. it's just that when the series is on, we're still heards. i'm getting spanked by a -- still here afterwards. i'm getting stanked by a few st. louis fans to the community mean to -- spanked by a few st. louis fans. >> i didn't mean to throw you under the bus earlier. >> lots of buzz about weather today, guys. cloudy skies now, damp and another round of rain going to come in and it's going to come with a funnel system that will change things up tomorrow. it will slip through tomorrow night and we get chilly after that. we're talking about temperatures only in the 50s and in some indications 40s as we look at the tail end of the week. so let's give you a look sentinel radar. there is not a lot going on right now, but i wanted you to severe weather beginning to see showers push in from the west to the -- to see we're beginning to see showers push
10:49 pm
in from the west to the east. a lot of the showers we see tomorrow will be especially north of the district, but there's a chance all of us see it. here's what's coming, a parade of moisture stretched along the frontal system going back to st. louis and i'm actually going to expand this picture because i want you to see what was happening in denver today. they picked up a good amount of raisin. now denver itself 6.5 inches -- rain. now denver itself 6.5 inches, but greeley got about a foot of snow. this system is winding down, but this energy is part of what may become a coastal area of low pressure that will come up the atlantic seaboard this weekend. that's why you may have heard a built of buzz around town or online about maybe a bit of wet snow north and west. that's because of that system. we'll talk more about that in a minute. tomorrow, though, 64 degrees, clouds, some showers around. cold tomorrow night and friday we only rebound to about 54 degrees for a sunny end of the week but chilly.
10:50 pm
then friday night broussard we'll keep an eye on what might be cold rain for -- friday night we'll keep an eye on what might be cold rain for us. this may stay so far out to sea we don't see much rain or perhaps we'll just see it closer to the coast, but some of our models are suggesting that a little bit of it could get turned to somewhat snow north and west. let's check out max hd futurecast. you can see what we're talking about, 7:00 in the morning, some showers around, maybe enough to slow down the commute or dampen the roads a bit. over to the noon hour, a couple of showers linger, but not everybody is seeing them. to 6:00 it looks like mostly some dry spots. here comes the front. you can see that with the showers out through the mountains. it turns into snow. we take you through friday, fairly dry, but i'm pausing at saturday morning at 7 a.m. you can see where our coastal system is starting to come up and parallel the east coast here and the rain at this point is saturday morning is really
10:51 pm
only pushing into lower southern maryland and eastern portions of virginia according to our futurecast, the most recent run. by saturday at 6:00 it's out of here and according to this model, we wouldn't have to really worry too much about any kind of wet snow, but stay tuned. i'll be getting new model guidance at the top of the news edge at 11:00. meanwhile 55 degrees at gaithersburg and dulles, tonight not that cold, very different story tonight night, clouds passing showers tonight, 55 degrees, more showers, dampness tomorrow morning for the commute, otherwise a fairly cloudy day at 64 degrees. a quick look at tomorrow's planner with clouds and showers around, we expect a temperature of 58 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, by noon 62 and by 4:00 63. a freeze watch up for the northern suburbs tomorrow night into friday morning, so get ready for that, but look at this trend now. tomorrow is it our last day in the 60s and we stay -- is our last day in the 60s and we stay
10:52 pm
in the 50s. saturday may only be 50, some places only in the upper 40s. i know that sounds crazy, but kind of a big shot of cold air behind the front and with this coastal system we may have to deal with that cold rain saturday, but again that forecast could still change, new information on the news edge at 11:00. we'll share it with you in that first block. >> thank you, sue. student loan dent is one of the biggest financial burdens -- debt is one of the biggest financial burdens young people face and college costs keep going up. today president obama announced new steps trying to ease that burden. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick explains how. >> reporter: alia foust, a college senior, already owes $80,000 in college student loans. >> this last semester i decided to get another loan for housing in school. >> reporter: she's not studying at an elite private school either. that's how much the three years of the university of maryland has cost her out of state. >> i'm kind of nervous, but guess i just have to plan well
10:53 pm
and budget. >> reporter: student loan debt is becoming a crushing burden for many young graduates, more than a trillion dollars owed nationwide. now the obama administration is offering some relief. >> the idea is how do we make college more affordable and how do we make sure you aren't burdened with debt? >> reporter: a mix of students will be able to consolidate into one loan. the interest rate is the average of those outstanding loans with a half percent discount. the president is accelerating and sweetening a loan forgiveness program. >> we're going to put them into effect not three years from now or two years from now. we're going to put them into effect next year because our economy needs it right now and your future could use a boost right now. >> reporter: starting in 2012 monthly payments will be capped at 10% of income and borrowers who continue to pay on time will have the balance of their
10:54 pm
loans forgiven after 20 years. >> i'm like never going to keep up with the bill now. that would be great. >> reporter: students say they'll take any help they can get. even better would be if college just didn't cost so much to begin with. a new survey found the average public college student now pays $17,000 a year in tuition, room and board and graduates with $22,000 in student loan debt. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. coming up next the top 12 x- factor finalists are set and we're talking to them and the judges about what they need to do to stay in the competition. >> today's five-day forecast forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers. ♪
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it was a night of high drama and intensity with sparks flying from the x-factor judging table. sigh mob cowell was dishing out -- simon cowell was dishing out jabs and was forced to take a few. >> i feel comfortable when people can insult me and i can insult them. >> on this guy you 1 unhundred% failed. >> reporter: -- 100% failed. >> reporter: with the panel taking into the songs and themes, the judges remarks weren't accepted. >> he needs to speak to what he does. >> i told him early on. i said simon, you have to understand that in a street fight you never throw the first punch because if there's a second punch to be thrown, you might receive it and it might
10:59 pm
be much tougher than the one you threw. >> reporter: as the dream ended for five contestants 12 others take their tail afternoon to the people singing for america's -- take their talent to the people singing for america's vote next week. >> the biggest thing is the right song, connecting with the song and then in turn to the audience, the viewers because song choice is big, but you have to believe in the song. >> i think if somebody steps it up too much and tries to do something that's not them, it's not going to work. >> there is a genuine truthfulness of? >> reporter: the two ex-idol judges who helped discover some huge talent in the past say this group has what it takes. >> all i wanted to do was do something where we could find new stars, different kinds of stars. i think opening with astro absolutely proved a pint where this show is different. they're original -- a point where this show is different. they're original. >> i'm proud of all the judges. i think we put together a very fine top 12. i've never seen talent like
11:00 pm
this ever. >> reporter: while some were in shock, others couldn't contain themselves. >> oh, oh! >> reporter: in hollywood dan springer, fox news. >> the news keeps coming now. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. right off the top this story may not make headlines if the suspect had a different job. a bird researcher at the national zoo is accused of trying to kill cats in her d.c. neighborhood. fox 5's will thomas starts off the edge in d.c. tonight. >> reporter: feeding feral or street cats is controversial. it's the nature of cats to eat birds. on one side you have a neighbor who likes to leave out food for the cats and then you have another neighbor who is a bird lover arrested and charged with trying to taint cat food with poison. the judge has heard arguments now from both sides. her name is nico dauphine. she's a phd national zoo
11:01 pm
researcher specializing in migratory birds. in this online video from a lecture she discusses cats. >> i just want to present some photographic evidence that i actually like cats. >> reporter: here is more footage of nico dauphine. the prosecution says surveillance cameras positioned outside her columbia heights apartment building on 15th street shows her walking up to a planter and putting rat poison in food bowls left out by a neighbor to feed cats. a woman who lives in the same building discovered the poison and called authorities. they routinely leaves food out for contaminants as she did on this night when we paid her a visit. rachel sterling believes the prosecution is correct, nico dauphine should be convicted. >> it's not normal that people poison animals and to kill around a container -- and to
11:02 pm
carry around a container of rat poison in your bag, that's nuts. >> reporter: both sides rested in the animal cruelty trial wednesday afternoon. it's a bench trial, so the judge will decide the outcome by monday. nico dauphine pleaded not guilty and has maintained her innocence claiming this video shows her removing cat food and placing it in a plastic bag so it wouldn't attract rats, but her neighbor doesn't buy it. >> she was doing something wrong she knew and i don't understand why somebody would do something like that. you have no right to kill off something. >> reporter: it is a misdemeanor case, so you're probably thinking all right, it's not that big of deal, but nico dauphine's career is at stake. the zoo told us she has no contact with the animal collection and remains a bird researcher while this legal process plays out. developing in montgomery county, attorneys have laid out their opening statements in the
11:03 pm
lululemon murder trial. brittany norwood, a store employee is accused of beating co-worker jayna murray to death last march. her lawyers say she lost it during an argument with murray and things went too far, but prosecutors say norwood lured murray back into the store to attack her. a man accused of sexually assaulting at least two women will stay behind bars while impersonating a police officer. thomas kim is held without bond. investigators caught him attacking another woman monday and took him into custody. he's a? as many as seven case -- a suspect in as many as seven cases. who gunned down a marine and a howard university student that may have been a botched robbery? fox 5's roz plater has the story. >> reporter: this is the first homicide in movent rainier in nearly four years, a crime even police are calling senseless and tonight the victim's friends and family are
11:04 pm
understandably grieving. 24-year-old alonzo guyton was a second year music major at howard university and before he had been a high school football star in florida and a marine in the bugle corps. he was visiting a fellow student at the kaywood apartment complex in mount rainier when someone gunned him done. investigators don't have much to go on, so they are asking for the public's help. p. >> these are the kind of things that keep me awake keep police chiefs and commanders and officers that work the street awake at night because these are the kind of tragedies that come up that are really truly senseless. >> alonzo was a peaceful person. alonzo would have never done anything to harm anybody else. so i just hope and i truly pray that the truth is revealed. >> reporter: this has hit the howard university camps hard. guyton was a popular fig out.
11:05 pm
-- campus hard. guyton was a popular figure there. there was a conviction today in the west virginia mine explosion that killed 29 men. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> former head of security at the upper big branch mine convicted of obstructing the investigation. the federal jury found huey stover guilty of lying to investigators and getting rid of thousands of security- related documents after the 2010 explosion. stover is the first to face criminal prosecution in the worst coal mining disas irin u.s. history. freddie mac ceo charles ed holderman jr. wants to step down next year. the federal housing financing agency requested that the board work on a succession plan for the ceo spot. holderman will stay on through the transition. i ordered you to go to jail. >> a tampa judge today for lindsay lohan's father michael, the 51-year-old accused of
11:06 pm
punching and grabbing his girl friend kate major, a restraining order against lohan expired hours before the incident. she now has another temporary restraining order against him. the judge meanwhile set bail for mr. lohan at $5,000. a little talk about snow in our area this weekend. sue palka, we know it's too warm to stick, so maybe just something to look at, right? >> a couple models suggest the upper atmosphere would be cold enough and we will have an area of low pressure coming up the coast this weekend that might bring on some chilly rain. it's still one of the scenarios in play as i chicked some of the latest guidance. -- checked some of the latest guidance. behind me we've got some more rain to deal with in the morning and the funnel system is transporting some of the st. louis rain our direction. that will sink to our south tomorrow and bring in colder air. so want to let you know we've got a freeze watch up for friday morning for the northern suburbs that would include hagerstown and frederick. you may drop to the low 30s, but let's focus very quickly on
11:07 pm
the weekend. i'll show you what the scenario is and still some time for this forecast to change, but it looks like an area of low pressure will come up the eastern seaboard spreading some rain and according to our futurecast, it keeps the bulk of that rain off the coast. if that lee shifts closer to the coast and -- low shifts closer to the coast and the cold air is in place, it could end as some wet snow in tower northern suburbs saturday. right now we're -- in our northern suburbs saturday. right now we're too far away, we need to crump some numbers. did you get -- crunch some numbers. did you of get your flu shot? it may not work like it should. cell phone has become a basic necessity in life. some teenagers aren't even letting sleep keep them off theirs. send your news tips to fox 5 tips at or call 202-
11:08 pm
895-30 it un40. be right back -- 3140. be right back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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wegmans is recalling pine nuts so it's in virginia and maryland. they -- in virginia and maryland. they could be contaminated. you have them, throw them out. a little cardio could stop migraines and there is a certain halloween candy mom and dad may want to avoid. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight you already know exercise is good for your health. no. 5, it in a lessen the pain of a migraine. a new swedish study finds regular aerobic exercise worked just as well as relaxation therapy or a popular drug used to treat migraines. no. 4, packing on the pounds may lower the effectiveness of your annual flu shot and could lead to a more serious case of the
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flu. healthy overweight people developed the antibodies after getting the vaccine but their levels fell off more rapidly. no. 3, if you are over 40 avoid black licorice in your child's halloween bag. it can send you to the hospital with an irregular heart rhythm. too much of a chemical derived in licorice root causes a drop in potassium level. known 3, make -- no. 2, make sure you're visible this halloween. the vests for 60 are availability at most fha maintenance facility -- vests for availability are available at most fha maintenance facilities. the 2011 drunk driving act won't into effect october 1st requiring more breath a lieser machines to be installed in offend -- breathalyzer machines to be installed in offenders'
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vehicles. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. most people have heard of sleep walking and sleep eating. how about sleep texting? it's real straight ahead. bus first you've seen him play a hitman to a jedi, samuel l. jackson's prolific movie career has earned him the title of the highest grossing actor in all time appearing in more than 100 films. those films have brought in nearly $7.5 billion. jackson is slated to release seven new movies often the next three years.
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you've heard of sleep walking, sleep eating, even sleep driving. now you can add sleep texting to the list. fox 5's sarah simmons shows us this newest nocturnal activity are affecting young people who are seriously attached to their cell phones. >> sometimes i just fall asleep with it in my hand because i'm just like so tired. >> i usually like sleep with it in my hand and like if it vibrates, i wake up. >> reporter: 15-year-old mattie shores and darby rider are probably just like your kids. >> just like fun. it's easier than calling. >> reporter: texting, it's the way to communicate. it's quick, doesn't use up minutes and you can talk to all
11:15 pm
your friends at once, sometimes hundreds of messages a day. studies show that teens spend an average of an hour and a half just texting each day, but texting it seems isn't just for the waking hours anymore. >> i don't remember doing, it but i remember ticketing my boyfriend and i woke -- texting my boyfriend and i woke up and i thought i just said good night and everything and he sent me this message. he was like what? i looked at the message that i sent before and it i had sent like completely weird. it was like sorry we lost all of our songs. >> reporter: yes, both mattie and rider say they've sent nocturnal notes to friends and they say it's common. >> i remember opening my phone. i don't remember typing anything and like sending, it but i'll send them really random things and wake up and have of a text message and they're like what are you even talking about? >> reporter: sleep texting is real and what is called an event that occurs while
11:16 pm
sleeping or parasomnia. dr. michael rich is a doctor at child's center in boston and sees this behavior in a lot of young people. >> because texting is something young people do and something particularly kids can do without even looking at the screen, it's something that's going to happen in your sleep. >> reporter: it happens because so many of us sleep so close to our phone ready for a call or text at any moment, but dr. rich says sleep texting means you're not falling into a deep sleep which impacts how you retain what you learn throughout the day. >> the deep stage four rem sleep is necessary to move stuff they've been exposed to during the day from their short term memory into their learning centers and their memory centers. >> reporter: how do you put the news button on sleep texting? dr -- the snooze button on sleep texting? try charging your kid' phone in your room. it will allow your kids to get nor quality sleep and allow -- more quality sleep and allow you to keep an eye on what is
11:17 pm
being said to whom. >> think of cell phones as a tool used for certain things. think about what it's to be used for, when it's to be used and when it's not needed as it is not when they should be sleeping. >> reporter: to avoid sending a text that requires some explaining. >> i totally forgot. i texted one of my friends the couch, is someone off the couch? >> reporter: putting a little distance between yourself and the device might help in more ways than one. got through of a round of rain today and more on the tway. >> another round tomorrow and i think some of it will -- on the way. >> another round tomorrow and i think some of it will be here tomorrow. i think it will be light stuff, but a pretty gray day ahead for us. you can feel the moisture coming, although we aren't sighing much in the way of rainfall activity in -- seeing much in the tway of rainfall activity in the metro area right now, a couple light showers up to our north toward
11:18 pm
nationerstown and western maryland. that is what we'll -- to our north toward hagerstown and western maryland that. what is we'll be seeing in the morning. we had some batches earlier today and most of the rest of the evening has been fairly dry. out toward cumberland we had some patches of rain move through hagerstown a little while ago. you can see there is definitely more to come and we can follow this along the frontal system all the way out to st. louis where the end of the line is in terms of the more substantial rain and, of course, we talked about this earlier, big snowstorm in denver, too a little bit of that energy going to be traveling our direction down to the gulf coast and up the eastern seaboard this weekend. meanwhile we're in the 50s tonight. our temperature across the region as we look at temperatures out toward the divide you can see we're really dropping off, st. louis 49 degrees, denver 20 degrees headed for 15 degrees tonight.
11:19 pm
so here comes some significantly colder air, the coldest we have seen so far and you can definitely see where that frontal system is with little rock 70 degrees and st. louis at 49. that's the front headed this direction. it will produce clouds and passing showers especially north and west tonight with a temperature of 55 degrees. tomorrow more passion showers, toys a cloudy day, 64 degrees -- otherwise a cloudy day, 64 degrees, winds out of the west 5 to 10 and a few showers around the morning commute, maybe around the noon hour, lighter stuff and by 4:00 63. we're thinking it's going to be less than 1/2-inch of rain tomorrow, but the cold air comes in tomorrow night. we showed you the freeze watch for some low 30s and upper 20s for pennsylvania. that takes us into a drier friday, but saturday questions about an area of low pressure that will be riding up the east coast. this will go back and forth. right now we think chance of chilly operation temperature of 50 degrees. sunday should get us -- chilly
11:20 pm
rain, a temperature of 50 degrees. sunday should get us back to some sunshine. this is hurricane rina, weaker today, still category 1 with 85 mile-per-hour winds and it's about 140 miles south of kozmel. still hanging around down there in the caribbean and maybe even the straits of florida through the weekend weekend. here is your five-day forecast, tomorrow the last day in the 60s for a while, a chilly day friday but brighter, saturday a chance of rain. again this might get farther out to sea, might get closer, there's a chance of a little bit of wet snow mixed in on the mountains friday and saturday. sunday is dry. halloween spooky, dry and chilly at 56 degrees. a lot to talk about at redskins park today, feldy up next, another player with injuries. he'll fill you in when we return.
11:21 pm
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this is your local nissan dealer's sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> in the movie hoosiers the nice old lady in town says to gene hackman sun don't shine on the same dog's butt every day, but mister, you ain't seen a ray of light since you got here. the skins ain't seen a ray of light for three weeks. chris cooley out with injury, london fletcher with a happeny and different practice and
11:24 pm
santana -- a hammy and didn't practice and santana moss won't play for five weeks. moss will be out a minimum of five games, broke a bone in his left hand, a tough time for the receiver with 25 receptions this year. >> i hate to be the guy that happened to. you all know that. hey hate tonight be out there. i feel like -- i hate to not be out there. i feel like i let somebody down. i'm getting a little mini vacation. i'm not going to treat it like a vacation. i'm going to stay on the grind and do some of the things i can do until this thing comes off and can i go again. >> with moss out the redskins are looking for two rookies to step up. niles paul caught two passes for 25 yards sunday against the panthers and leonard hankerson participated in one 4th quarter play sunday and a miscommunication with qb john beck. it resulted in an interception, but the rookie who started
11:25 pm
miami with confidence can contribute. >> i've been here for, what two, three months already. it's the same thing. football is football. i've been play being football for the last couple years, 10, 11, 12 years of life and that one play, it got me going, but i'm still nervous. once i get out there and make plays and stuff like that and get going, i'll be fine. >> it's a good opportunity. obviously it's tragic went down and us younger guys have to step up and make plays. >> skins play buffalo sunday on fox in toronto. caps skated this morning in edmonton in preparation for tomorrow night's game against the oilers. they'll follow it up saturday against the canucks. the caps first multi-road trip of the season. the 7-0 caps played their most complete game saturday night dominating the previously undefeated red wings at 7-1 at verizon center. can't are the nhl's only -- caps are the nhl's only unbeaten team. the caps may still be the hunters but enter as the
11:26 pm
hunted. >> you can take it both ways. there's pressure every game, but you know there's going to be more media attention every game. so i don't know if that adds to pressure and as far as every win is so important that you have to get up for every win. so with our games being spaced out the way they are, we get a chance to get up for every game. >> tonight's game six of the world series between the rangers and cardinals postponed due to poor weather in st. louis. the series will continue tomorrow night on fox, first pitch scheduled for 8:05. yesterday at a soccer match in bogota, colombia interrupted for three minutes by a dog who ran onto the field. once on he did not want to vacate the premises. the dog easily evaded stadium personnel and players of one worker tried to lure the dog with a red object kind of like a bull. the dog was too smart. the dog was going to exit on his own terms and he eventually did.
11:27 pm
good for the dog. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge right after this. 
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