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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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is all jammed up. fox amorning news -- fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> take a look out over the district on this thursday morning, october 27th, 2011. glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. likes it will be a chillier day today. >> a little bit. >> tony perkins joining us now. he has the details on this thursday. >> temperature-wise -- good morning first of all. temperature-wise, not that bad today. we'll see our highs in the mid- 60s. not too far from where we are right now. it is the rain that will be a factor today and then yes, things do cool off starting tonight. we'll start with the rain here. here is the hd radar. it is raining in the district and around the district. a little bit of heavy rain out towards reston right now. just a little.
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most of you are seeing light to moderate rainfall. 62 in ocean city. forecast for today, clouds, cloudy all day. periods of rain off and on throughout the day. the temperatures will be in the mid-60s today actually right where they should be. we'll see the breeziness pick up. julie wright is the one to tell us about the roads. >> all right. busy ride on that outer loop. not only do we have the stalled truck that is still in place as you approach university boulevard at the northwest branchen. you will find the right side of the road remains blocked off there. as traffic surprise to merge off of 270 and exit down towards the outer loop, that is where we have the accident activity. accident activity tying up what was reported as the left and right side of the roadway. flashing lights on the scene. state police on the scene and
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that is what is going to cause big tie-ups for you guys traveling off of the southbound 270 and around the big curve on the outer loop. let's map out a couple of things. first, 395 at the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. no incidents to report crossing over the potomac. now, to the maps. if you are making your commute along 95, it will slow 216 to the beltway. eastbound 198 at 29, we have an accident involving a fuel spill. we have the car fire reported along the westbound side of 32 here at 198. coming southbound on 270, it will be a slow go. right now, about a 55-minute commute. all of your lanes here are open. on the other side of town, eastbound along 66, we've got those delays down to about 12 miles per hour leave are fair lakes and fair oak headed inbound towards the beltway. prince george's countiy police are investigating a shooting inside of a liquor
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store. they say a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound outside of three roads liquors around 11:15 last night. the store is locationed along brandywine road in brandywine. the victim was taken to the hospital listed in stable condition. no word on suspects or motive. testimony picks back up this morning in the lululemon trial. >> while the defense admitted that brittany norwood admitted that she killed her coworker. >> reporter: quite a plot twist. if yesterday is any preview, this will be a dramatic preview of a very high-profile murder case. 29-year-old brittany norwood is on trial accused of first degree murder. that is premeditated murder in
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the killing of her coworker jayna murray. in a surprise move, norwood's attorney did not deny that norwood committed the murder but said that it was not premeditated, that she quote, lost it during an argument. also on the stand, there was a witness who was at the apple store next door the morning that the body was first discovered of jayna murray. he walked into the lululemon store when the manager arrived to find it in disarray. >> you get halfway back and that was like this is not just a normal smash and grab. somebody is probably hurt. so i kept walking farther back to see in somebody was gravely injured and saw more blood and that is when i found the first body and then came back out and sought second girl laying there. >> reporter: we've heard bit a bit about the brutality of this crime and yesterday on display were eight murder weapons for the jury to see. those include a wrench, box
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cutter and hammer. this trial is expected to last eight days. back to you. coming up at the top of the next hour, paul wagner will join stacy from the courthouse. he has been blogging and tweeting about the trial. click on hot top bes for i acloser look at our coverage -- for a closer look at our coverage. police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a local college student and marine. alonzo guyton was a seconds year music major at howard university. he was gunned down in mount rainier. friends say he had planned to stay overnight at a fellow student's apartment. guyton's wallet was missing. police believe it was a robbery gone wrong. >> that doesn't pass your mind when you see people that it is going to be like hey, what's autopsy and that could be last time you see them. that is what happened.
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>> friends are all remembering alonzo for his music. this is video that he posted on youtube a few months back performing way group at a first sundays event in the district. new developments in the search if a missing 9-year-old autistic boy from central virginia. search dogs have detected robby wood, jr.'s scent. he has been missing since sunday when he wandered way from his family at north anna battlefield park down near richmond. hundreds of volunteers have been searching the large park along with police and the national guard all trying to help. some volunteers pausing to hold a candlelight vigil on tuesday night. >> we got children of our own. if something happened to one of ours, we would like people to help out. >> i kept picturing myling boy steven like that and -- my little boy steven like that and walking around the block and floods of tears. >> robby was last seep wearing a red long sleeved shirt and blue pants.
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he is severely autistic. he does not speak. those who know the family say they are not giving up hope. turning to politics now, another big boost for republican presidential candidate herman cain. >> a fox news poll shows he is the gop frontrunner in a race that continues to defy expectations. doug luzader with more from capitol hill on the new ranking. >> reporter: herman cain doesn't have a traditional campaign. he is not doing sorts of thin that candidates typically do at this stage but for the most, he is the guy to beat. there may be a reason why herman cain has that sly smile some his recent campaign ad. according to a national poll, he is leading the pack with a four-point lead over mitt romney. >> we are very pleased with that. we are sticking to our strategy. >> reporter: what is that strategy. he has been accused of being on more of a book tour than a presidential campaign. >> what matters is what a
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candidate does to translate the strength they have in the national poll to strength in the early states where they insist upon seeing you. >> reporter: and take an early state like new hampshire where mitt romney has been pressing the flesh to years. he even signed his primary papers in person this week. cain's numbers there aren't so terrific. he is 27 points back. but the picture is constantly changing with one-time frontrunner texas governor rick perry now fourth nationally after a slow and steady charge by newt gingrich who is now third. >> we just want to keep moving forward. >> reporter: the rome any strty is watch other candidates come and go and emerge as the last man standing. there are problems for mitt romney as well. for a long time in poll after poll about a quarter heat advisory republican voters were in his corner but that support
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may be starting to slip. a former prince george's gym teacher who was running for a seat in virginia's house of delegates has admitted to have been and fair with an underaged girl 40 years ago. the 61-year-old fought physical education in prince george's county in the early 1970s. she says at fair was long ago and describes it as a youthful mistake and does not reflect the person she is now. the fair first came to light five years ago when wall was sued by a former congressional candidate. he says the affair makes wall unfit for public office. developing overseas this morning, a u.s. drone strike in pakistan has killed five militants including a close ally of a top commander. pakistani intelligence officials say the deputy leader of a group of militants is among the dead. european leaders finally agree to a debt deal and stock
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markets around the world are soaring. leaders met until 4:00 in the morning trying to come up with a plan to solve the euro's problem. they greed on cutting greece's debt, reenforced an eu bailout fun with over a trail trillion dollars. the third quarter gdp estimates are due this morning. analysts think it will show the economy grew a bit. a survey shows they are forecasting growth of 2.4% that would ease worries of a double dip recession. how about some relief for drivers to tyson's corn are. >> we all dread gridlock. the district might be loving it. we'll explain that. we'll tell you why the city is benefiting from the gridlock big time. halloween just a couple of days away. local and state officials want to make sure you play it safe.
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still ahead, what you can do to help out. as we take you to break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie. that is coming up next. it is 7:10 right now. 59degrees.
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today, secretary of state hillary clinton will testify, facing questions about karzai's statement, that his country would backpack stan if it went to -- pakistan if it went to war with the united states. >> rain and snow adding to difficulty levels to thousands left homeless by the earthquake in eastern turkey, help is arriving from other countries, including israel. sunday's quake killed more than
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520 people. tourists are fleeing cancun and other popular mexican resorts as hurricane rina approaches the coast. 10,000 tourists have left. the winds have dropped to 85 miles per hour but the storm is expected to remain a hurricane as it sweeps along mexico's popular tourist destinations. >> she is laughing but man, can you imagine? >> already the end of her week. if i just got there there would be no laughing. >> better safe than sorry but inside i would be disappointed. >> you have to take the necessary precautions it has lost some potential but you don't want to sit on a rainy beach. things are quieter here, rain showers across the region, we will continue to see more of that across the day. here is a look at viper radar, you can see rain showers as
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they move through mainly light to moderate rain, not to say there hasn't been heavy rain, panhandle of west virginia, light to moderate rainfall a little bit of a break shortly that rain doesn't fill in again out to our west, a little more of a break and rain will come through. temperatures here and elsewhere, right now, 60 degrees in the nations capitol, really a mixed bag. 60 here, 4544 detroit and then look how cold it is, that cold cold air in the northern plains and upper midwest, 41 minneapolis, 46 omaha, 22 bismark north dakota you expect it to be cold there. denver 18 degrees and they've got several inches of snow on the ground in denver. steve you keep pointing out it was 80 there a couple days ago. >> that would be like it being 0 here this weekend.
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>> harsh. cloudy, periods of rain breezy later on today, tonight overnight temperatures drop, over night low 42, to the north and west a freeze watch northern maryland tomorrow a chilly day, 53 for your high saturday, i'm going to say a miserable day saturday,. >> fantastic. >> there will be periods of rain and cool, you know in the 40s. so that is a chilly kind of rain we are not ready for that we are not used to that yet. halloween looks okay upper 50s we think dry at this point we will keep our eyes on it. >> so rain saturday all day or morning or afternoon. >> through the course of the day is what i am thinking. >> not a good day for -- >> a big halloweeny type -- >> you know what -- [ overlapping voices ] >> we have a little bit of time. >> all right we will hold out a little bit of hope if we can.
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at least you didn't say no, forget it. >> that is why you have all the candy corn and you go bobbing for apples that whole thing that is what you do on a rainy day. >> you bob for apples. >> that is gross. >> that is not gross. >> some of our things we used to do as kids seem gross. >> you survived. >> i did but -- >> these kids don't know a good time any more. >> she is is says she doesn't want to do it -- she is saying she doesn't want to do it today. >> outer loop of the belt way, bradly boulevard that is where we had accident activity tieing up most of the roadway our lanes are open once again extensive back ups around the capitol belt way, northbound 395, across the 14th street bridge lanes are open. let's map out problems southbound 270 as you work your way southbound, 52 minute ride at this point northbound 270,
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370, checking for accident activity, again check being the problems, fuel spill, 128 at 29 problems with a car file westbound 32 at 198, for those travelling the top of the belt way delay extends kennel worth avenue towards georgia avenue, slow traffic on 29, leaving randolph road down past industrial parkway 16 to 20 miles per hour and southbound 95, leaving 198 trying to get past 212 doing 11 to 10 miles per hour headed to the belt way. monitoring metro this morning a man linked to a series of armed robberies in the suit land station under arrest he was arrested october 16th aboard a green line train. even the suspect off the streets, melt row transit police continue to warn commuters to be alert park in
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well lit areas, have keys in your hand back into a parking spot to make a quicker exit if necessary. a heads up for your halloween commute traffic pattern on the belt way starting monday all four lanes of the inner loop, northbound 495 will shift to the right on to a new bridge over route 123, tyson's corner crews will reopen left lanes on 123 both directions they have been closed for construction, you can expect rain and ramp closures overnight this weekend as they get ready for the changes. dc grid lock has lead to an increase in citations and that means revenue for the city. washington examiner reports, 1500 tickets were given to drivers for failure to clear an intersection during the 2011 budget year that is nearly 500 more than the previous year. the city has raked in more than $260,000 over that span. just in time for halloween
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the group environmental america, releasing scary facts about the chesapeake bay a terrifying concoction of nitrogen and other pollutants are hurting the bay causing alga blooms. on saturday the group will host a clean up of the anacostia river. reminder before you and your kids head out trick-or- treat monday make sure you are visible maryland state highway administration is loaning out reflective vests highway crews usually wear vests for visibility are available at most county fha maintenance facilities, today, tomorrow, monday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> fairfax county police want to make sure everyone enjoys a safe halloween they will offer safety tips doing an online chat submit your questions on the county's website some standard tips include trick-or- treaters should walk on sidewalks or paths motorists urged to stay alert and drive
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slower. for the little ghouls and goblins. >> saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday you might see folks out there be careful all weekend 7:22 a.m., debate over maryland's immigration tuition law what a conservative watchdog group wants you to do about it. >> still ahead is federal government, preventing the arrest of illegal immigrants. >> no passport required here celebration of european arts and culture for the kids happening in dc the festival includes magicians, story tellers, puppeteers too. stay with us ith us 
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conservative watchdog group judicial watch is holding a conference on a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition. neil parrot and patrick mcdonough are attending. groups supporting the bill filed a lawsuit challenging the certification. a pro gun group is planning a rally at virginia tech the virginia citizens defense league announced it will hold a demonstration november 17th they support a carry conceal law for handguns on college state campuses this is the same college campus where a gunman killed 32 people and himself in 2007. the school's current concealed weapons ban is not sufficient he is pushing to ban holders. 70 are returning from afghanistan from the 29th
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infantry they have been in the war zone since last december helping nato develop afghanistan's own army they were back last week but were in indiana for health screenings and paperwork. 26 minutes past the hour in the wake of recent ethics scandals, dc council cracking down details of several bills up for debate and what it could mean for your elected officials. >> as we head to break, a live lookout side get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie. 7:27 a.m. .m. 
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time to bundle up in cheyenne wyoming a fall snow storm brought several inches to have white stuff in time for halloween which seems we should say just in time for christmas. it may be early for snow in other parts of the nation but shy enaverages 4 inches -- cheyenne averages 4 inches of snow in october. >> the entire population of wyoming is the same as dc for the entire state.
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yeah. some famous people have homes out there, because of that, i know david letterman does. >> you can buy about a million acres. >> he forbids me from telling -- >> remember that stalker problem he had. >> it was me. >> yeah. >> not worth it tony. >> a few rain showers out there, not a lot but a few rain showers, raining in less of the area than what we were seeing a short time ago let's look and we will show you that where it is raining, light rainfall only a couple blips of yellow. one little one right now that would be one small pocket of rain. north and east of washington the rest of the area, green, so light to moderate rainfall baltimore looks like it has a force field around it at this moment, no rain right there, and off to the south and west, it has dissipated but look there is a lot more moisture out there, going to be coming through that is why we have rain in the forecast for today. for the day today.
7:32 am
temperatures around the region, mild start to the day, i enjoy this because this will be the last mild start to the day we have in some time 60 degrees now in the district and annapolis, 61 leonard town, 63 quantico, plenty of 50s up there to the north and west, gaithersburg, dulles, 57, hagerstown, 57 degrees there. speaking of hagerstown a freeze watch in effect for tonight, and into tomorrow morning the counties you see in blue we are not talking about washington, not talking about montgomery, fairfax, prince georges, prince william but north and west, northern baltimore, washington county, frederick county places like hagerstown, cumberland, freeze watch temperatures drop off the low 0s some of you could -- 30s some of you could get freezing it could do damage to vegetation and crops and the like. cloudy skies, showers likely off and on during the course of
7:33 am
the day, 65 for your high, tonight coming breezy, as temperatures drop early showers give way to partial clearing overnight, 42 degrees, and winds blowing 15 to 20 miles an hour, during the overnight hours, 5 day forecast check it out, tomorrow, our high will be below where we are now, 53 for a high tomorrow, daytime high, on saturday, 48 degrees for your high, showers not a pretty day frankly, sunday, sunny, 55, monday for halloween things look okay, we will have clouds around but believe it will be dry that is the latest on the weather now to julie wright and get an update. on traffic julie. you are thinking about bobbing for apples that is what you get for making fun of me, god don't like ugly tony. >> thinking about candy. >> candy corn that would be me. on the roads, extensive back up as you work your way out of
7:34 am
land over, arena drove land over avenue, 45 minute commute that salt truck there waits for a heavy duty wrecker to arrive on the scene. grid locked with traffic, 270, over an hour drive at this time as you continue southbound, down to montrose road, a wait to get to the belt way that earlier accident south of 270, cleared, southeast, accident, inbound 11th street bridge tieing up the left side of the highway. north capitol street and l street for accident activity travelling northbound 395, incident, tieing up n lane, del the hov and mainline from the belt way heading northbound 395, inbound towards that 14th street bridge. once you commit to the bridge span checking for an accident end of the dc end of the bridge >> chef >> thanks julie.
7:35 am
ethics reform has been a key issue for dc council several members facing criticism and federal investigation now the council is taking steps to clean up the way it does business first on the agenda, a high profile hearing yesterday at the wilson building joining us this morning dc councilman at large vincente orange who serves on the government operations committee that is the committee that held the hearings good morning thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> we had your colleague, mariel bowser on tuesday she previewed what would happen with the hearings and told us, her thoughts going into it i would like to know your thoughts going into the hearing first before we start. >> yesterday was very lively day, 8 hours of hearings as you know we had 10 bills that were before the public and had about 35 witnesses that came in, and voiced their opinion on various bills basically you can break the bills down in categories, run out with campaign
7:36 am
limitations, to elimination bungling, limited corporations, there were 3 or 4 bills that deal with constituent services fund and then there were a few bills that go with ethics how elected officials conduct their duties. and at the end of the day, councilman bowser introduced a -- passed another layer of bureaucracy he would like to have the board of elections ethics broken up to become a board of elections and then have the board of ethics and government accountability, with a new executive director i am not sure i am in favour of that, because it appears to me, that we can strengthen what we have, the election ethics need more investigators, more auditors, indicated that we need more resources to get to the ethics taking place but the board of elections and ethics, over the past, 6, 8 years have referred cases to the u.s.
7:37 am
attorneys office for prosecution at least four come to mind, the hanson williams case, fraud, fraudulent signatures, the case that dealt with slots and having signatures once again collected, there was fraudulent activity hairy thompson -- harry thompson's case was referred to the u.s. attorneys office as well as chairman brown. they need to make some decisions on a lot of these cases holding us hostage and then at the same time we must you know, strengthen our rules and regulations to make sure we have teeth, and sanctions that can be imposed on illegal activity or unethical activity. >> one of the broader activity councilmember bowser talked about was that enforcement piece and it seems to me for the constituents, sitting if the district, -- in the district hearing about these, there never seems to be closure that is a major point you are looking at as well. >> a very major point within
7:38 am
council rules itself we only have two type of sanctions a reprimand or sensor ship. they must now sit on the side and watch the process the chairman by law would have to create an ad hoc committee, five persons to hear the case and only recommendation you can make by law is either repry mend or sensor ship i think we need to add more harsher sanctions like administrative leave with or without pay expulsion, recommendation for recall fines up to $50,000 i believe there should be an annual certification by every elected official to keep in the forefront that we are expected to be held to a higher standard, such things as have you paid your income taxes and property taxes, some body attempted to bribe would you report that bribe you cannot use your office to have illegal financial gains. >> we were showing
7:39 am
councilmember -- a picture of an empty chair as you were speaking two council members not there yesterday as far as we know not sure if michael brown ever made it michael brown and harry thomas, harry thomas was one of the people you mentioned that is involved in his own investigation right now, i would like to know your thoughts and thoughts of your fellow council members on him not being there and michael brown as well. >> first of all michael brown did appear at the hearing he did participate, it is my understanding that councilmember thomas had some other obligations that he was already, you know, would be at those particular events. >> is there anything more important than him being there yesterday. >> i think it would have been good for him to participate but if you have a speaking engagement, when you make a commitment, you need to honor those as well. >> let me ask you this big broad question as we close, how
7:40 am
did we get here? why are we wasting time talking about this today? >> well, we got here because of activity by elected officials, and as result of irv nathans investigation into harry thomas' allegations, he was able to get a finding that $300,000 was utilized from crimes that no one knew about and councilmember thomas agreed to pay the money back as a result of that attorney general has referred that case to the district attorney's office for examination, councilmember -- chairman brown's case, results from campaign activity, and the board of election ethics chairman, west, to be at the attorney's office that is how we got here, i think now council members elected officials, have to be more careful about how we you know operate, and that is the reason why people have called for full
7:41 am
time employment, they have called for term limits, and they have called for restrictions on how lobbiests and attorneys interact with council members so there are a number of activities that need to be addressed the real question is can council police itself and i am having questions of whether or not we are able to do that. i believe there should have been an independent body that would come up with true ethics reform, and we act up on it. that is the way we did it in new jersey, sent it back to the legislature, and then they prove it and the government assigns it and now they operate. >> councilmember vincente orange appreciate you being with us today hopefully this is a very speedy process and we will report what comes out of these hears. thank you so much. >> thank you 
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federal agents patrolling the u.s. mexico border running into a roadblock, laws restrict
7:45 am
them from driving on certain land, that falls under protection that is where illegal immigrants and smugglers, walk through to sneak in. smithsonian has a new exhibit opening tomorrow at national portrait gallery called the blacklist features whoopi goldberg, sean puffy combs, john legend, serena williams, 50 large scale photographs of leading black figures from entertainment, politics, and sports the idea for the exhibit came from the term blacklist referring to a marginalized group that organizers wanted to turn the phrase into a roll call of distinction showing broad achievements of african americans many folks don't know about. >> where is that? >> national portrait gallery. >> cool. >> look forward to seeing yours. >> yeah. okay. >> i am going to take it myself and put it in there.
7:46 am
[ laughter ] >> who put this in here. >> i forgive you for having to report on me. >> thank you i appreciate that. i will applaud the effort. >> don't try to hang it yourself. >> right. here is a look at hd radar, we have some showers that have come through, right now things are drying out for a bit of a break that will be nice rain showers continuing to push east, it has dissipated here in washington and to our south and west, you might have some mist but not getting anything in the way of rain at the moment here is a look at future cast here is what we think will happen during the course of the day plenty of precipitation now i got the say this is over playing it, over doing the heyy rain we haven't seen -- heavy rain we haven't seen that this morning makes me thing we have to take this with a grain of salt it does show periods of rain through the day today, it does show gradual improvement as we go through the day, there
7:47 am
at noon rain across the region, lots of clouds as we go through, still rain this evening what tucker and i have said during the course of the morning hours and then later on, we see gradual clearing overnight windy conditions and we get some colder temperatures moving in. forecast today, next five days, today, high 65 degrees, showers tomorrow chilly, 53, saturday, cold rain, 48 degrees, sunday, sunshine, monday some clouds come in, highs upper 50s. that is a look at weather more in a little bit. >> let's check with julie wright and look at what is happening on the roads still wet. >> yes, or what is not happening we are not moving honey, bumper to bumper south bond 270 over an hour trip as you work southbound, montrose road, 75 minutes your wait time. anticipate that out the front door. 395, still a mess basically from the belt way up and across
7:48 am
the potomac, accident activity cleared to the shoulder that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you so much a european adventure for kids and families here in dc. >> holly standing by with more on the kid's euro festival holly. >> we will check with her after the break 7:48 a.m. verizon 4g lte.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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more than 200 events are part of this year's kids euro festival. >> holly morris is in northwest to learn more about this family fun event good morning. >> good morning this is an amazing opportunity for you and your family to really travel throughout europe, without ever leaving dc, this is only the
7:52 am
fourth year for the festival it is the largest and most diverse festival of its kind we are talking 200 plus free performances, from european artists, 27 european union embassies taking part along with some 20 local cultural institutions we have a lot to preview i will get started with sarah, and nick they are from malta. tell me about your group. >> our group is mystic hands we just use hands that is all you see from nick and our show is based -- >> so now he steps out of frame and only puts his hands in. >> no, we have video of them performing this will better help explain it. >> basically, we put our heads together how can we portray something, unique from our island one of the tiniest islands in the world. >> i know it is not every ou me >> it is quite rare really.
7:53 am
>> and however being such a tiny island we have the oldest building in the world, 5,000 years old castle the oldest structure in the world we said how can we put that, it was in with the chirp's performance -- children's performance we put our heads together and this cute characters came onboard his name is slim. >> the green characters. >> he is transported through time to a time vortex of 5,000 years and stuck in time basically by two archaeology musicians who discovered these mysterious tablet which is have the power of transcending time basically and through his travels, slim takes us back basically to old journeys of magnificent structures of the world starting from a 2010 structure all the way back to oldest erect structure in the world which is 5,000, predates
7:54 am
the temples of giza before stone hinge. >> you think the to 12-year- olds will bet all that. >> yes. >> thank you all for coming out this morning i appreciate it, they will perform at the house of sweden, their family day is this saturday, one of the venues and then millennium stage, kennedy center sunday thank you i hope you enjoy your time here. >> we have another group on stage, valerie barrage, coartistic director you went over to denmark >> i did august 2011 i got an invitation from the danish embassy. >> what are you presenting to kids. >> one thing that was interesting, dance is pretty -- there were similarities between our dance worlds and it was really interesting because
7:55 am
shannon and i we do a lot of similar things that one of the dance companies there, upper cut dance theatre, they do, which is offer performances and residences to underserved communities, basically, we look at how we can work by ourselves, with our friends and family and people in our community to make the world a better place, it is divided into four sections nothing stay it is same as the first one meetings is second, perfect worlds is third one and audience interaction meetings was based off my visit to denmark. >> we only have 30 seconds can you show us a bit of what you will do. >> yes. >> all right take it away. ♪ [ music ] shannon and valerie will
7:56 am
perform here at french embassy think are having a family day saturday it is specific all events here are geared towards children with special needs, again, this festival, runs through the first part of november, and all of the performances are absolutely free the best thing to do is go to we have a link to their website we've only shown you two there is 198 more that you can choose from, but absolutely it is a wonderful opportunity next hour we will see some more artists that have traveled here and find out more about why they put together a festival like this. >> thanks holly. >> next hour help from moms struggling with their weight post baby. we will talk with a medical expert about how to drop those extra pounds without years of dieting and exercise. near and dear to my heart. also next hour protecting your kids from bullies through their cell phones. lauren demarco tells us about an ap that allows parents to
7:57 am
get to information on their kids mobile devices. >> take a look at this, 15 minutes ago, this car, plowed into a local radio station where the sports junkies broadcast from. we talk with them every morning here on fox 5 more on the drama outside of the studio. that is coming up 7:57 a.m. state farm. this is jessica.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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surprise twist during opening statements of the lululemon murder trial. the defense attorney admits his client killed her coworker but claims it didn't all go down like prosecutor claim. the president unvailed his plan to help ease the burden of student loan debt how this could help out your bottom line. >> losing the extra weight gained during pregnancy very tough for many women. could take years dieting and exercise. also ahead. tips on getting those pounds to go away. we will talk about that, coming up good morning thanks for being with us this morning i am steve chenevey >> i am alison seymour happy you are with us, we say good
8:01 am
morning to our friend tony perkens. >> good morning everybody, rain showers out there, some of you are not seeing rain this hour, in fact the amount of rainlessenned a little bit during the last hour or so, but we will see more during the course of the day >> now you will notice how often you say it. >> see i don't want to -- >> sorry. >> yeah, let's look at sentinel radar we can show you precipitation that is out there, this is a big picture so, it is showing you everything if you look at washington right around the washington area not a lot going on for example down to our south most of the rain is from washington to points north, a lot more precipitation out to the west, so, as the day progresses, certainly we will see more rain move through here i don't expect that we will see a lot of heavy rain, but we will see showers. all right. here is a look at what is happening now, regan national airport, 60 degrees now,
8:02 am
relative humidity 83%, winds calm they will pick up later on today, this evening it will be brisk your day planner today, plenty of clouds periods of rain, temperatures it will be mild during the day today and then temps begin the bottom out tonight certainly tomorrow, weekend, we will tell you about that coming up in just a little bit. that is a look at what is happening with weather. >> thank you tony. >> let's check with julie and get a look at traffic. >> you got that right friday eve is what i am thinking about it is a doozy, southbound commute, 270 almost an hour and a half wait, leaving our vanna as you work your way down into the interchanges, in rockville bumper to bumper slow. inbound along the 11th street bridge accident activity tieing up the left side of the highway checking for another crash northbound 9th street tunnel north of the freeway, again if you are travelling out of southern maryland, northbound 210, palmer road accident activity blocking the left lane. here is the deal on the outer
8:03 am
loop leaving arena drive, georgia avenue, an hour wait all that bumper to bumper traffic, toward it is mormon temple, back up, accident activity bw parkway accident activity westbound 50, 704, follow police direction to get by, haven't forgotten you on the west side, 56 eastbound big delays out of ma that sis, down to 10 -- ma that sis. 10 to 14 miles per hour as you approach nuttily, 26 miles for hour that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> brittany norwood's attorneyadmits his client killed her coworker inside the bethesda lululemon store. stacy. >> good morning i am here with paul wagner actually inside the courtroom there are a lot of nuances very difficult to report in full so i want to talk to you you have been blogging about the trial first let's get to something
8:04 am
interesting motive it wasn't discussed. >> we had been reporting that the state's attorney believed there had been some kind of an argument inside the store between the two over stolen merchandise, jana murray may have confronted her about confronted merchandise that never came up we were all waiting to hear what was the motive john mccarthy never mentioned it, that was very interesting he is saying look i've got a first degree murder premeditated murder case here, and i am going the lay out all this evidence for you, but he left the motive out, and we are all wondering why would he have done that, what was the motivation, why did she do that? wood, the defense attorney saying she did it but why. doug wood never said either he never said what the motivation was and key to all of this too, doug wood even though he is saying it is not first degree, premeditated murder he never said it was self-defense never
8:05 am
mentioned those two a words. >> important between first degree and second degree is amount of time she is looking at. >> second degree typically referred to as a crime of passion and so, you usually get less time in prison if convicted of second degree murder but first degree, premeditated is very serious stuff you are looking at life in prison possibly without parole and so, if it wasn't self-defense and we don't know the motivation, what is behind all of this. >> especially how brutal this attack was. >> savage it was. it is very difficult to tell a television audience how savage this was because it is so gruesome and some of the pictures we've already seen we can't even show the audience they are so gruesome this attack could have gone on mccarthy said for as long as two hours, doug wood says he things 10 or 15 minutes. 13 to point out, that a-- and to point out that attack let's get to what is expected today an apple store employee. >> we've known before that an
8:06 am
apple store employee had heard something going on, on the other side of the wall, from their store, they are right -- they share a wall with lululemon we heard that some body inside there heard a heated argument between two women what we heard yesterday was new. we heard that there was an apple store employee, a woman who actually heard furniture being moved and it was such a disturbance and the argument was so loud some body banged on the wall and said what is going on over there. but john mccarthy surprised us all saying this person, this apple store employee heard someone say oh, god, please help me but never called 911 didn't go next door to see with a was going on and doug wood gave us a little insight he said the reason for that this person thought it was drama as usual. but this is going to be an interesting witness to hear. >> a lot ahead can't wait to hear it, follow paul's blog and on twitter at my fox 5. >> i can never remember.
8:07 am
>> anchors will get that for you this is a lot of drama in the courtroom it was chilling to listen to it. please stay tuned this is a really high profile murder case we will keep you updated all day long on fox 5. 7 minutes past the hour the search for a killer continues after a local college student and marine was gunned down in a quiet neighbourhood, 24-year- old second year music major at howard was killed at the kay wood garden apartments he planned to stay there overnight at a fellow student's apartment. his wallet was missing they believe it was a case of robbery gone wrong. >> in one hour hundreds of volunteers meeting up in kings dominion to search for a missing virginia boy they are searching a 22 square mile area for 9-year-old robert wood junior. he wandered off from his family on sunday at the north anna battlefield park the search is focusing on an area where there are sharp drop offs near the
8:08 am
river police think he could be there. we are operating under the assumption and with understanding that robert wood junior is alive and we are seeking to give him the aid that he needs, and to reunite him with his family. >> we have placed in the woods, glow sticks that identify food, water and blankets, that are available in those locations and none of those have been disturbed. >> now little robert wood junior does have autism, he usually avoids contact with people. to missouri police searching for baby lisa say they will reinterview her two older brothers they want to talk to the 5 and 8-year-old boys what they heard when their sister went missing 3 weeks ago a trained child specialist will talk to them and police will conduct dna testing on the boys to eliminate other dna samples found in the home. >> first morning meetings at the white house and then the
8:09 am
president will meet with the prime minister of the czech republic he will greet municipal and city leaders from across the country in the east room he will have a dinner at a local restaurant with winners of a contest. college costs keep going on president obama announced new steps to try to ease that burden our money reporter melanie, explains how it works. >> reporter: a college senior already owes $80,000 in student loans. >> now i am in my last semester i decided to get another loan for housing and school. >> reporter: she is not studying at an elite private school either that is how much threeyears university of maryland cost her out of state >> i am kind of nervous but i guess i just have to plan well and budget. >> reporter: student loan debt is becoming a crushing burden for many young graduates more than a trillion dollars owed nationwide now obama
8:10 am
administration is offering some relief. >> the idea is how do we make college more affordable, and how do we make sure you are burdened with less debt. >> reporter: 6 million students and grads who have a mix of federal student loans will be able to consolidate into one loan the interest rate is the average of those outstanding loans with a half percent discount the president is accelerating and sweetening a loan forgiveness program. >> we are going to put them into effect not three years from now, not two years from now, we are going to put them into effect next year because [ cheering from crowd ] >> our economy needs it right now and your future could use a boost right now. >> reporter: starting 2012, monthly payments will be capped at 10% of income and borrowers who continue to pay on time will have the balance of their loans forgiven after 20 years. >> i am never late with a bill now if i can keep this up that will be great. >> students say they will take
8:11 am
any help they can get even better would be a college that didn't cost so much to begin with. a new survey by the college board found the public college student pays $17,000 a year in tuition, room and board and graduates with $22,000 in student loan debt. melanie, fox 5 news. 11 minutes past the hour search for survivors from sunday's earthquake in turkey made more difficult this morning we will tell you why when we come back. >> this mornings smart phone zone a new ap that lets moms and dads see what their kids are talking about with their friendkeep tabs on their location through an ap. stay with us @@@@@@
8:12 am
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8:14 a.m. on thursday morning let's look at stories making headlines, in turkey the death toll is up to 523, thousands of survivors are not only sleeping outside but now dealing with rain and snow. that weather is also making
8:15 am
search for survivors harder meantime another moderate quake measuring 5.4 hit a neighboring provinces, people running out of buildings in panic. tourists leaving cancun and other mexican results as hurricane rina approaches the coast. 10,000 tourists are estimated to have left the area, the winds are dropped to 85 miles an hour but expected to remain a hurricane as it sweeps along mexico's most popular tourist destination. >> in arlington emergency officials will test outdoor warning systems don't be alarmed if you hear that going off. scary moments for our radio friends this morning if you are up with us, we talk with the fans most mornings, 5:45 a.m. but they have just told us about drama outside the studio. this car crashed into the building that houses wjfq radio
8:16 am
fairfax, they tweeted these pictures a short time ago you can see the car on the outside, damage on the inside to the stations call screening office there, with the blinds all messed up, eb just tweeted another pick you can really see damage and how far the car came into that building. scary stuff. >> the guys are saying no one was hurt the driver was not walking around but really scary stuff. >> that is one of those things you are inside. >> right you are doing your -- >> can't prepare for it. >> when you hear the noise i bet you don't think a car just came in. >> glad everybody is okay they will talk about that one for awile. >> to doubt. >> in the meantime we love to talk about the cute kiddies in our area, tony perkens joining us with the forecast. >> great thing about this time of year as we get all the halloween costume shots and pumpkin patch shots we have another one of those this morning time for my first 5 photo of the day.
8:17 am
>> a cute kitty. >> literally. how about that you guys. she is 6.5 months old, samantha, and yes, she is going to be a kitty for halloween. >> simply adorable. >> very very very cute. >> i think she likes her costume too. >> i think so. >> she probably foals like a stuffed toy. >> some -- feels like a stuffed toy. >> some kids don't like them she does. >> great costume. >> thank you for sending that in if you want to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. hd radar let's dial it up, rain off to the north and east, and northwest, that is about it, this is a batch of showers that has come through, continuing to push off east, northeast, we are not done yet more precipitation but we will get a bit of a break right now for at least a short period of time across the area. temperatures look like this, we've actually dropped off 58
8:18 am
degrees currently, in washington, 60 annapolis, gaithersburg 55 degrees, dulles, in fact most of these -- not most but some of these temperatures have dropped off during the last hour with the rain and cloud cover, 57 dulles, now here is the big picture to the north and west, temperatures are in the 40s, that colder air is going to move into our region, it lags behind the cold front as usual but it will get here, we will have a mild day today then tonight things start to drop off, 5 day forecast looking for a high 65 degrees, more rain showers through the day, rain wraps up this evening, overnight low, 42 degrees in town, that means 30s tonight tomorrow cool day 53, saturday, not a pretty day, it will rain, it will be cold, chilly, so it will be a cold rain on saturday, 48 for your high, overnight lows in the 30s. saturday and sunday, then monday for halloween things look okay for now. that is a look at what is
8:19 am
happening with weather now an update on this mornings rush hour traffic from julie. >> you are talking halloween some body hit me up on twitter and called me ghoulie instead of julie. >> we will have to remember to label you that way monday >> i thought you did. >> on the road southbound 270, no change almost a 90 minute commute for you guys leaving arvan cruising and crawling along. 270, accident activity inbound 11th street bridge, forth bound 9th street tunnel north of the freeway accident activity, police fire and rescue on the scene. northbound 210, headed up to the accident scene palmer road the left side is blocked here is the deal out of land over bumper to bumper slow as you work your way northbound 95, 495, central avenue all the way around towards your exits there connecticut avenue, westbound 50, 704, accident outer loop 450 tieing up the right side of
8:20 am
the highway, leaving 214, around towards connecticut avenue we just mentioned the accident jfk, main street and oak street, police, fire rescue responding there inbound 66, 22 to 23 miles per hour out of ma that sis and centerville -- manassas and centerville, and crystal city a 31 minute commute, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. stock markets surging after marathon talks among european leaders ended with a deal on fixing europe's debt crisis they agreed on a deal with three basic parts, cuts greece's debt significantly, two calls for banks to lose 50% of their investment and the deal creates a 1 trillion- dollar european bailout fund. global market spiked after the deal was announced. now to occupy wall street
8:21 am
protests there were several more in cities across the country, as aiynsley ear hart reports police are trying to clear them from city parks. >> reporter: more than 50 protestors from occupy atlanta have been arrested the group failed to leave the city park. >> the mayor says you are breaking the law why should you be allowed to be in the park. >> it should be a public park it should be free to all of us. >> reporter: ohio officials say time is ticking on how long the demonstrators can occupy toledo, mayor bell says the city will soon pull the plug on protestors. >> they are going to have to vacate. >> reporter: demoney stray tores there hoping to stay the -- demonstrators there hoping to stay the course. >> we want to take our country back we want the common man to take charge of the government like it is supposed to. >> reporter: city leaders say protestors are going about it the wrong way >> i think if you really want the deal with those issues you deal with it through democratic process. >> reporter: occupy oakland protestors were booted out of
8:22 am
their city tuesday, scuffles broke out between demonstratorpolice cops at one point firing tear gas into the crowd. >> protestors say officers used excessive force. >> i have here a contradiction to what the official oakland police department statement says which was no rubber bullets were used. >> reporter: city officials tries to come to term s with demonstrators. >> we don't want this to be about demoney stray tores and police we want -- demonstrators and police we want this to be about their national cause get some justice, jobs, employment a fair deal for average working americans. >> reporter: city leaders say there is a fine line between uploading the law while honouring protestors free speech rights. every good parent wants the keep tabs on their kid but how much is too much when it comes to watching over their activities and interactions. >> one local man create add way to give your kids privacy at the same time raising the red
8:23 am
flag if something is wrong. it has to do with smart phones lauren demarco joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning you guys, times are changing you need to keep up, teens and tweens walking around with mobile phones nothing like we experienced as kids. as they gobble up technology, parents need to adapt. october is anti bullying awareness month, code 9 can help with bullying issues and more. >> i think that parents have little or no idea, of what their kids are doing with their mobile phones. >> reporter: he says he found himself in unfamiliar territory when his daughter was being cyber bullied on her smart phone he decided to develop an ap to connect parents to their kids mobile lives it is called code 9 mobile. >> actually code 9 is a texting plan that kids use, to tell
8:24 am
each other when a parent is watching. >> reporter: 70% of teens own cell phones, more than half have sent texts during class at schools that ban phones a quarter have been pulllied or harassed on their -- bullied or harassed on their phones and 40% have received a sexting image from someone they know. >> parents need to understand, with this cell phone technology, many bad things can happen good things happen all the time that is great but many bad things can happen. code 9 mobile is a window into the child's mind. >> reporter: download the ap on your child's smart phone for a monthly fee you have access to a website to monitor their usage features include curfews, set times when the phone has to be quiet and word cloud which shows you the words used most often in texting that way you are not reading through all your child's text. >> we want parents to be
8:25 am
trustworthy as much as they expect kids to be trustworthy and so open dialogue about family rules, and being able to see the violations, code 9 mobile, i think is the right way. >> reporter: there is a gps locator older teens may not love that one but he described his reasoning behind it a friend of his was away for the weekend and a teenage daughter who was supposed to stay with friends ended up with a bunch of people over to the house. >> a couple kids who left while they were drunk, ran into a ditch and one of the kids unfortunately died. heart breaking. and friends got a call at 3:00 a.m. saying this was going on. i thought that an ability for parents to occasionally see that kids are indeed where they
8:26 am
say they are, or where they have been, is an important capability. >> he recommends parents with children aged 9 to 17 sign up for the service. >> hopefully, become better parents raising better kids. >> it is available for android and blackberry phones it costs $10 per month on the website account holders have access to resources to help you walk you through what you do if you find your child has a problem with bullying, drugs or alcohol we have a link to this at look on the mornings page. >> i don't look forward to those days they are coming up thanks lauren. product that turned apple around is turning 10 this week the first generation ipod was about the size of a deck of cards and cost $400 it held a thousand songs, was only for
8:27 am
mac users now since then more than 300 million ipods have been sold these days the touch lets users surf the web watch youtube and buy music wirelessly, buy the 4th generation ipod shuffle for just $49. 8:27 a.m. on thursday morning, losing the extra weight gained during pregnancy is tough and can take years of diet and exercise. tips on how to get those pounds off faster. >> love that then a little later we will check with holly having a european adventure, here in washington at the kid's euro festival, 8:27 a.m., 58 degrees out there on thursday morning we will be right back 
8:28 am
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8:30 a.m. as we check headlines prince georges county a man linked to a series of armed robberies, now in police custody officers arrested 22-year-old michael mcintosh october 16th aboard a green line train after another robbery on u street. twist in the bernie madoff ponzi scheme, his wife admitted
8:31 am
the couple tried to commit suicide after being accused of stealing billions they both took pills christmas eve 2008 but woke up early the next day bernie madoff serving 150 years in prison. >> glimmer of hope perhaps in ongoing nba lock out as owners and players, made progress on main issues during a marathon 13 hour meeting the new york daily news reports there was optimism a new collective bargaining agreement could be finalized within a week. if we don't have it do you just go along. >> late in the season they will. >> when football season is over we have that february,. >> okay. >> well, -- >> any time there is money involved. >> right. get it together. >> right. >> i agree what is going on outside tuck. >> rain showers, continues on and off throughout the day not going the rain all day long particularly this afternoon will get spotty in nature, cloudy and relatively cool.
8:32 am
>> not the prettiest day. >> not the prettiest if you like cool weather you are going to love this five day forecast. let's get to it show you the radar and again shower activity moving through last couple hours roadways definitely wet but much of the area not seeing measurable rainfall at the moment looks like most of the rain off to -- here we are in washington just off to the north and to the east up 95, beltsville and laurel, columbia and portions of montgomery county north and west, manassas and dale city, pushing east, prince georges county anne arundel county, good rain out towards annapolis. >> rain showers on the move again, it is a cold front that will be fading through the area during the course of the afternoon you can see we are not done with the rain yet still plenty more out to the west, portions of ohio and west virginia, the cooler dryer air will start to rush in tonight
8:33 am
you will know it it will get cold enough that we've got a freeze watch off to the north and west during the overnight hours, 58 washington, 55 gaithersburg, 50 leonard town highs today back in the mid- 50s. freeze watch not here in washington but up near the pennsylvania border under a freeze watch, bottom out low 30s. 65 this afternoon, showers stick around, tomorrow 53, breeze, cool air, going the feel chilly and check out saturday, coastal system 48 your daytime high rain here snow in the mountains to the west. >> that is a look at weather steve alison back to you. >> it is a challenge almost every new mother faces, you have that baby but the weight, well, it is still right there, the scale is stuck and you are feeling frustrated there is still hope the fox medical team's beth galvin is here with tips on how to put that pregnancy weight behind you we
8:34 am
don't even want it behind us we want it off entirely. beth good morning. >> exactly alison, you know when you've got a newborn you don't want to thing about that last 10, 15 pounds your schedule is out of what can everything centers around the baby you are not sleeping but an obgyn says she tells her new moms the sooner they can concentrate on getting baby weight off the better. >> getting down nice and low,. >> on a beautiful crisp fall morning. >> forward. >> dozens of new moms are moving one step closer to prebaby bodies. everybody you know has those last 5 or 10 or 20 pounds some are breast feeding some are not. >> step step. >> kyle pointer teaches stroller strides kid friendly challenging work out class to help new mothers get back in shape. >> good job. >> forming a community with other months. >> missy has two kids.
8:35 am
>> sadie 4.5 and cooper 2. >> her baby weight. >> still working on it after almost 5 years. >> same for ann carter. >> a lot harder than i expected i think it is the mcdonald's i ate during the pregnancy it is hard you see so many celebrities bounce back like that you assume you will be the same way. if you are at a normal weight when you get pregnant expect to gain between 25 and 30 pounds. >> a lot of women will say i am eating for two and i strongly discourage that you are not eating for two you are only eating for one and i joke with my mom you don't want to become a big mama during the pregnancy. >> she says the more you gain the more difficult it is to lose the weight once your baby is born if you deliver a 7- pound baby you can expect to drop 1 to 15 pounds imimmediate raid -- 12 to 15 pounds immediately. >> the remaining is yours. >> set a goal give yourself 3 months to lose baby weight if
8:36 am
you are not there start rethinking what you are eating, how much you are eating, and start exercising. concentrating on strength and cardio work out. >> every mom has been in that situation, even if they are back to their prepregnancy weight a lot of times it shifted. >> and you are thinking 3 months there is no way i am going to do it in 3 months it is all about the goal so it is not necessarily got to get it done in those first three months but you've got to set a goal and start working at it longer you put off trying to get rid of that extra 10 or 15 pounds the harder it is, 2, 3, 4 years later. >> beth absolutely i agree with everything you have said thank you so much. steve over to you. >> all right thanks very much 8:36 a.m. thursday morning, weekly jobless claims just coming in, we share those after the break and show you this not tuesday found inside a passengers
8:37 am
checked luggage, tsa taking action, stay with us when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
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8:40 am
at&t. weekly jobless claims just coming in number of people seeking unemployment benefits dipped slightly last week but not by enough to look like it is picking up. it dropped to seasonally adjusted drop. tsa screener who left a passenger a note about a sex toy is facing disciplinary action the passenger flew out of newark new jersey, she wrote on her twitter page a screener found sex toy in her luggage then left a handwritten note saying, get your freak on girlon the back of a tsa note the official says the note is highly inapro by crate and unfoe if he is fall and launched -- inappropriate and unprofessional and launched an
8:41 am
investigation. >> check out european culture without leaving dc holly has that for us this morning. yeah, you have about 200 plus opportunitys to do that steve and alison as we are live french embassy one of the many venues taking part in kids euro festival, all around the city, children's acts from around the european union are in town to entertain your children for free. we will tell you all about it live next fox 5 morning news stay with us éñ
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
fourth annual kids euro arts festival going on. holly morris is with some of the acts, transforming washington into a european destination. >> reporter: good morning when you have 200 plus performances going on it requires lots of venues all of these i wanter takers are -- entertainers are performing for free you have to have venues, prince georges memorial library good morning
8:45 am
to you, bonjour. >> thank you. >> tell me about your involvement. >> we are so excited we have all 18 branches participating we were invited to participate by the french embassy and the children's museum. >> why did you thing this would be such a good thing for you all. >> we wanted our children to have exposure to all cultures we really felt so honored to be a part of this program our librarians were just so excited and they really took on these projects and representing 9 of the countries and we are just excited about being a part of this festival. >> we are being entertained, if you are wondering what in the world is going on by a latvian puppet show. one thing i love about this festival it is so nontraditional in terms of people finding out there is a lot of variety. >> we were trying to figure out what role to play. we continue with regular story
8:46 am
times, all branches are featuring story time that feature one of the countries, spain, france, hungary, ireland and more. >> i think libraries these days have a challenge, because we don't go and check out books as much as we used to so there needs to be like repurposes of the space and this is a wonderful example,. >> we are averaging 30 to 35 children at all of our story times they are all in the morning and we also have evening programs we are getting good turn out already and very good positive responses from our customers. >> excellent thank you so much for coming out this morning we appreciate it. if you are trying to figure out what is going on so am i so i will bring her in, she h tell us about the puppet troupe. this is a puppet troupe
8:47 am
from the country of latvia they have traveled here to be here for the euro festival we have three puppet masters they will be here on saturday, at the embassy of france performing a puppet show. >> now what is it -- do you know what this show is we are watching here. >> this is the show that they will be performing here, it is about four animals and how they protect the bunny rabbit. >> called who will shelter the bunny. >> right so four animals the skunk and tortoise and the hedge hog. yes, they will -- they are all protecting the bunny from a big bad wolf. >> now are these people really popular in latvia? i am assuming they are huge with the kids there. >> they are indeed multitalented actors, the puppet shows are very popular
8:48 am
in latvia i believe much more popular than here in the united states. >> until this weekend. >> of course everybody here will have opportunity to see them saturday but in latvia, children enjoy very much going to the puppet theatre there is a special place for it and it is very popular. >> thank you for bringing this experience here for all our children in dc. our website we have a link to the kids euro festival, it runs through november 10th, there are literally different venues all throughout greater washington for your kids to come enjoy these performances for free. i don't know who is more fun to watch the puppets or the puppeteers i have enjoyed both. >> thank you. >> 8:48 a.m. on thursday morning, afternoon at the apple orchard turns embarrassing for one couple. >> the husband studies maps for a living, so how did he and his wife get lost in a large orchard, that story up next stay with us 
8:49 am
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morning to today's facebook fan of the day. good morning regina, she watches fox 5 morning news, after her midnight tour of duty with the dc police department she is working overnight we appreciate you staying with us when you get home in the morning if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and 5 and post a comment under her post. >> remember that story about a young family that had to call 911 after getting lost in a corn maze. this is similar but more embarrassing a veteran meteorologist in boston who studies maps for a living is involved. >> reporter: first, the corn maze, now an apple orchard. >> this is very embarrassing. >> reporter: here is where our self-admitted embarrassing story beginning 100-acre apple
8:53 am
orchard, in stowe she is a speech pathologist and teacher, i followed her. >> she brought them down a dirt road but it took them deeper into the field. >> if you go off the beaten path you are walking through the woods, you have no idea where you are. >> in fairness it was getting late in the afternoon and we have had people that can't find their way but we are usually there to help them out, we are usually there but we had gone home for the night. >> facing a pitch black night, we could call the police. >> stowe police. >> yes, we are in the orchard and we can't find our way out. we are walking and it is getting dark. >> the 911 call tracked mark's phone by gps they waited on police this comes just weeks after another local family called 911 getting lost in a
8:54 am
corn maze. back out at the apple orchard some usual customers shook their heads. >> it is not really a maze it is an orchard. >> pretty ridiculous. >> more than an hour after wandering the orchard they were rescued, spared a night out surrounded by the forbidden fruit >> i said how many people get lost he says no body. >> it is to laugh. >> you have to at this point. >> here is another story, washington dc, on the rank of rudist citys in american checks in at number 5 according to travel and leisure magazine. >> readers were asked to rank cities based on hotels, restaurants, overall personality of locals second rudest is new york, los angeles, coming in at number one, i bet new york is like see i told you we weren't the rudest. >> or be extra rude to make up. >> i feel bad about our
8:55 am
ranking. being rude making fun of the city. >> tony back after the break he will join alison in a wonderfully color coordinated effort you will not want to miss. >> we have worked hard on this. okay and our next hour also time of year where many of us are getting flu shots how much you weigh could impact effectiveness of the shot, or how badly you will get the flu. we will share more on this finding coming up 
8:56 am
to war zones. and that can be a problem for a once-thriving tourist destination like dubrovnik, croatia, left in disrepair by years of war. luckily, people took notice. they helped dubrovnik rebuild and restructure their five-star hotels, and croatia eventually regained 14% of the nation's gdp; a rebirth made possible by the international business and tourism management programs at rochester institute of technology.
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welcome back i am alison seymour. i am tony perkens, coming up a look at stories we are following, stunning revelations from the wife of the man who stole the life savings of
8:59 am
hundreds of people. his wife ruth talks about what happens after may door stole billions in the -- madoff stole billions in the largest ponzi scheme in history. >> a guy trying to cheat on his girlfriend calls the cops to keep the girlfriend from finding out. plus, you know him as the feathered friend of washington nationals, now, screech is getting ready to head to taiwan. more on why when screech and a good friend of his join us in studio just a little later. >> i can't wait for that. a couple tickets from 9:00 a.m. a look at thursday forecast. >> hey, alison showers across the area overnight some of those are lingering at this hour going to be a cloudy day showers on and off throughout the day but not going to rain every minute in fact a bit of a break now hd radar you can see shower activity generally off to the north and east, up


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