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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 27, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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herself. when the detective asked for specifics, britney norwood was less than emphatic. when the interview first began, the detective calmly asked britney norwood the basics, wanting to know where she worked and lived and other particulars. soon, she wanted specific details about what happened. norwood told her we were looking for my wallet for 9, 10 minutes, as we worked to the front of the stor -- store, someone hit her in the face. there were two people, i think. someone grabbed he and threw me to the floor. he was hitting merepeatedly. we were both yelling for help. when she was asked about the specifics of the men, her descriptions were vague. she thought they were young, one was taller than the other. when asked about their race, she had no idea. later, norwood said show thought they could be white. at types, she became emotional saying that there -- at times, she was emotional saying there was so much blood, it was all of my fault. she said she was reasoned with
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the clothes hagar, assailant cutting the pants. those pats were shown to the jury by the officer who testified about collecting them at the hospital. o'brien noticed a cut on norwood's hander a cut thee thought could have come from -- a cut he thought could have come from a knife sliding whole they were using it of the the officer admitted in his report the cut appeared to be a defensive wound. the officer told the court i let my empathy formis norwood overwhelm me -- as the prosecution laid the case, they called a nurse to the stand who cared for her in the hospital. the laceration to the head was a scratch. she had scratches on her legs as well prosecutors believe the injuries norwooded she sustained inside the store were self-inflict. hager testified there were a lot of things odd. she said she was laying on her back for hours waiting to die but the blood ran down the
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front of her face. bob barnard was in the courtroom for the afternoon testimony. what happened? >> reporter: right now, a montgomery county police crime scene investigator, the real deal. amanda kramer. at the moment, she's going through different pieces of evidence, showing the jury the individual pieces of evidence she collected. before that, she photographed the crime scene and took a video of the crime scene and after few:00 this afternoon, the -- 4:00 this afternoon, the video was shown. what i found interesting was how the different people were vowing enthusiasm the jurors were watching intently, brittany norwood had to it were her screen around. >> she was watching the video? >> occasionally, looking up -- looking up at times, jana's mother kept her eyes down and started crying. jana's father, an attorney himself, would look up, glance up and look down. the norwood family, the parents are there and two other women, that were looking at it
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somberly watching it the whole time. a couple of coworkers ran out of the courtroom, especially when they got to the back hallway where jana murray's body, her savagely beaten body was on the floor and on the big screen, the two employees ran out and were cold fronted by others who left the courtroom. >> thank you. we should tell you the courtroom has moved. it was on the third floor in a large courtroom and it was packed every day. they have moved upstairs to the 9th floor to a small courtroom and can handle a few people and there is a long line of them getting in today. they're sitting in there onset each other in this small courtroom. back to you. >> and we heard bob describe a bit about britney nowood as she was watching the video. -- norwood as she was watching
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the video. describe her demeanor? what was she liked as she listened to the testimony? >> stone faced. we saw nothing from her. she has no reaction to anything, shawn. >> paul wagner, thank you for the insight. we appreciate it. >> reporter: stay with fox 5. paul will provide constant updates on air and online via twitter. we'll language to you the account on the home page at and you can get updates from the smartphone. just click on mobile. a weekly roe sightal taking on's -- recital taking on a new meaning. they chose to honor the solar and former marine. he was murdered. >> alonzo is an outstanding
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individual he be ised his country, served music and his friends. the one thing i want everyone to remember is that he served god. he was a man of god and -- and just trying to be encouraged and remain positive he's in the best place. >> she was shot twice outside of an apartment building early tuesday morning. no arrests yet and police believe the motives were robbery. a gruesome theory on what happened to robin gardener. the national inquirer is saying that he buried her a live. he's being held in a rube on suspicion he was involved in her death. the inquirer said the police received a anonymous tip that he beat her, tied her up and buried her in a graph. he claims she was swept out to sea while they were snorkeling.
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tonight, the search for a missing 8-year-old boy with autism. the story has drawn hundreds of volunteers, strangers who left their jobs and own responsibles to look for a boy that they dote know beth parker is live with more on this story. beth? >> reporter: laura, we learned among those out there searching in the woods looking is this boy's parents. ronnie wood disappeared five days ago. they have been searching day after day and finding him is growing more critical as the hours pass. they waited through -- waded through the river and deep into the thick virginia woods. they are racing mother nature specifically time. >> hope we can get him before the colder weather and the rain rolls in. >> reporter: they're
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professionals and volunteers, hundreds of them. searching for eight-year-old robbie wood. robbie has autism and wandered away from a park in virginia sunday after. wane dawson is a retired firefighter, a public servant. for dawson, showing up felt personal. his own grandson has autism. >> it does make a difference, you know, knowing that my grandson is autistic and not to the extent i heard about robe. still, it doesn't matter. we're ready to make a difference. >> reporter: an army of 1200 volunteers gathered today. >> we got radio communications between ourselves. okay. >> reporter: what they may lack in training, they make up for in heart. >> we're all hopeful. it's still called a rescue, not a recovery at this point. >> we're not giving up. our mission is clear. we have had a huge response of volunteers today, and i can't tell you how much that means to both the family and the
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professional staff that are working to find robert. >> reporter: authorities expanded the search westward and added extra dive teams. they know that working quickly is crucial. >> we wouldn't be asking 1,000 volunteers to help us if we didn't think he needed immediate help. we're in the life saving mode. definitely. >> reporter: when asked how long they would look? >> when a child goes missing, you never stop looking for them. >> reporter: they need 1,000 volunteers to help out. that sounds like a lot but they're getting many people showing up to help. anyone who has been trained should show up at 8:00 a.m., anyone else can show up and you may know that the staging area where all of the volunteers were meeting is at nearby kings dominion in the parking lot and they're in the process of moving that and clearing that parking lot, they moving and anyone who is volunteering tomorrow needs to show up and be aware of that change of
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location and that is to up the road. another thing we should explain, the news media is reporting this boy is 9 years ole and we learned a clarification. he's 8 years old. his birthday is in november. law enforcement was told by the family he's 9 years old. perhaps because his birthday was close, he was rounding up because he was eight and 11 months. he's 8 years old. we wanted to clarify that for anyone who noticed that. >> and it's amazing the number of volunteers who heed up and shows you how touched they are. and some more excitement than usual. a driver slammed into the building crashing into a call screening room at the wjtk building in fairfax.
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the car took down a wall and a window and destroyed an office. no one was hurt, though, but it was a close call. >> we went to a commercial break when this occurred. luckily our intern came out of the room about 10 to 15 secs before the car came through the building. we got lucky with that. >> and they did stay on the air. the driver charged with failure to maintain proper control. metro is under the microscope for the handling of the recent creases. a man jumped in front of a orange line train earlier this month and caused major delays and problems that left passengers fuming. sherri ly has more. >> reporter: the minute the man jumped in want from of the train, it caused a ripple effect across metro with stations overcrowded and mass confusion. 1200 particles on the striking train were stuck for more than
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an hour. >> and they shut the pire of. it's shot. >> whenever that happens, you're going to have a system at rush hour and some people stuck on trains. >> reporter: bus bridges ran between bowlston and robin, but problems multiplied. >> roslyn is a major junction point for us. a lot of people as we saw in news reports and people there, backed up and it was a crowded station. the escalator shut down because of safety and they got overloaded. >> reporter: metro ordered a review of the october 11th incident and presented the phonings to the safety committee. metro diverted 17 trains from the oral line to the blue line to will the back log -- to handle the backlog. where they made the mistake is calling the fire department if the and not the police to deal with the crush of passengers and buses out in the streets. >> and. >> it compounds it when you bring that to the scene. there are 10 buses to the scene. >> reporter: metro sent 44
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tweets and, alerts and station announcement. >> the guy came on the intercom and he was like we hit someone. >> reporter: word didn't reach many until they were in the system. whether and -- >> could we have done it sooner? we would have liked to see. that. >> and there is so much metro can do. >> this was indexitive of a two- hour shutdown of the railroad because of a poor unfortunate person deciding to put them in the path of a train. >> reporter: now metro must learn from what yet did right and wrong. -- it did right and wrong. sherri ly, fox 5 news. dow jones finishes up 3 your points. the leaders agree to give greek a second bailout and keep the economies of spain and italy collapsing. the dow closed above the 12,000 level since the first time in august. right now, it's on track for the best month since january of 1987. with the dow, the nasdaq, and
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s&p reported big gapes. the -- big gains. the white house will continue working with european leaders to make sure they close the deal. coming up, an addiction expert takes the stand as the defense wraps up the case. and an investigation is launched in occupy oakland's protest. after a marine is hurt during the clashes with police. plus, a happy reunion after the devastate earthquake in turkey. we have the story for you coming up. gary. thank you, laura. some rain back in the city right now. a little bit out there for the evening commute. we are going to dry out later on this evening and the attention focuses toward saturday. there is a storm coming. we'll talk about that. the first look of the forecast coming up in a bit. the news will continue in a few minutes. stay with us. 
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>> a northern virginia man is in jail accused of secretly videotaping a woman in the shower. america rodriguez is a custodian at the healing hearts counseling center. a staff member said she found a video camera hidden in the
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hower area. the suspect placed the camera there and videotaped the victim three times. painting a picture of michael jackson, the drug addict. that is the direction the defense is taking as they wrap up their case in the trial of dr. conrad murray. hefass involuntary manslaughter. fox's -- excuse me, a.m. housley has the latest from -- adam housley has the latest from l.a. >> i believe there is evidence he was dependent upon demerol. >> what about addictd? >> possibly. >> reporter: the addiction doctor testified for the defense and from michael jackson's dermatologist in tab, two months before the king of pop died. the record suggests that jackson was developing a tolerance for demerol. a turnoff as to whether he may
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have been an adient. >> addict. >> based on what i know about his definition and his public behavior, and this course of treatment, he was probably addicted to opioids. >> he tried to connect the sleep issues with the drug problem. >> in withdrawal, every patient has sleep problems. >> reporter: they want to say that michael jackson was dependent on propofol when he was asleep and gave it to himself when dr. murray left the room. and the handle of the facts in this case. their exchange is getting contentious at times. >> and will you diagnose michael jackson as addicted to demerol based strictly on these documents in my hand? yes or no? >> probably not. >> thank you. >> and is there a reason why it's difficult for you to
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answermy questions and easy to have can ask mr. churnoff? >> okay. >> sustained. >> reporter: the attorneys would have this weekend to prepare. if convicted, dr. murray could face four years behind bars n. los angeles, adam housley, fogs 5 news. >> despite threat of -- threats of another raid, the occupy protests are going strong. this morning, police left. violence broke out tuesday night as police moved into a clear -- to core out the plaza. demonstrators were told that could stay there in the day but couldn't camp out leave night. a marine veteran was -- overnight. a marine veteran was critically hurt in the clashes. scott olson's skull was fractured by a police projectile and it happened while demonstrators were trying to re-establish a presence outside of city hall.
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police are looking into how he was injured. he appears to be the first serious injury of the nationwide movement. back here at home, another cool, rainy, dreary day. gary mcgrady's in the weather center and i'm hoping the sunshine will come out. it's been a miserable wednesday and thursday. what about great happy friday? >> tomorrow, half a day is okay. >> okay. >> and to come on back and showers tomorrow and talk about the storm on saturday. it looks like it could be a big deal for some folks, especially north and to the west of here. light go first over to max hk raid -- hd radar and there is some shower activity out there. we'll have at east a chance for some lingering shower or two. that is into southern secs of washington county. and as we get closer, there is a couple of showers pushing
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through the district, too and was not supposed to do that and out of gaithersburg to bwe, the northern sections of laurel and there is some spotty shower moving into northwestern secs of the district. quickly to temperatures right now, 66, and there is a cold front to the north of us. that will make big charges around here leave night and hagerstown is 50 degrees. over to the foe cast for the evening, the temperatures will be down. falling into the low 50s and upper 40s by later on this evening. coming up in the full forecast, we have a big storm on saturday and i will take you hour-by- hour to show you what we'll be expecting on saturday. >> we'll see you in a few. now to a me of pure joy following the devastation of the earthquake in turkey. doctors reunited a mother with her two-week-old daughter after they were rescued from the debris. the mother is recovering from
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her injuries. and rescuers, meantime, pulled another survivor out. an 18-year-old man who is said to be dehold rated. more than $500 people are dead and survivors are living in tents and there are not enough tents to go around and officials admitted there are distribution problems. other nations are sending in supplies to help. remember the ohio man who freed dozens of exotic animals before then killing him? find out how his widow is fighting with the columbus zoo. and the wife of disgraced financier bernie madoff makes a stunning admission. the details are next. e next. >> and that is horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. we took pills and woke up the next day. it was very impulsive, and i'm glad we woke up.
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♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪ and the neighbors' kids run and hide ♪ deep inside you, there's a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you. ♪ but you're not ♪ you're the one be true to yourself. what's healthier than that?
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>> the widow of a man who set dangerous exotic animals free will not get them back. the ohio department of agriculture ruled they will be kept under quarantine at a zoo. marianne thompson wanted to reclaim three leopards, two
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primates and a grizzly bear. last week? zanesville, her husband set all animals free and killed him. law enforcement officers shot most of the apee pals. for the first time, the wife of bernie madoff is opening up about their lives. he's serving a 150-year prison sentence for stealing billions of dollars in the largest ponzi scheme in u.s. history. he said he's happier in prison than the last 20 years. his wife ruth revealed the last homes after the scandal probe. >> i don't know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves. it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. we took pills and woke up the next day. it was very impulsive and olglad we woke up. >> they tried to kill themselves christmas eve.
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bernie madoff knows he'll die in prisonful he has no fear because he no longer has any decisions to make. >> john edwards will have to stand trial. a federal judge is refusing to dismiss criminal charges against him and edwards is accused of using moppy from his 2008 white house run. he falsified campaign records to cover his trucks -- tracks. edwards needed not guilty. the trial is expected to begin next year. and there is now information about an alleged pay for play scandal in the district. find out what a former candidate revealed to the feds about the city's mayoral race. border patrol. and this is the -- is the price of the popcorn at the movies already to high? mayor wants to add another tax on to top of that. >> and we're days away from the marine corps marathon. are you traind? ready? all the things you need to know coming up in a live report. we'll be right back.  when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
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>> a trip to the movies and a stop at the concession stand means shelling out serious cash. a popcorn or dripping can run $8. d.c.'s mayor wants to tax you on top of. that matt? >> reporter: first of all, we should say a ticket for a movie won't go up under the plan. it's only's 5% tax on what you spin at the concession stand. this will help top tice movie studios to do business in the district. there is nothing better than popcorn with hot butter as you watch a good movie. >> how can i help who is next in line some. >> reporter: what is next on great is the prices of the concession stand. get ready. in d.c.? a new tax on your snack could be close. >> of course, nobody wants to be taxed in any form, you know,
5:32 pm
when you think about the fact that that is a consumption tax. >> reporter: crystal palmer with d.c.'s office of motion picture and television development said the tax will help bring a much needed movie theatre to a neighborhood east of the anacostia river. >> and in wards 7 and 8, there is no movie theatre. there is a strong representation of moviegoers without an outlet. >> reporter: one spot tossed around, the skyland mall off of alabama avenue in southeast. a safeway was just built there recently. and residents would love a movie theater next door. >> and that is great. it needs something up here. >> we don't have anything really. we have to go all the way to maryland. >> reporter: the contestants in tact will fund a incentive program for movie studios. chording to palmer, currently maryland and virginia give movie studios a 20% rebate for
5:33 pm
a shooting cost. she believes that if d.c. does the same, the tex tax revenue will raise millions. >> and that trickles down. they use dry cleaners, they go to restaurants because they're given per diem and that incurs them to stop and do business. >> reporter: is it enough to build a theatre and offer studios a big rebate? >> i spoke with a national association of theatre owners this afternoon and although they applaud the mayor for his efforts to build's new movie theater, the organization doesn't think a tax is the way to do it. they worry it could drive away business. >> that is pricey. i man know a family of four going out. >> yeah, 8, 9, $10 expensive? you add 5% on top of that and that is another tax in the
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district, just when we need. >> no, we don't. new details against brown and mayor gray. according to "the associated press," brown told the federal prosecutors that gray handed him talking points during the 2010 campaign to use against then-mayor fenty. brown has publicly accused gray's campaign of giving money and promising him a job as long as he stayed in the race and continued to attack fenty. a jury is investigating the allegations. new census figures show more young people are choosing to call the d.c. region home. the figures released show that d.c., the maryland and virginia suburbs, gained about 7,000 people between the apes of 25 and 34 in each of the past few years and that is the sixth highest rate in the nation and a big change from before the 2008 recession when the region was losing 8,000 young adults each year. many of the young people to our area will be among the thousands of people who are lacing up their resulting shoes for the malone corps marathon on sunday and the preparations
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are underway. the crews were setting up under highway 110 and 43,000 athletes are expected to participate. thousands more will be lining the streets cheering them on the. the marathon starts at 8:00 a.m. on sunday in arlington through d.c. and ends up at the marine corp war memorial. i want to talk about this with -- and joining us live is the maroon corp director. thank you for being with us. >> -- marine corp director. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, laura. >> tell us how this year compares to the past years. and this is the 36th year. >> reporter: it is and every year is special and unique about the marathon to come. the fact that we got 30,000 runners wanting to come to washington, d.c., indian summer and share with the marines to make a statement about their
5:36 pm
running and that this race is patriotic, $1,500 marines, another 600 sailors and law enforcement. that is one of the safest and most beautiful races we have. it's not about speed but a chance to see all of the bouty that washington, d.c. -- all of the beauty that washington, d.c., has to offer. this year is more special we get to go down independence avenue twice and which gets our runners and spectators to come out and cheer them on, close to the newest monument, the martin luther king memorial. >> is the root the same? and you mentioned the change there. any other changes to the roof? >> that is really the big of the chain. we lost constitution avenue this year because of some street construction n. this area, that happensef year. >> sure. >> and that gives us an opportunity to take the challenge and to make a bettereracy course. i think we have that and the
5:37 pm
runners are, for the first time, going to be closer to the world war ei memorial when they make the turn on 15th street. right now -- . >> you touched on it a little bit about how patriotic this is and how you get to see the city, the nation's capitol in a wa you wouldn't get to see it and what else maybes this marathon so special? >> it's a race for first-time marathon runners and the other 20,000 who ran before and what the marines are able to do, the same skillset and to be able to organize and to execute an operation is phenomenal. >> and i know there is a lot going into this and i know it's fun to cheer the marathoners on. i hope a lot of people are baseball to get out there.
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rick, thank you for being with us tonight. good luck with the race race. >> thank you, laura. we're having liquid sunshine out here now in front of the memorial. >> good stuff it's a good preview. [ laughter ] >> and thanks. >> they need more than liquid sunshine. we need real sunshine. [ laughter ] >> and that is in the spin, right? there you go. coming up at 545time, why chris cooly said he's's casualty of the nfl lockout. >> and lindsay lohan's dad ends up back in jail hours after being released. ased. 
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>> a new report from federal investigators about an aborted landing on a plane carrying the first lady and dr. joe biden. investigators claim the air traffic controller in charge of the landing last april at andrews air force base had a
5:42 pm
history of errors. the boeing 737 carrying michelle obama and dr. biden was three miles away from the cargo jet and they were supposed to be separated by five miles. no one was hurt but the controller is set for retraining and is approved, again, to handle air traffic. and at least two of the turkeys may end up at the white house as part of a thanksgiving tradition. high school students are training the birds for their next big debut and they will choose two to bring to washington. the group expects to get the official invitation from the white house next week. >> and the turkey is saying pick me, pick me. >> i know. spare me, spare me. an injured redskins player laying it on the line. why chris coolly is frustrated about the way his season ended.
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. >> a red skins fan fast is out
5:46 pm
for the season with a knee injury. today, he took his frustrations out publicly and how that injury was handled. dave fillman is here with more on this story. feldy? >> reporter: chris cooly with zero games the first five years in the league. the past three? he's messed 10. he had a issue in the offseason. with no access to the team facilities because of the lockout, he dealt with it him, even though he can have easily afforded his own trainers and doctors. he broke his index finger two weeks ago against the eagles. it was the me that was the real issue. he said he had his left knee drained 15 times this season. he went to florida on sunday and met with the doctor. the verdict, shut the knee down or risk having microfracture surgery. a procedure that could be career-ening and no surgery but perhaps sick thoughts. you were at his informal press
5:47 pm
conditions and was he sad, angry in. >> reporter: the vibe was strange. chris cooly entered on crutches and said to the media members where are we going to do this and that is how a 17-minute long press conference started. where it went and ended, that is for to you see. >> and i am of thible -- comfortable with the decision made for me to go on rr. it hurt to run 10 yards. i draped 100 ccs out of my knee 15 times this'sso -- season, so, that is what i was going through. i can't hold them hostage and go to the coach's office and say you're going to give me seven weeks and you're going to hold a roster spot for me. who will i get better. i feel 100% and i'm not blaming anybody and i feel 100% that i'm a casualty of the season of
5:48 pm
the lockout. it's amazing what this franchise means to me. i have no desire to play for anyone else or play for another organization and to retire. nothing would be the feeling of running on the field to play the super bowl and be a part of the team that ran a super bowl. i don't want to run through the tunnel in another uniform. this is the only team i care about the rest of my life. >> he mentioned casualty of the lockout and what he meant were trainers were not allowed to get with their doctors and the lockout. maybe he would not be in this situation. following the 17-minutelong press conditions, he stayed around another 10 minutes chatting with the mediay and almost feld bad for him. >> when i got there, it was over and the media was talking
5:49 pm
about a word conversation with him. >> we like him and we'll pull for him. coming up at 6, we will update you on the other redskins injuries and caps and terps dealing with players, side players who are side lined. the votes are in for the fox 5 game yesterday week and this weeks winner is northwest to sherwood. be sure to turn in to fox 5 news at 5 tomorrow and we're going to take you there for a preview of the big matchup. and hopefully the weather is nice for friday night football. >> and -- >> umbrellas if you're going out of the games tomorrow night. >> okay, wow. >> and did you say what? >> let's talk about the snow. >> that is the buzz. >> there is buzz all over the place. you have to wait. you have to wait for the five- day forecast. >> and come on, gary. >> i will get someone to spend as much time and there is some
5:50 pm
showers now and to radar here. there is a frontal system coming down and some showers for frederick and we're getting some rain here and some is good. notice the oranges and the reds and this is popping up the last 20, 30 minutes and you can see there, the interior part of the city and that is making for a harder commute and this will push through and it will be wet and some more scattered showers. in terps of the temperature, 66 degrees in the city; 61 for gaithersburg. the front is here and this is about to come frow fred -- through frederick. the wins are going to kick up and the temperatures dropping. hagerstown, 48; cumberland, 50; the front has not moved through
5:51 pm
martinsburg yet. they're at 63 degrees and this evening, the front will completely come on through and that is going to cool things down. showers at 7 and lingering at 9:00 and most of this is east and south of the city and some clouds at 11:00 and temperatures at 50 degrees or see and this is that frost advisory in place tonight and this includes frederick county, frederick is right there. washington county and into west virginia. we're expecting temperatures tonight up there and in the low to mid-50s and this is that future cast tomorrow morning, we start off with sunshine and the clouds will fill on in. by 91, most of us from the city to the south and to the southwest will be cloudy and by tomorrow evening, the showers start coming on in and we can begin to see snow through the ship an doughas there and this is on saturday morn at 7:00
5:52 pm
a.m., the potentially moderate rain up and down i-of 92 and that is not too far back to the west and this is that goodiary of snow falling here. the temperatures in the 40s and the heavy rain offshore to the east. 4:00, it's still raining here on saturday. notice the pink line that is mixed and the transition is into hagerstown. you will see snow there and this is 6:00, wet through the city and snow to the north and look how close it is. the system gets out of here saturday night and sunday and that is tropical storm rina, glad to say that, for cozumel and cancun, or it's going to be winnie and rainy and -- windy and rainy and they'll be fine and this is what that looks like, if you care about that.
5:53 pm
saturday is cold and wet, and may end up with late snow north and west of the city. and that is in frederick county, washington county, carol county -- they could get a coating on the grass, maybe. >> okay. >> and that is cold enough and hard enough. >> okay. >> and that is out of here saturday night. >> all right. >> looks great for halloween. >> thank you. and to the talk of the town on tmz. the trouble never seems to end for the lohan family. cops arrested lend had -- lindsay's dad hours after he was let out of jail. what happened this time? >> reporter: it's like a roadrunner cartoon, shape. he gets in touch with kate magoj -- major and he goes and does it again after he gets out of jail and this time she calls the cops and tries escaping from where he is. the cops are there and he's in the fourth floor, the bal connie and thinks he can jump
5:54 pm
from one balcony to the other and doesn't judge it right, falling four floors to the ground on some wooden folding -- feeling chairs all bloody and -- he is arrested. >> what is wrong with this family? they're just wile. >> and they're crazy. the judge tomorrow is going to rip him. it's going to be -- this judge was already furious. steven tyler fell in the shower knocking out teeth. what happened? there is a lot of rumors going around. >> a lot of rumors going around. he was asked today about drugs. he said why would i get up and address the rumors if i was drugged out? i don't think that necessarily answers it. a lot of people would want to do it for damage control, you
5:55 pm
know, he said look, i fell in the shower, he performed last night and looked horrendous. >> okay. >> it's not just knocking the teeth out. shawn, the picture. his eye is cut up and it's so gnarly and so bad, i didn't know that you could do that kind of damage falling in the shower. he said that is what happened, the story, and he's sticking with it. >> all right, whatever he says. >> thank you, good to hear from you. we'll see you guys here at 6:30. e. and to brian bolter -- and to brian bolter now with a look at what ask is coming up at 6. hillary clinton heads to alcohol to talk about bad behavior in -- to the capitol to talk about bad behavior in pakistan. the future of presidential elections. plus,. >> the average federal food aid recipient in the united states gets $31.50 a week. is that enough for groceries.
5:56 pm
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>> day two in the lulu lemon murder trial. which piece of evidence led some people to leave the courtrooms. it's time to dump the electoral college. why they could -- presidential elects could get a major makeover. >> first, hillary clinton said the u.s. and pakistan are at a crossroads, after afghanistan's president said that he would side with pakistan. wherever we ever went to -- if we ever went to war. >> it is a reminder how bad the relationship is. >> reporter: there was a u.s. missile strike this morning in northwest pakistan killing six insurgents. all of this time, the u.s. has been


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