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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 27, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> joe: jason motte takes over. that is not the only change for the cardinals, as nelson cruz steps in. 7-5. motte comes in throwing 98. descalso stays in the game. he is at short. the pitcher now is the number one spot. furcal. he had a big chance in the bottom of the eighth and he will end his night 0-5. cruz is sawed off by motte. one out. furcal for the world, three ou --
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furcal for the world series, three out of 25. whatever mike maddux said, the pitching coach of the rangers, it made mike adams laugh and maybe relax to make a big pitch to get furcal to end the bottom of the eighth. >> tim: what a great shot at getting furcal with the bases loaded two out. tying run on second base. getting furcal in the first pitch. >> joe: napoli, strike one. derek holland who is in line for the win goes two innings tonight. one run on two hits. strike-outs to walks. adams will come in and allow two hits and a third. and the rest of this one has believe belongs to neftali feliz. it's hot. hopping around after that pitch got away from him.
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derek holland game four got in the ninth inning and tonight pitched out of the bullpen taking over for ogando. >> joe: here is a 2-1 from motte. inside, 3-1.
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>> joe: motte's ready with the next to napoli. full count. the bottom of the ninth inning, feliz will be aiming for save number seven. seven tries this post season. and in the bottom of the ninth, it will be theriot, pujols and berkman. the two, three, four hitters. here is the 3-2. one-out walk. motte is the sixth pitcher of the night for st. louis. and david murphy was walked and singled since coming in for gentry in the fifth. dig his way in.
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>> joe: a good swing by murphy. strike one. the texas rangers at some point here soon will hand the ball to feliz and ask for their first world championship in franchise history. cardinals are going to come back here tonight, they're going to have to do it against a hard-throwing right-hander feliz. as hugo chave -- as enz comes in th to the on-deck circle. strike two on a 98-mile-per-hour fastball.
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>> joe: left side for descalso. a double clutch. the out at second. two out. descalso played some short this year. i don't think the ball was hit hard enough to turn two, as endy chavez walks in batting for adam who goes a third of an inning. >> tim: mike napoli running on that left sprained ankle, spraining it when he went to second base. the last time he was on base. >> joe: here is chavez. the number on that bottom line, he was a .300 hitter in the regular season.
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>> joe: a big swing by chavez. strike one. >> joe: here is the 0-1 to chavez. high. 97 from motte. >> joe: the high
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fly ball in to right. berkman is there. it sets the stage for the bottom of the ninth. theriot will try to get started. pujols will bat. and then berkman. feliz will enter. trying to give the rangers their first world championship in franchise histor history. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. this is the age of knowing what needs to be done. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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[ male announcer ] only rogaine® foam is shown to regrow hair in 85% of guys. i'm like, "hey look at me. it's working." [ male announcer ] go to and you can get a 4-month supply of rogaine® for just $59.95. order in the next 10 minutes and get free shipping! >> joe: the best plays of tonight's game are brought to you by the audi a-8. true greatness should never go unrecognized. back-to-back, adrian beltre, nelson cruz in the seventh. runs driven in by ian kinsler. it was 7-4. now 7-5. we look at the longest active world series title droughts. the astros never won it. the rangers have never won it. it's been 103 seasons for the cu cubs. 63 for the indians.
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this will not be an easy ninth inning for feliz. he is making his fourth appearance of this world series. in each of his first three appearances the lead man has reached base. >> joe: ball one. two walks and a hit batsman. >> tim: feliz has had a very difficult time finding the strike zone in his three world series appearances. >> joe: he does here. it's 1-1. on deck is albert pujols. after him, it's lance berkman who has homered tonight. is it going to end here on the 27th of october? low. ball two.
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>> joe: 2-2. you saw ron washington. he said i has been subdued so far in the celebration. the division series, the l.c.s. because in the back of my mind i've always known there is more to go." tonight, if they win it, he said, "i'll be right in the middle of it all." here comes a 2-2 to theriot. one away. 98-mile-per-hour heat. on a chilly night in st. louis. one out. >> tim: now the home run can't tie it.
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>> joe: pujols who has gone hitless since the three-homer game in game three, 0-4 tonight. stands in. that is a base hit. in to left centerfield. it will scoot all the way to the wall. if that is his last at-bat as a cardinal, it's a game six double. but most importantly it brings in the tying run. >> tim: the first ball doubling to left center. >> joe: the cardinals have the guy who has swung the bat the best in their line-up stan standing in. --ting houston 409
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hitting .409 in the world series, he homered back in the first. >> tim: and the rangers in there no doubles defense is similar to football's prevent defense. about five steps farther out than they formally would be. >> joe: inside. ball one. the fans wondering if the cardinals have one more comeback in them. >> joe: the 1-0. 2-0. >> joe: the guy at the plate and the guy on deck have each homered tonight. the 2-0. 3-0.
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[ cheering ] >> joe: that will put the tying run o on. [ cheering ] and now allen craig who homered his only time to the plate tonight, bat bats with two on, one out, down by two. [ cheering ]
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>> joe: ball one. >> joe: ball two.
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>> joe: 2-1. >> tim: allen craig with good power the other way. very good right-field hitter.
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>> joe: ripped foul. >> joe: craig spoiled a fastty pitch.
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>> tim: trying to go to right-field with two strikes. fouls it away. mitch moreland, the first baseman, way off the line at first base. >> joe: got him looking. two out. and the rangers are one out away from the championship. >> tim: napoli hitting outside. a slider and a mistake. it's backed up over the middle of the plate. >> joe: and it comes down to the hometown kid, david freese. who represents the winning run at
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plate. the tying runs are on. two out. this rangers franchise that started as the senators back in 1961. going to texas in 1972. their 40th career in texas. they are one out away from their first championship. >> joe: ball one.
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>> joe: strike on one. >> joe: napoli is going to go talk to him. >> tim: if there were ever a situation where you had to make sure, this is it. >> joe: the 1-1. strike two.
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and now the rangers are one strike away. >> joe: in to right. well hit. back at the wall. it's off the wall! one run scores. here comes berkman. freese has tied it! 7-7! [ cheering ] unbelievable. [ cheering ]
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>> tim: the rangers even in their no doubles defense, allowed freese to hit a double. we said great power the other way. hit too hard. driving in two to tie. >> joe: now it's molina. winning run at third. ball one in the dirt. smothered by napoli. and freese, who must have his heart ready to jump out of his chest was on his toes as that ball got away. a 7-7 game in the ninth. >> tim: what a great save by napoli on that 57-foot
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breaking ball. >> joe: in to right field again. cruz is there. and we are going to extra innings. david freese who grew up in st. louis, rooting for the cardinals. shoots one over the head of nelson cruz in right. to tie game six with a two-out, two-run triple. we're 7-7. this season continues. >> joe: in the tenth. what a night. what a series. stay with us from st. louis. ♪ walking my own way
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>> joe: an ovation that almost took this place down when david freese left the dugout and went to take some warmup throws from third base to start this tenth inning. and now here we are. in the tenth. tied at 7. the top of the order will bat for the rangers. kinsler, andrus, josh hamilton against motte. fly ball to shallow right. out goes pujols on the grass. one out. motte issued a walk in the ninth. gets the lead man here in the tenth. here is elvis andru andrus.
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darren oliver getting loose. the cardinals will have their pitcher come up. ball one inside. they did not have any bench players left. pitcher's spot will bat third in the bottom of this te tenth. here is a 1-0. up the middle. a base hit. andrus is on with one out in the tent tenth. >> tim: there has only been one stolen base in this world series. joe, you talked about it earlier. if there were ever a time to run, a man with 37 stolen bases on the regular season, will probably try w


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