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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 28, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone, on this friday, october 28th, 2011. usually, we're pretty happy to be at friday and i think we are today as well. but it may be clear outside right now but our region could be hit with an october surprise. it could include some wet snow. the question, how much could we get and when. those are the big questions. good morning.
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i'm sarah simmons. let's get a quick look at the weather. >> let's get right to vipir. today, we have no problems at all. we'll be just fine as we get into the afternoon hours. we have agot some cloud cover spilling across the area. -- we've got some cloud cover spilling across the area. out into tennessee and arkansas, that area of cloudiness brought some snow to denver. that will be doing one of these numbers up the coast where it becomes a nor'easter. during the day tomorrow, our viewers out to the west have a substantial risk of an accumulating snow and a winter storm watch has just been issued for parts of the area for the daytime hours tomorrow. i'll show that to you coming up. here in washington, it will be a chilly rain generally. we might mix with a little bit of the white stuff late in the
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afternoon. 43degrees at reagan national. your winds are out of north at 12 miles per hour. chilly sunshine, high temperatures only in the low 50s and we'll go partly sunny this afternoon. we will be dry today again. no problems with your friday. >> thank you. now to today's top stories. sheriffs in hanover county, virginia say they continue to hold out hope that a missing 8- year-old is alive. hundreds of volunteers have joined the search for the little boy who has autism working throughout the night. robert wood, jr. went missing sunday afternoon while working in north anna battlefield park. robert does not speak. crime scene evidence in the lululemon trial. disturbing video caused some coworkers of jayna murray to leave the courtroom. a conversation was played in
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court from when brittany norwood was in the hospital recovering. >> reporter: the detective asked brittany norwood the basics. soon, she wanted specific details about what happened. norwood said we were looking for my wallet for nine or 10 minutes and as we walked back to the front of the store, there was someone who hit jayna in the face. he face. when mackey asked norwood for specifics about the men, her descriptions were vague. she thought they were young, one was taller than the other. when asked about their race, she first said she had no idea. later, norwood said she thought they could be white. at times, she became emotional saying there was so much blood. it was all my fault. when pressed about the assault, norwood said she was raped with a clothes hanger, the assailant cutting her pants. those plants were shown to the jury by officer colin o'brien would testified about collecting them at the
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hospital. o'brien said he also noticed a cut on norwood's hand, a cut he thought could have come from a knife sliding through someone's hand as they are using t on cross-examination, the officer admitted writing in his report, the cut and to be a defensive wound. the officer told the court, i let my empathy no ms. norwood overwhelm me. they called a nurse to the stand who cared for norwood at the hospital. >> beth hager told the court the laceration for her head was obviously a scratch. they had scratches on her legs as well. prosecutors believe the wounds norwood says she sustained for self-inflicted. she said she was lying on her back for hours waiting to die but the blood ran down the front of her face. fox 5 has complete coverage of the trial. paul wagner is providing
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constant updates for us on air and online via twitter. a link to his account is on our home page at in the hot topics people. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news starts now. wear taking a live look right now over washington, d.c. from our tower cam on this friday. right now, you can see the washington monument there to your right. it may look a little different in parts of our area tomorrow. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes. >> we are always concerned out to the west that we could see some snow. you got to remember, this is the end of october so this is a very unusual occurrence. the last time we had measure
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snow in october was in the late 1970s. most of the yard will be a chilly rain. out to the west, i'll show you where the winter stormwatch has been issued. we haven't had freezing temperatures yet this year in washington. so the potential for a big news maker is out there but not necessarily for an enormous snow maker. make sense? >> all right. >> sentinel sat-rad. we are doing fine right now. much chillier air settling in. there is a developing storm, same storm that brought the white stuff to parts of colorado a few days ago and that will redevelop off the coast and come charging up the eastern seaboard during the day tomorrow. so with this unusual cool air that is expected to settle in and the potential for some snow, the national weather service has now issued a winter stormwatch for all of those counties in blue off to the north and west. that is not washington.
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that is not baltimore. but our western viewers, if you are out in west virginia, out into western maryland, frederick, frederick county, northern maryland, you are under a winter stormwatch. there is the potential for 5 or mother inches of snow. >> what? >> here is what makes it dangerous. a lot of the trees haven't lost their leaves yet and they won't able to handle the weight of that snow in it does happen. we'll have downed power lines and trees. that is the big thing. here is your forecast for today. no problems for your friday. and again, i think generally, if you are in washington, south and east, this will mostly just be a cold rain during the day tomorrow. might see a few snow flakes letter in the day. but off to the north and west is where we have to watch it. a cold one today. >> do you know who is not going to be happy about this? you know who we're talking about. >> i can only imagine. >> julie wright, let's get the latest on traffic. >> all i know is tucker barnes better look out.
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with a forecast like that, i'm coming after you. >> it's ghoulish. >> oh, that is horrible. all right. on the roads this morning, unfortunately, we started off with a crash which occurred earlier this morning on the northbound side of 270. we'll get to that in just a second. here we are live northbound 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. here, lanes are open, no incidents to report as you work your way across the bridge and continue over to the southeast- southwest freeway. now, the accident activity i was mentioning occurred earlier this morning northbound 270 at 124. the left lane in the main line is what is open. you guys traveling northbound up towards germantown, move to the left in order to get by. if you are coming from those local lanes coming out of gaithersburg to go northbound on 270, you can get byyou are at good speed headed down to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, nasa is
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launching a new weather satellite, a little more than an hour from now. it is supposed to give us better warnings about deadly storms and more data about climate change. now, nasa says the ntp satellite will orbit the earth about 14 tombs a day. it launches next hour from california but it will be operated by the noaa satellite center in suitland, maryland. we'll head there live for more details coming up a little later on. testimony continues in the lululemon yoga shop killing. a detective who interviewed the woman charged with murdering a coworker at a bethesda clothing shop took the stand. the detective said she interviewed a bethesda clothing shop took the stand. the detective said she interviewed brittany norwood who is accused of killing jayna murray in march. in it, mackey said she
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considered norwood a victim at the time. for the latest on the trial, head to our web site, click on the hot topics bar and if you have a smart phone, there is a mobile app that you can download at the top of the home page. a weekly music recital at howard university taking on a whole new meaning this week. student patchers choosing to honor fellow student alonzo guyton. that is the sophomore and former marine who was murdered earlier this week in the mount rainier area of prince george's county. in hanover county, virginia, the desperate search to find a missing 8-year-old boy who has autism continues. wisdom martin has the latest on the search. >> reporter: specialized o'and rescue teams are searching throughout the night in an expanded area. even though there is no sign. ling beaut just yet, they say they plan to keep searching and
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they are not giving up. margot use hurston drove from gaithersburg to help search for robert wood, jr. >> we walk for a half mile, reach the end of a gps grid, turn around and walk the other way. >> reporter: his autistic beach went missing a few years ago. we were in a crowd. our son was separated from us in a heavy crowd -- his autistic son went missing a few years ago. >> we were in a crowd. our son was separated from us in a heavy crowd. >> reporter: canine units are trying to pick up robert's scent and a virginia state helicopter is searching by air. also, three dive teams are searching north anna river. >> our assertion that robert is still alive has not changed. we will be asking with a sense of urgency 24 hours a day until
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he is found. >> reporter: it has been five days since wood walk wade from his parents at the park. >> we have expanded our search area. originally, we were looking at about 2.5 miles from the point robert was last seen. in some areas, we've expanded that to 3.5 miles. >> reporter: that includes some areas that have been searched four to five times. organizers have even dropped the water level of the lake by two feet. >> we wouldn't be asking 1,000 volunteers to come help us if we didn't think he didn't need immediate help. we are in the life saving mode. >> reporter: matt wants to volunteer again in hopes robert's story turns out the same way his son's did. >> it is a gratifying day. i'm glad i went. the story isn't over and robby is still out there. >> reporter: objectors are asking hem to meet them in caroline county at the state of the virginia state fair friday
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morning to continue this search. a high profile dinner guest stopped into a staff he were last night. president obama was there. he shared a table with two retirees, a u.s. postal service worker and a business owner. the president had a salad and a swordfish in case you were wondering. coming up income, details of a supercommittee proposal that, get this, includes no new taxes. a new and shocking theory about what happened to a maryland woman who disappeared in aruba. we are checking more headlines on the other side.  [ femamale announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning
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it's like totally crunch-erific! what they mean is, it's french's french fried onions in my green bean casserole. french's french fried onions. now in the french's stay-fresh can. another miracle rescue coming out of turkey. rose could you workers pulled a 13-year-old boy from a collapsed building early this morning after he spent more
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than 100 hours trapped in the rubble. it has been five days since sunday's devastating quake and some rescue operations have stopped. the focus is on caring for thousands of homeless survivors. 570 people were killed and 2300 are injured. a disturbing new theory about the fate of the american woman would disappeared in aruba. the national enquirer is reporting 35-year-old robyn gardner was beaten, suffocated and buried alive in a dog's grave. gardner's traveling companion gary giordano is the main suspect in this. he claims he and gardner went scuba diving and has never resurfaced. conrad murray's lawyer is trying to paint a picture of michael jackson as a drug addict. yesterday, an expert testified that jackson was probably addicted to opiates. the defense then tried to e on
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reduction have an alternative to the democrats' plan. their$2.2 april onpackage includes steep spending cuts but no new taxes. democrats had proposed as much as $3 trillion in spending cuts and new taxes on wealthier households. with less than a month to reach an agreement, lawmakers appear far from striking a deal. it is cost of going to the movies could soon be increasing. up next, the latest on a plan to add a tax to popcorn and other treats you get at concession stands. we'll tell you whose idea that is. snow in october. some of the that is. snow in october. some of the stuff could be headed our way. we'll get the latest from
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participate in the marathon, 10 k and kids' fun run. the marathon starts 8:00 a.m. sunday in arlington and goes through d.c. and ends at the marine corps war memorial. several streets will be closing in the hours before the race. you will find a complete list on under web links as well. all right. you know, hopefully, well, it shouldn't be too bad for the marathon. >> it will be chilly out there but anybody that runs, julie is a big runner, cooler air, you like the cool air for a run. the storm will be out of here by sunday. >> i still can't believe we are talking about the snow possibility. >> extremely unusual to be talking about an event like this in late october but let me emphasize again, no problem for any of us today and this event will be the -- the big story will be during the day tomorrow and will be particularly felt to the west. i think the district, points east and south, this is mostly
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just going be for a chilly rain for you. we might see it mix with a little snow at the end. this will be a story off to the north and west where they could see some accumulating snow. there is a frost advisory for parts of the region. we haven't even come close to freezing temperatures here in washington. sentinel sat-rad. today, no problems. the cloud cover out there at the moment should fade away for the morning hours. we should have some sunshine to start your day. it will be cool out. our high temperatures will only be the low 50s. latter this afternoon, this storm system, the same storm system that brought the snow to the rocky mountain states a few days ago will kind of redevelop and move up the eastern seaboard with an area of low pressure, what we call a nor'easter and if it were january or february, we would be talking about a major snow event for the entire area. but it is not january or february. it is october. so it looks like, as it
4:48 am
develops here, it will be able to draw in enough cold air off to the north and west that parts of our viewing area, if they are watching out in west virginia, western maryland, up towards frederick, winchester, hagerstown, you could be dealing with some snow during the day tomorrow. i think it will start as cold rain and change over to snow early during the day tomorrow. because of that, we have a winter storm watch for the potential for accumulating snow off to the north and west. notice no advisory here in washington. no advisory in baltimore off to the south or to the east but off to the north and west, we have a winter storm watch and this could be tweaked. in fact, it likely will be tweaked over the next 24 hours as we have a better sense of how the storm will move and more importantly, how much cold air we can draw into the system. that will be a big factor here for january, february. i would say no problem getting that cold air in here. but this time. year, it is to say the least, highly unusual. here is your futurecast. lots of clouds by later this afternoon. there is the rain. here we are tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.
4:49 am
it is just a cold rain. the futurecast indicating snow already starting to break out out to the west. watch what happens during the day. periods of heavy rain right through the 95 corridor. snow hangs off to the west and late in the day, it starts to make its charge towards the 95 corridor. it is late in the day on saturday. we could see it mix with or change briefly to snow before it all lifts out and get some sunshine back in here for sunday. 52 your daytime high. there are your winds out of the north at about five to 10. freeze watch north and west, that has been canceled. winter stormwatch north and west. cloudy skies, overnight rain developing. 39 your overnight low in the city. off to the north and west, overnight lows in the mid-30s. some of the snow will start to fall. chilly on sunday. ghoulish forecast on monday. i know that halloween is not where it should be. i'll move that. 57 on halloween. let's do some traffic.
4:50 am
julie wright has your latest. let's see if you can match my story. what's going on? >> that forecast, i say boo! >> i bet you do. >> on the roads, better news along 270. earlier, we would mentioned some problems as you work your way northbound trying to head up towards montgomery village avenue. that accident activity now cleared. here we are live, southbound 270 headed out to montrose road. we are at speed. in fact, we are above speed at this point leaving route 80. no incidents to report right now if you are traveling out to the west off of 66. lanes are open coming in from manassas. you will fine yourself at about 55, 65 miles per hour -- you will find yourself at about 55, 65 miles per hour. we all know a trip to the movies and a stop at the concession stand means shelling out serious cash. a popcorn and drink can cost you $8 or $9. now, d.c.'s mayor wants to tax
4:51 am
you on top of that. >> reporter: there is nothing better than some popcorn with butter as you watch a movie. what is not so great are the prys at the concession stand inform d.c., a new tax on your snack could be chose. >> nobody wants to be taxed in any form. but when you think about the fact that it is a consumption tax. it is only 5%. >> reporter: crystal palmer with the office of motion picture and television development says the tax will help bring a much-needed movie theater to a neighborhood east of the anacostia river. >> in wards 7 and 8, there are no movie theaters. there is a very strong representation of movie goers that don't have an outlet. >> reporter: one spot that has been tossed around, skyland mall off alabama avenue in southeast. a safeway was just built there
4:52 am
recently and residents would love a movie theater next door. >> it would be great. >> we don't have anything over here really. i mean we have to go all the way to maryland. >> reporter: the concession stand tax will also fund an incentive program for movie studios. according to palmer, currently maryland and virginia give movie studios a 20% rebate towards shooting costs. she believes the tax revenue created by future film projects, will bring in millions. >> it trickles down. they use dry cleaners and they shop and explore and do business. >> reporter: the question is how much money can really be raise wade popcorn tax? is it enough to build a theatre and offer studios a big rebate? matt ackland, fox 5 news. a late night thriller and a
4:53 am
fall classic. one team down to its final strike. >> against the wall and it is off the wall! >> you know what? that is not how it ended. up next, the fantastic walk-off finish. off the wall is next. we are breaking down john beck or were you not impressed? >> i'll save it for the show. will you be impressed after the redskins take on the bills. >> if he f. they can go north of the border and bring home a w, i would be very impressed stick around for off the wall. your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ start your morning a whole new way! ♪ ♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches.
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hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. to the right, well hit. back off the wall. >> it is being called one of the most thrilling game in the world series n world series history, actually. the st. louis cardinals were down to their final strike when dave freeze hit a two run trip toll tie it at 7-7. the rangers took the lead again in 109th
4:56 am
inning way josh hamilton two- run homer. the cardinals came back again with a two strike, two out sing that would made it 9-9. bottom of the 11th inning this, is what happened. take a listen. ten. >> freeze hits it in the air to center. we will see you tomorrow night. >> wow! david freeze hit a walk-off homer to complete the improbable comeback for the cards. the series is tied now at three games apiece it all comes down to game seven tonight right here on fox 5. don't miss it. in hockey now, the washington capitals lose their quest to go 8-0 on the young season. the caps were handed their first loss last night in edmonton. the caps had a early 1-0 lead but the caps would come back to win 2-1. time to go off the wall. this week, dave ross and wisdom martin debate john beck.
4:57 am
were they impressed with his first start as quarterback plus will the skins beat the buffalo bills this weekend. welcome to off the wall. dave ross, wisdom martin. wisdom, john beck made his first career start last week, although in a loss at carolina. were you impressed? >> no, i wasn't. it is exactly -- >> what a surprise. >> it is not a surprise. i'm not hating on the redskins. it wasn't a surprise. guy hadn't started a game in five years. when he did start, he was on a terrible team. it is what we expected. >> the wisdom files are back. >> 22 out of 37, 279 yards. decent numbers. all of that is okay. you got to make plays if you are quarterback. he was decent on third down. you got to drive your team down
4:58 am
the field and take control of the game. >> i agree. you say the numbers are okay. to me, want to see some leadership. i want to see him take this team by the horn and say let's go down the field and get a w. i really think that is paramount. the stats, whatever you want to say. that is why, again, i didn't think they should make the quarterback changes. say what you will and we d we can see that. >> if you look at it for his brief career as a starter, his numbers are on par as being a turnover machine. we think he shouldn't turn it over as much as rex. >> does it really matter which one of these guys you go with? >> i think the voice of god told us to move on the next subject. >> which is the buffalo bills. >> yes, it is. >> give us a winner. >> they got to go north of the
4:59 am
border to toronto. not even in buffalo. the bills are big, bad, they beat up the eagles a couple of vehicles ago. >> they take the ball away a lot. >> but not so fast. do you know what the record is for teams coming off a bye week this year? >> what it is? >> 3-9. i stole the wisdom notes and made some of my own y i'm taking the washington redskins to go north of the border and pull off i astunner. i am going to drink a little bit of the kool-aid and say that john beck has a good week this week even though they're mired with tons of injuries and figures out a way to get it done. redskins win north of the border. >> i'll go opposite you. i'll say the bills are going to win because that plus nine in turnovers, the redskins turn the ball over. they are in toronto, north of the border t will be a the bit chilly. >> what is the exchange rate? do you ve


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