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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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if i give you $10, what do i get back in canadian money? >> maybe a redskins win. >> wisdom is going with the bills. we'll see you next week with another rousing edition of off the wall. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> this is fox 5 morning news. we made it to friday morning. let's take a look over northwest d.c. this morning. it is october 28th. glad you're with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a lot of people may not be looking to saturday. it will be crazy in the weather department. >> are the weather people allowed in here. >> can you come in. >> i cooperate believe it when i woke up and tucker is telling me this. >> we expected this, the cold air to work its way in here and
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so it has. today will be a cool day as expected. the most interesting thing obviously about the forecast is we are talking about some snow for some of our viewers for tomorrow. that is rather extraordinary for late october. we'll get to that in a moment. let's take a look at the current sentinel radar. you can see across our region, we had precipitation yesterday, of course, as expected. there is some precip showing up in southwestern portions of virginia according to this particular radar image. i'm not certain that is anything of any significance. tucker and i will chat about that a little bit later on. looks like this may be some moisture there. more rainfall and precipitation well out to the west. that will be the troublemaker over the course of the weekend late tonight into today and through the day and into tomorrow. now, because a lot of cold air is being drawn into the air and will be drawn into the area by a storm system that will develop up the east coast. there is a winter storm watch in effect out to the west, not
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here in washington. but out to the west from late tonight through saturday afternoon. that is where the rain is likely to mix with and/or change over to snow and there could be some accumulations out there, believe it or not. this starts late tonight through the afternoon tomorrow and indeed, i think through the latter part of the day tomorrow as well. right now, closer to home here, we've got a temperature of 43 degrees. big change. humidity, big change. 65%. and those winds out of the north, that is significant because northerly winds bring in colder air. they are blowing at 12 miles per hour. forecast for today looked like this. we'll see at least partial sunshine, i think a good amount of sunshine during the course of the early part of the day today so more clouds building in the latter part of the day. high temperatures only in the low 50s. 52degrees for your high in washington. >> it is october still, right? >> yes. >> just making sure. thank you, tony.
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>> let's say good morning to julie wright i don't i think this is an early weather guy trick or treat. i was hoping it would be a trick. on the roads, we were talking about that crash that occurred overnight on 270. all of that activity has cleared so our lanes are open once again leaving gaithersburg headed in towards germantown. we are at speed coming out of urbana headed down towards montrose road. no problems to report there in rockville. wrapping it up on 66, no problems to report. we are at speed doing the double nickel making your way past 64. 40miles per hour there at nutley street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, nasa is launching a new weather satellite a little more than an hour from now. it is supposed to give us a better warning about deadly storms and also more data about chimate change. nasa says the ntp satellite will orbit the earth about 14
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times a day. it launches next hour from california but it will be operated by the noaa satellite operations center here in suitland, maryland. we'll head there live for more details coming up later on in our show. sheriff's deputies in hanover county, virginia say they continue to hold out hope that a missing 8-year-old is alive. hundreds of volunteers have joined the search for the little boy who as autism. robby wood, jr. went missing on sunday afternoon. robert does not speak. canine units are assisting people on the ground. a virginia state helicopter is searching by air. three dive teams also searched north anna river. lawyers introduce crime scene evidence in the lululemon trial. disturbing video caused some coworkers of the victim to leave the courtroom yesterday. also, prosecutors played in court a conversation detective has with brittany norwood while
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she was in the hospital recovering from wounds investigators say were self- inflicted. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: when the interview first began, detective dina mackey calmly asked brittany norwood the basics. but soon, she wanted very specific details about what happened. norwood told her, we were looking for my wallet for nine or 10 minutes. as we walked back toward the front of the store, there was someone who hit jayna in the face. someone grabbed me and threw me to the floor. we were both yelling for help. when mackey asked norwood for specifics about the men, her descriptions were vague. she thought they were young, one was taller than the oo. when asked about their race, she first said she had no idea. later, norwood said she thought they could be white. at times, she became emotional saying there was so much blood. it was all my fault. when pressed about the assault, norwood said she was rape wade
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clothes hanger, the assailant cutting her pants. those pants were shown to the jury by officer colin o'brien would testified about collecting them at the hospital. o'brien said he also noticed a cut on norwood's hand, a cut he thought could have come from a knife sliding through someone's hand as they are using it. on cross-examination, the officer admitted writing in his report the cut and to be a defensive wound. the officer told the court, i let my empathy for ms. norwood overwhelm me. as the prosecution lays the foundation of the case, they called a nurse to the stand who cared for norwood at the hospital. >> beth hager said the laceration to her head was a scratch. prosecutors believe the injuries norwood says she sustained inside the store were self-inflicted. hager said there were a lot of things that were odd. she said she was lying on her
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back for hours waiting to die but the blood ran down the front of her face. >> paul wagner is providing constant updates for us on air and online via twitter. a lurch to his account is our home page -- a link to his account is on our home page at a tragic accident that claimed the life of a high schooler. up next, details on what happened when he tried to perform a physical exercise. an apparent contradiction of u.s. policy concerning taliban militants has secretary of states on the defensive. we are checking more headlines when we return. [ water ] hey, it's me water.
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what is being stride scried as a freak accident in
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michigan. a 14-year-old high school boy jumped to a locker room wall to do a chip-up and the wall collapsed. place say he was buried under cement blocks and later pronounced dead at the hospital. locker woman was built in 1990 and no reports of any structural problems. they are describing it as a tragic accident. just as u.s. drones killed a top taliban commander in pakistan, the secretary of state was on capitol hill defending u.s. outreach to taliban militants. hillary clinton told a congressional panel that the united states is both reaching out to the militants network but at the same time pressuring pakistan to crack down on the group. the white house sees the peace deal with the taliban as crucial to ending the war. occupy wall street protesters are fighting attempted evictions and mother nature. in new york, they spent most of the day huddled under tarps trying to avoid a steady rain while occupy protestors in oakland, california are home depotting their ground after a police raid attempted to clear out their camp tuesday. police there are now investigating how one of the
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demonstrators suffered a fractured skull in tuesday's clashes. on capitol hill, republicans in the supercommit yes -- supercommittee on deficit reduction have an alternative to the democrats' plan. with less than a month to reach an agreement, lawmakers appear far from making a deal. up next, merchandise worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was confiscated. >> the owner says he is being targeted. we'll explain the controversy behind that. also, the latest on today's very interesting weather forecast. we'll tell you about the weekend and the chance for, dare i say it, snow. also, julie wright is here. she may be leaving right now since i said snow but she should be here to tell us what is happening with traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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guess. what it is already snowing in the lone star state. an early snowfall is blanketing parts of texas this morning. it is the first time this season that snowfall is -- that snow is falling in the texas panhandle. amarillo is seeing 3 inches of
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the white stuff. the storm made it looks like a winter wonderland and the same weather system heading our way. >> really? interesting. >> it is just hitting everybody, isn't it in. >> what you think about what we've been talking about the last few days, the snow in colorado, the snow in texas, the cold air in the northern plains, it is certainly setting the stage for early wintry conditions across much of the country. we are already seeing it obviously. and some of that is going to move into portions of our area. so that is the big headline. let me show you the big headline being folks annual jump right in. there is a lot to talk about. it is a complicated forecast. first of all, will we get an october snow surprise? it is certainly now looking like it is possible. i want to stress that here in the washington area, we are not talking about any significant snow. you might see a flake or two. but we are mainly talking about out to the north and west. current temperatures, 43 degrees. here is the story this morning. the colder air that is
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infiltrating the area. 43 here in the district. 45 in fredericksburg. in the 30s off to the north and west setting the stage. 36degrees in hagerstown. 37degrees right now in winchester. believe it or not, let's take a look. we have a winter storm watch that goes into effect late tonight until saturday afternoon. this is washington so it is not in washington. it is not in montgomery county, prince george's county, fairfax county. not in loudoun county but counties to the north and off to the west. around the mountains where we could see some accumulating snow believe it or not with this system particularly in the higher el vagues. 1500feet or higher. but even closer in, places like frederick, front royal, you could get some snow and there could be some light accumulations there as well. again, we are talking about late tonight into tomorrow afternoon. let's take a look at the latest satellite-radar. we'll show what you is going on. this is what we were seeing earlier. this little batch of precipitation in southwestern virginia.
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that is developing right now. it is actually part of the tail end of that cold front that has already come through here, brought us the rain yesterday. we still have the soaked with it and the cold air moving in behind it. this storm system that we were just talking about that has come through texas and brought some snow, that is the area that will be moving across our region and eventually forming a coastal you low. we'll get energy out of the north and west that will come down here, help bring in more cold air and help get the storm going. it is really a nor'easter. there is that area of low pressure. it deepens, which means it strengthens, moves off to the north and east and as it does, pulls in some of that precipitation and cold air so there is the likelihood now of snow to the north and west of the city across western portions of maryland, the panhandle of west virginia, portions of western virginia, the commonwealth of virginia we are talking about now in the mountains. and elsewhere into pen been and northern new jersey, places like that.
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certainly possible. the forecast for us for today likes this. partly sunny, chilly temperatures, 52 degrees. a little bit breezy out there as well. then for tonight, that winter storm watch goes into effect north and west of the city. cloudy skies. overnight rain developing here. 39 for your overnight low. five-day forecast now has become very interesting. for tomorrow, tucker and i are still sticking with tomorrow will be a messy kind of of ugly day. cold, cold rain in the morning. snow out to the north and west. not impossible that we might not see some of that rain mix with a little bit of snow around portions of our immediate viewing area. chilly sunday. on monday, mix of clouds and sun but cool as we head into the evening trick or treating hours and then tuesday, partly sunny and 58. that is a look at what is happening with the weather, now, let's get to julie wright and see if she is still there and if she will tell bus traffic. >> you keep saying north and west. >> north and west. >> i live in gaithersburg. that is north and west.
5:20 am
>> you might see a few flakes. >> you might see me on the first plane to miami. just putting it out there. here we go. northbound i-95 working your way out of woodbridge this morning. again, at speed at about 64 miles per hour as you continue past the prince william parkway and 123 headed up towards the capital beltway. coming across the american legion bridge, leaving the clara barton parkway, you are at speed as well. top side of the beltway, the outer loop. no problems reported leaving college park headed over towards bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. if you are look for something to do this weekend, you might want to head to the movies. >> antonio banderas and salma hayek star in a new movie opening today. we'll find out about that with kevin mccarthy.
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if you would like to catch
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a movie this weekend, kevin mccarthy went to the cannes film festival and talked to the stars of puss in boots. >> i like seeing you guys back together. >> first of all, some of the chemistry from that movie, did that help you. i know you didn't voice the film in the same booth but it felt like you guys were together. >> i think puss in boots in a way, from the beginning was given the knowledge. dge.
5:25 am
>> we are capable together. it is almost like a revival or something. >> we both love comedy. it is very funny but it has a lot of heart. so i really think, if we had never worked before together, i think it would have been perfect casting in a way. but the fact that we have before together so many times makes it more organic. >> the two of us together. >> there is a scene in this movie where you guys are dancing and you said do the litter box. ox. i think that should be incorporated into clubs right now. can you show me a good litter
5:26 am
box. >> no! i don't want to. >> i do the litter box. >> i'll do that in the club next time. >> all that i need are the boots. ots. >> the big question is does he like the movie? we'll find out. kevin joins us next hour to review puss in boots and this week's other new movies. i just want to learn the dance moves. >> maybe he can show you. >> an october surprise. >> some of this headed our way. talking about snow this weekend. it is already falling in some states to the west of us. could we get it here? and the complete forecast coming up. [ speaking french ]
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can't anyone do anything origina.ahhhh. edible arrangements bouquets. they're so fun it's scary. call, click or come into the location near you. wear taking a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge. you know, things%y clear out there right now. but our region could be hit with an october surprise -- you know, things are pretty clear out there right now. >> it could include some wet snow. the question is how much and when. and mr. perkins, you are on the hot seat there are a lot of questions about this. here is why. it is october. our temperatures have been relatively warm or at least mild and at the beginning of the season, it is very hard to get it to be cold enough for a lot of snow to fall and all that kind of of thing.
5:30 am
having said that, the models are suggesting that enough cold air will be pulled in particularly to regions well to the north and west of d.c. that there will be some wet snow that will accumulate in some of the higher elevations. so heading out to western maryland, the mountains of virginia, the panhandle of west virginia, places like that. now, since it will be a coastal storm, a lot depends on exactly where that low is. could we see some snowflakes mix in with some of that rain here closer to home? yeah, we could. a lot of it is a little bit up in the air. but the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch because it certainly is a possibility. >> there you go. >> may not be a good time to look at the leaves this weekend in shenandoah. >> this will impact those leaves and one of the concern is that, if it is a heavy wet snow, i don't mean a lot but weight-wise, it will weigh down on the branches. you can see some power lines come down with the branches
5:31 am
coming off. right now, washington is not included in the watch, nor is baltimore or any other close-in counties. but the counties in blue that you see there certainly are. wear quiet right now here in the district. we do have some clouds in over us. there is some precipitation in southwestern virginia. but the main storm system is off in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. that will eventually be making its way eastward. you see it doing that right now. it become a coastal low, moves up the coast and brings precipitation to the mid- atlantic and the northeast. much of it rain, some of it snow. right now, reagan national reporting a temperature of 43 degrees. humidity, 65%. still breezy, wind out of the north, 12 miles per hour. day planner for today, a cool day some breeziness out there. i'll say cool. i will say chilly for tomorrow. 52 for your high today. clouds build in later on in the day. >> just go with it.
5:32 am
yes, it will be cold, chilly. >> chilly. >> all right. julie, you can take the earmuffs off and start listening again. >> i already have people hitting me up on twitter complaining about tony and tucker both for that forecast. i'm hash tagging buying tickets to miami. so follow me on that. i know you guys were talking about the wind and the leaves and that sort of the thing. that make for a nasty commute on the day like today, those heavy winds. be careful. we don't have any reports of any traffic lights that are not in service but that could happen later on today. so something to watch out for again if you come up to an intersection with the lights are dark, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. northbound i-95, no problems to report out of woodbridge. southbound 270 still in good shape out of clarksburg headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5
5:33 am
on-time traffic. jurors in the lululemon trial hear from the accused. it came in a recorded interview with police the morning after jayna murray was killed. detective dina mackey said she interviewed brittany norwood who is accused killing jayna murray in march. norwood claims two men attacked them and raped her way clothe hanger cutting her pants. pants were shown to the jury by the officer who collected them at the hospital. fox 5 has complete coverage of everything going on at the trial. court reporter paul wagner is providing constant updates for us on air and online via twitter actually link to his account on our home page at in the hot topics bar. you can also get updates new your smart phone. click mobile at the top of our web site to download our mobile app. efforts to find a missing autistic boy in virginia have continued through the 199. a huge volunteer effort will pick back up in a few hours. robert wood, jr. went missing on sunday afternoon. he has autism and does not speak. sheriff's deputies in hanover
5:34 am
county say they continue to hold out hope that the missing 8-year-old is alive. a weekly music recital at howard university taking on new meaning this week. guyton is the sophomore and former marine who was murdered earlier this week some mount rainier. also new details this morning in the battle between former d.c. mayoral candidate suleiman brown and vince gray. brown told federal prosecutors that gray handed him talking points during the 2010 campaign to use against then mayor adrian fenty. brown has already publicly accused campaign of giving him money and promised to give him a job as long as he stayed in the race and continued to attack fenty. a northern virginia man is in jill accused of secretly
5:35 am
videotaping a woman in a shower. he is a custodian at the healing arts center in occoquan. a staff member says she found a video camera hidden in the shower area. police say the suspect placed the camera there and videotaped the victim three times. imes. it is being called possibly the most thrilling game in world series history. st. louis cardinals down to their final strike on the brink of elimination come back not once but twice. >> this is pretty amazing. dave ross is here live with that and more. dave, how cool was that? >> it was -- steve's right. i think i saw the '86 mets, that game six. this is right up there with it. apples and oranges. it was so good last night, i have no sleep to prove it. it was that thrilling finish that wear talking about setting up a game seven tonight. first game seven in a world
5:36 am
series since 2002. how did we get there. take a look at this. st. louis as we said, down to the final strike not once but twice when david freeze does this down by two, they tie it up at seven in the bottom of the ninth inning. we go to the tenth inning. josh hamilton would hit a two- run home fore texas. you think it is over again. no, it is not. here comes berkman in the bottom of the 11th. tax a listen to -- take a listen to what happened next. >> freeze hits it in the air to center. we will see you tomorrow night. >> and that is joe buck's call basically doing his father's call that he did many, many moons ago in a tribute. a st. louis kid hitting the improbable home run to set up the game seven. you can see that right here tonight on fox 5. how about hockey. the caps going north of the
5:37 am
border up into edmonton. they are trying to go 8-0 on the young season but it was not meant to be. they did take a 1-0 lead right here. things looked good for a while but edmonton came back with two and they win 2-1. now, one of the big stories we'll be keeping on is chris cooley. he has been speaking out about the injuries that will seep him sidelined for the rest of the season. cooley says the lockout over the summer played a big role in keeping him from fete getting treatment on his bad knee. he will be side lined for the rest of the year. yesterday, he held an impromptu press conference to talk about his future with the team. >> it is amazing what this franchise means to me and what our fans mean on me and how supportive everyone has been of me. and you can talk about not maying again or whatever and
5:38 am
with training getting cut. i'm part of this team. our general manager and our head coach believe in me and i believe in myself and i have no doubt that i'll play very well for us in the future. and not next year but for a continued number of years. >> next hour, all morning long, we'll be talking about that big game up in toronto to take on the buffalo bills. thing this is one of those games, if you want to go on the right path for the rest of season, you got to figure out a way to get a win on sunday. >> the canadian points don't count. >> i don't know how that translates with the exchange rate and all that. just score more than the other guys. >> that's right. >> coming up income, details of what the final two defense witnesses had to say in the michael jackson trial. we are checking more headlines. stay with us.  hey, guys. want to try a new hamburger helper tonight?
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a 13-year-old buried for 100 hours pulled alive in turkey. emergency crews found the boy who kaz caught under rub until a shoe shop on sunday's quick and used shoes as a pillow to sleep at night. his uncle also said the boy tried digging a hole with a rock to free himself. deadly earthquake struck five days ago. the rescue operation is now turning to helping thousands who are sheeping outside in
5:42 am
freezing cold temperatures. death toll now up to 570. in the name death trial, conrad murray's lawyer is trying to paint a picture of the pop star as a drug addict. the defense tried to say jackson was probably addicted to opiates. the case is expected to wrap up today and both sides will begin closing arguments before the case goes to the jury. we are just minutes away from a big nasa lawn. a weather satellite that could save lives and the launch is being monitored here in our area. rocket on the launchpad. there is the live look for you. we'll get a live report coming up. plus, we're checking your morning commute as well. tony and tucker are on top of this developing weather situation we'll be dealing with over the weekend. dare we say snow in -- dare we say snow? we'll be right back. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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welcome back. time now 5:45. we are working on some weather that is coming in this weekend. >> we'll jump right in because we want to get to the satellite launch. we'll start with our current temperatures. we are getting off to a very cool start of the day like we said. some of the coldest air of the
5:46 am
soap has worked its way in here. temperatures-- let's -- okay. we've got temperatures in the 30s off to the north and west. 43 take here in the nation's capital. let's move on and go to the next map. it is cold out there, folks. put a jacket o you will need it this morning. september nell satellite-radar, there is your storm system. it is off to the south and west. same storm system generally speaking that has brought some snow to portions of texas, colorado. we've talked all about that. now, it is producing rain in the south and it is moving eastward and as it does, eventually, it moves off of the coast and becomes a coastal low and that is the storm system that brings precipitation to the mid-atlantic and northeast this weekend. all right. here we go. winter storm watch in effect late tonight into tomorrow afternoon for all of these counties in blue. i expect that today, later today, tomorrow, this will shift somewhat and maybe some counties will be taken out. other counties will be added in as the national weather service
5:47 am
gets a real handle on this storm system. a little bit unpredictable right now because it all depends on where that low goes. this is what we're thinking. in these areas, we could see some accumulations of snow. hears is a look at the futurecast. she is show for the washington area. it won't be pleasant out tomorrow. i got to tell you. there will be areas of heavy rain off to the west, snow and a wintry mix. we could see some snowflakes right around the washington area tomorrow night. we'll talk more about this in a little bit. back to steve and sarah. >> appreciate that. we'll head to nasa right now. nasa is launching a new environmental satellite this morning that will provide advance warnings about tornadoes, wildfires and snowstorms. >> it will be pretty cool to have that information. sherry ly joins us from the noaa satellite operation facility in suitland, maryland where they are monitoring the
5:48 am
launch. >> reporter: we are in noaa's operations center where they are preparing to take control of that satellite as soon as it goes into orbit. it is going to be launching from vandenberg air force base in california? just a few seconds. it will orbit 512 miles above the earth. take a live look out there as the satellite is preparing to launch. 20 seconds left to go as they prepare to launch. everybody here has their eyes on that satellite as it is ready to take off. this is a ntp satellite. there you go. you can see it taking off. and i can hear cheers going off. >> main engine start. one, zero and liftoff of the delta two with the ntp satellite bracing away with new technology no climate research and weather forecasting. >> there is a few second doe l
5:49 am
ay -- delay in the feed that you hear. this is a 4600 ntp satellite. it will help noaa provide more accurate weather forecasting. it is a polar satellite. it is launched by nasa in a joint mission with noaa. it will give noaa the chance to predict weather conditions days or even weeks in advance. and it will more accurately help predict the track of hurricanes and things like that. it will orbit the earth 14 times a day. it will monitor the poles as well for climate change, holes in the ozone layer, the molting polar ice cap as well as radiation. this is a big deal for noaa. it will help us with all of that weather forecasting that so many of us depend on. that is the latest here in suit
5:50 am
lapped. back to you. >> tony and tucker will be glad to to have that information. >> lets ahe get to julie wright. >> we are taking a peek at what is going on out to the west for you are traveling the beltway on the inner loop. as you continue to work your way from route 50, arlington boulevard, a little bit below speed. lanes are open as you continue twarnd tyson's corn are. northbound i-95, not a bad commute here. traffic flowing closer to the occoquan and now southbound 270 out of rockville, lanes are open. no problems to report headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. in consume are news this morning, the average recipient of federal food stamps gets $31.50 a week to buy groceries. many liberals think that is not enough. they are calling on americans to try eating on that budget.
5:51 am
but fiscal conservatives say the program is getting too expensive. fox 5's john henrehan has more on this debate. >> reporter: a coalition of religious organizations is asking americans from all walks of life to take what they call the food stamp challenge. live for a aweek on 31. 50 for groceries. >> this is one bag of rice. >> he could not buy what he normally eats. >> salad, regular salad. i eat a lot of salad. it is a big part of my life. >> reporter: but you can't afford it on this budget? >> i would have to give up other things. >> reporter: eleanor holmes norton asked a constituent ache woman on assistance for years and a mother of sick to help her shop for the budget items. >> we started with greens because can you stretch them
5:52 am
and you can add cheap meats to them. >> reporter: delegate norton and other liberals in congress think federal food assistance is actually micerly. it ought to be raised. conservatives like rachel sheffield who studies domestic policy issues at the heritage foundation worry that federal assistance programs breed dependency. >> the average time that people spend on food stamps is over eight years so it is creating this long-term dependence rather than helping people get to a place where they are self- reliant and able to help themselves. >> reporter: the looming fight over ballooning federal deficits may mean that existing food assistance programs could be reduced. >> but what is scary is that if there are changes in our budget, the national budget and even this is snatched away, that would be immoral. >> reporter: so liberals think food assistance is crucial especially during period of high unemployment and maybe the amount ought to be increased.
5:53 am
on the other hand, since 2008, the cost of this program has doubled. conservatives on capitol hill are sharpening their budget axs. stay tuned. the debate is likely to be ugly. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. we head to the movies and the puss in boots character for the shrek series now with his own movie hitting theaters this weekend. kevin mccarthy gives us his take on that. and the mystery that washed up on a florida beach. >> a lego, a huge lego man on the beach. x when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
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we would like to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. today, it is tisha. tisha might be a little surprised because she says she never gets picked for anything. your luck is changing now. you are our fan of the day for this friday. >> if you want to be monday's fan of the day, fine us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news, no space between knocks and the number 5 and post a comment under tisha's photo. a big weekend here in d.c. thousands of people lacing up their running shoes for the marine corps marathon on sunday. the preparations already well under way. yesterday, crews were setting up along 110 by the iwo
5:57 am
jima memorial. that road will be shut down on sunday. >> thousands will line the street cheering them on. that marathon starts 8:00 a.m. in arlington, goes through d.c. and ends at the marine corps war memorial. you will find a complete list on under the web links. now to a mystery that washed up on a florida beach and you are not going to believe this. >> giant lego man weighing 100 pounds, standing eight feet tall found on siesta key. he is not alone. a florida newspaper is reporting other lego men that has washed up in the last couple of years. if nobody claims, it the lego man goes back to the man who found it. >> clearly, that is someone's idea of a joke. >> they are trying to see if it is the same one floating across the ocean or lego men out there. >> that is so weird though. straight ahead at 6:00, all of our top stories and we are
5:58 am
checking your morning commute and tony and tucker are eyeing the weather for you. we'll be right back. 
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