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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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on martin marietta property. >> it was the news everyone was praying to hear. earlier this afternoon in these woods, less than a mile from north anna battlefield park where robert wood went missing sunday afternoon, the boy with autism was found alive and taken from the woods, brought to a nearby hospital for examination and to be reunited with his family. >> you had the thoughts in the back of your mind. there's no way this child can be out there, no food, no water. minimal clothing and the weather is getting bad. is this going to turn out good? but it did. >> we are told word spread quickly here at the volunteer command center near kings dominion. >> the place went crazy with screams. it was great. it was a great experience. >> how are you feeling? >> i have no words for how great i feel. >> you're my far end, keep your spacing as best you can
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and pay attention. >> it had been another day with hundreds of volunteers coming from, in some cases, hours away to help in the search for robert. >> i have a daughter who is special needs, a little autistic and it pulls my heart string. i couldn't imagine what the parents are going through. if it was my kid out there, i would hope people would do the same thing. >> obviously he has no training and he has special needs. i have five grandchildren, so i certainly wouldn't want to see one of them out there in trouble and nobody helping. >> no one on the team ever gave up and i have to say that there was sometimes that you had to reach down and find that faith that you were going to find him and whether it's appropriate or not for everyone, there is a god. he listens to prayer. and prayers were answered. thank you very much.
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>> a whole range of emotions here in hanover county, caroline county, just on the other side of the interstate where kings dominion is. hundreds of volunteers came, tears, applause, hugs, a great day, a reward for everyone involved here in this search for missing robert wood jr., laura. >> what a great story. we hear he is in good condition. do we know of any injuries that he sustained or anything medically that is wrong with him as a result of being out there for six days? >> not yet. we haven't had that report yet. the sheriff said it was a search team that found him. he was found, we believe, this is what the sheriff was confirming. he didn't say they found him in a fetal position, but they expected to find him in a fetal position and that's how he was found, lying next to a creek near this martin marietta
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quiry. we'll have a live interview in a second, laura. they believe they searched the area before and he wasn't there. joining us now, thank you very much. sheriff tony from caroline county working closely with hanover county. sheriff, first of all, five days later the hope was justified. >> well, you know, never give up, that's it. have faith. have hope. pray, i know the family. i know the grandmother very well. she works for us for a little bit of time. i know her better than i do the mother. i told her every day. i said norma jean, we're going to find robert. >> have you spoken to them? >> i have not gotten ahold of norma because i got the call around 2:00 or so. he said we have a spotting. we spot him. but yes, they found, they think he has been spotted and i came
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from caroline county down. we join together, we were there. we were there and we saw little robert. >> how is he? how was he? >> well, the best thing that we could have seen and which we did see, he was looking at us. you could see those blue eyes looking at you. i said how are you? you could see his eyes move. you knew he was coherent. >> how did he seem to you? >> he seemed to me, and again i'm not a medical professional, but he seemed good. in a condition that he was in for being out there for so long. to me he was in good shape. >> was he in any way able to tell you about the last five days? >> no. other than the fact, when i said robert and i said boo and i knew he knew what was happening. of course med flighted him, so state police helicopter came from chesterfield on up and you could see the reaction because of the loud noise scared him.
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we are so grateful, we praise everyone for all their time and effort that put into it. never give up. sheriff heins, everyone involved. we can't thank everyone enough. >> sheriff of caroline county, thank you for speaking with us. we appreciate it. >> and i appreciate the media. media has helped us. >> thank you very much. it was amazing, laura, when we came down here, there are lighted signs on the streets telling volunteers, head to kings dominion. hundreds of cars we saw a man in our story there, came down from herndon, virginia. so people from all over this area felt the need to come, even on this sixth day of searching and they were rewarded. >> yeah, and the sheriff was talking earlier about the hanover sheriff talking about the woman from alaska who was in town and wanted to join the search as well. so bob, it's been an incredible story and the bottom line is, that little boy is going to go home to his parents and sleep in his own bed.
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aren't they lucky. thank you very much for bringing us up to date. it's an incredible story. it's not november and there is a winter storm warning for areas north and west of the d.c. region. a storm headed our way. will bring rare october snow to parts of maryland, virginia, and western virginia. let's get to gary with the latest. snow, gary? >> i can't figure out any way to not make this happen. to make the snow go away. so it looks like we're going to get some. not so much here in the city, but our northern, western, and north western neighborhoods. you know those favored areas that usually get the snow, those are the areas and the suburbs and places that will get the snow. let me start first with radar. we looked at it on the big screen. this gives you an idea of what is taking place. so far, all of the rain and what is already some snow out there in west virginia is still far enough down to the south and the west that we are dry. eventually, some of this will begin to come in and it will
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start coming in as rain. let me show you the bigger picture as we head over to the radar, because you can already see this storm. it is becoming -- it is already a fairly well organized storm and it hasn't jumped over to the coast to become that big nor'easter. this is over doing it just a little bit. this is a compilation of many radars across the area. it looks like we are getting rain. that's not the case. i do want to show you, there's been a lot of watches and warnings posted and this has been expanded throughout the afternoon and changed over as well. all the pink you're seeing, those western counties in northern western counties. that's a winter storm warning. the blue county and that includes montgomery county, howard county, and back up to carol county, that is all a winter storm watch. so if you are in loudoun county, frederick county, along the counties for 81, northern sections of fauquier county, you are under a winter storm warning. no doubt you're going to get
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more of an accumulation of after snow than we here in the metro area. it won't be too far to the north and west that we will get significant snow. we'll talk more about that coming up in the first look at our forecast. >> you can count on fox 5 and for everything you need to know about this winter weather alert. when those flakes flakes start flying, send us your pictures. you can e-mail them to us. testimony in the lumulemon murder trial, two apple store employees who work right next door took the stand today. >> they testified they heard hysterical screaming and two distinctive voices. fox 5's paul wagner is live in rockville with the latest. paul. >> reporter: the testimony this afternoon began with some surveillance footage that was poted up on a screen so the jury could see it. it was footage from inside the
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apple store and it began at 10:00, 10:00 p.m. on the night of march 11. that's when a woman, a manager at the store said she started hearing the commotion. the states attorney gave her a laser pointer and asked her to show the jury where she was standing. you could see her inside the store next to the wall. she then gave a minute by minute account of what she heard. >> yana seen here outside the courthouse after her testimony told the court she heard high pitched yelling and screaming as well as heavy grunting. she was manager of the apple store said she heard one of the women say, talk to me. don't do this. talk to me. the commotion was coming from the wall, the two stores shared on bethesda avenue. under questioning, she then heard someone shout, god help me, please help me. but on cross-examination, she first told police she actually heard, stop, oh god.
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when defense attorney, douglas wood asked her, if you heard someone yell for help, you swrowld gone, right? she replied, who knows what i would have done. no one called for help. why? the state's attorney never asked. >> did you say why you never called 911? >> we posed the same question to ricardo rios who also testified about hearing the commotion coming from the lumulemon store that night. >> ricardo, why didn't you call 911? >> earlier in the day, they were questioned about the tools and where they were kept inside the lumulemon store. both of them said they were never just laying around. they were always put away. the hammer and box cutters and the tool box, the knives and the kitchenette and the merchandise tags. they have never seen the knives in the back room where jayna murray's body was found. both women said it was very important the store was kept in
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immaculate condition. prosecutors believe the tools were arranged by the defendant, brittany norwood before the killing. and not within easy reach as the defense maintains. the state is trying to prove the murder was premeditated. the defense hopes to convince the jury, norwood just lost it during a heated argument inside the store. >> the last sound she could hear coming from that wall were about 10:19 p.m. we should also point out that ricardo was a manager at the apple store that night. he also heard the yelling and the screaming, but he didn't have the same graphic description as shawna had. laura. >> thank you for the update tonight. you can stay with fox 5 for complete coverage of the trial. paul will be providing constant updates. we will link you to his account. that's at you can also get updates
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through your smart phone. click mobile at the top of our website to down load our mobile app. howard university students joined the occupy movement as protesters across the country show their support for an iraq veteran injured during a clash with police. we will have the latest. and they are gearing up for what could be an interesting weekend. we will take you along for the dry run as crews prepare for snow season. 
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fallout from tuesday's violent clash between police andoccupy wall street protesters in oakland, california. the spokesman says president obama is aware of the incident that sent an iraq war vet to the hospital. last night, more than 1,000 people held a candle light vigil to share their support. he is recovering from a fractured skull. the occupy d.c. movement is attracting new protesters. some students and phak ill faculty are joining the chamber of commerce. what prompted the students and faculty to get involved? >> i'm told they were inspired
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by cornell wes. was arrested in spite of a lot of people here. you can see them starting to rally and collect themselves together. the idea r, we're told, is to have a rally here on the campus. we should tell you the university the officials want to see it's not a sanctioned event, but students and alumni. they will march to the u.s. chamber of commerce. now the idea is to then join d.c.'s two occupy movements calling for jobs and economic justice with the 99%. that's a crime we have become rather familiar with over the past couple of months. there has been some criticism that the occupy movement had been largely white, lacking in the participation from people of color. this march, i'm told tonight from a historically black college, starting here and going down to that movement is an effort to change that to try
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and make it a more diverse group of people as part of this movement. we are also told there is a plan beyond tonight's rally and march to make this a long-term agenda for job fares, for small business and using the university's alumni that are b problem, especially in fix the african american community in this country. shawn, back to you. >> we will see your update tonight. thank you. we are following a news alert right now out of the district. police are investigating a disturbing discovery. a body was found in the anacostia river this afternoon. they don't know how the person ended up in the river. a 30 year prison sentence for an alexandria elementary teacher. a lurking, stalking, predator.
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justin coleman was a 4th grade language teacher. he pled guilty. prosecutors say he video taped himself with two little girls who were unaware they were making them engage? sexually explicit conduct. he also altered thousands of pictures to show his former students engaging in sexual conduct. >> the headline of today's case is this. that face of evil is often every day and familiar. >> from falls church, he started teaching at john adams back in 2005. >> a local waiter is under arrest tonight accused of vandalism over a tip. omen was a server at the coastal flap in tyson's corner. he showed up at a customer's house demanding money because he didn't think the customer tipped him enough from a month earlier. when the customer denied it, he
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slashed windows. he is being held on bond. you can certainly feel it getting cold out there. getting ready to snow. a lot of clouds out there. >> gary, i think the word everybody hears now is snow. that's all they want to hear about. snow? >> i'm getting text messages and everything. is it really going to snow? it doesn't do this very often, but some places, not in the city so much, but some places is going to get significant snow. we are worried about potentially snow accumulating on the snow with the leaves. that could be a problem. real quickly, we are going to go to the radar. it's not wet. there's no snow throughout right now. plenty of time to get your milk and bread and hunker down for the weekend. this is a one-day deal tomorrow and back to sunshine on sunday. we'll melt a lot of that snow. temperatures, this is critical. it's 49 now. it feels cold. it's noted cold enough to snow.
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how is it going to snow and accumulate with temperatures in the 40s? it is going to get cold tonight. the storm system is going to create some snow with it. i don't want to show jo you that. but tings actually going to help create some of the snow. this is the situation, this is going to turn into a classic nor easter right of the coast, rain to the south. i'll tell you what to expect. it's a one day wonder. tomorrow only and then it's out of here. >> thanks gary. well, you know what? we might see a few flakes in the district tomorrow, but this is far from the next round of snow megeddon. >> but if we could start seeing a snowstorm, hundreds of snowplows hit the street for a dry run at winter. fox 5's photo journalist, nelson jones, went along for
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the ride. >> my name is zachary grayton and today we are doing a dry run with the snow team. what we're going to be doing is going up and down the various streets, making sure that we know where all the speed bumps are. where all the curves and turns are in these streets, so that when we get our first snow event, we won't have any problems navigating through the different areas that we're assigned to. every winter, this particular street is a challenge to me. it's pretty tight here and these cars are parked on both sides of the street. i've been working on the snow detail every winter since approximately 1985. >> you have seen some pretty good storms? >> i've seen the best of the best when it comes to storms in d.c. snow megeddon. the snow caught us off guard
5:22 pm
for one. you had a lot of ice involved. and going down these narrow streets, we oftentimes get stuck on small streets. i look forward to the snow season every year. if it happens, then i make preparations to make myself available to the city. and do what needs to be done. making the streets as passable as possible. if we get any amounts of snow, make sure you get to the grocery store and then just wait for the district government to come out and do what it does when snow is upon us. enjoy the weather. >> he said the dreaded word, get to the grocery store. >> i don't think we they'd to have the run on the grocery store today. >> coming up, police officers plead not guilty as a corruption probe widens in new
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york city. plus, lady liberty getting a makeover for her birthday. you can't hear what is going on and that's a good thing. an officer gets an earful. you can probably see why. we'll be right back. [ male annououncer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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lady liberty getting a facelift for her birthday. the statue turning 125 years old today. new internet connected cameras are being installed on her torch, allowing viewers to gaze out at new york harbor. there are major celebrations going on to mark the day, including a naturalization ceremony, and a spectacular 12 minute macy's fireworks display. not guilty. 13 police officers in new york city entered that plea today in an alleged ticket fixing scandal. the officers made parking tickets for friends and family members go away. the officers are facing charges of grand larceny and obstruction of justice. many people charged are union officials. the union's head says the practice of ticket fixing is long standing and was sanctioned at the top of the department. >> a big surprise for police
5:27 pm
during an arrest in ohio. a woman getting out of her car topless. police stopped erin earlier this month claiming she was driving more than 100 miles per hour. she pleaded not guilty, but she has a long record including driving while intoxicated and unauthorized use of a vehicle. it truly is an amazing story. an 8-year-old boy missing for days has been found alive. coming up, a live interview with the local men who helped in that search. the suspect in a murder here in frederick was a former employee of this burger king who had been deported from the u.s. for criminal activity, but apparently who sneaked back inside the country. and there's been another inside the walls of a mental hospital in maryland. find out who is under arrest. that's next. state farm. this is jessica.
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we are staying on top of our big story. the 8 yeerl 8-year-old boy with autism has been found alive. six days after robert wood jr. walked away from his family, a volunteer found him a short distance away. hundreds of volunteers gathered daily to help with the search, including a gaithersburg man who has a man with autism. matt joins us live. as a parent, i felt the sense of relief come over me when i heard today that he had been found alive. when you heard the news, because you had been down there. you went down wednesday and you had been a part of the search, what are you feeling right now? >> a huge relief, especially because many of us felt that this was not headed to a good outcome and to have this news break late in the day is going to, especially with the advance of this rough weather and how long robbie had been out, this is a huge boost for all of us. >> six days and to hear he was found alive. i have to ask, you are from
5:32 pm
gaithersburg, this was like a 2, 2 1/2 hour trip without heavy traffic. what prompted you to go down to doswell? >> i had been thinking about this as soon as we hearded news on monday or tuesday. i was in a business conference in tyson's corner. nice and comfortable, sipping coffee at noon and got an alert on my phone that the sheriff was looking for volunteers. this was midday wednesday. i walked away from the table and headed home, grabbed some gear and drove down to doswell, arrived late on wednesday, when only professionals were out in the field. spent the night and was there very early on thursday morning and was astonished at the -- there were three lanes of volunteers arriving for hours. and i was 50th in line, having been there early. and by the time they began admitting the volunteers about 9:00, there were more than 1,000. the line went as far as you could see.
5:33 pm
>> it is incredible to see the outpouring of support. your son is now 23. he has autism, also nonverbal, similar to robbie. you had a similar experience. share that with us. >> we did. when he was about 8 years old, in a crowded scene in delaware with his older and younger brother, my wife and i. he is a magician. we turn around and he is gone. we are in a crowded situation. went right away to the police. the police deployed, they had everybody looking, it's quite frustrating and i can sympathize with the family because i wanted to get out and search and the police officers know what they were doing said no, he may come back here looking for you. you stay put, and it was over in 30 minutes. he hadn't been more than 100 yards for us, but came back to find us where he had left us. >> you really had a sense of what robbie's parents were going through. >> it was just 30 minutes for us and days for them. terrifying. >> any advice for parents out there that may be dealing with
5:34 pm
situations where their kids walk off? >> call the authorities as quickly as you can. it was an extremely impressive operation with hanover county, the number of professionals and their level of training was truly remarkable. and what i think we did was allow them to spend more time in the risky, high probability areas, where we searched the safer areas to search and frankly lower probability areas. that's how it all came to pass. >> thank you so much for coming in and sharing your story, matt, i'm sure robbie's parents are thankful to you and the thousands of volunteers. >> i'm glad i could be here. it's a wonderful weekend. >> indeed it is. police in frederick, maryland, announced charges in connection with a shooting death. the suspect is a former employee. fox 5's john hanrahan worked the story the day the story
5:35 pm
happened. >> suspect is a 21-year-old native of el salvador, he was deported and came back again. he shot because the two people used to work together. >> on march 18, police in frederick, maryland, discovered the assistant manager of a burger king had been shot to death as she prepared to open the restaurant. the mother of three children. the case went publicly unsolved for seven months and some people in frederick were genuinely frightened. >> we work right around the corner. i have not gone to burger king since thbecause you were worrie >> i think so. >> locals can now breathe easier. >> today the frederick police department is pleased to announce the closure of this case. >> the suspect, jose, a native of el salvador previously worked at that same burger king. although he was not working there back in march when the murder occurred.
5:36 pm
the local state's attorney praised detectives for tenaciously working the case. >> this wasn't a case where you have an eyewitness. there wasn't a case where you have a confession. this was a case that really took a lot of diligence, taking a look at each and every piece of evidence possible. >> the suspect had been in trouble with the law before. he was arrested in frederick county for attempted robbery in 2008. he was deported by a federal judge in 2009. but managed to slip back into the u.s. federal agents, thomas white, recently interviewed makia. >> he came back to frederick just to live, he told me. his family is here and he came back to be with his family. >> a source familiar with the case says the suspect provided a phoney phone number to the department. the suspect is in federal custody on a charge of again, being in the u.s. illegally. he could get prison time for
5:37 pm
that. a federal judge will sentence jose on november 3. he will then be brought to frederick to face murder and robbery charges in connection with the killing at the burger king. laura. john hanrahan, thank you. another murder investigation inside the walls of a maximum security maryland state mental hospital. staffers found a man dead on the floor of his room in the hospital last night in jessup. andre confessed and surveillance video shows him going into the victim's room. mya was charged with murdering him. the hospital treats prisoners with mental conditions who need evaluations. another patient was charged with killing his roommate last week. she is recovering very well. the engineer after suffering a stroke has been undergoing treatment at johns hopkins in baltimore this week. doctors say renee is regaining her loss vision and her speech
5:38 pm
is also improving. at a news conference today, she tried to cope the best she could once she did get sick. >> there was no treatment really to be done over there. the only thing was basically rest, try to stay calm. >> expected to leave the hospital tomorrow. she began feeling her stroke symptoms two months ago while she was working at the research center. she said she would like to return to the south pole some day, but health reasons may not allow her to do so. it could go a long way toward easing traffic congestion in maryland. we're going to tell you when the next stretch is set to open. >> and it's a big matchup. coming up, lindsey murphy has a preview of our game of the week live from sherwood high school. 
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a new section of the intercounty connector is
5:42 pm
scheduled to open november 22. the ten mile stretch will connect i-270 and 370 to i-95 in laurel. you'll be able to test drive the section without paying a toll until december 4. that will allow the transportation authority to test toll equipment under real life conditions. >> the marine corps marathon is this sunday and metro is opening two hours early to accommodate participants. extra blue line trains will be running. metro is urging runners to put a plastic cover on their card so the cards will not be ruined by all of that sweat. >> we along with you have our eyes on the sky tonight. a winter storm watch is in effect for parts of the viewing area. gary is here to tell us who will get some snow this weekend and how much. we will see you tomorrow night. >> a dramatic game in the
5:43 pm
world series. why the announcer got some inspiration from his father. lindsey. >> northwest and sherwood, our game of the week. the home team's cheer leaders get the party started now. ♪
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the fox 5 game of the week is in maryland tonight as northwest visits sherwood in montgomery county battle. fox 5's lindsey murphy is in sandy spring, maryland, with a preview. lindsey. >> northwest is a team that is 4-4 this season. sherwood is 5-3. it's going to be a good matchup tonight at 6:30. these two teams played each
5:47 pm
other four times total. sherwood has the 4-0 record. i would like to welcome in the head coach. mike bonavia. i understand you guys have had four coaches in four years. how tough is that? >> real tough, you know, they started out with the legendary thomas, he was followed by certain coaches and they went to different schools and one retired and then they offered me the job. so it has been tough on the kids. hopefully we rally these guys up and they will be familiar with the program. >> and hopefully you will stick around for a while. >> i will stick around. don't let the 4-4, that has nothing to do with that. they are playing good football and they are a good football team. >> you have a young team, but it seems you have done well for yourself. >> thank you, we have. we are young and we don't care now. we want to play football as best we can no matter what age they are and keep finishing out this mission if we can. >> appreciate it. best of luck, coach. we'll see you after the game. i would like to welcome in the
5:48 pm
other coach. this was a team, this is your first year. a team that was 1-9 this year. you have been able to get them to .500. what's responsible for the turn around? >> you guys have had a young team. you had some struggles. you haven't been able to beat sherwood. >> they are a physical football team. we need to match that and be aggressive defensively. >> what about the conditions here? it's muddy. are you used to that? >> we are. our field is muddy and i think we'll be right at home. >> i know you have a shout out to your kids. >> i want to say hi to zoe and kara and my wife. >> lindsey, thank you. the voting underway for next week's game of the week. here are your choices. centerville at oakton, paint branch at whitman and gaithersburg. cast your votes at >> it's being called one of
5:49 pm
the best world series games. it was a dramatic sea saw affair. the rangers were on the verge of clinching the world series. they came back and tied it each time and won it in extra innings. fox broadcaster with the call on the winning home run by david freeze in the 11th inning. >> gets it in the air to center. we will see you tomorrow night. >> now, interestingly enough, joe buck's call was similar to the call his father made in the world series. listen to that. >> into deep left center from mitchell and we'll see you tomorrow night. >> great. no doubt tonight's game could be one for the history books as well. pregame coverage starts right
5:50 pm
here at 7:30. you can find all the world series news under the sports tab on any chances of a rain delay? >> i don't think so. it's hard to believe, but joe buck has been taking heat about that on sports radio. because saying he copied his dad. >> do you think that is what he was thinking? >> these people that call sports radio, don't get me started. wisdom martin, dave ross. he is the only sane one down in that offense, i tell you. all right, let's get back to what folks are talking about here. >> and i'm avoiding. >> really, are we going to see snow here? >> yes, we will. i started taking notice when this same storm produced snow in amarillo, texas. a few inches there. and so when that happens, you think oh boy, here it comes. you think today, the clouds have come in. this morning was gorgeous, lots of sunshine.
5:51 pm
we have the clouds in place now. temperatures are basically in the 40s there. i want to start with radar because i want to show you where the precipitation is. it's not just rain. i mean, we have a little bit of snow flying back to the west and back into west virginia. eventually this rain you're seeing over here into, well, skyline drive, the higher elevations, that's going to turn into snow later on this evening and the rain you see creeping up from the south will come up i-95 and for most of the metro by 10:00, 11:00, be rain. it looks like it is rain all night long and then for tomorrow afternoon, we begin in the metro a little bit of a change over to a snowy, wet mix that may even produce a little bit of accumulation in the city. greater amounts north and west. let's go to temperatures and show you that. 49 here in the city. we have been up to 52 degrees for a high. when the clouds came in, it cooled off. frederick 45, and dulles is 48
5:52 pm
degrees. manassas is 46. pittsburgh is 42. there's some cold air up here. it will begin to come in behind the storm. so as we progress through the day tomorrow, the temperatures will be dropping not only because of the precipitation, but also that cold air getting sucked up from the north and the west into the storm system. cloudy at 7:00, 46. a few showers south and west i think by 9:00. 44. by 11:00, it looks like everybody at least has a chance of showers. just rain though, unless your extreme sections of maryland. a winter storm warning that includes loudoun county, northern sections of fauquier county, and back out along 81 and farther out to the west. that's where the storm is really going to put down some snow. montgomery county, you're under a winter storm watch. howard county, you are, too. and northern sections of baltimore county and hartford county.
5:53 pm
some snow accumulating here, but not quite as much. now that may change as we get some new information in tonight. i'm not saying it will, but it may because the storm, as we get new model runs in, new information helps things out. now this is tomorrow. we see snow in a big band of snow before this is all said and done. and then from the city, because south and southeast it's going to be rain. but this area of low pressure, classic nor'easter will bring a lot of snow. here's what we are thinking. some of it will touch the district and parts north and west, that's where the heaviest amount of snow is going to be. look at this real close. just north of the city, we're going to go 1-2. that includes gaithersburg. frederick, 2 to 4 inches of snow and up to the north and to the west, could see as much as said and done. f snow before this is future cast tonight at ac, tonight at 11:00. the rain is beginning to come on in. tomorrow morning, heavy rain for us and we are beginning to
5:54 pm
see a change over the northwest. by 5:00 and 6:00, some heavy snow for our western suburbs and it changes over here in town to briefly tomorrow 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and then by sunday, this is all out of here. it's going it be chilly, but sunny on sunday. a mix west and northern suburbs and look at this. this mainly represents the metro area here. cold rain to start, snow rain mix at noon and then ending as snow late tomorrow afternoon. again, this is a one-day wonder. it's out of here. we warm up on sunday. where we get snow, i can't say this enough. where we get snow on these trees that still have leaves, there is going to be major power problems. because the trees will come down, not necessarily here in d.c., but don't have to go too far north and west montgomery county, we're going to have a big problem with that. >> and enjoy those pretty leaves. >> thank you, gary. >> four days after a
5:55 pm
devastating earthquake in turkey, a teenager was rescued from a rubble today. the crowd cheered as the crew pulled the teen out and took him to the ambulance. the 7.2 magnitude quake hit on sunday, leaving hundreds dead and thousands with no place to live. coming up on the news edge, a child with autism found alive after almost a week in the woods. we have reaction from the rescue workers who devoted nearly a week to finding him. also new developments on how long a maryland man could be held in a jail after the disappearance of robyn gardner. i called my mom right after. it was great. she was really excited. >> and what is it like to wait on president obama in a restaurant? hear from some very excited servers coming up. 
5:56 pm
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more bad news for adelle and her fans. she will have throat surgery and canceling all concerts and appearances for 2011. doctors expect her to make a full recovery. her album, 21, is the best selling cd of the year in the united states. it's been at number one for 13 weeks, which is the longest run since the titanic sound track. the news with shawn yancy starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. six long days of waiting and wondering are over for a virginia family tonight. their eight-year-old son who has autism has been found alive. robbie wood is recovering tonight almost a week after he disappeared in the woods in doswell, virginia. moments ago, we got statements from robbie's parents thanking everyone who helped in the search.


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