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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 28, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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another. >> joe: now it's schumaker. eighth man to bat in the inning. the ball has not left the infield. ball 1. two hit batsmen in the inning, including pujols, who scored on a hit by pitch with furcal at the plate. a breaking ball for a strike. it's 1-1. schumaker is 0 for 2. that's strike 2.
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c.j. wilson trying to hold it right here and keep his team in the game. and a strikeout ends it, as the cardinals come up with two. they have stranded six. we have played five. the cardinals lead the rangers by three. is this a chevy volt? [ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys. i can plug in and go 35 miles gas free, or i can fill up and go a whole lot farther. is that my burger? oh. i just got bun. i didn't even bite any burger.
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>> joe: the world series sponsored by verizon. by sherlock holmes. and by chevrolet. thanks for making chevrolet and baseball a part of america for the last 100 years. here's adrian beltre dealing with chris carpenter. a strike hits the outside corner. beltre, cruz and napoli. the sixth inning of a 5-2 game. strike 2. >> tim: right on the corner with both cut fastballs. >> joe: here's cruz. he is next. here's an 0-2.
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back to carpenter. and just past the top of the hour as we give you our sherlock holmes two game summary. david freese off the emotional game six, tied the game in the first inning with a two-out, two-run double. then allen craig with the go ahead home run in the third. a bases-loaded walk made it 4-2. and furcal was hit to make it 5-2. the cardinals, without benefit of a hit, got two runs in the bottom of the fifth. cruz takes a ball down and away. nelson is 0 for 2. went deep last night. he's done so 8 times in postseason to tie a record. a late swing and a foul. strike 1. >> tim: the rangers have 11 outs with which to score three runs while holding the
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cardinals down. >> joe: carpenter deserves credit for settling into this game after that really the rough first inning and second, although he gave up just one hit in the second. here's a fly ball into left. back at the track, allen craig will leap and make catch! two outs! >> tim: getting to the fence, jumping. the ball would have been out had he not made the catch. or hit the top of the fence. exchanging leather for a run. >> joe: i think your initial call was right, i think that ball was gone.
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>> tim: i think so. >> joe: that look was the best, most definitive. here's napoli. carpenter is one out away from pitching six innings here tonight. craig has homered here tonight. remember, he started because of the injury last night to matt holliday. he's homered and now took one away. napoli is saying, wait. now that pitch from feldman, he's saying that's the same pitch. the pitch from feldman to yadier molina was that same pitch and now it's a strike. >> tim: exactly what he's saying. >> joe: the count is 1-1. molina tried to frame it. ball 2. nobody knows better than napoli, who has been receiving three pitchers for the rangers so far tonight. a fly ball into right. berkman is there to end the inning. and carpenter has a 1,
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2, 3 sixth. bottom of the sixth. what a catch by craig, due up third in this inning. went up to get it. cardinals up by three. give me voice control. applications up. check my email and text messages. hands in position. airbags. ten of 'em. perfect. add blind spot monitor. 43 mpg, nice. dependability. yeah. activate dog. a bigger dog. [ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 toyota camry. it's ready. are you? ♪
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>> joe: in d.c., two of the most storied conferences in college football. we will be there, back-to-back nights. pac-12 championship game is friday, december 2nd and the big 12 championship game december 3rd. both games only on fox. tim, it was interesting during the break, nick punto came into the on-deck circle and it looked like he was going to bat for carpenter to start the inning. and then after wilson took the majority of his warm-up tosses, carpenter came out to the on-deck circle. they brought punto back and they want carpenter to go back for the seventh. >> tim: i think carpenter had something to do with the fact he is going back in the seventh. >> joe: he went down to get his bat. he's set up at 0-2, while his body is in
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the batter's box, but his mind is in the top of the seventh. one out. 5-2 game here in the bottom of the sixth and here is theriot. the geico in-game box score. theriot got the start leading off. he's hitless. allen craig has hit a home run and taken one away. albert pujols has scored twice. one of the times thanks to a two-out two-run double by david freese. yadier molina with an rbi, bases-loaded walk. not only is furcal 2 for 2, but he was hit by a pitch to force home a run in the fifth. c.j. wilson misses low. c.j. is due up second in the seventh. this will be it for c.j. he hit the first man he faced with the first pitch with the
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bases loaded last inning. now a strikeout and groundout starts the inning. the count 2-0 on theriot. he's grounded out two times and flied to right. into center field and hamilton to his right gets to it. two out. it's time for a nikon replay and it's allen craig with that catch up at the very top of the wall in the top of this sixth inning. you make the judgment. would it have been out? probably bounced on out. >> tim: i think so. >> joe: and carpenter appreciated the effort
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for a guy who has homered, walked and scored twice. ball 1, down and in. allen craig, the hitting hero in game 1 with a base hit, an rbi off the bench against alexi ogando. he did it again in game 2 and then homered in game 3. he's homered tonight and homered last night. so two of the hitting heros are allen craig and david freese. berkman has had a very good world series. as arthur rhodes gets loose. pujols had that
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monster game three. the big one-out double last night in the ninth. here's the 1-1. strike 2. we talk about carpenter on short rest. c.j. wilson made the start against carpenter on monday night. >> tim: it's interesting that arthur rhodes is throwing with david murphy, the left-handed batter, leading off in the seventh inning because carpenter has already hit in this inning. maybe he's just up throwing instead of warming up to come in the game. >> joe: the count even on craig. 2-2. rhodes did not pitch in game 6.
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he has not pitched in game 5. he has not been out there for a while. >> tim: since game 2 and giving up the sacrifice fly by josh hamilton. >> joe: craig strikes out. a perfect inning from c.j. wilson. sends game 7 into the seventh. 5-2 st. louis. ♪
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>> joe: once again tonight's volkswagen passat trivia question, how many of the 35 previous world series deciding game 7s were walk-off wins? the answer five. here is murphy as carpenter finds strike 1. now octavio dotel has joined arthur rhodes. breaking ball is in for a strike. carpenter, who may have talked his way back into the game, after the cardinals initially sent a pinch hitter into the on-deck circle. that is rocketed down into the corner.
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one hop out of play. a ground-rule double. a good start to this seventh inning for the rangers, down three. >> tim: and a bad start for a hanging curveball from chris carpenter. an 0-2 curveball right in the middle of the plate. just crushed down the right-field line by david murphy. >> joe: with that, endy chavez will bat. >> tim: the bunt always a possibility from chavez. >> joe: and that's it for carpenter, who goes six-plus. and this crowd will let him hear it. [cheers and applause]
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>> joe: last night it was the cardinals coming back from a three-run deficit to force a thrilling game six win. tonight, as we are in the seventh, it's the rangers down by three and arthur rhodes will deal with yorvit torrealba, who will bat for chavez, who was batting for c.j. wilson. >> tim: rhodes coming into the game to face endy chavez, so in effect, arthur rhodes is pitching to two hitters. not chavez, but torrealba as a pinch hitter for chavez, and that will be it. then dotel will be in the game to pitch to ian kinsler.
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>> joe: carpenter gets into the seventh inning. torrealba waits and takes a strike. arthur rhodes is in his 20th season in major league baseball and his first world series. designated by assignment by these texas rangers in august. he started the year with texas. he ends up pitching against them in the world series. he misses high for ball 1. >> tim: so he gets a world series ring either way. >> joe: like benjie molina last year. >> tim: right. >> joe: he started last year with the giants and ended with the texas rangers. here comes the 1-1. torrealba flies one into center. schumaker is there. murphy tags, but does
10:25 pm
not go anywhere. one out. torrealba skies one into center. ian kinsler will not face rhodes, he will deal with dotel. octavio dotel into the action with the cardinals up by three in the seventh.
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>> joe: chris carpenter's night is finished. he goes 91 pitches. gets into the seventh inning. arthur rhodes, a nice job. for a guy that's been in the bid leagues for 20 years, to a
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reliever who has been with twelve major league teams, which ties a record. he is involved in his first world series. he will deal with ian kinsler, who has been on base three times and then elvis andrus with rzepczysnki getting loose in case hamilton comes up in a big spot here in the seventh. >> tim: octavio dotel, his fifth world series appearance. he was the loser in game five when michael young doubled to right center to lead off that eighth inning. he ultimately scored on that ball hit by napoli and dotel took the loss. >> joe: last team to come back from the three run deficit to win game 7 was the '86 match, which is a footnote in history after the red sox' billner played at first base, and lost.
10:29 pm
the batter is kinsler. two singles and a walk against carpenter. kinsler red hot. takes a strike. it appears mike add will be on the mound for the rangers in the bottom of the seventh with pujols, berkman and freese coming up. here is an 0-1 from dotel. a bunt in the air. strike 2. >> tim: with the rangers three runs down, he saw freese back. freese was in earlier. base hit shot by him. we talked about game one. now the rangers are trail by three where the bunt is a good play, but you can see david freese back at third base. if you are david
10:30 pm
freese you don't know where to play ian kinsler. >> joe: now he can go back with two strikes. runner at second. one out in the seventh. a big swing by kinsler. a foul is the result. >> tim: gives you an idea of the foul tips. watch benjie molina -- yaddy molina. >> joe: and the count still 0-2. runner at second, one out. dotel. two out. >> tim: good fastball from a fastball hitter. one guy in this park
10:31 pm
very, very happy, the starter, chris carpenter. >> joe: now it's elvis andrus. we've mentioned this before. when the cardinals made their trade in that three-way deal with the white sox and the blue jays in july, everybody looked at the player the cardinals gave up, colby rasmus, and said how can they give up on such talent that is so young. that's inside, 2-0. but what it brought the cardinals was not only edwin jackson, who was a starter to help solidify the rotation, but mark rzepczysnki, who may some day be a starter. he's been invaluable out of the bullpen for la russa, and the guy on the mound, octavio dotel, who doesn't seem to get any older.
10:32 pm
2-1. he still has great stuff, a nasty slider, and he can get big outs. he's been good for the morale in that cardinal bullpen, if you talk to the guys down there. the count is 2-1. >> tim: and one way or the other, this is dotel's last hitter, as rzepczysnki is warming. >> joe: john mozeliak, the cardinals gm. if he can get on base, the reigning mvp will bat. >> tim: and he will do it against rzepczysnki. >> joe: the 3-1 pitch. into center to end the
10:33 pm
inning. and it's time to stretch. as dotel does his job and chris carpenter was terrific here tonight on short rest for the st. louis cardinals. the frustration by elvis andrus, who slammed down his bat, then his helmet. the reaction by dotel. and it's 5-2 in the bottom of the seventh as we known public address announcer john ulich for the introduction of god bless america >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the singing of god bless america. we are being led by grammy nominated singer and songwriter, singer and songwriter, ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪
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just that they make a quality vehicle. does the sound system stand out for you? yes. and when do you use it? um, i use it all the time. i love listening to jazz in the car. you know the only thing that stinks is you can't have a martini. (laughs) >> joe: albert pujols will lead if off in the bottom of the seventh inning. his game 3, 3 home runs, 5 hits, 6 rbis, 14 total bases all tied or set world series single game records. he has only one other hit that came last night but it was big. a one-out double in the ninth inning when
10:38 pm
the cardinals scored two on the triple by freese to tie it. and again, and it seems like it's been said 20 times, but this could be the last at-bat as a cardinal for albert pujols, a free agent to be. >> tim: we said it three times last night. >> joe: we said it at the end of the regular season. a breaking ball from adams, strike 1. we mentioned last night the 45-second standing ovation on the 25th of september against the cubs. and they did it in the division series against philly and then they did it in the series against the brewers in the nlcs, and then last night. here he is again. here's the 0-1. strike 2.
10:39 pm
everyone is standing, even across the street, trying to get a peak from the top of that garage out beyond the center field wall. here is an 0-2. another foul. pujols tonight has walked and scored, been hit by a pitch and scored. the difference, really the difference in this game, the breathing room came in the fifth for the cardinals when they scored two without a hit. three walks and two hit batsmen. >> tim: a walk with the bases loaded and a hit batsman with the bases loaded. >> joe: otherwise this is a one-run game. we are in the seventh and we are in the
10:40 pm
seventh. here's the 0-2. off the end of the bat. >> tim: the rangers, meanwhile, scored two in the top of the first and since then have had only four base runners since the top of the sixth inning. >> joe: everybody taking their pictures on cell phones, cameras, wondering if this is it. a strikeout from mike add. one away. >> tim: what a good job by adams. he sent pujols everything, sliders away and struck him out on the sinking fastball inside. as the flashbulbs go
10:41 pm
off. >> joe: one out in the seventh. the batter will be lance berkman. the cardinals have lance lynn getting loose. lance last night gave up three runs in an inning and two-thirds when he allowed two home runs and later an inherited runner scored by dotel and the inherited runner taken from lynn. ball one down and in to berkman. off the end of the bat, under the glove of adams. safe with one out! and elvis andrus did all he could.
10:42 pm
>> tim: mike add falling to the first base side off the end of the bat, under the glove of adams, barehanded by andrus, not in time. >> joe: one on, one out for david freese. he was intentionally walked his last time up. that led to the bases loaded walk and the rbi by molina. then furcal was hit by a pitch to make it 5-2. >> tim: that, by the way, was the first intentional walk of the year for david freese. >> joe: ball 1 down and in. it's something we mentioned at the
10:43 pm
beginning of this world series. remember that home field advantage is tied to the winning lead in the all-star game. it was c.j. wilson who gave up a home run to prince field, prince field basically provided the home field advantage to the cardinals in this series. rangers won one of two here. c.j. wilson gave it up. cardinals trying to sweep the last two and hand texas back-to-back losses for the first time since the 24th and 25th of august. that's how long it's been. that's inside. ball 2. >> tim: about two and a half weeks after the all-star break was the trading deadline. the texas rangers went
10:44 pm
out and made some deals, one of whom was mike add. his teammates, one was expected to be traded but he wasn't. the all-star game he did slide into the mound in the eighth inning. >> joe: freese took the ball a pretty good pitch. 3-0. >> tim: he fell one of the great guys in the game, but he stayed with san diego, and here mike adams is in the world series. as the slider is just low. runner at first, one out, and a three-run seventh inning lead for st. louis. 3-0 pitch on its way from mike adams to david freese. strike 1.
10:45 pm
berkman draws a throw. here is another throw-over, and berkman with a smaller lead, gets back easier.
10:46 pm
there goes berkman. the pitch is inside for ball 4 and it's two on with one out. >> tim: one thing a catcher wants with the 3-2 count on the hitter with a runner on at first base is a quick call from the home plate umpire. if you don't get one, then you are inclined to make the throw anyway. napoli could not take the chance that that pitch may have been a strike. he completes the play, but it was inside. >> joe: now mike gonzalez gets loose for the rangers in their pen. we look ahead to fox nfl sunday this week with a one-on-one between john lynch and tim tebow, new starter in denver.
10:47 pm
a good match-up. that's this sunday. molina tonight has a bases-loaded walk for an rbi and a base hit. 1 for 2. the rangers have handed out 41 walks in this world series. that is the most in a single world series. ball 1 low. the cardinals, as a franchise, are 7-3 in
10:48 pm
world series game 7. >> tim: the first one, 1926, first time they won a world series against the new york yankees. we talked about it the other night, babe ruth making the last out of the clinching game when the cardinals won it by being thrown out at second base. bob ferrell was the catcher that year. >> joe: two on, one out. no balls, no strikes. up the middle, a base hit! here comes berkman! hamilton's throw is cut off har shallly. another run and it's 6-2 in the seventh.
10:49 pm
>> tim: molina's second hit and second rbi of the game. >> joe: molina trying to win his second ring. he's played in more world series now than his brothers. trying to tie his brothers with two world series rings. strike 1 to rafael furcal. a single, a walk and a
10:50 pm
single and it's a four-run game in the seventh. furcal has had a nice night, two hits, and he was hit by a pitch last time and almost got hit on the left leg that time. schumaker on deck, the lefty, and gonzalez still getting loose. a little bit down. 2-1. now the lead man is freese. he does not run well. same can be said about molina at first. still just one out in the inning.
10:51 pm
a good pitch by adams. strike 2. foul. the rangers bullpen that was so good in the division series, and then certainly in the alcs against detroit, has had a rough go in this world series. last night, tonight.
10:52 pm
games two and three. the 2-2. now furcal in a battle with adams. ogando was the big equalizer coming into this world series. the cardinals figured him out. here's the 2-2. a low chopper. young flips for out number 2. now with schumaker coming up, we will see if gonzalez is coming
10:53 pm
in. runners on at second and third, two out. bottom of the seventh. that's going to be it for mike adams. he allows a run on two hits, a walk in two-thirds of an inning. he will give way to mike gonzalez. so as gonzalez comes in, some of the images from this game 7. they are sensing it in st. louis as they lead by four in the seventh.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
one here in game 7. >> tim: it is, joe. i think that graphic we pointed out in that last half inning about the 41 walks, a world series record, and over the last two games in particular, the wildness of the relievers and the starters have bitten them. >> joe: two out against gonzalez. quickly in the hole, 0-2. molina, who has an rbi hit in this inning, against mike adams, is at second. schumaker trying to add to a four-run lead. takes it right down the middle. gonzalez fooled him. the cardinals get another run. as we go to the eighth inning of game seven. the rangers are coming to the plate with a lot of work to do. down by 4. ce, i wish i could afford one. yeah...i gotta...good deal. look at that screen! fast too, right?
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>> joe: now it's the eighth inning of a 6-2 game. aerial coverage brought to you by directtv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directtv. lance lynn is into the action. fourth pitcher of the niht


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