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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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to josh hamilton, who is 1 for 3. he does have two wins. last night, as i mentioned, allowed three runs in an inning and two-thirds. a ball and a strike. michael young will follow, then adrian beltre. here comes a 1-1. strike 2. >> tim: anyone who followed last night's game, when josh hamilton hit that home run, the two-run shot in the tenth inning, i bet 90% of baseball fans out there thought the game was over. i know i did. >> joe: he jammed and can barely get down the line. one out. >> tim: i think everybody had the mind-set that, well, the cardinals had tied the rangers in that ninth inning, but now
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the decisive blow that josh hamilton, the two-run home run, but the cardinals said huh-uh. >> joe: think where the rangers were last night. in each inning one strike away from their first world championship in franchise history. >> tim: agonizing. it took them five games last year. they could not get in front of the san francisco giants. a strike to michael young. if they lose here tonight, they become the twelfth team to lose back-to-back world series.
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the last three since '61. the yankees in the early '60s, '63-64. the dodgers at the end of the '70s and the braves at the beginning of the '90s. go back to 1925 to find the last time a team in game 7 came back by this much. here's the 2-1. a pop-up. right side in foul ground. albert pujols squeezes out number 2. and if you are just joining us, we are in game 7 of a phenomenal world series on the heels of one of the most unforgettable games any of us have ever seen last night in game six. rangers get on the board tonight first, trying to erase that memory from last night. but since the two in the first inning, they have been shutout. the cardinals have
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scored 6. strike 1 to adrian beltre. you think about that rain-out, washing away game 6. strike 2 on beltre. >> tim: clearly helping the cardinals. >> joe: certainly now, looking back, with carpenter getting a chance to make a start on short rest. he was very good. the relief good again tonight for st. louis. into the bottom of the eighth. was always fun.
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>> joe: the world series is sponsored by audi. truth in engineering. by state farm. for auto, home, life and banking, get to a interstate. and by wal-mart. layaway is back in our toys, electronics and jewelry departments. jason motte is getting ready for the ninth inning. it's a 6-2 game. ogando is getting loose. nick punto will bat
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for lance lynn. ball 1. the 1-0. 2-0 from mike gonzalez. 2-1. you think about how this season started for the cardinals, losing adam wainwright, their number one starter. he won 19 the year before. as punto flies into center. one out. in the obituaries that were being written at the end of august with
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those numbers, 10 1/2 out on august 25th, they won the wildcard on the final day of the season, they beat the phillies, they beat the brewers, and in the historic game 6 game back twice from a two-run deficit in the ninth inning and beyond, the ninth and tenth, and then won it in the eleventh, as theriot takes a strike from gonzalez. 0-2. >> tim: coming back from two-run deficits in the same game. you may remember back ten years ago, 2001, the great world series between the yankees and the diamondbacks when the yankees came back from a two-run deficit two games in a row, games four and five. >> joe: gonzalez has retired all three he faced in the eighth. >> tim: the dramatic
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martinez home run to tie it and then the tie in the next inning and the yankees win both ballgames. >> joe: here's allen craig. meanwhile the cardinals are shooting for their 11th world series title. that is number 2 in major league baseball to the yankees' 27. the 1-0 sixth prior to that was in '82 against milwaukee. strike 1 on allen craig. one ball, one strike. gonzalez has come out of the bullpen throwing well. the rangers in the ninth will have cruz, napoli, murphy.
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the count is 2-1 on craig. he has homered tonight. went up to, it looked like, to take a home run away from nelson cruz. good breaking ball for strike 2. it looks like he's limping around a little bit after that previous pitch. they are looking at gonzalez, who is wincing a bit, as he waits to deliver a 2-2 pitch. he was picked up in august to add to this bullpen. gonzalez injured himself two pitches ago. you look at the alcs and what this bullpen
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did as ron washington, mike maddux, the trainer come out to look at gonzalez. here's the pitch that looked like kind of lost his balance afterward and then here's another look at it from behind home plate. he's been a little off since then. that's going to be it. so alexi ogando, who was a big part of those numbers we showed you from the alcs, and the work that the bullpen did against the tigers, it's been a different story in the world series. ogando will take over with two out and a 3-2 count on allen craig when we come back. ♪ all alone ♪ burning up the room ♪ with cheap cologne ♪ a musty motor home
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well, then here's to the next chapter. so stand with me brothers, and raise 'em high. because as great as this is! there's even more ahead of us! and the only question is... are you ready? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> joe: so the bottom of the eighth inning continues. and a little mist starts to fall here at busch stadium. ogando with a 3-2 count he inherits, and he gets the strikeout. it goes on his record and that sends game 7 into the ninth inning. the cardinals are three outs away from a world series title here in 2011. up 6-2 on the texas
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rangers. [ engine roaring ]
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the simple joy of big news. >> joe: defensive changes for the cardinals in the ninth inning, up by 4. nick punto takes over at second base.
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descalso at third and jon jay is in the game at center. skip schumaker from center to right. berkman out and jason motte, the man in the middle. ball 1 inside to nelson cruz. motte worked last night, went two innings and allowed two runs on the home run by hamilton. cruz robbed of a home run his last time up takes a ball outside. it's 2-0. on deck is napoli, murphy. rangers need three guys to get on to have a chance. 2-1. the championship flag, the last one in '06
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over detroit. the 2-1. popped up. jon jay. two outs away! our audi player of the game, chris carpenter, on short rest. had a rough start and then settled in. and he gave the cardinals everything they could have hoped for. five strikeouts. into the seventh inning, two runs on six hits. it's brought to you by the audi a8. true greatness should never go unrecognized. one out in the ninth. napoli. strike 1. 1 for 3 tonight is
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napoli. the rangers had a tough time manufacturing runs. their running game was virtually stopped by yadier molina. the cardinals manufactured runs tonight and last night without getting the ball out of the infield. they lead 6-2 in game 7. strike 2. ball 2. 2-2.
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if chris carpenter gets the win, he will if the cardinals hang on, it will go 4-0 this postseason. left side to descalso. just into the game. two outs! nobody, and i mean nobody, could have expected the cardinals to be in this position, even midway through september. >> tim: nobody. >> joe: 10 1/2 out on august 25th, 7 1/2 out with 20 left. 3 out with five games to go. that's for the wildcard spot.
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this team crashed the postseason party and they are one out away. and now two strikes away. in the air to left. well-hit. back is craig. what a game! what a ride! the cardinals are world champs in 2011! [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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>> joe: number 11 in 2011, and the cardinals celebrate in the middle of busch stadium. somewhere down in that mess is ken rosenthal. ken. ." thanks, joe. allen, what was going through your mind in the ninth inning and what was going through your mind when the ball was in the air? >> i was hoping i could finish it right there. when the ball was up, just catch it and it's over and it's unbelievable. unbelievable. >> you do so many things in this series, the hits off ogando, the home run in games 6 and 7. what are you going to remember most? >> the whole thing, the whole experience, my teammates. an unbelievable group of guys. i wish everybody in the country could get to know these guys.
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unbelievable. i'm just glad to be a part of it. >> ken: tonight, allen, the home run and the catch, which did you like better? >> it felt good. i don't care. the home run was nice. the catch was better. i've never done that before. >> and this guy right here, jason motte, what about him and what he did this year? >> unbelievable. he was locked down during the games all season long. we had all the confidence in the world in him. he's an amazing talent. unbelievable. >> ken: allen, thank you very much. joe, back to you. >> joe: and now welcome to the chevrolet world series postgame show on fox. what a world series. what a night. 6-2 is the final in game 7. and with fireworks booming overhead, down below there should be a very satisfied tony la russa, who didn't let this team quit, and they fought all
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the way through. philadelphia, milwaukee, and now texas. >> tim: in response to allen craig's comment about this country getting to know these guys, this country has gotten to know these guys. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> joe: furcal has his first. and we go back down to the field in ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. jason, you talked a lot about breathing on the mound. how hard was it to breathe during that ninth inning? >> it was, but it wasn't. it's one of those things that if you don't, the inning is going to get out of hand, so i just tried to throw strikes. i got behind in the first and i thought i got to start throwing strikes, get ahead of guys and it worked out. >> ken: after game six, coming to the park today, what was your feeling? >> i mean, i mean we were in the clubhouse and we were a loose bunch of guys. we were in there hanging out, dancing around, having music playing. that's how we've been and that's how we play the bats. we came out and we were able to do it
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today. it's just amazing. >> ken: what about carpenter tonight, three days rest and what he gave you. >> awesome. he went out there and you couldn't ask for anything more. that was amazing. he did a great job. hitters got runs on the board and we got the win. this is amazing. >> ken: what do you think tonight is going to be like for you. >> i'm just going to go back, fall asleep. probably fall asleep in the next 30, 40 minutes. no. i have no idea. i got family, i got my nephew in town, my wife, i have everybody here so it will be awesome to celebrate this. and there is no tomorrow so we can enjoy this as long as we want. >> ken: jason, thank you. >> yes, sir. >> joe: they can enjoy it and they deserve it as they get their 11th championship in franchise history. the trophy presentation is coming up. this should be some celebration here tonight. the cardinals win in seven games. back after this.
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