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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  October 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 6:00. thanks for joining us on a snowy october evening. can you believe? i'm will thomas. >> and i'm lori. the snow has been falling for hours. >> we have team coverage of this october winter weather tonight. >> first, let's check in with gwen to see what is going on outside. >> some areas we are seeing a little bit of light to moderate snowfall and other areas it's just rain and other areas, it is still a little bit of that wintery mix. there's a dryer air slot starting to move in. things are gradually starting to taper off. let's look at radar. we'll show you exactly what we are talking about.
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areas toward winchester, cumberland. these are areas that have gotten hit into the early part of the day and now gradually, that dryer air is starting to work its way in. we are starting to see this move towards the north and northeast and things are gradually starting to taper off toward baltimore, columbia, to the east, we have a snow rain mix line. we have a few advisories to tell you about. winter weather advisory still in effect for the area you see shaded in the light purple. that until 8:00 tonight. 2 to 3 inches closer to the mason dixon line. elsewhere, we'll see less than an inch of snow still continuing. and then as we take a look for our freeze warning in effect. that area you see in greenish there, that is in effect from 9:00 tonight through 9:00 sunday morning. the freeze watch and freeze warning in effect. definitely have to take care of your vegetation. 37 degrees at dwi.
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winds are a factor as well, getting gusty and that's going to continue and as we head through the overnight hours, is this all going to taper off. our overnight lows will be in the 30s. i'll have more snow totals for you later with my full forecast. back to you. >> thank you gwen. of course as you saw, the further west you go, the more snow we are seeing. >> and frederick, maryland, is getting the heaviest snow in our area. we should be cueing the christmas music with the scene behind you. >> that's the thing about this early snowfall. as much as you hate to say it, it is a pretty sight. snow on everything. but the good news is, most of the roadways, major roadways up i-70. the roads are clear. we saw caravan after caravan of snowplows and trucks out today salting as we were making our way from washington up to here. the main roads are looking good. i talked to a lot of people at the south mountain rest area
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that said their secondary road in the frederick area are looking grim right now. if we have to call this month of october or something snow related, let's call it a snover. it is definitely ocsnober here in frederick. let's see how people reacted from this early blast from mother nature. >> a little early. there's no ice trucks. i haven't seen them. i have to drive in this stuff, so it's going to be if you have. i don't know. not too worried about it. it will clear up eventually. >> and here at the rest area, every single person that i talked to was taking this early snowfall in strides. i ran into a couple of maryland terrapin fans that had just left the game down in college park and they were loving this snow. in fact, they left the maryland game and now headed to the mountain to do skiing.
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so talk about making the best of a bad situation for some. not too shall by. and i did run into a state highway crew here at the rest area. he told me that within the last couple of hours, he personally handled about 12 different major accidents on i-70. including jackknife tractor trailer. so as this stuff starts to freeze, that's when things could get bad again. for the moment, it seems that the major roads are passable. back to you in the studio. >> do you get a sense out on the roads, and one you are standing on, that the snow isn't sticking much because of the temperatures right now? >> it's not sticking to the roadways, but everything else, all the grassy areas and things here up in frederick is very much snow covered. and you're looking at the hill here. you can see it is a couple inches deep. we are told from some of the people we talk with at some point here in frederick, the snow was coming down an inch or two an hour. that was much earlier today.
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as we were driving up, once we hit germantown, that's when the snow started to pick up. even my photographer said, within an hour of his making his way to work and coming back through germantown, all the grassy areas were snow covered, too. it is definitely very patchy. you'll get through parts of frederick city. there wasn't as much snow on the road there. now you can see here in snow mountain, quite a bit of snow around. >> thank you. >> she does make a good point about the roads being slick. >> driving in, i noticed there were slick spots. definitely play safe out there. >> just be right by your tv. fox 5, right? the scene in leesburg, let's go to that. if it wasn't so early in the year for this kind of weather. >> yeah, 1.2 inches the snow has fallen in leesburg and it is still falling out there tonight, we understand. >> the snow is causing plenty of headaches for local travelers. dulles airport experienced delays this afternoon while crews deice the planes before taking off. no significant delays in our
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area, but flights out of philadelphia, newark, and lee lee legardia are running late. >> send us your snow pictures. to a news alert in the murder of a howard university student earlier this week. police have made one arrest and there may be another person involved. john. >> it's likely that two different people were involved in the shooting death of howard university student, iowa alonso. investigators may be seeking another. >> 24-year-old howard university student, alonso guyton was shot to death early tuesday near the k wood garden
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apartments. it appears two different weapons were present at the time of the murder. >> our initial investigation revealed a 9 mm bernadeli magazine. the magazine belonging to a handgun. also located on that crime scene was a witness that reported seeing a blue van flee the area immediately after the shots were fired. >> again, the shooting happened in mt. rainier. minutes later, d.c. police got a report of an accident involving a blue van at michigan and webster northeast. inside that abandoned van, police say they found a 9 mm handgun and parts to an assault rifle that uses 7.62 mm shells and a hand print in the stolen van. the print of william knight who has been arrested for assault, armed robbery, and carjacking. knight was arrested again
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friday. and a search of that residence yielded an sks assault rifle like these, which takes 7.62 mm bullets. a ballistics test ties that weapon to shooting the bullet or bullets that killed alonzo guyton. william knight has been charged with first-degree murder. students at howard who knew alonzo guyton are devastated over the killing. >> he was just a loving, caring, outgoing person. >> kiana knox was alonzo guyton's girlfriend. >> a lot of people can't understand why this happened to alonzo. we want to know what happened and we want him to be able to rest in peace. >> since two weapons were at the scene of the murder, the odds are, two perpetrators were involved. one was a handgun. the police confirm they are actively investigating that possibility. william knight is currently in
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the d.c. jail. authorities will seek his extradition to maryland early next week. >> any idea about funeral arrangements for alonzo? >> he's not from this area. he's from the gainesville area of florida. as of this afternoon, they have not told the students at howard when the funeral arrangements would be. they will be in florida. so some students are making preliminary plans to go down there. he was a music major at howard. >> john hanrahan in the newsroom. thank you for that. a memorial for the young woman and young boy murdered in clarksburg earlier this month. jane was found dead in her home october 12. her son william's body was found off clarksburg road on the 18th. today family and friends remembered them both. his estranged husband is charged with their murder. a dark day for troops in afghanistan. the deadliest attack on americans since the war began. we'll tell you who is claiming
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responsibility when we come right back. 
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the taliban is clality for that killed 13 americans in afghanistan. fox's conner powell has details on the explosions that claimed so many lives. >> chaos and plumes of thick, black smoke are all that remain after a car bomber targets a nato convoy in the capital of afghanistan.
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authorities say the vehicle packed with explosives rammed into a bus carrying anyway nato personnel. nato choppers also swooping in to air lift victims from the scene. afghan officials say at least four of its citizens were killed in the attack. and eight others hurt, including two children. the u.s. embassy in cobble released in a statement saying in part, we mourn their loss, but continue their dedicated work on behalf of peace in the country and the region. the attack comes at a sensitive time. the u.s. is forging ahead with plans to hand over security to the afghans. many of them skeptical. the deadliest attack on forces in the last 2 1/2 months. in cobble, afghanistan, conner powell, fox news. a former terrorist official says this is tragic, but not
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surprising. the problem is the support for terror coming from pakistan even in its intelligence committee. >> pakistan support for the taliban and for those fighters that are coming after u.s. forces has been long standing. until that problem is resolved, we should be expected to see casualties. >> according to the defense department's website, 1,107 military service members have been killed in afghanistan since the beginning of the war. the forecasters saw today's snow coming days in advance and coming up, we're going to show you how a maryland team is helping nasa predict major storms even sooner than that. we are back.
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you know we have been talking about all evening. the snow. new york city is getting record high snowfall for the month of october. up to 4 inches could fall in manhattan. this is the first october snow since 2002. >> i know you guys talked about the snow coming, but i don't think -- i think most people were surprised it see it coming down. especially as hard as it was. >> and some of our areas, in parts of west virginia to the north of the may cor dixon line really got pounded.
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>> did you see audrey barnes? she looked like she was in the north pole. >> to me, it looks like a snow globe you get at christmas time. it was definitely not something that we usually get this time of year and as will just mentioned, the last time was back in 2002. so yes, quite a deft from mother nature a little too early. you can see our cameras, some flakes coming down there. the good news is, most of this is melting on contact on hard surfaces, but they are getting hit. so as we look at this, we'll see there's a look at radar for you. and you can see exactly what is going on now. we have this dry slot that is pushing its way in, which is good news. it will start to get things out of the way into the course of the evening hours into tonight. dryer air pushing its way through. you can see things are starting to improve. we still have it in some of our areas heavier. we have this mix in the pink, which is a rain, snow combo. to the east of that, we have
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light rain happening. where you see the darker areas here, that is where it is starting to be lighter in some of the areas as opposed to heavier. it is gradually moving out. by the time we hit tomorrow, totally different day, we are going to be back to where we should be. so let's go to our weather map and we begin with obviously the october snow surprise that we all had to deal with. here's a look at some of the accumulations in parts of maryland, 9.5 inches. clarksburg, 3 inches of snowfall. as we head over into parts of virginia. franklin, 8 inches of snow. wild acres 7.4 and bluemont 4.5. we saw basically a trace to under an inch or so and an inch is a little more toward areas west of the dc corridor. so freeze warning in effect from overnight tonight through 9:00 a.m. sunday. if you have plants outside,
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you want to make sure to protect them. the problem with this as well, i heard will and maurine speak about this. the fact that the roads are going be really, really slippery. the sidewalk, bridges, and overpasses, you have to be careful. and we have so much moisture out there with the temperatures dropping, it's going to be a problem. and over dell morva, there's a freeze watch in effect. that's going it be sticking around until monday. as far as the advisories are concerned, things are improving. we have a little bit to the north of us. up the i-95 corridor. a winter weather advisory. that's in effect until 8:00 tonight. finally starting to see advisories wane out. temperatures now into the 30s. it is chilly out there. no doubt about it. into the low to upper 30s. not much change because that's where all this is heading. they are feeling the effects of this as well. talked about new york and boston getting hit.
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wind is a factor. we have a high pressure system moving in. that's interpreterring into a pretty tight pressure grade i can't want, which means the winds are starting to get gusty and gusty winds from 18 to 25 miles per hour. they will start to subside as we move later in the evening hours. so this low pressure system heading its way out. temperatures will stay on the low side. here's a look at future cast. as we look into tomorrow, things are back to normal. we are back to sunshine. by midday, 45 degrees. just an odd cloud or two. plenty of sunshine by the 5:00 hour at around 47 degrees. for tonight, we'll see this precipitation gradually start to wane out. it will clear overnight. 33 degrees. and some morning clouds and a sunny day. actually that snow should not be on there. should be sunshine, just like this five-day forecast shows and the week is not looking bad. we have a good week ahead of us. a few clouds. we warm up by the end of the
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week. >> thanks gwen. predicting the weather can be tricky, but forecasters are getting help from 500 miles above. >> a team from maryland is at the controls. bob and sherry lee were there for the launch. >> this is the launch control team. 4 minutes and holder. >> nasa will tell you no launch is ever routine. >> this is a business where we put a lot at risk. important things are risky to do. as the clock counted down, the weather satellite at the air force base in california had well, perfect weather. >> and liftoff of the delta 2 with the mpp satellite. blazing away on new technology for climate research and weather forecasting. >> at 5:48 a.m. eastern time, the satellite rocketed into space. its mission, to help protect
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potentially dangerous weather events well before they strike. >> four days down the road, you are in a bulls eye for a big snow event or major con verdictive event. >> they will be at the controls. the mpp will collect data as it orbits the earth 16 times a day. our fox 5 weather team will be able to use the information from that new satellite to predict whether conditions three and five days out with even more accuracy. >> every little bit of improvement. every little bit of information makes it better. >> warning those in the path of hurricanes and tornadoes. >> the weather forecasting business is all about saving lives. >> nasa plans to use the satellite for climate research, measuring temperatures. work that is critical. >> what i worry about in this tough fiscal environment is the very thing we should be supporting. this work at nasa and noah is on the chopping block.
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we can't afford it. >> in a few days the satellite will be powered up. >> who thought, the date is coming down. it will come shortly from this satellite. it's a great place to be on a great day. >> it really is rocket science. sherry lee, fox 5 news. >> the redskins face a must win north of the border against the bills. >> and the maryland terps battle not only boston college, but the elements in college park. lindsey murphy up next in sports. 
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good afternoon. maryland coach would not tip his hat all week as to who was the starting quarterback today versus boston college. it appeared even in the game that he still didn't have his mind made up. cj brown started, but daniel brian was in the mix as well. maryland fans looked prepared, but i think they were shocked. they walked to the game in snow today. the game's first possession. goes untouched. 18 yards for the score. eagles have an early lead. cj brown would get the start. 7-3 boston college. brown would be replaced by brian in the second quarter. alex on the end around, takes it 21 yards for the touchdown. right now, boston college leads. maryland loses 28-17. logan thomas and virginia tech on the road against the
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duke blue devils. no score in this game. thomas with a little play action rolls left. lost it to eric martin, two yards for the touchdown. the hokies out in front 7-0. we go to the second quarter. josh takes the inside handoff. he goes up the middle 31 yards down to the 1 yard line. he would score on the next play. the hokies rush. improving to 8-1. georgetown defeats holy cross. howard shut out by south carolina state 31-0. the redskins head north of the border for tomorrow's game versus the bills in toronto. it's the first time in team history that they will play a regular season game outside the u.s. and they are bringing some baggage with them to canada. after starting the season 3-1. the skins dropped two straight falling to 500 on the season. it doesn't help the team suffered major injuries and lost five offensive starters. but all of that must be set
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aside tomorrow. it is not necessarily a must win, but the skins can't afford to lose three straight. >> if you start worrying about, you know, the last two losses of the last two games and press more to make plays and you end up not making plays and making errors. >> ten games left and there's plenty of work that can be done. a lot of things to shake out. we have all attention going up there and getting a win. but i won't sit here and say our season would be a loss if we took a loss. >> one player unable to go, howard who broke his foot and is expected to miss 10 to 12 weeks. number 12, terrell will be counted on to assume a bigger role. here's the head coach on what his absence means to his team. >> we really haven't had time to adjust. we had one practice.
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today's scrimmage, guys have to step up and fill roles and we have to change the way we were playing. i thought we were playing a fun exciting style. really practicing well. so it's going to be -- we'll figure it out. one day at a time. we have to learn some point guard positions. you know, trying to get better as a team. like i said, a huge part of the team. we have to move forward. >> last night as seen right here on fox 5. game seven of the world series. bottom of the 3rd, tied at 2. craig slides one to deep right field. over the head of nelson cruz, and over the wall for a solo her honor solo home run. he sends a fly ball to left. allen craig, that is the final out as the cards beat the
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rangers 6-2. the 11th time in franchise history. also the caps in vancouver tonight against the canucks. it appears they will once again be without mike green. >> okay, thank you lindsey. that does it for us at 6:00. we are back at 10:00 and for the news edge at 11:00. no baseball tonight, how about that. blain
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