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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 30, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the man accused of killing a local nun in a drunk driving accident will face a virginia judge tomorrow. we have a preview. here we go again, another ugly loss for the redskins. sports director dave feldman joins us with what went wrong this week. and an october snowstorm
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causing big problems across the northeast. now millions of people are without power. we take a look at how cities are dealing with the aftermath. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm will thomas. the man accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving accident last year goes on trial tomorrow in prince william county. the 23-year-old illegal immigrant who is facing the charges faces up to 40 years in prison if he's convicted. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom with a look at the case. good evening. >> good evening, will. supporters of tougher immigration enforcement say this case is a symbol of brian immigration system. the nun who lost -- of a broken immigration system. the nun who lost her friend say all they care about is justice for the victim. 66-year-old sister denise mosher was killed. two other nuns were critically hurt at 8:00 on a sunday morning last year when an alleged drunk driver slammed head on into their vehicle.
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the driver, 23-year-old carlos montano now is facing felony murder charges and a host of others including driving with a revoked license. if montano -- it's montano's immigration status that has thrust the case into the national spotlight. >> this case was preventible because this individual was an illegal immigrant who had committed two prior duis. he had been identified as an illegal immigrant and should have been deported by the federal government before this tragedy ever occurred. >> reporter: prince william county board chairman corey stewart is outraged at how the federal government has dealt will legals like montano. >> we thought the federal government had deported him and they didn't. they simply released him and actually issued him an employment authorization card which he was able to get another driver's license with. >> reporter: stuart said the county is suing the federal -- stewart said the county is suing the federal government find out what happened to 4,000 illegal immigrants not county
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turned over since passing a july in july of 2007 requiring the police to check the immigration status of everyone arrested for a crime. >> they will not tell us whether they've been deported or released and one of their issue -- and whether they're still a threat to safety. >> reporter: sister andrea says the focus should be on forgiveness, not immigration. >> if i were sister denise if by any chance she could have survived long enough to see him after she was injured, she would have said carlos, i forgive you, but please get some help with your drinking problem so that you will be a good father too your two children and that you don't -- to your two children and that you don't hurt somebody else. >> reporter: some prince william county authorities say if montano is not convicted they don't want him deported now. in the words of one, you do the crime here, you can do the time here. the trial is set for 10 a.m.
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tomorrow at the courthouse in manassas. a scary afternoon for a maryland daycare. police say this ice cream van slammed right into the side of the landover hills home daycare about 1:30 this afternoon. the driver was taken to the hospital. no one was inside the daycare fortunately hurt, but there is damage to the building and we're toll the may ground was destroyed. -- told the playground was destroyed. the future of the alexandria waterfront has many of you upset. some believe it should be home to new hotels and businesses. others worry too much development could ruin the beauty and historic value of oiled town. tonight there was a big gathering of neighbor -- old town. tonight there was a big gathering the neighbors fighting to save the waterfront. >> team are really taking sides. on one hand you have people who feel like the waterfront needs more development, maybe some high rise hotels, restaurants and shopping but others who say too much development could hurt one of america's most historic areas.
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walking down some streets in old town, alexandria, is like taking the trip back in time. gas lanterns, cobblestone streets, american history at every turn. >> our streets were designed by george washington and they're not designed for motor coaches or hotel traffic to get to our waterfront. >> reporter: boyd walker is one of many residents who gathered in old town sunday night fighting against a plan currently considered to rezone and redevelop the waterfront area. the plan would bring new jobs, new businesses and new hotels to the waterfront, but some worry that could destroy the historical value. >> the city council seems to be working with developers to create a plan that favors the developers and doesn't favor the history of alexandria. >> reporter: sunday night councilwoman belle pepper came to hear about the alternative plan proposed by this group. >> i'm going to see if we can compromise. >> reporter: councilwoman pepper has been on the council for years and has never seen so much passion over an issue.
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>> the community is really divided. >> reporter: this issue is still being debated in a city committee, no decision has been made. this vocal group would like more parks, museums and no added traffic and they plan to continue their fight until they get what they want. >> i'm going to read the new plan that's the alternative alexandria, what their plan is and see what we can do. >> the committee must still decide on a plan. then it will send recommendations to the city council for a vote. councilwoman pepper wasn't sure when that would take place. the redskins headed north of the border with the hopes of ending their two-game losing streak. dave feldman is in the newsroom with what happened. i guess i should say what went wrong, a total shutout today. >> it was bad. it's like something happened during the bye weeks. four weeks ago they were 3-1 adopt nfc east, had a week off
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and nothing has been right since, three straight losses including today and adding insult to insult you mentioned they were shut out. the redskins finding their first regular season game out of the country ever. mike shanahan hoping to end a two-game losing streak. 1st quarter no score. ryan fitzpatrick facing 2nd and 7 completes to scott chandler who tightropes it 20 yards for the score, the first of two touchdowns for chandler. 2nd quarter redskins facing 3rd and 16. john beck is back on a blitz by jace berg. beck was sacked nine times matching the record set in '78. there was a field goal in the next play and 4th quarter with the redskins down 20-0 beck intending for fred davis picked. beck finishes 20 taft, two interceptions, redskins -- 2-8, two interceptions, redskins
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shut out. >> obviously very disappointed in our execution. we're going to go back and work on the execution. is adversity. coach shanahan always talks to us about being a team of character and i do believe that this is a team of character and that we will bounce back. >> it's as bad as i've ever been involved in from an offensive side as an assistant or head coach. i've never been in that situation before we've been shut out, either one, so it's a touch one to take. >> shanahan was -- a tough one to take. >> shanahan was shut out for the first time ever as a head coach in the nfl spans 18 years and 268 games. later lindsay murphy from toronto with more on the skins team that is reeling right now. they're in a loft trouble. a lot of travelers and -- a lot of trouble. a lot of travelers and team at home not too happy either. the nor'easter that came up the coast yesterday dumped 7 feet of snow in some places. more than 2 million people found up in the dark and plenty
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of travelers found themselves stranded forhours. we have the story from new jersey. >> reporter: millions across the northeast are in the dark after a powerful nor'easter pounds the region over the weekend. the early storm dumping heavy wet snow on states from maine to maryland. the record breaking storm is blamed for three deaths and of including main in connecticut and in pen -- a man in connecticut and in pennsylvania as well as a 20-year-old man in massachusetts who was electrocuted. the storm's impact combined with still leafy trees topped with heavy snow put immense pressure on branches causing scores of trees to fall contributing to about 3 million outages. communities in western massachusetts are among the hardest hit with up to 27 inches reported in some places. >> there's no power right now and we're just using candles and flashlights and off to work we. go. >> reporter: the 750,000 without power in connecticut broke a record for the state pummeled by hurricane irene just months before.
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>> this is the largest number of power outages that we have ever experienced. >> reporter: in new jersey where more than 600,000 lost power including governor chris christie utility officials warning lengthy outages. crews are working in up to 19 inches of snow where downed trees and messy roads are hampering efforts. meantime some occupy wall street protesters in new york have weathered the storm. newark liberty and kennedy airport experiencing long delays saturday along with philadelphia's airport. commuter trains in connecticut and new york also experiencing delays. >> power goes in and out, bathroom locked. >> reporter: the power outages will mean added danger to trick- or-treaters heading out without street lights. no heavy wet snow in the metro area, pretty much had to head out to places like grant county near west virginia to really see that.
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gwen, i guess you could say we were spared? >> we were spared. in the city we got trace and west virginia really got hit fairly hard with 14 inches of the snowfall. some of our burbs to the north and west of us got a little over an inch to maybe a couple inches and the more west we went, the more snowfall we did see, but it was a much calmer day here today, no shortage of sunshine, chilly, warmer than yesterday, though. 55 degrees the high at national airport, 51 at dulles and 54 degrees at bwi and that's actually 9 to 13 degrees cooler than the average normal for the day. so we were still a little chilly. right now it's 45 degrees nationality, 34 at dulles, 36 at baltimore -- at national, 34 at dulles, 36 at baltimore, clouds not much to speak about, but tonight at least a few clouds across the area. light winds, another cold night ahead, 36 degrees in the city, but cooler in the burbs and changes in our five-day forecast and i'll have that
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halloween trick-or-treater forecast as well for you. >> i think take lot of us will have to bite the bullet and turn on the heat tonight. the election is over a year away, but things are heating up on the campaign trail. rick perry talks about participating in future die baits as herman cain tries to -- debates as herman cain tries to maintain his momentum. and stranded for hours on the tarmac, a complete nightmare, where travelers had to go to while stuck on the plane as the 10:00 news continues. 
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it may be a cold end to october in washington, but the political season is certainly warming up. rick perry explains why he might skip a few debates. herman cain takes heat for an internet ad and we get a peek at how the president's plan to answer criticism on the campaign trail goes. >> reporter: herman cain continues to post well in gop polls. >> i believe that i'm doing so
10:16 pm
well because i'm connecting with the people. americans want to see us proud again and they don't feel that pride right now. >> reporter: but he has some tough questions to answer on face the nation about this ad featuring his chief of staff. >> it's not funny to me. i am a cancer survivor like you. >> i am, also. >> i had cancer that's smoking related and i don't think it serves the country well. >> i never smoked and i have encouraged people not to smoke. insight not a cool thing to do. >> -- >> it's not a cool thing to do. >> it's not and that's not what i was trying to say. >> reporter: on fox news sunday from his stomping grounds in austin, texas, governor rick perry explained his problem with debates. >> 18 debates is i think way too many frankly. that is an incredible amount of time and preparation and what have you. i really like getting out and being able to talk to people just like i'm talking with you today where you have time to lay out your ideas.
10:17 pm
we got a great debater, a smooth politician in the white house right now. that's not working out very good for america. >> reporter: then a blunt admission on meet the press from white house advisor. >> we're going to have a tough election. >> reporter: in addition to we can't wait here's another message the democrats are rolling out. >> he's promised change and that's what he's delivered. change is end being the iraq war and making sure you -- is ending the iraq war and making sure you can serve this country no matter who how of you love by don't ask don't tell. we've got a heck of a record to point to. here. >> reporter: expect to hear more of that as both sides press for the vote from the american people. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> joining me now is republican strategist jack berkman and democratic strategist lyndon daley. have to spend some time tonight on herman cain. the new iowa poll just out,
10:18 pm
ever is edging out mitt romney. jack, does the gop leadership want cain as a nominee, why or not? >> i think they're kind of like me warming up to him. i think although romney is ahead will have a heck of a time getting the nomination because the primaries weave through the south. they need a conservative. i think they like the fact he's telling the truth on taxes. he's also the only conservative who hasn't been the flavor of month the. this guy has held on for 60 days now -- month. this guy has held on for 60 days now. i think there's a real chance he could be the nominee and beat barack obama. >> cain's critics have said he may be defused by his own controversial comments on things like race and abortion. what do you think? >> maybe the flavor of the. >> isn't the right description, but i think -- of the month, isn't the right description, but i don't think he'll last. they've looked at rick perry, michele bachmann and all sorts of people, now herman cain.
10:19 pm
>> why won't he last? >> first of all, the 9-9-9 plan is really unworkable. >> why? i think it's very workable. what you don't know is it cuts payroll taxes. >> because it adds taxes, though, in nevada and new hampshire and it also hurts the low income folks. >> when you say would raise taxes to the low income folks, it would raise taxes on 1% on people who don't pay any federal income tax right now. >> plus they'll add onto people in naff and new hampshire and other key states. >> -- in nevada and new hampshire and other key states. >> during cain's tenure as head of the national restaurant association in the '90s at least two female employees complained of sexually suggestive behavior by cain that made them angry and uncomfortable. the source is according to politico and this is their exclusive. they signed agreements with the restaurant group that gave them financial payouts to leave the association. jack, why don't you take this?
10:20 pm
>> well, they're serious allegations but they have to be proven. i don't think anybody can bat an eye at that unless and until they go into court. they want to file a suit, a judge or jury finds for a settlement and find a judgment against herman cain, yes, we can take that seriously, but when you're talking about people that waited 15 years to bring complaint and now only bring it out because not guy is an international superstar, i think a lot of that is kind of selfish. >> you night agree the fact he's running -- might agree the fact he's running for president of the united states is enough? >> i did see the story that came online tonight. don't know if this is true tore not. we'll have to see a -- true or not. we'll have to see what happens in the next few days and weeks and is no. these are serious allegations and should be looked into. >> rick perry has a new plan to reform taxes and cut spending. is he trying to reinvigorate his campaign? >> i think perry still has a real shot. he's governor 6 texas, a big --
10:21 pm
governor of texas, a big super tuesday state. i think my fellow republican can still rally and win, but he can't start missing debates. if he does that, doesn't center a chance. >> i agree -- have a chance. >> i agree that. he can't be lukewarm. i'm actually disappointed in perry. i think he's been the longest serving governor in the country. i think he would have done better than he has. i've been frankly disappointed in his performance so far. >> good conversation, gentlemen, always good to have you. dozens of travelers stuck on the tarmac for hours. this was just a complete nightmare. we're talking eight hours in one case and the problems didn't end when they finally got off the plane. nasa launches into the future, why scientists are so excited about the newest satellite circling the globe as we continue.  [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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the winter weather kept plenty of flights on the ground including several planes at
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hartford airport in connecticut last night. this jetblue plane was stuck on the tarmac more than eight hours with all the barmes locked. the flight had -- bathrooms locked. the flight had to land in hartford because the weather had gotten so bad and the hotel where a lot of the passengers wound up lost power. >> security lets us in. it's all dark, all black. >> can't get any food. >> i had to hold my cell so we could use the facilities, but i'd rather be here and warm and safe than in dane somewhere. >> at least she's smiling. trust me -- in a ditch somewhere. >> at least she's smiling. trust me, a lot of folks were not. nasa's new satellite might help with weather forecasts in the future. the npp satellite will orbit the earth more than 12 times a day collecting information on things like temperature, humidity, the ozone. it even tracks the biological trends of the ocean and nasa scientists believe it's so
10:26 pm
important because of the weather satellites we have now will not work forever. catholic university is facing a legal battle over its alleged treatment of muslim students. we're going one on one with the man behind the case plus what the university is saying. thousands line up for this morning's marine corps marathon. we have caught with the top finishers and those who were just happy to complete the race. 
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. average folks like you and me ran alongside u.s. service members for the annual marine corps marathon. it is the fifth largest marathon in the country, the ninth largest in the world. fox 5's lauren demarco headed out to the finish line. >> reporter: more than 20,000 people from across the country and around the world hit the pavement for the 36th annual
10:30 pm
marine corps marathon. 27-year-old lieutenant chad ware of indiana was the first to cross the finish line in two hours 19 minutes. >> feeling good through the early hills, just stuck with the lead pack. >> reporter: the women's division was won by a woman from turkey. it's known as the people's marathon. there's no prize money, but most runners say just participating is prize enough. >> you cross the finish line you start crying a little by. >> reporter: retired marine lance ware -- bit. >> reporter: retired marine lance ware used a hand cycle. >> there were marines all up and down the course, so that was pretty special. >> reporter: supporters were able to track their loved one through electronic tags that beam information to the internet and mobile phones. >> he's 24.36 miles, so he's pretty close. >> the energy here is amazing, crowds cheering on the runners for hours as they pass by and
10:31 pm
so many wonderful stories. one marine started a tradition more than two decades ago that is still going strong. >> i got my american flag, put it on a pole and got me a marine to carry the marine flag and we both ran 26 miles ago and it's just been tradition ever since. >> reporter: that was back in 1987. there are now five men who serve in sergeant steve boseman's color guard and the flags have their stories as well. >> this flag is special to be flown on 9/11 in afghanistan. >> reporter: after winding through the streets in arlington and georgetown heading past the national mall runners moved back to the marine corps war memorial. >> the marines have done so much for us. if it wasn't for them we probably couldn't run this race. a woman is recovering from burns after a house fire in berwin heights in prince george's county. the fire department said the woman was coming out of the house as they pulled up on
10:32 pm
58th avenue. she this is fair condition but her two dogs are missing. firefighters believe the fire started in the master bedroom. it's not clear exactly what happened, but investigators believe it was an accident. the main hall at union station back open tonight after part of the ceiling fell friday. the piece landed on a restaurant worker. inspectors think the ceiling was damaged during the earthquake in august. crews tried to fix it before, but that didn't work. everything should be back to normal by tomorrow. catholic university is facing legal action over how it treats muslim students. we're about to speak with main who is taking on the university, but first -- with a man who is taking on the university, but first the response from the university president john garvey saying the fact is no student has registered a complaint with the university. i want to reassure you that our muslim students are welcome at our university. joining my now is the attorney and george washington university professor who filed
10:33 pm
the complaint with d.c.'s office of human rights. john banstaff, thanks for being here. >> thank you, sir. >> what are you doing in your legal action and why do you think catholic university is discriminating against muslim students? >> i filed a formal legal complaint against john garvey the president and catholic university for discriminating unlawfully based upon religion. they've allowed catholic and jewish organizations to form but refused to allow muslim students to form a muslim student organization. that's wrong and also illegal. >> but according to the university, the students who wanted to form this group haven't complained. the university says no one has come forward. >> that's a bit silly because when you've got only about 100 muslims on an overwhelmingly catholic campus you can't expect too many to complain and possibly jeopardize their complaints. turn that around, if nobody wants to form an organization garvey would get rid of the legal action tomorrow simply by
10:34 pm
saying okay, they can form one. all this came about because not washington post reported that a number of muslim students on their catch us did get together and filled out the -- campus did get together and filled out the papers necessary to form their organization and were told they can't. they seem to think they're above the anti-discrimination lawns because they're a catholic organization. georgetown tried that a number of years ago and after very expensive litigation found out they're wrong. they tried to stop a gay organization from organizing and the court of appeals said you can't do that. >> but in this case specificically what evidence is there the university wouldn't let the muslim group form? i understand you're basing some of this on a washington post article. >> this is at this point based on a post article and is being investigated by the human rights office. >> have you contacted the students in that article just to do some fact checking on this? >> i have not at this point because that's not the way the procedure works. i filed more than 100 race, sex and so on discrimination complaints about the office of human rights.
10:35 pm
you don't have to name names. you don't do fact checking. the law says that i file a complaint laying out probable cause to believe that there is a violation and then the office investigates. now again if garvey says home hey, they can organize, it's -- tomorrow hey, they can organize, it's no problem, that undercuts my case, but up if says no -- >> this case in a be wrapped up soon if he's watching. >> it won't be. >> thank you for joining tonight. a change of scenery today for the redskins who played north of the border. why it just didn't center a positive effect against the bills -- have a positive effect against the bills. feldy is back next in sports. >> hi, gwen. >> hi. look at current temperatures, 30s to 40s and some 20s in our burbs as well. will it warm up in the week? i'll have the details after the break in your full forecast. rg
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it wasn't exactly that long ago that the skins were in first place. what happened here? >> it was four weeks appear, will, and then they had a -- four weeks ago, will, and then they had a bye week. then they played the eagles and lost and played the panthers in carolina and lost and played the bills today in toronto and lost. here's some fun facts involving today's game from canada. fun if you're from buffalo or canada. john beck making his second start as the skins quarterback was sacked nine times. the redskins were held to 178 total yards and they scored zero points. the redskins looking at a five- game -- looking to end a five- game losing streak, it would be six at the end of the game. the pass is completed and goes for 45 yards to set up a field goal. bills led 13-0 at the half. 3rd quarter the bills add to
10:40 pm
it. scott chandler sprints from london fletcher, 15 yards from the score, bulls up 20 -0. 3rd quarter later john beck absorbs one of nine saxby the bills which ties a team record -- sacks by the bills which ties a team record. the redskins are shut out 23 -0. mike shanahan as a coach for the first time in 18 years shut out. lindsay murphy with more from toronto. >> reporter: today's loss was tough to swallow, not only was it the third straight for the redskins, but it was the first time mike shanahan has been shut out as a head coach. >> obviously there's a lot of pressure there and very disappointed at the end results scoring no points. don't think i've ever had that i since i've been coaching as assistant college or pro. so it's pretty humbling to take that. >> i don't know, man. it's just a blur right now.
10:41 pm
i don't know. at a loss for words. i really thought i prepared. i felt like we knew we needed this game to stay in the race, mine we're not technically out of, it but -- i mean we're not technically out of, it but this is just obviously devastating and i don't know, man. it's very frustrating. >> reporter: it won't get any years next week for the redskins when they host of the 6-1 san francisco 49ers. lindsay purr, i fox 5 sports. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. eli manning and the giants hosting the dolphins. mang throws over the middle to victor cruz who breaks a tackle and goes 25 yards for the game winning touchdown. giants defeat the winless dolphins 20-17 to improve to 5- 2. ray lewis and the ravens 12.5 point favorites against the cardinals, but arizona jump the out to a 24-3 lead. final minute tied, flack owe
10:42 pm
deep to smith and he makes -- flacco deep to smith and he makes the catch down to the 5- yard line. three plays later billy cundiff steps up and makes the game winning play. baltimore improves to 5-2. that does it for sports, but much more coming up on nissan sports x dark but will is back right after the break -- xtra, but will is back right after the break. stay with us.
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we have asked and you delivered. tons of viewers sent in pictures from yesterday's october snowstorm. this person sent us a pic of 22- month-old c.j. enjoying the snow. this one is along the pennsylvania turnpike, just gorgeous out there. >> beautiful. the only sad thing is i think this weather might have really affected the fall foliage.
10:46 pm
>> boy, all those snow capped trees are pretty. this one is in greensburg, pennsylvania, another look at dusting of snow there on some bushes, i guess, or are those flowers? >> flowers. >> then check out pumpkin the snowman, appropriate for this time of year. >> to show you the consistency of the snow that was packed with enough moisture that you could make a snowman. >> you made this point last night. sort of closer into the metro area we got more of a dusting, didn't stick and you head towards say grant county, west virginia, it got heavy. >> exactly. even north of us, northwest of us, a lot of our communities did see a bit more of the white stuff as we call it. >> snow out of here, but you know what stuck around? the cold temperatures. >> we really plummeted last night, had the freeze warning in effect. tonight is another night to bundle up and throw on the extra blanket or two because definitely a very cold evening out there. we've got fairly clear skies,
10:47 pm
just a few clouds, a few little clouds there right now, nice shot of the capitol, but overall we had plenty of sunshine today at it least. so it was at least a sunny dry day. the only thing we had to deal with this morning was those icy patches, but the sun helped melt some of that and get rid of it, but still chilly nights. we do have more sunshine in the forecast ahead. could see a few showers. we'll talk about that and also those temperatures finally are going to be slowly gradually, but on the rise. at least we'll see a bit of a warm-up. 55 degrees today at national, 51 dulles, 54 degrees at bwi. those temperatures about 9 to 13 degrees below the seasonal average for the day, so still a bit chilly, 45 degrees right now at national, humidity 55%. we've got very light calm winds outside. with the skies being partly cloudy we're still seeing things remain cold. 41 annapolis this hour, 36
10:48 pm
frederickburg, 37 hagerstown, 35 martinsburg. heading up the mid-atlantic 42 degrees for boston, new york 43 degrees and to the south a chilly 39 degrees for richmond. once again another cool night. as we look across country, we'll see some of that warmer air gradually to the south push its way very slowly into the mid-atlantic. we will get a bit of rise in temperatures and we'll get to appreciate that by the time we get closer to the end of the week, but tonight here's a look at your lows. some 20s on here, 27 in winchester, 27 hagerstown, 30 degrees at bowie, 35 at alexandria. as we move into the course of tomorrow we'll still see a fair amount of sunshine, ridge of high pressure in control, not a lot going on now, a few clouds rolling in. what we'll have to watch is going to be a coastal low and a frontal system that's out here to our west. that it's going to give us a combination of a bit of a change in our forecast.
10:49 pm
plenty of sunshine tomorrow, but this coastal low will gradually move out. it will bring a chance of evening showers. i'm thinking it might hold off a bit into late, but there is a slight chance. in the early evening for the trick-or-treaters we could possibly see a light shower or two. we'll have to watch it closer. boil be about 50 degrees -- by tomorrow be about 50 degrees by midday and tomorrow night partly cloudy skies, 306 and mostly sunny, a chance of evening showers -- 36 and mostly sunny, a chance of evening showers. here's a bit of your halloween forecast. eerily cloudy with a chance of a shower and ghostly chilly night ahead, creeping into the 50s and the 40s. so once again i'm keeping my fingers crossed the showers do hold off, but be aware there is a slight chance we could see a light shower. we'll have an update in the morning for all those trick-or- treaters. >> your fingers are crossed and
10:50 pm
so are a lot of kids out there 6789. hundreds guyed in greensboro -- there. hundreds guyed in greensboro, north carolina to, say good -- gathered in greensboro, north carolina to, say good-bye to their loved ones in kuwait. one family makes it a family affair. >> reporter: it's bittersweet. these soldiers are ready to get started on their mission. but with the mission comes saying good-bye. >> we leave you behind with one less partner in your day to day efforts. we leave you with the burden of worrying about the well being of your loved ones that they're so far away. >> reporter: community made sure these 360 soldiers knew their service doesn't go unnoticed. these men and women are part of the 113th brigade of the army national guard and for four men in this unit a big piece of home is going with them overseas.
10:51 pm
>> all along people said they wanted to do 26789. >> reporter: a sad and his three sons -- to do. >> reporter: a dad and his three sons are being deployed at the same time. >> i am their father, but now they're soldiers and they're going to be treated as soldiers and they'll respect men as a soldier. >> reporter: milton autrey has been in the service 27 years. >> stand at attention and look straightforward of. >> reporter: so his boys -- straight forward. >> reporter: so his boys have grown up in the military. twin 21-year-old brothers joshua and nathaniel trained together in texas. >> through the whole mobilization training event we practiced together, ate dinner together, all that great stuff. >> reporter: this is the first deployment for all three autrey sons. >> nervous, butterflies in the stomach but happy to go over there. >> reporter: even these tough soiled engineers admit having dad there on their -- soldiers admit having dad there on their first deployment makes it easier. >> having family over there, it's not going to be sloanly.
10:52 pm
we have family mens to go -- lonely. we have family members to go to. >> reporter: and knowing they'll have a crowd waiting for them to come home. the war in libya is over. the head of nato says military operations will end tomorrow. the united nations security council voted to end authorization for the libyan mission friday. all fighting was declared ended following the capture and death of moammar gadhafi and now one of his sons it s talking to the criminal court for -- sons is talking to the criminal court for surrender. crews demolished the estate that was once gadhafi's home. it's hoped to turn the area into an open space where all libyans can be at peace. it's not the kind of thing you expect to see in afghanistan, but a bowling alley may become a symbol of the country's future. the facility is located down
10:53 pm
the street of a popular mall in kabul. it gives families a place to go for fun and its owners say it's a welcome distraction to constant worry over the war, a feeling shared by some people who showed up to bowl. >> most of them, they the 2 to see other places -- the 2 to see other places -- want to see other places to show that you have a future hire and a good opportunity. >> the bowling center was paid for by or not's family which made money off the sale of -- the owner's family which made money off the sale of some land. some wounded warriors are spending time to a farm, how horses are helping them on their way to recovery. and why an accident that killed a prince william county nun is getting national attention, why it's front and center in the debate over illegal immigration. that's coming up on the news edge at 11:00.  look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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a historic virginia ford is about to become a national park. a large part of fort monroe will become the 396th national park come tuesday. interior secretary ken salazar says the fort had bipartisan back, public support and the possibility of job creation and tourism dollars for the commonwealth. sounds like a win/win. a wounded warrior says a process of getting well takes determination. some injured marines are spending time doing something they say makes all the difference. they were on a farm in prince william county doing something called horse cutting. fox 5's beth parker has a closer look. >> it's so exciting. >> reporter: the wounded warrior cutting horse classic
10:58 pm
is competition these marines crave. melissa harimijo has served in iraq and afghanistan. >> i lost a lot of my confidence for a long time and they helped me like build this confidence up that i haven't had in such a long time and giving me a really good adrenaline rush that i haven't had in a long time and i'm like smiling from ear templet. >> reporter: this skillful cutting back and forth didn't come easy. >> when i first got on the horse to trot i was terrified. i thought i was going to fly off. i was like i don't think i'm going to make it to the end. week. >> reporter: not only did she make, it she came in second place in her category. most of these riders had spent very little time to a horse. >> yes, ma'am, we learned everything we knew this week. >> reporter: so they're in the a reason parks the goal is for the ride -- arena, the goal is for the rider to separate a cow, ice it from the herd. >> we'll go to the -- isolate it from the herd.
10:59 pm
>> we'll go to the herd and take it out one couch. >> reporter: the judge knows you've met the -- one cow. >> reporter: the judge knows you've met the burden when the cow looks around and has given up. >> they remember when they leave. >> they join the marines to be a marine and the only problem is you're going to go fight and be first to fight, right? so it's that spirit, of course, is what we want to keep alive, keep well, keep it growing. >> heading out there you just kind of forget about everything and you get that tunnel vision and you just go for it. >> my name is jim mcdonough and i'm a cutting horse trainer in culpeper, virginia. >> reporter: mcdonough volunteers his time to help. >> just is a blast and one thing working with marines is ask you tell them one time and they listen. >> reporter: -- is you tell them one time and they listen. >> reporter: don york owns the land, arena and the cows. >> did you hear melissa and hear her r


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