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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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conversation and it helped her gain confidence? that's what we were hoping and it happened! >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00 from. s s good to have you with us. i'll will thomas. the man accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving accident last year goes on trial tomorrow in prince william county. the 23-year-old is an illegal immigrant charged in the case faces up to 40 years if he's convicted. fox 5's audrey barnes has a preview of the case. >> 66-year-old sister denise mosher was killed, two other nuns critically hurt at 8:00 on a sunday morning last year when an alleged drunk driver slammed head on into their vehicle. the driver, 23-year-old carlos montano, is now facing felony murder charges and a host of
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others including driving with a revoked license. if man tan owe's immigration stat -- it's man tan owe's immigration status -- montano's immigration status that has thrust the case into the national spotlight. >> this was preventible because this individual was an illegal immigrant who committed two fryer duis and was identify -- prior duiss and was identified as an illegal immigrant and should have been deport before this tragedy occurred. >> reporter: there's outrage at how the federal government has dealt with illegals like montano. >> we thought the federal government had deported him and they simply released him and actually issue him an employment authorization card which he was able to get another driver's license with. >> reporter: stewart said the county is suing the federal government to find out with happened to 4,000 illegal immigrants the county turned over since passing a law in july of 2007 requiring police to check the immigration start us of everyone arrested for a
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-- status of everyone arrested for a crime. >> they will not tell us whether they've been deported or released and whether they're still a threat to the community's safety. >> reporter: at the monastery where the nuns were headed the day of the crash sister andrea verchek said the focus should be on forgiveness, not immigration. >> if i were sister denise if by any chance she could have survived long enough to see him after she was injured, she would have said carlos, i forgive you, but please get some help with your drinking problem so that you will be a good father to your two little children and that you don't hurt somebody else. >> reporter: some prince william county authorities say that if mon tan open is convicted, they -- mon oe is convicted, they -- montano is convicted, they don't want him deported. the trial is set for 10 a.m. tomorrow at the courthouse in manassas, audrey barnes, fox 5 news. not loudoun county
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sheriff's office will head out to keep kids away from sexual predators tomorrow night called operation porch lights out. child sex offenders are legally required to turn off their porch lights and can't answer the doors for trick-or- treaters. deputies will visit their homes tomorrow to make sure they are following those rules. hundreds of male and college students will get to live on a cruise ship soon. it's not a carnival cruise shim, but you get the idea. it -- ship, but you get the idea. it arrived at its dock today. about 240 st. marys college students had to move out of their dorms because of a mold issue. the school is renting the ship and it will cost about as much as the hotels did. 7 tons of cocaine unleaded from a ship in st. petersburg florida. the coastguard said it is evidence of an larging new drug route from south america. we -- alarming new route from south america. we will take a look at this
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alarming new bust. >> reporter: for the past three weeks there were fbi divers going out to a big stash of cocaine. >> apparently it's pretty big. i don't keep traffic pounds and that stuff, but chant of command is very happy about the -- the chain of command is very happy about the amount of drugs on deck. >> reporter: 7-tons is about 1/3 of what all the street cops on land in the united states will catch gavin year. >> this came off a. >> i -- a given year. >> this came off a semi sub vehicle intercepted. there was a vessel intire septembered and in july another one -- intercepted. >> these are the first three semi submersibles we've seen in the caribbean. >> reporter: what do you read into that? >> well, we've got a lot of worrying to do. >> until now the coastguard only found semi subs want in
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eastern pacific. now they are -- subs in the eastern pacific. now they are also being found in the caribbean. >> if you don't have a ship that's big enough to be on scene, you can't stop them. >> reporter: the coastguard wants 25 new generation offshore cutters, but they have yet to be designed, let alone budgeted. not of the caribbean ocean also much more shallow than the pacific. no problem if the cocaine is 1,000 feet under water, but if it's only 60 feet down like this shipment, it has to be recovered and destroyed. to mexico now where a gunfight in the middle of a shopping center broke out. look at security video from the shop here in cabo. marines, the mexican army and police officers found a group of armed men in the middle of the shopping center parking lot and gunfire broke out. two people were arrested. they are suspects in an attack nearby that killed a marine. an ugly loss today for the redskins as they took on the
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buffalo bills in toronto. we spoke with fans today at patty's in bethesda to get their reaction to the game. here's some of that. >> fire dan snyder. >> they sucked. i can only go for gore next week. >> i'm completely frustrated. i don't know what to do with myself. >> apparently they can't score a single point, but makes me feel like i shouldn't exist in life. >> our sports team has much more on this coming up in nissan sports and tray minutes away. glen really -- sports xtra minutes away. gwen really liked that last one. >> we had some cool weather today, 55 degrees at national, 51 dulles, 54 at bwi our high. a cold night tonight outside, right now temperatures 32 at gaithersburg, 34 baltimore, 42 in the nation's capital, 36 fredericksburg, 34 degrees at martinsburg. skies are partly cloudy, a range of high pressure in
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control. that will gradually slide out moving into tomorrow. as it moves out a coastal low will make its approach. this is what could possibly bring us a few showers tomorrow evening. i'm homing it won't deter the trick-or-treaters. it may hold off till late night, but right now it looks like the evening hours. in the daytime it will be mostly sunny. so our hall wine forecast for you, expect to -- our halloween forecast for you, expect to season some spooky showers and a ghostly chill creeping into the 50s and 40s and look at this because by the time we hit the 8:00 hour it will be about 49 degrees and there is a chance once again of a shower. here's your five-day forecast. oh, my goodness, it went right by. temperatures will be opt rise into the week and that's good news -- on the rise into the week and that's good news. we'll hit about 60 degrees by friday. we are taping the edge off tonight with a -- taking the edge off tonight with a blast from the past making its way to
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your tv screen. remember that? it's the hit '90s fox comedy living in color. it is coming back with two half hour specials this spring. the series creator will serve as host and executive producer for the new episode. in living color is what it's called. that does it for us. fox 5 news is it always on keep it here. sports xtra is two minutes away. 
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a welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> hi, everybody. welcome to nissan sports xtra where for the third straight sunday we're talking about a redskins loss. the bills defense ranked 31 out of 32 teams. they sacked john beck nine times today. prior to the game they had four sacks all season and beck's top counterpart ryan fit patrick made the redskins feel like they had too much to drink. redskins playing their first regular season game outside the united states and looking to end a two-game losing streak. 1st quarter no score. ryan fit patrick finds tight end scott -- fitzpatrick finds
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tight end scott chandler, 20 yards for the touchdown, bills jumping out to take 7-0 lead. 2nd quarter redskins fatal beck, completes it to fred davis -- redskins find beck, completes it to fred davis. on the play beck follows through and dings his thumb on a helmet. it obviously boyered him, but he stayed in the game. -- bothered him, but he stayed in. a few plays later beck gets wiped out, one of nine sacks on the day matching a team record. the field goal attempt was blocked on the very same play. fitzpatrick picked off by london fletcher to end the threat. 38 seconds left in the half, fitzpatrick threw a pass to fred jackson, turns it into something big, 45-yard gain to set up a 44-yard field goal. bills led 13-0 at the break. first a lift 2nd half jackson on the ground, first through a
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big hole, then 43 yards in jackson with 120 yards for the game. six plays later fitzpatrick on 3rd and 1 finds scott chandler who beats london fletcher this time for a 15-yard score, more on that later. bills cruising up 20-0. the pass picked off by george wilson, his fourth of the year. he gets up and returns it to midfield. the redskins next possession, beck going for broke to donte stallworth. i slips and falls and an easy enter -- he slips and falls and an easy interception. redskins shut out by the bills 23 -0. the redskins are now 3-4. john beck passed 208 yards but just 66 in the 1st. what redskins rushed only 26 yards. ryan torain led the team with 14. tight end fred davis had another big game leading in catches and receiving yards.
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the line surrendered nine sacks. the redskins were outgained by the bills 390 yards for 178. >> you think i'm satisfied? we didn't score a point. obviously very disappointed in our execution. we'll go back and work on the execution. >> i stopped looking at the scoreboard. it was 23 -0. so it was just frustrating. >> i've been a part of worse games than this. this is just something we got to build off of, long season, just play better football. just got to get a better start. >> i think when you play long enough, this unfortunately happens and no one likes, it but it's the nature of the game. i give all the credit to buffalo. they did a great job in attacking us? you never want to lose game and back to back games and so forth. this will definitely be a week for us to get as much as we can out of tape, get the most we can out of practice and take that step forward. >> when we return, why this
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