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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 30, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. welcome back. whenever a team gets walloped like the skins did today, there's a good chance of some
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in-house bickering and today that happened in toronto. midway through the 3rd quarter there was blown coverage as ryan fitzpatrick finds scott chandler for a second touchdown of the day. now london fletcher looks like he's big, but i don't think it was him. he had a problem with laron landry and d'angelo hall tried to step in and play peacemaker and that's what the cameras caught on the sidelines in front of a national fox audience. afterwards landry did admit my bad. d. >> i don't think, but i can say it was my fault. >> i just say defensively we don't want to give up touchdowns. so you get frustrated any time you give up points. >> everybody is frustrated and that's what happens. that's what happens in the heat of battle. tempers start to flare a little bit and cooler heads will
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prevail. >> so have the skins hit rock bottom? is that possible when we're not even halfway through the season. a lot of fans are angry. here's lindsay murphy from toronto with how the team feels of? >> reporter: the last three weeks have been tough on this redskins team as they suffer their first shutout since 2009. the skins have now lost four of their last five games. the offense was only partly to blame. john beck was sacked nine teams know times by a bills defense that has -- nine times by a bills defense that has four total sacks entering the game. >> i don't know if they brought blitzes we didn't see. it was just a tough day. >> there were some that were probably on me there and part of the protection is the quarterback as well, it's my job to get the ball out of my hands to see where i can help my guys out. >> reporter: but beck wasn't putting together scoring drives. in fact, the skins only managed 178 yards of offense. that won't get you a w
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considering the defense gave up 390 yards to the bills. >> just a blur right now. it's just i don't know. man, loss for words. i rail thought we were prepared. i -- i really thought we were prepared. i really knew we needed this game to stay in the race. we're not technically out of it, but this is obviously devastating. >> i stopped looking at the scoreboard. didn't even know it was 23-0. so it was frustrating. it was frustrating to not be able to get some things going defensively. i felt like we knew when of where we were going and it didn't. >> reporter: for the first time in his coaching career mike shanahan is shut out as he sees his team feeling down and out. >> very disappointed at the end results scoring no points. i don't think i've ever had that as a coach, assistant or
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coach, college or pro. it's pretty humbling to take that. >> it's tough. you just wouldn't to give yourself a chance to win in the nfl because momentum can shift. we weren't even close. so it's tough to swallow and obviously it's going to be a rough day tomorrow and we'll see what kind of gumtption this team has. >> reporter: from the rogers center in toronto, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> last time mike shanahan got bagelled in the nfl he was a receivers coach with the broncos and denver lost to the bears. the year was 1984. coming up the nfc east leading giants try to keep one of the worst teams in the nfl winless, miami, baby.
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> heading into today there were three winless teams in the nfl, the rams who beat the saints, the colts who lost to the titans, they still are and the dolphins who visited new york today. tom cop lynn and the giants coming -- coughlin and the giants coming off a bye week. 2nd quarter they lead miami. they hand off to reggie bush. he heads up the middle, spins out of the tackle and goes down 35 yards to the 4th. it's set up a dolphins touchdown. bush 100 yards rushing. late 2nd quarter giants trial 14-3 of. eli manning lost to manningham. his first touchdown of the year, deficit cut to 14-10. six minutes, giants trailing 17- 13, manning throws over the middle to victor cruz who
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breaks a tackle, goes 25 yards for the game winning touchdown. giants defeat the winless dolphins 20-17. they improve to 5-2. the ravens ray lewis loves the real turf. baltimore a heavy favorite against the visiting cardinals. 2nd quarter cardinals lead 10- 3. patrick peter son takes the punt at his 18, breaks the tackle, goes to the outside, cuts back inside, breaks a couple more tackles and goes 82 yards for the score. cardinals built a 24-3 lead. final minute tied at 27. ravens need some magic. flacco, torre schmidt, nice cancer 35-yard down to the 5. three play -- nice catch, 35- yards down to the 5. three plays later you got it, ravens rally to defeat the cardinals 30-17. baltimore improves to 5-2. the game of the day, the
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steelers host the patriots. 1st quarter ben roethlisberger connects with mewelde moore, 5 yards for the touchdown. steelerss in front 7-0. after a roethlisberger interception deion branch, 2 yards for the score, new england cuts the deficit to 10-7. later in the 1st half, roethlisberger with time completes to antonio brown 7 yards for the touchdown, steelers defeat the patriots 25-17. pittsburgh 6-2, new england 5- 2. when we return more on the bad day and we'll check in on the ravens, steelers and giants.  look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> so without running back tim hightower receiver santana moss, tight end chris cooley, the john beck led skins manage just 61 yards offense and three 1st downs on six 1st half possessions and it didn't get any better in the 2nd half as washington was shut out for the first time since the 17-0 loss to the cowboys on december 27th, 2009. barry cofield, what do you
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have? >> you got to win. it's just that simple. whatever it takes, whoever makes good plays, offense, defense, special teams. we all got to step it up. this thing went wrong in every facet imaginable today. one win can over race everything, but if that win doesn't come, then, you know, it will be more of the same. >> i do have some good news. the cowboys are getting walloped bit eagles. so that is good news for redskins -- by the eagles. so that is good news for redskins fans. here's bad news. the 49ers are coming next sunday, 6-1 in the nfc west. i'm dave feldman. i'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you for watching force the xtra brought to you by your wash -- watching sports xtra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealers.


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