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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 31, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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them. >> a car driven by the defendant, hit the right side of the bridge, crossed back over, hit the car that the nuns were riding in, hit head on. >> reporter: a marine came upon the accident that day he was tending to all the wounded at the scene including monatno he testified he smelled alcohol on his breath. >> what did i just get myself into, um, i was glad to have been there, it was an unfortunate situation, one that i was glad to help but at the same time i was unfortunate to be there because of the bad situation, it is unfortunate some people take their lives and other people's lives into their hands by doing such stupid things, as drinking and driving. sister denise moser in the backseat of the car died at the scene, two other nuns testified in court about at the vents
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leading up to the accident and extent of her injuries. >> she has scarring she described as railroad tracks on her body they are so extensive and she lost her left thumb. >> in the year since the accident sister cecilia dwyer and others tried to heal the community after word came out montano was already facing deportation before the accident. >> i want to say carlos mart nelly, montano is forgiven by our sisters we will continue to pray for his continued rehabilitation. >> his uncle says his family has visited the monastery to attend mass and the accident has changed their lives and his nephew's. >> he talked to us, about god he got to us, reading the bible, you know, by himself, he regrets a lot over what happened you know, all the
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spanish community ... >> reporter: now sentencing in this case is scheduled february of next year, and the felony murder charge, that he was found guilty of today carries alone a maximum of 40 years in prison. defense argued today they considered this an accident there was no malicious intent he never intended to kill anyone during the accident but given his two prior dui convictions and arguments today, the judge did of course side with prosecution, defense is telling us today, lawyers are saying they do plan to likely appeal this case. that is the latest here in prince william county back to you. >> thank you. now to the lululemon murder trial for the first time since testimony began the issue of motive was argued in court. the state attorney allowed the judge in the case to allow testimony shows jay that murray may have confronted brittany
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norwood over stolen merchandise but defense objected. paul. >> well, this was very interesting i have to point out right off the bat this was down out of ear shot to have jury they were not in the courtroom, this was an argument between state attorney, defense attorney and the judge. john mccarthy wanted to introduce an employee of lululemon who said she had a conversation with jana murray the night of the murder, she called her wanting to know if she sold brittany norwood any merchandise because she found merchandise in her bag, that is jana murray did and she didn't have a receipt for it and wanted to know if that was the case, if this woman had sold that merchandise to brittany norwood but the judge said that it was hearsay and he would not allow it, some of this testimony in court today was very graphic we want to warn you, that it may be upsetting to some viewers. >> reporter: in his opening statement to the jury last week states attorney john mccarthy
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never mentioned motive behind the attack it was the state's theory jana murray confronted brittany norwood but the jury never heard about it and never will. the phone conversation between murray and another employee is hearsay and cannot be admitted into evidence the state says the conversation took place the night of the murder when the jury took their seats the jury called to the stand a blood spatter expert and director of the district's consolidated crime lab. he said from the blood pattern he found in the back room where murray's body 'cause found she was hit -- was found she was hit standing up then in a kneeling or crouching position and then further on the ground. when the prosecutor asked why there was no blood on the bottom of murray's shoes, the doctor said she fell where she was hit and never got up again the attack was confined to that
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room. when asked about the blood found in the bathroom where police discovered brittany norwood, the doctor said there was too much blood to have come from norwood's wounding suggesting it was transferred from where murray was killed, when brittany norwood first spoke with police morning of march 12th she told the detective murray was hit in the head at the front of the store the jury heard from a dna lab technician who told the court she found murray's blood on norwood's socks, she testified the rope found around murray's head contained norwood's dna. the jury went home for the day a half hour ago after listening to a month golly county detective -- montgomery county detective detail how the story fell apart how they initially believed her and started looking at a couple people as possible suspects then things didn't add up any more and her story started to fall apart.
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laura. >> woofer asked this question before -- we've asked this question before did brittany norwood have any out ward reaction to testimony today? >> she is stone faced laura she sits there and doesn't even move, not even -- i haven't even seen a facial expression from her and i was sitting almost directly next to her today, and i was in the front row and she was just on the other side of the barrier i looked at her all day long and never saw any expression her family sits right behind me and they are watching all of this as well, they don't react really to anything either. >> paul wagner thanks very much we invite you to stay with fox 5 for complete coverage, paul will provide constant updates on air and online via twitter we have a link to his account on our home page you will find it in the hot topics bar, you can get updates through your smart phone, click mobile, to download mobile
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apes. >> now to a fox 5 news alert a violent carjacking this afternoon, district heights, around noon. the carjacker shot the victim we are told the victim was taken to hospital in serious condition and is expected to survive no word tonight if police caught up with the gunman. >> in the district, two gun men robbed a dentist and patients in the northwest they took advantage of the holiday wearing halloween masks it happened here in the 800 block of butternut street no one was hurt. >> an arrest in the murder of a capitol heights maryland man. james standage of temple hills is charged with firing the shot that killed 20-year-old lee he was gunned down saturday night, georgia avenue and b street northwest police still investigating this case, they have not released a motive for the killing. >> vindication how dcs mayor is describing his feelings, following the outcome of allegations of a pay to play scandal the house over site and
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government reform committee issued a report saying it showed no evidence, mayor grey offered brown, cash or a job but the committee did not rule out the grey cam pan ads paid -- campaign ads, paid for the mayoral campaign. >> sort of makes me feel vindicated you know, it has been a long or deal and you know, we've been pretty consistent, and very consistent obviously in what we said, all along the way and just no credibility with this man and you know he said a lot of things, alleged a lot of things there was nothing to cooberate it. >> although this particular investigation is over the united states attorney is investigating. >> dcs tax office is going after its most delinquent taxpayer the city seized interest in a property owned by barry morrow wits he owes nearly $18 million in income
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taxes. the property in question is at 3943 military road northwest the tax office says it tried several times and several ways to get payment from him. oh, the red skins played their first regular season game outside the country sunday of course the result, an historic set back for the head coach and third consecutive loss for the team. dave fieldman is live from red skins park. it has to be down out there. >> well, i mean you got to go through customs to use you could do that and stay in the united states i don't think there was any great upside to heading to toronto the down side, after the red skins won their first game of the season against the giants and season opener their other two wins have come against two, one and six teams, cardinals and rams, so how is their season going john beck is 0 and 6, as an nfl starter in national football league. first quarter yesterday in toronto, no score when the
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bills, ryan fit patrick, connects with scott chandler, takes it up the sideline, first of two for chandler. 2nd quarter ubc absorbs one of his 9 -- beck absorbs one of his 9, his receiver falls down and it is an interception. red skins lay an egg north of the border, shut out 23-0 by the bills the first time shanahan has ever been blamed as an nfl head coach. >> everybody is disappointed in me losing, especially when you lose the way we did without scoring a point that is always dispointing, you find out what type of characters you have by the work ethic how the players come back and hopefully we will put a full game together. >> go out there, prepare our week, work hard, go out here and get dominated this is hard. it would be easier to accept if it guys were not showing up and
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coming in late, you know, staying out past curfew you know, guys doing that you say oh, well, this is why we not winning, it is kind of hard when you are doing all the little things right and ain't showing up on sunday's. >> take look at nfc east standings, red skins, third straight loss tied with cowboys and eagles, 3 and 4 records, giants lead the division at 5 and 2. tight end fred davis one of the bright stars for the red skins so far this season, he is in a walking boot. he has a grade one ankle sprain. shawn that is the story from red skins park doesn't get any easier, sunday 6 and 1 san francisco 49ers, best in nfc west, come to fedex field. any chance of another quarterback change? >> i don't think so, shanahan and no one alluded to that today but there are a lot of
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monday morning quarterbacks wondering why he made the change in the first place. beck is doing okay not really any better than grossman did in his start. but rex got us three wins so far. >> that's right. >> thank you. following sunday's awful performance we want to know what you think can red skins turn this season around text your vote, text 1 for yes, 2 for no. we will have results for you tonight at 10. herman cain defending himself against serious allegations, find out how he is responding, to sexual harassment claims that surfaced over the weekend. >> what president obama is doing to help reduce the drug shortages. >> early dose of winter weather could mean no halloween for some trick or treaters tonight. gary that would be terrible news. >> not for any kids around here i sure hope but speaking of trick or treating, we will have a spooky trick-or-treat forecast coming up tell you how
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a political bomb shell could derail herman cain, a report claims sexual harassment lawsuits against cain were settled out of court from his
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days as national restaurant association, today cain fired back saying he was falsely accused but controversy is following cain through his appearances here in dc today. tom, you were at the national press club earlier today what was the scene like there? >> nothing short of a political feeding frenzy today as herman cain showed up for what was supposed to be a speech explaining his tax plan instead, cane wound up having to explain how he was sued for sexual harassment in a story that surfaced over the weekend. politico reported when cain was head of national restaurant association in the 90s. the trade group was sued by two women who claimed he had engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour, a five figure settlement required the women to leave the company and not discus details to have case. today he said he never sexually
5:17 pm
harassed any woman and was falsely accused today at the press club he said the allegations against him were false. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone, number two, while at the restaurant association, i was accused of sexual harassment, falsely accused i might add, i was falsely accused of sexual harassment and when the charges were brought, as the leader of the organization i recaused myself,. cain went on to explain he also didn't know of any legal settlement in the case because he says because of the restaurant association's privacy rules, they did not identify the women involved while the report was based on an anonymous source the paper did review documentation that described the allegations included in the resolution. >> thanks very much.
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critical drugs are in short supply putting patients at risk today the president took steps to reduce drug shortages, melanie has the details. >> reporter: with the executive order signed tuesday by president obama, the fda will double its staff that deals with drug shortages while it won't fix the problem completely patients say the advocates says the a start. cancer drugs, surgery drugs, hundreds of other injectable medications the list of shortages continues to grow. >> very much so. they are escalating faster this year than we had expected. >> reporter: american society of health pharmacists says 300 drugs could be in short supply in 2011. >> jacob knows what it is like in august the center where he was receiving chemo therapy ran out of the drug being used to treat his cancer. >> reporter: tuesday president obama signed an executive order intended to address the problem. >> this needs to be done. >> reporter: it would put more
5:19 pm
resources towards investigating price gouging, leading a regulatory review of drug manufacturers and getting more notice when a drug maker might fall short or shut down a production line. reporting is a critical issue with enough notice the fda has been able to prevent 99 shortages this year but only a very small number of drugs overall, have to be reported. a bill in congress now would make reporting mandatory, for many more. >> we need them to be onboard because we know people are dying. and we know people are going to die. >> unless they can get the life saving drugs they need. fda admits these steps won't be the end of drug shortages but they will keep a shortage from becoming a full blown crisis. melanie, fox 5 news. it was beautiful outside today, a little chilly but feels good hopefully this will continue into tonight for halloween. >> gorgeous day, live picture over northwest dc and really it is a gorgeous day but boy,
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temperatures are definitely -- the ghosts and goblins will need a jacket. >> i was pulling out the under armour. >> whatever you need to do to stay warm. >> it is not so attractive under dorothy. >> underneath the costume, no one will see it. whatever you need to do to stay warm. >> exactly. >> here is radar this evening, should stay dry for trickers and treaters, rain to the south of us, rain out to the west of us, but looks like everything is going to be pretty good now we will watch shore showers coming up into southern -- watch showers coming up into southern virginia, speaking of chilly, 54 city gaithersburg, 52, how about a spooky cast, again, trick-or-treating forecast, just a ghoulish chill. do whatever you need to do to stay dry. >> creeping into the upper 40s late, this is the evening part forecast, 52 at 7:00 p.m., 50
5:21 pm
by 9, a few showers possible by 11 hopefully everyone is back inside enjoying all their candy by 11:00 p.m. all right, see you soon. >> thanks the clean up from that surprise snow storm still under way in parts of the northeast tonight and it could not have come at a worst time especially for all those kids looking forward to trick-or- treating the heavy wet snow knocked down trees and power lines in many communities, connecticut's governor says conditions are just not safe it is better for kids to stay home at the height of the storm more than 3 million people in our area, from our area to new england lost power. can you believe that? >> no. >> big flakes it was nice for us, because it wasn't a whole lot of -- >> i missed it completely didn't see any of it we were out of town. >> >> still ahead, fox 5 monitoring metro find out why the transit agency says it could end up losing money on that new rail out to dulles. >> scary moments for workers left dangling, from a highrise,
5:22 pm
hear how this one ended. and if you see a story you think we should look into send your news tips to fox 5 tips. give us a call ...  [ screaming ]
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believe it or not the dulles rail line seems to be a loser for metro. the first phase will open up in 2013 adding 9 million new trips a year it will cost $20 million to operate during the first 6 months of service but only bring in $15 million in revenue, his storeically metro fares do not cover the cost but it puts more of a squeeze on an already financially strapped system. >> very scary moments for three workers in rockville the men were standing on scaffolding that suddenly gave way, that scaffolding was perched 8 stories up, on a highrise building on montrose road the men were left dangling on the
5:26 pm
rope and stayed that way until help arrived witnesses said they could not believe what they were seeing. >> three men hanging from the tray that was above the building and i think one had fell and landed on top of another one's shoulder and they was twisted to the side. firefighters were called to the scene they used their ladder trucks to get each of the men down each worker was placed in a bucket and brought safely to the ground federal investigators are looking into the incident to try to figure out what caused it. >> should certain teens be screened for hiv. coming up dr. oz joins us to talk about new recommendations, raising eyebrows tonight. >> when he got to this spot on my abdomen he let out this huge -- >> how pets are helping sniff out cancer, and save lives back in a moment 
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>> there is still lot we do not know about detecting cancer one thing all doctors agree on the schooner you can catch it the better chance you have of beating it now researchers are looking into whether the family pet could hold the key to early detection. taking a closer look tonight. meet dr. chris nelson her job is to treat and save animals like this one, who spent too much time out in the arizona heat. what makes her story so special isn't what she does it is what one animal did for her. several years chris adopted him from the arizona humane society and despite all he had been through he was a typical cat. >> as the saying goes, dogs have owners, cats have staff well, that is tigs. >> just over a year ago she
5:31 pm
noticed a change in him at that same time she was getting pains in her abdominal area, and an ultrasound didn't show anything. doctors gave her recommendations for a diet change but tigs new better. >> we were laying together in bed he started to sniff my arm he got to this side of my abdomen he let out this huge chk and tried to cover it up with the sheets i thought i don't think the ultrasound was correct. >> she went back and this time got a cat-scan. >> i had double hit lymphoma a very rare form of cancer and of course it was right here where tigs diagnosed it i would like to say i had my first cat-scan before i got to the hospital. >> her love for animals prompted though write a book about some animals she has experienced and treated over the years. it has nothing to do with her battle with cancer or how she was diagnosed but at book signings she always runs into someone with a similar story. >> when you meet other people, who have had it happen, and you
5:32 pm
know, it makes it more real, and validates the experience. >> one such woman was claire roads who she met at changing hands in arizona. claire told her about a dog belonged to her relative. >> a little buck colored cocker spaniel. >> she had a mole on her upper chest and lower neck area she didn't think much of it but the dog did. >> she got on me and started to scratch and claw as if she was trying to save me from something attacking me when she got done i saw that all the claw marks were right over where that mole was and i had actual red marks where she had been clawing me so i thought you know what i am just going to go and check it out. >> that is when doctors diagnosed her with malignant melanoma, 17 years ago, now she knows she is alive today because of two surgerythe dog. >> i know i would not have gone in i feel i was diagnosed by
5:33 pm
that dog. >> i have heard stories of animals especially diagnosing malignant melanoma i think that is a smelly cancer and on the sign. >> stories like that prompted chris to get checked out, tigs didn't stop with the diagnosis he stayed by her side during her difficult treatment with chemo therapy. >> when things got really bad, he would lay by my head and purr i think he was trying to help me out and it did. >> months after she thought she was all better the pain returned to her stomach, chris knew her doctors thought the cancer had returned,. >> but tigs didn't he didn't follow me around just ignored me that brought me great comfort until i had my next scan that was clean. >> now research is under way around the world to see how animals can be used to detect cancer. >> they are being trained to do all kinds of wonderful things i think their only limits are our
5:34 pm
imaginations. >> as for her decision to adopt a certain cat at the humane society years ago. >> i am glad when we went that day, he picked us we were looking at another cat he stole the show he was on for 5 minutes and he just wouldn't let us leave without him and i am so glad is just fantastic. that was maureen reporting american academy of pete at ricks is recommending all sexually active teens be screened for hiv in areas of high rates of infection all teens over age 16 should be tested this is setting off debate in the medical community and among parents and teens. thanks for joining us dr. oz. >> thank you. of the 1.1 million people infected 55,000 are between 13 and 24 years old nearly half don't know they are infected what is your take on this new
5:35 pm
recommendation. >> i think they thought through through carefully i think they are right half the kids don't know they have got the infection could pass it around without knowing about it it is not just testing but counselling with the testing if you test positive, remember 62% of kids, best estimate we have are sexually active by the time they finish high school, that means they are at risk if they are hiv positive, someone talks to them, walks them through it, we have wonderful results, we reduce the chance that they will infect others. >> just to play devil's advocate doing this the end result will only be a handful of new cases that they will find >> i don't know how you can say that there is a lot of kids out there, a fifth of all the kids surveyed said they were drinking alcohol before they engaged in intercourse for the first time they don't even know what they are doing half the time significant risks at that young age if they do contract hiv they pass it rapidly to
5:36 pm
others if we are going to intervene that is a good age to start. >> something earlier in the newscast we talked about president obama's latest executive order to reduce drug shortages last year the fda reported 108 shortages, was this the right move what does this mean for all of us? >> i think the president is doing the right thing. we have a problem in america, i have been con about thed by physicians and family memberpatients to see if can i get drugs for them it is crazy and the president is saying first off tell us if there is a shortage out there, he is mandating folks who have access to supply give us an early warning secondly he is saying the fda, you can accelerate some of these approvals, that is a help as well but the big thing the department of justice should get involved people are profit tiering off the pain of others this is not like chewing gum people's lives are compromised if you can't get your chemo therapy on time that
5:37 pm
is happening all over america today. last but not least, you have a special show planned for wednesday focused on cancer share with us what to expect. >> we spent a lot of time wednesday, highlights the fact that 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive the cancer if they get therapy in time. whether you have dense breasts or not you cannot tell unless you ask your doctor if you have that, if you do have dense breasts, mammography alone is not enough. being over weight dramatically increases the chance of getting breast cancer you put on 25 pounds you double the chance of getting breast cancer another good reason to lose weight. >> always great to see you and have you on thank you. >> take care. well, did you see this one coming? kim kardashian. >> yes. >> who didn't. >> kim kardashian changes her mind saying i don't, just 72 days, after getting married. tmz is working story for us. >> it was a little lucrative we
5:38 pm
will explain why. >> imagine living on a cruise ship during college why that dream come true was actually delayed for local students we will tell you about that coming up [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha.
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the tour mobile is making its final loop through washington it has been escorting tourists for more than four decades according to the washington post a spokesman for the national park service said they were in tough straights financially. there is no word if any other service will host those divided tours. >> local college students will spend a semester at sea. they will live on a cruise ship near campus because of a mold problem in their dorm they were initially relocated to area hotels after a doctor declared, those buildings unsafe. >> insulation on chilled water
5:42 pm
pipes in the ceilings of these residence halls failed they did not prevent condensation from growing. when that condensation forms, it allows mold to grow. >> i am excited i have been on a couple crewses before i know -- cruises before i know this is not going to be near the same experience but i think i like the idea of having only two people per bathroom which you don't get in a dorm. >> however they will not be allowed to move in for 24 hours because the captain is not happy with the way the ship is docked, dorm repairs could take a month. >> good for them get it fixed up. coming up, a marriage proposal gone viral, why it appears the bride to be got a little overwhelmed, oh, my. >> gosh, got to hear more about that one. >> and, that didn't take long, kim kardashian and her husband calling it quits after 72 days of marriage, we are talking with tmz about the big break up .
5:43 pm
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5:46 pm
oh, the frustrations are beginning to mount for the red skins after a third straight loss. one play is at the heart of it all, fieldy. all right shawn you know the last time the red skins started season 3 and 1 and lost three straight that was back in 2003, spurrier was the ball coach and the team -- ball coach and the team finished 5 and 11. let's hope history doesn't repeat itself end of the season. they are talking about one particular play, there was a break down and infighting yesterday in toronto at buffalo here is what happened, it happened third quarter, bills lead, 13-0, ryan fit patrick finds chandler covered by london fletcher, chandler
5:47 pm
second of the game, fletcher miffed after the play he had a problem with landry on the play regarding blown coverage. hall stepped in tried to make peace. cameras caught that second part today they had this to say. should see competitive team out there not arguing and infighting and people going to the media and you know, airing our dirty laundry if we can avoid those types of things, we will have a chance going forward. >> i don't care what we got to do, we got to get a win. 24 hours, i won't even sleep, as long as i can get a win i want to win bad so. so do san francisco niners, they are 6 and 1 they come here on sunday. much more at 6:00 p.m. including why the red skins gave up 9 sacks, 9 sacks, to john beck that tied a franchise
5:48 pm
record for ineptitude. but now back to laura and shawn and the pride of big foot texas, which as gary mcgradey knows is only 65 miles south of san antonio, population, 250, gary was a big guy in big foot. >> you have done your research. >> yeah. he knows more about my bio than i do. >> has he researched who is sitting to my right. >> oh, my gosh. there are going to be some changes around here. starting now the sports will be cut. we are getting a new weather producer from the sports department. >> wow, happy halloween. won't be fieldy but he needs to get back here i cast him as schuster for my shenanigans. >> i have been pretending to be
5:49 pm
a nice person gary adviced me to see a life coach i did that over the weekend. >> it is really true by the way. >> a new sue has emerged she may be here to stay i got the real deal. >> very comfortable. >> thank you very much. >> you look like sue. >> yeah, a lot of people said how did you get your hair to do that i am like oh, really? news director said nothing. >> there will be changes. please don't comment on our performance up here. >> thank you sue. >> keep it up. >> you can comment on the weather. >> the real sue will come back tomorrow. >> she will think it real loud. let's talk about that halloween forecast. >> not bad, you know, we are going to -- the tenth caller will have sue sylvester come out and give trick or treat candy to the kids. >> or shovel their snow. >> or shovel their snow. >> wait. >> listen here is what is going on out there right now want to
5:50 pm
show you, let's jump quickly to radar you can see clouds out there, it is not going to rain, for the trick or treaters you can see rain to the west, coming across i think most of that falls apartly show you why in just a second and then, there is the rain down to the south give me the mega phone that is probably what i need. get out of here. >> i am leaving. >> here we go, you see the rain down to the south not much gets me but that surprised me. here is the radar, sentinel radar as we look back out to the west we are not seeing anything there, okay, so in terms of trick or treating forecast looks like it will be all pretty good we will stay dry, now listen temperatures will fall off, into the 50s and probably the upper 40s, by 9:00 a.m. or so out in the suburbs okay i think some clouds at 7:52 a.m., clouds at 9, 50 degrees, a few showers at 11. i want to take into consideration, rain that is possibly coming up from down
5:51 pm
south looks like most of that will stay east of us, not a bad week ahead, certainly no snow in the forecast, and that is the good thing here, this is future cast tonight at 7, again, a few clouds possible, we don't really have to worry about this, to the west of us, just watch this down to the south coming up future cast has it all staying east and that is good, maybe a spotty shower overnight tonight, right now, looks like sunshine as we start the day tomorrow morning, i think they will probably be a few lingering clouds, tomorrow afternoon looks great, wednesday looks pretty good too as we go into thursday, the rain will hold off, and it is looking now like any rain will be thursday night and it doesn't look like much, mostly cloudy overnight tonight, a few showers around, we start off with a couple clouds but looks like sunshine mostly sunny at noon mostly sunny at 5:00 p.m., temperatures tomorrow a lot like today we are headed into the upper 50s or so. okay. really good wednesday sunny
5:52 pm
skies, 60 degrees, thursday right now, looking great, temperatures lower to mid-60s, clouds will be late in the day, any shower we have on friday will be spotty, right now, saturday, looks gorgeous,. >> oh, excellent. >> sunny skies, 57 degrees, sunday ain't half bad either. >> thank you gary. >> can't wait to see your costume gary. talk of the town tmz, kim kardashian and chris humphries calling it quits, tmz breakin h filing for divorce less than 3 months after marriage, 72 days to be exact tell us about it. >> well, that comes to about $138,000 a day when you factor in the amortization of the cost of the wedding laura, so, here is the deal she is citing irreconcilable differences there was a preup in so the money will be simple, she wants him to pay for his lawyers fees
5:53 pm
and that is always a sign there is no love lost here the bottom line we found out almost before chris found out he says he was blind sided by this whole thing and that wanted to keep the marriage going kim wants out it is not a record but it is a pretty fast marriage, as things go even in hollywood. >> or $10,000 a day, excuse me an hour for their marriage, we calculated that one too. harvey, really was he blind sided? i mean the family, one of the sisters did not like him and really? >> well, what we are told is -- i mean in terms of the reason why they got divorced laura? >> yeah. >> well, the reason we are told, this is going to sound insane to you, but, they were not -- they did not have a meeting of the minds when they got married about where they were going to live he thought after a year she would move to
5:54 pm
minnesota with him to a small town and she was like are you kidding me. she has an empire in hollywood it became a huge thing and she -- her feeling was i am not moving for this guy any where i am staying here it became a huge -- you would think that might have been a discussion before they said i do, apparently not. >> i still don't know i don't buy it i think it was all for money but they made a lot. right harvey levin. >> they made a lot. >> 6:30 p.m. tmz, fox 5 thank you as always. surprise. >> oh, my hopefully they will stay married a lot long era surprise proposal didn't quite go the way this guy planned this is his youtube video of the event even after everyone yelled surprise she thought the party was for her birthday she passed out cold, no joke here, he had to do the whole thing over again, 15 minutes later, and after all that, she said
5:55 pm
yes. take some advice decide where you are going live so you don't have to get divorced 72 days later over it. >> my goodness that was immediate. >> she was really overwhelmed. >> down on one knee and she was down -- >> that was really sweet. >> she won't forget that day or maybe won't remember it either over to ryan for a look at what is next on news edge at 6. >> she is going to say i had a head injury in divorce court. republican race for president just got more interesting herman cain is here in dc responding to allegations he sexually harassed at least two women back in the 90s is it enough to shake up the race? congressional report out finds vincente grey was not involved in a pay for play scheme involving brown. we have details there. fbi released surveillance video of russian spies busted in the u.s. last year.
5:56 pm
we will show you them. >> also, don't pay your traffic ticket it could effect your credit score what some cities and towns are doing now to try to collect state farm. this is jessica.
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i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> right off the top, herman cain on the defense, today, accused of sexual harassment back in the 90s. the claim threaten to derail the campaign of the front runner, a newspaper report says sexual harassment lawsuits against cain were settled out of court from his days as head of national restaurant association. today caifi


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