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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 30, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following several stories this friday night. a disturbing crime in d.c.'s chinatown, a mother sexually assaulted while her baby was in the car with her. >> warmer temperatures for this time of year, but changes are on the way. we've got your holiday weekend forecast coming up. and hollywood on fire, an arsonist on the loose in l.a.,
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the overnight crime spree that targeted the former home of a music ledge en. we begin tonight with -- legend. we begin tonight with an attack in chinatown. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm matt ackland. >> i'm wisdom martin. the woman was attacked in her car while she was stopped at the verizon center. the woman's child was in the back seat. >> lock your car doors and take care of your personal safety is the message for those out in chinatown after what police say was both a kidnapping and sex assault. ult. 7:30 thursday night the bustling penn quarter is where d.c. police say a chilling crime went down. a woman pulled out of a parking garage stopped in traffic when a man with a gun jumped into the passenger seat of her car. her 15-month-old son was in the back seat. a carjacking here? folks were stunned. >> i was shocked that it would happen in this part of the town and that the time of the night and the boldness of someone doing that.
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it's terrible. reporter: but police say the develop's hour long ordeal had just begun. the man forced her to drive to another area where he sexually assaulted her and somewhere near fourth and farragut streets northwest he jumped out of the car and she called for help. now investigators are scouring those areas looking for clues. >> we're canvassing the area to see if there were other witnesses, see if there's video, all those other types of things to follow up to determine more about what we can learn about the situation. reporter: they are hoping they might get a break, someone who spotted something unusual that time of night near the verizon center, especially in this holiday season there were liking hundreds out to the restaurants and bars -- likely hundreds out toot restaurants and bars. police are -- to the restaurants and bars. police are warning women to be extra careful even in areas where they feel safe. >> i walk around here even to martin luther king library and feel i'm very safe. so i'm very surprised to hear that that happened.
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>> i worked in this neighborhood for 20 years and it used to be you didn't walk by yourself and for the last 10, 15 years since the renovation of the city it's been great and i felt completely safe. so that's alarming. reporter: investigators may need your help on this one. the suspect description is vague other than he has a southern accent or drawl. so anyone with information is being asked to call d.c. police. >> we know the woman says she was assaulted. was anyone else in the area hurt during this? >> the baby was unharmed. police won't comment on the woman's injuries, but it's very terrifying for both of them. it had to be. new tonight an airport authority officer is under arrest after an undercover sting operation by a fairfax county police. the officer is charged with solicitation of a minor. john bach was picked up around 1:30 this afternoon at dulles international airport. a source tells us he was trying to meet a minor online. bach is a canine officer with
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the airport authority. it's not clear whether he was working when he was arrested. bach was booked into jail following his arrest. also new tonight three teenagers robbed inside a virginia movie theater. police say three men approached the teens in a hallway at the potomac's mill a and c in woodbridge. the robbers forced the victims into a theater, said they had a gun and took cash before taking off. we're told there were people inside the theater at the time, but police only have a vague description of the robbers. abortion clinics in virginia are getting ready to face tough new regulations. facilities will have to meet the same strict building standards as new hospital construction. some doctors say it could put them out of business. earlier today i spoke with the executive director of narrow pro choice virginia about this controversial issue. >> this has nothing to do with women's health and safety. it has everything to do with
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politics and certain legislators not approving of abortion care and what we're really upset about is that the governor, the attorney general and the board of health and the general assembly were all presented with medical evidence and medical expertise that showed that these regulations really do go over and beyond what is required and appropriate for medical -- for first trimester abortion care, but that has been rejected for a political agenda. >> now that these rules are in place, what can your organization do about them? >> we will be trying to work with the board of health to keep educating them on what is medically appropriate for first trimester abortion care. meanwhile we are looking at all types of options, litigation is actually on the table, but at the moment we are just going to try to continue to educate the general public and board of health as we go through the next couple years. >> governor bob mcdonnell
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approved the new regulations yesterday after the state board of health voted for them earlier this year. to politics now, with four days until the first caucus of the 2012 presidential race there is one candidate just four days to go before the first caucus of the 2012 race and one candidate in particular is taking the spotlight, but they're all on a media blitz frying to get every vote they can. we're following it -- trying to get every vote they can. we're following it tonight with fox 5's top to. reporter: if current polls prove correct, mitt romney could be on his way to the first win in this race for the republican nomination, but iowa is also known for surprises. so while he's leading right now, the romney campaign brought out the big guns today. >> we need mitt romney to bring us back. reporter: new jersey governor chris christie who had considered a white house run of his own before endorsing mitt romney is bringing a jersey attitude to the iowa caucus.
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>> you don't do what you're supposed to do tuesday for mitt romney, i will be back jersey style people. reporter: in first place in several polls romney is drawing differences between himself and his opponents. >> i'm not a lifelong politician. i didn't spend my life in a political world. didn't spend my life in washington d.c. reporter: in 2008 romney lost iowa to mike huckabee. this time he's keeping an eye on ron paul who is not far behind. >> i ask you for your support. i hope you come out on january 3rd, but there's no reason to be despondent about how this country is going right now if we do the right thing. reporter: with just three days left the surprise surge is coming from rick santorum who is now in third place. >> folks are looking at candidates. they're doing the analysis and deciding that we stack up better than everybody else and i've always believed that was going to be the case of. reporter: but while newt gingrich has slimmed to fourth place he says he's not --
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slipped to fourth place he says he's not focusing on iowa, but south carolina. >> because i'm a georgian and we have real ties there and because a massachusetts candidate doesn't play very well there. there are a lot of reasons why south carolina will be different. reporter: for now, though, it is iowa. whoever wins here will hope to build on that momentum heading into the new hampshire primary just one week later. newt gingrich, though, did get some good news friday in virginia. one of his supporters is suing the state to get him on the ballot. gingrich said this week that a paid campaign worker filed fraudulent signatures on his behalf dropping him below the 10,000 ballot signatures that virginia requires. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> the fox 5 storm force keeping a close eye on the holiday weekend. take a live look outside, looking pretty nice there. we're wrapping up a warmer than usual day. will the temperatures hold out for the new year? let's check in with gary
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mcgrady downstairs in the weather center. hey, gary. >> yes. such a treat out there today with sunshine and temperatures in the middle 50s, felt real good. it's pretty mild out this evening all things considered. i know it's chilly, but keep in mind i mean it's december 30. it's supposed to be a lot colder. let's go to sentinel radar, watching these showers out to the west. some of those will come across overnight tonight. now for the weekend we're on the mild side of this substantial cold front. the leading edge of this colder air starts to come in late on sunday and then it get reinforced a little bit monday night and it's going to be really cold around here as we get get into tuesday and wednesday of next week, but the all important new year's eve forecast, again, we'll have showers overnight tonight, but tomorrow very nice, mostly clear skies, dry with temperatures in the 40s, not bad again all things considered and nice up in manhattan, too
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at times square where that ball is going to be dropping in a little bit more than 24 hours. >> you're right, gary, sounds good. see you in a little bit. in about 24 hours there will be millions of people in new york's time square ready to ring in the new year. preparations began long ago for this huge event and as fox's robert moses reports, tonight everybody is ready to party. >> look at that. reporter: this was only attests nearly 12,000-pound new year's eve ball. in the case of a real new year's eve celebration you would have heard noisemakers and screaming people. all those familiar sights and sounds arrive in a little more than 24 hours. if you plan to be here, arrive much sooner than that. >> if you are trying to get into the heart of times square, you got to get there by mid to early afternoon and with this weather we're expecting a big crowd. reporter: fair warning, do not bring alcohol or backpacks. this morning on good day new york police commissioner ray kelly said officers will screen revelers with mag notice top
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meters and -- magnetometers. officers will not just be focused on times square. >> there will be 33 cruiser on the water, so our patrol will be very active. reporter: but times square will be the center of the world for many including people we spoke to who cannot wait to be here. >> i think i'm going to jump up in the air and act like a lunatic. i can't wait. we're quite excited. reporter: so you're going to be in times square for the ball drop. >> sure. >> it's going to be good, going to be very happy event and we're going to go home with very fabulous memories. >> looks like a great time. that's fox's robert moses reporting. there are 238 new waterford crystal panels on the new year's eve ball which now weighs nearly 6 tons. did you know every year has a theme? this year it's let there be friendship.
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well, the new year will bring a new measure in security here in maryland. all five states toll bridges will be outfitted with new lights and a sensor that will pick up on stopped cars. the project will take 18 months starting this winter and will cost $11 million. the next time you take the dulles toll road you'll pay more for the ride. starting sunday the main toll plaza will charge $1.50. the tolls on the ramps stay 75 cents. there's another increase sunday, this one in montgomery county. starting then of store will have to charge you a nickel for every bag you use, paper or plastic. the only exceptions are for prescriptions or restaurant doggie bags. a biz night for firefighters in los angeles -- a busy night for firefighters in los angeles. an arsonist went on a terror overnight lighting homes and vehicles on fire, one of his targets, the former home of a music legend. that story is up next. the district is on pace to have the lowest homicide rate
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in nearly half a century. 
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police in los angeles on the hunt for a serial arsonist. investigators say someone torched more than a dozen vehicles in parts of the city. the flames also damaged some homes including the home of the late doors front man jim morrison. fox's casey steigel has the latest from los angeles. reporter: it all started shortly after midnight. investigators believe one or more arsonists set 19 blazes in hollywood and neighboring west hollywood. >> the los angeles fire department and los angeles police department both very busy last night in the hollywood area. the general hollywood area including the county experienced 19 fires last night. most of them we believe were intentionally reporter: some of these fires spreading to nearby honeys and apartment buildings including a multi-million dollar house once owned by doors front man jim morrison
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and residents are terrified. >> that's my house, my home. live there. like i could have died, you know, like lives could have been lost here and these people who are doing this just need to stop like what is wrong with them like, you know, it's terrible? reporter: luckily nobody has been seriously hurt, but the suspect is still on the loose. police and city officials now preparing for another possible round of fires. >> this is a very active situation. so if you see anything, call 911. do not hesitate. they have a mobile suspect or suspects who are working this incident. >> we'll be preparing through the night. you do see anything, hear anything, please report it immediately. anything suspicious, call 911. call the we tip hotline. reporter: it was the second night of fires in the area. two people have been arrested after similar incidents. now investigators are trying to figure out if they are connected. in los angeles casey steigel, fox news.
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some good news for the district going into the new year, d.c. is on track to have its lowest homicide rate in 50 years. today the mayor and police chief talked about why the streets are safer, but one d.c. resident who lost a loved one to murder this year, no crime stat can ease his pain. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. reporter: district officials say the streets of washington are much safer now with the homicide rate the lowest in nearly 50 years of 108 murders this year compared to 132 in 2010. >> there's a lot who have been touch by this, 108. reporter: step inside mother virginia flowers on georgia avenue and you'll find owner bob schaefer who says he could care less about crime stats. >> it's totally turned my life upside down in. my life i never would have imagined anything could be so painful. reporter: schaffer's partner of five years, aerospace
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engineer garaff gopala was beaten to death on the sidewalk in front of their home in columbia heights in september, a murder that remains unsolved tonight. >> i know it's probably a difficult kerik but i pray and pray all the time -- case, but i pray and pray all the time that they'll find somebody, that somebody will come forward and say they did it. i pray to god all the time that the suspect will be find. reporter: the victim's many friends and quaint answers from the theater community gathered for this -- acquaintances from the theater community gathered for this candlelight vigil in late september. >> people are understandably on edge by this and the fact that there are robbery increases in the area also contribute to this. so we need to know more to reassure and calm the neighborhood and also to get this killer because if somebody has done this once, they'll do it again. reporter: d.c. mayor vincent gray and police chief cathy lanier say they realize even one unsolved murder is one too many.
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>> we're still working on it. we never give up. we'll keep working those cases until we come to closure. we just ask the families to stay with us and have faith in us. reporter: but this d.c. resident, businessman and taxpayer, 2011 delivered him a crushing blow that no crime stat could ever erase. >> the pain is still there. it's still real. i'm glad, you know, it was the lowest, but i just, you know, wish it had been lower than that. reporter: in the district bob barnard, fox 5 news. if arlington can get through the next day without a homicide, it will be the first time in more than 50 years without a single recorded murder in the county. police records dating back to 1960 show at least one homicide has been reported each year. since then the county has averaged about five a year. the number of murders in arlington has been on the decline since the '90s. what were the biggest
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headlines of 2011? we're recapping the historic year that was coming up. plus the redskins are wrapping up another forgettable season, but there were some positives. state of the skins as they get ready to take on the eagles coming up next. 
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time now to talk sports and the redskins wrap up yet another forgettable football season as they get ready to take on the philadelphia eagles. the team has already beaten them once earlier this year. >> this is the play for pride bowl. >> oh is, that what it is? >> yes. >> okay. >> it's also a let's not have mike shanahan have his worst season as an nfl head coach. thieves gone 5-11. so if the redskins lose -- he's never gone 5-11. so if the redskins lose, it will be the worst season as a head coach for him in 8 teens
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years. this season has been a dis-- in 18 years. this season has been a disappointment, but ryan kerrigan has 10 1/2 sacks, four forced fumbles and that pick six and how about the duo of rookie running backs, roy helu set the stage for take running back season next year and i am finding a silver lining in a 5- 10 season, but it hasn't been easy on the players, a league that only sees wins and losses. >> i'm just thoroughly disappointed in the way things went. we started high and had our low throughout the season. right now i'm kind of down, but we're going to get this last game out of the way and start trying to review. >> another year kind of down the drain, so they say, but i mean it's definitely frustrating. a lot of those games felt like we were in and we were close enough to actually win and it's tough. it's tough to see the division
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sitting there in front of us and not have a say-so in, it but it's kind of how it is, man. we got to try to finish up as strong as we can and look forward to next season. >> i found some bright spots. it's your turn. >> roy helu is a bright spot. >> and the defense has done a lot better. a couple pieces may be still missing, but we've got time to work on it. >> rex grossman probably doesn't want to remember redskins/eagles game one. that were? >> he probably doesn't want to remember the entire season. mike shanahan staked his whole reputation on him and last time i checked he still didn't make the pro bowl, but i digress. back up to you, matt. >> yeah, matt, please take over. coming up a dispute that could delay the opening of a museum at ground zero. plus the arab spring, the death of osama bin laden and a courtroom shocker that had
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everyone talking. we're looking back at the big stories of 2011 next. stay with us. 
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we're just over 24 hours away from closing out another year and it was quite an eventful 12 months from the so- called arab spring to the end of the war in iraq. fox's shepherd smith takes a look back at 2011. reporter: 2011 began like any other year, hope for a better year ahead and, of course, resolutions, but just days into 2011 chaos and unspeakable violence erupted at a grocery store parking lot in arizona. gunfire interrupted a political event near tucson. a gunman shot congresswoman gabby giffords in the head, wounded 18 here's, 6 of them killed. amazingly giffords survived the assassination attempt and made a triumphant return to
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washington a few months later. a wave of unrest in africa, citizens toppled the leadership in egypt, but moammar gadhafi put up the biggest fight. his 40 year reign of terror finally ended when fighters killed him in his hometown in october. the arab spring as it became known stretched into summer and fall with deadly protests persisting in syria and yemen. march 11th a massive earthquake shook japan. the magnitude 8.9 quake unleashed a devastating tsunami trig iring a meltdown at this power -- triggering a meltdown at this power plant. a stormy spring in the u.s. there were more than 7050 tornadoes in april alone meter -- 750 tornadoes in april alone, hundreds of people killed, but hardest hit was joplin, missouri. a powerful ef5 tornado left 157 people dead making it the deadliest twister in decades.
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a new era of british royalty began when prince william and his blushing bride kate swapped vows. may 1st a dramatic late night announcement from the commander in chief, a team lead by navy seals swooped into this compound in pakistan where they said they found osama bin laden. the seals reportedly shot him in the face and defense officials say the world's most sea. uncle sam maxed out his credit cards. lawmakers spent much of the summer fighting before ultimately increasing the government's ability to borrow more money. who's in and who's out. >> i'm running for president. >> as a candidate for president of the united states. >> i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign. reporter: race for the white house began to take shape. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. reporter: a jury acquitted casey anthony of charges she killed her 2-year-old daughter caylee.
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>> what about caylee? reporter: one juror said it was a horrible decision to make, but that there was reasonable doubt. shuttle atlantis roared into space. it was her last flight and the last for the 30-year-old shuttle program. a historic hurricane made landfall in north carolina. irene didn't stop there. it tracked up the eastern seaboard from d.c. to maine. [ singing ] reporter: september 11th, the nation marked 10 years since the worst terror attack on u.s. soil, a new memorial opening in the footprints of the twin towers and another in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> the true legacy of 9/11 is that our spirit is mighty, the bonds uniting us are thicker and the resolve is stronger when the millions of tons of
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limestone and concrete that are erected behind us. reporter: occupy wall street started as a single protest in downtown new york and it exploded into a global movement. >> we got sold out! reporter: the 99 percenters as they call themselves lashed out at the wealthy 1 percent. >> the most amazing iphone ever. reporter: apple unveiled its latest gadget in early fall, but the news was quickly overshadowed by the death of the company's iconic co-founder steve jobs. >> we, the jury in the above- entitled action find the defendant, conrad murray, guilty. reporter: two years after michael jackson died jurors convicted his personal physician of involuntary manslaughter. weeks later a judge sentenced him, for years in prison. after eight years and thousands of casualties the white house ordered virtually all troops out of iraq. >> it's good to know that i'm a part of history and it's good
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to know that i'm leaving iraq a more stable country. reporter: mid-december the death of yet another tyrant, north korean state television reporting the dear leader kim jong il died of a massive heart attack. >> well, now we look ahead to next year. 2012 begins with a flurry of caucuses and primaries as politics returns to the spotlight for november's presidential election, plus the pentagon expected to start winding down the decade long war in afghanistan and fox news will be covering it all as it happens. in new york i'm shepherd smith, fox news. as the year winds down president obama and everyone else in government are subject back to the look back at the best and worst political actions of the year. this morning on fox 5 morning news we invited the washington post's ed o'keefe to tell us what the worst mistakes were the government made. >> it didn't happen in 2011, but we found out about it in
10:36 pm
2011. the idea that you've got troops deploying to afghanistan coming from home iraq and it appears they leave some folks at the air force left 74 service members remains in a virginia landfill and others their body parts misplaced, just a horrific story and not the kind of thing you want to hear at a time of year when it broke that a lot of troops were coming home and a lot of troops were headed out in afghanistan with another year or two to go in the deployments and just a really fall example of how things can go wrong in these situations. >> also coming off the heels of what happened at arlington cemetery, that fresh in the mind of a lot of people, too. >> second on his list was the endless debate about government shutdown and the constant waste and fraud and abuse. but what did the government do right. making some dome nations to start off the new year?
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there are some items goodwill stores want you to leave at home. plus oscar winning actress monique has filed a lawsuit over dog poop, yup. what is this story about? that's next but first liz macdonald. a wild year for wall street coming to a close, stocks ending mixed, the dow posting gains, nasdaq falling slightly, s&p basically unchanged. you know what's not falling, gas prices. the national average has been climbing higher for eight of the last nine days. drivers now paying $3.27 for a gallon of regular. meantime verizon is paying up on a fee hike within hours of customer outrage. after massive pushback and threat of government investigation, verizon now says it will drop its plans to charge a $2 payment fee. as for ford, it's got about 2 million reasons to celebrate this year. the maker of mustangs and f150s says americans bought more than 2 million fords in 2011 making
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them the best selling brand in america. and just in case you need another reason to stick to that quit smoking resolution, a health system will test all new job applicants for nicotine with geyser. anyone who tests positive will not be hired. that's business. i'm liz macdonald.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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looks like it's splitsville for another celebrity couple. russell brand has reportedly filed for divorce from katy perry. the two were married in india last october. the announcement follows weeks of speculation about the couple's future, especially after they spent christmas part and perry was spotted on the beach in hawaii without her
10:42 pm
wedding ring. brand released a statement saying sadly katy and i are ending our marriage. i'll always adore her and i know we'll remain friends. award winning actress and comedian monique is suing her landlord. the reason? well, the oscar winning star of precious claims her house reeks of dog poop. yup, dog poop. she wants out of her two-year rental contract because of it. it is not clear if the offending pooch lived in the apartment before she did. this comes on the heels of her landlord's lawsuit claiming she owes close to $400,000 in unpaid rent and other charges. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 new details in the controversial tactic virginia republicans are planning to use at the polls come super tuesday, what the commonwealth attorney general has to say about the so-called loyalty oath. scientists in texas are hitting the pool, the first step to prevent a major disaster in deep waters starts
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on my journey across america, i've learned that t when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, 's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... .'scuse me... ...or a big steak....or b. i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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believe it or not it's not all champagne and bowl games, start of the new year is also peak time for making donations to thrift stores and getting a tax donation in return, but there are some items that local goodwill stores want you to leave at home. fox 5's dick krantz has the do's and don't's of charitable giving. >> that's it. bring them all the way down. reporter: looking at cars lined up like this you might have thought someone was giving something away and they were. >> we got them out in the street, man. reporter: but it was people in the cars who were doing the giving and loving it. what did you bring to donate today? >> a bunch of toys, a bunch of books and a lot of clothes. yesterday we took all afternoon to clean out our rooms, the whole house and we got a lot of stuff out. reporter: was it hard to part with your toys?
10:47 pm
>> just picture the smile on those kids a faces when they get those presents and that makes it worth it. reporter: tomorrow is expected to be even busier. >> nice weather conditions expected and new year's eve being a saturday which is typically our busiest donation day of the year anyway, we'll see a huge number of donations come in saturday all day long. looks worse than it. is we'll get you through pretty quick. reporter: items donated should be in good condition. mattresses, firearms and severely damaged goods cannot be accepted. >> we hope people donate items in good condition. the better the condition, the more likely they are to sell and the more revenue we can generate to fund our job training programs with disabilities and disadvantages, which is the ultimate goal. reporter: when you look at all that's being donated today, it's really mind goggling, toys, furniture, television sets, electronics, but every once in a while something people ares out at you. look at this -- something leaps out at you. look at this beautiful suzuki
10:48 pm
guitar. shopping at goodwill stores can save lots of money compared to buying new. >> i love it because we are such a throw-away society. i come here at least twice a week and i pick up grandkids' clothes, things that i need for my apartment and find the same thing that i might have found at name brand stores for 1/4 the price. reporter: this is the sixth largest goodwill donation center in the united states and tomorrow they're expecting about 3,000 donations here. so it's not too late. you can bring something by, get the joy of giving and get a tax deduction, too. from arlington, virginia, dick krantz, fox 5 news. >> gary, you couldn't ask for a better day. today was just gorgeous. >> you know, i know when i went out this morning, the sun was shining and it was already warming up and i thought yeah, this is going to be a good forecast. it's kind of like a setup,
10:49 pm
though. we know the real deal is on the way. >> you don't work with me enough on friday nights to know i try to avoid this as long as possible. >> yeah, but it's inevitable, gary. you can't stopped the rain. >> it's what i signed up for, no doubt about it. listen, we've got some showers in the forecast, but it looks like hopefully the chance for showers will be limited to the overnight tonight. we may wake up to a few out there tomorrow morning, but we're hoping they get out of here quickly and we can bring on the sunshine again. and it does look like 50s for the weekend. look at. this all three airports today 54 degrees and dulles and bwi started off with morning lows down to the middle 20s and we were able to get up to the middle 50s. not too bad out there right now, 47 in the city, still in the 50s down south in fredericksburg 55 degrees, hagerstown 39, baltimore 41 degrees. let me show you what it looks like across the nation, still
10:50 pm
an absence of any real cold air. now i know there's a little bit for international falls. they're 9 degrees, fargo 25. the coldest of the air is still up into dan and it looks like by tomorrow -- canada and it looks like by tomorrow we'll begin to see a little of it come down into the front range of the rockies and spill into the nation and we are expecting cold air to start funneling in late sunday night and the brunt of the cold air comes in on monday. 56 for a high tomorrow. we'll start off with some morning clouds, maybe even an early shower and then as we get into sunday, new year's day, it have some late clouds it looks like on sunday, but the majority of the weekend, this holiday weekend, is really shaping up nice and tomorrow night for new year's eve we'll call it mostly fair skies and temperatures in the 40s and it will be dry. back to the west of us, this is the national weathermaker. it's weakening now, but as it
10:51 pm
gets closer there's still a chance overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning this will bring us some showers coming through. i know right now it looks like there's a few showers, but these are false echos showing up on radar here for some reason. there's nothing on our live doppler radar out there right now. the rain has not gotten here yet. don't let that little bit on i- 95 fool you. now overnight tonight clouds are thickening up. we will have some of these passing showers coming up probably after 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning before we have some of those. not everybody will get wet, temperature only down to 43 degrees with clouds overnight. an early shower is possible, hopefully by 10 a.m. tomorrow morning we'll get all that out of here and the skies will begin to brighten up and with the sunshine and relatively mild overnight. we're going to be starting in the mid- to upper 40s. so we'll be able to get up again into the mid-50s and your new year's eve forecast again, it looks pretty good, hard to beat this type of forecast with
10:52 pm
really nice conditions. it will be mostly clear tomorrow night, dry. that includes tomorrow evening up into new york, too, and central park and times square. they'll number good shape with temperatures in the 40s as well. if you're making that trip up there, you'll be in good shape. 56 for a high tomorrow, 55 on sunday. now we get a little cold push sunday night and feel it on monday with a high of 43, but the real code stuff gets here monday night -- cold stuff gets here monday night and settles in for monday, tuesday, wednesday and we'll have wind chill values on monday and tuesday in the teens and single digits at times. >> does that mean the wind will be kick up? >> absolutely. we'll have -- kicking up? >> absolutely. we'll have some gusts around 30, so this weekend get outside and do what you want to enjoy. how does this sound? skip dave work and get full
10:53 pm
pay. that's what happened in the pacific nation of samoa. the island skipped a day on the calendar going from thursday to saturday. officials decided to align their time with their closest trading apparentlies, australia and new ze -- trading partners, australia and new zealand. up next a delay in the museum for ground zero. also ahead. reporter: tomorrow these little guys wrestling around on the floor here will officially have a new dad. i'm beth parker, that love story a long time in the making. 
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10:56 pm
the dispute over 2 will pay for a 9/11 now -- who will pay for a 9/11 museum at ground zero might delay the museum's opening. it's supposed to open in 2012, but the museum foundation and
10:57 pm
port authority can't agree who has to pay millions in costs related to the construction of the project. so as of now, work on the museum has stopped, but it hasn't kept people from coming to see the newly unveiled memorial. >> 1 million visitors from all around the world have come to this site. those 1 million people have come here and set foot auto this ground, a place they have not -- on this ground, a place they have not been age to stand in 10 years makes all the -- able to stand in 10 years makes paul the work that's gone into building -- all the work that's gone into building this worth it. if you like a good love story, stay here. we're about to spruce you to a woman who thought -- brew you to a woman who thought she'd -- we're about to introduce you to a woman who thought she'd never love again. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, it's a new beginning for the whole family. reporter: kristen clark's
10:58 pm
first husband was a navy diver who survived iraq but was killed in a mock accident after returning home in 2005 -- motorcycle accident after returning home in 2005. she was left a widow with three boys to raise of eventually she began dating again. four years later her fiance who had been in the coastguard died, too. she told herself then she never wanted to take another chance on love. >> never wanted to go there, never wanted to open my heart up again, never wanted to even feel a sense of warmth or happiness because i was scared it was going to be taken away of. reporter: eventually she acknowledged something. >> but i realized with my kids and myself that we needed help. reporter: kristen finally built up the craig herself to fly herself and her kids to -- cure rage to fly herself and her kids to taps grief camp.
10:59 pm
>> had we not been late he would never have seen all five kids and i going crazy at check- in spot. reporter: what did you think when you saw this lady with five kids? >> you know, i just saw an amazing testimony of a person who really had the will to go on, to be, you know, chasing five kids around trying to check in, dragging bags, you know, and just doing the best she could on her own. reporter: she is on her own no more. saturday in the chapel at quantico kristen clark will marry that marine travis hassell. reporter: who is more excited? >> probably me. reporter: they've been frantically making plans while juggling the care of now six kids. >> never a dull moment. reporter: baby isaac is their latest edition. >> good job covering your mouth, boy. >> what changed my mind? just seeing the boys and how he was with them. reporter: seeing her boys laughingai


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