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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight, mitt romney tries to hold on in new hampshire. we're talking with an analyst live at presidential debate. plus, a husband and wife killed in an instant. tonight a family in mourning has a message for the person responsible. >> and a search dog goes missing. how this highly trained animal disappeared from the group. >> good evening and thanks for
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joining us, i'm maurine. our top story tonight, a husband and wife killed side by side. mildred freeman and michael thomas sr. lost their lives after a driver hit them yesterday morning and didn't stop. tonight their family met to grieve their loss and pray for justice against the driver. >> they love one another very much. we forgive the person who hit my sister and my brother-in- law. but i hope you find peace and turn himself in. >> the couple found each other later in life. he was 55. she was 62. family members say they were inseparable until death. john hanrahan has the latest on the search for the driver responsible. >> neither member of the married couple who lived in this house in oxen hill drove in recent years. they walked in their neighborhood. frequently walking the family dog. 55-year-old michael thomas sr. was a long time evening
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custodian in prince georges county. his wife, 62-year-old mildred freeman had worked for at least 20 years at the thrift store center on indian head highway. >> she was a very loving person. always very helpful. i have never seen her in a bad way. never. in all the years i've worked with her and i worked with her in this store and the george palmer store before that store was closed down. and she is just a very good person. >> since both partners and the couple worked opposite shifts, they tried to spend time together so michael would walk milly to the metro bus stop so she could go to work. on friday morning just before 7:00, the couple tried to cross oxen hill road in the middle of the 6200 block. the center lane is a left turn lane for traffic coming from either direction. many pedestrians use that lane as an island from the main traffic. police believe michael and milly were struck while standing in that middle lane.
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both pedestrians were gravely injured. the driver kept going. >> and sure, the fact is you took somebody's life. take somebody's life and to not even consider stopping. it's not like it's in the wood where you could have thought maybe you hit a deer. there's no doubt in your mind, if you hit something on that street, it had to be a person. >> michael thomas died at 10:38 friday night. mildred was declared dead midday saturday. some witnesses saw the accident, but nobody got a license plate. police say a gray compact vehicle was likely involved. they are not sure whether it's two doors or four. possibly with damage. they are hoping someone else will call in a tip. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> a big pcp bust in annapolis after neighbors in an apartment building complained of a strange odor. police say the neighbors reported drug activity at the building on madison street and
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said the smell of ammonia was overwelming. police executed a search warrant thursday and found a bottle containing pcp. three people were arrested. an afternoon of hunting ends with one man in the hospital in charges filed against him and his friends. the man was hit in the chest and stomach while he and his friends hunted in the woods in fort washington, maryland. he is expected to recover, but hunting is illegal in that area. so police say he and everyone he was with will be charged. >> the search is on for missing search dog, veto, is a german shepherd that spotted fox and took off on thursday in bowie. he is part of a group called fairfax search dogs incorporated. they train dogs for the federal emergency management agency. he went to haiti to help find victims. he was last seen in the area of route 301 and 450. he has collars, but we understand he has no tags. say good-bye to the mild
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weather. a change in temperatures is coming tonight. glenn with details. gwen. >> you are absolutely right. time to bundle up. the mild conditions that mother nature has been sending us are about to take a different turn. let's take a look at where we hit temperature wise today. absolutely unbelievable. can you imagine almost 70 degrees at national airport with a high of 68? 64 degrees at dulles. and 66 degrees at bwi. so a very mild day. we have been spoiled. it's currently 56 degrees at national. still mild outside. 48 at dulles and 51 degrees at bwi. and as far as the skies are concerned, we are seeing a few clouds rolling in. they'll be gone into the overnight hours. we have a frontal system that will push the clouds out of the way. but also going to be responsible for bringing some other changes to us across the region. temperatures were 22 to 25 degrees above average. but get ready, i'm telling you to brace because the mercury is taking a plunge. we are in for some pretty cool weather, maurine, and we're
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going to see big changes as we head through the five-day forecast. we have been totally spoiled for this time of year. we have to enjoy it while it lasts. i'll have those details a little later. back to you. >> a maryland family is mourning an airman killed in afghanistan. matthew sideler died thursday when his vehicle hit an ied. two other airmen were killed in the same blast. he was deployed with the 21st civil engineer squadrant. trying to grab votes ahead of the tuesday primary. right now they are live on the stage for a debate campaigning for those last minute votes. rob has the highlights so far. >> the conventional wisdom is this debate is a chance for the gop field to try and slow mitt romney's momentum. so largely, a race for the second spot. now early on, rick perry and
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john huntsman are pinning themselves as outsiders and rick santorum is saying mitt is a manager, not a leader. >> this experience necessarily doesn't match up with being the commander in chief of this country. the commander of chief isn't a ceo. >> people that spend their life in washington doesn't understand what happens out of the real economy. they think the people that start businesses are just managers. people that start as interneuros, to start a business from the ground up and get customers and get investors and hire people to join them, those people are leaders. >> i happen to think i'm the only outsider with the possible example of john huntsman. the insiders in washington, d.c., we have to nominate someone that can beat barack obama, that can get the tea party behind them, that can go to washington, d.c. and stop the corrupt spending that has been going on. >> being commander of chief is less about having the
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discussions we just heard a moment ago. a lot of insider gobblety. it's about leading organizations. it's about leading people. it's about creating a vision and i have done that my entire career. >> the rest of the pack taking nothing for granted. even though polls show romney is way out in front. maurine. >> is this the last debate before tuesday's primary? >> they get to do this over again in a few hours. a head to head debate on sunday morning. >> all right, thank you for that. mitt romney has a big lead, as you just heard, ahead of the new hampshire primaries. tonight is about holding on. for others it's about trying to bring him down. we are joined now on the phone by mark, wtop's political analyst. he has been following the debate in new hampshire. good evening to you tonight. >> good evening. >> okay, so who is doing the best in your opinion thus far? >> well, right now i think it's john huntsman. who seems presidential and seems reasonable and is
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eloquent. but he is so far behind that i don't think he can catch up. i thought he would take after romney a little more and really, i think, the previous report is right. it's for who will be the alternative. who will be the conservative alternative and ron paul and rick santorum went at it and romney is playing it very smart. he's above the fray. he is not being coaxed or induced into making remarks and so it's really, this debate is about the race for second place. huntsman, this is his last chance. this is his last roll of the dice. >> i was going to ask that. he didn't campaign in iowa. skip that all together, focusing on new hampshire. even though he has a good showing here. is it over for him? >> yeah, i really can't see a rational. he started in florida and then decided, oh, i better go to new hampshire, i have to win somewhere. if he does much better than expected, maybe he can go on to
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florida. i think romney can lose south carolina and just by virtue of his money and his campaign infrastructure, can run a national race. the only caveat on romney is he is way ahead. if he drops and gets 10 or 15 points lower, that may give substance for other candidates to draw it out. >> fall and rise throughout this entire process. newt gingrich looked to be the man to beat just a couple weeks ago and now he is almost nowhere to be seen. romney well ahead. could anything stop this romney machine at this point or is he going to be the nominee from just what we have seen thus far? >> i'm not ready to say he's going to be the nominee, just because i want to go to a convex that has some suspense element. it's 1952 for both parties before they went tothan one ballot. the last time republicans had a race was '76 between ford and
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reagan. but i think if romney shouldn't win florida, then you're going to see a protracted struggle. if he should win florida and then he can win the nevada caucuses and then super tuesday, i think it's hard to stop him. i think florida will really be the waterloo for everybody. >> all right, in the meantime, we have to get through new hampshire. mark, wtop political analyst. thank you for joining us via phone tonight from new hampshire. >> thank you. >> and we are looking ahead to the rest of january. the gop candidates are going to battle it out in three states. first in new hampshire. that's going to happen on january 10. then they are heading to south carolina. that will take place on january 21, and on to florida january 31. >> a new book creating a lot of buzz around the first family. we're going to take a look behind the scenes at the friction between the obama's and their closest advisers. and it's been almost a year since gabrielle giffords
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survived a massacre. we are just getting started here on fox 5 news at 10:00. stay with us. 
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republican candidates have been talking about how to bring jobs back to the united states. that's already happening and the unemployment rate has dropped. and as fox reports, that may be good news for president obama's reelection campaign. >> reporter: the president's appearance at this coming wednesday's insourcing jobs forum clearly will be an opportunity to build momentum for job creation. after friday's release of unemployment data that shows unemployment is down four straight months now, republicans offered muted praise. john boehner stating quote, today marks the 35th consecutive day of unemployment. too many americans continue to struggle to find their next job. but the president wants to capitalize on that news. it's not only good for american business, but for his campaign. his appearance yesterday at the
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consumer financial protection bureau found it like a campaign stop as it did an introduction of richard. >> this morning we learned that american businesses added another 212,000 jobs last month. now all together, more private sector jobs were created in 2011 than any year since 2005. >> wednesday's summit will feature 12 small and large companies that are putting jobs back to the u.s. like master lock. lincolnton furniture of north carolina. which is adding 130 new jobs to a once vacant plant. galexy solutions, that is a model, says the white house, for repatriots jobs back to the u.s. and dupont which started up a new plant last year. almost all of the companies fight as the reason for returning to the u.s., better
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communications here, and better access to materials and distribution. in washington, doug mcel way, fox news. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in tucson tonight. she is planning to mark tomorrow's one year anniversary of the shooting that killed six and injured her and two others. giffords made incredible progress since she was shot in the head, but she still has problems speaking. giffords has until may to decide whether she will run for another term. fascinating new insight into life in president obama's white house. a new book is detailing the first couple's relationship with current and former aids. it claims tensions develop between mrs. obama and several advisers. >> the first lady initially wanted to stay in chicago after her husband's inauguration so their daughters could finish the school year and her move to d.c. with her husband, according to jody canter's book was because she wanted to keep
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the family together, not because she was excited to fulfill the duties of being the first lady. former chief of staff, ram emanuel didn't trust the first ladies. and canter writes, michelle and rahm emanuel had no bond, the relationship was distant and awkward from the beginning. she tells the story about how president obama relayed his unhappy wife's feelings about the back room deals that were cut to drum up support for healthcare reform legislation, telling aides she feels as if our rutter isn't set right. obama strategist says of the first lady, when she thinks things have been mishandled or things are off the track, she'll raise it because she is invested in him. the obama's explain that the first lady will send the scheduler nasty notes if she doesn't book him for certain meetings. when the author was asked if the first lady an s an adviser to the president? she said only in the private
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sense. not in the sense, i'm coming to your senior staff meeting. cantor talked to more than 30 staffers, but the white house says the emotions, thoughts, and private moments described in the book reflect little more than the author's own thoughts. this book by jody cantor, the "new york times" reporter, will hit shelves this tuesday. fox news. fresh complaints of prisoner abuse at the hands of the american military launched an investigation in afghanistan. the prisoners were held. on thursday, afghan president demanded that the afghan government take custody of those prisoners. that is in the middle of negotiating a timetable to transfer transportation for that prison over the next two years. >> some of the prisoners complained about prisoner abuse. others complained about torture. some complained about the use of gas against them.
10:20 pm
others complained about a lack of access to lawyers. >> u.s. embassy spokesperson says american officials just got the commission's report and will certainly take it seriously. the plan is for american troops to leave afghanistan in 2014. women being bought and sold for sex. not in afghanistan, but right here in the united states. now groups all over the country are trying to bring the dark secret into light. fox news, elizabeth bram introduces us to a woman who has been part of that secret. >> had been approached. >> wife and mother of three, kei sha head, used to live a very different life. >> i knew my predator was a monster. my molester was a monster. i knew these people were monsters. >> at only 16, she was bought and sold for sex. like millions of others, she was a prisoner forced into prostitution and threatened if she ever tried to leave. >> this was a very traumatic
10:21 pm
situation and when i felt that my life was in danger or the life of my loved ones was in danger, i really lost myself because i knew i had to do whatever i had to do to survive. >> now she is working with the grass roots group, trying to rescue others. >> what i did not know that a normal average man who was a preacher, who was a senator, we have to stop demand. this is a lucrative business. we have to look at it. >> the governor's office estimates that more than 400 girls are sold for sex in georgia every month. almost all of them in atlanta. >> atlanta is one of 14 cities in the united states that is the highest in terms of child prostitution and sexual exploitation. it's a major transportation hub, not just domestically, but
10:22 pm
internationally. >> the biggest airport in the world, a massive interstate system, and booming convention business, it's known as the u.s. hub for human trafficking. federal authorities are now working with local police to stop it. >> it's just atrocity. it's modern day slavery. >> making them aware of what commercial sexual exploitation really is. >> in atlanta, elizabeth pran, fox news. warning for all facebook users. a scam is linked to the new time line feature. but you can avoid it using one easy tip. that's coming up on fox 5 news. 
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did the white house say too much? the house homeland security committee is looking into whether the obama administration divulged too much in pakistan. congressman peter king is
10:26 pm
concerned about the entertainment industry's access to the most classified mission in history. he says actions will be taken. >> new video released of hockey fans attacked outside a philly land mark after the fliers, rangers game today. here it is. that is the game on monday rather. officers say three fliers fans bribed a guy washing car windows to squirt water on two rangers fans, then came a fight. one of the rangers fans was beaten so badly, he ended up in the hospital. turns out that guy was a cop. >> so you're not a fan of the new facebook time line look? once you convert, there's no going back. do not fall for scams promising to return you to the old facebook. tech experts say ignore websites promising to reverse time line because they are bogus. >> mayhem at a high school basketball game. a game gets so out of hand, police use their pepper spray. we'll explain what happened.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. friends and family of a man kidnapped and killed last july gathered tonight in hyattsville to pay tribute to his memory. since his death, the family learned virtually nothing of how he died, why, or who may have killed him. dick spoke with family members and is live in hyattsville with more. dick. >> reporter: maurine, the victim was leason ricardo samuels. known to everyone as rick. he was funny, loving, and considered the soul of the large samuel's family, which has a jamaican origin. font would have been rick's 36th birthday. >> family and friends gathered here tonight to pay tribute to
10:31 pm
rick samuels, who was kidnapped last july 13th from his home here at 9316, 19th avenue in hyattsville. then at 5:50 p.m., he was found lying unresponsive in a roadway in the 2300 block of 51st place in hyattsville. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we can carry on the legacy of rick. >> the family is holding the vigil as a tribute to rick. but also in hopes of getting important information about his death. >> we haven't heard anything. so we are begging and preaching to anyone out there who saw something. please come forward. >> it really is. because we don't know what happened to him. we would love to know something. >> it was very active in the church. he had a basketball team. former basketball team in the
10:32 pm
church. he was involved in the children's choir. rick was a very good person. he was loved, friends, family, if you don't know him and you see him, he'll give to to you. >> rick was the father of two children. a girl, journy, nine, and a boy, six. their mother, jonelle described their relationship. >> very standup father. very, very much involved in their lives and just overall good person. >> i'm sure you miss him. >> we do miss him tremendously. i don't believe anybody deserves to die the way that rick did, but it is especially hard when you know the person and you know the life they led and what they stood for and this night is symbolic of that. we are going to stand together until the persons are brought to justice. >> police said that there are
10:33 pm
no leads in this case after six months. anyone with information is asked to call the homicide division of the prince georges county police department. in his novel as i lay dying, william made it clear that no one really finally dies as long as they are remembered by the living. in that sense, on his 36th birthday, rick samuels was very much alive tonight. from hyattsville, fox 5 news. >> thank you for that, dick. a basketball game at friendly high school in prince georges county wound up anything but friendly. when a brawl broke out, one man, four students are charged. it started when officers tried to escort some disorderly students out of the bleachers. one of the students assaulted one of the officers. when a second officer tried to help, the crowd got involved. officers used pepper spray. one officer was hurt and no
10:34 pm
students were injured in that. >> prince georges county police looking for a peaceful start to 2012. you may recall january 2011 was rough. almost a murder a day to start the year. now they are taking steps to prevent that. last night, fox 5's wisdom martin hit the streets with officers and it wasn't long before they saw some action. >> you know why you're here. >> this isn't the normal roll call. it's not the routine night on parole. this is considered the best of the best within the police department. officers from 22 different units, including violent crimes, robbery suppression and the sometime team. >> it's not what you do, it's who you are. >> the lieutenant is a 16 year veteran of the department. >> we have the society on the 30th of december, that january 1. seven nights a week. >> the first stop, hybrid avenue. police found this suspect who
10:35 pm
was wanted by the u.s. marshals for violation of his probation. the suspect had already done time for shooting a d.c. police officer. >> within the next few minutes, a tip led units to silver hill road. the team converges on this market. inside, they busted several people for selling drugs out of the store and running an illegal gambling operation from the back of the store. police say the objective of this operation is the area within the beltway that had the most violent crime. >> you have to be more searchable in our approach. we aren't going to go out and patrol. we are going to knock on doors of specific persons we know either have open warrants or involved in serious violent crime and take it to them and let them know. >> this plan to attack crime is based on what happened at the start of last year. >> last thing we want is a repeat of last year. >> there were 13 murders.
10:36 pm
this year, the police chief decided from january through february 4, they would be more proactive. >> we are going to assess as we go along and if we have to change the resources, change our approach, we'll do that. right now, we think we have the right idea. >> they hope the end result of the idea is aless violent year and a safer prince georges county. >> number of guns you have gotten, the amount of dope. it's definitely being felt out there. >> reporting in prince georges county, wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> the ocean city waterfront is still recovering from damage done by hurricane irene. a coast guard helicopter picked up a tower from the ocean city airport today and lowered it on. the tower will help boats, the original tower was knocked down during hurricane irene last august. everyone loves a pretty face. even in congress, still ahead, the correlation between looks and air time on capitol hill. and a lot of pressure on georgetown as they try to stay
10:37 pm
undefeated in the big east, but west virginia tries to put a stop to that. dave ross has the latest coming up. gwen. >> mother nature is putting a stop to our mild conditions. we have this frontal system moving through. we'll have the details as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues after the break. check it out. whoa... got the verizon fios triple-play. the best picture, fast internet, unlimited calling, and they even gave me $300 back. $300? man, what are you going to buy?
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plan.  we haven't had a lot of bright spots. georgetown hoyas were a bright spot until now. >> they have been really good so far. the one game, we can't judge them on one game. g start turning things around a little bit. >> i need some hope somewhere. >> we aren't going to talk about the wizards. we are going to talk about the hoyas. from unranked in the preseason to number 9 in the entire country. but today, a tough roady at west virginia. trying to snap a four-game
10:41 pm
losing streak. and west virginia has a kid named darryl bryant, he can shoot and that's a 3. was up by 11. but these hoyas have some heart. they have come back. hole lis on the steel. he's going to miss inside, but a freshman cleaning up the mess. hoyas down 4. on the possession, gary brown is going to go coast to coast. who do you love the most? holds on for 74-62 win. it's the first loss of the season. how about paul hewitt and george mason? the last two unbeaten teams. who knew? i didn't. second half, georgia state is going to miss once, going to miss again. and grab it. to andre cornelius. but a better back behind the back dribble and gets. george mason holds on to devet georgia state. the patriots improve to 12-4
10:42 pm
overall. how about playoff football? back in houston, facing the bengals, that is the old houston oilers. i loved them back in the day. second quarter, games tied at 10. anny dalton is batted and picked off by james jay watt and the lineman is rumbling. 29-yards for the score. and the texasans, up top to andre johnson. he is pretty good. 40 yards to the house and texas gets their first ever playoff win by beating the bengals 31- 10. they get to play baltimore next sunday up here in charm city. coming up later, we are going off the wall with wisdom martin. get the boxing gloves out. we are going to talk about andrew robert griffin iii. i know who i like. >> who do you like? >> i can't tell you yet. it's a tease. you have to stick around for later. >> all right, always a pleasure. >> thanks. >> see you later. still ahead on fox 5. what he
10:43 pm
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gas price on the rise around the country. here's a welcome at local prices tonight. around here, drivers paying $3.48 for a gallon of regular. $3.36 in maryland and virginia the lowest at $3.27 a gallon. did you see it? a slippery dangerous drive caught on camera in west virginia this week. a driver turned on his dash board camera just before he hit a patch of black ice on i-77. he swerved out of the way, but more than a dozen other cars got caught in the pileup. a snowstorm on monday caused a mess all over west virginia. some residents were left on the roadway for hours before the roads were salted.
10:47 pm
>> we have been talking about changes in our forecast. hopefully nothing like that. >> yeah, that would be dramatic. >> we have been spared very well this winter so far the last couple of years or so, where we got hit. >> you get the sense like oh, something is going to happen. g you know, it can't continue this good. >> well, it is wi see how it g expect whatever comes our way to happen because it is the season, right? and that goes along with the temperatures. because we have had mild conditions, but take a look at this beautiful shot at the national cathedral. you can see the camera shaking a little bit. brisk, strong winds over the course of today. the winds calmed down quite a bit. we have some major changes coming your way. so i hope you did get out and enjoy today. we have a cold front that is moving in across our area and that is going to give our temperatures a real change. we're going to take a big dip temperature wise. also, some sunny days ahead. we expect to see rain in the forecast and we'll talk about
10:48 pm
that as well. in the meantime, take a look at these numbers for today. we talked about it being beautiful. i'm talking about us being spoiled because 68 degrees for this time of year, almost near 70 is unbelievable. that's some 25 degrees warmer than the seasonal average for the day. 64 at dulles. and 66 degrees at bwi. well mother nature is giving us a reality check because we will see big changes in our temperatures coming up. it is still mild outside at 53 at national airport. 46 at gaithersburg. we have 42 in hagerstown. 49 degrees at martinsburg. and 46 degrees at manassas. dulles at 45 degrees. as we head up the mid atlantic, 48 degrees for boston. new york at 53 degrees. take a look to our west. 30s that are kicking in and this is the coolest air behind the frontal system that is going to push through and is pushing through our area tonight that is going to give us some significant changes as
10:49 pm
well. we are not doing too bad. overnight, we expect to see temperatures in the low 30s for the most part. a few upper 30s along the coastal areas. temperatures are going to be on the cool side. so the cooler pool of air is settling in. you can see the difference from where the frontal system is to where the warmer air is. we are going to start to feel the effects of that system as we head into the next 24 hours or so. sky is not too bad. a few clouds, but they are being pushed out. we'll end up seeing mostly clear skies. and the winds finally calming down. they are gusty today. now we will see the winds calming down to 3 to 7 degrees, 5 to 10 in the overnight hours. as opposed to today. so, the frontal system pushing its way across the area and the cooler air behind it gives us 40-degree temperature highs for tomorrow. far cry from the near 70 today. that's going to stick around for the next few days. we have a system that will push
10:50 pm
in from the southwest and bring us rain by the time we get to wednesday. could see an inch or so of rain fall in local areas where it will be heavier. a ridge of high pressure building in as well. we're going to end up warming up a little bit once we get into wednesday and thursday and into friday. in the meantime, it's going to be cool and sunny as we head through tomorrow. by midday, about 45 degrees. 47 by the 4:00 hour. our daytime highs will be roughly about 48 degrees. give or take a degree or two. overall, we are looking at plenty of sunshine and you'll want to put a jacket on if you are heading out in the morning hours. for tonight, partly cloudy, then clearing. windy, but the winds will subside. they already have. 36 degrees for your overnight low and tomorrow, we are heading only to the upper 40s, leaving those 68 and 65-degree days with near 70 at least in the dust for now. here's a look at the five-day forecast. looking at the wet weather, keep the umbrella handy. things clear out. by thursday, partly cloudy
10:51 pm
skies. temperatures on the rise once we hit into tuesday. but in the meantime, for tomorrow, heading out, dress warmer than today. >> definitely. what changes come ahead. thanks a lot, gwen. the last thing john mccain wants to do is give support to president obama. but that is what he accidentally did in south carolina this week. just listen. >> i am confident with the leadership and the backing of the american people, president obama will turn this country around. >> he meant to say president romney. he was in charleston to give mitt romney his endorsement. you see right there, they quickly rushed in to correct him. >> a maryland native has become ron paul's opening act. jordan page performed at nine
10:52 pm
campaign events. he moved to indiana and began to follow the paul campaign. >> judging of -- how about a beauty contest featuring the house and senate? fox's leeland has more on an interesting study of the correlation between looks and air time. >> beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder or the television producer when they decide which congressman or senator to invite on for their program. >> i want to say they are human. i would say also judges are different because judges also prescribe lower for better looking people. >> led the study that had students ranked members of congress not by their work, but by their looks. and compared it to how much air time they got. for every one point of beauty, they got 11% more air time. in fact, those pearlly whites or perfectly quaffed hair is more important than sponsoring bills or even how long someone has been in office.
10:53 pm
beauty contest winner, congressman marsha blackburn hope the network bookers chose her for another reason. >> it has to do with the preparation and the fact that when it comes to studying the issues, knowing the details, being able to support the betails, having your facts right. >> print media and radio coverage. but looks didn't matter much there. >> members of the media, specifically television, are interested in getting a larger audience draw. and therefore, they expect that if you would put in front of a camera, a better looking politician, people would -- there's a chance people will change the channel. >> leaving one to wonder who would have won the beauty contest between washington, jefferson, and adams. >> i don't think that what you were wearing or how you looked mattered to the founding fathers. >> the study throughout the speaker of the house, in case you're wondering, then senator
10:54 pm
barack obama would have been the seventh best looking member of congress. hillary clinton came in ranking at number 14. leeland, fox news. still ahead, a little boy with a big dream. wait until you hear what he always wanted to do. it's a first for the make a wish foundation. plus, a truck gets stuck in an icy pond. how do you think they'll get this one out? stay with us. 
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a dangerous situation for a truck driver and cleanup crews. a truck took a spin on to an icy pond. the trick, figuring out how to get it out. it was no easy task. jeff goldberg shows us how they did it. >> there are probably days that don't make an impression. >> it looks like you're having fun. >> then there's today. >> something like this is what
10:58 pm
a guy lives for. he wants excitement. >> the tow came in at 6:00 a.m. friday. a truck stuck in a frozen pond. >> now not my average day at work. >> it was heading east from a pickup spot in wilmur. somehow the truck carrying stuff veered from the eastbound lane across the median. >> the driver stated he was not sure what happened. >> through the brush and about 100 feet across the frozen lake. it went through 8 inches of ice and sunk to the bottom. the driver got out and swam safely to shore. we went to his home and asked for ourselves what happened. but no answer. >> is it out of the ordinary? absolutely. is it something that is crazy? no. >> then came the hard part, getting it out. >> the challenge is pulling it out. >> divers attached cables to the truck and trailer. three tow trucks slowly and steady pulling.
10:59 pm
>> i hope to have it out by 3:00. >> to figure out how to get this thing. >> the story went national. everyone wanted to witness this wonder of engineering. everyone that is except those stuck in the 5 1/2 mile backup it created. >> we are here until it's out. >> after eight hours in, it was out. leaving the crew exhausted and phil collins exhilarated. >> the tow truck's drivers dream about. >> a demolition crew in ohio is about to help make a boy's dream come true. seven-year-old max is battling cancer in california. the make a wish foundation asked him to make a wish. he is a fan of the shoe, myth busters and decided his wish was to blow up a building. it turns out a building in ohio is scheduled for demolition. so tomorrow, max will be the star of the show. >> i'm going to be pressing the button and the building is going to blow up. >> what the make a wish has done is to give him


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