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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the heaviest of the snow has been down to the south of us. right now, it looks gorgeous, doesn't it? the roads for the most part are, are just wet, okay? i'm going to talk about where the roads may be just a little bit slippery and the temperatures continue to be fluctuating around rees. if we go on to max hd radar, you could see what's going on. the darkest colors, the darkest gray we have and in slow mode. that indicates where the heaviest rain. from dc to the south down to i- 95 to fairfax-- there's a fairly sharp cutoff of any snow that will try to accumulate to dc. frederick county, harold county, places like that, really not much is going on. something else we can do, we can colorize it for you. the reds indicating the heaviest snow bans are. and basically look right south of the city there. and that's where potentially
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we're getting snow, maybe an inch or two an hour in that red area. quickly over temperatures. right in the city, the temperatures fluctuating between 33 and 34. some slippery roadways, potential down to the south for fairfax. we have some reports of maybe a little light snow covering the roadways from menaceis. it looks like the back side will be an hour, hour and a half before it gets to the district. we will be gorgeous again. real nice weather coming. hard to believe we were close to 70 degrees on saturday. it's been that kind of winter. >> it's been a little crazy. thanks, gary. we're following breaking news out of prince georgia county. former army soldier is accused of trying to join a terrorist group. the 24-year-old laurel man is charged of attempting to provide material support from
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al-shibhab in samalia. fox 5 maureen is there with the details. >> when craig appeared in court, he was sporting a full beard, his hair uncombed. he answered yes to the various questions of the judge's understanding his likes and the charges against him. he's accused of trying to provide material support to the terrorist group al-shibhab. that means he's trying to offer himself, his services and money to that group. take a look at the video. this is his mother who is a lawyer herself. she was leaving the courthouse. she didn't want to talk to reporters about the charges her son was facing. he urged reporters to read the affidavit and what the government is alleging. according to the affidavit, he graduated from laurel high school in '05, and joined the
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army and trained in cryptology. in july, he separated from the army and came back to maryland. the government says he secretly converted to islam ten days before he left the army after finding an islamic website on the internet, religious website. that apparently when he got on the government's radar. wanted to joined al-shibhab. he cashed his life savings and bought a round-trip ticket to somalia. and on december 23rd, he was stopped by the police officials in kenya and was arrested and is in court today. he's facing 15 years in prison and supervision after that. his next court appearance will be tuesday an 10:00 a.m. he will be here for a detention hearing. this case is clearly unfolding.
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>> laurel, thank you. >> new information tonight on a, a murder after teenager robbed of his shoes. d.c. police say gunshots were fired in northeast early sunday morning. tonight, they are looking for a bullet riddled suv. david lee robinson was on his way home with a car load of men pulled up and announced the robbery. paul with the story. >> sean david robinson went out dressed in a pair of nikes. as he stood near the intersection of 58th and foot northeast waiting for the u8 bus, an suv pulled up and guns were drawn. >> it hurts. it really hurts. >> jamal crawford and david lee robinson were tight, god brothers living in the same apartment complex on 6th street and shaw. crawford held shoes taken from the teen, as we talked inside his building. >> it's time for some shiewrs. my shoes you could v. you don't
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have to take my life. just take my shoes. he had a son on the way. he had a son on the way. it hurts. >> just after 2:00 sunday morning, 19-year-old david lee robinson and another man were standing in a bus stop on 58th street northeast when a small gray, silver suv pulled and the men inside announced a stickup. there was an exchange of gunfire and robinson fell dead. when police arrived, they found the 19-year-old shoeless with a gun nearby. the man he was with was unharmed. in a gun violent vigil sunday night, dc mayor shared what he knew about the crime also describing it as a gun battle. >> and when you look at the circumstances, it was a robbery. the victim was being robbed by the perpetrator who has not been apprehended as of yet.
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he was being robbed for his nike tennis shoes. >> it's unclear who had the gun recovered at the scene. family members say robinson was shot in the back. >> like he may have been trying to get away? >> right. like he turned around to run and they just shot him. he may have just been walking. we don't know. all we know he was shot in the back. >> robinson's aunt says the 19- year-old was looking forward to becoming a father in the spring. tonight d.c. police are, are looking for the car used in the robbery. it would be difficult to miss. police say it's a small gray or silver suv with bullet holes and broken glass. david robinson is the third person to be killed in the city so far this year. >> we heard the mayor say this seems to be a dispute over the tennis shoes. what are police saying, are you getting any information? could this have been over something else? >> throughout the day, it's become a little built clearer,
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sean. we do believe and police believe that this was an intended robbery, that the car load of men pulled up. they saw the two men at the bus stop. they pulled their weapons. they announced the stickup. they got the shoes from robinson. exactly the sequence on how it played out it's still unclear. however, one. two men either robinson or another man had a gun as well. that is gun battle but police say this was a robbery, that na was initially what the motive was, when the men pulled to the bus stop. >> all right. paul wagner with the latest. thank you, paul. several people traded for smoke inhalation this morning after a small fire at the state department. it was just trash fire on the roof of the building. there were workers up there at the time. it happened before 7:00. no reports of damage to the building. investigate ners fairfax county insect repellent caused a townhouse to explode. fire officials say a dozen
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aerosol cans were ignited in a nearby refrigerator. 11 residents have been displaced. the red cross is helping them find shelter. metro riders, get ready to pay more. it is likely to include fare increases. sherry, not what metro riders want to hear. >> reporter: absolutely not. metro riders got a one year break of rising breaks. they will have to come up with more money to cover rising costs and there is no way to avoid raising prices. there are, are some -- here's some proposals on the table. increasing bus fares. and a higher flat fare for metro rail riders who use paper fare cards or bus passengers paying cash instead of paying smart trip cards. the one benefit peak fares on
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metro rael will not go up. >> metro rail started charging more during the busiest times. what happens with that? >> the peak of the surcharge added 20-cents to a peak rush- hour trip. riders hated it under a prill budget proposal. the surcharge will be eliminated. it did raise $11 million but was too confusing. the loss in revenue would have to be offset by raising the off peak fares and raising rates. >> i'm sure riders want to know, what is it in it for me. >> metro is under pressure to stick the system and beef up security. higher fares would pay, for escalators that has a longstanding problem and more police on buses. right now, there are only 22 assigned to buses and would help improve worker fatigue. maryland, the district could also be asked to contribute more money to metro and the
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transient union workers could be asked to pay for part of the pension. those poe posals, of course, are part of the preliminary budget that was revealed last month. the general manager, will reveal his budget tomorrow. it could include some or all of these. we'll have him on fox 5 morning news tomorrow morning to talk about that. >> metro riders are eager to hear what he has to say. thank you very much. it is the first presidential primary of 2012. coming up, we will go one on one with shepherd smith as voters prepare to cast their vote. the president dealing with another loss of a key member of his staff. we'll have details. key officer under arrest in virginia. wait until you hear what he's accused of doing with a teenage boy. gunshots and the one discovery place. an officer is honored for his heroics on the discovery
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hostage crisis ♪ ♪
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he was a top cop on the fredericks for the police force until the past weekend. now captain brent mitchell taylor has been arrested and charged with having inappropriate contact with the 17-year-old boy he met onkaren latest. >> reporter: police officers are sworn to protect citizens but this is a case when a high ranking officer is accused of
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being a predator. brent taylor is not just any officer. he's a captain. 24 year veteran of the police force where he was head of the detectives division. now he's accused of taking a young teenager to a motel 6 in stafford after first making contact with him on the internet. now according to sheriff's deputies, they spotted the boy walking north on warrantton north saturday morning at 2:45 a.m. he told executives he was locked out and the man who rented it would be back hater. >> investigation indicated that mr. brent taylor, age 46, rented the room, had driven to fairfax, picked the 17-year-old juvenile up without parental permission, brought him back to motel 6, which is where the deputies found him. >> spokesperson says police, captain brent taylor is on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation.
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police say he has no prior criminal charges. taylor is married with children. >> thank you. it's the first time in the u.s. that a suicide bomber who taken hostages. it happened last year in discovery communication headquarters in silver spring, maryland. the gunman died but all the hostages survived thanks in part of the courage of the montgomery miss. one of the heroes was honored by his bravery. fox 5 has the story. >> male caucasian in the mail lobby. the 911 call from the day the suicide bomber took over the hobby of discovery channel much listen closely as employees think another shooter may be arriving. >> someone was run aring up with a gun with a rifle in their arms. those -- >> like a police officer? >> no, he's in shorts, t-shirt, black gentleman. he has a yellow and thing on his shoulder.
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>> you're good to go. >> is that police officer? >> yes. >> that's a police officer. that's a police officer. >> and the yellow armed ban let police know the person in clean clothe was an officer. he was wearing something else today, the congressional badge of bravery. on september 1st, 2010, ed payton was only scheduled to work a few hours in the morning. he did that then because he was training for a triathlon. he headed to the chesapeake bay for a, a swim. he can't remember exactly how many jellyfish bites he got. >> once a minute. >> even so he returned to the station in silver spring and got in his car and that's when the call went out. >> just reacted. i was close by. >> payton entered the building and got within 25 feet of the gunman. >> you think real quick. you see it, oh, okay. >> he's giving us the intel, what the bomb looks like, where it is.
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he's also in a position where mr. lee was not going to be able to get further into the building. >> tom fisher was one of the hostages. >> how big of an impact do you think he played in the fact that you're alive and standing here? >> huge. >> courage at a time when some say leadership is lacking. >> there's a little bit more cynicism in our culture. our discourse is a little strained and folks may ask where the heroes, where the leaders today? and i think i got answer. they are right over there. they are across the law over here. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> well-deserved honor. >> well, a lot of people would say we finally deserve a little snow out there. for those who enjoy this kind of weather, your wish granted. >> but not the commute time. >> it's probably i would imagine making things tougher. northbound on wisconsin it doesn't look too bad.
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>> did you see that porsche go down, no problem. >> no problem. the roads are, are open. >> minimal impact across the region. i know it's hitting commute time but it's minimal impact. the temperatures have dropped a little bit there. menaceis and maybe a little old town, too. the secondary roads could have a little impact on them. we're looking at slic because temperatures will get down to freezing if not below that, especially in the suburbs. we're going to get clearing overnight tonight. out in the suburbs, especially, you could have a couple of lingering slick spots. once it comes up, it should be in good shape. you could see the back side of this is quickly moving through. we're already beginning to see that moving into parts of montgomery county, fairfax county and then temperatures, i want to show you real quickly, 34 in town. south and west of town,
5:19 pm
temperatures around freezing. you need to be careful for that. great looking forecast coming up. then we have more rain coming in. middle part of the week. we'll talk about that. the full forecast coming up. >> gary, see you then. william daley, the white house chief of staff is stepping down only after one year on the job. he will be replaced at a white house insider. it's raising questions on why daley is leaving after a short time. this is not a complete surprise? >> no. there's some talk. the white house chief of staff was facing criticism after last summer's stalled debt solutions with congress. and he made announcement of his replacement, it will be jack
5:20 pm
lew. richard daley and the brother of the recently retired daley who was seceded by president obama former chief of staff, emanuel. >> no one had to make more decisions more quickly than bill. that's why i think this decision was difficult for me. >> now neither daley or his replacement lew made any replacement while he stood in obama's side as the president delivered the brief remarks. neither men spoke about it afterwards. daley did serve as -- he was resigning to return to chicago and spend more time with his family. >> tom fits gerald, thank you. on the eve of the new hampshire presidential primary, voters head to the board. and live in manchester tonight. thanks so much for joining us.
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first off, what's it like on the ground. we know ron paul has been coming strong, followed by ron huntsman. what is it like. >> this was his strategy, john huntsman and his numbers are up. whether he will be close enough to overtake mitt romney is another matter. this places mitt romney to lose. he's polling in the low 40% range across new hampshire until the last few days. now he's closer to the mid-30s. still a mile ahead of ron paul and the good money here, romney comes out of his neighboring home state, his vacation home state with a win. then they take it to south carolina. >> certainly when you're the front run arer, you have a target on yourself. we know we have not heard you mention newt gingrich. we understand his game plan is super changed. and he's spending big money on romney attack ads. is it working? >> it appears to be working at least in some level. peggy newton, otherwise,
5:22 pm
labeled him a little attack muffin. attack he has been. he's gotten a bunch of money, $3 million or something like that. they are run aring attack ads in new new hampshire. if you are here, you can't mission. a lot of questions from newt gingrich. i asked him this afternoon on the fox news channel, why it was he was doing this and if he thought in the end, it would be bad for the republican party. i'm laying out the facts. people should know who mitt romney is. i think to the end, there goes the ad. >> everybody is questioning whether newt gingrich will have enough money for the attack ads especially heading to south carolina. any tidbits on what's going on there behind you. >> you know, this is our newsroom. i could tell you here at the saint anne college, the unusual thing about the primary, there's no snow on the ground. the last three years, there's
5:23 pm
been snow on the ground. that's not the case this time. the numbers may be up because of that. new hampshireians aren't one to shy because of bad weather. that mostly benefit, they tell us, mitt romney. >> shepherd smith, live in new hampshire, thank you so much. >> thanks. a drugmaker issues a major recall. we will tell you the brands affected. also ahead, a bungie jump goes terribly wrong and the victim lives to talk about it. i wawant a baby.
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? a drugmaker is it recalling some of the over-the-counter medication because the bottles could contain the wrong medicines. there's concerns that some bottles could contain stray pills from other brands or some of the pills are chipped and broken and won't protect your
5:27 pm
stomach for irritation. check the bottles with expiration from 2013, 2014. those are the ones. take a look, the video shows an australian tourist bungie jumping more than 360 feet. her rope snapped and sending her crashing down the zimbabwe river. she managed to swim to safety with a broken collarbone and her legs tied together. more amazingly, she's not seriously hurt. look at that. 360 feet. first of all, i would be scared to bungie jump and sending her to the river. >> that water there is crocodile infested. she didn't know. if she knew, she said she would have swam faster. >> with her broken collarbone. >> an amazing story.
5:28 pm
>> lucky girl. coming up, it could escalate the already heightened tension between the u.s. and iran. why an american overseas has been sentenced to death?  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's
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. major developments in iran. the islamic country has condemned an american man to die an admits an circulation in the nuclear program. iranian news reports amir mirza hekmati, a 28-year-old u.s. military translator is sentenced to death in iran, accused of being a cia spy. >> we strongly condemn, allegations that he worked for -- >> the obama administration sharply criticized the iranian government for what it calls a pattern of arresting americans for political reasons.
5:32 pm
>> if you want real intelligence, you, you have to flip people. >> american over there, around in a couple of weeks will learn nothing. >> word of the verdict comes as the international atomic agency, iran has started the process of enrich aring uranium up to 20%. >> if you're talking about a peaceful program. >> the white house says it will continue to pressure tehran. president obama approved new sanctions last week. iran's supreme leader says it will not give up its ambition which it claims it's innocent. >> the strong decision of the sacred islamic republic, is based on not being diverted and not surrendering and resisting on bullying and extreme demands of super powers. >> the enrichment happens in holy city shielded by aerial sir surveillance and protected
5:33 pm
up to 300 feet of molten rock. what should you see or not see on television? should cable networks be able to show more than broadcast networks? the super prem court is hearing a new case about that. we're joined by dan isa for the parent's television council and carta phillips, who represents fox and other media in that case. thanks for being with us tonight. i appreciate it. mr. isa, let's start with you. let me get your case? >> this case will decide once in foral the -- broadcast law. the supreme court has in attain, whether or not the broadcast networks could be more like paid cable. >> i assume you want regulation to continue in broadcast networks. >> broadcast decency rules has existed. parents rely on them every day. for them to go away would be a shock to millions of parents
5:34 pm
and families. >> you believe the supreme court should reverse, broadcast programming should not be the subject of greater regulation than cable tv. that's not fair. >> that's our view. dan and i agree, we hope the supreme court will resolve the issue once and for all. the hope, court will recognize the discrimination with respect to broadcast media has to have and the broadcasters should be treated the same as cable, internet and other mass media providers. >> and they have more at 10:00 when children aren't fighting. why fight it? what's the big deal. >> the content is on live programming. unfortunately the live programs that particularly the sports events and other programs like that don't tend to take place at 10:00 at night. they take place during the day and earlier in the evening. there's little question that the fcc's approach places a significant chill on live
5:35 pm
program where you have less control on what's going to be broadcast. >> what about the 7 second rule? doesn't that work? >> the experience, it's not that easy. particularly if you're trying to figure out on the fly what images you may see at the same time as serp language -- certain language that may pop up in the circumstances. to be sure, there's some instances in which the seven second rules have bleeped out materials that both fox and regulators would prefer to not broadcast. there's lots of instances it doesn't work that way. the problem, the federal government now purr ports to impose in the 2500 fines in each station when there's that kind of a mistake. >> i have to ask the colleague, robert sparks was quoted in the usa paper, it's hard to find parents who don't agree a lot of stuff is -- to screen what
5:36 pm
they see. is that the parent's job? >> certainly. no one will argue that parents aren't are the first and last line of defense when it comes to protecting children. we're talking specifically in this case is the broadcast media. this station and everyone like it, operates with a free license to use the publicly owned airwaves in a way that's consistent with what the law calls the public interest. there's nothing in the public interest that says we have to have increasing amounts of decent content, foul language, that type of material, on it when children are, are watching. mr. phillips makes a great point and they are perfectly free to do so after 10:00, when the children are not in the audience. court and the only thing phillips is arguing, broadcast networks should have the ability to air limited amounts of that content when we know when children are watching. that's why millions of parents are concerned. >> the supreme court will have the final say.
5:37 pm
i will take the issue on tomorrow. carter phillips, attorney represent aring fox and other media and the case. thank you four being with us tonight. >> thank you. coming up tonight, a colorado teen puts up a fight after her yearbook photo is yanked. an act of kindness for . hello, progresso.
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some students athletes in a dc high school got a late christmas gift. they donated several hundred pairs of the track spikes. the team's coach says it is a rewarding event for the kids because they work so hard and the track shoes are, are so expensive. he met a manager from the pacers running store this fall. they talked about a partnership. he says he appreciates the store for coming through for the kids. too much skin?
5:41 pm
freedom of expression. that's the debate in durango, colorado, where a high school senior got her picture from her yearbook. she's wearing a black shawl, yellow skirt and not much else. school administrators says she violated the dress code. her family is looking for an attorney to represent. >> here's my thing. we're both parents. you're parents of girls. i don't care if she's 18. i wouldn't allow my daughter to get it in the picture. >> and i don't want to sound like a if you haddie duddy. wait until you're paying your own bills and then you could express yourself. >> exactly. jay-z and beyonce are celebrating the birth of their baby. some other families have a bone to pick with the celebrity
5:42 pm
couple. >> take you live to detroit. to show you which carmakers are shaking things up in the auto shows around. >> gary is back with a latest blast of winter. we'll be right back.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪ ♪ sunny day ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' the taste i crave ♪ ♪ subway ♪ i'm makin' it, makin' it how i like ♪ ♪ it's meant to be ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ i'm feelin' subway today [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®? then heat up your day with the big hot pastrami melt! it's fresh toasted and piled-high with pastrami, then topped with pickles, mustard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty, mouthwatering sub! ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
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mr. mcgrady. >> and it's still going on. >> it's a little bit. >> we can see it. the question, will they put the shot up so the viewers could see it? look out your window. >> it depends on where you are. you may not be able to see it. and this would be -- >> there you go. >> is this a live picture. >> this is earlier. >> okay. >> in places where it was snowing, it was accumulating on the ground. even here in the city, parts of northwest bethesda, the snow has been accumulating. reports of accumulating snow, we would think, we would take a
5:46 pm
legit measurement, menasis and fairfax. this is earlier. this is on tape here. it's down in the south, where we're seeing the heaviest of the snow ban working across. match hd -- max hd will show you. this is indicating the heaviest snow. it's gotten a little larger. from the city all the way down to i-95, dale city, places like that now sneaking towards charles county, woodruff are. anywhere you see the reds, that will potentially be a little bit of a accumulation. half an inch, an inch to the grassy areas. let's show you the temperatures right now. these are very, very critical. they are starting to drop. it is still 34 in town. menasis 32 fairfax county, temperatures are generally freezing.
5:47 pm
we're getting reports actually in some of the secondary roads, some of the snow has been making a coating. 33 degrees for fredericksburg. this is where we are at 7:00. even though the back edge of the snow line is to the west of the district. it will be quickly moving on through. there's light snow, mainly district to the east at 7:00. temperatures won't be at 55 degrees. it will be around 34. my mistakes. clouds at 9:00. the snow is gone. 34 degrees and clouds lingering at 11:00 with the temperatures of 33. this is where we've been in the last couple of hours. you could see in sen tinel radar. it's beginning to dry out from montgomery county, for parts -- and eventually this will get all east of i-95 headed towards the bay. we have had several hours of this. the northern sections of this system was able to get up into the cold air and when it did, it basically allowed for us,
5:48 pm
for the precipitation to actually cool the atmosphere as it was falling. that's why the rain began to change to snow through most of the afternoon. and a big storms down in the south eastern texas today. heavy rain and flooding in houston. we're getting snow in parts of west texas. it looks like we'll get three to six inches of that out there. this is the next storm system that will be affecting us and not for tomorrow. tomorrow, it looks like it will be a very, very nice day. as we start getting into wednesday, wednesday afternoon, pretty good rain will be coming down out of this, okay? and so actually, just to the northwest of us, we can see basically drying conditions out here. that's tomorrow's weather for us. it looks pretty nice. >> moves out east. slick spots out o tonight. we're down to 31 in down. tomorrow lots of sunshine. could there be delays? there could be delays. the delay should be probably be
5:49 pm
around fairfax county. maybe even delays in prince william county. not a guarantee. i'm just saying basically, based on experience, when they get a little bit of snow out there, they occasionally have to have delay. keep in mind, this could be some slick spots. before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. 52 tomorrow. and more rain, getting colder towards the weekend. >> thanks, gary. >> thanks, gary. you could call the, the oscars of the auto industry. detroit's auto show came out. awards came out for the cars and trucks of the year. let's start with the winner of the car of the year. tell us which one won? >> the winner of the car of the year, it's interesting. you have a ford, folks wagon and you have the hyundai. it's called the hyundai elantra, come tact and fuel efficient. they say the styling was done
5:50 pm
in their studio in california. they styled this car for the american consumer. 100,000-mile warranty, over 15,000, if you want to buy it. hyundai's genesis model won the award a couple of years ago. since is then, the sales have gone up. it's now got 5% of the north american marketplace. they say owner royalty, is better than a toyota. it does matter what happens at the show because the consumers plan to follow that. >> tell us about the truck of the show. this one surprised me. >> the truck of the year is the smallest version that this company makes and it's really an international company. take a look at the land rover, range rover. it's the smallest range rover that they built. judges judged this. they gave this high marks for
5:51 pm
styling, fuel efficiency. 28 miles in the highway, 19 miles in the city. it will set you back $41,000. you may say, that's an expensive car. they took a look at the value. that's why they named it the north american truck of the year. >> the auto shows is a benchmark of economy. we're hearing signs and hearing the economy is coming back. are you seeing signs there at the auto show? >> absolutely. take a look at high the exhibits. they didn't have the second floor like that when the auto industry hit the skids. take a look at this bottle. talking about green technology. this bottle could end up in a ford focus electric one day. you have to get to the marketing people and the people in charge of the green. >> all about marketing. thank you for being with us today.
5:52 pm
♪[ music ] baby i paint the sky blue. hip-hop star jay-z wrapping about his baby girl days after she was born. they welcomed blue ivy. he dropped the sun today, called glory. it features baby blue crying in the background. meantime, not everyone is as ecstatic about the super couple's baby. relatives trying to visit their own babies around the same time are upset is. they accused the hospital of catering to beyonce and jay-z. what's the deal? what happened? >> there's actually two sides to the story. it's for you guys to decide. what we have here from the carter family, beyonce and jay- z. little blue ivy was born seven pounds, delivered naturally. and i have to tell you, just talking to people walking in
5:53 pm
the streets, all the attention, you would think this is the only baby born here at the hospital in new york city. but the last fit was not and we talked with some parents who they say were irate at all of this. they say they were delayed in being able to see their twin boys and nicu unit. their family who traveled four and a half hours at one point was not allowed to see the baby. they say the security cameras were covered and no one told them what was going on. >> like we said, the staff there is wonderful. the people who work there is great. when the security arrived, it became very clear that there was a huge shift and we were second class citizens. we were not allowed to do what we wanted to do. >> or even asked questions. >> there was no answers. twas just kind of hush, hush and you don't need to know and just wait until i tell you. you could come or go. >> we just got a statement from
5:54 pm
the hospital who said yes, private security was brought in but that's the hospital managed all the security. they say they made every effort those, not to disrupt any other patient. they say no security plan that they would have approved or carter family would have approved would have delayed or disrupted any visit to the nicu. hospital officials says they heard no complaints. there's two sides of the story. a different version of events from that family. >> thank you so much for the update. we appreciate it. another milestone for the former kate middleton now dutchess of cambridge. she turned 30. her celebration will be a low- key affair. she plans to celebrate in private. last night she attend add premiere for steven spielberg's new movie "war horse." what's coming up next in the news at 6:00 ♪
5:55 pm
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it's fresh toasted and piled-high with pastrami, then topped with pickles, mustard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty, mouthwatering sub! ♪ let's go . the ham hamilton held a grand opening. it was in the old borders location. it's owned by the same company that owns cliedz restaurant. the city kicked in. pappa john's pizza allege apologized after an employee tied a racial. the employee post add tick tur. and seconds later it issued an apology, saying the employee has been fired. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. the news at 6:00 today at 5:00. >> news at 6:00 starts right
5:59 pm
now. mitt romney is counting down. just hours to go before voters in new hampshire hit the polls for tomorrow's primary. first, the warm temperatures we saw this weekend has been suspended like a herman cain presidential campaign shrouded in controversy. winter is finally here. so is the snow. take a look outside, coming down fast and furious. you could still see a few flakes in the sky. to gary mcgrady. where did this come from? >> surprise, surprise. sneaky snow. back edge of it, we clearly see now on radar. there's not much of this going on. the back edge now is just about made it to the western sections of the beltway. you're clear in cloudy clear in montgomery county.


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