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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right off the top tonight a round of surprise snow hit rush hour, plenty of flakes out there flying. tonight that snow is over, but the trouble is not. a former soldier from maryland facing federal charges accused of trying to join a terrorist group. look at this. that is a local dog's pray
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after he swallowed a -- x-ray after he swallowed a 7-inch spoon. hear how a local vet saved his life. we'll begin with that surprise round of snow. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy down in the weather center with gary mcgrady. i remember opening up the curtain and i was like what is going on? >> it was d.c. south, pretty much to the north and northwest no surprise snow. it was in and out. i'm kind of impressed by the snowfall totals we got. we were just cold enough and actually as the snow fell it made everything a bit colder. so basically what we ended up with was as much as 2 inches in some places. >> okay. >> we'll talk right now. let me show you what it looked like. this takes us back about six hours or so. you can see that snow coming across very light in montgomery county, not much to the north of that, but in the city and look how quickly it has basically cleared out of the area, moved through here by about 7:00 quickly across the bay.
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now it's completely right on through delaware. there's a little out there but not much. in terms of the snowfall totals that we did end up getting, chevy chase right here basically northwest washington 1/2-inch, manassas 2 inches. it does every time. it goes real quick through that. manassas was 2 inches of snow. that seemed to be the concentration of the heaviest snow there. western sections of prince every prince william county town around fauquier county, dale city in prince william county 1 1/2 inches of snow, centreville 1 inch, fairfax 1 inch. generally across fairfax we saw about an inch of snow. national airport reported a little over 1/2-inch and dulles reported 1/2-inch of snow. importantly with temperatures tonight they've been holding fairly steady. temperatures come up in town to 35 degrees, dulles up on over freezing, manassas up over freezing. once the skies partially clear tonight, we'll get below freezing. so there could be a few slippery spots, would not surprise me to see a couple
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delays, can't imagine that we'll have any cancellations. go to bed. >> i was going to say do your homework and go to bed because you're going to school tomorrow. >> i think. so. you mentioned about an inch in fairfax. wisdom martin has been out in fairfax county since the flakes started falling. what's it like out there right now? reporter: it's not too bad right now. after a couple days of good weather today the snow actually started to fall and you can look here on the ground in the grass. you can see there's just enough snow still remaining to cover the ground. this is really not that big of deal to most people except for the fact they didn't expect it. surprise, surprise out of nowhere snow covered the area. did you know it was going to be like this today when you came out of the house? >> not at all. forecast didn't say anything at all. reporter: what do you think about this? >> quite unexpected, nice, but it's quite unexpected. i guess snow finally arrived for the winter. reporter: most people had no idea this was coming.
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>> yes. i did not expect it this early. >> it was in the middle of class and i'm like look, snow! and everybody is like -- and everybody just runs up to the window. reporter: in this fairfax community yes, they were like b else, caught off guard by -- everybody else, caught off guard by the unexpected snow, but they took advantage of the situation. >> i really didn't think it was going to stick. i thought it looked too warm. when it started sticking, i was like all right, let's go. the kids are like daddy, let's go play. okay. reporter: between the sledding and snowball fights no one cared that they didn't get a warning. so on a day like that unexpected snow, you'll need help when it comes to making these snowballs. so we found this cool little device. the kids showed me how to work it. take it and put it in the ground and voila, a snowball. the snow didn't last that long and didn't create major problems on the road. the barnes family enjoyed it. >> having fun, i haven't had a
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snowball fight in years of. reporter: with winter just starting there's probably more of this to come. so this is 2:36 and you can see cars continue to drive along the road, not any issues on the ground, roads not slick as far as we can see, not a lot of issues as far as traffic. we were in traffic today, just normal rush hour except for the fact we had snow all over the place, didn't stick to the ground, still had a lot of snow coming out of the sky. it looked good, shawn. >> it looked good. what a great way to bring in the first snow of the brand-new year. reporter: that's right. >> wisdom martin, thank you. just a reminder, you can track the latest forecasts and radar images on our website. click weather tab on our other big story tonight, the arrest of a maryland soldier accused of trying to join an african-based terrorist group. fox 5's bob barnard has been looking into this tonight. what did you find out? >> one day this guy is serving
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with the u.s. army in baghdad, the next he's charged with trying to take up arms against the very people he risked his life to defend. his name is craig baxam, 24 years old, a product of prince george's county, accused by federal prosecutors of trying to join a somalian based terrorist organization called al-shabaab. baxam was arrested by police in kenya two weeks ago and brought back to the u.s. friday. he was a member of the largo high school class of 2005. dwayne jones was his principal. >> what i can remember is that he was a pretty good student and i wish i could tell you more and hopefully this situation he's in is just an allegation and it's not true of. reporter: according to prosecutors, baxam joined the army in 2007, was deployed to iraq, reenlisted after he came home, was sent to korea and while there left the army last summer. prosecutors say baxam converted
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toes i happen shortly before leaving the mill -- to islam shortly before leaving the military and decided to move to africa, specifically somalia, to become a terrorist. this is baxam's mother, herself a lawyer, leaving the federal courthouse in greenbelt this afternoon, clearly not thrilled to be a part of this story. baxam's lawyer also not interested in speaking with reporters. baxam stayed in this apartment community in laurel with his brother and father according to two neighbors who did not want their face shown on tv. >> he did not smile, never seen the man smile at all, but he was a very strange guy, over in speck, never really spoke on his own -- spoke, never really spoke on his own, kept to himself. he wouldn't respond. he wouldn't speak, like he didn't acknowledge anything. he was all into his own world. reporter: in a statement federal investigators say fbi special agents in africa working alongside our kenyan police partners worked together to stop an individual who is now alleged to have been on his way to join a major terrorist
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group. this spirit of cooperation in fighting terrorism continues to transcend borders around the world. federal prosecutors say baxam acted alone in his alleged quest to join al-shabaab. he's facing 15 years in prison if he's convicted. i said largo high school. i put that under mr. jones' name. it was laurel high school where he attended. >> do we know what he did in high school or as a teen? >> he was apparently camera shy in his four years at laurel high, just that one picture in his journal year book taken when he and two classmates appeared on the local tv quiz show. he was apparently smart and interested in the military now accused of wanting to be a terrorist. a man who said he wanted to avenge wrongs done to muslims has been charged with plotting attacks in tampa. the 25-year-old was born in yugoslavia, a naturalized u.s.
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citizen. investigators say he made a video in which he held a gun, sat in front of an ak-47. the muslim community helped catch the suspect because they were concerned about his extreme views. it is crunch time for republicans vying for the gop presidential nomination with less than 24 hours to go before the new hampshire primary. frontrunner mitt romney is trying to beat back late challenges from his competition. a brand-new poll today shows a number of voter still haven't made up their minds of. reporter: just one week after his raidsor thin iowa victory mitt -- razor thin iowa victory mitt romney is spending his time hammering president obama. >> i believe the market works better than a president stepping in to take care of his friends. reporter: the suffolk poll in university shows romney with a commanding 33% of the vote, 13 points ahead of ron paul. >> we shouldn't be telling people how to live, run the economy or telling the rest of the world what they ought to be
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doing. reporter: paul was doing well in iowa last week before this time it's jon huntsman looking for a surprise finish in new hampshire. >> this is not a state that wants the establishment to give you a candidate and just say here's your person. reporter: but rick santorum is still trying to convince conservatives he is the romney alternative. >> if you're running for president, you're running for president and you're accountable to all americans, not just the folks who support you. reporter: while former speaker newt gingrich looks like he'll finish out of the top tier, both he and rick perry are stepping up attacks on romney. >> you'd be a little less than human if you weren't pretty happy that you're now going to see sort of a more even playing field. >> i have no doubt mitt romney was worried about pink slips, whether he was going to have enough to hand out of. reporter: the challenge for romney now may be in limiting predictions. >> if i were his campaign manager, we would be dampening down expectations far beyond what he's done. reporter: republican
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strategist jack burkeman says romney needs an event and a big win in new hampshire not viewed as big enough. >> the real big issue is rick santorum comes out with how big of run on is being is not. reporter: some republicans are concerned this bare knuckle primary might be a helping hand to democrat next fall. if romney wins tuesday, it would be an unprecedented back to back win in both iowa and new hampshire for a republican candidate, but this calendar doesn't get easy. the south carolina primary is right on its heels january 21st. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a townhouse explodes in northern virginia. you won't believe what investigators say caused it. plus a 19-year-old shot and killed in the district possibly for his shoes. tonight police issue a bizarre lookout. on the news edge tonight a police captain accused of disturbing crimes with a teen- age boy, what investigators saw that led to his arrest at
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tonight we are learning more about the murder of a d.c. teenager apparently gunned down for sneakers. early sunday morning a carload of men pulled up and announced a robbery. tonight they're looking for a bullet riddled suv. fox 5's paul wagner reports. >> it hurts. it really hurts. i mean for a pair of shoes? reporter: jamal crawford and david lee robinson were tight, god brothers living in the same apartment complex on sixth street and shaw. crawford held shoes similar to the 1 taken from the teen as we talk -- ones taken from the teen as we talked inside the building. >> if you want my shoes, you can have them. you don't have to take my life. just take my shoes. he got a son on the way. he got a son on the way. it hurts. reporter: just after 2:00 sunday morning d.c. police say 19-year-old david lee robinson and another man were standing at a bus stop on 58th street northeast when a small gray or
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silver suv pulled up and the men inside announced a stick- up. there was an ex chang of gunfire and robinson -- exchange of gunfire and robinson fell dead. when police arrived, they found the 19-year-old shoeless with a gun nearby. the man he was with was unharmed. at a gun violence vigil sunday night d.c. mayor vincent gray shared what he knew about the crime also describing it as a gunbattle. >> and when you look at the circumstances, it was a robbery. the victim was being robbed by the perpetrator who has not been apprehended as yet, but he was being robbed for his nike tennis shoes. reporter: it's unclear who had the gun recovered at the scene. family members say robinson was shot in the back. >> like he may have been trying to get away? >> right. like he turned around to run and they had just shot him or he may have just been walking.
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we don't know. all we know is he got shot in the back. reporter: robinson's aunt said the 19-year-old was looking forward to becoming a father in the spring. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> tonight d.c. police are looking for the car used in that robbery. police say it is a small gray or silver suv with bullet holes and broken glass. prince george's county police tonight are still trying to track down a hit and run driver who plowed into a local couple killing them. it happened friday on oxon hill road. the car hit mildred freeman and michael thomas sr. as thomas was walking his wife to the bus stop. police are looking for a gray compact vehicle possibly with damage. police in fredericksburg are looking for this man accused of several break-ins. a detective tried to catch jonathan shepherd after he saw him in an unoccupied house where a burglary had been reported but shepherd got away. he left behind a wallet and clothing. they think he's homeless and breaking in to squat in houses. it was a frightening scene, last year's hostage situation at discovery communications
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headquarters in silver spring. the gunman died, but all the hostages survived. today the montgomery county officer who helped police take almost down received a big honor for his bravery. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> we have a male caucasian in the pain lobby with a gun at 1 discovery place. >> he looks like he has a bomb or something strapped to him. reporter: the 911 calls from the day a suicide bomber took over the lobby of discovery channel. listen closely as employees think another shooter may be arriving. >> someone was running up to the center garden with a rifle. he's in shorts, t-shirt, black gentleman. he has a yellow fluorescent thing on his shorts. >> you're good to go with that, okay? >> is that a police officer? >> yes. >> that's a police officer. reporter: the yellow arm band let police know that person in plainclothes was an officer. that same montgomery county officer, ed paden, was wearing something else today, the
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congressional badge of bravery. on september 1st, 2010, ed paden was only scheduled to work a few hours in the morning. he did that. then because he was training for a triathlon he headed to the chesapeake bay for a swim. he can't remember how many jellyfish bites he got. >> one too many. reporter: even so he returned to the station in silver spring, got in his car and that's when the call went out. >> just reacted like we were trained for. i was close by of. reporter: paden entered the building and got within 25 feet of the gunman. >> you think real quick. you see it like okay, all right. this is it. >> he's giving us all the intel, what the bomb looks like, what the man looks like, where he is, but ed also has now gotten in a position where mr. lee was not going to be able to get further into the building. reporter: tom fisher was one of the hostages. how big of an impact do you think he played in the fact that you're alive and standing there?
10:20 pm
>> huge. reporter: courage at a time when some say leadership is lacking. >> maybe a lit bit more cynicism in our culture. our discourse is a little strained and folks may ask where are the heros? where are the leaders today? i think i got an answer. they're right over there. they're all across this wall right here. [ applause ] reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> heros indeed. a local dog is lucky to be alive after swallowing something he never should have. wait till you see the x-ray. and then he went to iran on a trip to see his grandmothers. now this u.s. marine has been sentenced to death. ♪
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pnc bank. for the achiever in you. the obama administration is condemning iran for sentencing an american to death for allegedly spying for the cia. the iranian american is a former marine. his family said he was there
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visiting other familiar members when he was arrested. fox's amy kellogg has the latest. reporter: iranian state television shows a taped confession. they claim iranian american former marine translator amir hekmati was sent on a mission by the cia to destablize the country and they have sentenced him to death. his family claims he was just visiting grandparents. the u.s. government believes the confession was forced and denies 208-year-old hekmati was an agent. -- 28-year-old hekmati was an agent. >> we've had trouble for decades arguably with the iranians seizing americans, falsely imprisoning them, holding them for long periods, trying them in inappropriate circumstances, et cetera. reporter: iran shows military ids as its proof hekmati is a spy. there's no way of knowing if the ids are authentic. they raise more questions than answers. >> the u.s. intelligence services are not going to send somebody with military id in
10:25 pm
their pockets into iran to carry out a covert mission. >> this poor unfortunate individual just got swept up and the iranians need to have something by which to leverage us. reporter: iran is now enriching uranium at 20% at its facility burrowed into a mountain. tehran said it's for a medical reactor and this fortified bunker can be seen as a provocation. as iran feels the squeeze all around it president ahmadinejad turned south for support from his revolutionary friends from venezuela to cuba. one analyst tells fox news this is more than just sabre rattling as iran can't sanction america or the west. the best it can do is to make things uncomfortable for them in as many areas as possible. amy kellogg, fox news. just a year after taking the job president obama's chief of staff is leaving.
10:26 pm
william daley's resignation was announced today. daley took over for rahm emanuel who left to become mayor of chicago last january. the president implied no one asked him to go. >> obviously this was not easy news to hear and i didn't accept bill's decision right away. in fact, i asked him to take a couple days to make sure tay he was sure about this -- that he was sure about this. >> daley will be replaced by current budget director jack lu. beyonce and jay-z are celebrating the birth of their baby, but other parents say they were kept from seeing their babies because of the superstar security. that is a local dog's x- ray. he was near death. we'll tell you how he was saved coming up.
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look at that, a spoon in the belly of a dog. the dog's all right, but now
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his owner has to swallow something else, a huge price tag for the vet bill. will thomas here now. what's the deal? >> cost 2,500 bucks to remove that spoon from the dog's belly. could have ended badly, but vincent, the labrador retriever, not going anywhere. >> such a good boy of. reporter: like most dog owners, lori neomini loves her and 9-year-old vincent knows it. look at his tail. look around her annapolis home. you can tell dogs are a big part of her life. >> this way he acts i call him john wayne. i just adore him and don't want anything to happen to him of. reporter: but something did. last wednesday vincent gave her quite a scare. it was mealtime and lori knew something wasn't right. >> he was eating very slowly, chewing very slow rei and he doesn't do that.
10:31 pm
he -- slow rei and he doesn't do that. he gulps it -- slowly and he doesn't do that. he gulps it down, inhales food. >> two x-rays later technicians figure it out. it was a spoon 7 inches stuck in vincent's stomach. >> i couldn't believe it. reporter: it was a delicate operation because the spoon made a hole in vincent's stomach. his spleen and intestines gathered around the hole, but 24 hours after surgery vincent was back home along with a shaved belly and about a foot long incision mark. this is the spoon, tarnished and bent. medical bills added up to about 2,500 bucks. >> very expensive spoon. i'm not going to lose it any time soon. reporter: but lori isn't batting an eye. vincent isn't like a part of her family. he is. >> well, how did he get the spoon in the first place? >> it's sort of anyone's guess.
10:32 pm
the first thing she did was go into her kitchen drawer to make sure all her spoons were there. she counted them. so she figures maybe somebody threw the spoon over the fence. she has a corner lot. maybe it had a little food on it and the dog vincent gulped it up, 2,500 bucks, big bill. 11 people displaced tonight after an explosion at a townhouse in fairfax county. it happened on pine string road in falls church last night. the blast -- pine spring road in falls church. the last was accidentally set off when an electrical spark from a nearby refrigerator ignited about a dozen cans of insect repellant. one man was hurt. the explosion caused major damage to two townhouses. several people treated for smoke inhalation this morning after a small trash fire at the state department. workers were on the roof at the time. building was not damaged. fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight and another plan to hike fares. the rate hikes could start next
10:33 pm
year as a way of covering rising costs. some proposals include raising bus fare and base rail fare 10- cent and raising a flat fare for people who use the rail cards or pay cash on buses but the peak fares would stay the same. the charge metro calls peak of peak would go away. metro would offset the loss with the increase of the offpeak fare and per mileage rate. metro wrapped up inspections of the brake assemblies on its 200 so, 3000 and 400 -- 2000, 3000 and 4000 rail lines today. metro has since replaced those components on 290 brake assemblies. you are always invited to help us monitor metro. take a picture or video and send it to fox 5 metro at g two stories that have a lot of people talking. he's the nfl star sweeping the nation. tim tebow pulls off another
10:34 pm
amazing win. plus everybody anxious to catch a glimpse of beyonce's baby blue ivy, but some say the lengths to keep anyone from snapping a photo were just wrong. but first we have fox business neil cavuto. >> we know owe as much as we own. for the first time ever our total debt as a country equal to all we turn out as a country, 15 trillion in unpaid bills and american consumers are racking up more debt in a big way. consumer borrowing in november surging if the biggest amount in a decade. a huge headache for a big maker of painkillers, the fda warning some of novartis' over the counter medicine may have been packaged with more powerful painkillers, the warning coming a day after certain bufferin, gas-x and no-doz medicines recalled. the whole mess is expected to cost at least $120 million.
10:35 pm
a new profit season with a not so great earnings report, a weak global economy hurting demand for aluminum products for alcoa but netflix surging as the company launches new services in the uk and ireland. netflix coming off a rough year after customers in the u.s. revoted over earlier price hikes. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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welcome back. we are down in the web have talking about beyonce and jay-z welcoming and celebrating the birth of their baby girl. it is trending on the web, but
10:39 pm
not everybody is celebrating. >> a little controversy about the birth of the baby blue ivy carter. first the good news, she was born on saturday at lenox city -- new york city lenox hospital. mama and baby both doing just fine we hear. the couple released this statement. let's show you what they're saying. her birth was emotional, extremely peaceful. we are in heaven. she was delivered naturally at a healthy 7-pound and it was the best experience of both of our lives. we are thankful one for all of your prayers, well wishes, love and support. now here is where the controversy comes in. the high profile couple reportedly rented out the entire fourth floor of the hospital for $1.3 million. security then became so tight at the other that the other new parents who also had new babies say they were stopped from seeing their own newborns.
10:40 pm
here's one father and what he had to say. >> like we said, the staff there is wonderful. the people who work there are great, but when the security arrived, it became very clear that there was a huge shift and we were second class citizens and we weren't allowed to do what we wanted to do. >> or even ask questions. >> yeah. there was no answers. it was just kind of hush hush and you don't need to know and just wait until i tell you. >> the director of the hospital issued a statement saying that in part what that man was saying was just not true, that they tried to minimalize the disruption for the families and that it really wasn't as bad as what these partners were saying, so two sides to this story. >> it's probably somewhere in the middle is kind of right. i understand jay-z dropped a brand-new song on his website about the baby. >> it's online and it's called gloria. i haven't heard it yet, but you can hear baby blue singing on the track. >> she makes her debut. >> what do you think of the
10:41 pm
name blue? >> i don't know. i hear they have a special significance and ivy has something to do with ivy, the no. 4. they were both born on the 4th of whatever month and her new album is entitled 4. so there's some -- >> lots of meaning behind that. cute. >> different names. >> i was thinking baby pink, but she's competing with -- that wouldn't work. i remember when i had my baby, i was pushed out of the hospital because you were about to have yours, so -- >> i think the media reports on that were grossly exaggerated. >> i know how it works. >> thank you, laura. speaking of good news, 24 fans, guess, what keifer sutherland is reprising his role as jack bower, this time for the big screen. in the series finale bower dropped off the grid and bid farewell to his team. he says the movie will be a continuation covering a 24 hour period of time just as the show did. about the movie could film as
10:42 pm
early as this spring. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 the top cop on the fredericksburg police force accused of disturbing crimes with a teenage boy, what investigators saw that led to his arrest. plus the aftermath of harry thomas' corruption, how the city is working to rebuild in the wake of the giant scandal at 11:00. look! here she comes!
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an australian woman survived a new year's eve punji jump that went terribly -- bungee jump that went terribly wrong. the court snapped and she went into the river. amazingly she was not seriously all right. >> i went black and felt like i'd been slapped all over. i think it's definitely a miracle that i survived. >> she managed to swim to safety with a broken collarbone, her legs still tied
10:46 pm
together with the bungee cord. again she was not seriously hurt. the broncos have been in three overtime games this year and won them all. down at the 30, at the 50, down to the 30, to the 20. >> is it luck, talent or god that's getting tim tebow and the denver broncos deeper into the playoffs. the quarterback who wasn't expected to do so well is taking it to the end zone and the doubters. sports director dave feldman here now. whether it's for spectacle or sport, this guy is not going >> tebow. people are totally passionate about him either positively or yes, negatively, too, but hardly anyone is neutral. adding to the lore, yesterday against the steelers the christian quarterback threw for 316 yards and set an nfl record by averaging 31.6 yards per completion, that's 3:16 as in john 3:16, one of the most often cited bible passages for
10:47 pm
christians. coincidence, divine intervention or luck? either way last night tebow with a miracle play. the first play of overtime. tebow fakes the handoff and connects with demaryius thomas in stride. a stiff arm frees him up and he is gone. 80 yards for the fame winning touchdown, tebow -- game winning touchdown, tebow and the broncos upset the steelers. after the play twitter users set a record by tweeting 9,420 times per second about the quarterback's heroics. here are a couple examples. lady gaga rote giants fan but wow, tebow, that's what the blank, a champion looks like. from tweet of god, pittsburgh, thou once won via the immaculate conception but today tho u knelt in subjects to the prince of pass. we asked reverend clark
10:48 pm
lobensteen if god was on his side. >> i don't think god has any direct lines, doesn't care about whether or not tim tebow's team or another team wins or loses and i don't know that god cares at all about football. maybe he does. maybe god doesn't. but i do think that god listens to the prayers of all of us and will respond to prayers but not about specific teams winning or losing or whatever. >> now how big is this story? saturday night live did a big skit. i don't know if you guys saw, it but someone played jesus, some played tebow and he said yes, indeed i'm helping you play and he said look, we're playing the patriots next and the guy playing jesus said i can't help you with the patriots and tom brady and the patriots who they play next in new england are 13 1/2 point favorites. >> the funny thing i saw today is maybe god isn't helping tim tebow. maybe he's punishing ben
10:49 pm
roethlisberger. >> or karma. either way tebow had one of the best postseason performances in a long time. if he pulls something off against tom brady and the patriots, the top seed in the afc -- >> the nfl would love it. let's put it that way. >> it's a talker. >> it is indeed. >> so is the snow. >> absolutely. maybe more of a surprise than anything tim tebow did yesterday. that's what i think. >> guess what? i know god's in control of that. >> it just depends. that's what they always tell me, that's true, but apparently there were a lot of people praying for snow today, shawn, because it happened. it was kind of a miracle this would happen and i've been hearing all of you a day doesn't go by that somebody doesn't ask me whether it be well, on the street, in the grocery store or anywhere when is the snow coming? if you were d.c. to the south, you got your wish today because it was definitely snowing out there and it was definitely accumulating because it was
10:50 pm
snowing in some cases at a pretty good clip. no snow out there tonight, but the clouds are holding strong. you can see a little haze out there from that, but it looks like -- i know we had this snow today and there's a pretty good storm system coming for the middle part of the week and it is going to be rain, okay? it looks like we're just going to be too terribly warm for anything to be snow. there's maybe a little bit of concern higher elevations north and west that there could be a little bit of a mixture depending on the temperatures. we'll look at that coming up in a second, but it does look like we're in for pretty decent rain wednesday, not for tomorrow. here's the snow moving out of here. basically from d.c. up into montgomery county. i know you guys had a little trace amount up there, but mainly to the south of us is where the snow is accumulating. good news now for the temperatures. the clouds have held in there. so most places staying up above freezing, but notice
10:51 pm
hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester and culpeper right at freezing, if not below. not too concerned about slick spots up here because i don't think they got anything, but down around culpeper, fauquier county, prince william county, fairfax county, watch for the slippery spots early tomorrow morning before sunrise. we're getting clearing now west of the mountains. it may take longer to scurry out this moisture along i-95 and for the metro. want to tea you back down to texas because the next -- take you back down to texas because the next storm system is coming from there. big storm system in houston, southeast texas, dropping a lot of rain with flooding, snow, very dynamics strong storm system coming through west texas dropping a good amount of snow through west texas, san angelo. this will pull out. they may get a little snow around abilene and then this whole system comes in our direction and it looks like it's going to be here wednesday and quickly out of here thursday morning. slow clearing overnight tonight
10:52 pm
as the skies clear, the temperatures getting colder. we'll get to about 31 degrees in town, a little colder in the suburbs, cloud to start tomorrow morning, 34, sunny at noon and 46. it looks like tomorrow's high temperature with the sunshine, nothing like today, will be up into the lower 50s. so it should be very nice out there by tomorrow afternoon. futurecast looks like this. again we start off tomorrow morning with perhaps a few clouds here. they'll break out. we'll be into some sunshine tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon. that's going to warm things up nicely. as we get into wednesday morning, this is 11:00, right now it looks like we may get most of that wednesday morning commute in dry, but quickly this rain comes in and notice back out west higher elevations, west virginia, western virginia and extreme western maryland may be a little mixture here, but we're talking about some fairly moderate to heavy rain potential for us and it looks like once the rain starts on
10:53 pm
wednesday it's going to be kind of an all day and into the evening affair. some places could pick up right now as much as an inch of rain wednesday and into wednesday evening. 46 with the rain wednesday, 50 on thursday and then as we trend into the weekend, it will be getting much colder around here and i think eventually next week and into february we're going to start to have a real winter out here. >> okay. >> pattern change is coming. >> thank you, gary. it's the show car lovers look forward to every year, the north american international auto show kicked off in detroit, opened to the public this weekend, but tonight we got a sneak peek at this year's hottest rides. fox's murray feldman has the story of. reporter: it truly an international display of the top rated vehicles vying for north american car of the year. from the united states the ford focus, from korean carmaker hyundai the elantra and from germany's volkswagen the passat
10:54 pm
made in tennessee and the winner? >> the north american car of the year for 2012 is the hyundai elantra. [ cheering and applause ] >> in fact, it was designed in irvine, california, specifically for u.s. car buyers, although it sold around the world, but since this was the largest car market for this car our california studio won the bid to design it for hyundai worldwide. it's been a great success here and in other global markets. reporter: and the award for north american truck of the year featuring germany's bmwx3, hon damp japan with the crv, many -- honda of japan with the crv many made in ohio and tata motors for the land rover. >> an incredibly long list of awards already, the land rover range rover evoked. >> to win this award now, i know we've won 50 awards worldwide, but i think in many ways this is the daddy of them all actually. it's so important to our company. it underlines the fact this is a world class product actually
10:55 pm
and it gives an increased momentum. we're on a real roll, but we're a hot brand and this is a hot car. reporter: there you have a company from india headquartered in the united kingdom winning a top prize in the united states. it is a global auto industry. murray feldman, fox 17 news. how about this, apple, sage, moon blood. now you can add blue ivy to the list of unusual celebrity baby names. we're taking a look at the bizarre trend coming up next. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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verizon. thanks, mom. who are you calling "mom"? dunkin' sausage pancake bites, delicious like mom's, only easier to carry -- get three for $1.59. would you name your baby diva muffin? how about sage moon blood or even diesel? just a few more unusual names stars have given to their kids and beyonce and jay-z's new baby girl is a new one in the club. reporter: growing up under the spotlight of a famous parent can be tough and if you're
10:59 pm
given a unique name, the attention sometimes amplifies. >> celebrities love to come out with outrageous names for their babies. you don't see them naming their kids john and ben. they want to come up with something unique. they know there will be a lot of attention on their children, so they want them to have a significant name. reporter: the latest to offer monday morning water cooler conversation is beyonce and jay- z's newborn daughter blue ivy. other eye opening namings include nicolas cage's son callel from superman, sly stallone's boy same moon blood, forrest whitaker's -- sage moon blood, forrest whitaker's son ocean or michael jackson's son blanket. >> you also saw ashlee simpson named her child brock.


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