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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following breaking news right off the top tonight. the new hampshire primary results are in, but it is the second place finisher that's making headlines tonight. who robbed a local church? that's what police want to know after someone swiped 20 grand from the safe. and hollywood comes to the
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district, superstars angelina and brad walking the red carpet at her world premier. tonight we are going one on one with the actress herself. we'll begin with breaking news from the campaign trail. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. there is no surprise tonight mitt romney takes the top spot in new hampshire. he's the first republican candidate ever to win both new hampshire and iowa, but tonight it's all about the person who claimed the no. 2 spot. here's how the numbers are shaking out. you can see mitt romney in the lead with 39%, ron paul 25%, jon huntsman in third with 17%. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is tracking it all from the web center for us. >> good evening. the goal for mitt romney tonight was to win and win big and that is what he did. ron paul and john huntman did what they wanted to do, finish in the top two, but as these day goes on and these elections fall behind they are getting farther behind. tonight it was mitt romney who made history. he's the first republican to
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win back to back victories in both iowa and now new hampshire, but in his victory speech tonight there was a bit of surprise shock from romney at his republican challengers. after days of stepped up attacks from the other candidates about romney's wealth and business background he compared them to president obama who romney says wants to put free enterprise on trial. >> in the last few days we've seen some desperate republicans join forces with him. [ boos ] >> this is such a mistake for our party and for our nation. the country already has a leader who divides us with the bitter politics of envy. >> i find it sort of fascinating when they finally get around -- and this is different people, could be in the media, could be our opponents or whatever -- but i sort of have to chuckle when they describe you and me as being dangerous. [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i'd say third place is a ticket
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to ride, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheering and applause ] hello, south carolina! >> and there you have your top three finishers in new hampshire tonight and here you have wtop political analyst mark plotkin. is there anything that stops mitt romney at this point from getting this republican nomination? >> yeah. i can create a scenario. i don't know if it's going to happen, but i can create one for you and this is what it's based on. conservatives will not allow mitt romney to be the standard bearer of the party sort of going back to nixon and rockefeller, about the reverse. there is a faction within the republican party, gingrich has called him a pejorative. you're a massachusetts moderate. that is supposed to evoke all these terrible things. here's what happens, tom. they have the super pacs where it's unlimited contributions, not limited to $2,500 or 5,000
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for the general and what happens is what the casino billionaire in las vegas did is gave $5 million to newt gingrich's pac. they siphoned money into that pac. they coalesce around one candidate so the conservative vote isn't fractured and they do everything they can to stop romney, maybe not even nominate their own guy but to make an opening for somebody else to come in. >> these big super pacs we keep talking about is fuel that burns this fire. let's look at mitt romney. he has some scorch mark as after the brutal attacks by these candidates over the last couple days. does this stuff just go away at some point or is there real damage being done because we don't usually see this in republican primaries? >> well, look. general elections, if we can advance the story, are won in the center, won with independents, independents do care about integrity. they do care about how you conduct a campaign and mitt romney, if he should be the
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nominee, will have this barnacle on him to discuss. ted kennedy beat him in 1994 in a senate race on bayne capital and laying off employees. that's how he turned it around. you can bet your bottom dollar that the opposition research is teaming up in the obama team saying this is romney's vulnerability, but conservatives are bothered by mitt romney's style and persona. >> wtop political analyst mark plotkin, we thank you as always. you can look at the complete results tonight from brian, we will take a break for a couple days, 11 days now till the south carolina primary on january 21st. new tonight thieves in stafford county stealing gift cards and other items meant for people in need from local churches. police say three chumps have been hit since the start of -- three churches have been hit since the start of the new year
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alone. >> the pastor at the stafford church said yesterday they got a letter from the sheriff's office warning them about burglaries and then several hours later someone broke into their church. reporter: when ebenezer united methodist church pastor mark miller got to church this morning -- >> these front offices were rifled through, drawers open. reporter: you see, tuesday sometime between 2:00 and 7:00 in the morning someone broke into their church. >> somebody, one or two, i don't know how many folks, managed to break in through a window here sometime last night in the wee hours of the morning, probably 2:00 or 3:00, also managed to kick in a door into our finance department. reporter: he says the suspects somehow opened the locked closet door and stole the church safe. >> in that closet they found a safe that we basically used for gift cards. it's part of our fundraiser for our building program. also gift cards that we give to
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people in the community who are falling on hard times and so that safe was carted out of here. it's about a 200-pound safe. reporter: inside that safe, just under $9,000 in gift cards. oddly enough none of the tvs, computers or expensive equipment was taken. >> the initial thought is how could somebody do that to a church, you know? and so you're kind of disappointed, but you realize in hard times people will go and do things that ordinarily you wouldn't think they would do. reporter: it turns out this wasn't the only church hit. investigators say in the last seven days two other churches in the area have been burglarized. investigators say they stole tvs and computers from north stafford church of christ and at ramos baptist church they forced open a window, stole four flat screens, four computers and a camera. in spite of the crimes pastor miller remains optimistic. >> your calling is to help people going through difficult
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times and to be a resource in your community not on not spiritually, but also for folks strag -- not only spiritually, but also for folks struggling economically. for folks to do this to you, you're disappointed, but it doesn't deter us. we know most people are good people. reporter: all these crimes happened on tuesday. pastor miller says he spent part of the day calling the other churches in the area telling them to watch out. he also says they are having another meeting to talk about security at the church and they're encouraging others in the community to do the same. >> wisdom martin, thank you. >> get ready, more nasty weather heading our way of here's a live look at northwest d.c. tonight. it's dry right now, but keep your embrel las handy for tomorrow. -- umbrellas handy for tomorrow. heats check in with gary mcgrady in the weather -- let's check in with gary mcgrady in the weather center. the rain is coming. >> tomorrow morning's commute will be no problems. it's the afternoon and evening commute that will be a little
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tricky compounded because of the rain. let's show you where it is now. it's down to the south, pretty big thunderstorms tonight, but not much severe weather unlike what was happening last night in eastern texas, but there is ryan down there, developing area -- rain down there, developing area of low pressure coming our way. it will bring us rain tomorrow late morning into the early afternoons, going stay with us several hours. temperatures are dropping under fairly clear skies tonight, manassas 28 degrees, culpeper 30 and here in town we're talking about 40 degrees, but it will drop off a little bit more in town, temperatures generally speaking in the middle 30s. the clouds will eventually begin to increase a little bit i think about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, but before then temperatures you can already see fromming off to the 20s photos -- dropping off to the 20s for the suburbs. a cold overnight, rain coming in tomorrow. we'll give you the timing, how long will it stick around and yes, there's a smidgen of snow in the forecast.
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a convicted burglar who broke into dozens of homes in prince george's county was punished for his crimes today. a federal judge sentenced jason scott to 100 years in prison. scott is also a suspect in a high profile murder case. fox 5's paul wagner with details. >> i'm sort of on guard till 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and my husband is up at 6:00, so pretty much someone is always up and moving in my house. so i will sleep mostly throughout the take, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a -- day, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a terrible way to live i know, but now that's the way i have to live. >> jason scott created a tremendous amount of fear and agony in this county. what is represented today is that this man will never again threaten prince george's county and it's because of the men and women of this police department, men and women of atf, the u.s. attorney and state's attorney's office that we can say that and that's what's important.
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reporter: jason thomas scott was convicted last summer by a federal grand jury of committing 29 residential burglaries, one commercial burglary and nine home invasion all but one occurring in prince george's county. according to the sentencing memorandum, scott was a prolific burglar who stayed busy for a decade before being caught. prosecutors say he carried a hand gun and wore a holster during the crimes while using an earpiece to listen to police frequencies on a scanner. with three different accomplices prosecutors say scott researched targets. using a database he had access to at ups where he worked part time and addresses in upper marlboro and bowie scott's m.o. was to arrive at night usually while the occupants were home, cut the phone lines and break windows or doors to get in. during the burglary of a maryland gun store scott took sniper rifles, semiautomatic handguns, silencers and one machine gun he sold or kept for himself in. at least two home invasions he beat his victims and in one he forced a 17-year-old girl to
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strip, fondled her and took photographs. scott has been indicted for the murders of dolores and ebenezer dewitt and is suspected of killing karen and larissa lawson. he is scheduled to go on trial in the fall. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> two of scott's accomplices in these burglary cases have also been sentenced to prison. fox 5 exposed people abusing handicapped parking placards. now the city is firing back. find out how it's going to cost drivers coming up. but first just about every metro rider is facing another proposed fare hike, the new numbers still ahead tonight. imagine swallowing all these heroin balls, then trying to walk through customs at dulles, details on the latest bust and what tipped security off on the news edge at 11:00. 
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thanks, mom. who are you calling "mom"? dunkin' sausage pancake bites, delicious like mom's, only easier to carry -- get three for $1.59. new details tonight on metro's proposed fare hikes. if you ride metro, you will likely be affected. fox 5's e ever is here to break it down -- laura evans is here to break it down for us.
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>> it just feels like this comes up too often, but this is part of the new budget for the next fiscal year and metro needs another $66 million in revenue from customers to improve the system. they're talking about everything from operation to safety and security. for some people this one could hurt. reporter: metro riders preparing to reach deeper in their pockets and post aren't happy about it. >> they raised their fares, they'll never see a customer like me again. >> it will be unfortunate for me because i commute from dupont to shady grove every day, so it's already like $10 a day for me round trip. reporter: for her it works out to be about $40 extra per month, but metro general manager and ceo richard sarles who spoke out on fox 5 morning newses the extra money will make met -- news says the extra money will make metro a better system. >> there was very little may not in the system and we're engaged in a major reconstruction program and improving maintenance.
10:17 pm
reporter: on average bus and rail fares will go up 5% if the new budget gets the green light. parking will cost more and if you use pay per fare cards, get ready for a big jump, $6 during peak hours, $4 in off peak hours, a surcharge during the busiest periods on weekdays being eliminated and a few riders could pay less. >> it prepares us for the civil line service coming up. we have to hire and train people. reporter: that's something many riders do understand even though it's a tough pill to swallow. >> it's not going to stop me from taking the metro, but it's unfortunate it has to go up. i guess we just kind of get used to it after a while. >> richard sarles says 94 escalators that were earmarked for repair would simply be replaced if the budget goes through. the proposal goes to the board for a vote this week. if it's approved, you will see some price hikes in place this summer. guess we better be ready. you can help us monitor metro if you spot a safety concern, trouble on the tracks or even
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problems with metrobus. e-mail us your story, pictures or video to fox5metro at g no more free parking, the message from the department of transportation when it comes to disabled drivers. instead new disabled parking will be provided. this comes after the city says there was widespread abuse of disabled placards. fox 5 exposed an issue outside a bus station in northwest. matt ackland has the details. reporter: finding a spot to park in d.c. isn't easy, especially when the district says people are abusing the disabled free parking policy. >> really frustrating, you know. it makes you not want to come here of. reporter: fox 5 reported on the disabled parking issue in may when northwest business owner john wilson told us his customers couldn't find street parking. >> it's just a big headache for everybody involved of. reporter: wilson blamed the abuse on metro workers who would park in front of a bus depot across the street and because they had disabled placards would never pay a dime
10:19 pm
in the meters, but now the rules have changed and ddot says it was because of abuse across the city. >> it eliminates the incentive to get a packard or plate when you really aren't eligible. reporter: ddot showed us the new meters for disabled drivers only. hundreds of these red meters will be placed throughout the city. >> with these new red top meters we're going to be providing reserved parking for persons with disabilities. reporter: meanwhile we went back out to speak with john wilson who has faced a lot of anger since he spoke to us, but he's glad someone with the city finally agreed with him. >> the city stepped in and is taking action. reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> the meters should be operational in about a month. remember the new disabled parking spots won't be free, but those who feed the meter at those special spots will get double time compared to a normal parking meter.
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d.c. council chairman kwame brown is talking to residents of ward 5 making sure they will be represented even though their council member resigned. harry thomas, jr. stepped town last week after after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $350,000 worth of money. >> we're going over all the legislation introduced by the former council member to make sure that stuff stays on track. we talked about education and the middle school plan macking sure all the educational initiatives stay on track. >> council chair brown also under investigation concerning $200,000 in campaign funds that wound up at a firm controlled by his brother in 2008. he has not been charged with any crime. d.c.'s election board can get to work now on a special election to replace former council member harry thomas, jr. the board received hiss are haitian letter today clearing the way -- his resignation letter today clearing the way for a special election.
10:21 pm
there is one more formality. the election is set for may 15th. a hollywood superstar premiering her movie in d.c. we are one on one with angelina jolie coming up. a teacher asks for time off to visit her stepson injured in afghanistan. hear why the school board said no. ♪
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back to business for state lawmakers. when maryland's legislative session opens tomorrow in annapolis, issue no. 1, finding a way to close a billion dollar budget deficit. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick breaking down the major issues. reporter: the gas tax will be front and center in maryland's legislative session. look for a proposal to increase it from 23.5 cents a gallon to 38.5 cents a gallon over three years. there may be increases in car registration, titling and inspection fees, too, all of the money going to fund
10:25 pm
transportation projects in the state. more money for the bay also on the agenda. governor o'malley has suggested he'll ask for a doubling of the state's flush tax now 2.50 a month per household to pay for upgrades to sewer systems and even those won't be enough. >> they are out of options in annapolis. they are scraping bottom. reporter: maryland has suffered big drops in revenue from property and sales taxes because of the recession. meanwhile its costs for healthcare, human services, pensions and education continue to rise. community labor and education groups are gearing up to fight possible cuts to their programs. other revenue options may include increasing the property tax rates, passing a statewide bag tax a and expanding gambling -- tax and expanding gambling in the state. christopher summers, president of the maryland public policy institute, is concerned that balancing the budget with tax hikes will hurt the state's economy. >> all of which has made maryland less competitive economically to its neighboring
10:26 pm
states and i think that maryland taxpayers will feel the bankrupt of that for decades if they do not reverse course of. reporter: but without more revenue, the state will have to cut spending or borrow more money and it will soon be out of options. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> some lawmakers said they think the budget can be balanced out a lot of tax increases. statehouse watchers also expect governor o'malley to push what they call legacy legislation like tax credits for wind farms and same sex marriage. when the virginia general assembly opens tomorrow, republicans may try to take over the senate. now there are 20 republicans and 20 democrats and the lieutenant governor has the final vote to break a tie. some political insiders don't think the fop will go for that even balance of power. >> well, i think you're going to find a split among the republicans. i think they're going to be some very right wing republicans who want to bring up abortion, gun control and i
10:27 pm
think there are a number of moderates who might not go along with that a gender a. >> right now republicans currently -- agenda. >> right now republicans currently hold 68 of the 100 seats in the virginia house. a popular new flavor of cereal hits store shelves creates controversy. also forget about hollywood. angelina jolie premiers her new movie in the district. we're going one on one with the movie star coming up next. ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪ ♪ sunny day
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angelina jolie in washington for the d.c. premier of her movie in the land of blood and honey tonight at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum. just before that premier our will thomas sat down with the actress who is breaking ground in this movie on a couple of different levels. >> she is no stranger to movie making, but this is her first attempt at directing and writing and the story centers around the bosnian war in the 1990s. >> heavy subject matter. >> very heavy subject mart, but
10:31 pm
we could end of lighten things up -- matter, but we kind of lighten things up at the end of the interview and talk about the worldwide web. >> i wanted to do a story on bosnia because i felt a responsibility to learn more. >> am i a prisoner? >> you're not the person -- am i a prisoner? >> you're not the person that i want to be here. reporter: angelina jolie didn't just want to learn about the bosnian war, she wanted to teach the world what happened. was there one particular moment that just made it click i need to create a project and tell this story? >> i had a script that i wrote really kind of a meditation for myself. i was never planning on showing anybody and i was sitting at my desk and brad read it one day and came back and said you know, honey, it's really not that bad. reporter: not bad.
10:32 pm
in the land of blood and honey is already a golden globe nominee for the best foreign language film. writer/director jolie shot the film with a cast of is ares, bosnian serbs -- cast of serbs, bosnian serbs, bosnian muslims and the story is deeply real to them. >> constantly bombarded even though we were not soldiers or anything. all of it was a battlefield. we couldn't go out. we couldn't leave it. reporter: then there's the issue of promoting the movie. jolie with brad pit walking the red carpet at the null -- brad pitt walking the red carpet at the washington d.c. premier at the u.s. holocaust museum and in getting the word out the actress isism braceying the web like it or not. -- is embracing the web like it or not do. you have a facebook account or anything? >> no. i have none of that. i just go on to check news and
10:33 pm
write things occasionally, you know, but no, i never use -- i had to do skype interview for the first time the other day. reporter: all kind of a new world. >> all very new and strange. >> can you believe she doesn't have a facebook account? she's like the last one on the planet. she's doing her first live chat with fans later this week, more unchartered web territory for angelina jolie. >> she and brad parent six kids. did she talk at all about the kids? >> in between some of the setups, cameras and lights she told this story. they adopted their son pax at 3 years old from vietnam. on the plane ride she said she was so worried. she was telling him it's like a car but up in the air and he whispered something to the translator and she said what, what? she was so nervous he was afraid. he said to the translator thank you for my socks. they're very nice. >> how sweet. we couldn't help but notice brad pitt was walking with a cane. >> they said no personal questions. i wasn't sure if this crossed
10:34 pm
the line, about the apparently he had a knee injury on the -- but apparently he had a knee injury on the slopes holding his daughter. a good day for will thomas at fox 5, angelina jolie, wow. >> thank you, will. speaking of celebrity couples, beyonce and jay-z home with their newborn baby girl. the couple left lenox hill hospital in new york city overnight to keep the paparazzi at bay. meantime state health officials do not plan to investigate the hospital after other new parents complained about tightened security and restricted access on the maternity ward while beyonce was giving birth. she asked for time off to visit her stepson, a wounded soldier in afghanistan, but a local teacher was denied leave by the school board saying she was forced to honor her contract. fox's crystal haynes has the story. >> all in fave of the superintendent's decision -- favor of the superintendent's decision? reporter: it's unanimous, the
10:35 pm
17 year teacher will not be granted three paid days to be with her husband and stepson wounded in an ied explosion while on tour in afghanistan. the school committee upholding the december decision to reject her request. >> there is an agreement here and to abide by that and with that precedent would be set. reporter: after another. >> miss lomax also has available 24 more weeks unpaid leave under the stanley medical leave act of. reporter: it's a move low mack tells me was shocking because -- lomax tells me was shocking because she could have gotten a doctor's note to take off months for emotional distress instead of the nine paid personal leave days provided by the contract she took after her stepson was initially injured. >> i wanted to do the honest thing and the right thing and in the end sometimes you win, sometimes you lose of. reporter: but lomax's supporters aren't taking the news as well as she is. leaving tonight's school committee meeting with a few choice words for the board.
10:36 pm
>> the election is coming. >> i think this is going to encourage our young people to join the military, let's show them they're not underappreciated. >> these people, the way they treat mrs. lomax have brought back deep scars i thought were hid away and it's all back again. i have never been more angry. reporter: lomax says her stepson is recovering well and will find her own way to see him. >> i was just looking for a day so that when they come home, i can go to the airport and pick them up and i really want to go to new york and i will go to new york to see his platoon come home. a maryland high school senior the latest viral video star. wait till you see what he did i also this local kfc -- what he did. also this local kfc was the site of a surprise. but first your morning cup of orange juice may soon
10:37 pm
skyrocket, fox business network neil cavuto with the details. >> get ready to get squeezed even more when you buy orange juice, prices of future shipments of frozen concentrated oj hitting a record high, the discovery of small transes of fungus fighting chemicals -- traces of fungus fighting chemicals sparking fears of a shortage. heading into tax season we are finding out taxpayers got back less money last year, the irs saying the average refund check was down about 100 bucks in 2011. a big seller of bling feeling blue, tiffany cutting its money making outlook for the year, the company saying fewer holiday shoppers were snapping up its little boxes and the expensive jewelry that goes inside. apparently hostess can't have its cake and eat it, too the maker of twinkies preparing to file for bankruptcy facing a cash crunch over high labor costs and rising prices for baking goods like sugar and flour of that's business. i'm -- that's business.
10:38 pm
i'm neil cavuto. >> the fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. cpcp
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okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. an american man sentenced to death in iran now has a high profile lawyer. the family of amir hekmati hired a former ambassador at large to negotiate the release of an iranian businessman two years ago. iran's government convicted hekmati of spying, a charge the white house denies. >> allegations that mr. hekmati either worked for or was sent to iran by the cia are false. the iranian regime has a history of falsely accusing people of being spies. >> hekmati served as a marine in the u.s. military. his family says he was visiting his grandmothers when he was arrested in iran in august. the u.s. navy ignored threats by iran to stay away from the strait of hormuz to
10:42 pm
save some iranian sailors. the boat was firing flares. two men were rescued, four others tied to a life raft. the rescue comes days after the navy rescued 13 iranian fishermen held hostage by pirates. president obama introduced his new chief of staff jacob lew. mr. obama says lew is the right man to help him stand up for the middle class. >> jack has fought for an america where hard work and responsibility pay off, a place where everybody gets a fair shot. >> lew spent time in the private sector working for city group between 2006 and 2009. -- for citigroup between 2006 and 2009. he should be able to help improve relations between a bitterly divided congress. doomsday is moving closer according to scientists who tracked the likelihood of a
10:43 pm
global catastrophe. they say members changed the clock by five minutes. new tonight on the news edge at 11:00, it's happened again, drug smugglers thought they could get through a local airport with heroin. find out what tipped off customs agents. an elderly woman forced to rob a bank with what she thinks is a bomb strapped to her leg, the bizarre story at 11:00. cheeseburger macaroni? [ female announcer ] cheeserburger macaroni hamburger helper. now even cheesier and tastier. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak.
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okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. did you see it? a maryland high school student it a half court shot at the buzzer -- did a half court shot at the buzzer for the big win. the senior took the chance. the team was down by one. the crowd went wild. that shotput st. maria up 54-53 over loyola blakefield of baltimore. it was the team's second win of the season. a happy homecoming in an unlikely place. a montgomery county mom has been serving in afghanistan for seven months, surprised her
10:47 pm
daughters at a local restaurant chain today. fox 5's beth parker picks up the story. reporter: just a typical day at kfc. >> oh, my god. reporter: teenage twins anita and ashley thought they were here to box up care packages for their mom's unit in afghanistan, but the care package they cared about most walked right in. captain sharissa jackson is a single mom who has been in afghanistan since june. >> they're beautiful as ever. reporter: she's missed homecoming, holidays, birthdays. jackson is an icu nurse who takes care of the wounded. >> anything you can imagine with injuries i've seen, it done, it took care of it. reporter: the girls are a fraternal twins but share an identical gpa at 3.6. >> at 16, 17 years old to have
10:48 pm
them do the things i did while i was gone and be responsible young ladies, i couldn't have asked for more. reporter: but that was just surprise no. 1. minutes later somebody else walked through this door. >> oh, my god! reporter: out of towners including captain jackson's sisters and mom and dad. >> oh, mom. >> love you. >> love you, that, mama. reporter: they've been worried. >> i'm glad to be home. reporter: just when they thought they couldn't handle one more surprise. >> students, we have here, so we are here to award both of you $20,000 college scholarships. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. reporter: that $40,000 will go a long way toward paying for college, first things first, though, a quick chest of gears. a quick shift of gears from
10:49 pm
captain to mom. helping a teenager learn to drive might be a little too much excitement for one day. in maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> what a great new year's surprise. >> good story. >> so the story today, it was beautiful, nice and warm. >> no accumulating snow. >> no accumulating surprise snow. brian loves it when i say that. >> 24 hours ago. >> containings are coming. >> it sure is -- changes are coming. >> it sure. is the most important thing is i don't want everybody to get the perception you're going to wake up with rain because it doesn't look like that's the case. the rain is still a long way away and it really continues to shape up like this. this is good news. this is good news for all those commuters tomorrow morning because it looks like this a.m. commute will be dry. i cannot or will not say the same for the evening commute tomorrow because it does look like some of the heaviest rain starts to really move in tomorrow late afternoon, early
10:50 pm
in the evening and it could be coming down in buckets by 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. speaking of today, though, 54 reagan national. that's 11 degrees above where we should be. we continue with this kind of up and down mostly up winter. dulles 53 and bwi 53 degrees, too. so just delightful. temperatures are crashing tonight especially in the suburbs. we have clear skies, light winds. high pressure is basically on top of us, so conditions are good for getting cold out there tonight, manassas usually the cold spot 27 degrees, culpeper 28, in town warmer than everybody else, generally are warmer than everybody else 40 degrees. satellite and radar, clouds to the north of us and colder air and you got some clouds to the south of us trying to come up into the mid-atlantic here and for our region but just not getting there yet. they will, but it doesn't look
10:51 pm
like even tomorrow morning we still may see a little sunshine poking through before all this gets up here. a couple things to note here. not a lot of rain or thunderstorm activity right now, but this area of low pressure as it comes closer to us tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening it will be getting stronger. it's going to have a lot of the characteristics of a coastal storm. it's going to try and form an area of low pressure off the coast. we won't be cold enough really to talk about any snow. so this is all going to be rain, but as it gets farther up the coast towards new england, they could get some pretty good snow out of. this higher elevations, pennsylvania, poconos and up into new england but just rain for us. a dry overnight, a dry morning commute. we will have more clouds eventually overnight. we'll wake up to some sunny spots, but otherwise i think it will be mostly cloudy, temperatures in the lower to mid-30s. we'll be upper 30s in town. showers start to break out by
10:52 pm
noon, temperatures in the middle 40s and i think downright rain for everybody by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. this is tomorrow morning 8 a.m., we've split the difference between clouds to the south and thickening up clouds to the south, too and a little more sunshine to the north. rain is still down to the south of us and really the heaviest of the rain is way down there in western north carolina and eastern sections of tennessee. as we progress through the day, though, all this rain comes in at 5:00, 6:00. we're beginning to see heavier rains come in and through the eke hours definitely a good chance to get some moderate, maybe a couple places with heavy rain. at this point we aren't worried about flash flooding or anything like that. that will get out of here by thursday morning. hit or miss clouds on thursday, cold air is come manage from the northwest and -- coming in from the northwest and it's going to be thursday night, recall friday morning a little
10:53 pm
piece of energy comes along. that could provide us with a little rain mix to snow event, but again very quickly it passes by. i do not anticipate that that is going to be a problem and we look to be dry all day friday, much, much colder as we head into the weekend. 46 tomorrow, rain comes in after the morning commute. that's good. we'll be mild thursday, back up to 53, believe it or not, and then say good-bye to that because the cold stuff comes in friday, 41, 39 saturday, 40 degrees on sunday. that might be conservative. we might have to lower that a bit. president dwight d. eisenhower's family wants a memorial honoring the 34th president redesigned. the family says the concept focuses too much on his humble kansas roots and not enough on his accomplishments during world war ii and his time at the white house. the eisenhower memorial commission plans to seek final approval of the design in march
10:54 pm
and didn't comment on the family's objections. peanut butter in your breakfast cereal might sound delicious to some people, but it's a serious concern for some parents, the controversy over this popular morning staple next. on the news edge an elderly woman robbed a bank while wearing what she thought was a bomb strapped to her leg. we'll show you how it ended at 11:00. 
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10:57 pm
binge drinking is on the rise with young people these days, about the an alarming new study shows just how much they're actually drinking. according to the cdc young people down an average of nine drinks when they get drunk. overall about one in six adults surveyed said they had an episode of binge drinking in the previous month, more common for those ages 18 to 34. the cdc report is based on a telephone survey last year of more than 450,000 adults. it is one of the most popular breakfast cereals on
10:58 pm
the market. cheerios is america's no. 1 cereal, but a new flavor is causing some parents to worry about a potentially deadly food allergy. fox 5's bob barnard explains. reporter: have you checked the cereal aisle lately and seen how many poxes of cheerios there are? >> it's in every child's little cup. that's what they're eating. reporter: now 11 varieties. there's fruity, honey nut, apple cinnamon, banana nut and chocolate. >> so sweet and crunchy this box never closes. reporter: yes, kids of all ages have been eating cheerios for generations. >> it will really get you going. reporter: now general mills is offering new multi-grain cheerios with peanut butter, just 110 calories a bowl, but it does have peanuts. >> as a parent it's just another thing to cross off the list of things that i can give them. reporter: junga kim's two daughters have food allergies and the older child sugin is
10:59 pm
allergic to peanuts. >> i sort of question why they want to bring in such an allergen to a cereal that's been -- that's fine really. reporter: general mills proclaims quoting a spokesperson we can say with complete confidence that multi- grain peanut butter cheerios will not cross contaminate other chestiest varieties. it can be a matter of -- cheerios varieties. it can be a matter of life and death. last week a girl in chesterfield county, virginia, died from an allergic reaction to a peanut given to her by a friend at rhesus. >> that would be the most extreme -- at recess. >> that would be the most extreme type of allergic reaction where the airway closes up, your throat can swell and it's life threatening and your body subsequently can go into shock where your blood pressure drops and that's when it becomes a life threatening reaction of. reporter: general mills sas


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