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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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banks knew what thomas was doing and failed to report it, knew about the scheme to certain charities that kicked them bank to intros he controlled. the document is called a criminal -- the actual charge is a -- of felony. that means the defendant was aware of and concealed a crime and this latest action comes from prosecutors and they suggested more was coming saying stemming corruption was their first priority. >> it won't be tolerated in our community, no matter what level or amount. no matter the individual involved. >> today's proceedings demonstrate our commitment as an office and the commitment to the entire justice department to rooting out public corruption. >> reporter: it's due in federal district court tomorrow morning where he anticipate ima
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-- he may plead guilty to the charge. it carries a maximum of three years in prison with a possible fine and possible restitution and he could get less under the sentenceing guidelines. what this seems to mean is the multiple federal investigations into public corruption in the district are not over yet. shawn? >> karen, i know that this is just what appears to be the tip of the iceberg. did the federal prosecutors give you any indication what other direction they might be going in this case involving harry thomas jr.? >> reporter: the prosecutors are not talking to us right now. this -- the information that we get, we're getting from a court document that usually signals that there is going to be something happening in the form of a plea, we're going have to find out in federal court tomorrow morning if marshal banks pleads guilty. the prosecutors will lay out their case and we'll find out more and they get an indication of what is going to happen down the line. we'll be there. >> karen gray houston, thank you. and following more breaking news. out of greenbelt, maryland,
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tonight. police arrested two men for a gang rape that happened near the metro station last month. a 24-year-old woman was walking on cherrywood lane when a group of young men dragged her into the woods and raped her. the 18-year-old sheldon snead and 18-year-old heinz are facing several charges, including rape and assault. the big story tonight, three people shot and it happened this morning in southeast. right near three different schools and tonight, police are trying to figure out the circumstances is and why it happened. the parents in the area knew something like this would happen and they demanding more police enforcement, especially near the schools. matt ackland is live with the latest on this. matt? >> reporter: yeah, laura. a lot of upset parents today after the shooting. right around 9:30 this morning and this is in southeast. it happened in this area. there is an elementary school behind me and across the street. there is a charter school
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there. the chief of police say they did the right thing. as soon as they heard gun fire, they locked the school's down. a gun and knife collected as evidence after three were shot in southeast. >> and this is an outrage that people would be here shooting, especially in front of an elementary school. they could have been harmed. >> reporter: fortunately, most of the elementary students were inside the school when is the shots were heard. one woman told us off camera she heard two separate shootings, 10 shots in all and watched -- watched as several people ran. >> i heard and i said my god, i know this is not a fire cracker. that is basically what i saw when i came back out. i saw the policemen and street being blocked off. >> reporter: an officer was close to the schools when the shots were fired. the police were able to chase down what appeared to be two
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groups -- groups to several likes. >> and there were multiple gun shots. two different groups pursued by officers and we have a total of three victims, two shot in the leg, one shot elsewhere in the body. >> reporter: meanwhile, as worried bearent -- parentas, rife, chief lanier heard an airful and some telling the chief not enough is being done to prevent this kind of violence. >> they need to put an end to it. doesn't make sense. every single day, our on coming here and worried about whether or not our child is going to be okay. >> reporter: earlier, council member marion barry told me he was told one of the young men shot today was a student at balou high school. balou is a couple of blocks away, and we were unable to confirm that with police or with the school system here members of the community believe the shooting may have
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to do with a feud between the neighborhoods in the area and that is what may have sparked the violence. the police won't comment on that issue as of yet. >> and thanks for bringing us up to date, matt ackland. to a news alert. the hunt is on for a man who sexually assaulted an underage girl yesterday afternoon. the girl said she was walking in the 5,000 block of manny helen buros attempt when the man with a gun forced her to the rear of hay street and sexually assaulted her. in clinton, maryland, a man had to be rescued after getting stuck in waste deep mud and that happened at costco regional park. the lake is mostly drained there. rescue crews laid down large pieces of plywood and he was able to climb out with the help of a rescuer and shovel. fox 5s been telling you to expect a fare hike. it could be steeper than proposed. the transit agency budget includes a 5% increase and eliminates the surcharge for
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the busiest periods. today, board members say not so fast. sherri ly has more on the budget battle. >> reporter: metro's general manager formally proposed his budget to the board's finance committee. the board members had their own ideas on how to raise fares and how much. this year, riders will pay $12 million extra to travel during the busiest time of the day. dropping that peak surcharge is no small change. >> in my mind, eliminating the peak-of-the-peak, the cost of $12 million at the same time and suggesting a $7 million budges increase. substantial explanation. >> reporter: metro's proposed budget would make up the loss by raising base fares on rail and buses. it's visitors who use paper fare cars that pay the most, four or $6 one way. the board members weren't thrilled. >> i am very concerned that riders within the district and visiters are going to slow the
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taxi cabs and the circulator bus and enormous numbers. >> reporter: for the school group from virginia, it would cost the 10 students $40 to $60. >> and i feel like that is a look too much, i guess and right now, people are trying to get by. >> reporter: or for the family, it means no souvenirs. >> and spending aught of the money on train fare. >> reporter: $116 million budget increase pays for more than 1,000 new workers, even though the agency has about 1,000 vacancies. >> i don't believe there is a snow ball's chance in hell of closingd current vacancy -- closing the current vikessancy gap, increasing the occupied higher number and filling normal attrition vacancies. >> we need the folks to do what has to be done to maintain the basic operation. >> reporter: metro is making up for years of insufficient investment and maintenance. >> and we will take a sober look at it.
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fare increases, subsidy increase is painful. >> reporter: the board must decide by june how to spread that pain among riders. now, in addition to the budget that is proposed, the committee is proposing looking at several different things, keeping the peak of the peak surcharge. a two-zone flapfare system or a surcharge on paper fare cards instead of a flat fare and this is going have to go to a public hearing before being voted on and any fare increases will take place this summer. >> thank you. >> and metro is inspecting more rail cars after a part fell off. the friction ring on the brake assembly detached from the orange line train and that came off of the blue line last month. it's inspecting the 6,000 series cars followed by the 1,000 series. earlier, it completed inspections on the rest of the fleet. as a precaution, metro warned
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any parts. >> if you see something that does not seem right, snap a photo and send us a video. and now developments over a disturbing video make the rounds on an internet and appears to show four marines urinating on the corpses of taliban fighters. the official said that two of the men were identified as marines based in camp lejeune, north carolina and this video prompted outrage across the board from the afghan government to the taliban and pentagon. joining us now for more on this controversial video is military and national security expert dr. sebastien gorka. thank you for being with us today. curious your reaction when you first saw this video. >> and i was shocked like everyone else and worked with the marine corps. they one of the most prestigious fighting arms of the u.s. military and this was shocking to anyone who understands the ethics of the
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marines and i am sure it will be dealt with. >> and how does that endanger other soldiers out there? and some other civilians. >> trying to negotiate a peace settlement in afghanistan and if they want to exploit the low level tactical mistake by the people, they doll that and this is not a strategic problem. it can be blown out of proportion if someone wants to do that, and i am sure the individuals who are now being identified will be punished because that is how we work. >> and can you compare this to abu ghraib? >> i think that involved high- ranking officers and low- ranking officers and that was systemic and we have one video, one instance involving four
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individuals. in a time of war, they happen and they're always bad apples. you can't compare this to abu ghraib. >> i spoke with the retired army general last night who said this is a lack of discipline and a lack of leadership. is this happening more often than not or is it that lack of discipline and lack of leadership and an isolated incident? >> there could be many explains for what is happening. i have seen media reports about steroids abuse with regard the individuals. this is all hypothetical and hearsay. knowing the marines, this is an unfortunate exception and i am not worryd this is a trend we should see more videos in the future and i don't expect to so that. >> and penalty for these dies -- guys? desecration of the dead perhaps? >> this is in the marine corps. i would expect knowing the prestige and ethics of the marine corps, serious punishments once the
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individuals are all identified. >> and a violation of the geneva convention as well. military national security expert, thank you for being with us today. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate it. >> and an army officer recommended court-martial for the army private accused of giving classified information to the wikileaks website. he's charged of giving the biggest leak. the hearing officer ruled that manning should be tried on all go counts. the military does did not provide a timeline for the actions. and still ahead, president obama brings in a lot of cash for his re-election campaign. meantime, the gop count parts are stumping for votes in south carolina. and the almighty dollar. some say it's the greatest source of confluence in american society. i'm beth parker, i will tell you about a new survey coming up. and should overweight passengers be required to pay more to fly? find out who is proposing a so- called fat tax.
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gary. and laura, how about it today? 60 degrees out there some some places and that is going to feel different than that tomorrow and some big changes are coming. we may have some snow. that is coming up. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5 will continue. nue.  
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. >> funeral services today in woodsboro for a maryland soldier killed in afghanistan.
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average specialist donald -- ronald wildrick jr. was killed last month in a roadside bombing in the coupar province. the remains will be buried tomorrow at arlington national cemetery. president obama's re- election campaign is on a roll raising $68 million in the last quarter. meantime, the republican rivals are crisscrossing south carolina right now and hoping to secure votes. ahead of that state's january 21st primary. fox's nicole collins has the story. >> reporter: 2011 brought president obama's campaign war chest more than $220 million as he juggles his job as president with trying to raise money for his re-election campaign. >> if you stick with me, we're going to finish what we started in 2008. >> reporter: in the final three months of 2011, his campaign and the democratic party hauled in $68 million. >> this enthusiasm is in stark contrast to what we have seen on the other side. >> reporter: front runner mitt
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romney raised 24 million in the same period, far outpacing his rivals. as the field of six tries to pull in money, they're focused on the palmetto fate is primary. >> -- state primary. >> i challenge you. you have a very important role to play. >> and i am hoping to do well in south carolina. >> reporter: attacks on front runner mitt inue over the tenure of private equity firm bane capital, leaving some to interject. >> i'm shocked at what they're doing and that is ignorant and dumb. >> reporter: rick perry and newt gingrich defend their approach. >> it's not a matter about the party but vetting a candidate. >> and that is legitimate to ask the question. how come the big boys made money and they went broke. >> reporter: ron paul takes a break from the campaign trail and is second to romney in fund
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raising who raised 56 million romney 26 million. nicole collins, fox news. and the candidates are focusing on the race in florida and more than 400,000 have -- so far. and campaigns are ramping up and chasing the ballots. the recipients with the phone calls and mailers. >> and they organized and are sending out mailers and i think they realize if you wait until the week before, you will lose a lot of votes in florida. >> and rot now, mitt romney has a double-digit lead in flee three florida polls and. first lady marm a show went live on the social networking site this morning and her twitter feed will be managed by the president's re-election
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campaign and any threes from the first lady herself will be signed with her initials. to follow the first lady, her suddenly ask michelle obama. suddenly beautiful. >> and -- >> that was not bad. >> and it's been warm for a few days. >> yeah. >> and that is nice, though. >> yes. >> and scary? the rain is out of here, hopefully. is the nice weather we had today going to continue? >> let's say the heavier rain from last night is out of here. >> okay. >> and we still have a chance tonight. maybe a little bit of rain and some cases switching over. and you guys were talking about, we're running about 5 degrees above normal and that is a shot shark, right? speaking of a few showers and once they clear out, early,
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early, we have a lot of sun, 60 degrees in some place. i know that. over the next few hours, i expect it to increase in intensity and where we could have some thunderstorms to the west-northwest and some might hold together and glance frederick county, loudoun county, maybe the district. i don't think so and maybe. that is what we're seeing to the north and west. that is rain. the temperatures here are too high to support anything other than that. 55 in the city, gaithersburg, 52; fredericksburg and culpeper. still sitting at 59 degrees and some clouds at sun, clouds at 9 and some showers possible around by 11:00. okay. will it be disruptive snow? no. we could see some tomorrow morning. details are coming up. >> and that is always fun. every day's a different day. gary? >> it is and i love this kind of weather. >> yeah, fun.
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thanks. >> yeah. >> and keeps it interesting. at least 15 people were hurt in western north carolina. after a rare january tornado. the twister blow through yesterday and knocking several homes off of their foundations and leaving many people trapped in the rubble. the storm ripped down trees and power lines. today, hundreds are without power. in alaska, there is no end in sight to the snow. heavy snow has been falling in anchorage. the national weather service is predicting the city could see eight to 16 inches and to the south, the city of cordova is buried. >> 172 inches of snow? >> 172 inches. that is a lot of snow. yo. >> wow. >> and i'm not going complain. >> exactly. >> and coming up, a disturbing incident caught on camera. did the sheriff's deputy go too far to restrain an irate homeless woman? we'll let you be the judge. and the former airline exec
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raising eyebrows with his thoughts on overweight passengers. the details are next.  
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>> a disturbing situation caught on camera in california. l.a. county sheriff's deputies tried to restrain an irate woman. the video shows the woman cursing at the deputies holding both of her hands when the male deputy hit her. the man who captured the encounter with his cell phone said the woman was hit after she called the deputy a big shot. >> and it turned my stomach. i thank is uncalled for. they got wind i was videotaping it and pulled me and my fiance to the side and said don't go anywhere. give us the tape. >> the l.a. county sheriff called the video disturbing and said it's under investigation. and a former australian airline employee came up with a
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controversial proposal to increase fuel efficiency federal airlines. charge overweight passengers more to fly. tony webber said the more weight a plane has to carry, the more fuel it burns and overweight passengers should have to pay a surcharge to fly and that skinny people should get a discount on their tickets. when he was at quantas, the airline doesn't give his proposal any consideration. coming up, a new study shining a light on the conflict between the rich and poor in america. >> wait until you hear what folks here in the nation's capitol think about the widening wealth gap. and a big grocery store chain makes a major announcement about the stores closing. we'll tell you if you have to find a now place to shop. and tonight, we're learning about who alerted the fda about low levels of funky side in orange juice -- fungacide in orange juice.   ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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>> how's your wallet? is it thick or thin? whatba about your neighbor's cash flow? a survey going around for years has somethingsome people giving interesting responses lately about how they feel about money and our wealth and society. some say things report going so well. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: are you tiffany's or target? and what is the middle ground? >> i feel like the gap has widened. there is a lot more have nots than haves and not as many in betweens. >> reporter: a new survey by the puh research center finds america is changing. 66% of those questioned believe there is a strong or very strong conflict between rich and poor. >> i wouldn't go as far as saying conflict, but i believe that there is a divide. >> reporter: when they were asked about the potential causes of conflict in american society, young versus old,
5:31 pm
black versus white, rich versus poor, immigrants versus natives, most people say rich versus poor is the greatest divide. at community barbershop in northeast d.c., they have seen a lot of change over 50 years. >> i think the middle class is rapidly evaporateing to the point where they will become the new working poor. >> the sentence bureau said the rich are getting a bigger slice of the pie n.2005, the richest half held about half or 49% of the wealth in the country. in a few years' time, the slices jumped to 56%. >> and i feel like our nation was built on democracy and capitalism, so, i feel like it's kind of expected. >> reporter: some attribute the change to local protests. others say unemployment creates the divide. >> i work in the staffing industry and so i see a lot of
5:32 pm
people, very talented people who don't have a job, don't have a way to provide for their families. >> reporter: back at the barbershop, we told them one thing that hasn't changeed much in the survey is when asked how the rich got rich, most people say they inherited all of the dough. >> they got it from the family. [ laughter ] >> well, it's different ways of getting rich, isn't it? >> yeah, takes someone poor to become rich. >> reporter: or good old- fashioned hard work, but as many point out, that is not always the road to riches. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. and another bad sign for the economy. there was a big jump in weekly jobless claims. 399,000 people filed unemployment benefits the first time in the latest week and that is barely under the key 400,000 level and way up from last week. and december was supposed to be a great month for retailers and that did not turn out that way. new numbers show that retail sales were 1/10 of a perrent is higher in of december than
5:33 pm
december. discounts were the reason. they were still buying and paying less. in consumer news now, several hundred grocery workers will find themselves out of a job the next 30 days. the parent company of food line announced it's closing 126 stores nationwide and some here in our area. fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick has a closer look at the stores. >> reporter: and the announcement affects food lion, bottom dollar and bloom stores. seven bloom stores in maryland and virginia will be closing and one bottom dollar store on richmond highway in alexandrea. the entire bloom brand is being retired. the company wants to focus on the core strength. the midwest of the blue stores and bottom dollar stores will be converted back to the food line brand. 113 food lion stores in the southeastern u.s. are closing as well and that is in florida, georgia, south carolina, and tennessee. the company said food inflation in the second half of 2011 and increased competition made the stores less than profitable and
5:34 pm
in a statement to the investor, the ceo group said, quote, it's never an easy decision to close stores as we're fully aware of the impact on our associates, our customers and the communities we serve. having said that, we feel the decisions are in keeping with the responsibility to our shareholders to deploy resources while they will achieve the highest return and the company said it plans to open stores in pittsburgh and ohio next year. the store closing, shape, means that 5,000 employees will be laid off in the next 30 days. >> and melanie alnwick, thank you. and this is some good news. it needs 70,000 seasonal workers for the spring. that is about the same number as last year. spring is the biggest season for the store as home owners take to on projects for the homes and gardens. last year b half of the seasonal workers landed permanent jobs. and more economic news this time about the housing market.
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a brand-new report shows last year's foreclosure rates were the least since before the recession began. experts warn that doesn't necessarily mean the housing market is getting better. the for closure listing firm realtri track inc said 4.9 million home owners entered into the foreclosure process in 2011 and many delayed over confusion of paperwork and legal issues. the firm expects this year's foreclosure rate to be higher than last year. we're learning who tipped off health officials about low- levels of juice. and research -- fungicide. and why a particular fruit may prevent blindness. who cries more? breast-fed babies or babies with a bottle? tle? 
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>> we now know it was coca-
5:39 pm
cola. the company said that it alerted the fda about low levels of funkyside in the orange juice and juice made by competitors. it makes minute made and brands of oj and prompts them to rise. officials say the juice is safe to drink and believe the chemical may be coming from brazilian imports. eating grapes may slow or prevent macular degeneration. they studied mice prone to developing retinal damage and old days. the mice fed offered protection against oy dated damage to the retina and they credit the antioxidant in grapes. babies may cry more frequently than bottle-fed babies and that is a natural part of communication. bottle-fed babies may appear more content but research suggests they might be
5:40 pm
overnourished and gain weight few quickly. and more buzz go about jay- z and beyonce's new baby and going inside the hospital room looking like a five-star hotel. >> reporter: we welcome all of the teens and fans. >> and we want to be the team. >> and the ravens want to give the redskins fans something to route for this weekend during the play-offs. will they jump on the bandwagon. and winter is returning tomorrow. gary's back with the forecast. 
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>> this sunday, the ravens will begin their play-off push toward a super bowl title. for redskins fans, the team didn't make the playoffs. we want to know is it okay for redskins fans to hop on the bandwagon? lindsay murphy is here with more. >> reporter: why not, laura. the ravens are one team that
5:44 pm
know any about homefield advantage, unlike the redskins and they 8-0 at mmbt stadium and the ravens don't need help on the field. here's more. >> reporter: as the season passes, the things keep going south for the burgandy and gold. the fourth straight season, the redskins have missed the play- off. meanwhile, the neighbors to the north keep on rolling. since john harbah took over in baltimore, the ravens are in the post season. it's another quiet offseason here at fed ex field. five wins means no play-offs and as a matter of fact for the redskins fans, they haven't seen a play-off game at this stadium since 1999. here at baltimore, the ravens are getting ready for another
5:45 pm
play-off run. their message to the d.c. fan base? come on up. >> and this is an amazing east coast area when you look at it. you have the redskins, you have the ravens and the eagles, jets, giants and the steelers. that is all there and a lot of teams are nfc teams and we're in the middle of that and we welcome them. we want to be their afc team. embrace that and have some fun with it. >> reporter: redskins fans have not had a lot to embrace as of late but 30 miles up i-95, ray lewis has been the leader of the vaunted ravens defense for 16 years and while he's always worn purple, he's got a message for the followers of the burgandy and gold. >> i welcome the fan base for 16 years now and -- you know
5:46 pm
how the blood is between us. you know that is -- and baltimore, d.c., d.c., baltimore. at the end of the day, you know, when your team is out, when they do finally settle in, they'll be chanting for the ravens before an outsider. we'll have to -- chant for us. >> the vibe was business as usual. for the redskins, this time. year, they're out of work and the quarterback of the ravens would like to extented any offer. >> and we're looking for anyone to be a ravens fan man come on up and cheer us on up. that will be huge. they have a great following. people love the redskins and so we can steal some of their fans, we'll do a great job. >> reporter: so while the ravens prepare for another
5:47 pm
weekend of play-off football and, the redskins begin another quiet offseason with the hopes of filling up fed ex field this time next year on the beltway, dave ross, fox 5 sports. we have to note, the ravens are not asking redskins fans to switch a likens. we know that they die-hard and the ravens are saying, hey, if you need to route for someone, why not have it be your beltway neighbors. and back to you it and what do you think about this? >> yeah. >> and i am a ravens fan. they're plague the houston texans. >> and you're from texas? >> i'm from houston. i grew up there. and that is -- and i'm like i don't care who wins. >> i know. >> i'm glad the steelers lost. >> such a hater.
5:48 pm
>> great when the steelers lose. >> why? >> and you will make us feel bad. i love shawn and she knows that. >> and -- . >> very passionate. >> exactly. >> and you know how i feel about the cowboys. >> i'm a polyana. >> let's talk about the weather. and we have to get to this and there is a lot to talk about in terms of what is going on and this is going to be interesting overnight. it's been a great day today and once the rain is out of here. the temperatures touching 60s and lower 60s for some and some areas around here and start with a quick look at radar and there are some showers popping to the north and west. into the late evening and overnight, it will be numerous with snow mixing in and some of that mix. this evening, we're good at 7:00 and with some clouds, 52 and more clouds at 9:00, 48 and
5:49 pm
some showers, too. definitely some showers at 11:00. for the most part, that is going to be rain and our temperatures are in the mid-40s and it will be hard-pressed to find temperatures colder than up. there frederick, 50; gaithersburg, 52 and culpeper and fredericksburg, touching 60 degrees and that is to the west. as you jump the front, you go to chicago, 27 degrees and the coldest of the air is back to the west of us and we're dry today and kind of the leftover from what happened last night and ended up with a dry air coming in and into tennessee, and that is the disturbance sneaking through and that is some rain ahead of it and quickly becomes snow. how much of this is going to
5:50 pm
move through our region overnight tonight? most should stay to the north and west and that is why accumulating snow will be and we're talking about the clouds and showers tonight and early morning mix possible in town and to 35 degrees. that is going to take most of the overnight to get there and one thing for sure, the winds will pick up overnight and that is going to be windy tomorrow and this is how future cast sees it. there could be a couple of thunderstorms and that is to the north and west. how fast will the cold air get in and will there be precip left when the cold air mixes in? the future cast, shows not so much in the way of snow and more rain than anything and a smidgeon of snow and to the north and west. i don't think anyone in the
5:51 pm
metro is going to see accumulating snow and that maybe all rain. you may get a half an inch in northern sections of the county and to washington county, the same thing and nothing in loudoun county and montgomery county, fairfax county, nothing like that and mostly cloudy tomorrow morning, 37 and very windy tomorrow, okay and 15 to 30 miles an hour sustained and that is going to be 41 for a high and feeling like it's in the upper 20s and lower 30s all day long and we'll have some wind gusts tomorrow and that is over 40 miles an hour and tree limbs coming down in spots and
5:52 pm
that is still looking cold for the weekend, the temperatures in the mid-30s and we, there we go. into the lower 50s with swtuday >> and a lost people are out on martin luther king day. >> and that is looking okay. plenty of sunshine out there and temperatures not as cold as the weekend and that is still chilly. >> thank you. and to the talk of the town on tmz. we're getting a look inside the hospital room where beyonce gave birth and that is not too shabby. harvey levin joins us live from l.a. and we want all of the details on this room. >> reporter: we got the pictures, shawn, and put them up in the website this morning. it's crazy. and with four flat screen tvs, fine art, and great furniture. you know how the husbands get a cot to sleep in? >> yeah. >> this is a bed -- was a bed for jay-z worthy of the four seasons. down comforter and that is
5:53 pm
amazing. the whole place is very plush and built specifically for celeb it -- celebrities. i can't say specifically for beon say, but she was the first person to use it at this, and i was going say this hotel, at this hospital and -- >> say i want to rent out the suite the next time i want to have a baby, would it be open to me if i wanted to pay for it? >> and yes. >> we're going to tell you what you need to do to get it. >> fabulous. and kiefer sutherland. i understand he was spotted i l.a. and may have had too much to drink. >> no, that is not true. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> he had a lot too much to drink. [ laughter ] he was at a bar and doing a movie in downtown
5:54 pm
l.a., and he was in there for 2 1/2 hours and he was three sheets to the wind and had to be held up. the good news is that he's had his issues before two duis and had a body guard there who drove him and he didn't try driving and the bar manager was telling us that he cut himself off and had too much to dripping. he cut himself off. >> that is nice to hear and glad he's safe and everyone around him is safe. thank you very much for the updates and see you for tmz on tv at 6:30 on fox 5. and katy perry dominated. she was not there for the ceremony but did win in five categories, including favorite female artist, tour headliner, song-of-the-year, music video and tv guest star for her appearance on how i met your mother. show backed out at the people choice awards at the last minute and would have been the first appearance since her
5:55 pm
husband russell brand fight filed for divorce. did he win a people's choice? >> i didn't see the video. >> -- . >> she passed him for the billboard number one single for "bad"? >> that is impressive. >> the most number one singles. michael jackson held that record for many, many years. >> and wow. >> i was curious. >> and thank you. >> be that fabulous, producer richard telling us in the ears. >> and we love richard. and let's check in with brian for a look on what is up next at 6. >> i thank is called the wrong video and we strung it out and that felt like breaking news. this just in. >> it was interesting. >> yeah. >> and that is all. a virginia couple accused of barricading their kids in a bedroom. the judge's sentence may surprise you. and the pentagon responds tovo that allegedly shows marines urinating on dead taliban members. and new questions about how
5:56 pm
the rest of the world will react. then, the national harbor gets ready for a makeover. this is good news for shoppa holics. the news edge starts at 6. 
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. >> a d.c. police officer arrested in an internal sting operation has been sentenced to jail. he was given 90 days behind bars after pleading guilty to a charge of attempts to receiveel toen -- stolen property and resigned from the department this week. bonilla and two other officers were arrested last march for arranging to buy electronics they thought were stolen. and this is your last chance to pay tickets. the amnesty program will wrap up on january 27th and this is fire people who gout


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