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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the latest from police on this investigation and hear from the man who found that little girl in a live report straight ahead. field of republican presidential candidates, continues to dwindle, john hunts man is expected to drop out of the race this morning. drama unfolding as we get a look at new poll numbers released an hour ago. plus ... i have a dream. one day, this nation will rise up. a day of remembrance and service the nation pauses to honor the legacy and life of dr. martin luther king junior. we will run down a list of local celebrations planned today. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now now there is a live look over the horizon a beautiful start to the day and a cold day. this is monday january 16th, 2012 martin luther king junior
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holiday i am tony perkens in for steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. happy mlk day to all of you and you as well. when you go out the help some body for good band-aidle up it will be cold. tucker barnes is looking at these temps. >> very cold start to the day, hang in there later this afternoon we will warm to low 40s. warmer than what we had for the weekened. temperature at regan national 25 degrees, lots of teens around the area as well. 18 baltimore, 18 win chester, 17 dulles, ocean city getting in on the cold 18 for you down at the board walk again. very very frigid start to your day but with sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way it should feel better this afternoon. >> looking at our satellite radar, just satellite, generally sunshine to start your day clouds out of the west will move in later this afternoon and tonight.
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mostly sunny day and then should get some rain back in the forecast tonight and for your morning commute tomorrow. changes in the way some rain showers returning overnight there you go sunshine warmer this afternoon. 42 close to where we should be temperature wise this time of year. more details in just a minute. lauren demarco is in and has your very latest. we've got reports of a new issue on the belt way, prince georges county outer loop, 450 and bw parkway report of a car fire everybody getting by single file to the left, quickly stacking up a live look from traffic land as you travel the outer loop, heading past route 50, things look good but soon after that camera angle you will encounter delays heads up if you are heading toward it is bw parkway. in towards montgomery county, things improve, past 95, past new hampshire avenue, nice trip through bethesda, towards the
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american legion bridge. 66 manassas, head lights heading towards you inbound traffic. it is very light for the holiday, no problems to report, as far as incidents or accidents free and clear all the way to the belt way. 95 running well, hov restrictions are lifted. tony alison. all right lauren thank you we are following a developing story. a baby found abandoned in front of a home in northeast dc a man found that baby girl wrapped up lying on the steps in front of a home on canning street northeast only 3.5 miles away from children's hospital where the little girl was taken. wisdom martin is at the hospital with more good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison that baby has been for now, after being found abandoned in northeast last night. the man who found the baby, here is what he had to say he was walking to the store last night when he saw something
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lying on the steps at one of his neighbors house he said he -- it was on the steps he looked inside -- went back to get his father came back outside with a towel, thought it was a doll at first then turns out it was an infant child the baby's skin was ice cold, body limp, bleeding from the nose did not appear alive did not have a diaper on just wrapped in a blanket,initially he thought it was a doll it was an infant child >> as i walked back from the store i noticed, on the step of one of my neighbors, it was something was wrapped in a towel on the step, bottom step as i looked closer i seen legs dangling out of the towel because the baby was half wrapped just wrapped from the waist to head. now he says he talked to people in the neighbourhood to see if anybody knew anything about a newborn child he
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thought it was about 2 weeks old a newborn child born in the neighbourhood he said no body in the neighbourhood knew anything about a young child born, right now, police are still investigating this, they are trying to determine who left this child and why they left it in this neighbourhood. >> wisdom martin thank you. new this morning dc police are searching for suspects after a man was held hostage in his own home for several hours officials say two masked suspects broke into the home around 3:30 a.m. sunday morning, one held the victim inside the house while the other took his atm card and pin number and went out the use it the man was finally released 10:00 a.m. sunday. now for a check of some other top stories, at 5 after 7:00 a.m., in just a few hours montgomery county police will release new details about a suspect in a series of home
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invasions. ken ray was arrested in south carolina the. the 33 earl faces several charges including rape and assault. new development in the embezzlement case of harry thomas junior there will be another guilty plea in the case. james garvin will sign a plea deal this week he worked with a charity called langston 21st century. the head of the foundation pleaded guilty to similar charges. two women from virginia and maryland are heading home after surviving friday night's deadly cruise ship crash the women were among the 120 americans onboard the luxury liner, when it hit a reef and flipped on its side. so far six people are dead and dozens more still unaccounted for. the captain of the ship is under fire for his role in the
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or deal accused of abandoning the ship before everyone was evacuated safely. a major shake up in the race for the republican nomination, john happensman is out. doug luzader has a look what is next for remaining candidates. >> we expect john huntsman to drop out of the race for president and formerly endorse mitt romney. >> i would say third place is a ticket to ride ladies and gentlemen. the ride didn't last long. john huntsman never got his footing in the race for president, he essentially bypassed iowa counting on a strong showing in new hampshire but third place there didn't give him the momentum he was looking for and with south carolina's primary less than a week away and fox news debate there tonight he is out >> i watched the president over these last three years and been disappointed he has failed
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the american people. >> mitt romney is the wiper from today's announcement he is -- winner from today's announcement he is expected to get a huntsman endorsement. this poll out with 30% support nationally romney's numbers have almost doubled since december. look at number two, rick santorum his support has almost quadrupled, religious conservative leaders eventually backed santorum as their alternative to romney dispointing to gingrich and perry. while south carolina may not be huge for ron paul he plows ahead with a rock steady base of support and unless romney wins big in south carolina, the fight may continue on to florida, and beyond. i think either santorum or gingrich will stay in the race in florida and then probably into march i don't think this race will end. as for the debate tonight huntsman had been expected to attend that stage will have a
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little extra room though. doug luzader fox news. if at first you don't succeed, try try again. well, that is what rick perry is doing in hopes of getting on virginia's primary ballot. yesterday his attorneys requested the court of appeals order, his name be placed on the ballot, or order that ballot not be printed or ordered before that ballot can be appealed. they said the candidate waited too long. america remembers a civil rights icon. today is the national holiday honouring dr. martin luther king junior. hundreds gathered on the nash mall mall yesterday. martin luther king the third was among the speakers at the event. >> but yes we are celebrating the best of what we are but what we must become, knowing that we've not arrived there yet. but people will come to our shores from all over our world
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to stop at this memorial that represents hope and inspiration. dr. king would have turned 83 years old yesterday, the national holiday is always observed on the third monday in january. there are a number of events honouring dr. king today including a parade along mlk junior avenue from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., there is also a presentation of the king in our midst concert at the national cathedral, beginning 2:00 p.m. and let freedom ring celebration at kennedy center tonight at 6. and we will have much more coverage of the martin luther king junior holiday coming up 7:30 7:30 a.m. prince georges county executive, baker will be here and august williams joins us at 8:15 a.m. he is a master stone mason who came out of retirement to work on the project. 7:10 a.m. on monday morning still ahead a
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celebration in sierras streams of people leave a prison there. after a month at sea a russian tanker is finally in position to fuel an iced in town in alaska. now they are facing a new challenge. >> baltimore ravens are one win from a trip to the super bowl dave ross is back to break down their victory against the texans. >> as we head to break a live lookout side, pretty start to the day it is a cold start to the day too. we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren coming up next right now, 7:11 a.m. 
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making headlines we begin overseas in sarah where that country's president declared am necessary tie, for dozens arrested during -- amnesty, for
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dozens during the up rising. during the past 10 months thousands have been killed in the government's crackdown on the up rising, now, there is growing fear of civil war. closer to home an unexpected stop for a dell the airlines flight from atlanta to costa rica. diverted to tampa after two passengers became unruly. an airport sportswoman said it involved a married couple from germany seated in first class demanding food and champagne and refusing to sit down. no charges have been filed but the the fbi and tsa are investigating. >> coast guards pushed a russian tanker, filled with fuel, to a russian town, cut off by ice since november. they have to lay a roadway to lay a hose to transfer 1 million-gallons of fuel the nome. they must begin the transfer in daylight but nome has just five hours of daylight this time of
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year. have to work fast. >> my brother dated a girl from nome and spent christmas there one year i think she was the only girl in nome he said it was amazing. >> cold. >> remote. it is way out in the west earn part of alaska, very small little community. >> how did they meet? >> she went to college in california. yeah, lower 48. yeah, but and by the way, no sunlight he was like you can see it on the horizon and then it goes away >> i don't think i would do well. >> it is tough. >> really cold. they just have a terrible time. i want to talk about the weather not only here but the rest of the country we have interesting changes this week and it is going to be a big pacific snow storm in places that don't typically see it like seattle. >> oh. >> yeah. 25 degrees washington, lots of teens a very chill hi morning here mid-atlantic, 11 boston, rochester, 9 degrees when i
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open it up for you there is a lot of cold air across the northern tier of the country, bismark 5 degrees, seattle 31, not typical, even down in miami it is 60 that is relatively cool this time of year. your sentinel sat rad, sunshine to start the day increase in clouds late this afternoon rain returns tonight some of the rain could start as an icy mix well out to our west, western viewers could start as an icy mix temperatures will be marginal, low to mid-30s during the onset but change quickly over to rain mostly just a rain event for us. off to the north and west, very very large pacific storm which will slam into the west coast bring very heavy rain and leavy snow the places that don't get it, seattle, 5 to 10 inches of snow by wednesday afternoon. there is your 5 day, rain tomorrow and then mid-40s here, sunshine, wednesday, thursday, friday. will it come visit us.
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>> not this week. thanks. >> lauren demarco is in for julie wright. hey, lauren. >> hey, tony we have an accident reported northbound gw parkway, right lane is blocked, stay to the left there, let's take a live look in maryland as you travel the belt way reports of a car fire outer loop at the bw parkway, three right lanes are blocked, everybody getting by single file, heavy and slow on the outer loop, beginning past the bw parkway things look good here to the left of your screen is the outer loop looks like everybody is moving well. no problems to report on the belt way now in montgomery county. let's look at traffic land. continuing into virginia, nice light volume, gw parkway, continuing past the american legion bridge nothing in your way and also out towards springfield. route 7, dulles toll road, no accidents or incidents to
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report for you, 66 running well out of manassas. 95, 3 95, seeing light volume, hov restrictions are lifted, p two way traffic on reversible roads for the holiday. ravens pulled out a close one at m and t bank stadium yesterday. dave ross is back with highlights along with the rest of today's sports headlines. >> yes, lots to get to. you just had tucker talking weather i didn't see his ravens tie today. >> tucker is one of those rains fans he is happy they -- ravens fans he is happy they won. grumpy, they didn't look very good. you are in the afc. >> one game to go to the super bowl. buck up pal. >> yeah, where are we. >> right. >> we have been home for weeks. >> red skins, 5 wins, come on i will trade that in. >> no more of that. all right. let's talk about how those
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ravens got it done yes, tucker is right it wasn't probably the prettiest game they have played all year but got a break early on when they are down 3-0. what is joans doing >> i don't know. >> he was trying to feet the punt inside his 10. then flacco to bolden, alison, like this tony, hands it off. >> nice. >> ravens are fan friendly not saying red skins aren't but by comparison sake they seem to be very fan friendly. >> okay. at the end of the game, knock it down and they beat the rookie quarterback congratulations, john harbaugh one step from having a harbaugh bowl. his brother jim, up in san francisco, crazy to think jim took over a bad 49er team they didn't switch around the personnel much and they are one step away. maybe there is hope you can turn it around in one year. >> just talk about the --
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>> cricket. >> dave drank the ravens kool- aid. he went up to the stadium they treated him like a king. >> don't know what they are talking about people but i do know when i am talking about the patriots and tebow. what a disaster this turned out to be. >> it can't last forever he had a good season. and then an ordained season some might say. all right well, the thing is, i think the broncos are terrible what they have done is even that much more remarkable when they went up against an elite team and elite quarterback like brady, broncos defense showed their true colors they gave up 40 points, 4 times the most by any team. red skins didn't give up that many. >> he said run tebow, run. >> tebow couldn't run, couldn't hide, 45-10 tebow time done this year patriots move on brady 6 touchdown passes. >> unbelievable. >> i think the man in the hoody
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wanted to show everybody this team is still good. remember us new england we are still right there. >> belichich. well, it was cold up there. >> yeah, so patriots get it done they move on. >> i was disappointed it ended that way for the broncos. >> yeah, once the steam roll got going tough sledding. >> did you see the giants, against the packers. >> great game. >> manning,. >> boy. >> how do you spell eli. >> how do you spell elite. >> yeah, you got it wrong. >> say that hundred times and i got it wrong. >> this is the end of the first half, jump ball this never works and it worked. >> worked for giants. the michigan kid getting a touch done 37-20 they didn't just win they went into lambeau field and spanked the packers, they are done, discount double check over for the year for rogers and the boys they move
7:23 am
on san francisco, next week. just really something you know what, for most of the year, it was like a given. >> packers. >> right. >> in the super bowl. >> couldn't get it done. >> rains. that is it if ravens win, tucker will have a purple tie on next week. >> back to you. >> i feel like that is misrepresentation of tucker. >> it is not. >> all right. >> 7:23 a.m. are you looking for a job in well, casino in maryland wants to fill 1500 position today. >> that's good. >> where to apply next. >> high gas prices to kick off the new year it could be a signal of hard times, what to expect in the year ahead. >> as we honor the life of dr. martin luther king junior it is a day of service part of the celebrations include a book drive and poetry reading we will check with annie yu live from washington national cathedral, later to let you know how to participate.
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stay with us, it is 7:23 a.m. dinner's ready.
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well, as temperatures go down, gas prices are going up. triple-a says the hikes continue at the current pace we will pay record breaking prices by spring. currently the average price of gas nationwide is $3.39 a gallon, 29¢ more per gallon than this time last year forcing locals to change their lifestyles. >> we used to go out and pick up stuff when i needed it not any more i have to plan my shopping, and do it all and i start one stop go around come back and i'm done. now, to help save money on gas there are plenty of online tools and cell phone aps to help you shop for the cheapestgas before you hop in the car. >> looking for a job listen up
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maryland live casino opening an employment center today to help fill more than 1500 position at its new casino, in anne arundel county, the center is located hanover maryland, open today through friday. 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> time now 7:28 a.m. on monday morning, in case you missed it later we will break down the big winner from last night's golden globe awards >> i did not see it. >> i saw a little. >> as we head to break a live look at the new martin luther king junior memorial on the national mall after the break prince georges county executive, baker joins us live to talk about his initiative to help mentor youth in our area, on this national day of service. stay with us, 7:28 a.m. . 
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7:31 a.m. tucker barnes joins us once again to tell us more about this mornings cold conditions out there. >> very cold. >> feels like the second coldest day of the season. >> tony, amazing. >> wow. >> coldest day of the year so far on the 4th, 17 degrees this morning 25 our official at regan national most of the area teens and low 20s very cold
7:32 am
start, sun up about 4 minutes ago i don't know what times the. >> 7:31 a.m. >> 5 minutes ago the sun came up. gradual warm up, low 40s afternoon high better than this weekend. >> still chilly. >> cool. >> seasonably cool but you know people going to parades headed down to the mall that kind of thing it will be fine for you with the sunshine later today. >> all right. >> let's do it. >> yesterday's daytime high as we get to the map 30s. entire weekend was on the cold side, probably donto tell you that, 36 high at regan national, 34, dulles and bwi marshall, we will be warmer than this today, tomorrow really the entire week temperatures should be at least in the 40s and we will do 50s tomorrow. your cold start 25 washington 19, that is it, 19 gaithersburg, 14 actual air temperatures frederick, 15 martins burg, 16 manassas, leonard town, 21 degrees, 29
7:33 am
annapolis, entire area of low freezing looking at satellite radar, starting the day sunshine, showed you a live shot, just a few clouds but should with mostly sunny start clouds move in later today, high, thin clouds we cloud up tonight next area, this is a frontal system a cold front which will fly through an area of low pressure that should bring us rain overnight tonight, morning commute tomorrow possible at the onset it could be a wintery mix lookout for that during the late night hours tonight and probably after midnight then it will change to all rain early tomorrow morning, 42 your daytime high, warmer this afternoon, winds out of the south a to 10. possibility of wintery mix best chance, west of the city, 36 overnight low, winds out of the south, 5 to 10, 5 day, 53 tomorrow rain out of here wednesday, thursday, friday, sunshine seasonal temperatures low to mid-40s. >> traffic lauren has your latest. chilly out there, bundle up today, northbound bw parkway
7:34 am
before the memorial bridge, still dealing with the wreck that is blocking the right lane. good news on the belt way, car fire, outer loop, bw parkway moved over to the shoulder you are able to get by using your travel lane let's take a live look from traffic land, as you are on the belt way heading on the outer loop past route 50, no problems for you, that is to the right of your screen as you head out once you get past this scene a nice and easy trip. route 50, john hanson highway no problems for you your hov restrictions are in effect everywhere else they are lifted. travelling virginia, 95, nice and easy ride, into mixing bowl, 395 looks good from the belt way across the 14th street bridge, 66 running well no real problems out of manassas as you head out towards the belt way you should be in good shape that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> lauren thank you on this martin luther king junior day,
7:35 am
and day of service many who have had the day off take the opportunity to volunteer one way to give back is through mentoring youth in your area, joining us today, prince georges county executive, baker who is encouraging the initiative to be a king in a kids life good morning sir. good morning how are you? [ audio difficulty ] >> i think we are having problems communicating with the county executive, we are going to hope to join him from the mlk memorial in just a moment, in the meantime, we are going to go ahead and read this break here hollywood's elite, gathered last night for the golden globe awards coming up a wrap up of the star studded event. right back with more 
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>> on this martin luther king junior day, many who have the day off, take the opportunity to have a day on. joining us now prince georges
7:39 am
executive, baker joining us from the king memorial, good morning can you hear me? >> i can now hear me. >> sounds lie music to my ears, you are down there, what is it like being at the memorial on this day. >> beautiful being down mere seeing the sunset -- down here, seeing the sunset it reminds me of everything, martin luther king called us to do that is one thing i came down here, to talk about national mentoring month. >> tell us about that initiative. >> we want to get more people involved in mentoring in prince georges county. my wife and i have mentored students and our children's friends over the years and one of the things i have done as county executive is that for young people to come and be county executive for the day and go around, but we know how important mentoring is, effect it has on kids dropping out of school, and getting involved in illegal behaviour we want to
7:40 am
encourage more people to be like martin luther king and be a role model. >> it is mentoring month this month but also the king holiday on this day, what a great day to get involved. >> it is a terrific day to get involved for us to reflect on his life and what he calls us to do a higher calling that is what we will talk about throughout this day and year quite frankly. >> you know as you are down there it is the first year the memorial has been there, since the king holiday we are celebrating now, this year we can go down and perhaps reflect at the memorial, what does that mean to have that on our national mall in our area, prince georges county area as well. it is so impactful the idea that we can have our young people and quite frankly people who have given their lives for us, to have that opportunity that you and i have, in our careers to be able to come down here and actually physically see it and touch it, i think is a great testament to this
7:41 am
country, and, for my wife and i we brought our children down here just to give them a chance to see it, and the impact that his life had on their lives. we are talking about mentoring talking about the push there in prince georges county does the county support any organizations in particular? how can people get involved. >> one -- we are going through our community relations office make sure we have a list of different communities, different organizations doing mentoring, men aiming higher, fraternities, sororities i was at a delta event friday night they are mentoring our young women. so we are going to be just making sure our faith community, i will speak at several churches today, asking everybody to get involved and individuals that their businesses and county government. >> on a personal note did you have a mentor growing up? if you did how did it change you. >> i did i was very fortunate not only did i have my father but i had other people in the military on our base in fact when my father was deployed to
7:42 am
vietnam, the military assigned a mentor for us, and so, we had someone who we could look to and keep us on the straight and narrow i was fortunate to have that. >> all right you are now paying that forward we appreciate you spending time with us on this mlk day, to you and your family happy mlk day. >> thank you very much pleasure talking to you alison. >> prince georges county executive baker. down at the national mall i can't imagine a better place to be today. maybe before you get mobilized go check out the memorial i have not been yet. >> that was a great question, did he have a mentor. >> he mentioned we happened to be in careers we wanted to be in problemry because we had people encourage us. >> did you tucker. >> i did, a teacher. >> good thing. >> you want to mention that
7:43 am
person's thing. >> they passed away years ago. >> you can still honor them. >> yeah, okay it was in columbia, 4th grade. >> teachers have such a -- my goodness. i could do the list too. >> i told him i want to be a weather man he said go for it. >> that is all you need. >> he said you could do it. >> 4th grade >> i knew when i was 5 what i wanted to do. whole other story. >> this you go. >> you are special. >> thank you alison. >> i know you meant that in a nice way. >> tim tebow of weather. >> alison. i don't know if that is a complement or not now. >> today it might not be. >> a week ago. >> 25 washington 19 gaithersburg, 14 frederick, he actually didn't have a bad game he didn't do any interceptions did he. >> don't think so >> did he get sacked? >> he was on the run a lot, 21
7:44 am
leonard town. binghamton. >> that is familiar. >> winter weather advisory, across pennsylvania and new york they will have period of a wintery mix arriving late tonight, early tomorrow around here could be a few sleet pellets, when the rain arrives, 9:00 p.m., possibility of this mix should be light we are not expecting to have any widespread problems around here temperatures generally mid- to upper 30s. so, may start a little wintery mix and change to rain there we are tomorrow morning for our commute rain showers around high temperatures 50s. we have warmer air moving in later this afternoon, tomorrow as temperatures are up in the 50s. generally a sunny day, cloud up late in the afternoon, rain tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures where they should be. >> my daughters girl scout troop has a trip today it is
7:45 am
pretty much all outside >> they will be fine, cold right now. >> thanks tuck. let's find out what is happening on area roadways, hey, lauren. >> good morning i want to mention before we get to roads if you are riding metro rail you are on a saturday schedule, blue and orange lines will find, between the plaza and eastern market stations are closed, bus service set up for you travelling the red lines we've got single tracking plan for delays there. >> also, dealing with the wreck, northbound, gw parkway, right lane does remain blocked other than that we are in good shape live look from traffic land, 270, southbound out of frederick, no real problems for you nice easy trip all the way toward the split, your lanes are open. earlier car fire outer loop of the belt way, cleared out of the way that is in good shape. inside the belt way, piney branch no problems for you all of your inbound roads montgomery county, running at speed.
7:46 am
travelling 66 you will find a nice trip out of manassas. in toward the belt way, 95, 3 5, look -- 395, looks good. if you are travelling in dc, reversible roads are carrying two way traffic that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. back over to you. >> thank you very much. some awards were a surprise others expected as winners were announced at the 69th gold p globe ceremony. >> a recap of last night's big winners. >> welcome to the 69th annual, golden globe awards. >> it was the whose who of hollywood elite gathering to honor the year's best in movie and tv. rickey gervaise was back to have fun with the crowd. so you know golden globes are like the oscars without thest steam. descendents winning best
7:47 am
drama and george clooney, picking up best actor. >> i am a big believer in film the acknowledgement is unbelievably nice. >> golden globe goes to meryl streep. >> almost perennial nominee, meryl streep won best actress in drama for iron lady. >> happy to play interesting people who have challenges in one way or another. and reelry grateful to just chemo-- really grateful to just keep working. oh, the artist. >> in comedy or musical film cat gore pray, the artist -- category picked up best actress. >> sure bet in her category of best actress in comedy or musical michelle williams won for her portrayal of monroe in my week with maryland. >> you realize when you find yourself in this very lucky position you are really not there alone. >> steven spielberg's adventures of tin tin won for animation
7:48 am
>> it was a really nice year all the energies con very larged in 2009/2010. >> done converged in 2009/2010. in comedy category modern family had a repeat win. grabbing supporting acting film nod, the helps, octavia spencer. as the 2012 awards season, kicks off in high gear, oz. core nominations january 24th, in hollywood, courtney friel. fox news. a lot going on to celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king junior. >> annie lu is standing by at washington national cathedral. >> reporter: good morning tony and alison it will be bustling with activity in a few hours as they kick off the king in our midst celebration it goes off 2:00 p.m. but coming up we will talk to
7:49 am
organizers about all the good things they have going on and we are getting a snippet of a performance as well in just a bit pgh >> time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, today it is colleen she says she loves tony and tuckers ask the weather guy segment. and she wants to know how holly is doing well, holly and her husband thomas and their new baby hadyn are doing just great. holly will be back in a couple months or so. no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under colleen's photo  ♪ that aroma calls to you
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washington national cathedral is celebrating the
7:53 am
legacy of dr. martin luther king. annie joins us from the washington national cathedral. good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison this is the 14th year the cathedral has put on this celebration it is a real reflection of service and bringing the community together which is exactly what dr. king stood for. joining me now is glenda rossburg the service coordinator and the mc good morning. >> good morning. >> glenda let me start with you, tell us about your role and what is going on today. >> as you know a national day of service in honor of dr. king we have projects going on at the cathedral one actually off site, at the cathedral entrance is free to our program, parking is free but we are asking people who attend bring either a nonperishable food or books children's books. and also, off site, 3417 massachusetts avenue, at the buddhist center, we are having
7:54 am
a clothing drive. >> people should drop clothing there. >> all used clothing should be dropped off buddhist center massachusetts avenue. all nonperishable food and children's books should be brought here. wonderful now the event is free and open to the public you just ask they bring these items. >> we are asking for this donation we have a number of very worth while organizations we hope to give all this too. >> now, ray, this day is really big for you, what does this mean for you. >> this day is just so monomental, as you know, this is the last venue for where dr. king had his last sermon and it is just so powerful for me to be here as an african american and know i am part of a vision he was so passionate about. >> how does the day play out here. >> we commence at 2:00 p.m., there is a lot going on we have wonderful dynamic performers, dancers ands to spoken word,
7:55 am
pianist so just people being able to share their gift and talent with the community here, at washing to cathedral. >> we have one of the performers here with us today, want to introduce him. >> yes, his name is tony keith a dynamic spoken word artist and we are so glad to have him here. >> okay tony take it away. some say you were born, some say you were made, some say the road to freedom had dirt long before you were ever named. which means we have been travelling along this rocky road with you long before you were ever named you were awesome at conception your history written on the tongues of a movement only spoken about through silent confession a movement with the love of humanity would become footprints on the soul of our sanity we would be crazy not to follow you we would be afraid of justice afraid of thinking it was just us, afraid of love,
7:56 am
and we fear what we love being awesome is a monster inside closets, watching us sleep stealing our dreams in the dark when we wake we forget how amazing we can be if we just turn the lights on if we just pull the cover from over our eyes place our feet on the ground and boldly proclaim we are not afraid of greatness, that no matter -- >> this celebration kicks off 2:00 p.m., washington national cathedral it is free and open to the public, the parking garage will remain free from noon to 5:00 p.m. today, we do ask you bring a donation of a new children's book or nonperishable item. back to you in studio. thank you annie. >> okay very good. did you know, you can own a piece of the new martin luther king junior memorial. next hour we will tell you about a special project to sell chips of stone that fell during construction. also, after 8, a new docu
7:57 am
draw ma'am series debuting on tv 1 called -- drama series debuting on tv 1 called find our missing. a dc woman vanished valentines day, three years ago we will sit down with pamela butt alreadies mother and brother, along with the cofounder of the black and missing foundation coming up in 45 minutes ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card
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and free atms anywhere. five times the interest? that's hot. oooooo! let's catwalk! you want more interest? open an account at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? does this make my tuches look big? a baby girl found on the front porch of a home in northeast dc live from national medical center with the latest. search continues inside a cruise ship that ran aground and over turned off the us the can coast at least six people are confirmed dead more than a dozen unaccounted for this morning reaction from passengers and word of two people from our area, onboard. plus we are honouring a civil rights icon right now, a wreath laying ceremony under way at martin luther king junior memorial these are live pictures going on. dr. king will also be honored
8:01 am
in several other celebrations around our region and the with nations day of service more on that. >> good morning i am alison seymour. >> i am sarah simmons, steve chenevey is off today what a day to be off and where it is warm like he is, because it is cold here. >> actually he texted me and complained he was cool. >> what, 70s. >> yeah, as much of the area, actually, decent day for us, mostly sunny skies, highs low 40s. >> okay not bad. we can do that. >> warmer this weekend too. when we have highs in the 30s. >> 25 right now regan national humidity 53%, winds out of the south, 7 miles per hour winds are important southerly winds, that will allow warmer air in, again low 40s today and believe it or not low 50s tomorrow notably warmer air on the way. there is your satellite picture generally a sunny start to the
8:02 am
day clouds will move in mid-to late afternoon mostly cloudy rain developing i mentioned earlier it is possible, that some of our, particularly west, our western viewers northern viewers could see a mix at the onset of the presip but generally just a rain event. more details on that coming up highs in the 40s. partly to mostly sunny. >> thank you. i have a new axe department reported kirby road temple hill road prince georges county, do watch out for that. the belt way does look pretty good let's take a live look travelling near 202, inner and outer loops running well but we do have a wreck reported 202 eastbound on the ramp to the inner loop not seeing it at this camera angle watch out for that as you head on to the belt way. your lanes, incident and accident free nice trip across the wilson bridge travelling to virginia, let's move on the
8:03 am
traffic land reports of an accident, alexandria, fort hunt road a car on fire there. 95, looks great, no problems heading northbound through the mixing bowl, springfield, hov restrictions lifted everywhere except for route 50, john hanson highway, 395 leaving the belt way heading past the pentagon toward the 14th street bridge nothing in your way here we are past duke street nice light volume, cars heading toward you are main lanes to the right, hov lanes, not much on the road. 66 heading through manassas, things look good for you delays northbound, gw parkway heading towards memorial bridge, earlier wreck that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right lauren thank you today is martin luther king day, many including president barack obama and the first family will honor his legacy with a day of service obama's will take part in a service project in dc. >> tonight president obama and the first lady, will attend the let freedom ring celebrations
8:04 am
at the kennedy center now this is the first martin luther king day since the dedication of the new memorial yesterday hundreds attended an event at the memorial including dr. king's son, martin luther king the third. >> dr. king would have been 83 years old yesterday. there will be another ceremony, at the mow mori can't like at 8 -- tomorrow at 8 it just kicked off. they will help mobilize one thousand volunteers for this day of service for projects going on. starting 8:30 a.m. this morning dunbar high school the reverend al sharpton's national action network will hold its national king day breakfast in northwest. a.m. a king day parade kicks off 11:00 a.m., friendship charter school in the district. and national cathedral hosts king in our midst, a tribute in song, dance and service today at 2:00 p.m. now these are just a few events going on today, honouring dr. king there is others as well. we are also following
8:05 am
developing story this morning. a baby found abandoned in front of a home in northeast dc in the freezing cold. >> a man found the baby girl wrapped up lying on the steps of that home she was taken to children's national medical center where wisdom martin is with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and unfortunately that baby has been pronounced dead after being found late last night on chaning street northeast. i had a chance to speak with the man who found that baby here is what he had to say, when he found that baby, she was outside, on the steps the infant girls skin was ice cold the body was limp she was bleeding from the nose did not appear alive, did not have on a diaper, she was just wrapped up in a blanket on the steps, he said when he walked by on his way to the store, he initially thought this was a doll. >> it wasn't crying, it wasn't
8:06 am
i have two kids of my own and a baby cries a whole neighbourhood knows it is crying but when i walked past i would have known that, it was there if it was crying when i walked past again, i just happened to note it there. -- notice it there. >> of course he was surprised when he realized this was a baby this is still an ongoing investigation at this point police trying to determine who left that baby and why. back to you. >> wisdom martin thank you. >> new this morning dc police are searching for suspects after a man was held hostage in his own home for several hours, two masked suspects broke into the house 3:30 a.m., sunday morning one held the victim inside his home the other took his atm card and pin number and went out to use it the man was finally released 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. a check of this mornings other top stories an 8-year-old alexandria boy is dead after he
8:07 am
was hit by a car sunday afternoon this happened 2:30 p.m. duke street when a car veered on to the right side of the road and hit a woman and her child the boy died at the scene his mother is in hospital, the car continued down an embankment the driver was not hurt so far no charges have been filed. howard university student back at home after being missing for nearly a week. 17-year-old ariana car went missing five days ago she was found safe in prince georges county. rescuers treated a month golly woman after she fell into a canal trying to help a dog the woman had already dragged herself out of the water the dog and woman were both fine paramedics still took precautions to make sure she did not have hypothermia. sarah over to you. well, the death toll rises now, at least 6 people are reported dead 15 others missing after a luxury cruise ship hit a reef and ended up on its side off the coast of italy friday
8:08 am
night, 4200 people were onboard as that ship began to sink. including two women from virginia and maryland. karen kennedy, and virginia from gaithersburg are okay and on their way home more than a dozen people are missing this morning survivors are now just starting to speak out. >> reporter: as thousands of passengers recover in italy their stories of what happened are starting the come out. shaken survivors compare experience to the movie titanic as they describe the chaotic moments the ship began to sink some crawled through hallways down ladders to escape while others leapt over board into the frigid sea as they tried to evacuate. >> in the very end, before we jumped off, one of the crew members was telling us we need to stay on that is when mark was saying we don't need to stay on because it was sinking so fast. >> where we were standing is under water we needed to get off right then
8:09 am
that is when 100, 150 people started swimming. many passengers were inside the restaurant having dinner at the time of the accident and say waiters instructed them to remain seated even as the ship began listing, chaos reigned as the crew attempted to evacuate women and children splitting up families once aboard lifeboats, one helms man appeared unable to steer it to shore, banging into the ship until a passenger shoved him aside and took the lead. >> the rescue was awful, very disorganized we had not had our muster checks we did not know where to go. when we got to the side of the boat to board, the rescue boats they were full, we -- it took us five tries on different boats to get on. the state department says 125 americans were onboard, some still unaccounted for and family members back here in the
8:10 am
united states are ekerly awaiting their return home, in new york, fox news. now this morning the fall out is focussing on the ship's captain who is now in custody for possibly abandoning the ship he was allegedly already on land long before any of the passengers were safe. italian officials hope the black box recordings on that ship just recovered will provide more insight into what happened. thanks sarah. new developments on the campaign trail, john huntsman is dropping out of the race. he is expected to make an official announcement today at a fundraiser in myrtle beach south carolina. he is expected to endorse mitt romney, huntsman placed third in last week's new hampshire primary, despite devoting his campaign resources to that contest. ahead of saturday's primary, there is a debate to
8:11 am
help voters make up their minds fox news will host this one, tonight at 9 on fox news channel. all right time now 8:11 a.m. still ahead a retired stone mason helping spread the message of dr. king as we celebrate his birthday august williams joins us live after the break. >> a little later a missing person's case that has dc detectives still searching for answers is the focus of a new tv series debuting this week that focuses on the african american community we will preview, find our missing we will be root back we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
8:12 am
8:13 am
with the lysol no-touch hand soap system healthy hands can be automatic. for healthy tips and more, visit
8:14 am
al qaeda militants have taken full control of a town near the capital of yemen. officials sautee moved into the town today -- officials say they moved into the town today, and freed 200 prisoners including members of al qaeda. it expands their control where they have taken control of several towns. united states and israel
8:15 am
postponed their largest ever war games in hopes of avoiding an escalation of mounting tensions. the exercise was scheduled for april. thousands of american and israeli soldiers were to take part in the drill, that tests air defense systems from incoming missiles from as far away as iran. >> as temperatures go down, gas price is going up according to triple-a, gasoline and crude oil prices are at his toric highs, national average for a gallon of gas is $3.39 that is up 11¢ so far this month. now analysts predict it will be a rough year for gas prices. so far though, it has not been a rough winter at least for us. temperature has been up and down. >> like this weekend. >> today it is not so bad tucker barnes joining us with the forecast if it is bad a little warm up factor. >> you need a warm up factor day, temperatures teens to low
8:16 am
20s. my first 5 photo of the day. this is little maya. >> hey, beautiful. >> her family says she loves to dress up and pretend she is oned to alreadies and tierras. i do that as well. >> in your spare time. >> i like to put on tiaras. let's focus on maya. i love her hat. >> love her red hair. >> she does have reddish hair. >> straw prier we blond. >> wait, -- strawberry blond. >> wait is that you in baby pictures. >> it could be you. >> she is adorable. >> good call she is only 2.5 years old she has plenty of time to win the contest. >> adorable. >> all right maya, dress warmly if you head out the door that hat is a good idea, cool temperatures across the area, 25 degrees in washington. 25 washington, 17 buffalo, let's see we've got 34 chicago,
8:17 am
open up for you a bit out to the west international falls, 13. cold air boston 12 degrees notice the warm air off the our south and west we will not be that warm but generally warmer than the weekend high temperatures only in the 30s. expect low 40s and hey, we will be back in the 50s by tomorrow. there is your sentinel sat rad, starting with sunshine, clouds increase later this afternoon, particularly tonight. then a period of rain overnight and tuesday. heads up when it starts particularly for viewers to the west it could start as an icy mix, eventually it will just change over to rain as temperatures will be in 50s. your 5 day forecast and again we are doing fine, 42 for your holiday, 36 tonight, 53 tomorrow rain and then wednesday, thursday, friday, sunshine, temperatures in the seasonal norm, low to mid-40s. all right that is a look at the
8:18 am
forecast lauren demarco, surprisingly busy. we have had a few incidents we have a wreck, kirby road temple hill road prince georges county. belt way nice easy trip around town. a live look from traffic land as you head into montgomery county, belt way, colesville road no problems through silver spring, across the american legion bridge everything running smoothly, 270 making the trip out of frederick, german town, rockville, towards bethesda, no problems for you to lanes are open running well. virginia, alexandria, report of a car fire. 95, 395, looks great as you head northbound hov restrictions lifted everywhere except route 50, john hanson highway. reversible roads carrying 2 way traffic for the holiday. no problems across the 14th street bridge. lingering delays from an earlier wreck that is a check
8:19 am
of your fox 5 on time traffic. lauren thank you. a live look at the martin luther king memorial where a ceremony honouring dr. king just wrapped up the project years in the making finally dedicated last year. union stone mason august williams helped make its beauty and majesty a reality. he came out of retirement to work on this and joins us in studio to talk about what drew him to this job. what a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you for coming in. you learned the old fashioned way from louisiana tell me everything. yes, went to college, i was a sales man and stuff like that, but my style of clothing i was going broke, so construction i could wear jeans, work shoes and be comfortable i was taught by a stone master back in i can't
8:20 am
remember when and i loved to use my hands. the company i worked for i became a minute man meaning they call you on a thursday and tell you that they need you in tim buck too on a monday. i was there. got the call in 86, came here, i was tired of travelling i had a baby she was like 2 i said i will move my family up and stayed. >> all these years later you come out of retirement did you make the call and say i have got to woke on this memorial how did that come about? >> let's just say i made a call, and made an offer that couldn't be refused. >> okay. they needed you. >> thank you. >> they needed you. >> you said it not me. >> going on record they needed you. that is a picture of the construction in fact you documented all of this. >> yes. >> tell me why you knew it was important to do that. >> well, i felt that something
8:21 am
of this magnitude, african american stone mason should been have. that wasn't the plan in my opinion so i made the call. and fortunately enough, i was the only one chosen to work on the statue, out of any authenticity and which in itself i am proud of. >> so you are there, you are working and do you get the idea then nothing here is trash all of this is sacred i am going to keep some of this to pass it along tell me how that came about you have created or come up with these beautiful plaques. >> yes, at the indian museum, i noticed that we had tonnes of stone left over and they had, in the little gift shop little pieces of stone for like $20 as we hisle these pieces, -- chisel these pieces they fall on the ground i started to
8:22 am
harvest them they started to laugh oh, look he is picking up these pieces, but these pieces actually came from it. >> and, they -- you are doing it in a unique way, they are being auctioned off, on ebay. >> only one. >> okay. >> the first one is slated for the white house i just haven't figured out how to get it there yet with all the red tape. >> that is not going to be a problem for you. >> so number two, we have it on auction on ebay people you know, it is art, number one to the white house, i have number two. >> okay. >> all of the other ones will be straight sales and there is only a thousand. and there is a brief little story about me and how i got there, on the plaque. >> you know people will want to know how to get these how will we know when they are for sale how to purchase. >> they are on sale right now on ebay or contact me or e-mail
8:23 am
me at presentation or call me (302)365-3113 at the end of this week we will have some art pieces maybe 10, 12, 15 nice sized pieces to mount, on like granite with a plaque and have them for sale as art pieces chef >> all that is on our website how to get one before we let you go, what was it look for you emotionally to be there working on this king memorial? >> well, -- >> did you ever thing you would do that. >> no, not that but i knew when i knew it was going to be built i knew i was going to be there because there is a small pool of african american stone masons it wasn't rocket science. >> right. >> when i made the call i knew i wasn't petitioning for the mass i was petitioning for a small few. i knew this upfront. >> how special. >> well, the first day i got there i was welcomed by lisa
8:24 am
anderson and every body i shed a tear or two i can be an emotional person and i just took the time to just look around and just you know, it was really awesome just to be there. >> right when they put me on the top with the artist, master lee, i didn't know how to put that in perspective, but i found a niche for it eventually. >> please go and visit if you haven't visited the memorial. >> and also there is a book coming out, i have a book that we are going to publish to show the construction of it there is not anything out there like it, to show the construction of it from the time, the first tree was removed to when the time capsule went in the ground. >> and before i start to wrap it up anything else? >> no. >> okay. all right nice to meet you we will be right back what a pleasure. >> great reat 
8:25 am
8:26 am
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plenty of folks are walking around the washington area with fresh ink. the nations capital hosted the second annual, dc tattooest
8:28 am
pro. 184 artists took part in that event. thousands of people, got inked. one of the few things left you can buy no one can take from you it doesn't depreciate, you know as long as it is a well thought out design and means something to you it is something they will enjoy the rest of their lives. there was also a less permanent exhibit for children. >> my goodness. they can also get tattoos but of course they wash off the others not so much. >> where is yours. i was very afraid for a minute. >> sarah? >> you didn't get one. >> not this weekened. >> maybe next. all right. now 28:00 a.m. come -- 8:28 a.m., coming up next ravens fans have a reason to celebrate. >> dave ross is here with a playoff update in his monday morning quarterback, 8:28 a.m. we will be right back !
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8:31 a.m., stories making headlines, montgomery county police expected to release more details about an arrest in a string of violent home invasions, kevin ray was arrested in north carolina saturday morning. ray is accused of three attacks the latest in temple hills friday. ray is now behind bars in montgomery county on charges including rape and assault. >> police investigating an accident that killed an -year-old boy in alexandria this weekend it happened yesterday afternoon 2:30 p.m. westbound stretch of duke street near 395 overpass. police say the boy was standing with his mother on the side of the road, when a car veered off the road hitting them both. the boy died on the scene his mother is in hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, the driver was not injured. and an honor for miss dc
8:33 am
she has been awarded with miss america pageant's first journalism scholarship in the name of john curren the 23-year- old plans to use the $1,000 scholarship to seek a masters degree in communication. >> congratulations to her. tucker, ho is it looking. >> cold i probably don't need to tell you that. temperatures teens and low 20s overnight, we are in for a chill over the next few hours unlike yesterday, when the high topped out mid-30s. low 40s if you feel better winds will lighten up. i don't know what it felt like. >> beneather of you do. >> we -- yeah, we didn't venture out. you would thing it snowed all day yesterday. let's get right to the numbers here we go regan national, 25 degrees now, still very cold across the region, 29 in annapolis, 16 frederick, martins burg, 15 degrees
8:34 am
winchester 18, manassas 18 so you get the idea here plenty of cold temperatures as low as 13, 14 degrees actual air temperatures off to the north and west gradual warm up as mentioned high temperatures later this afternoon in low 40s. that should feel better, than what we had around here this weekened we should have plenty of sunshine. here is your sentinel sat rad we are starting off with clear skies just a few clouds for the morning hours, later this afternoon clouds will increase and 9, 10:00 p.m. tonight we will get this presip in here. very light rain and i want to mention the possibility here, one of our western viewers, some of the sheltered valleys where it is cold enough this could start off with a period of mixed ice and rain. just be prepared for that. a little sleet with it, it should change over to all rain. rainy and wet high temperatures only to be in 50s. 42, sunshine expected a little warmer than ra, sleet later tonight. temperatures above freezing your 5 day forecast, 53
8:35 am
tomorrow rain showers around wednesday, thursday and friday, plenty of sunshine temperatures just about where they should be, low to mid-40s. that is a lock at the forecast, back to you. all right tucker. >> something tucker likes to hear about ravens, one win away from a trip to the super bowl. >> can you believe it. >> i guess so. >> they are a good team. >> alison believes it. >> yeah they have been good. >> and they have been very good as of late defensively we know that is their hallmark they lay their hat on at night when they go to sleep they rely on that defense they did it yesterday, they are one step away from going to the super bowl not far away that is why we show our brethren in purple some love. that is one of the reasons why they got it done they have a guy named web, not a cornerback a lot of people talk about he was singled out on the texans best receiver that is johnson. here it is first period, pick
8:36 am
of tj yates he will take a nice route to the inside and cut off the route that is what a good cornerback does. follow the eyesover the quarterback later on in the game, web again when texans kept it close, 7 minutes to go in the game he comes up big again on a crossing route again, stepping in front of the pattern. so next week they are going up against the patriots, we know that will be a daunting task but if you can get play like this from a guy like web you don't expect it from maybe good things will happen you do extext it from a guy named ed reid there is a reason why this guy one day will go to the hall of fame people this is how good of a safety he is, and again, end of the game, down by 7, texans need a play to go to the best receiver, who is there, johnny on the spot, ed reid his 8th career, post season interception in post season he has 8 picks number 20 just comes up big play after big play he did it again yesterday
8:37 am
after the game head coach and ed reid tacked about their big play defense. win the game no matter what. that is what it boils down to in a situation like this and this football team, won the game. no matter what and it wasn't perfect by any stretch. but they found a way to win the football game. you know we knew it was going to be that. houston is a good team man, you know they have been a good team for a long time. >> see the patch of grey hair there, they are getting a little long in the tooth these guys know, this is their shot guys like ed ride and lewis they got to do it this year -- reid and lewis they got to do it this year. they are the number one seed. brady and the boys coming out going up against tim tebow, brady said enough of tebow, remember me, i am pretty good.
8:38 am
five touchdowns in the first half alone and set a playoff record with six in the game, and i think bill belichich and the boys in new england want to make a statement and say hey, look you can talk all you want about 15 he has had a remarkable run don't forget about us there is a reason why they are the top seed again if ravens want to get there they got to go up to new england and get it done next sunday easier said than done as we talk, we have been joking with tucker all morning don't bring that c game up to new england, bring your a game a c game will get rejected and sent back to baltimore. >> got to bring it strong. >> thanks gave. coming up next details on one new business here in our area, that is looking to hire more than 1500 employees that is good news. >> sure is. also ahead trying your luck with power ball just got more expensive but the extra cost could help pay off in the end. we are back in a moment with that and more 8:38 a.m. ♪
8:39 am
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something improved from 1 in 35 to 1 in 32. >> also, bumped the starting jackpot up to $40 million instead of $20 million. >> that is good. >> yeah. >> are you looking for work our job shop is always a good resource today's job of the day is a report developer at george mason university the position is full time and part of the information technology unit. >> you can find all details on look under the job shop tab. here is another job opportune phi for you today maryland live casino is opening a brand new employment center, to help fill more than 1500 position at its new casino, the center is located in hanover maryland and will be open today through friday from 10 this morning to 7:00 p.m. time now 8:42 a.m., right now coming up next, they are missing and their stories need to be heard. >> we will tell you more about
8:43 am
a new effort the put cases of missing african americans in the spotlight >> also ahead annie is live at the national cathedral, previewing a big event to honor dr. king good morning. >> good morning the king in our midst celebration is kicking off 2:00 p.m. today we are getting a preview this morning more than seven performers coming out to entertain the crowd, we are getting a sneak peek of one of the groups, city dance kids are out here, they will perform for us coming up after the break stay with us on fox 5 morning news over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over
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network, tv 1 is debuting a new series, find our missing. its goal is to draw attention to and help find, missing african americans. now the first episode focuses on the story of pamela butler, dc woman who went missing valentines day 2009. her mother and brother join us this morning good morning to
8:47 am
you thank you for being with us. they will ma and derek butler good to see both of you, and the cofounder of the black and missing foundation incorporated good to see you. um, let me start with you dereka this effort by tv 1 has to be good news for the black and missing foundation. >> wonderful news long over due with the fact that 40% of missing persons in the united states are persons with color this will help find these missing people, bring closure is justice for families. the premier episode tells the story of pamela butler who went missing in 2009 let me ask you, mrs. butler, how i guess encouraged are you to see the story told in this way? >> very much. very excited. i am just so happy. some body has come forward like this, very happy.
8:48 am
>> can you tell us more, go deeper than what we have reported in the headlines what kind of woman was pamela is pamela. a very out going, person. sharing and caring for everybody. friends, family, and all. everybody loved pam. she had been a light for family,en froms we miss her so very much. derek you are very active in both the effort to bring attention to other people who are -- families going through what you are going through and also making sure pamela is not forgotten and this investigation goes forward tell us about your efforts. >> very true. you know, i think that people of color need attention everybody else gets, it is only fair, but it shouldn't detract from the attention that other people get but we should also get attention and it is not
8:49 am
just about my family it is about the other families out there also, that are suffering you know this is a hard thing to go through and no body wants to go through. >> let me ask you this is a big old question derek but in your experience, why do people of color not seem to get the same national attention, as say natalee holloways, robin gardeners, these people that we know their names? >> well, one of the reasons we believe that they do not receive this attention is because the lack of diversity in some of the newsrooms, you know, a lot of times, we like to say these stories are not sensational enough but in actuality we would like to say less is more. less of the other races and more of everybody that is missing, greater chance of reunion we just want equal plan for all missing persons. >> let many ask you mrs. butler, what keeps you going i read that you are a woman of
8:50 am
faith, i read that you have gone through your fair share of adversity challenges, what keeps you going when you thing about pamela? >> people keeping in contact with me, friends, family, calling being concerned, coming past to visit me that really gives me strength and courage. >> was enough done in your opinion to help find pamela earlier than three years that at that have gone by now. >> i don't feel like it was. i really don't. i think more could have been done. more should have been done. >> derek what would you like to see done? >> well, at this point i would like for some body to come forward i am sure some body knows something i am sure this case is not going to be solved just by the police it will have to be solved by some body in the community, some body that maybe road through and saw
8:51 am
something, you know, we talk about washington but washington is a tourist city and people are riding through the area, looking to see things and maybe some body saw something and it might not be some body right here in washington it might be some body in california i am just looking for closure looking for some body to come forward and give us a hand. >> a hand in finding your sister missing since valentines day 2009. i would like to thank all three of you for being with us the show airs wednesday and it is called find our missing and the show will be airing of course every wednesday at 10:00 p.m., there are ten episodes on tv 1 the first features the case of pamela butler thank you all very much. >> thanks. >> sarah over to you. >> alison thank you the washington national cathedral is celebrating the legacy of dr. martin luther king junior later on this morning. annie yu is learning more about the celebration and getting a preview of performances she
8:52 am
joins us from washington national cathedral hi annie >> hi sarah i know there are a lot of events and celebrations going on around town to honor dr. king let me tell you this one out here you got to come out they have so many great things lined up for you more than seven groups coming out to perform and a lot of special guest speakerthey also have a group of special volunteers, that is why angela, sanford the director of cathedral scholars program joins me now. it will be a very busy place here in just a few hours, a special group of volunteers is helping you out. >> yes, cathedral scholars, dc high school students, that the cathedral partners with, that come out and do community service they will be inventorying the books, just like martin luther king would have wanted them to. are we talking teenagers, high school students how do they become a part of this >> we go into public high schools, and we select an
8:53 am
interview, gifted and motivated students who want to go to college we work with them from 9th grade to 12th grade to prepare them for that process. >> thank you angela there is a great line up of performances why lore rain joins me now the artistic director at city dance when you got the call to come out, and have your kids come out here to perform, what was that like for you. >> oh, i was delighted i actually performed my first solo right here in the national cathedral, and so, for me it is very special to bring this talented group of children and young people here today, to perform as well in this beautiful environment, for such an important day. >> truly beautiful here, indeed. so what was the process like when you were selecting the piece? >> well, the idea was to create a new piece that would express the feelings of dr. martin luther king junior, about wholeness about the power of love, about the power of healing and so, we decided to
8:54 am
do heal the world by michael jackson. >> that is later today right now we are going to have a solo with darren. >> first breath a beautiful new piece created in the spirit of the celebration of today. >> okay let's take a look ♪ [ music ] ♪ log on to for details it is free and open to the public, they just ask that you bring a donation of a non- perrable canned food or book. >> doesn't she dance so brutefully. >> i am very impressed wow. -- beautifully.
8:55 am
>> i am very impressed. wow. >> search continues for survivors after a cruise ship, crashes off the coast of italy. >> preparations under way for this year's dr. martin luther king junior holiday parade. time now 8:54 a.m. we will be right back  [ beep ]
8:56 am
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. colleen loves tony and tuckers ask the weather guy segment. she wants to know how holly is doing. by the way holly and her husband thomas and her new baby are doing just great thanks for asking. search fox 5 morning news, no search between fox and number 5 and post a comment under colleen's photo. time to turn things over to tony and alison for the 9:00 a.m. hour over to you guys.
8:59 am
>> thanks very much sarah. right now at 9 we continue to follow a developing story in northeast where a baby was found abandoned out in the cold, on steps in front of a house. wisdom martin is live with the investigation. plus, sure to be a big week ahead for the ravens it was a close game rains pulled off another w with their ninth this year at home now they are gearing up for the afc championship. honouring dr martin luther king junior, he would have been 83 years old yesterday, we will take you to the preparations for today's parade. and, really special treat we will have music from garrett jackson a local graduate student continuing music of henry burly a major figure in the history of african american music he willperform later in the show. >> it is a cold one outside tucker barnes is down stairs, the latest on t


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