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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 16, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is working several big stories tonight. a drunk driver is accused of plowing into an 8-year-old boy and his mother as they were out for a walk. new details about a terrifying crime spree in maryland, one suspect caught hundreds of mile as way but the manhunt is not over yet. the number of people
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missing in that cruise ship disaster has jumped. we'll begin with the deadly car crash that took the life of a virginia boy and seriously injured his mother. held low. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. police -- hello. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. this is the man police say was behind the wheel. tonight he's facing several charges. fox 5's bob barnard is live in alexandria now with the latest of reporter: brian chavez hernandez was killed right over there on a clear day on an outing to the mall with his mother. these markings show you where the car that struck and killed the boy left the road right along duke street in alexandria at the entrance ramp to interstate 395. like many others we saw this afternoon, police say mother and so be were walking to their home in linconia along the paved path way when they were
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run down from behind. it was around 2:30 sunday afternoon. 8-year-old ryan chavez hernandez died at the scene. his mother suffered two broken legs and remains hospitalized. >> it is an intersection you have to be careful, pay special attention when you cross but they were not doing anything wrong. reporter: the car that struck them careened down a hill coming to a stop after crashing into gird rail on the shoulder of the interstate. police at the -- the guardrail on the shoulder of the interstate. police at the scene arrested the driver today charging him with dui manslaughter and driving without a license. we spoke to nathaniel porter at the crash scene. he was leaving nearby landmark mall. >> i try to be safe walking by here. just going back and forth to the mall is the normal route every takes. you see people walking this path all the time. reporter: victor aldana is being held in jail tonight without bond. we're told young brian will be
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buried in mexico where his family has roots. oots. >> tragedy, bob barnard, thank you. a brazen crime in broad daylight caught on camera. police say this surveillance video shows a gunman holding up an armored car in bowie. it happened around 8:00 this morning outside the wal-mart on crane highway. investigators say three men wearing ski masks were involved in the attack. no one was hurt fortunately. another big story tonight, disturbing new details in a series of home invasions that terrified residents of montgomery and prince george's counties. tonight police are looking for the accomplice they say helped kevin ray carry out a robbery and sexual assault last week in bethesda. ray was arrested in north carolina saturday. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. reporter: when kevin darnell ray began his crime spree in wheaton last week, police say he was after credit cards, pin numbers and a car robbing a woman birth a baby at gunpoint. by the next day police say his tactics changed and with an
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accomplice he restrained two people with zip ties and sexually assaulted the housekeeper at gunpoint. that's not all. he took credit cards and used them at atms in bethesda and the district where his photo was taken and hunt was on. >> really it was the speed with which we were able to get information from the banks and the atm withdrawals. that's the video and the photographs we were able to get from -- with the transactions that were made with the victim's cards really is what led us to the suspect. reporter: police had a name but didn't know where he was and then friday morning police say ray struck again raping a woman at gunpoint and tying up six people including a 7-year- old in a housing on berkeley street in temple hills -- house on berkeley street in temple hills. what set him off? >> i don't know if i can answer that to try to understand why he did these things. the things that occurred in all three of these are evil in my
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opinion. reporter: before the news conference began one of ray's relatives told reporters she decided she wanted to hear the facts for herself. >> this is an accusation right now. he's accused. we have no problem with the justice system playing out and justice being acted as it should be, but, you know, some injuries have been sustained, some other things and i just need to know, you know, what you have. you know what i'm saying. is he guilty of this, you know? what do you have evidence that points to him? reporter: police say they searched the home on dallas drive and temple hills saturday morning where they say ray had been staying. inside investigators found guns, wigs and masks. detectives are now trying to determine if ray can possibly be connected to any other crimes. investigators believe ray used metro to get into the neighborhoods he targeted and then stole cars to get away. police released no information on ray's accomplice in bethesda other than to say they're looking for a second suspect.
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in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. >> the fox 5 storm force tracking some wet weather moving in. a live look outside, cold out there, not cold enough for snow, although, gary, did hear the tick ticking of what felt like maybe sleet or at least looked like, sounded like. >> did you get some out there? >> yeah. >> that's interesting to know because that means there's still a little cold air in the profile there. don't worry about it, no problems whatsoever in terms of that. actually temperatures the last couple hours have been coming up. we reached our high for the day last hour, which was 42 degrees. let me show you sentinel radar here. one line of showers passing through and now technically with brian's storm tracking abilities there we can call it a little bit of a mix in places. if you hear some sleet from time to time out there in the eastern areas, it's just a quick little mix. we're dry now fairly for the city, at least nothing falling
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except a little bit north of the beltway in the extreme eastern sections of montgomery county. back out to the west we're beginning to see a little more in the way of showers rye loading, if you will, for reloading, if you will, for another line coming through. annapolis deal across the bay for the eastern shores, still some showers there. so we'll keep an eye on that. the bigger picture here shows you that you can see back to the west there's more rain coming our way. anything that we would consider a problem with any mixture is going to be well up to north of us up into pennsylvania and more likely it looks like it's going to be well up into new york state with this warm air coming in. so last hour we were up to 42, but now the rain has stopped and our temperature has dropped back down to 39 degrees, gaithersburg 36, frederick 36. what you need to see here is with the exception of cumberland everybody is well above freezing. overnight tonight we'll be staying above freezing, temperatures only about 37
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degrees. we'll have these passing showers that will linger into tomorrow. so that's basically the forecast. overnight tonight some showers, tomorrow we'll have some showers and oh, yes, we'll get cold again. full forecast coming up. >> gary, thank you. and then there were five, receipt maining republican candidates are facing -- the remaining republican candidates are facing off tonight in south carolina, the first of two debates there. fox 5's laura evans is on the story tonight. >> jon huntsman stepped aside today and the stakes are hire tonight leaving one empty spot -- higher tonight leaving one empty spot on the stage tonight where his podium would have been. huntsman has thrown his support behind frontrunner mitt romney and encouraged the other gop candidates to take on more of a civil tone in this race. in fact, from the start of the debate tonight it quickly turned to how overwhelmingly negative this campaign has become. rick santorum challenged romney at 1 point in response to an
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attack ad suggesting that santorum voted to allow felons to vote from prison and later ron paul said he wasn't negative enough in one of his as. take a listen. >> there is one -- his ads. take a listen. >> there was one ad we used against senator santorum and i couldn't get all the things in i wanted to say in one minute. >> mitt romney was attacked on his record as a private businessman tonight and challenged whether he'll release his federal income tax return monday night to which he said he would likely wait until next april. romney is ahead in the polls after winning in iowa and new hampshire. he pulled ahead in south carolina, a real clear politics average of polls showing he is leading now by 29%. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 we'll have more on the debate and hear from the other candidates. >> our coverage continues. wtop political analyst mark plotkin is in myrtle beach tonight. he will join us at 10:30 to break down tonight's debate.
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overseas now a state of emergency declared in italy. the cruise ship that crashed off the tuscan coast has now led to environmental concerns and we're learning more about what may have led to the disaster. plus a newborn abandoned in last night's freezing cold. we'll hear from the neighbors who desperately tried to save her life coming up next. 
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the search for survivors continues tonight in italy after a luxury cruise liner capsized friday. tonight the number of people believed missing jumped from 16 to 29. there are also environmental concerns after an unidentified liquid began leaking from the ship's damaged hull. fox 5's maureen umeh has the latest. reporter: chaos and confusion, these images taken by a survivor of the costa concordia after it struck a reef and started sinking off the tuscan coast friday. passengers packed into a lifeboat watching the massive boat sink. >> everything happened from like 11:30, midnight till 4:00
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just watching the concordia sink and watching the helicopters and everyone's life jacket flashing still on the ship. you could still see. reporter: according to reports, the captain of the ship made an unauthorized deviation from the ship's programmed course, a human error that led to the ship's grounding and now concerns that some of the ship's 500,000 gallons of fuel could be leaking. >> we believe it has been a human error here. the captain did not follow the authorized route. reporter: terrell starr is the director of the environmental and health program with the cruise line international association. he says the type of ship that ran aground is a highly advanced vessel with safely features to match. >> the navigation equipment that is installed typically allows settings to be made that would give alarms under certain parameters. whether or not it happened in this particular instance i can't say. reporter: schettino is being
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held and could be charged with manslaughter and abandoning ship. meanwhile survivors continue making their way home sharing their tearful story. >> it was chaos because we had to go through the center of the ship which had been obliterated by glass. everything was every. where. reporter: six people are dead and 29 including two americans are still missing. >> it's an absolute saddening day. it's been a saddening weekend and trying for all of us because nothing is of a higher priority than the safety of our passengers. reporter: maureen umeh, fox 5 news. news. >> the two americans missing from the cruise ship crash are a married couple from minnesota, 69-year-old jerry hile and his 70-year-old wife barbara recently retired in white bear lake, minnesota. tonight their neighbors pray for their safe return. >> certainly hope that they're found and i pray they're with them. that's a very difficult thing to have to go through.
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>> our arms are around them holding them in prayer. >> coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 we talked to a travel agent with the impact the crash is having on the cruise business. a d.c. neighborhood is in shock after an instant, left out in the bitter cold and -- after an infant left out in the bitter cold dies. a baby found wrapped partially in a towel late last night was pronounced dead a few hours later. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> i still can't get it through my head i seen what i seen. reporter: what he saw was an infant left alone on the bitter cold cement. >> the legs were like dangling off the steps. reporter: emanuel dugger had walked to a gas station in the gateway neighborhood of northeast d.c. just after 11:00 last night. on the way home he spotted the baby just in front of his neighbor's gate. >> the child had no pamper on, had no clothes on, went wrapped up in anything but the towel. reporter: he said the black female baby was about a week old, her mouth and eyes closed
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and blood was running from her nose. emanuel ran to get his%, eugene. >> i tried to transfer -- his father, eugene. >> i tried to transfer my body heat to her by rubbing her and she was ice. she was cold and i brought her in. i put her on the dining room table and i tried to put some more towels on her. >> i didn't see any kind of movement. i didn't see any signs of life. reporter: his father gave her cpr. >> i know that this is a human being and to see them in that state, i'll always remember. this. reporter: the little girl was pronounced dead at 2:20 a.m. ian mills lives in the house closest to where the baby was found. >> i always kind of check the doors and look around before i go to bed and there was nothing. there was nothing unusual. reporter: police are now trying to figure out how the child ended up there. >> we would be asking anyone who notices somebody that they knew was pregnant or recently
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gave birth to a child and the child is no longer around, with no reasonable explanation. reporter: d.c. has a safe haven law. the parents could have left the child at a hospital, police or fire station. mpds 5th district station is just 7/10 of a mile away. >> we're just heartbroken. i mean we have two kids and yeah, you just wonder, you know, what -- you know there's a mom that's pretty desperate and doesn't have a lot of support. so that's difficult to -- yeah, it's difficult to take in. >> i've seen a lot of things in like but this is the kind of stuff that you just can't throw off that easy. reporter: an autopsy is expected. that should help determine exactly how the baby died. beth parker, fox 5 news. the father of a man suspected of killing homeless
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men in california is homeless himself. investigators arrested escote erasco after a fourth homeless man was found killed. the suspect's father says his son showed him a picture of one of the victims last week as a warning of the danger of being on the streets. the nation paused to honor slain civil rights leader martin luther king, jr. today and for the first time the holiday was marked with a ceremony at the new memorial and also the changes president obama is promising to make there coming up next. you can check weather any time when you download the new fox 5 weather app. go to apple's app store or android's market on your smartphone and search for d.c. weather. you can find the barcode on our website we'll be right back.
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i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its dream. >> today the nation honored martin luther king, jr. they joined the first family in paying tribute to the slain civil rights leader's legacy. fox 5's jennifer davis reports. reporter: the president and first family roll up their sleeves on this martin luther king, jr. holiday to build book shelves and spruce up the d.c. education center by painting some of the civil rights leader's quotes on the wall. >> there's no better way to celebrate dr. king than to do something on behalf of others. reporter: the vice president traveled to philadelphia to join others in the largest martin luther king, jr. day observance in the country.
10:24 pm
>> when people get together when people care, things can really change. reporter: and at the new mlk memorial on the national mall crowds braved cold temperatures to gather in the shadow of the 30-foot granite statue of the civil rights leader. >> how pleased we that are this is the first year that we actually have a memorial to celebrate this holiday. reporter: on this holiday the president also addressed the controversy involving this inscription promising that it will be revised that it paraphrases dr. king rather than directly quoting him. >> i know there's been a lot of controversy lately about the quote on the memorial and near changing it and making -- they're changing it and making some modifications. reporter: that's a relief to some people visiting the memorial on this day who say dr. king's memory is best honored by making sure his inspiring words are not taken out of context. >> we don't want to misconstrue and it's already sensitive. reporter: on the national mall, jennifer davis, fox 5
10:25 pm
news. fedex used the holiday to pay it forward to the people in the community donating $30,000 to food and friends to help feed terminally ill people in the d.c. metro area. fedex employees also donated their own time to prepare and package the food. the donation will help feed more than 3,000 people. after an eight-year wait the traditional martin luther e came back to the district today. we'll take you there next. plus back to the big story, battle for south carolina, the gop candidates duking it out for a crucial win there. we're headed live to myrtle beach for reaction next. ♪
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more now on the debate taking place in south carolina at this hour. frontrunner mitt romney is trying to stave off attacks from his opponents. voters head to the polls saturday and some say if romney wins in conservative south carolina, he'll have the
10:29 pm
nomination all but locked up. joining us live from myrtle beach is fox's craig boswell. good to see you. sounds like tonight newt gingrich is hitting a couple home runs with the conservatives in that crude. reporter: certainly is. good evening to you, brian. all the candidates are very strong, very spirited debate. when jon huntsman stepped out of the race today, he advised his former rivals now to take a more civil tone. don't think they're really taking his advice tonight. the four that are trailing mitt romney have certainly off the bat went right after romney talking about his years with bain capital wanting to hear more about that, wanting him to explain more about what happened and some job losses. mitt romney strongly defending his record himself and, of course, rick perry asking for mitt romney to turn over his tax records once again after dodging the question once, romney coming back say he may probably do that around april
10:30 pm
when traditionally candidates do release their tax returns, so very spirited debate. we're now in the last 30 minutes of this and as you mentioned, yeah, it's certainly rough and tumble, bare knuckles tonight because we are five days way from south carolina, very pivotal vote -- way from south carolina, very pivotal vote on saturday when they go to the polls here and south carolina picked the eventual gop nominee every election since 1980, brian. >> any big stumbles tonight, any major gaffe? reporter: no stumbles. it's been very forceful answers and a very spirited crowd tonight really cheering on answers they like and letting them know when they're not pleased with the answer or even not pleased with the question. so no major gaffes as of right now. we still got 30 minutes to go. >> craig boswell live tonight in myrtle beach, thank you. texas governor rick perry still trying to get on the virginia republican presidential ballot appealing a federal judge's decision that keeps him and three other candidates off the march
10:31 pm
ballot. perry, gingrich, santorum and huntsman missed the deadline to turn in the necessary number of signatures. perry says virginia's rules are too restrictive. prince george's county state delegate bob marshall announced today he's running for the seat vacated by retiring senator jim webb. marshall will compete against at least four other republicans including george allen, marshall narrowly lost the nomination in 2008. city says from coast to coast paid tribute to martin luther king, jr. today. a special ceremony was held in atlanta at king's hometown church ebenezer baptist where king was a pastor and delivered his first sermon in the 1940s. here in the district it's been eight years since d.c.'s annual martin luther king, jr. day parade. the cold weather forced the parade to take a break. as fox 5's karen gray houston shows us, it made a coolback
10:32 pm
today of. reporter: it was a parade of high stepping -- comeback today. reporter: it was a parade of high stepping marching bands. there was something for everybody. there was candy for the kids. >> it's halloween already! reporter: tennis balls lobbed to the paradegoers. d.c.'s mayor tossed mardi gras type beads to the crowds lining the street. >> wonderful to see all these people out here celebrating the memory and legacy of dr. king. reporter: it has historically been a political event, a must do for local politicians and if frigid weather was a concern, perhaps the only way to judge was by who had their hid covered up. ward 8 councilman marion barry hat, mayor vincent gray no hat. >> i always love a parade. all these little kids out here all bundled up and everybody is having a good time. reporter: the parade was launched back in 1977. it was the brainchild of p.d. reed, a well known activist and radio tv talk show host and
10:33 pm
washington former newspaper publisher calvin rolark and his wife, a long time ward 8 councilwoman. they have all passed away, but the current publisher of the paper thought it was time to bring the parade her family started back. >> i remember marching out here in the cold when there was snow and they just thought it was a great day to honor dr. king and they've missed this and it's great for the community as well. reporter: this year's grand marshal, world boxing champion lamont peterson and his brother anthony, also a professional boxer. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> and kids from across the region marked the king holiday by gathering on the national mall for the children's march for dr. king. they walked from the lincoln memorial to the new king memorial. along the journey park rangers talked to them about the slain civil rights leader and what it was like to walk in his footsteps. up next more fallout from the harry thomas, jr. scandal and a white house hopeful
10:34 pm
calling up the obama administration over a shocking video. also ahead standing in line for a shot at a casino job, who's hiring and when. but first here's fox business reports neil cavuto. >> temperatures are dropping and so is the cost of heating most of your homes. natural gas prices continuing to fall now off 40% the past year despite the weather. more americans heat their homes with natural gas than oil, propane and electricity combined. meantime the financial and human costs are mounting in the deadly cruise accident off the coast of italy, carnival cries line now saying it could cost up to -- cruise line now saying it could cost up to $95 million being out of commission the rest of the year, u.s. shares expected to tumble when the markets reopen after being closed for the martin luther king holiday. hackers hacking
10:35 pm
which is owned by amazon saying that its customer database was hacked. personal information of some 24 million customers may have been accessed. coca-cola king the second year in a row, a new survey declaring the soft drinkmaker is the world's most valuable brand. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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republican presidential candidate rick perry says the obama administration is overreacting to a video that allegedly shows marines urinating on corpses in afghanistan. defense secretary leon panetta called the alleged incident deplorable. perry said young service members often make stupid mistakes and that's what happened here. he wants to sight marines reprimanded but not prosecuted. -- see the mandy reprimanded but not prosecuted. -- marines reprimanded but not prosecuted.
10:39 pm
manning had a preliminary hearing for turning over the documents to wikileaks. in the district another plea deal is apparently in the works stemming from the harry thomas, jr. embezzlement scandal. james garvin worked with the langston 21st century foundation and reportedly helped cover up thomas' scheme to steal $300,000 in city funds. garvin's attorney said his client will sign a plea deal this week. the head of the foundation pled guilty to similar charges last week. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a terrifying ordeal on a luxury cruise ship. tonight as the ship lays on its side and crews still search for the missing, is the industry in trouble? plus we'll tell you how to get in on that social industry site everybody is talking about so that you can get a piece of the profits coming up on the news edge at 11:00. the word is swapportunity.
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gas prices have shot up to historic highs for january. right now according to aaa a
10:43 pm
gallon of regular in the district is about 3.54, away above the national average of 3.39 and nearly 30 cents higher than a year ago. the bad news? may be sign of things to come. >> unfortunately it looks like it will be this way for a while. usually what we see is that prices are lower the beginning of the year and inch up during the spring, but with them starting off high at the beginning of the year they'll continue to inch up during the spring. so we're just looking at a couple months worth of high gas prices. >> aaa says analysts are predicting it will be a tumultuous year for gas prices. if you buy from your personal information could be at risk. the customer database was hacked. 24million customers may be affected. zappos says no credit card information was stolen, but ear information including your address, phone number, e -- other information including your address, phone number, e- mail address may be compromised. customers are urged to change
10:44 pm
their pass words. the maryland live casino employment center opened up today and hundreds of people showed up. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick has more. reporter: on a cold january day people crowded outside and inside this temporary office in hanover, maryland, hoping to land a permanent job. >> unfortunately i was laid off in november. my dream was to move to vegas and work in a casino because i love the environment and the actual activity and just the atmosphere of being in a casino and this opened up. so hopefully it's meant to be. reporter: the maryland live casino at anne arundel mills mall is hiring more than 1,000 people. the operation is scheduled to open in june and it will need all types of employees. >> we have jobs that run the gamut from information technologies to marketing to security surveillance, food and beverage, facilities to really every aspect of the business. reporter: though people can
10:45 pm
apply online, many wanted to come here in person. jay bowen is looking for something more reliable than his usual construction jobs. >> meet somebody in person face to face you hopefully have a better chance of making an impression. reporter: competition could be tough. already more than 5,000 people have applied. though the plan here at maryland live is to hire 1,500 people before opening, management says it could hire even more if the maryland legislature approves table games like poker and blackjack. >> we would hire an additional 800 people if the table games were approved in the state. reporter: maryland live, which will be one of the largist gaming facilities in the country -- largest gaming facilities in the country, is ready to offer table games if the law allows. the company says that will help keep more maryland dollars at home. for potential new hires casino experience isn't necessary. >> my name is dennis from baltimore, ravens fan. reporter: but a positive attitude is.
10:46 pm
>> this is good. a lot of jobs everybody is looking for jobs, the economy is bad and we need work. so we're come being on out of. reporter: hoping lady luck will call their number this time. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> by the way, the employment center is open monday through friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. you could also apply online. we have a link on our website all the jobs will be posted by february and the hiring decisions will be made sometime in march. >> so i was right. it was sleet. >> yes, it was sleet if that's what you heard. >> yeah, i'm sure it was. >> because when i was out earlier, there was no rain or anything. >> i had plenty of it. >> that's good. i didn't see any reports of that. storm reports are always important with storm trackers. >> you have two sources. >> maybe i should have looked at twitter, you think? that would have told me. >> i don't know. i wasn't following twitter at that point. >> asked around in the
10:47 pm
newsroom. >> a word of mouth weather report is always a good one. you know we have rain in the district tonight and a little mix, too coming across. do not worry about it. temperatures are well above freezing and will stay well above freezing out there. look at tonight's weather photo by phil, a gorgeous sunset, not sure where it was taken, but you can send in your photos, my d weather d photo at you -- myweatherphoto at you can put them on the iphone or the droid. 42 the high temperature that occurred at 9:00 tonight, reagan marshall 41 along with dulles and bwi in the lower 40s. one wave of rain and mixed precip, a little sleet report coming through. another wave is back out to the northwest where there is more of a concentration of a little bit of a messy mix in these pink areas. that's western maryland, southwestern sections of
10:48 pm
pennsylvania and way up into northern sections of pennsylvania. any snow is confined well up to the northeast of us. we're in a bit of a lull now, but another rare of rain is coming from the west. as we look at sentinel radar here, the majority of this now, the first wave, has passed by to the east of us crossing over the bay now and we get a little tighter here. you can see annapolis drying out, so again this is just an eastern shore shower now, but as i mentioned before, there is another wave of rain set to move on across. that i believe will continue with us on and off over the evening through the overnight and then through tomorrow as well. 39 now in the city, gaithersburg down to 37, just about everybody in the 30s. so well above freezing and again it does not look like we have any concerns tonight as this rain passes through, maybe an occasional sleet pellet mixed in and that's about it.
10:49 pm
any problems would be higher elevations well back out to the west and the north of us. wind chill factor, what it feels like, of course, out there tonight wrap up if you have to be out, feels like it's 31 in town, feels like it's 32 for manassas, 30 degrees for hagerstown, nothing we can't hand until january, but begin it does feel a little cooler. look, these are current temperatures. of course, i just showed you 39 in the city, but look at cincinnati, 54 degrees, nashville still 59 degrees, st. louis at this hour middle 60s, little rock 67. so there is definitely an intrusion of warm air coming up here to the tennessee valley coming up to the midwest, chicago right now 41, but there is very cold air lurking, fargo 6 degrees, international falls at 5 degrees and some of the coldest i've seen that's come down to the 48 states, great falls right now is minus 2. so the cold air is up there. the warm air is down here.
10:50 pm
so there's a battle between the two. there's been some showers and thunderstorms tonight out here and eventually we will tap into a little bit of this warm air tomorrow and then we'll get the cold air coming in by wednesday behind that. we're not talking about extreme cold, but it's going to be one day tomorrow where we warm up to the middle 50s and then for wednesday the temperatures come crashing back down to reality. we go from above normal to below norm a. mostly cloudy tonight. it's not going to be a cold -- normal. mostly cloudy tonight. it's not going to be a cold night. this is a wrong graphic. tomorrow morning 41 degrees at 8 anxious showers but well above freezing. noon -- 8 a.m., showers, but well above freezing. noon time we'll have some showers. we may get a glimmer of sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures tomorrow in the middle 50s. this is futurecast tomorrow morning, showers in place for your morning commute. this is lunchtime tomorrow, showers in place at lunchtime
10:51 pm
and then by 5:00 we begin to dry out just a little bit and there is at least a hint of sunshine poking through the clouds, not for everybody, but some of you primarily to the south will see a little bit of sunshine tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening before the sun sets, but after that things get cold tomorrow night. by wednesday 5:00 and 6:00 we'll have cold conditions and breezy, too. so showers tomorrow, 55 degrees, blustery on wednesday as the cold air comes back in, high 41, but it will never feel like that, okay? on thursday mostly sunny and 43. we stay cool on friday with a temperature of 40 degrees and then possibly on saturday morning we may have a brief period of mix, but we stay in the 40s again for saturday as well. remember raincoats and umbrellas for tomorrow. >> you've warned us. the redskins may be out, but the ravens are back in the afc championship game for the second straight year thanks to their defense. >> fox 5's lindsay murphy here now with more on the ravens'
10:52 pm
win and their big game against the patriots now. >> everybody knows offense wins games, defense wins championships and the ravens are living proof of that. their defense has been one of the best in the league at least for a decade. yesterday versus the texans quarterback joe flacco aided by three turnovers that led to 17 point. s. 1st quarter antwan boldin a 10-yard strike, ravens led 17- 3, flacco 176 yards and two scores but the offense only 11th 1st downs. the texans are still in the game, two minutes left. t.y. yates finds ed reed. the ravens beat the texans 20- 13 and punch their ticket to the afc championship game against the patriots, but baltimore is only 1-6 all time versus new england. >> we've gone out there and played before and played on the road a championship game before
10:53 pm
since i've been here. we didn't win that game, but we have won in new england. they're one of the teams just like us that's very hard to beat at home. they play very well up there. we know how tough it is to go in a place like that to win a football game. we'll have to make sure we prepare really good all week and bring our a game up there. >> the only ravens win over the patriots flacco referenced took place in 2009. the ravens won in new england. think about. this if the ravens beat the patriots and the 9er beat the giants, we have the harbaugh bowl game two. that's hard to say. four teams left standing and two of them are brothers. >> i just want the ravens to win. i'm not a fan of the patriots. >> you're a cold girl, aren't you? >> cold -- colts girl, aren't you? >> colts steelers, but i'm just saying in that situation i'm rooting for the ravens.
10:54 pm
>> more power to you. >> thank you. coming up next a behind the scenes look at the golden globes, one winning actor almost not getting past security. we'll explain why coming up next. 
10:55 pm
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dad, a big giant bee! get it! hang on, pumpkin. aw! bad call, dad! hey, sweetie. guess what, the bees came back and i broke the phone... no, no that was unrelated. you know what, why don't you call it to see if it works? pretty sure it's broken. probably right. looks like we're in new phone territory. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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this year's golden globe awards did not disappoint full of surprises, fun and fashion. fox's adam housley takes a look at some of the shots you may have missed backstage or on the red carpet. reporter: the golden globes like many awards shows play a huge shows promoting films otherwise dwarfed by blockbusters and big studio releases. >> we're giving attention to violence against women. >> one is just coming out on dvd and the other is still in
10:58 pm
the theaters about to expand. so when we were doing oh, brother where art thou, it was topping out at 10, $15 million tops and then we won the golden globe and made about 45. so it can make a big difference for a small film. reporter: on the red carpet the attention is all on the gowns. for the guys there's not much to worry about. >> there's not very much you can do, stick on a black suit and black tie and you come. someone gave me a beautiful corsage which they graciously gave me. >> we weren't sure who was going to wear one. >> this time i got the scarf. >> it kind of matches sort of. >> i actually picked out underwear to match mine. reporter: for producer judd appatow hobnobbing gets personal. >> i try to get near people's
10:59 pm
butts i've always wanted to kiss and hope someone gets a picture. reporter: red carpet lesson, act like you've met someone even if you can't remember. have you ever met zooey deschanel? >> i believe we did. >> have we met? >> yes. >> hello, nice to see you. >> i was directing your sister's show. you came by the set. >> oh, really? i'm just kidding you. >> no, you're not. reporter: after winning a globe for his performance in the beginners christopher plumber barely made it past -- plummer barely made it past security. >> there's a lot of security i almost didn't make it in. i did tell them and most of them didn't know who the hell i was. reporter: adam housley, fox news. >> did not know who christopher plummer was. did you see the sound of music? come on! the news continues. now here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. a nightmare on


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