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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  January 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fox 5 is following a developing story this morning. and hours-long standoff has just ended. it start wade police chase late last night in fairfax county. it ended at a home in southeast d.c. details this morning on the investigation. >> she says you asked her, sir to enter into an open marriage. would you like to take some time to respond to that? >> no, but i will. also ahead, allegations against republican presidential candidate newt gingrich in the spotlight at the final debate ahead of the south carolina primary. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now.
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straight up 6:00 on this friday. happy friday, everyone. it is january 20th. taking a look over washington, d.c. this morning. waking up to some cold temperatures. and the thing is it is not going to go up from here unfortunately. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm allison seymour. glad you are with us on this friday morning. that is the good news. >> can't complain about that. >> if it's going to be cold, at least it is friday. >> we'll get some sunshine to start the day t won't be a terrible day. it will be dry today. >> today. >> let's kick it off with the only head line you need to know, wintry mix. >> it needs ominous music. >> late friday, early saturday, we are thinking 10:00, 11:00, right through early tomorrow morning, maybe 7:00 or 8:00. depending where you are watching, the ice or the potential for ice will linger longer. the farther north and west you get the colder the temperatures
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will be and the longer the ice could be falling in the form of sleet and freezing rain. 32 in frederick. 27 in hagerstown. these temperatures have been falling here the last hour or two. ocean city, maryland now 41 degrees. there is your satellite. wade clipper system come through. we should wake up with at least partial sunshine and it will be a dose the day today. today will be fine. we'll cloud up late than and tonight and we are on for the little bit of winter event later tonight. 3 in washington. 40 in fredericksburg for afternoon highs. >> that is all anybody wants to hear about now. >> we'll talk about it. >> let's get more on the traffic with julie wright. >> i ran out yesterday. i got toilet paper. i got eggs. i hunkered down. >> don't start that thing. >> it is not one of those. i'm hungered down, ready to go. i got my pajamas with the feet in it.
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>> if you don't have anywhere to go, it's mart. >> she does that on a sunny day so it doesn't matter. >> the crew in sky fox hovering above southbound 270. the top stretch a little slow approaching and passing 109 but not so busy here leaving the rye owe. you will find lanes are open through rockville headed out through the lane divide. updating your commute along the suitland parkway. nice and easy from south capital street headed across the douglass bridge. northbound 5, it looks good headed for the beltway. outbound, we do have reports of a crash with fire and rescue units responding to the scene. you will find lanes are open eastbound on 66 leaving vienna headed to the beltway. we are following a developing story this morning. a deadly stretch of hours for nato fores in afghanistan. six u.s. marines died in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan overnight. the taliban is claiming that it
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shot that helicopter down. but nato says there was no enemy activity in that area and has launched an investigation into the crash. , also, france is threatening to pull its entire force out of afghanistan. this comes after four french soldiers were shot and killed today in eastern afghanistan. an update now on another developing story. a police stand offin southeast washington has finally come to an end. >> this began with a traffic stop in alexandria late last night. fair fact county police attempted to pull over a car near telegraph road and north kingshighway but the suspect took off -- fairfax county police. the driver jumped out and ran into a home in northeast d.c. the police were on the scene for hours. just about 5:30 a.m., we got word that the suspect was taken into custody. no word yet on the suspect's identity nor what if any
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charges may be filed. he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> a. gagess against newt gingrich making headlines on the campaign trail. at the debate in south carolina last night, the former speaker of the house denied that he asked his ex-wife for an open marriage. the latest poll from real clear politics shows gingrich is any virtual dead heat with mitt romney in south carolina. texas governor rick perry has dropped out of the race now. the question of gingrich's ex- wife came right out of the gate at last night's debate. cnn's john king brought up the claim made by mary ann gingrich. gingrich blasted him for even bringing it up. >> it was repeated by your network. you chose to start the debate with t don't try to blame somebody else. you and your staff chose to start this debate with it. >> gingrich says he told abc the claim was false an asked the network not to air it.
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>> the story is false. a look at our other top stories. police continue their investigation into the case of a newborn baby girl abandoned in front of a home in northeast. that baby died early monday morning shortly after she was found in the freezing cold. last night, a vigil was held in front of the home on channing street northeast where she was found. neighbors hope the case will bring attention to d.c.'s safe haven law meant to prevent tragedies just like this one. the baby girl was abandoned just down street from a fire station where she could have been dropped off. police are asking anyone with information to call the number on your screen or text your tips. that information is all on alarming news from virginia state police actually network outage crippled their computer system thursday for five hours. officers were unable to perform background checks, run fingerprints or register sex
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offenders. this is the latest in a series of periodic outages. the virginia information technologist agency runs the system through a 10-year $2.4 billion contract. fox 5 monitoring metro for you now. two veteran workers are charged with stealing from the transit agency. in court, prosecutors said horace macdade and john hale would systemically pilfer from care card machines that didn't work. they would use bags of coins to purchase scratch-off lotto tickets eventually winning more than $60,000 with that. they were able to track the movement using gps devices attached to their cars. megaupload is shut down in virginia. federal prosecutors have charged its founder with violating piracy laws. indictment accuses megaupload
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of costing copyright holders at least $500 million in lost revenue. megawith respect load is based in hong kong but some of the pirated content was hosted on servers in ashburn, virginia. coming up next, the cia says they took out a target. we are abecome in a moment. time is 6:08. ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
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the cruise ship in italy moved under water once again forcing rescue workers to suspend their search for the 21 people still missing after last week's disafter the are. you are looking at live pictures right now of the scene. meantime, it looks like there are some that are trying to get close to the ship there. obviously, everybody is kind of waiting to see what happens here automatic crew member is
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now defending the ship's captain saying he saved thousands of lives and never abandoned ship. captain is currently under house arrest. he faces possible charged of plan shotter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck. -- manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck. earlier, a cia drone killed an operative who was planning attacks on the west. sad news here. canadian free style skier sarah burke has died. her death comes nine days after she crashed during a training run in utah. burke had been in critical condition since the accident. doctors say he suffered irreversible brain damage. she was a four times winter x games champion and was considered a role model for women in free style skiing.
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she was just 29 years old. an 48-year-old woman robbed and the suspect playing on pity to lure her victims. now police have made a break in the case. also ahead, a little taste of winter weather may be heading our way. we'll check back in with tucker for all of that and your full forecast when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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much of washington state still at stapped still this morning. the seattle area coated in a thick layer of ice. nasty winter mix continues to wreak havoc in the region after a huge snowfall there. it has raised worries that flooding could become a broad are concern in days to come. amtrak suspended train service between seattle and portland, oregon. officials in spokane also
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declared a snow emergency. firefighters say they have been able to stop the progress of a mast-moving wildfire near reno, nevada but not before more than 20 homes were destroyed there. about 10,000 people forced to evacuate. investigators say one person was found dead in the fire area but an autopsy is needed to determine the exact cause of death. a state of emergency has been declared in the region and the red cross opened an evacuation cent fore those who have left their homes. all kind of wild things happening. >> they have rain on the way in reno. that is good news. coming up, we'll talk about snow in seattle in weather guy. >> you are? >> we had a question about snow in eatle. >> i personally didn't realize they never get snow. >> they get a little bit every year but we get more. we'll explain why coming up. >> you saw the picture of the ice and that is our fear that around here we could see a little ice. maybe some places north and west, morning just a little. >> with ice, a little goes a long way. >> you are ab the wisdom of tim
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tucker. >> yes, and the fact that you've been through about 800 of those ice storms in washington in the last 20 years. 36 now in washington. 32, that is the froesing temperatures in gaithersburg and frederick. so we've got that little clipper system that came through last night. -- that is the freezing temperatures in gaithersburg and frederick. our high temperatures will only be generally in the mid-30s. with winds out of the north here, it will a cold day. be red y for -- be ready for a cold winter day. we are clearing out. we should see the sunrise this morning at about 7:20 and then we will be dealing with partial sunshine during the course of the day. the clouds out towards chicago will get in here later this afternoon and our next system, kind of a one-two combination here setting up. this will move in here tonight. our chance for a wintry mix comes through about 10:00 tonight. it will be all about temperatures. i'm few thousand feet,
6:19 am
temperature will be above 32. right here at the surface, it is what we call cold air damming. the air sits in place and that has the potential to give us an ice went. we have a winter stormwatch thats that already been issued here. -- to give us an ice event. hagerstown, winchester, martinsburg. it is possible they may extend this further east later this afternoon. we have to watch this carefully. potential in the winter stormwatch area for a quick burst of snow and then maybe a quarter inch of ice. even here in washington, temperatures are forecast to be below freezing so we could see a little ice early tomorrow morning. a.m. sunshine. clouds move in this afternoon. winds out of the associate at 10 to 15. they were below freezing tonight. after 10:00, 11:00, midnight,
6:20 am
winter stormwatch, i showed this to you north and west. the five-day forecast, 40 tomorrow. hopefully, we'll transition into rain and we're back into the 50s by monday and tuesday. >> not a lot going on. let's take a peek at what is going on in prince george's county. if you are coming southbound on route 50 headed outbound, you got that fender bender with the southbound lanes. the crew in sky fox checking out the american legion bridge. the commute unexpected this morning. it is nice and easy for those continuing around from the dulles toll road. we'll take it back inside real quick. still holding steady doing the double nickel out of woodbridge headed across the occoquan and making your way up towards duke street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police in prince george's county have identified the suspect caught on surveillance
6:21 am
tape at a bank in langley park. they say linda mccorkle is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman. the woman says mccorkle duped her asking for help and forced her to withdraw money from her bank account. a community is taking action after finding out about a suspicious man creeping around an elementary school. fairfax county police and residents hemmed a meeting discussing what to do about the man who has been lurking around the area of claremont elementary school. police say that he has been seen in a red pickup truck five times in the last month. the latest incident happened earlier this week. so far, police say the map hasn't done anything illegal. they are taking precautionary measures to prevent a crime from happening. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york to talk more about the latest big announcement from apple and how it can make heavy backpacks a thing of the past. appear exciting find for scientists in indonesia. they have spoted a monkey so
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a big announcement from apple and stocks rise for a third straight day. robert gray with fox business network live in new york with this morning's business beat. stocks look good if that third straight day. will that continue today? >> looking in the crystal ball, i would say possibly. definitely looks that way right now for some of them anyway. nasdaq moving a little bit higher. keep an eye there because you have tech stocks out after the bell.
6:26 am
microsoft, intel doing better than expected. ibm not on the nasdaq but helping the tech boost anyway with its earnings outlook. the big anchor there, google. it disappointed investors with its report last night after the close. ge will be reporting this morning before the opening bell. that could help call the tune for the dow. >> let's talk about apple now. they are heading back into schools. but the question is are families in schools going to be able to afford their latest endeavor? >> well, that is the big question, the multibillion dollar question. it is an $8 billion market. we are talking about the textbook market and the education market and apple wants to lighten the load for kids, take those books out of backpack and replace them with ipads. their own brand tablet and they are working with some of the biggest publishers to put a lot of textbooks online, interactive versions with 3-d versions and also with the ability through a free app for some teachers to create their
6:27 am
own textbooks. we'll have to wait to see if there is enough cash to pay for that. junior high school we soo. thank you, robert gray in new york for us this morning. we appreciate it. coming up, the south carolina primaries are tomorrow. it is another crucial moment in the race for the republican nomination. hear how newt gingrich is responding to some new allegations brought forward by his ex-wife. a police chase in fairfax county leads police for a home in southeast d.c. setting off an hours-long standoff overnight. we'll have the latest on the investigation when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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welcome back. time is 6:30. i know this weekend will be a the messy, tucker. perhaps a good time to stay in and watch the ravens game. >> always a good time to watch football. >> and especially the ravens. >> redskins, 49ers. i like it all.
6:31 am
all the games will be good. >> he is a diplomat, folks. >> conditions in foxboro, 32 at game time. they'll have some sunshine so they won't any weather problems. temperatures at reagan national, 36 degrees. we are getting cold again. this is going to be a chilly friday for us as our winds will be out of the north at 10 to 15. even with sunshine, i don't think our temperatures will be a whole lot warmer than they are right now. cold afternoon. 36 in washington. 32 in winchester. down to 23 degrees in hagerstown. fallen a good 10 degrees in the past hour. you get the idea here. sentinel radar, that little clipper system brought us four flurries and two sprinkles during the overnight hours. i counted. it is now out of here. and we are looking at a much quieter day for the day today. we have this next winter event. not a big deal but as allison pointed out, it doesn't take a big deal. 38 in washington for your afternoon high. >> weather guy is coming up?
6:32 am
>> we'll talk about seattle. >> all right. thank you, tucker. >> let's say hell toe julie wright now. she has the latest on traffic. how it is going? >> hello, ladies and tucker. it is not bad out on the road. we mentioned earlier last time around, we had a crash along route 5 outbound at allentown road. some traffic is able to get by and there is a tow truck on the scene. the crew in sky fox, you will find 7 inbound coming in from drainsville. we'll continue with this trip inbound from the west. 66 still looking good. no problems to report out of manassas. starting to slow just a bit out of fair oaks. the pace improves only to slow after nutley street to the beltway. all lanes here are open northbound i-95. not a pad right for those leaving woodbridge headed up into newington. that's a check of your fox 5
6:33 am
on-time traffic. an update now on a developing story this morning. a police standoff in southeast washington has come to an end. >> it all began with a traffic stop in alexandria late last night. fairfax county police attempted to pull over a car near telegraph road and north kingshighway but the suspect took off. they followed the car into southeast d.c. where the driver jumped out and ran into a home. d.c. police also responded to the barricade situation where they were on the scene for hours. jut before 5:30 a.m., we got the word this morning that that suspect was taken into custody. no word yet on the suspect's identity nor what if any charges may be filed. just one day to go now before the next big contest in the road to the white house. the south carolina republican primary. newt gingrich seems to have eaten into the big lead that mitt romney once held. the real clear politics average of polls done this week at south carolina shows that rome me has just a 1% lead over
6:34 am
gingrich, a virtual dead heat. and talk about heat. last night's gop was full of it when gingrich addressed his ex- wife's claim that he once asked her for an open marriage. fox's mary ann rafferty reports. >> i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much. news media makes it harder to govern this country. >> reporter: newt gingrich goes on the attack following recent allegations made public by his he can-wife. >> to take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything i can imagine. >> reporter: mitt rome necessity's financial wealth has also come under scrutiny for which he makes no apogz. >> let me tell you. i know there are some who are very anxious to see if they can't make it more difficult for a campaign to be success. i know the democrats wanted to go after the fact that i've been successful.
6:35 am
i'm in the going to apologize for being successful. >> reporter: rick santorum defends his position in the race. >> i'm not the most flamboyant. i don't get the biggest applause line herism asteady, solid. not going to go out and do things you are going to worry about. i will make barack obama the issue in this cam maybe. >> reporter: what could arguably be most comical comment of the night coming from newt gingrich. >> i have an offer to the parents of america. elect us and your kids will be able to move out because they'll have work. >> reporter: political analysts suggest the south carolina primary will be a very critical vote. for moan 30 years, every republican winner there has gone on to win the party nomination. there were only four candidates up on stage last newt. texas governor rick perry dropped out of the race yesterday saying there was no path forward to the white house for his campaign. a look now at the morning's other stop stories. the mayors of more than 70 cities across the united states
6:36 am
are joining forces in support of gay marriage. it is called mayors for the freedom to marry and the city heeders pledging to advocate for the legalization of south america marriages in their communities. the group will fillly be at the u.s. conference of mayors right here in the district. a look at what is new at the movies this weekend. >> george luke ago works his big-screen magic with the help of a groundbreaking moment in history. >> now is a great time to get the fox 5 weather app. can you bow to the apple store or the android market on your smart phone. can you also go to scan our qr code to link you to the weather app t work very well. we've been using it. -- it works very well. we've been using it. but if you're looking for the one place that makes it easy, look no further than carmax. ♪"ta daaaaaaaaaa!"
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tuskegee airmen will be buried today. luke weathers jr.erned a distinguished flying cross for his migs between 1942 and 194567 he was also a congressional gold medal recipient. the 113th wing from and andrews air force base will perform a flyover during today's service. the story of the tuskegee airmen is the subject of latest screen screen project from george lucas. joining us now is kevin mccarthy. >> great to be back. >> this looks so sad. extremely loud and incredibly close. >> 9-11 is the backdrop for the film. this is one of the hardest movies i've ever experienced in a theater. >> looks like it will be draining emotionally. the entire theater just lost
6:41 am
it. it is one of those films that is well made, well asked and well directed but do you really want to put yourself through that? the story line revolves around a little boy would loses his father in 9-11. tom hanks' character and he eventually finds a key in his father's close that unlocks something and he has no idea what it is. the adventure starts throughout new york city. he is looking through every borough trying to find out what lock this key opens. i want to bring up the fact that everyone is calling this film manipulative. i think it is an interesting term here. when i think of manipulation, i think of going 199movie and then getting something i didn't expect. you look at something like a m arley movie. that was advertised as a cute christmas movie and i walked out drenched with tears.
6:42 am
this movie, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. they tell from you the forefront what will happen in the trailers. just know that. i personally loved the film because i think it is really, really well made and the lead star, thomas horne gives a great performance. sandra bullock is great. just know that you are going to walk out -- i left the movie after the credits rolled, went out and called pie dad. it was 11: 30 at night -- and called my dad. it was 11:30. i called my dad and i was like dad, i love you. i have to tell you. >> let's talk about haywire. >> i think this is one of the greatest film makers working today because steven soderbergh steps outside of the box. he is calling in a professional fighter to star in this entire movie and she kicks so much butt in this film.
6:43 am
she is a hired gun, a black ops and she gets betrayed. she has to clear her name. the entire movie is basically her beating up a bunch of bad goes. it is all ledge its when you are watching it. steven soderbergh is so brilliant because he does not cut the camera a million time in these action sequences. most action movies are cutting all over the place and you can't see what is going o you can see every hit. you feel t she broke her pinky making the movie. there was a scene at one point and ewan macgregor accidentally hit her. she ended up apologizing to him because she knew how bad it must have hurt his hand. that is how tough she is. but these scenes are crazy to watch. it's fun movie. soderbergh is great. i loved every second of this film. i gave day four four and a half out of five. >> four for extremely loud. >> and you will be in red
6:44 am
tails. what about this one? >> this is an amazing story told poorly, in my opinion. it is a story that is so inspirational and the tuskegee airmen, you go back in history butt film dialogue and the film plot structure are horrendous. and have you these amazing action see scwens that george lucas produced. it looks phenomenal. -- sequences that george lucas produced. dialogue felt like the characters were at a table read. it felt like the messages were being thrown down your throat and repeated over and over again as if the audience did not understand it the first
6:45 am
time. message! stop repeating it over and over again. we get it. it is an amazing story. i wish they international societied the script a little bit better. i gave it a two and a half out of five. good action, just not a -- a terrible, terrible script. >> too bad about that one we have got some good ones though that people will be able to see if you can handle the tears. >> yeah, see haywire and check out the web site. can you tweet me bdk reviews for all my interviews there. >> thank you so much. back to you guys. >> i'm disappointed about that review of red tails. >> visually, i think it is still pretty cool. >> okay, we'll go see that. >> weather first. >> i'm not usually here. please forgive me. >> tony sitting over there too. >> he is getting ready for ask the weather guys. >> it is cold outside. it will be a chilly day. we should be dry today and i know everyone wants to know
6:46 am
about tonight. you will tell everybody about tonight, right? >> well, it will be okay tonight but then -- overnight tonight, we'll have a little wintry mix but i'm not quite sure -- is it inside the beltway that we need to worry, out to the west where they usually get it, what is going on? >> north and west,allison. the worst of this will be north and west of the city. 23 in washington. 29 in martinsburg. 34 for you in leonardtown and 39 in appear appear list. a little warmer to the east. colder air working in from the north and west. that clipper system came through. brought a couple of snowflakes and a few light showers during the evening hours. that is out of here. we'll wake up with sunshine here shortly and then the clouds will move right back in later this afternoon just like yesterday and here is our next area of storminess developing off to the north and west and that little rain shower that you see down there. this is called classic overrunning. what is going to happen here is this precipitation is going to
6:47 am
recover union run some very cold air locked in here at the surface. the air will be very chilly here below freezing at the surface. we'll likely see a little snow and that will transition over to the dreaded wintry mix around here as we get into the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. futurecast, we are fine this morning. we'll put it in motion for you. we cloud up later this afternoon. here we are tonight. a quick burst of snow and then the pink you see, that is the wintry mix, the sleet and freezing rain. that stick around right through 6:00 a.m. want you to focus here south and east of the city. you are likely to see that transition to rain first. not expecting widewide spread accumulations ice for you. winter stormwatch north and west, you could pick i'm quarter inch. ice in the watch areas. we'll get towft here by about 2:00 as it all transitions over to rain. we have haven't had a lot of winter weather to talk about so far. this one will be interesting. i think when all is said and done, it won't be large accumulations of ice but it doesn't take a lot of ice to
6:48 am
cause some problems. the time frame, any time after about 10:00 tonight through the early a.m. hours tomorrow. maybe 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow, it should transition to rain. let's get down to business. it is time for -- we got to work on that. >> it sounds like some of of the gps firing in star wars. >> thank you. -- it sounds like some of of the guns firing in star wars. >> tucker described as it a cat caught in a vacuum cleaner yesterday. >> i could make that noise. >> we need to work on that. >> he with put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions. >> today's question is from ray gray. >> love that name. rolls off the tongue. >> we've been talking about the big winter storm in the pacific northwest, particularly seattle. he wrote in, i guess sue had mentioned a few days ago that seattle only averages about 6
6:49 am
inches of snow per year and they were forecast to get one in just a single storm. his question is why is it that seattle gets so little of the white stuff? so we got an answer. >> can't wait to hear it. >> fascinating stuff. >> is that i difficult one? >> go ahead. go ahead. >> i want to start with hd radar. >> i'm in the the own one confused up here. >> we are always confused when we do this. >> i just want to sayness ray, in his note, he mentioned that since seattle is so far north and close to the water, why doesn't it get more snow and it is near canada. >> that is the full question. >> and that should be included. there is a live look at hd radar. we are looking at light snow shower activity. i want you to focus on the geography of seattle. this is the pacific ocean just out to the west. there is the puget sound and there is a lake there called lake washingtonen all of that
6:50 am
has a moderating effect on their climate. it helps hold their temperatures up in the wintertime. water temperatures in the pacific northwest, the water never freezes there and it is often in the upper 30s and low 40s and they'll get these west terrible breezes and that will help hold their temperatures up. it is cool there in the wintertime but it is not downright cold the way it can be around here. they don't get a lot of very cold air there. >> there are also some mountains out there. the olympic mountains and the cascade range and they prevent vrk the olympic mountains also help prevent some of the pacific storms from making a big impact on seattle and the cascade range prevents some of that arctic air from coming down. so temperature extremes are actually rare. as far as snowfall goes, they keep the records at sea-tac airport which is actually about 12 miles south of seattle. similar situation to what we
6:51 am
have here. butt official snowfall on average is 8.1 inches a year. a single calendar day snowfall of 6 inches or greater has only occurred on 15 days since 1948. and only once since february of 1990 and that was this week. >> incredible. >> that is. >> so they really don't get the big storms out there. >> we want to do some fun facts. how many days a year is seattle cloudy or partly cloudy? >> how many days a year? >> 208. >> you are really close, allison i don't was she? >> did you look? >> no. >> did 294. >> seattle has this reputation of being a super rainy city. it is cloudy there a lot. tell me which of these cities gets the most rain every year. is it the seattle? is it new york city?
6:52 am
or is it washington, d.c.? >> i'm going to say d.c. >> no. it is new york city. >> darn t. >> but washington d.c. gets about 39 2/3 inches. seattle gets just over 37 inches. >> we get more rain -- >> where did they get that reputation i don't it is cloudy and drizzly there. >> they get a lot of drizzle. they get a fair amount of precipitation over the course of the year but rainfall, not that much. >> amazing stuff. >> it is beautiful there in like september through october. >> you got a question you want answered, go to click on the weather tab and please, please send out your video question. >> thank you for playing along. >> it was our pleasure, right? >> right. >> julie wright standing by with a look at the traffic. where don't forget, guys. you can also tell the weather guys, hey, i sent you a video because all you have to do is tweet them at fox 5 weather. >> you sent us a video?
6:53 am
>> no, that is what the people can play. >> we can't replay the videos julie sends. >> okay. >> maybe only you get those. >> there are no secrets when it comes to tucker barnes. eastbound 66 is where we'll find the crew in sky fox. these guys are my friends. still an easy drive as you pass by 123. volume and speed gradually building but no accidents to report. northbound i-59 still looked good leaving woodbridge headed across the occoquan. -- northbound i-95 still looking good. average speed coming in out of rockville, 52 miles per hour southbound 270 at shady grove road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> all right. thank you. time to tell you about today's my fox half off deal. it is 50% or more off
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treatments at liquid fees lift center in northern virginia. they include savings on botox, facial peels and lip enhancements. coming up next, get your morning started with a little magic. >> we are going backstage at arena stage in southwest d.c. to find out what the mystique of the elephant room is all about. that is fun. back. 
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the magic show is in town and it kicks off tonight. they will be here until february 26th and all three
6:58 am
magicians headlining the show are going to be with us throughout the morning and they're going to show off their magic skills and their comedy. we are in for a very special treat. it's going to be very entertaining. we are getting a backstage pass and hanging out with them. we'll tell you how you can come out and be part of the show tonight. >> back to you in studio. all right, annie, thank you. we want to check in with reese who is taking a credit for the big win by the wizards against the oklahoma thunder. he says that when the wizards win, he is always there. and he promises to never miss another game. let's hope not. >> let's go to allison and tony coming up, a deadly 24
6:59 am
hours in afghanistan. first, a military helicopter goes down killing several u.s. marines and, hours later, an afghan soldier turns on a group of coalition troops. the very latest on both attacks straight ahead. let me make it quite clear. the story is false. >> gingrich goes on the attack following recent allegations made public by an ex-wife. some are calling his reaction a game changer. a complete wrap of last night's debate and a look ahead in a live report. and a local hospital accused of discrimination. now why a maryland couple claims they were treated differently because they are gay. fox 5 morning news starts right now. and there is a live look outside. very pretty start to the day. it is a cold start to the day, as you would imagine. temperatures in the 30s. and this is


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