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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 24, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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middle class. turns out arlington national cemetery is not alone when it comes to abuse at the grave sites of our military men and women who a review uncovers about cemeteries across the nation. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. pgh >> >> and it is tuesday, january 24th there is a lookout side again, another foggy morning perhaps not quite as widespread as yesterday but still problems out there, it will slow your commute down, should slow your commute down i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour. we say good morning to tucker barnes. yeah, i think sarah said it best earlier what a miserable day yesterday. >> definitely better today by this afternoon sunny, temperatures, mid-50s. great looking afternoon forecast. dealing with fog this morning
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alison. let's kick it off with an update. dense fog advisory just issued a few moments ago for additional counties, including montgomery county maryland, louden county now under a dense fog advisory. i didn't get a chance to update this map until 10:00 a.m., again we are getting widespread reports your visibilities are a quarter mile or less. a few minutes needed as you commute down 270, fog will remain thick for the time being. all right let's push on nice looking tuesday, and a warmer tuesday as well. 44 right now regan national, how about afternoon high temperatures mid-50s. yeah, hard to believe. winds out of the west 6 miles per hour. cold front coming through, sunshine here shortly, sunrise this morning 7:21 a.m. and then off and running with a nice afternoon, dry afternoon as well as we've got high pressure building from the
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west. early clouds, afternoon sun. 55 your daytime high. more details on the forecast in just a couple minutes, let's get to traffic and you know who has that julie. >> all right tucker again the fog definitely not helping our commute this morning, really socked in on us causing tie ups especially coming southbound along 270, working your way out offerer banana. average speed down -- verbana average speed, down 280. 66 coming in from the west, you will find lanes are open no incidents to report but again your speeds have dropped considerably out of manassas. down to 39 miles an hour 38 for those headed in towards centerville. inner loop of the belt way, that is where i have a stalled car, tieing up the center of the roadway heads up as you work your way on the inner loop. meanwhile if you are travelling northbound i-95, prince william
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parkway, heavy and slow how it rolls headed up towards the occoquan. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you today's big story president obama's pitch to congress the white house says its big speech will focus on the economy. fox 5s. lauren demarco is previewing the address live from capital hill good morning. >> good morning tony. yes, americans are concerned about the economy according to the latest polling and that is what the president will focus on tonight. especially talking about economic fairness within the middle class and how lehmans to deliver it. it is not clear whether he -- and how he plans to clever it it is not clear if he will reference the gop by name but it is a major opportunity for the president to outline his vision for a second term we will expect him to push for higher taxes on the wealthy, propose ways to make college more affordable and offer ways to tackle the housing crisis
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and help u.s. manufacturers, expand hiring let's hear what he had to say about that. that is rebuilding an economy where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded. and an america where everybody gets a fair shot. >> 3.2 million private sector jobs created over 22 months. there are mixed signals about whether voters are feeling better now as compared to the last state of the union, last january, 37% of the public expressed satisfaction with how things were going that dropped 24% in october, now back up 10 points to 34% in the latest fox poll still today that means 65% of americans are not satisfied up 4 points from a year ago. >> the president will address a joint session of congress and millions of american television viewers tonight at 9:00 p.m. live at the capital, lauren demarco, fox 5 morning news. >> all right thank you.
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>> meanwhile security as always will be extremely tight around the capital leading up to and during tonight's address already road closures, in effect in the block surrounding capital hill, dcs waterways will also be under intense scrutiny beginning 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, the coast guard will put up a temporary security zone on the potomac, south of key bridge and anacostia from 11th street to potomac. it was gloves off last night in iston shine state. florida is proving to be a pivotal state to establish a front runner. doug luzader joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning guys. well, this was a low volume debate last night one thing is clear, mitt romney, is on the attack.
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>> free world. >> reporter: right from the start mitt romney didn't hold back. >> and the speaker was given an opportunity to be leader of our party in the 1994 he had to resign in disgrace. he just said four things that were false. >> reporter: that is how florida is playing out a race between gingrich, now working florida crowds with the boost he got from winning south carolina over the weekend and romney, whose big campaign operation and deep pockets give him advantages in florida. his much discussed tax returns are out showing he made more than $21 million in 2010. >> i pay all the taxes legally required not a dollar more. you don't want someone as candidate for president who pays more taxes than he owes. >> reporter: gingrich had to deal with his consulting contract with freddie mac. >> freddie mac was paying speaker gingrich, $1,600,000 at
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the same time it was costing the people of florida, millions upon millions. you never pedaled influence as governor romney accused you of tonight. >> there is a point in the process where it gets unnecessarily personal and nasty. >> reporter: that may be the big take away from this debate. gingrich made a name for himself having fiery debate performances last night he dialed it back assuming the mantle of the front runner. doug, a different mitt romney than we have seen for sure. >> reporter: yeah, almost switched roles last night mitt romney more aggressive in the vein of newt gingrich and newt gingrich, more reserved as we saw melt romney in early debates. >> doug thank you. some of the other top stories we are following changes are being proposed for the way schools across virginia
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discipline students. 15-year-old nick tuben killed himself last january he had sunk into depression after being transferred from woodson high school he confessed to buying a type of legal, synthetic marijuana. school officials questioned him several times for a week before his parents were notified his father helped introduce four bills to the general assembly that would change the school notification policy statewide. >> former cia officer from arlington facing 30 years in prison. prosecutors say he leaked the names of covert officers to reporters and identified one officer as taking part in an interrogation the al qaeda finance year was reportedly water boarded more than 80 times. his neighbors reacted to the charges. >> we think some body in that situation, would be a little more sensitive, to you know how you release information and discuss those things given that you have worked there are for
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awhile. >> he published a book called the reluctant spy in 2010 the government charged him with lying to cia officials to get clearance for certain details he was released on a $250,000 bond. more stunning revelations about military grave sites to report. the washington post reports, a review conducted by veterans affairs found scores of misplaced head stones and 8 cases of people buried in wrong locations at several military cemeteries across the country. the review was conducted after burial problems surfaced new problems happened during renovations at some of the cemeteries. a campus still in mourning, three days of public memorial events remembering joe paterno will begin this afternoon with a 10 hour viewing session fans will have another chance to pay respects tomorrow morning before a private funeral service, planned for later in the day. finally a memorial service will
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be held thursday on campus. the legendary penn state football coach died sunday less than 3 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. 10 minutes after 7:00 a.m. now. still ahead metro is stepping up efforts to repair its aging esculators and means a big impact for passengers at one of the most popular stations. >> run in for the tsa with a senator from kentucky. plus gabrielle giffords due back on capital hill tonight for the state of the union address first one last act of business representing the people of arizona. ♪[ music ] and as we head to break, a live lookout side with the latest weather and traffic in the break i will ask tony what is adele talking about in this song  when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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making headlines we begin overseas in iraq two separate car bombs exploded east of baghdad killing at least 14 people and injuring 70 others. police say the first attack targeted a group of day laborers and attacks in iraq have surged since all u.s. troops left last month more than 160 people have been killed since the beginning to year. in italy rescue crews continue to blast small holes in the steel frame of that capsized cruise ship to make it easier for divers to search for the 17 people still missing preliminary work under way to pump out the half million gallons of fuel from the cruise ship before it spills into the seas off tuscany. closer to home clean up efforts continue after violent storms ripped through the
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south. tornadoes roared across alabama early monday morning killing a 16-year-old girl and 83-year- old man. 100 others were injured hundreds of homes destroyed due to heavy rain, wind and hail. the governor declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties, tornadoes reportedly touched down in mississippi and arkansas. yeah, and very very strong tornadoes yesterday. >> you were telling us yesterday morning about the tornado mornings in effect even yesterday morning which is rather unusual. >> for january. right. ef 3s and 4s for those of you who follow tornadoes, i mean incredibly powerful for january. good news much quieter weather across the country here in washington a quiet afternoon. dense fog we are still dealing with let me mention weather service has extended that dense fog advisory to now include louden county fairfax county
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and montgomery county. until 10:00 a.m. and it is interesting, we have been watching the fog slide down the 270 corridor here for the past couple hours now it is right on the door step, the densest fog right on the door step of northwest washington. certainly visibility in spots a quarter mile or less, north and west of the city. >> let's switch gears and take a spin around the rest of the country in washington 44. beautiful day, temperatures around here mid-50s this afternoon and you can see seasonably cold across most of the country, 32 detroit. yesterday detroit was in the 40s. 15 minneapolis, 68 degrees miami. >> sounds good to me tucker. >> sentinel sat rad frontal systems off the coast, out into the ohio valley clear skies, generally clear skies that is our area of high pressure sha will deliver a nice tuesday and wednesday for -- that will deliver a nice tuesday and wednesday for us. temperatures will be 25 degrees warmer than sunday.
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sunday we struggled to get to the freezing mark today, mid- 50s enjoy, kind of bouncing around more rain showers by thursday chef. >> dare i say we are doing okay? >> we are doing great. unless you are one of those who likes snow i know julie wright is not but i get it from a lot of people where is the snow. >> we are getting a little bit here and there. >> just a little. >> we will get more chances hang in there. >> all right. >> julie sorry about that i know you had to cover your ears i know you are loving the winter. >> that's right i just have had enough snow what i got saturday was enough i am ready for summer. >> 1 inch? >> that is enough. >> it is kind of like eating a pie you don't have to have the whole thing. >> just a taste. >> is that usually what you are satisfied with? a taste? >> no, i eat the whole pie. >> especially if it is pumpkin. which someone at that desk still owes pee but we are not going to back track. >> -- owes me but we are not
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going to back track. >> i owe you some. tucker keeps talking about all this fog that is rolling down 270 i just want to pop up this camera it is getting worse instead of better i know tucker mentioned dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. this morning but again earlier this morning we could see a little bit back here in the distance that is no longer the case you guys coming in southbound we could hardly see you as you work your way down to the over pass. average speed, 20 miles an hour i am glad you are heeding the warnings and slowing down but it is going to cost you time. southbound 270, working your way out of clarks burg. you will find your lanes are open if you are travelling northbound, i-95 leaving wood bridge accident activity, at the occoquan. inner loop of the belt way slow, as you travel out of an non-dale, that is where we had the stalled car tieing up the center of the roadway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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all right julie. monitoring metro, some much needed repairs coming to a popular rail station. transit agency announced it will replace all three esculators leading into and out of dupont circles, south entrance. work will begin in february and take a little over 8 months, during that time, the entrance at 19th street, will be closed. senator mark kirk of illinois continues to recover from a stroke the routine work of his office is expected to continue with little interruption he under went emergency surgery sunday night that included removing a portion of his skull to relieve pressure from swelling he could use full use of his left arm but they will get a better idea when the swelling goes down in coming days. >> arizona congress woman gabrielle giffords met supporters at a community food bank named in her honor in tucson. she toured the facility yesterday as her last act in office. giffords announced sunday she
7:20 am
is resigning to focus on her recovery from being shot in the head one year ago. those that know her say this final act as congress woman was a bitle sweet moment. >> sad day, no question -- bittersweet moment. >> sad day. no question about that for her, her family, staff, tucson and the country. >> congress woman giffords is due back in washington today for president obama's state of the union address. >> airport run in yesterday morning for a u.s. senator from kentucky. ran paul was detained when he wasn't open to transportation security administrations pat down now senator paul's father presidential candidate is getting involved. jonathan hunt with more. >> reporter: kentucky senator rand paul taking on the tsa after setting off a security alarm at nashville's airport. >> so i said i am happy to show you my leg and showed them my leg but that wasn't good enough they wanted a pat down. >> reporter: senator paul then
7:21 am
says he wasn't allowed to leave that secure area and board his flight to dc. senate staffer taking his case to twitter saying the senator was being quote detained. a tsa spokesman disputing the senator was ever detained the tsa releasing a statement saying quote passengers as in this case who refuse to comply with security procedures are denied access to secured gate area. paul who disputed the need for tsa searches eventually getting on another flight and speaking about the incident on fox business network. >> they told me i couldn't leave the cubicle when i tried to leave i was ushered back in so i felt like i was being detained. >> paul's father presidential candidate ron paul who wants to disband the transportation security administration issuing a statement saying the tsa quote, gropes and grabs our children our seniors, and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities, the tsa does all
7:22 am
of this while doing nothing to keep us safe. the white house defending the tsa. >> it is absolutely essential that we take necessary actions to ensure air travel is safe i believe that is what tsa is tasked with doing. >> in new york jonathan hunt fox news. paul senate staffer said his office took this issue to top of the tsa. they confirm an issue occurred but decline to identify the as eninjury involved as paul because of -- passengers involved because of privacy. >> how does the district measure up. a list of the rudest cities in the nation. occupy dc protestors a focus of the hearing on the hill today. we will explain why. plus, it is getting rave reviews, coast to coast and in just a couple days the broadway
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a baby? but we were gonna see the northern lights in alaska. and go spelunking with the guys. yeah, i said it-- spelunking. [ whirring ] and i still haven't built one of those fighting robots. come on. it's pretty awesome. okay. just a few things we need to do first. [ laughs ]
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[ announcer ] before you make your leap, make a list. then get going in the completely redesigned cr-v. all new, from honda. welcome back 7:26 a.m. occupy encampment as mcpherson square will be topic of a hearing on the hill the house committee on oversight and government reform titled it mcpherson square who made the decision to allow indefinite camping in the park. camping is banned on park service property officials said the protestors are permitted to maintain a 24 hour vigil and their first amendment rights must be protected dc police chief, dc health director and director of national parks service will testify. >> are you friendly to tourists
7:27 am
that you come across on the streets of dc? seems the nations capital, is not all that nice. third on the list of rudest cities for visitors according to travel and leisure magazine the other city in its company new york at number one, are we surprised by that? does its reputation precede it? i find new yorkers friendly. miami, number two, long angeles, number four. smaller slower paced southern cities seem nicer. new orleans and charleston south carolina made the top 5 on friendliest cities. >> for the rest of them i say how dare you. maybe that is part of the problem. >> i know. i can't control myself. romney's tax returns released, gingrich is consulting contracts made public. >> will they change anything about the race for president and will president obama's state of the union address tonight help his re-election chances. >> have you heard this? ♪ [ music ] >> that is president obama of
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course, singing a little bit of al gracey his singing can now be your ring tone how the obama campaign wants to stay together on your cell phone pgh >> as we head to break here is a live lookout side, check it out, it is foggy out there, allow extra time on the roads, tucker is going to tell us about weather and julie about the traffic plus we share more of your complements on this national complement day over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year
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♪[ music ] ♪ i am so in love with you ♪ >> those guys didn't think i would do it. >> president barack obama busting out the singing chops in new york. the president staff has made his version of let's stay together into a ring tone. download it going to barack >> that is cool. really cool. al green was there that is why he started singing that. today is national
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complement day, may i say you look lovely. >> so do you. handsome. >> thank you. >> we've asked you to post complements about friends and loved ones on our facebook fan page and twitter feed. we are sharing a few throughout the morning. to my best friend gloria, who is deployed she showed me the little things in life that matter if you are not taking risks in life you are not living life to the fullest thanks for serving our country we love you. >> that is wonderful. >> tina writes my husband kenny is amazing, he has such a beautiful spirit and i appreciate everything about him. that is wonderful. what about if every pod dijust had a whole -- everybody just had a whole bunch of positive thoughts. >> that would be a good thing. >> the weather will co-operate. yes,. >> it will make us feel better. >> make everybody happy. paying complements area wide.
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>> i want to make it worldwide. >> more positivity. >> there you go. i got an update dense fog advisory, bouncing around here, just lifted in washington county, maryland, i will show you the map here off to the north and west there is a live shot you can see a little soupy out this morning. but unlike yesterday when things never really got better. >> right. >> in fact, in some ways they got worse the rain moved in, in the afternoon today we are featuring afternoon sunshine. i would like to thank you for that what a wonderful forecast. >> alison, thank you for thanking me. >> nicely done. >> thank you, tony. >> counties well, north and west you are now in the clear. yes, you are in the fog advisory clear on well north and west, washington county portions of west virginia as well, mineral county, you are out to have dense fog advisory. fog slipping down 270, julie has been showing it the you on the traffic cam now problem
7:34 am
spots fairfax, louden, montgomery county, and officially right here a fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. this morning just be ready for it likely slow your commute over the next hour or two. later this morning i think we will be fine. warmer temperatures yesterday, already 44 downtown washington 47 quantico, 46 for you in leonard town. a nice start to the day mixed temperatures, 10, 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. setting the stage for a beautiful tuesday afternoon. overnight hours, cold front but you wouldn't know it as temperatures will be warmer dry out the atmosphere as that moves through. notice we are getting clearing kentucky, ohio that will move in later this morning and this afternoon and deliver a couple nice days beautiful this afternoon, seasonably cool tonight tomorrow more sunshine, a little cooler tomorrow lots of sunshine temperatures upper 40s. tomorrow should feel good too. 55, early cloud your afternoon sun mild, clear skies, cool
7:35 am
temps tonight 34 washington, 20s off to the north and west overnight, and your 5 day forecast tomorrow looks great partly sunny 46, thursday not so great showers around temperatures upper 40s. bounce around near 50 on friday, early rain and saturday looks dry temperatures mid-40s. that is a look at weather on time traffic julie wright looks beautiful. julie. >> all right tucker barnes check out this trip along 270, we showed you the commute up in clarks burg here we are in german town headed southbound typically at this hour folks we could see that delay coming southbound, pretty much all the way, around the curve, headed out to 118. this is what you are waking up to this is what you are driving into work in and again tucker barnes has been talking about the dense fog advisory set up in montgomery county until 10:00 a.m. this morning. loud season fairfax. proceed with caution, allow extra time on the roads expect to find yourself in a jam as
7:36 am
you travel south, 180, through 109, once you commit to the belt way there is that fog hanging here headed to and from american legion bridge no problems on the belt way itself. earlier stalled car on the inner loop 66 has cleared this is a live shot 66, fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123, heavy fog below speed manassas, headed into centerville. again at the belt way, speaking of the belt way inner loop west side of town 19 miles an hour 236 as you travel between 95 and 266, no problems on 395, lanes open between the belt way and 14th street bridge average speed, down to 15 minutes worth 06 time as you travel between -- of time as you travel between, northbound, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we just learned today his contract with freddie mac, was provided by the lobbiests at freddie mac i don't think we could possibly retake the white
7:37 am
house if the person leading our party is the person working for the chief lobbiest of freddie mac. >> i am not going to spend the evening trying to chase governor romney's misinformation we will have a site by tomorrow morning and list everything he just said at least four things that are false. i don't want to waste the time on them. the american public deserve a discussion how to beat barack obama. >> face off between the four republican presidential candidates. mitt romney is on the attack. steven dennis with roll call is here to join us, good to see you. let's start with the debate last night as we have said this morning romney came out swinging and we see gingrich there, hitting him right back who is you know -- at this point are they hurting each other or hurting the chances of the republicans overall by taking as many swipes at each other as they are doing or just
7:38 am
need to do that right now? this is what you do when you are in deep trouble, mitt romney is in deep trouble. people talking about can some body else get into the race. polls yesterday before the debate showed, gingrich had swept into the lead in florida, which romney thought was going to be a fire wall. so you are seeing much sharper elbows, and you know, certainly a lot of democrats looking at that dedate, will be very happy, with it because it gives a lot of ammunition between newt gingrich or mitt romney, romney had to release tax returns because it was becoming such a huge liability in south carolina where every day he had another answer whether he was going to release them how many years he was going to release. he finally releases them this morning and it is sort of like christmas, in headquarters mitt romney, made $20 million in 2010 and paid 14% tax rate a lot lower than a lot of
7:39 am
americans pay. you will hear from the president tonight, state of the union address, not necessarily mention mitt romney but he will mention the fact that a lot of millionaires do pay a much lower tax rate, than a lot of middle class americans and it is going to be something that is correct it is going to be a campaign theme, no matter who emerges from this dog fight. >> i want to come back to the president in a moment first, with these two, are you surprised that of all the republican candidates that there were a couple weeks ago now it is down to four, gingrich is the guy who is surging and you know, may runaway with this thing? >> given that romney had huge advantage of the establishment largely behind him all the endorsement, money you know, a guy like rick santorum just doesn't have the money or organization yet and gingrich was able to capitalize on a couple key moments in the debates in south carolina where he got standing ovations taking
7:40 am
on the media, taking on the establishment, he tapped into the tea party angst out there in a way, mitt romney has never been able to do. yes, on one hand it is surprising on the other hand, there has been this deep well of some body we want some body other than romney, and gingrich you know, knows how to throw a punch. >> let's talk about the president you mention the state of the union address he has a lot it seems to me he has to accomplish this being the last state of the union before the election. can he put a positive face on what has gone on during last year, tough economy, yes, rebounding somewhat, and can he kind of kick off the campaign season for himself, in a way that will have people thinking oh, right, maybe we do want to give him another shot >> tough, tall order, he has to do this balancing act of saying look my policies have got us
7:41 am
back on the right track at the same time, you know chastising congress a little bit for not passing his job's plan in full, for obstructing bulk of his agenda last year and what we are expecting, what it seems like he is going to be coming out with, is fairly middle of the road moderate type agenda, couched in populous rhetoric the rhetoric of fairness he rolled out a few weeks ago. where he talks about look it is not fair that millionaires and billionaires are paying a 14% tax rate or in some cases, even lower, because of tax breaks, we need to focus on the middle class. things like manufacturing and job training and he will have -- it will be a campaign swing they are saying it is an official swing he is going to drum up policies through key states later this week, selling these policies trying to put republicans on the defensive.
7:42 am
he successfully did that end of last year with payroll tax cut. house republicans caved in the end. the white house, hopes they see more of that they are worried about re-election, poll ratings are terrible or that the president can run a harry trueman campaign and say hey, we need a new congress, and i am you know doing everything i can on my own, with executive orders and other things. >> we will have to see how it goes. it may play better to the american people than congress itself. we will have the state of the union tonight and analysis tomorrow morning. steven dennis with roll call thanks for joining us. alison back to you. 7:42 a.m., 43 degrees on a tuesday morning massive explosion involving the sun could have an effect here on earth we will explain that big headline coming up next. back in the headlines woman who returned her adopted son to russia, why she is just now,
7:43 am
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>> making headlines remember this shocking story, two years ago a tennessee woman who sent her adopted son back to russia. she is facing a lawsuit she put the 7-year-old on a plane to moscow in 2010 with a note saying she didn't want him any more he had psychological problems. she was never charged criminally but the adoption agency filed suit asking for su earth already feeling the effects of the biggest solar storm in more than 6 years. owe lar flair happened late -- solar flair happened late sunday night it sent particles towards earth. the so called aurora boar alice is to hit earth 9:00 a.m. this morning. can we go now to mcdonald's. >> we might be on all day today. >> the earth's atmosphere will protect us. >> but it can cause problems for communications, satellites
7:47 am
and polar travelling airplanes. hmm. >> what did i just read? what does that mean. >> number bear one they will not fly any planes around the polar cap and there could be -- you could be listen to the radio and hear static or drop out on your phones. >> at 9:00 a.m. >> and hours after that. >> but we won't be -- will be no radiation. >> we will be fine. earth has seen much worse. >> we need a segment on that. >> yeah, sue did one last night. excellent. >> he explained it. >> it is scary to tell the people and then say, what is going on in weather tuck. >> what is interesting. >> watch his 5 day one tomorrow 208 degrees. >> is it warm today? i thought it was 60 degrees. >> i am sure we will stay on late if things don't go well at 9:00 a.m. >> people won't see us. fog, dense, north here of the city, louden, fairfax, dense fog advisory extended until 10:00 a.m.
7:48 am
this morning, we will lose the fog now the sun is up. switch gears, beautiful afternoon for us, head to our next map after early fog and clouds burn off high pressure moves in from the west and look at that, that means sunshine today and tomorrow. cool one tonight. >> lots of sunshine >> apparently lots and lots of sunshine. you got it. >> and there is your 5 day forecast, these numbers subject to change, depending on that solar storm but tomorrow our daytime high 46. >> would that have anything to do with the solar storm? 55. >> absolutely not. >> no. >> that is the question. >> sounds scarier than it is. >> we are protected. >> okay. >> julie we are protected. >> hey,. >> party time. >> i knew the weather guys would take care of us. they put on the hard hat and cover us like a blanket. all right, on the roads this morning, as you guys were talking about the weather, the
7:49 am
solar system we had an accident out bound new york avenue florida, that is all gone. good news for you travelling out bound, inbound, traffic slow, getting to those traffic lights, northeast and northwest, tucker barnes is talking about the fog we are following it, southbound 270, german town, father hurly boulevard. live at gaithersburg. 117, headed south of nba headed out towards rock dale this is what you are waking up to. a lot of fog to deal with allow you extra time on the roads no problems on the belt way between college park and bethesda, outer loop virginia on the slow side as you travel from springfield interchange headed towards van dooren street. if you are travelling the inner loop coming from annona dale headed up towards 66, the stalled car in your way has cleared but the pace is even slower 236 you have dropped down 14 miles per hour outer loop of the belt way checking for a crash between route 50
7:50 am
and bw parkway. thanks julie our annie yu has her dancing shoes on this morning. >> she is backstage at warner theatre the cast of the broadway musical, fela. annie. >> good morning the award winning musical has traveled all around and world and finally here in dc at warner theatre kicks off this thursday, and coming up, we will tell you how you can come out and be a part of the show speaking of being a part of the show there is a lot of viewer or audience interaction this morning we will show you a popular dance called the clock dance. don't go any where stay with us on fox 5 morning news first you gotta start with the good stuff.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ the award winning broadway musical fela is in dc. annie yu is in the lobby of the
7:54 am
warner theatre with cast member this is morning. she joins us now from the warner theatre hey, annie it is me wisdom. >> good morning there is a lot going on here clearly and that is a part of the show there is a lot of audience interaction, we will show you a really cool dance in just a moment [ audio difficulty ] >> oh, >> i hear her. >> let's try it. >> we will see. >> melanie, tell us about your characters and how it plays into the story line. >> i play the story that is taken up after a death, this is the last time that fela intends to play at the shrine he intends to leave nigeria. you know what mothers are like they are the voice of reason although i am dead you will hear me and see me i am that little cat on his shoulder and little voice in his head all saying to him remember what i
7:55 am
told you. all these things that you want to do, is fine, but at the end of the day you have to be true to your own people to the nigerian people so you have to be here, you have to be seen to be doing what you say you are going to be doing. >> talk about fela and the music, that has inspired so many around the world. >> it is amazing called afro beat when he decided he wanted to look around the world, as it were, and just gather all these little bits of jazz, all the classic call -- all the influences that he could possibly get hold of, put them in that big pot he stirred it all up and called it afro beat whenever he wanted to put across a message or something against the government anything at all he wanted to say or do, he put it in music his motto was, music is the weapon.
7:56 am
so no matter what he wanted to do you might be there, as the girls are doing, dancing along at the same time there is a message in all of his song, all of his songs. >> well, we are going to feel the rhythm now, i am going to try to. >> you will be good chef >> okay. >> over here nicole joins me she is sort of the lead in all of this. and so the dance here we are learning what is this? talk about it. >> this is the clock a participator dance that happens during the show. everybody has to learn if you are at home get up and feel the rhythm, one clock, two clock, three clock, four clock. six clock, seven clock,. >> oh,. >> and now it is test time ♪ [ music ] ♪ okay well, you can come out and enjoy all of this movement,
7:57 am
coming up this thursday here at warner theatre tickets start at $45 it is a lot of fun stay with us on fox 5 morning news. >> and around the clock  never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause
7:58 am
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8:00 am
after much debate mitt romney released his tax returns other night and show the presidential candidate makes in one day what most americans make in a year. the break down coming up. >> when you hear, mental decline you probably think of the elderly, right. someone in their 80s, 90s but a new study says it starts in your 40s. fox medical team has more on that. >> we will run down some ways you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollarsing, in just -- dollars in just 15 minutes or less that is an important story you are going to want to hear. >> good morning i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour. >> want to hear more on the mental decline story. >> near and dear to my heart.
8:01 am
hey, fog advisory i have been trying to keep up with this map all morning but every time i go to work on it it changes again. it is filled in out to the west. dense fog advisory, looks like anne arundel and howard county you have been thrown into the mix as well yep, you know the point here, is we are going to continue to have fog locally dense a quarter mile or less for the next couple hours good news unlike yesterday when the fog didn't lift, later this afternoon, really later this morning we should have plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures than yesterday. 44 now downtown washington regan national humidity 93% winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. all right here is a look at satellite radar notice the clouds streaming off the coast, we are left with low cloudiness and fog once that burns off we should look at clear skies and a beautiful afternoon, and you know, it is not typical that we see temperatures mid-50s for end of january. get out and enjoy it today cooler temperatures on the way
8:02 am
later this week. 54 this afternoon should be dry afternoon plenty of sunshine by 11:00 a.m., noon today >> i will enjoy this day. thank you. to julie wright she will tell you whether or not you will enjoy your drive to work. >> it is not easy i can as sure you of that. on the inner loop of the belt way, we are bogged down with delays as you approach, 236, down to 14 miles per hour. reports of an accident broadock near backlick found the crash on the outer loop of the belt way, it is blocking the right lane. coming inbound, route 50, headed in toward it is baltimore washington parkway, approaching 202 now commute southbound, 270, coming out of german town, heavy, slow, steady average speed down to 30 miles per hour and here is the commute on 66 down to 15 miles per hour leaving nuttily street again dealing with all that fog
8:03 am
slow traffic in manassas, fair oaks in towards vienna and the last two miles approaching the belt way. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. president barack obama is preparing to deliver his state of the union address tonight the white house says he will focus on the economy. fox 5s. lauren demarco is live on capital hill with our top story. good morning. >> good morning alison. well, it is an election year the president of course is expected to focus on the economy what many americans have been thinking about particularly on the economic issues for the middle class and economic fairness for the middle class and how he will be the one to deliver it. >> reporter: this year it was president obama's campaign in chicago, not the white house that e-mailed out a preview and it sounds similar to how he plans to frame the election. >> rebuilding an economy where hard work pays off responsibility is rewarded. and an america where everybody gets a fair shot. >> jay carney noted a preview
8:04 am
of last year's speech was also distributed by the president's political arm and inn cysted mr. obama -- insisted mr. obama has a good story to tell. >> steady economic growth. >> mixed signals whether voters are feeling better now compared to the last state of the union. last january, 37% of the public, expressed satisfaction. that dropped to 24% in october but now back up, 10 points to 34%, in the latest fox poll still, that means, today, 65% of americans are not satisfied, up 4 points from a year ago. while the president is not expected to single out individual republican candidates, vice president biden is not holding back, suggesting newt gingrich's personal issues are fair game. and while democrats jumped on republican mitt romney in october for telling a las vegas newspaper officials have to let the foreclosure crisis run its
8:05 am
course the vice president agreed with the caveat. the housing prices will be among the big topic the president talks about tonight along with manufacturing, education and clean energy that will again be tonight at 9:00 p.m. for the state of the union address live at the capital, lauren demarco, fox 5 morning news. thank you tony over to you. all right alison thank you. now to the latest from the campaign trail republican presidential candidate mitt romney has released his tax returns he made more than $21 million in 2010 most from investments gave nearly $3 million to charity half 06 that to mormob church donations -- mormon church donations helped cut his tax rate to 14%. he paid $3 million in federal taxes in 2010 his campaign released highlights to the wall street journal and washington post and plans to publicly
8:06 am
release documents today. >> newt gingrichest finances are making headlines, in last night's debate in florida romney brought up his opponents past dealings with freddie mac claiming he loblied for the mortgage giant which came under fire during the nations financial melt down. now it shows a consulting firm founded by gingrich received $300,000 in fees from freddie mac for consulting and related services in 2006. that contract wasn't the only issue brought up last night foxes aiynsley earhart has our wrap up. >> reporter: mitt romney and newt gingrich are among the four facing off in an nbc sponsored debate monday night in pam at that. romney wasted no time lashing out at gingrich. >> it is about leadership, the speaker was given the opportunity to be leader of our party in 1994 and had to resign in disgrace. we have an ad in which john
8:07 am
mccan and mike huckabee in 2007/2008 explain how much they think governor romney can't tell the truth. separate campaign rallies where the candidates took shot at one another. >> newt gingrich was working for freddie mac he got paid $1.7 million. >> that is the succession of this campaign we've moved from romney's piassaba loney to romney's desperate baloney. soon he will be able to open a delicatessen. my question, to governor romney and speaker gingrich if you believe in capital limp that much why did you support the bailout of wall street where you had the opportunity to allow destructive capitallish to work. why don't we take on the first three states and take everybody 30 years in under. what if you compare my name to
8:08 am
obama? i do quite well if not better than the rest. >> aiynsley earheart, fox news. thanks so much. new this morning more deadly bombings in iraq. two car bombs exploded within minutes of each other in east earn baghdad then -- eastern baghdad then two others went off later in the morning. more than 170 people have been killed during a wave of bomb attacks since beginning of the new year. >> more misplaced head stones at military cemeteries only this time they are not at arlington national, the department of veterans affairs found dozens of graves at military cemeteries around the nation, that were not marked properly and in at least 8 cases, people were buried in the wrong place. va review was conducted after revelations were conducted at arlington cemetery. they say the new problems happened after renovations at
8:09 am
cemeteries. former cia officer charged with leaking the names of covert officers to reporters. he identified one officer has taking part in an interrogation. he was reportedly water boarded more than 80 times. he is charged with lying to the cia to get clearance for certain details in his book the reluctant spy. he was a guest on fox 5 morning news in 2010 to promote that book. he was released on a $250,000 bond, and facing 30 years in prison. united states senator has a run in with airport security, kentucky senator rand paul said his recent experience at a tsa check point proves they spend too much time with people who are not guilty a danger. -- not a daneener. he was stopped at a check point in nashville yesterday after a metal detech tore want off. when he refused a full body pat down he was escorted away. >> they told me i can't leave
8:10 am
the cubicle. when i tried to leave i was ushered back in i felt detained. now he missed his flight but was able to rebook another flight, and went through security the check point without incident that time tsa says it followed protocol. >> it will likely be months of recovery for illinois senator mark kirk he had a massive stroke over the weekend. kirk had part of his skull removed to help the swelling on his brain. doctors say the senator will likely have permanent paralysis on the left side of his body his staff sayings his office remain it is -- says his office remains open to constituents he served five terms in the house. >> we wish him the best. 8:10 a.m., coming up next we will check out other stories making headlines. >> plus run down some ways you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in just 15 minutes or less. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back
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8:13 a.m. stories making headlines, police identified the woman killed yesterday, after a school maintenance van, ran her over a 48-year-old burnett tucker butler was hit by the car yesterday crossing the parking lot at samuel chase elementary school police say the driver didn't see butler when he backed up. penn state pay as fond farewell to joe pa as he was affectionately known. a 10 hour public viewing for joe paterno begins today at noon after another public viewing tomorrow his family will hold a private funeral service. the winningest coach in college football passed away sunday at the age of 85 from lung cancer. gabrielle giffords met with supporters at a charity food bank named in her honor in tucson. she toured the facility yesterday as her final act in office. giffords announced she is resigning this week to focus on
8:15 am
her recovery from being shot, last january. all right, it is now coming up 8:15 a.m., we have tucker barnes standing by, with the weather and more. >> the cuteness factor says we are going to be warm today >> you got that right. 50s. let's get right to it, time to get down to business our my first 5 photo of the day and. >> hey, beautiful smile. >> this is neshelle. >> she looks like she could be your fourth daughter. >> excellent now i just got to talk to her parents and see what we can work out. >> get this her family says, she is 3, going on 30. >> i can tell she is so poised look at her little hands. almost looks like i got a deal you are not going to be able to refuse. >> she does look like a little lady. she brings nothing but joy to
8:16 am
the entire family and to send in your child's picture go to and click on mornings great smile. >> beautiful. >> nothing but complements for her today >> i was just thinking that we don't even need compliment day for her. >> no, she is perfect. >> i like the jacket and you know a little fog to start your morning music is just going to keep going for us. hd radar see the yellowreds, it is getting dense fog there, in red so lees burg, reston, out towards front royal work your way up 270, towards damascus, montgomery county dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. this morning it is moving and shaking around out there to the north and west it will take another hour or two to burn off once it does we will look at a gradually improving forecast and a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon let's take a spin around the country right now
8:17 am
regan national, temperatures 43 degrees we have fallen a degree. not bad though look at out to the west, chicago, 28 now 2 in fargo north dakota, 11 lincoln, cold out there, warmer in florida, 63 tampa, miami 68 last hour nice conditions if you are lucky enough to be headed to florida. let's look and see what we got in the way of forecasts today there you go. our frontal system pushing up the east coast looking at sunshine and warmer temperatures as high pressure builds in enjoy the afternoon temperatures in the 50s. cold tonight, sunshine tomorrow, looks like we got rain back in the forecast by thursday afternoon. more details on that forecast, in just a minute let's do some traffic and lovely traffic reporter julie wright. >> i heard miami that is the word baby miami. >> not for you. >> thank you very mump. still dealing with the -- much. still dealing with the fog waiting for the sun to burn the fog off. 270, leaving gaithersburg.
8:18 am
it is heavy and steady the entire trip dealing with all this fog if you do have to plan on making that trip out and about allow extra time out on the roads it will be heavy and well below speed continuing out towards the split. good news accident on the outer loop bw parkway cleared over to the shoulder. inloop of the belt way, 14 miles an hour. bradock road closed for an accident. >> 14th street bridge average speed, king street down 18 miles an hour 66 in the fog on the brakes, 20 miles an hour, nutly street as you make your way in towards the belt way, 14 miles an hour slow going on the west side of town getting through the fog headed up towards 66, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. listen up, these days everyone is looking for ways to save. today we are getting money
8:19 am
saving tips from kiplingers personal finance in the february issue there is an article laying out how to save thousands of dollars, in 15 minutes or less. for real. joining us now the editor of kiplingers, personal finance, janet boggenner. very nice to meet you i have seen you, hear you on the radio we are happy to have you here. >> thank you. >> let me just say this we are going to give examples but i read the whole article i have never read an article that has more detailed information how to do this simply and save some money, so i am urging you folks check this out. but, overall, let's just say that in your view it is very easy, to save money. >> yes. and in 15 minutes or less we had this very strict requirement that a we actually had to tell people how to do it so they could save money and had to do it in 15 minutes or less. if we couldn't do it then we couldn't tell our readers to do
8:20 am
it either. >> you got a whole bunch of them let's go through some. these airline credit cards which i have to say i have one of these a lot of folks do tell us how to save money with those. >> most airline credit cards dedicated to a particular airline have an annual fee as high as $95 there are other credit cards you can get that will give you credit towards airline mileage on a variety of airlines and they don't charge fees. you save money on the fees and have a wider choice variety. simmons bank another actually comes locally through a credit union if people want to get these specific sites and links they are on our website but those are two examples of things you can get that are not going to cost you an arm and a leg. >> one thing there that can save you $95. >> at least not to mention the airfare. >> want to talk about energy, and our homes, you know, and i have to admit i haven't done
8:21 am
the windows and all that stuff there there are ways to save money with energy in your home. >> exactly. this is our readers love this any suggestions we can give them we did an item called saving money on energy vampires extra things attached to your television, game console, speakers, receivers, things like that all those drink the juice even when the television set is off. there is a little device called a belkin costs $29 on amazon it is like a power strip you plug your accessories into and your television so when the tv goes off so do accessories that can save you, $76 a year depending on you know the other accessories attached. >> here is the thing, you have so many examples that you put these together, and you are saving. hundreds thousands of dollars a year. >> exactly. >> so you got to go out and are looking for a car to buy. >> my husband and i just did this we used a car buying
8:22 am
service it worked it was amazing and the one we mention in the magazine. in couplers magazine is called true you go there and plug in your -- true and you go there and plug in your zip code, specks and they will come out with three estimates, the lowest priced estimates for dealers in your particular area and you can get, sort of a guarantee or certificate they call it of what the price is, and take it to the dealer and you can buy the car for that particular price and it saves you at least roughly $4,000 off the suggested retail price of the car. so yeah,. >> while you are describing this we are showing this our producer is doing it in real time right now, so, you saw just how quick it is pick out the car you are looking for go and get estimates that is extraordinary. >> it is funny a lot of times when you hear, car buying service, when you thing of service being anything you thing it is going to cost me money.
8:23 am
>> mm-hmm. >> but that is not the case. >> no, in this case it does not the one my husband and i used was not the case and it was the easiest car purchase we have ever made. >> fantastic. something many of us do now, you have your phone and you are texting and you know before you know it depending what plan you have you are paying real money for the texting. how can you save money. >> there is an ap called text free it is available through iphone and android phones, and download the ap and literally text for free using your plans data plan rather than the texting plan so if you are paying $20 a month for an unlimited texting plan you don't have to pay that. i got an e-mail from my brother- in-law last week saying i just read this ingazine and tried it and it worked. >> here is the thing, on this show we do a loft of somethingments like this -- a lot of segments like this people half listen, you know not really saving money but the
8:24 am
thing about what you are saying all these things are easy to do. >> exactly. >> and does add up and we all need to save money. >> we need to save money and do it quickly and we try to provide the service telling people this is what you do really fast and don't have to do the whole yuan v. at once. -- universe at once. >> it is on your website and get there going to and we've got special permission to link to the entire article there. >> great. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. i will do some of this stuff. very good. >> alison back to you. >> me too tony. >> maybe i will look at that new car now. >> time now 8:24 a.m., tuesday morning it is 43 degrees out there, when you hear mental decline you probably thing of the elderly, right maybe some pod diin their 80s or 90s a new study says it starts in your 40s. fox medical team takes a closer look when we come back. a little later, we will check back with annie yu behind
8:25 am
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8:28 a.m., on this tuesday morning taking a look at stories making headlines the man suspected in dozens of arsons across los angeles, around new years weekend is due in court this morning, he may enter his plea to 37 counts of arson. police believe he was angry over his mothers legal trouble the 24-year-old is facing several dozen years in prison if convicted. >> earthquake warnings out for japan, a new study shows there is a 70% chance tokyo will be hit by a powerful quake some time in the next four years, seismologists say predictions are based on an increase in ground activity since last year's earthquake and tsunami disaster. little closer to home we are still recovering from the august earthquake last year, starting today, state and federal officials are holding a number of town meetings for earthquake victims in three virginia counties officials hope to provide people with
8:29 am
information, they need to apply for disaster aid. it is time for video of the day, marines are known to be pretty tough. >> of course. >> so when you put two friends on a thrill ride, you would think the marine would be the pretty brave one. >> mm-hmm. >> think again. watch this. >> hey, can you -- >> count down [ screaming ] >> that is hilarious the giant slingshot in orlando florida. his buddy is laughing at him the marine said he would rather be back in afghanistan than on that ride >> i don't know if you can hear clearly he says can you kind of give me a count down and takes off and he says that wasn't a count down. later he says what kind of count down was that.
8:30 am
>> he has a good sense of humour about it. his buddy is so embarrassed. >> his buddy is laughing at him. >> he is going to get so ribbed by his marine friends. >> i think he knows it right there he is thinking oh, no, who is going to see this. >> that scream starts instantaneously. >> i would be screaming the same way but that is funny. >> wow. >> i used to be a rider, and then i had quids i think -- kids i think it messed up my equilibrium. >> i think something kicks in once you become a parent. my dad used to go on them with me all the time. >> your dad is fearless. >> yeah. >> but when you are a parent something kicks in,. >> but listen watch [ screaming
8:31 am
] >> oh. man you got to love the digital age or video age. >> oh, yeah. >> his buddy is covering his ears. all right. >> that is fun. >> let's start with hd radar. want to give everybody the heads up, dense fog advisory, north and west of the city, notice the red there, north and west of -- i mean it is trying to sneak in the belt way but hanging out just north and west, so you know, great falls, lees burg, reston as you work your way up 270, dense fog that red indicating visibility less than a quarter mile. sorry got the hd radar on. again conditions are not great north and west of the city continue to have a lot of fog this will burn off should be a beautiful day warmer than yesterday. temperatures right now believe it or not we are already, about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. there you go. 43 regan national, 39 gaithersburg cooler here in the
8:32 am
mountains, 35 martins burg. leonard town, southern maryland, 46, should be a great looking afternoon i know we have a lot of low clouds, not looking promising right now, frontal system moving through overnight, starting to get the breaks in the clouds off to the south and west ohio, kentucky, lots of clear skies that will build on through and deliver a couple nice days, today and tomorrow nice highs upper 40s. 5 day forecast, 55 should be a dry day for you. plenty of sunshine seasonably cool, 34 your overnight low. 20s outside the belt way and there you go, 46 tomorrow sunshine looks like rain thursday we bounce around friday, saturday looks dry temperatures mid-40s. no more winter weather on the 5 day. all right, that is a look at the forecast alison back over to you. >> listen up tucker this effects us, most people in their 40s probably aren't thinking, about, mental
8:33 am
decline, right. but what if we told you now is the time that you brain may be slipping. the fox medical team's dr. mike joins us with more on the study, and how we can keep a sharp mind in our 40s and beyond. dr. mike i am 45, this is very troubling to me tell us about this new research. well, basically alison, what this study found was that as early as people in their 40s, started to have some decline in their memory, their thinking capacity and their cognition, and so, we often think of memory loss as something that happens to people in their 60s and 70s this study shows that it may actually start, a lot earlier, very concerning, but also, very important finding. >> okay, so, what are symptoms just like oh, i don't know where i put my keys? when do we know there might be an issue here. >> well, as you get older, the brain just doesn't work like it did when you were 17.
8:34 am
i mean there is a lot of things i won't get into it especially in guys it doesn't work all that well after the age of 17 everything declines but basically when you are talking about things like memory, you can tell there is a problem if you take your keys and put them in the refrigerator or garble your words not much of a worry if you forget an appointment or something but those are the things you worry about if you have those people notice you have memory loss you need to get it checked out and get a formal, neurocognitive test. >> wine and breast cancer is there a difference when it comes to the color of the wine you enjoy as a woman? >> fascinating study there has been a lot of information and studies looking at the risk of breast cancer in people who have breast cancer and alcohol and there is some concern about that, this study looked at was there a difference between
8:35 am
drinking red wine and white wine and in a very small study, they found it was the red wine that seemed to have most effect on the hormones like estrodile which we are most concerned about with regard to things like breast cancer. bottom line, if you have a history of breast cancer you don't want to drink too much alcohol as my grand father used to say everything in moderation. last but not least dr. mike when we go to the doctors i think we all assume, that we are getting all the tests we need and all of that because we put all our trust in those of you who wear the white coats. not so fast right? might not be happening you know it is true dr. mike we trust you guys so much. >> well, here is the deal i am a real doctor in real life i see patients all day long you need to be an advocate, a savvy consumer of health care when you go to the doctor you need to speak up and say look, should we be doing this, should with be doing that. if the doctor is not attentive
8:36 am
to your questions, find a new doctor. this new study found, that many doctors, many doctors only do about 50% of the screening tests, that they should be doing, so it is a real problem alison and what you need to do, is make sure you get your colonoscopy at age 50 get your mammogram, get your blood pressure and all that checked and get your shots. the funny thing about this alison, the doctors that kept patients waiting, tended to do more tests, so that is one good thing about having to wait for your doctor, because they tend to do more tests and run behind. >> that is good news and the white jacket does look good on you hope you have a great day dr. mike. >> listen that guy on the ride, i hear that in my office all the time. >> and that is you screaming. right. >> no, not me the patients. >> nice to talk to you have a super tuesday dr. mike over to
8:37 am
you tony. >> slurring my words other to you tony. 8:37 a.m. on tuesday morning disney is changing one of its policies not for guests but workers, find out what it is now allowing for the first time ever and ... >> remember stay on top of the forecast any time of day, with the new fox 5 weather ap, many of you have downloaded it we want you all to download it, it is very helpful just search for dc weather on apples ap store or android market on your smart phone go to scan our qr code see it there bottom of your screen it will link you to the weather ap we will be right back stay with us hey g!
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8:41 am
annual academy awards. you are looking at live pictures out of los angeles, where oscar nominated actress, jennifer lawrence is making this year's announcement, we are streamling it live on our website go to to hear the nominations in our next hour, we will talk live with movie reviewer, kevin mccarthy for his take. if you are looking for it, don't forget to check out our job shop. job of the day at cheese cake factory looking for a restaurant manager for more on this job and others go to click on the job shop tab top of our home page. big changes at disney theme parks, for the first time in 60 years, workers will be allowed to grow beards and goatees, a spokesman said it will apply to employees in florida and california nexmonth disney
8:42 am
banned all facial hair when it opened in the 1950s but they revised their policy in 2000 to hall lou mustaches but now bear -- moustaches but now beards and goatees will be allowed. >> do you think you can have a big old zz top beard? i am sure there will be limitations and does it apply to women as well as men? >> tony perkens. >> president barack obama caused a stir last week when he sang the reverend al green's let's stay together. >> now you can hear that tune every time you get a phone call more on that when we come back annie. >> hey, tony so the inspiring mu call is back in dc here at the warner theatre, we are talking to cast members it is filled with great dancing, singing and music, so melanie marshall, who we spoke to earlier is going to perform for us, in just a bit stay with us
8:43 am
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tony award winning broadway musical, is playing at the warner theatre thursday. >> annie yu is hanging out with some cast members this morning
8:46 am
good morning. good morning alison. we are very lucky to hang out with some of the cast members this is a musical that celebrate it is life of a musical icon and his music inspired so many people around the world including big names like beyonce, missy elliot, alicia keys and filled with great dancing, music and a lot of great actors and one joins me now, you may remember him from seven 7, do you think you can dance? tell us about your role i understand your the swing so you are in multiple roles. >> yes, i cover i want to say five different guys in the show. >> wow >> pretty tough have to be on at all times i could be in the show playing a specific role and then have to switch to a completely different role you know to make it seamless is the hardest part. >> exactly and i am assuming it is a show that demands a lot of physical work.
8:47 am
>> yeah. >> so you are probably given the notice, in a moments notice. >> i can be sitting down backstage and have to jump in. >> someone could get hurt. >> opening night los angeles that happened i was backstage hanging out on my ipad next thing i need you on stage. jumped in and i made it happen but i mean it keeps the show fresh for me and always a new experience. >> always on your toes. >> you have been dancing since 8, so what is it like to be part of such a big musical act? >> i mean i think we all aspire to be a part of something like this from when we are younger and to be a part of this is a great experience because it is based on a real person you know so i am not playing a made up characters, he was a freedom fighter, political maverick and to be a part of that message, and spread it, is just an honor you know i worked pretty hard and it is a show that fulfills me physically and mentally you know. >> good for you. >> so let's talk about that transition because going from
8:48 am
so you thing you can dance. >> yeah. >> your free style, you are the man. >> a lot of this. >> right and then to here to fela and working with a lot of people from everywhere around the world what is that like for you? >> i think the show totally prepared me for it even just the mental stamina, and just having you know just being able to prepare myself to go on and do these things because the show pushed us, we have to learn these numbers in such a short amount of time and deliver it and make it look like we have been studying them for months when i came in and had to learn these roles in a short amount of time i could pull from these previous resources. >> thank you for spending the morning with us here we have melanie marshall she is going to perform for us. ♪ [ music ] ♪ when trouble sleeps, love young awakens,
8:49 am
when cats sleep, rats go back ... ♪ ♪ [ music ] don't waste any time it kicks off thursday at warner teeter tickets start $45 it will be a spectacular show, everybody. check out for all of the details. back to you. >> love it. >> dramatic. >> thank you annie. >> seems michelle obama is not only a role model for young children but women too according to a survey conducted by the washington post and kaiser family foundation, 8 out of 10 black women personally identify with the first lady when asked to describe her in a word most women said she was intelligent, strong and classy ♪ [ music ] ♪ i am so in
8:50 am
love with you ♪ >> those guys didn't thing i would do it. >> he sounds good doing it too. president obama busted out some al green, during a campaign stop at the apollo theatre in new york last week. he was in aden dance. get the president's -- attendance. get the president's version of let's stay together in a ring tone, go to click on web links, that is funny. it is 8:50 a.m. tuesday morning today is national complement day and you look great watching us this morning. >> you too. >> that's right. >> some of our complements from facebook fans and twitter followers. >> dc may want to start paying a few more complements to visitors, there is a list out of the rudest citys in america. find out where we rank when fox 5 morning news returns 
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
we want to say good morning to jennifer our facebook fan of the day. if you asked me where was this
8:54 am
picture taken i would know without being told this is jennifer's birthday this photo was taken back in the mid-70s at the oh farrells ice cream restaurant in tyson's jennifer is sure a lot of other viewers will remember farrells with fondness i do jennifer i had a birthday party there as well. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the fan of the day search us on facebook. i love that photo. >> today is national complement day. a day dedicated to saying something nice about the people in your life. i am all for it. today we invited our face back fantwitter followers to do just that. and megan kirk says her husband quote has all it takes to be a man and then some, she says quote, ryder you are my everything i can't thank you enough for helping me be the person i am today you are my
8:55 am
first and only love >> wonderful to hear that is great. corey green wants to complement his father vernon quote the cancer has been tearing you down but i want to commend you on holding it together. we wish his dad the best. >> kelly murphy wants to complement her mother joyce she says quote your strength is admirable your heart shows unconditional love and your faith keeps this family going. those are so well crafted. >> i just like hearing them. >> e motional. >> okay. it is 8:55 a.m., tuesday morning, our movie reviewer kevin mccarthy will join us next hour to talk about those oscar nominations. >> from what i am reading hugo is the big contender. >> local jazz singer, laurie williams, a beautiful woman and also a teacher in dc public schools she will treat us to a performance. it is 8:55 a.m., we will be right back
8:56 am
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good morning i am alison seymour. right now at 9, president obama prepares to deliver his state of the union address tonight. we are live with what he will focus on. >> plus mitt romney gives in to pressure, releases his tax returns we will break them down for you. >> turns out quite a few government workers owe tax money we will chat with washington post reporter ed o'keefe about the new figures released by the irs. >> they are astonishing. >> 20 minutes ago to 2012 oscar nominations were announced, kevin mccarthy will weigh in. and a little later, local music teacher, laurie williams will perform and talk


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