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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  January 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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president obama deliver as a blueprint for the american economy. we'll break down his state of the union address, get reaction from the gop and take a look at what is ahead today on the president's agenda. fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now. live look outside, wednesday, january -- i don't even know the date anymore. >> it is the 25th. >> yeah. >> you got the right month.
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>> 2012. >> got that too. there is no fog out there. that is good so we can see today. that is good. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. i am awake. >> yes, you are. i'm sarah simmons. and it is a good day to be awake because it will be a nice day out again today. tucker barnes? >> not going to be what we had yesterday but yesterday was particularly nice. the temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll be a little cooler and we've got afternoon clouds. it should be dry and again, we are talking about temperatures a few degrees above what would be considered normal. so not a bad-looking forecast at all. all. 38 degrees at reagan national. 39 at dulles. baltimore, it is 32. check out ocean city off to a chilly start. temperatures here will be on the cold side for another hour or development we'll see more sunshine early in the morning than we did yesterday. yesterday, we had the fog around. today, i think with the sun
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coming up quickly, things should warm up fast out there. there is your september nell satellite. you can see the clouds off to the south and west. that will move in a little later today. morning sunshine, some afternoon clouds. we should remain dry today. your afternoon commute should be jut fine. we'll get rain showers moving in later tonight and tomorrow looks like a wet one. i'll have more details on that coming up in a couple of minutes. today, all in all, a nice day. you can see the nice pattern from yesterday with highs in the upper 40s. >> hopefully an easy time out on the roadways as well. let's check in with julie wright to see how it is going. >> already some problems out here. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. we haven't seen them in forever because of the nasty weather we've been dealing with the last couple of days. good morning to jeff and jeremy. accident activity to the far right side of your screen there. it has been pulled over to the striped safety zone. the lanes are open outer loop of the beltway looks pretty
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good. just a brief slowdown approaching georgia avenue. you can exit onto georgia and head up towards wheaton. we'll take it back inside. we'll update the ride on the other side of town for those coming inbound along 66. volume increasing as you work your way towards 28 in centreville. no incidents to report. still an easy drive for those coming in to downtown off the 11th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the state of our union is getting stronger. and we've come too far to turn back now. as long as i'm president, i will work with anyone in this chamber to build on this momentum. >> president obama delivers an election year state of the union address. he called on lawmaker to come together and work with him. >> the prosecute he's used much of the speech to outline his broad economic plans that are focused plainly on helping the middle class. fox 5's stacy cohan is live now on capitol hill with more on that story. good morning to you.
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>> good morning. the economy is clearly on the mind of most americans and therefore took a front row in the state of the union address last night. this was president obama's third state of the union address and he used much of the body of that speech to outline his desire to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. entered the chamber and shortly after the chamber, he approached congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she was injured in a shooting and she has decided she is going to step down from her seat. today is her last day in office and she embraced the president as he entered the chamber. once he got into the body of his speech, president obama focused on the tax codes in this nation calling them unfair and outlining what he describes as the buffett rule. that is named after billionaire warren buffett who famously noted that he paid a lower tax rate than the average american. >> if you made more than a million dollars a year, you
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should not pay less than 30% in taxes. washington should stop subsidizing millionaires. if you are earning a million dollars a year, you shouldn't get special tax subsidies or deductions. on another panned hand if you make under $250,000 like 9 8% of american families, your taxes shouldn't go up. you are the ones struggling with rising costs and stagnant wages -- on the other hand, if you make under $250,000. president obama will highlight manufacturing at a conveyor belt maker in iowa and an intel computer plant in arizona. on thursday, he moved to nevada and colorado where he will talk about energy security and finally wrapping up his tour talking about education and training. that is going to happen in michigan. a very busy week ahead for the
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president following the state of the union address. live at the capital, i'm stacey cohan. wisdom being back to you. talking about a response to the president, indiana governor mitch daniels gave the pov srun r republican response for the president's taste union address. daniels said congress should not raise tax rates but also adding the wealthy should not have so many tax preferences. >> it is absolutely so that everyone should contribute to our national recovery including the most affluent among us. there are smart ways and dumb ways to do this. the dumb way is to raise rates in a broken, grossly complex tax system. the bet every course is to stop ending the wealthy pens they do not need and stop providing them so many tax preferences that distort our economy and do little or nothing to foster growth. >> this was the president's last state of the union address before the general election in november. now to breaking news about
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an overnight raid in somalia. u.s. military forces have freed an american woman and a danish man who had been held hostage by pirates since october. officials say military helicopters flew in under the cover of darkness to free jessica buchanan and paul fisted. they work for the danish refugee council. the organization says they were unharmed and there are reports that nine pirates were killed some that raid. an underground cave rescue in maryland. find out how it all played out on the other side of the break. another body pulled from the wreckage of the cruise ship disaster in italy but many still remain missing. we'll have an update on the situation there when fox 5 morning news continues. ♪
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a man is rescued after exploring a cave hundreds of feet under ground. he was stuck on a ledge about
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300 feet underground. rescue crews worked together for several hours and were able it pull him to safety. he was tape to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia but is expected to be okay. work to remove the half a million gallons of fuel from the capsized cruise ship off coast of italy could take four to six weeks. a barge carrying a crane and other equipment is in place owe the pumping of the oil is not expected to begin until saturday. divers continue the search for the 17 people that are still unaccounted for. yesterday, they found a woman's body in the wreckage bringing the death toll to 16. tens of thousands of mourners have paid final respects to joe paterno. they filed past his casket tuesday for 10 hours. the public viewing continues this morning and then a private funeral service and burial will happen this afternoon. there will be a public memorial service honoring paterno tomorrow. the penn state football coach lost his battle with lung cancer sunday. he was 85 years old. the city is taking action,
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cracking down on d.c. cabs. details coming up after the break. an update to funding for the dulles metrorail project and when it is expected to be finished. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
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people in alabama are still picking up the pieces this morning after devastating tornadoes swept through the region this week. two people were killed, more than 100 injured. here is a look from a bird's eye view of the path of destruction. this is across jefferson county. the governor says the state will do everything it can to help those affected. emergency management officials say the answer may be a combination of federal and state dollars. wow! they've just had it rough there. >> yeah, they did. in many ways, it is a miracle morinjured. >> and at night. >> overnight and early in the
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morning. >> i always find if fascinating. i know it is nature and you have no control over how some spots get demolished and other parts of untouched. >> with tornados, yeah. this winter has been very gentle to us other than the few days during the weekend when things got cold and icy. we are to have a nice start today. should be a beautiful morning for you. we'll have clouds move in this afternoon and a little cooler. that being said, highs will be in the upper 40s to about 50. >> when we say cooler and we're talking 40s, i think we're okay. >> especially in january. 38 right now in washington. 3 2 in fredericksburg. there are some 20s out there. off to the north and west, frederick, you are 32 degrees. so you too are at the freezing mark. the kids will need a jacket on
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the way to school. it will be chilly for the morning. they should see plenty of sunshine. we had the fog the last couple of mornings. later this afternoon, some of these clouds will move in and that area of rolando paulino you see underneath our fox 5 bug -- and that area of rain you see underneath our fox 5 bug. it won't rain all day tomorrow but we'll have periods of rain around here for our thursday. here is a look at out futurecast. it will be mostly cloudy by 6:00, 7:00 tonight. should be dry for the evening commute. we'll get showers overnight. tomorrow at 5:00, we're just liquid. things will be too warm for anything other than just rain around here. pretty good rain tomorrow night as the cold front comes through. we'll start to clear things out early friday. by friday afternoon, we should
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have a return to some sunshine. so yeah, not a lot of winter weather here in the next couple of days. 48 today. early sun, some afternoon clouds. still mild for you. there are your winds out of the west at five miles per hour. cloud up tonight, showers return i think after midnight. 38 your overnight low so temperatures will be too warm for anything other than rain and that will be in the forecast tomorrow with highs in the mid- to upper 40s. weekend looks dry. we've got question mark for late saturday and sunday. could be a coastal storm. could be rifnting but could also just stay off the coast. we'll see what happens with that. -- could be interesting. before i toss to julie, want you to sign up for the fox 5 weather app if free. it is really quite handy. get it at the apple store or if you got a droid, at the marketplace and we've got the 10-day forecast on there for you. we're tweeting. we'll give you the daily forecast. it's got great radar. can you zoom it right down to your neighborhood. pretty cool. let's do some on-time traffic
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with julie wright. >> who is tweet something. >> i'm go to be tweeting in a minute. i haven't done it yet this morning. >> you been there since 3:00. >> i'm a little slow with it. >> i have a stylus for my iphone and i'm tweeting faster than tucker barnes. >> i got to figure out how to log in but once i get in there, i'm tweeting. >> this is going tonight commute coming down the southbound spur working past democracy boulevard headed out to the beltway. no problems to report north or south on 270 as you travel between the spur and your interchains in rockville. stalled car reported southbound just after 124. back signed, we'll show out ride on the outer loop leaving university boulevard starting to slow here. earlier accident cleared. our lanes are now open. you will find southbound 95, 259 behaving nicely out of laurel inform you are traveling northbound on 395 headed north of landmark, no problems to report in the main line or of
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the hovs headed up and across the infound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the dulles rail project is getting a financial boost. later today, the federal government will free up nearly 116 million dollars to help build phase one. it is extending metro from west falls church for wheel avenue in reston and will continue to include a stop at tysons corner. the d.c. taxicab commission is cracking down. it has ordered one of the city's cab companies to stop operating and remove its 26 vehicles from city streets. the commission says the anacostia cab association could not prove payment of taxes or that had had registered with the department of consumer and regulatory affairs. there were also numerous violations by the company's drivers. the commission chairman says he intend to audit all of the city's 116 taxi companies in the coming months. this has to do with the mayor's pledge that we are going to create the best taxi
6:21 am
service system in the country. we are going to modernize the fleet. we are going to improve the service by allowing cash-free rides for people who want to use credit cards. gps. >> the chairman says he believes this is the first time the office has delivered a cease and desist order to one of the cab companies. it was a very happy holiday season for apple. more on how investors are reacting to the company's record-breaking earnings report coming up next on fox 5. could you go without that java fix in the morning? a lot of us couldn't. maybe you could when you realize how much it is actually costing you every year. we'll go live to fox business network in new york on the other side of the break. ♪
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apple stock is surming following a record-breaking earnings report. how will the markets react to the state of the union address? lauren simonetti is live with this morning's business beat. on good morning. >> let's start off by talking about apple. they are on fire. ipads and iphones. >> don't you wish you owned some apple stock? it is up 8%. >> you have no idea. >> i know. it is up #% right now in the premarket. so right now, shares are at $453 a pop. the market value of apple is bigger than exxon mobil. -- it is up 8% right now in the premarket. it sold 15 million ipads and 30 million iphone 4s always. that is a lot of product. revenue topping $46 million in one quarter alone. this stock is on fire. >> i'm one of the people that spend money on those apple products so they got rich off
6:26 am
of me. let's talk about the state of the union. what kind of inpact does that have on the stock market? >> well, wall street's favorite candidate right now for the gop nomination is mitt romney but it is looking like newt gingrich is giving him a run for his money. if the election turns out to be gingrich versus obama, you can see volatility for the stock market. that is what many people are saying right now. if you paid attention, it has been pretty smooth so far this year. there has been 13 sessions overall and four in a row where the dow industrials have traded in less than a 100 . trading range for the past couple of days. that is remarkable. it is smooth. we haven't seen that. it is normal. normal is a good thing. there you go, down 33 points yesterday. that is probably going to come to andened as we get closer to the election particularly if romney is not in it. >> he have about 30 seconds left. we want to ask about the surray about people spending all this money on coffee and lunch.
6:27 am
>> $1,000 a year on coffee. $2,000 a year on lunch. add them together, that is $3,000. that is double what you pay to get to work. lots of money. this comes from the accounting principles at a staffing services company. >> that is amazing. >> bring your lunch from home. >> you have to pack some sandwiches. >> thank you very much. >> all right. a check on weather and traffic coming up next on fox 5. stacy cohan is following today's top story. >> reporter: it is all about the economy. the president delivers his state of the union address. i'll have a full report coming up after the break. stay with us. ♪
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i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. take a look at this. it is the biggest solar storm in more than six years. that is quite a light show there. sliding up the northern lights above scotland and northern ireland. it is beautiful but this can actually also be dangerous. the storm is bombarding the
6:31 am
earth with radiation and even forced delta airlines to redirect their flights because of it. the energy from the solar flare is so powerful, it can infear with radio communications used by airlines navigating flights between north america, europe and issue i can't. wow! yeah, it almost looks like a movie what you look at this. >> it's beautiful. >> it looks like aliens are coming to get us. >> it doesn't look real. but it is. >> incredible. >> and that it is dangerous. all right. so that is solar energy. that is the storm we were concerned about yesterday i don't so there was some concern. we had mention that it could be interfering with lights and that kind of thing. >> we are all here today. >> yesterday, allison had some concern that we would make it through the day. i reassured her so we're just fine. lets he get to the weather forecast. we are going to be in for another night nice one today. at least the first half of the
6:32 am
day should be nice with temperatures expected to be in the upper 40s. notice the cloud cover to our south and west into portions of kentucky and west virginia. some of that will get in here by afternoon. so morning sunshine, some afternoon clouds and underneath the clouds down towards arc ask have -- towards arkansas and texas and that will bring us rain late tonight and tomorrow. the bottom line is tonight will be the nicer of the next couple of days. things will be a little bit unsettled starting tomorrow. temperatures now are in the 30s. here is a look at the forecast for today. early sunshine, mentioned the afternoon clouds. still mild for this time of year. average daytime high still in the low to mid-40s. we'll be about five degrees above that. 48 your daytime high. some rain moving in tonight. i'll have details on that. and ask the weather guy, it's weather-related question and it is a follow-up to a question we had last week about a blizzard. >> okay.
6:33 am
are we going to have another one? >> that might be the follow-up question. i can't give it away. actually, that is for the-up question. >> how can you tell if you're going to have another blizzard? >> because that's my job. >> we have to have a little chat afterward. >> i got a weather machine downtown. that is the only part i haven't told you guys. i can control it. remember the old general hospital? i always wanted one of those when i was a kid. >> forget about the weather machine. why can't he have a pizza machine or something useful like that. >> we're going to get one. >> along with the ho ho man or pop tart machine. >> he we got one of those. it just costs a dollar. >> in the meantime, my little booth here has a treadmill after all the ho hos and twinkies. the crew in sky fox is hovering over 270 at the end of the ramp
6:34 am
coming from southbound 270 to exit at 124. this is my neck of the woods. every wave high to beagle bailey. you skis by to the left. very little delay passing the scene. -- everybody wave hi to beagle bailey. coming in from the west, sphix 66 eastbound. slow going as you merge on from 50 fair oaks headed in towards 123. no problems to report there as you continue in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. with or without this congress, i will keep taking actions that help the economy grow. but i can do a whole lot more with your help. because when we act together, there is nothing the united states of america can't achieve. >> president obama uses his state of the union address to challenge congress. he is calling on lawmakers to put down the partisan divide and work with him on his plan to keep the economy moving
6:35 am
forward. stacy cohan is live on capitol hill with some of the highlights of last night's speech. stacy, definitely interesting. we'll see if he can work together -- they can work together out of this. >> it is one of the benefits of being the incumbent. you do have this state of the union address when you have the nation's attention negotiate used on you. indeed, premier spent much of his hour-long speech focusing on the economy clearly a prelude as to what is to come this election year. he wants to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. when president obama entered the chamber last night, one of the few people he walked up to and embraced very warmly was congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords was injured in that shooting. she had planned on returning to work but has announced she will step down to focus on her recovery. he embraced her and moved on down the aisle. when he president obama began his speech, he started at the beginning discussing the victories on the death of osama
6:36 am
bin laden, taking the troops out of iraq and bringing them back home but then steered directly to the economy talking about revising the tax codess so that lower american -- all americans will be able to pay what he considers to be a more fair tax rate and he challenged the congress to come together and to pass important legislation particularly to extend the payroll tax cut. right. >> right now, our most immediate priority is stopping a tax hike on 160 million working americans while the recovery is still fragile. people cannot afford losing $40 out of each paycheck this year. there are plenty of ways to get this done. so let's agree right here, right now no side issues, no drama, pass the payroll tax cut without delay. let's get it done. >> reporter: now, republicans quickly decried the speech calling it class warfare.
6:37 am
we'll see what happens in the days and of this long campaign year ahead. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> the state of the union comes during an election year. the president now embarks on a five-state campaign swing. his speech is getting mixed reactions. fox's ainsley earhart has more on that. >> i heard the speech and it came across as a hodgepodge of the ideas. >> a number of republicans are finding fault in the president's speech. >> what he says and what he does are so dramatically different. >> still no plan to save social security, no plan to save medicare. still no serious plan to reduce the national debt. >> reporter: some others thought highly of mr. obama's ideas. >> i do think the speech was well founded in that it spent most of the time talking about what he wants to do, which i think is what people want to hear about rather hand whose fault it was we got to where we are. >> reporter: during the
6:38 am
election year, it is voters' opinions that counts the most. >> i thought it was important for the democrats and republicans to work together. >> inthe equity in the tax system, he took it on directly. >> investigate the big banks appears really make them play by the same rules as everybody else. >> he rallied us. he spoke to the issues that are concerning us and i think he chastised those who needed it. >> reporter: in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. new now to breaking news. an overnight raid in somalia. u.s. military forces have freed an american woman and a danish man being held hostage by pirates since october. officials say military helicopters knew in under the cover of darkness to free the two. they worked for the danish refugee council. the council says they were unharmed. there are reports that there were nine pirates killed in the raid. is the.
6:39 am
a marine which led a raid which killed unarmed women appear children and elderly in iraq will not spend any time it jail. he agreed to plead guilty to one count of dereliction of duty. they dropped counts of manslaughter. he apologized to iraqi families for the loss of their loved ones but added his guilty plea did not suggest his squad behaved badly or dishonorably. the occupy d.c. protesters' days of camping out in macpherson square could be numbered. the head of the national park service told congressional lawmakers that officers will soon begin to enforce camping regulations on individuals camping out in the park. then they added that they will no longer evict occupier unless there is some sort of major health issue or emergency. temporary structures are allowed in support of the protest but not permanent structures. you could earn up to $10,000 and all you have to do
6:40 am
is give police information they need to get some bad guys off the streets. it is all part of d.c. police chief cathy lanier's tip reward program to reverse a spike in robberies. thieves are targeting automobiles, commercial establishments and people walking on the streets. they are often looking to steal electronics like smart phones an ipads. actress demi moore is hospitalized. plus, privacy advocates expressing concern about a new policy on google. >> we have today's always interesting and informative ask the weather guys question. tucker barnes working hard on it over there. we'll be back on the other side of the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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a treatment for depression could come from something that is currently illegal in the u.s. psychedelic mushroomed. "usa today" reports on two new study which show the active
6:44 am
ingredients in such mushrooms booforted emotional well being in healthy patients. other research has shown a single dose can lower depression scores for up to six months at a time. doctors in mexico have successfully completed a heart grant using an organ that spent some time on the ground. the 28-year-old woman is recovering nicely but has no idea that a medic dropped the platsic wrapped heart into the street before surgery. doctors say it is up to the family to tell her. the young woman was born with a congenital heart defect and received this heart from a man who died in a car accident. >> let's hope it remains that way. >> can you imagine, oops! >> how does that happen and no one knows about it until later. let's go back to local news and something a little bit more digital. d.c. is getting a digital boost. mayor vincent gray will announce today a partnership with microsoft call the digital alliance. >> the mayor's office says this
6:45 am
is a first of its kind partnership. digital alliance will include job training and have an impact in d.c. schools. also, google will start tracking your every move from your e-mail, your e-mail searches, youtube and other services. google says it will make information gathered -- it will take information gathered in one place and make it easier to be used in another. privacy advocates aren't that happy about this. the new policy starts march 1st and useers cannot opt out. >> apparently they already did some of. this but they're just making it i guess even easier or more widespread i guess in a sense. >> i don't have a problem with it because i have nothing to hide. >> really? >> nothing to hide. >> that's not what i heard. they know what we're doing anyway. >> absolutely. there are no secrets on the internet. lets -- let me get to the weather forecast because i have an interesting ask the weather
6:46 am
guy and i want to get to that. parts of the area at or below freezing. we are off if a chilly start with the clear skies overnight. 32 in frederick. 25 in manassas. 27 in culpeper. 32 in fredericksburg. there are some chilly temperatures across the region. should be a nice one today. mid- to upper 50s. today we'll be in the upper 40s for afternoon highs. starting-- you'll start your day with sunshine. sun will be up in about 45 minutes or so and then some clouds will start for move in by mid- to late afternoon and you will kind of lower and thicken. it will be a mostly cloudy evening for us with rain showers developing overnight as this area of storminess down towards texas starts to make the beeline for the mid- atlantic. tomorrow is not going to be a great-looking day actually lot of clouds around with showers. just rain showers in the forecast for the day tomorrow. temperature will be too warm to support any winter weather around here. we'll clear that out by friday and friday night. the forecast for today, another nice one. that area of high pressure that brought us the beautiful one
6:47 am
yesterday keeps us nice and dry today. 48 your daytime high. early sunshine, some afternoon clouds. still mild for this time of year. there are your winds out of the west at about five miles per hour. we will cloud up tonight with a couple of showers. probably just in time for your morning commute tomorrow. 38 degrees your overnight low and your five-day forecast, there are your rain showers for tomorrow. they will linger into early friday. we'll get them out of here by friday night. saturday and sunday, sunday, sunday, some question marks. there could be a storm. there might not be a storm. >> what? >> we don't have all the answers minister weather world but right now it looks dry with temperatures in the 40s. >> right now it looks dry but keep an eye out. >> i'm trying to lead into the ask the weather guy question. yes. >> i thought you were just being on the fence. >> i'm doing that too. >> he's good at that. >> i'm playing it both ways. it is time for ask the weather
6:48 am
guys. we . our fabulously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from melanie reed, a learning specialist at potomac falls high school. she has a bet going with some coworkers in her science department and she wants to know if there is an update. remember last westbound, we had a question about the farmer's almanac. wisdom, you weren't here. somebody said the farmer's almanac expected a blizzard on january 30th. we did an in-depth anap sis about whether or not that might happen. >> okay. >> he so this person is asking any updates on the farmer's almanac prediction for a blizzard on january 30th or 31st. i'm not sure what side of the fence melanie is on. >> that is a good one. of a been asking too. i think liker day, i say tucker, what about january 30th? end of the month, what is going to happen? a great question. >> how are you feeling about it?
6:49 am
>> do you feel like something is going to happen. >> i think so. it has been really mild. we are going to get one good one and i mean we'll get punched really hard one time. >> will it happen january 30th? >> no. >> i think it will. >> wisdom martin is doing off the wall, redskins. let's get down to business and show you the set-up here for the weekend and early next week. the bottom line is i don't foresee a blizzard on january 30th. >> really? >> i don't foresee a blizzard on january 30th. have spent the better part of morning looking at computer models, computer tracks and trying to have a good analysis of this storm and this weekend. the bottom line is we will have some cold air in place by monday, january 30th but the storm track is just not going to be conducive to giving us a winter storm around that day. >> not that day. >> let me say -- >> so the win osceola open for
6:50 am
the other days. >> i mentioned the weekend forecast, saturday and sunday and there are some indications there might be a coastal storm that weekend, this coming weekend, saturday and sunday. and if it tracks close enough to the washington area and the storm is able to drag down enough cold air, that has been the issue, if we can drag enough of that down to keep it in the frozen form instead of liquid, i guess it is possible we could have some flakes this weekend. we would not be talking about a blizzard but maybe some winter weather around here by sunday. but notice the area of low pressure. see that l under the storm track. that will be the position of that area of that by monday. if you want to go drive to the blizzard, go to northern new england. i do think they might have blizzard conditions in northern new england by monday as -- >> if you really want that experience. >> why would you want that? >> because people love it is, wisdom. >> she doesn't look line she loves it. >> do you know how many snow
6:51 am
lovers are out there? >> snow is one thing. but blizzard. >> blizzards are great. you got family time. >> you get to be with your kids. >> wisdom, think about a blizzard. you get family time. you get an excuse to eat at 7- eleven for three or four days in a row every meal. >> we're always here when there is a blizzard. >> for us. >> so no family time. all weekend, you don't have to leave. >> some of our greatest memories are made during blizzards. >> some other things are made during blizzards too. >> care to elaborate on that? three of those things made during the blizzard. >> are those from the blizzard. >> if we learned something new in weather guy. wait until julie finds out about this. i don't for see a blizzard on monday, january 30th. that being said, the weather pattern will be more conducive as we get into the month of
6:52 am
february for bigger winter events. i see some indications that we may have a chance for winter weather. there is at least a chance this weekend that we could pull some winter weather in around saturday night and sunday. >> as left hand as it is not a blizzard. i'm anti-blizzard. >> all right. let's get with jnow because i'm has something to bay say about this. are you already driving to miami as we speak? when you say blizzard, i think d qsm. that is all there is to it. >> i know. >> sprinkles on top, a little caramel, a little chocolate. >> can you have that too when it's snowing. >> why does it have to be snowing. >> i don't understand this. >> i'm over it. >> we had enough snow on saturday. >> 1.2 inches of snow. >> it is like a little piece of
6:53 am
chocolate. you don't have to have the whole candy bar. a little dab will do you. >> me and you and you only the right lane is able to get by at this . northbound i- 95 with fire and rescue on the scene along with a couple of accident vehicles. traveling northbound from potomac mills making that push through dale city. it is heavy, slow and steady with those delays growing as you work your way northbound up towards the occoquan. only the right lane getting by. here in the hov always, your lanes are open. other side of town, not as bad but it is slow out. leaving 650 headed for georgia avenue, early morning crash has cleared. all your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. in the buzz bin today, actress demi moore has announced that she is seeking professional help. tmz says she was being treated for substance abuse but a
6:54 am
spokeswoman for moore says she is getting help to treat exhaustion due to stress. she was admitted into a hospital monday night. now, you will remember in november, the actress release a statement that she was ending her six-year marriage to actor ashton kutcher. the split was following rumors of cheating on kutcher's part. coming up, the maryland zoo in baltimore is serving i'm really unique experience for visitors. >> a chance to dine with the animals this morning. annie is there for breakfast. check in with her after the break. i can't stand these spots.
6:55 am
those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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6:57 am
good morning i am annie yu. you and i are having breakfast, here at the maryland zoo. it is actually the third oldest zoo in the country. they just launched a neat program called breakfast with
6:58 am
the animals it gives you a chance to come out with your family and friends and enjoy a hot caters breakfast. you get to feed them and it is a fun educational activity, this morning we are discovering all about it, we are going to learn how you can come out and experience it and learn about the animals, the monkeychimps and learn about a unique animal you are looking at them now. we will talk about that coming up 7:00 a.m. hour. back to you in studio. >> you are going to eat with a the monkey is going to eat? >> breakfast with the monkeys. >> that was the title that has to be the deal. >> we want to say good morning to michelle from stanford virginia. she is like julie and wisdom here doesn't like the snow or cold but love it when the weather guys tell her it will be nice outside. congratulations for being our facebook fan of the day if you would like to be tomorrow's fan
6:59 am
search fox 5 morning news, and post a comment under michelle 's photo. >> let's send it over to alison and tony. coming up, a daring overnight rescue by u.s. military forces involving pirates and an american hostage. we are live with the latest. plus declaration of progress. the state of our union is getting stronger. >> president obama earns applause from many in his state of the union address but not everyone was impressed and the republican response made the divide clear. >> the president did not cause the economic and fiscal crisis that appear in america tonight but he was elected on a promise to fix them and cannot claim the last three years have done anything but made them worse. >> straight


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