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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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kidnappers. a u.s. official said the team was the same one that killed osama bin laden last year at his pakistani compound. president obama praised america's military in his primetime address. >> they don't obsess over their differences. they focus on the missionality hand. they work together. >> reporter: after leaving the podium, president obama with the first lady at his side called buchanan's father to let him know his daughter was safe. buchanan, who is from ohio, and a danish colleague, were taken at gun point in october. details of their successful rescue are emerging. the u.s. special operators killed all 9 kidnappers. >> it's a very difficult issue here. people try to do the right things, the humanitarian things. when they do, sometimes, put themselves in harm's way and it's not happening in a place like somalia or africa. there are places like pakistan and other places. >> reporter: president obama approved the mission on monday. the u.s. military officials tell fox that jessica
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buchanan's deteriorating health was one of the reasons the mission was called for at this time. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. president obama hit the road to take his state-of-the- union message to the people. the president is on a three-day campaign swing to outline what his administration is calling a blueprint for america. tom fitzgerald is following the story for us tonight. tom? >> reporter: you know, shawn, last night was the last state of the union address before president obama will face the voters in november. the speech was framed as a roadmap for a possible second obama administration. while the president hit the road now to get voters to follow him, he faced new republican criticism. fresh off of his state of the union address, president obama headed out of washington to cedar rapids, iowa. >> last night in the state-of- the-union, i laid out my vision for how we moved forward. i laid out a blueprint. >> reporter: much as he did
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tuesday night, the president laid out his case for tax reform, aimed at increasing taxes on the most wealthy. >> now, can you call this class war feall you want. -- warfare all you want. asking a billionaire to pay as much as a secretary in taxes? most americans would call that common sense. >> reporter: while the gop candidates are not shy about attacking each other, they showed unity in their criticism of the president's speech. >> he had a very september 11ther political -- clever political promise and we ought to make sure everyone making $11 million pays 30% taxes. sounds terrific on the surface and is a classic left-wing demogoingory. >> reporter: while newt gingrich slammed the white house's plan to tax the wealthy, mitt romney said the president talked a good game but doesn't follow through. >> he's attacked from his own reality what he's done. his words and actions are so different, it's sometimes hard to believe. >> reporter: analysts say the big question is not whether
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republicans and the president disagree over the state of the union but who the voters agree with. >> i think there is a lot in the speech that republicans can agree with. there is some they're going to push back on. >> it's clearly a campaign speach. you know where he's going to go. he's anything -- going to make it class warfare. >> reporter: with the president appearing fully engaged in campaign mode, the political warfare may just be getting started for both sides. it's going to be a busy day for them from cedar rapids, iowa, the president then headed to phoenix arizona. he'll be in las vegas tonight and later in the week, he'll be in colorado and michigan. shawn? >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. it's been a tumultous year to say the least for representative gabby giffords. the arizona congresswoman was shot in the head during a meet- and-greet in january of last year and now, after fighting through pain, surgery, and rehabilitation, she has resigned from congress. fox's craig bosswell looks at what is next for the arizona
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congresswoman. >> reporter: moving slowly down a hallway she's walked hundreds of times before, there are hugs and well-wishes for arizona representative gabby giffords on her way to the house floor. this time is the last time. it follows an emotional reunion with president obama at the state of the union address last night. last january, a shooting rampage changeed her life forever. a gunman shot her in the head during a meeting with constituents. later, a full-time job is working on the recovery. in on this day, it's handing in a letter of resignation. the colleague and close friend reads a passage. >> every day, i will recover and i will return and we will work together again for arizona and for all miles an hour. >> reporter: in what has been a congress divided, a moment of unity. >> gabby's courage, her
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strength? &downright fortitude are an inspiration. >> reporter: giffords joins house members in voting for a bill she introduced before the assassination attempt. it passed unanimously finishing the work show started more than a year ago. giffords' husband, mark kelly, said the decision to leave was hers. >> and thanks for coming, everybody. >> reporter: giffords' said said it's on wad and upward for her daughter. arizona will hold a special election to fill her seat n. washington, craig bosswell, fox 5 news. for the second time in recent weeks, the house democratic leader nancy pelosi hinted she knows dark secrets about gop presidential candidate newt gingrich n. an interview last night, pelosi said that gingrich is not going to be president because she knows things about him. take a look. >> if she knows something, she ought to say it. if she doesn't know something, she ought to quit saying it. this is bologna.
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i don't think any republican is going to be threatened by nancy pelosi. and, frankly, i would rather have her threaten me than endorse me. i feel good about it. if she has something, bring it out. >> pelosi's previously hinted she knew a lot about gingrich because she served on the house ethics committee that investigated his conduct and later said she was referring to material already in the public record. meanwhile, newt gingrich is taking aim at republican rival mitt romney during an appearance on the spanish- english network univision. he said that it's obama-level fantasy and took a jab at romney's wealth saying the proposal reflects a candidate who lives, quote n a world of swiss bank accounts and cayman island accounts. former gop presidential hopeful michele bachmann announced she's running for a fourth turn in the house of representatives. bachmann jumped out of the presidential race after a poor show negligent caucuses. the representative is hoping to keep what show citizen her strong and powerful voice in
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washington. today, thousands of egyptians are celebrating the one-year anniversary that forced mubarak to resign. many egyptians say the revolution is still going on. liberal and left-leaning groups say aside from mubarak's ouster, the military left the old regime largely in place. they're calling for the military council now in charge to resign immediately. >> reporter: this is not the anniversary of the revolution. that hasn't ended yet. all that happened is the number of increase of people who are martyrs and the injured and the military court. >> thousands have been tried before the military tribunal. the groups claim many were charged with acts of thuggery when they were really protestors. family and close friends turned out for a private funeral service for former penn state football coach joe paterno today. tomorrow, the university will hold a public memorial in the
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school's basketball arena. reporter colleen wolf is live in state college, pennsylvania, tonight. thank you for joining us. was the media allowed inside today's funeral? >> reporter: no, today's funeral was for a family. they had a public vowing that was supposed to start at 8:00 a.m. and carried over the night before. the first person standing in line at 4:00 a.m. for that and they opened it early about 7:45 and closed it up around 12 and then the family went in for a private funeral service. >> colleen, we're seeing video and what appeared to be the hearse go by and blue penn state buses. what was the significance of the buses as it led the funeral procession today? >> reporter: the buses were just carrying family, friends, former players -- just the close people in paterno's life. the buses just passed by about
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15 minutes ago behind me. students held signs and, for the most part, it was a very quiet atmosphere and i overheard a couple of students talking about how they were not sure how they were supposed to react, but they knew they were supposed to be there. >> and we know tomorrow the university will host that public memorial. any special events planned? any special speakers who will be there that you know about at this point? >> reporter: at this point, they're kind of keeping it quiet. i think they want to keep it special for everyone attending. no word on any special speakers or anyone that they're bringing in, but that ought to be a great tribute to the late coach paterno. >> and that stadium holds about 16,000 people, no doubt it will be packed. colleen wolf live in state college, pennsylvania, thank you. dna evidence exonerates a d.c. man convicted of murder. the question now is were other inmates convicted under similar circumstances. we'll have the results from the federal task force.
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touching the cab in the district is if you're disables is not easy. coming up, a move from city leaders to get more vehicle like these on the street. and first lady michelle obama stopped by a local elementary school to launch her plan to revamp school lunches. gary. thanks, shawn. great day out there. the temperatures again close to 50 degrees. still, not too bad for this time of the year. now, changes for tomorrow but not necessarily in the temperature department. we'll talk about that. the first look at the forecast is coming up. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5 will continue. 
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. >> a d.c. man spent nearly three decades in prison to be released as an innocent man. an fbi lab tech who was later discredited, provided evident against donald gates in a 1981 murder case. after gates was exonerated, a haunting question remained: were others in price -- priceon, were they in prison do you to questionable evidence? the task force has the answers. fox 5s paul wagner has more on the story. paul? >> reporter: donald gates was sent to prison after an fbi agent testified his pubic hair was found on the woman he was accused of killing. a claim under oath that was later found to be wrong. there was no match. the agent was discredited in the report by the inspector general. in a effort to make sure no one
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else was convicted under similar circumstances, the u.s. attorney ordered an investigation. after donald gates was released from prison in december 2009, a prosecutor in the u.s. attorney's office was asked to examine cases that may have been tainted with faulty evident and testimony provided by the fbi. according to an affidavit filed on january 20th, ambercino said 229 cases were examined and that the task force has not identify good other defend with a viable claim of actual innocence. donald gates was sent to prison for the murder of 21-year-old catherine shilling who was killed to the banks of rock croak as she walked home from work the night of june 22nd, 1981. the police say she was raped and shot. there was no dna back then. gates was convicted in part by the testimony of a paid informant and forensic evidence so strong, the prosecutor said in an e-mail to the defense that the hair match was the
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key. without the hair testimony, i doubt we would have gotten the conviction and gates maintained his innocence from the beginning and was exonerated after the trainer found dna evidence at the medical examiner's office. >> mr. gates is fighting to prove that he's innocent of this crime since the moment he was arrested. as the judge said in court in 1988, the judge ordered additional dna testing, but the technology was too primitive at the time to get results. >> reporter: in a court filing, the defense attorneys excoriated the detective who had the lab reports on gates and testified against him writing michael p. malone testified as a liar who testified falsely, fabricated results, testified outside of his expertise and his laboratory notes didn't sent the conclusion he offered in court. as for the murder of catherine schilling, amberc in o writes in the same affidavit: the case
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is still open, still being investigated and at this time, there were a number of suspects who may or may not eventually be charged. and the mid-atlantic innocence projects given the results and expected to file the own reports shortly. in addition, the sources familiar with the superior cure cases the the u.s. attorney's office is outside of the scope of the ambercino review. they involve hair analysis after questions were raised about the evidence. laura? >> any repercussions against mr. malone, paul? >> good question, laura. we know he lost his job. we were not able to contact with -- him or speak with him. we don't know what happened to him. >> interesting case. thank you. >> sure. a prince georges county police officer shot at a suspect is any he got away. two days later, the police have that man in custody. they arrested joseph quarm this morning in upper marllo bro. an officer said that she fired
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at quarm as he tried to grab the partner's gun. they used a tazer and pepper spray to stop him but he still got away in a car. police look for an attacker in northwest d.c. late last night, a woman walked into the third district police station to say she was sexually assaulted and robbed. a man with a gun forced her into an alley near the 400 block of q street and attacked her. the police ask that anyone with information give them a call. the future of d.c. taxi cabs is up for debate. the city leaders will discuss everything from modernizing the fleet to painting them the same color at a meeting next week and on that agenda, the lack of wheelchair accessible cabs. >> reporter: they not easy to find these days. the taxi cabs that can transport heavy wheelchairs are more expensive and take time to operate. thanks to the federal dollars and support from the district
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government, more cabs should be available in the future. >> reporter: outside of the wilson building, council member mary chay wanted to see for herself. the van is equipped with a ramp, extra rare seating, and a stronger suspension system to carry the extra weight. >> there is a significance need. i think they estimate about 5% of the ridership. >> reporter: these vans are expensive, $25,000 more than a typical cab. federal dollars were used to purchase 20 of these vans, but there is a need for more and the maintenance is expensive. >> after that, it's going to need to be maintained, 100, $150,000 to be maintained and operate the existing 20 on the street. >> reporter: that is where the d.c. council steps in. she would like to discuss the funding for the cabs at a committee meeting next monday. cab companies say that they
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can't afford to continue without help. >> the real rental of this cause and there is no money -- they wouldn't want to drive it. >> and you mentioned there is a big taxi cab hearing on monday. >> yeah. >> we know you is have details from an unlined questionnaire support out beforehand? >> reporter: yes, you remember in december? >> uh-huh. >> it got a lot of hits on facebook and twitter. she wanted to know what people thought about the taxi cab industry. things like fare increases. fare hikes. well, we got a few tips on what is going to be revealed tomorrow. things like the color. remember the color was a big thing. they want to be able to paint the cabs all of the same color. well, we got the results and have them right there. 4,000 people responded to the survey. that is a huge amount. she didn't expect that many people to respond. what -- one, the color of one is yellow. 38% of the people wanted yellow. i think a lot of people were hoping for red. red and white, the colors of the district. >> yeah. >> on the district flag.
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apparently, 38% there. yellow in color and there is going to be all of the other questions answered some time tomorrow. she wanted to know what people thought before she has that big meeting on monday. >> huh. >> and she told me the list of people wanting to testify at the meeting is going to be long. >> a lot to say about that. >> they did. >> thank you, matt. >> all right, shawn. an accident on the beltway snarled traffic near the end of the morning commute. a dump truck hit the sign here near the springfield interchange. this happened around 9:15 this morning. the crew his to shut down the inner loop until the sign was removed. from the sky fox video, can you see the long traffic backup. no one was hurt in the accident. another beautiful sunshine day out there. i think my temperature gauge in my car said 50 degrees today? gary mcgrady is. >> yeah, beautiful. go out there without a jacket today. >> yes. >> for a moment. >> mine said 51, shawn. >> okay. >> it was not 51 at the, you know, where we keep up with the temperature there at national.
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>> wow. >> it was in the upper 40s. it's 47 here at fox 5. >> not bad. >> and had a raw deal. you know, temperatures might surprise you the next few days. we're going to be into the 50s. we have some weather movement in, some showers in the forecast. can you see here on sentinel radar a lot of that is not reaching the ground and as we take you to texas, the big thunderstorms there. flooding in parts of texas today and a lot of it. the heavy thunderstorms continue to march on. the temperatures for us right now, i motion said it's down to 45 again in the city. 52 for fredericksburg. and 46 up in gaithersburg. this is the forecast for this evening at 7:00, mostly clouds, clouds by 7:00. there might be a spotty shower or two around here, to the western suburbs by 11:00. a spotty shower is possible overnight tonight. most of the rain did not move until tomorrow afternoon. again, the forecast is worth sticking around to see the temperatures the next few days, shawn? >> i like the sound of that. thank you, gary. >> yup.
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coming up, hope fades fast as the search for survivors continues in the wreckage of a cruise ship off of the italian coast. the secretary of transportation knew you were investigating the vehicle. was that the question of the safety of the vehicle? the comments are that it's fine. >> a combative congressional hearing as lawmakers seek answers about the fire risk of an electric vehicle. and if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline. the number on the screen is is 202895-3,000. can you e-mail us your tips to 
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. >> rescuers in charge of a cap sized cruise ship in italy acknowledge the first time that finding more survivors at this point would be a miracle. the cruise ship wrecked nearly two weeks ago. 17 people are still missing with 16 other victims confirmed dead. the crews are preparing for the first attempt to pump the half million gallops of oil off of the ship. and a combative
5:26 pm
congressional hearing on capitol hill over investigation into the battery fires of the chevy volt. the national highway safety administration has been investigating them since they caught fire last june. the fire risk was not made public until november. the republicans are asking if the government's partial ownership of gm is a conflict of interest as they proceed with the investigation. >> our secretary of transportation knew you were investigating this vehicle. was asked the question about the safety of the vehicle. comments and said it's fine. >> the secretary knew -- . >> and that was given that -- that answer was given six weeks before you said it was fine. >> the secretary knew of all of the facts and the details as to whether there posed -- . >> don't you thank is unusual? at least a little unusual? >> no, it was not unusual. secretaries ask questions about that all of the time. he did it for toyota. >> wait a minute -- >> the government ended its investigation last week, concluding the volt other and electric cars don't pose a greater fire risk than gasoline-
5:27 pm
powered cars. the most popular search engine around. coming up at the bottom of the hour, why google's new privacy policy is raising eyebrows. and apple releases record- breaking earnings. wait until you hear how much the tech giant made during an all-important holiday quarter. . >> my name is juliette and i love -- . >> a little girl's taking youtube by storm proving you don't have to be a grownup to rock out! ck out! w
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. >> big changes are coming to google that you may not like. the internet search giant announced it's changing its privacy policy and linking up data collected from all of the products. fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick is here to explain what this means and how we can protect our privacy. mel? >> reporter: well, shawn, you know google is not about
5:31 pm
searching anymore. there is android phones and all other products and services. you have g-mail, calendar, a lot of us use google and picassa and youtube and other services. the company said by linking up all of the accounts, it can provide with you better service and privacy advocates say this is a better way to collect more information but. the change will be effective on march 1st, and that is a take- it-or-leave-it policy. goggle said instead of 60 different private policies, it will have one that is shorter, easier to understand and covers almost all of the products. now, the company can connect what you watch on youtube with products you search online with photos that you may share or even conversations on g mail and you will start getting search results and ads based on that data. google is requiring people with youtube accounts to also have a goggle account, which make -- a google account which makes it impossible to avoid the data linking. there are a few ways to get around the data.
5:32 pm
first, seen out of the google accounts as much as possible while at your desktop and laptop and your mobile devices. second, consider perhaps using a different search engine like yahoo! or bing every once in awhile and an e-mail that is not a g mail account. something not connected together and that is one way to get around this and there are a few places to write down. the first is called the network advertising initiative, i want to pop this up here. if you go on to this on your computer and go here, you can see all of the different advertising companies that actually have active cookies placed on your computer and you can click the opt-out buttons there. another is google dashboard. that is a place to g you log into your google account and it will view all of the google data that it collected about you and you and can block some of those, too and this is bringing up, shawn, the whole conversation about whether congress and the federal trade commission need to do more to protect consumers' privacy.
5:33 pm
they asking them to pass a do- not-track law color they're a do-not-call list that we like so much. >> it's frustrating and to be clear, you can't opt out of this, correct? >> you can't because they saying that basically this is a take-it-or-leave-it. this is the way our policy is working. you can opt out by not using the products. >> there you go. >> melanie alnwick, thank you for breaking it down for us. speaking of privacy, another change for the facebook pages is coming in the next few weeks. this look will go away and you will be forced to use the network's new timeline layout. it takes your entire history, photos, comments, status updates, links, everything else and puts them at a viewer's fingertips with one click. you will have a week to preview what shows up to hide what you don't want seen before anyone else sees it. the district is partners up with microsoft to grow the economy and education in the city. today, d.c. mayor gray and microsoft announced what they call the digital alliance.
5:34 pm
>> initially, the digital alliance would focus on two aspects of job creation in the district. first, the partnership will address workforce development, efforts for the unemployed, the underemployed and those who are seek additional skills. in order to foster employability and lifelong learning. >> microsoft will provide support and $100,000 in business development resources to 10 local businesses and also educational resources to d.c. schools. d.c.'s unemployment rate, by the way s at 10.4%. the mayor said the tech industry has grown by 50% in recent years and the city wants to help young people find those jobs. business is bombing for apple. the company again surpassed exxon as the most valuable u.s. company. adam shapiro has more. >> reporter: it's an uncertain economy. housing prices have yet to hit bottom. unemployment remains high, but for apple, times couldn't be
5:35 pm
better. apple posted record profits for the first quarter. shares hit an all-time high during early trading. the company has passed exxon mobile as the world's most valuable corporation and comes down to i-pads and iphones. >> they sold 37 million iphones. blew away. things are flying off of the shelf. the ipad, more surprising, 15.4 million ipad units. estimates were in the 12 million to 13 million units. >> reporter: the company reported more than $46 billion in revenue for the first quarter. that is 73% higher than the same time last year. and ample pulled in a net profit of $13 billion, due mostly to the company's retail locations. >> the average dollar volume they generate for store is 17 million, up from 12.5 million a year ago. so, massive growth on the order of 70%. >> reporter: as apple brings in
5:36 pm
record amounts of mean, it's starting to pile up. apple has nearly $100 billion in cash on hand. still, with the company's massive success over the past few years, investors have been asking when or even if apple will start to pay a dividend. >> this is going to continue, i think, to dog apple. some people want to see action on this, and, unfortunately for them, there is no development on that front today. >> reporter: log on to for more on the apple story and all of the day's business news headlines. we're watching your money at the fox business network, dif giving you the point of view -- giving you the power to prosper. coming up, celebrity chef teams up with the first lady to get kids to eat healthier at school. and should young girls be required to get the hpv vaccine? the question is now under debate in the virginia legislature. we'll have details. ♪
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. >> for the first time in 15 years, your child's school lunch is getting a major makeover. the first lady michelle obama and agriculture secretary vilsack visited the park elementary school today to announce the nutritional overhaul. she ate with some of the students. the new guide lines claim that most foods will come with less salt and more fruits and vegetables on the side. >> for many kids whose families are struggling, school meals can be their main or only source of nutrition for the entire day. so when we serve higher-quality food in our schools, we're not just fighting childhood obesity, we're taking the important steps that are needed to fight child hunger as well. >> celebrity chef rachel ray was also at the school to encourage healthy eating and helped cook one of the meals,
5:41 pm
turkey tacos served with brown rice, black bean, corn salad and fruit. >> sounds yummy. virginia lawmakers took the step to end the state mandate to require girls to receive the hpv vaccine. it can lead to cervical cancer. a bill that was in the mandate -- the republican-dominated house committee today. under the current law, parents or guardians can opt out of girls receiving the vaccine. coming up, parents panic as the roof collapse -- collapses at an ice hockey ring and it's caught on camera. feldy. for 22 years, gary williams dominated college park as the basketball coach. today, a unique honor. we'll tell you what that is coming up in a moment. shawn. and there is some rain in the forecast. gary's back with all of the details. tails. 
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. >> tonight, the sports spotlight is on college park where maryland plays host to duke. the pregame festivities are bigger than the game itself. sports director dave feldman is at the comcast center with more. feldy? >> reporter: thank you very much, laura. gary williams spent 22 years as a basketball coach at his alma mater here at the university of maryland. tonight, prior to the terps game against duke, who is ranked 8th in the country, this will be renamed gary williams court. it's quite an honor and that is one the basketball coach deserves. he retired after last season replaced this year by mark turgeon and gary said he misses the practices and the teaching, but there are other things he doesn't miss. williams dropped by fox 5 last night and was clearly excited about tonight's festivities. >> and it's rare you get to coach your alma mater and do it for 22 years. it's rare you would take the team to the final four and thinner odds that you would win it all and then, after all of that, they get a court named after you. that is what this guy has
5:46 pm
accomplished. gary williams who will have a court named after him tomorrow and from then on, gary, comcast center, they'll be playing on gary williams' floor. that is kind of cool. it is. >> a lot of guys want to walk -- . >> jump on it? >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> and that is quite an honor. >> it is. it's, you know, and i started as a jv high school coach. when i left maryland to do that, i never ever thought that i would ever coach at maryland, let alone have the court named after me. >> and they had a great tribute to you the other night, with williams and dixon and blake and everyone came back. you have always said, dave, they love you once you leave. they loved you, gary, when you were there. they did. >> i really think that i had a good relationship with the coaches. i didn't fake anything. they knew i wanted to kick their butts and all that. they wanted to kick mine, too. can you be friends and you
5:47 pm
develop friendships, even though it's a very tense situation. >> they going to dedicate the door and that is kind of fitting. some of their biggest losses were their biggest wins and vice-versa and will that be emotional, gary? >> it will be hard not to. >> yeah. >> and coach k, we played over 50 times. an amazing number of games you play against one coach. >> and the seats under the far hoop saying thanks, gary. the ceremony starts at 8:45. the game is at 9 and maryland officials are encouraging people to get in their seats by 8:40. don't miss the ceremony and the dedication to gary williams' court. the coach is staying busy. he's doing tv work for the big 10 network as an analyst in the studio and at games and doing radio work for espn980. should be a good night tonight, laura, honoring gary williams.
5:48 pm
i know you got to see him yesterday. he's excited. >> it was fun to meet him yesterday. going to be an emotional night for him, feldy. >> i don't think there is any question. when this happened before at his retirement. >> yeah. >> and the other night, hosted by johnny holiday, he got emotional and cried. >> yeah. >> i expect there will be more tire errors. >> yeah, a fun night. thank you -- more tears. >> yeah, a fun night. thank you, feldy. daddy's mother nature wrath caught on camera in slovakia. the roof collapsed under an ice hockey rink. richard vex dnick was skating with a group of kid when is pieces of ice began falling. they got off in time. the weight of the snow is too much for the roof. >> oh, my goodness. and gary? >> no snow for us. >> and another gorgeous day. >> and not as nice tomorrow and
5:49 pm
that looks chillier and nice until we get there and download the apple ipod or droid, download it and that is free. hd, you will love it. tomorrow, showers back in the forecast and i think we will get showers, a few overnight tonight and a few for the morning hours. most of the activity looks like it comes in tomorrow evening and night. mostly clouds at 7:00. 45, pretty much where we are and 43 at 9 with clouds. could be a spotty shower or two by 11:00. if you leave your umbrella at home, you will be okay and nowhere tomorrow in case of a few showers. i hope to get the morning commute and most of the evening commute and without too much of
5:50 pm
a problem. quantico, 50; monasses, 46; culpeper, 48; along the i-45 corridor, the temperatures lower to mid-50s and we're dry today and we have had lots of sunshine. the temperatures coming into the upper 40s for highs. the big slug of rain back to the west of us and the models are suggesting it will fall a part and can you see there with the showers to the west of us, we have to include a chance of a shower later on this evening and overnight tonight. big thunderstorms, dangerous weather out of texas and louisiana now and this line has been responsible for very, very high wins and some hail and a few reports of tornados, no injuries and a lot of heavy rain into the eastern sections of texas and that is not a bad thing for them. this is moving into louisiana tonight. you see the red outline, that
5:51 pm
is the tornado watchbox and that is looks like it's moving through the deep south. when you have bad weather, never a good thing. a big picture of this and where this gets into the colder air and that is transitioning to a little bit of snow. we'll stay in the mild air, though, and overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. a spotty shower possible, low in the city and down to 39 and we'll call a spotty shower in the morning, 42 and spotty shower at noon. 48 and look tomorrow, back into the lower 50s and we'll have some showers around here by 5:00 and that is when most of them come through and then tomorrow night, into friday morning and that is when we will have most of the rain.
5:52 pm
once the sun comes out, check out the temperature up to 57 degrees and on saturday, clouds and 54 and cold or sunday and into monday. how about that, shawn yancy? >> sounds fabulous to me. thank you very much. we're down in the web center with the hot topic. have you heard? demi moore hospitalized. also, how being a couch potato can earn you cash and an 8-year-old topping the itunes music chart. sarah frazier is here with more. let's start off with demi moore. it's been all over. she was having trouble with ashton and she was thin. what are you hearing about this? >> that is what we're hearing. last night from her l.a. home, 9 learn was called, paramedics showed up there and rushed her. they're saying she's in treatment. the interesting story that came out is that that it's substance abuse and they're seeing -- saying she was in a seizure form from doing nitrous oxide. the slang word is with it. >> okay.
5:53 pm
>> a lot of people may have heard of. >> i don't know what that means. >> you're taking a co2 cart ridge. >> uh-huh. >> and you're inhaling it. >> okay. >> and that is -- . >> okay. all right. >> long story, it's a whippit. >> okay. >> and that is forno rexia. >> yeah. >> and she's had -- for anorexia. >> she separated from ashton kutcher in november. that is the latest with the nitrous oxide using. >> yeah. >> and we hope she gets better. being a couch potato can earn you cash. what is this deal? >> biggle is the app, you download it. every two minutes of commercials or tv you want, you earn points to starbucks, cbs, and all of that. you will have to watch 60 hours of tv to get a latte. >> really? are you serious? >> that is a lot of time on the couch, shape. >> and let it listen while you go about your daily life. >> and that has memory.
5:54 pm
you have to log in and be watching. it doesn't start registering your minutes for 10 minutes and it came out, we were searching for it and it's not available for download. >> okay. >> if you love sitting on the couch. >> all right. if you love music, eight- year-old girl topping the metal. >> i joy tunes chart. what happened? >> she's so juliette and this is the new rebecca black. >> okay. >> and we're going listen to juliette with her first hard- core. >> okay. >> my name is juliette. >> she loves her what and her fishes? >> yeah, yeah! [ laughter ] >> she loves robert and her fishes. >> robert's her brother. >> okay. that was nice. he got a shoutout there. >> show actually hooked up with an australian music producer. >> uh-huh. >> robert sharp is his name. and now, her parents paid to have this put together and downloaded to itunes and this is the next big thing for kids, calling her the next rebecca
5:55 pm
black. >> all right, i have to make money out there. >> get a serious producer. okay, shawn? >> thank you. and brian, what do you think? >> i would like them to demonstrate some talent, something like that. ahead on the edge, metro workers in trouble. three suspended without pay for an incident that could have been dangerous. you would have thought it was strange if you saw it on the platform. and we're all supposed to pay our taxes. a new report shows plenty of federal workers don't. we have a list of the biggest offenders. and this mean tough to watch if you claustrofolkic -- claustrophobic. a local rescue. 
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
. >> an unusual sight outside of
5:59 pm
the australian embassy in the northwest. the members of the animal rights group peta dressed as a flock of sheep to protest lamp mutilations. peta said the australian wool industries pledged to end that by 2010 they haven't and peta's calling on the australian government to step in and stop the practice. and thanks for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. well, i thought the president knocked it out of the park last night. >> so i agree and we agree. president obama -- in our system. >> no surprise, democratic senators rallying around the state of the union message. the republicans, not so much. the president hits the road today to sell his proposals. tom fitzgerald has more. what is the goal


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