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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  January 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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gone to two playoff wins and three post-season appearances and -- >> we didn't need to talk about that . >> good to remember the good days. >> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and awful your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is 5:00 on this thursday. happy friday eve. taking a live look from washington, d.c. now. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> like i said earlier, i knew there was some rain out there when i walked outside and saw the ground wet. >> a little bit out there. >> that doesn't mean i'm not crazy. it just means i saw what i saw. >> now you're selling it. wisdom is not imagining things. there is a very light sheen of rain falling across the area. not going to amount to a whole lot when we get out the rain bucket and measure it but enough to wet the roadways some some spots and you can see here that most of the ask is well
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off to the north up towards philadelphia and central pennsylvania. just light showers for the morning commute. kids might want to be ready for appear occasional shower here this morning. the main event with this one will arrive later tonight and during the overnight hours. 42 right now in washington. 41 out at dulles. and 39 at bwi marshall. those temperatures aren't bad. we will have high temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. cloudy skies, rain showers possible. they're likely. but-- nice spelling job there. >> gee, i wonder who did that. >> now i'm the crazy one. nice spelling job. the rain showers are possible but you get the idea here. >> let's take a look at what is going on on the roadways. >> i don't know what you guys have in the coffee this morning. i rally don't. i mean i'm over here with my the juice box behaving nicely.
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>> tucker can't spell. wisdom is seeing things. >> and it's friday eve, not even friday night. >> i know. just wait. >> on the roads right now, 66 coming eastbound from fair oaks. no problems reported right now as you continue inbound towards the beltway. overnight roadwork set up between nutley street and the beltway has cleared. the beltway roadwork and the hot lane also cleared. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely here southbound along 270 coming in out of germantown. no trouble spots to report working your way out towards mva. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the big story morning, a new studdie commissioned by d.c. mayor vincent gray t recommends that more than three dozen of the city's public schools be shut down. stacy cohan has the details on this. she joins us live from the school board headquarters in northeast. good morning. >> the school board chancellor kaya henderson called this
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study a potential game changer. that was back in august when it was first commissioned. the group from chicago, illinois has recommended closing or dramatically changing about three dozen schools and these schools are in some of the city's most struggling neighborhoods. the illinois facilities fund or iff as it is known says that some of these schools have some dramatic problems. their report includes a graph of schools and the ones highlighted in red are the ones targeted for these recommended changes. those schools include spingarn high school, woodson high school and anacostia high school. an elementary school on the list is furby hope elementary school. in the city, they have had a problem with underenrollment. there are some of of the city schools that do not have sufficient children enrolled in the schools and that is why there is consideration about closing them. study looked at underperforming
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schools in the city. the full results are expected to be released later today. the iff has been criticized previously when the study was first announced as being closely connected to the charter school movement. indeed, this report according to the "washington post" does recommend extending the charter school program here in the city. we will certainly learn more about this later today when the full results are announced. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. new this morning, a car drives right into a house. this happened around 1:00 in the morning on central avenue in davidsonville, maryland. it is unclear whether the driver was hurt during this. neighbors say they just moved in but may not have been there when this occurred. an ex-marine is expected to plead guilty on charges that he fired shots at a handful of
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military related museums. jonathan melaku is due in court today. arlington cemetery is missing $12 million of taxpayer money. officials said there is no documentation on where the money was spent. meantime, the cemetery is making progress accounting for every grave. that effort is still ongoing but so far, new totals show more than 400,000 military personnel are buried on the grounds. d.c. police are search identifying gunman accused of violently assaulting a woman and stealing awful her belongings in the shaw neighborhood. this happened late tuesday night on q street in northwest d.c. police say a man grabbed the woman by the neck forcing her down an alley and then he put a gun to her head and sexually salted her before taking off with her purse, briefcase and backpack. a former volunteer firefighter from prince george's county is charged with first degree arson. gerard dixon, jr., seen here,
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is accused of setting a house on fire in riverdale back in 2008. we are told they finally caught up with him in oregon. dixon is currently awaiting extradition back to prince george's county. if convicted, he faces 30 years behind bars. we are learning more details about the navy's daring raid to free an american and danish hostage in somalia yesterday. the elite team was seal team six the same unit that killed osama bin laden. after dropping in on parachutes from a fixed wing airplane in complete darkness, they first tried to capture the kidnappers who were sleeping but they opened fire and the u.s. commandos ended up killing all nine of them. >> whoever was holding them were calling them somali pirates. they could have been local bandits for all we know, stood and fought. so there was a fire fight. >> the white house released a photo of president obama calling jessica buchanan's father telling him his daughter was safe and coming home. aconfrontation on the tarmac for president obama.
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a public memorial is scheduled today for former penn state football coach joe paterno. organizers say it only took seven minutes for the 10,000 public tickets to sell out. yesterday, thousands lined the streets of state college, pennsylvania for the funeral procession. actual service was private. paterno was the winningest college football coach of all time. he died sunday at the age of 85 knowledging a brief bat we'll lung cancer. president obama is now on a three-day campaign tour pushing his blueprint for america. he is now headed to colorado and michigan. he was calling for tax breaks for manufacturers who bring jobs home from overseas. yesterday, the president was in arizona. when he ran into governor brewer, the two had what is being described as a tense exchange over the governor's latest book. >> i had written a handwritten
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note to him to deliver welcoming him to arizona and he immediately took umbrage if you will with my book that i wrote, scorpions for breakfast, and was somewhat disgruntled for you will about the way he was portrayed in the book. >> brewer also says the president complained that she had described him as not treating her cordially. priceless stolen art is back in the right hands thanks to the bureau of immigration and customs enforcement. two paintings were stolen from the museum in eastern france in 19 81. today, at the kroger museum, one of them was returned. ice's director says art thefts may not seem like the dirty work they normally do but that doesn't make it any less significant. thieves were caught in the act. coming up next, something outside your home could be just what they are looking for too.
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and we will have details of this crime spree coming up. >> we have showers across the area. there will be a light rain here for your morning commute. i'll have all the details on your weather forecast. julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic as well. all that coming up after the break. eak. 
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live look outside right
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there. are those raindrops? those are not rain drops. that is what i saw earlier. is that the washington monument, is that right? i can't see. >> a little moisture in the air. >> a little fog and mist out there. >> wisdom is one of a kind with his weather forecast. >> we love having wisdom. >> a little fog and mist that crossed the area is back. the good news is it is not dense fog like what we had around here earlier in the week. we have a identify light showers around and that is why it looks a little misty out there. >> it will burn off quick enough, right? >> well, it won't really burn off today. >> it's not? >> no. >> big surprise. >> we await the arrival of more rain through the day today. it will be one of those what we call unsettled days in the weather department. >> my flowers are confused. >> the daffodils are just popping up.
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let's get to it. lets me kick off and show you the light showers moving through. the showers are hit and miss. very light rain. just a few 100ths of an inch of rain. any time we get rain and we've got a morning commute, it is not helpful. rain showers now working in from the south and west right across the beltway and we move in through the city shortly. more rain showers just south of the city down towards waldorf, la plata, pushing down towards leonardtown. you've got a light shower as well. out to the west, front royal, winchester, more showers for you just to the west of you. those will be moving through shortly. we don't have any mixed precip. there is no winter weather on this map as temperatures are generally in the upper 30s and low 40s. just a little too warm to support anything other than liquid. probably good news if you are driving to work. lets get to the satellite- radar. let me show you the bigger picture. here we go. most of the action, we do have winter weather up to the north in pennsylvania. for us, just light rain showers
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and the main event hanging out to the west. this is a cold front that will get in here during the evening hours, really overnight tonight into tomorrow. during the day today, a lot of clouds around but it won't be raining all day. i think there will be many hours today where it is just kind of cloudy out there. later tonight, the rain showers will move through and it will be a steady rain during the overnight and early morning hours tomorrow. up ahead of the front, the temperatures will get a chance to jump. even through the evening hours, our temperatures will probably be jumping up into the low 50s. light showers this morning. one or two showers at 2:00, particularly just to the north of the city. we'll watch it kind of fill in here during the overnight hours. here we are at 1:00 in the morning. that will come through just in time to the morning commute tomorrow. once we get that east of us, temperatures will start to fall. the forecast, cloudy skies, occasional rain showers. 51 your daytime high. there are your winds out of the east at about five miles per hour. cloudy skies, showers likely tonight. steady rain during the late
5:18 am
night hours and early tomorrow morning. the five-day forecast, 56 early tomorrow. temperatures start to fall and right now the weekend, that looks nice for the end of january. 52 on saturday. 44 on sunday. that is a look at your weather forecast. before i toss it to julie, we want to remind you to sign up for fox 5 weather. it is a free app getting great reviews. can you get your local radar. you can find out if it is raining in your neighborhood. you can get the 10-day forecast and the occasional tweet from tony and myself. go to the apple store and if you've got a droid, go to marketplace, put in fox 5 weather. julie, take it away. >> all right, tucker. we look forward to those occasional tweets from you and tony. you will find the volume uncreasing traveling eastbound along 66 working your way in from fair oaks headed towards the capital beltway. you will find your lanes are
5:19 am
open on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. no trouble spots to report along this stretch and lands are open inbound new york avenue as you work your way past new york avenue headed out to the tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we know of people stealing gold and silver but what about copper. >> it seems that may be the latest metal that thieves are after. there have been a series of thefts in montgomery county all targeting downspouts off your gutters. >> reporter: this is a video a home owner captured of thieves in action stealing copper downspouts off his home in silver spring. these guys were caught. but now, montgomery county police have their sights set on new suspects who have been doing the very same thing. >> they pull up close to the house in their pickup truck and they use their tools and cut the downspouts and cut the
5:20 am
gutters off the home. >> strange. never thought that anybody would try to steal my downspouts. >> reporter: stacy lives right across the street from one of the homes most recently hit some bethesda. she says the thieves pulled three downspouts off the back of the house when no one was home and she note id part of her downspout missing recent had. >> i'm wonder if maybe they started to take mine, maybe they got spooked, something happened. >> since november, we seem to have a rise in the amount of copper thefts. >> reporter: nearly 30 thefts in bethesda, potomac and rockville. the gutters are easily accessible and the copper has a high resale value. >> we are pretty well lit. we have a fenced-in backyard. i feel pretty safe. tense action at the movie theaters this weekend. men pushed to the brink after their plane crashes in the wilderness.
5:21 am
two of the stars of the movie, the gray sat down with kevin mccarthy. that is coming up. 
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when a plane crashes in the alaskan wilderness, a group of men are left to battle some hungry wolves. that is the starting . for the gray starting tomorrow. >> movie reviewer kevin mccarthy talked with two of the stars about shooting in the freezing conditions and why it is sometimes good to hide behind a disguise. >> it is funny because if
5:24 am
you're watching this film and you are thinking these guys are really out there. i couldn't imagine even trying to talk. when i'm in d.c., we'll go on tv and do a report in 32 degree weather and i can't speak. how in the hell do you get your dialogue out. >> you have a frozen face. you do. it is funny. sometimes you will see it in the movie where the boy and the girl and it's spring time and they're in t-shirts and you can tell it is freezing cold. at least in in movie, it doesn't take you out of the film. >> i actually didn't recognize you for the first hour or so and then you took your glasses off. i'm like there he is. >> ' been here the whole time. >> was that a conscious decision on your part? >> in a way it was. i knew that we were going to have some sort of hat or head or scarf or shirt so you are only dealing with this much of the actors anyway. then in talking with joe, we thought why not put a couple other layers of whatever you want to call it distance from the audience or protections
5:25 am
from the meant, whatever. then when the person does open up in the scene you are referring to, it is actually -- the guy has to count before he goes back in. >> an interesting balance here because he is putting you in the elements. i want to ask you as actors, where is that balance to be realistically as possible on camera. >> how long were you under water, dallas? that can kill you. you have to come up from underneath. >> i think the record was like 1:20 or something like that. >> one hour and twenty minutes. >> that is considerably longer. >> in many ways, that is sort of why i wanted to do this job in the first place is because you get to go do crazy stuff every now and then. >> i we're trying to make a realistic movie here but i don't know if i can physically stand in. >> i'm sure for you polled the rest of the cast, and probably
5:26 am
most of vancouver, they would say that i was the strongest, the warmest. >> i think there is a little plaque at the top of the mountain with a little photo. >> when you go back some day. >> looking comfort pleatly comfortable in the elements. >> absolutely. >> nobody crumbled. everybody pulled it off. >> when you shoot a movie like that and you were elevenning these survival skills and you leave set and now you are back in the daily element, do you found yourself feeling different about the world and doing things differently? >> here is the deal, man. when we did shoe the true wreck series with the plane wreck on that hill. we are flying to smithers, british columbia, really in the middle of the whole province and very, very cold which is why we're going there. what he this thought would be a good idea in a movie with a plane wreck in it was to put the entire cast and crew on a plane and take them to a remote
5:27 am
area where there is nothing but snow. he wanted us coming over that mountain. more than anything, it was just you little irony in that i think everyone understood as you are loading on the scene and you are going to shoot the scene where you are going on the plane and it got a little funky. >> i guess for how many hundreds of thousands or millions, you could probably deal with the conditions. >> i think it would be a worthy trade-off. i would either like snow and cold we are for a couple million bucks -- weather for a couple million bucks. coming up next, possible chains in the d.c. schools system. that is our big story. stacy? >> well, good morning. a new report recommends changing or closing almost three dozen d.c. public schools. i'll have all the details coming up in a live report. .
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a couple of showers out there. kids probably want to bring along a rain jacket here if they are headed to the bus stop, walking to school, that kind of thing. there will be light showers. >> nothing to disrupt your whole day. just a little bit to make it more interesting. >> your kids watch every morning to find out the weather
5:31 am
forecast? >> yeah, they are up. they would be up getting ready to go to school around 6:00. they would be watching, hanging on your every word. >> are they watching? they better be doing all the things they need to get ready for school. maybe the tv is on in the background. >> light showers moving through overnight. temperatures are well above fleecing so we're not concern with any winter precip but you can see not too far to our north up into pennsylvania, it has been generally snow, yeah. here in washington, i'm just looking here. we're getting a couple of very light rain showers. the main event is out to the west, out towards cleveland and cincinnati. that will get in here later tonight. we'll be cloudy tonight. eventually, the main event will get in here tonight in the form of some steady rain showers and they will persist during the overnight hours into your commute tomorrow morning. so it will take about 24 hours or so before we can clear this off the coast and we can get
5:32 am
some sunshine back in the forecast. right now at reagan national, 41 degrees. 41 in washington. 45 in fredericksburg. 30s in winchester. 36 in hagerstown. still just warm enough that it is liquid for all of us this morning. here is your forecast for today. 51 in la plata. temperatures will be rising tonight up ahead of our front. it will be a relatively mild day even with the showers around. >> thank you. time now to check in with julie wright to see what is happening on the roads. >> good morning. right now, we're looking pretty good. no problems to report inbound new york avenue as you work your way past north capital street headed out towards the tunnel. nice and easy commute as you work your way in there the brentwood parkway. you will find lanes are open on d.c. kenilworth avenue. no trouble spots to report coming across the anacostia bridges. still an easy drive for folks traveling in inbound on 66.
5:33 am
no accidents, just some slow traffic. you will find your lanes are open coming across the american legion bridge leaving maryland headed into virginia and 270 still at speed coming from father hurley boulevard headed past mva. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. checking headline now, britney norwood's family want parole. they have written 20 peoples of a plea begging the judge to let her out of prison some day. they have written they don't understand the brutal killing of a scow worker back in november. nor can they explain the extent tensive lies she told after the tax. her sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow. an ex-marine is expected to plead guilty today that he fired shots at military-related buildings. yonathan melaku is due in court today. arlington cemetery is
5:34 am
missing $12 million of taxpayer money. at a senate hearing yesterday, cemetery officials said there is no documentation on where the money was spent. the money is about a quarter of the cemetery's annual budget. meantime, the cemetery is making progress accounting for every grave. that effort is still ongoing but so far, a new total shows more than 400,000 military personnel are buried on the grounds there. the hostages rescued in yesterday's spectacular raid on somali pirates are on their way home this morning. the navy's elite seal team six carried out the pre-dawn raid. it is officially known as the naval special warfare development group. they rescued an american woman and a danish man held since last fall. they left north africa last night and they are due to get medical screening before heading home today. now to today's big story. a new report on the d.c. school system. the study was commissioned by the mayor and it recommends closing more than three dozen
5:35 am
public schools and opening more charter schools. fox 5's stacy cohan joins us now live from the school board headquarters in northeast. i'm sure there are a lot of people who are not happy about this. >> i'm sure there are a lot of parents who are concerned. we do have some. "washington post" is reporting this study that has been released. we'll get more details later on today. i can tell you the gray administration commissioned this study back in august. the city has a problem. there are at least 40 schools that are underenrolled meaning they have fewer than 300 students each. that is part of the reason they are looking at some of these schools. now, the "washington post" reports that the illinois facilities fund or the iff, which is the agency out of chicago, illinois that has done this study is recommending closing or dramatically changing about three dozen schools. the iff also calls for the
5:36 am
expansion of higher performing charter schools. more than 40% of the city's 7 #,000 students are already in these publicly funded charter schools. some advocates of traditional schools have criticized the choice of the iff to do this study. group has made nearly $60 million in loans to charter schools. as far as schools that are lated for potential closure -- that are slated for potential closure, there are several. spingarn, woodson and anacostia high schools are on the list. the report does also include a recommendation that, if schools are closed, that charter schools should be brought into n. to replace them or perhaps new traditional schools should be built. we are expecting the full report to be released publicly later today and hopefully, we'll be hearing from the school board. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. a confession from pat
5:37 am
sajak. drunk on air? >> we'll hear it straight from him. catching a cab in the district if you are disabled is not easy. i'm matt ackland. coming up, a move by city leaders to get more of these vehicles on the street. but first, before we head to break, a check of the markets shows wall street hit its highest level since last may. the dow closed up over 816789 the nasdaq gained more than 31 points. japan's nikkei lost 34 but it is the only asian market in the red. all other global stocks are up following the announcement that u.s. interest rates will stay low until 2014. back in a moment. ♪
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the future of d.c. taxi cabs is up for debate. >> the lack ever wheelchair accessible cabs in the district is up for discussion. >> reporter: mary cheh wanted to see for herself one of the wheelchair accessible vans. the van is equip wade ramp, extra rear seating, other than a stronger suspension system to carry the extra weight. >> there is a significant need. i think they estimate about 5% of the ridership.
5:41 am
>> reporter: these vans are expensive. about $25,000 more than a typical cab. federal dollars were used to purchase 20 of these vans. the manhattan nance is expensive. >> after that, it will need to be maintained. we think about $150,000 to maintain and operate the existing 20 that are on the streets. >> reporter: that is where the d.c. council steps in. cheh would like to discuss funding for these cabs at a cometee meeting next monday. they can't afford to continue this program without help. >> if i have to charge the driver the real rental for a vehicle of this cost, there is -- they could never make back the money. this would be no demand for it. they wouldn't want to drive t. ahead of the taxy cab hearing on monday, and online questionnaire was sent out to d.c. residents. all the results will be released today but fox 5 was able to get a few district attorney tails ahead of time. over 4,000 people responded to the polls answering questions like how you compare service to other cities and what do you
5:42 am
think about the price. the big question was about color. 3% believe cabs should be yellow. 18% think they should be red. tv game show host pat sajak speaks out about something he did on tv regarding alcohol. >> the terps tried to pull off the upset. we're checking sports coming up. over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day.
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the capitol dome in the background there. it looks like a teeny tiny bit of fog from here. tucker barnes. >> let's talk about what is going on with the weather. >> it has been spring-like the last day and a half or so. the temperatures will be bumping up again to the upper 40s and low 50s. not too bad. >> we'll take it for january. >> don't need the gloves or hat. we do have showers in the forecast today. not going to rain all day. this will be one of those days where it is cloudy and gloomy for a good portion of the day. it is not raining every minute. let's kick it off with temperatures. we've got some 30s off to the north and to the west. 39 for you in gaithersburg. 36 in frederick. 45 in fredericksburg and 41 in
5:46 am
leonardtown. a comfortable start to your day. get right to the radar for you. had light showers move through during the overnight hours and there you go. you can see we still have light showers off to the east. maybe a sprinkle right inside the city at the moment and up 95 towards laurel and columbia. more showers out to the west. the hit and miss variety showers will be with us for the morning commute. let me show you what is going on here. we have an area of low pressure and a cold front out to the west. and this cold front will take its sweet time getting here so that will be the main event. that will get in here later tonight and during the early morning tomorrow and bring us a steady rain. up ahead of it, just some scattered showers during the course of the day. i think much of the day as mentioned it will be kind. cloudy for you. i think tomorrow morning's commute will have a good soaking rain around. once this front clears by tomorrow afternoon, we should see some sunshine and cooler temperatures moving in by friday afternoon. a little unsettled here for the
5:47 am
next 24 hours or so. cloudy skies, occasional rain showers. cloudy skies, showers likely tonight. notice that temperature doesn't fall a whole lot. it is likely to kind of bump up ahead of our front. by tomorrow morning, we might have temperatures in the mid- 50s with the rain showers. temperatures fall tomorrow afternoon. we'll get the clearing, the front will clear and the reverend looks dry. not bad for the end of january. 44 on sunday afternoon. partly sunny. weekend with no football. what am i going to do? >> i hear there is a pile of laundry you could get working on. >> you saying my clothes don't look very clean. >> we don't see from you the waist down. we don't see that air not wearing socks right now. >> or pants, julie. >> oh, my gosh. wow! no longer am i in need of breakfast.
5:48 am
270 coming out of germantown starting to slow as you work your way south of father hurley boulevard. out to the west, we have some problems if you are traveling on route 7. we do have reports of an accident with fire and rescue units on the scene. 66 still in good shape. it is slowing at fair oaks. no incidents to report as you travel inbound approaching 495. just volume building here. you will find if you are traveling inbound along new york avenue. we do have slow traffic there. the live camera shot of traffic americaning on from fair oaks headed in towards 123. definitely below speed as you head eastbound. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the host of wheel of fortune is coming clean about some things that he did while he was on dwreef in a recent interview, he hosted the game show while he was drunk. sajak said he would take a dinner break ate makes can restaurant where he would indull.
5:49 am
>> we would go across and do the last two or three or six and have trouble recognizing the alphabet. >> he went on to say alcohol is no longer a part of his hosting duties. >> no longer a part. was it ever like a part? like a requirement? >> who knew? ate huge night at college park for the terps and what were you doing 20 years ago today? joining us now, the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. good morning to you. >> hello. >> let's start off by talking about the terps. big night for the terps last night against duke even though they didn't win the basketball game. gary williams and the basketball court. >> we went to the game last night. an electric atmosphere. showed him what comcast center can be like. the problem is it takes duke and it takes dedicating court to gary williams to get the crowd fired up. >> i'm guessing when clemson on or wake forest roll in, it isn't usually the same type of
5:50 am
atmosphere. >> it isn't the same. it was a real special night no coach. the fans were supercharged up for it. >> eric and i both went to the university of maryland and the thing is our freshman year, we had to endure bob wade and then gary came our sophomore year and they had probation. i remember the first time he walked in there, gave the fans the fist pump. he did that last night. he turned the program around. they won a national championship. >> can we get some run for my alma mater. at least my alma mater, towson university, is making a mark. lost 40 straight games. >> interesting. >> they probably won't win a game this year. >> man. that's pretty sad. why did you want to bring that up? that's your school. >> it is a badge of honor. >> 52 or 53 straight. >> let's talk about some happier days. the washington redskins. this is the anniversary coming up on the anniversary of 20 years ago when the washington
5:51 am
redskins won their last super bowl. joe gibbs beating the buffalo bills. do you remember the good old days? darryl rigs right there? >> i was in college. look at me now. bald, i got three kids. i've been mediocre ever i.n.s. then. >> they keep changing coaches appear quarterbacks. who knew this was going to happen to the redskins. >> you would never think that 0 years later there would only be one coach not named gibbs that would take the plays are to the playoffs in that 20 high pressure year stretch. we could go another 20 years unfortunately in this sort of same oblivion. >> beat the giants twice. who would have thunk that. >> i know i didn't have to get up at 4:30 in the morning the day after that super bowl. i do know that. i was in college. i guarantee you i skipped that first class. >> if you think about it, mike shanahan at 11-21 is now the
5:52 am
longest tenured major head coach in d.c. with flip saunders getting the ax and bruce buoyed owe moves on. mike shanahan is your elder statesman here. >> you did mention the wizards. the new coach and he is 1-0. >> he has peaked. don't expect it to go any if you are themple they played the bobcats -- any further. they played the bobcats. >> i mean how bad are the bobcats. the wizards had the worst record in the league and we were favored. >> i'm pretty sure we are no longer in last place in the division. that honor belongs to the charlotte bobcats led by bimichael jordan. >> this is how bad they are. matt carroll is starting as shooting guard. >> we want to stay in the moment. we're not worried about nothing
5:53 am
else. let's just enjoy the day. >> absolutely. >> all right. thank you very much, guys. >> thank you. >> all right. a spectacular sight -- >> they want to keep going. >> we can talk about the wizards all day. a spectacular sight in the sky. coming up next, more on one of those large solar storms, one of the largest we've seen in years. >> it is so cool. it doesn't look real. first, we'll be back after this.   5 anticipation 6.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. 5' 6. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking.
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we want to say good morning to robert youngerman. he is our facebook fan of the day. he is a super skins fan. i'm sure he is loving the 20th anniversary or at least thinking about that. >> the good old days when the days were good for the washington redskins. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, findous facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under robert's photo. a stellar sight is cause ago quite a stir in the sky over norway. you are taking a look at the aurora borealis also known as the northern lights. this happens to be one of the largest solar storms we have seen in nearly six years. >> the radiation spewing from the storm is interfering with airline communications systems, navigating flights between north america, europe and asia. >> the sun generates a lot of
5:57 am
energy and that radiation gets pushed through space. >> a lot of people are kind of worried about that but really all that is going to happen is it will bend the magnetic field a little bit and that could cause some long-range communication issues. >> long-range communications issues but nothing to worry about. okay. all right.ady had to reroute at least a half dozen planes and astronauts aboard the international space station may have to shield themselves for avoid a heightened dose of solar radiation. no worries for us here on earth. we are safe. at least that is what they tell us. >> don't panic. it does look good. stay with us. we'll be right back. introducing the new flip & fresh from air wick
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