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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 26, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> that is how i look during a red skins game. >> a lot of people during a red skins game. thank you guys. >> all right good morning everybody, president barack obama is used to being criticized but probably not like this. >> check it out that is arizona governor january brewer in the the president's face shaking her if you thinker more on what made her so mad. then dc schools are under fire, a new report out this morning, suggest some of the worst ones should be shut down live with a closer look. >> check this wild video out overnight a car went into this maryland home, the story behind these pictures as fox 5 morning news continues right now. a live lookout side yeah, roads are wet as we have had a little rain come through early this morning we will find out what to expect with tucker barnes. sure january 26th i am tony
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perkens. >> i am alison seymour. >> tucker barnes standing by good morning. >> hey, alison showers moving through hit and miss it will not be everywhere, most of the day we will just feature clouds but probably enough, kids head out to the bus stop they will want to be prepared for showers. shower activity, light, moving west to east and generally a break but rain showers out to the west, they will be moving through during the course of the next couple hours be prepared for rain showers for your thursday and along with it, mild temperatures, upper 40s low 50s by late this afternoon. 41 degrees, 41 regan national, temperatures not terribly cold to start your morning. lots of clouds around, on again, off again showers highs low 50s. the rain will become steady tonight and then we will get some clearing tomorrow details
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on our weekend forecast coming up in a couple minutes, julie wright has gotten busy. >> yeah, a lot happening on the roads we are getting word from state highway maybe a tractor trailer or larger sized box truck rear ended the van, southbound i-95, south of 212 help is on scene but the roadway remains blocked as they try to extricate a person from that van. southbound, i-58, 212, all lanes blocked until further notice. what this means headed into laurel you will need to bailout early, take 198, to 295. that will save you some time also the option of 29 but again until further notice southbound i-95 remains closed after 212 in beltsville. >> crash on the other side of town 109 west of 270, still clocked off each direction that is on 109, southbound 270 does
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slow approach passing 109 delays out of rockville. northbound i-95, virginia, heavy and slow, headed across the occoquan. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you busy morning continues new this morning a car plows right into a house, it happened early this morning on central avenue west, davidsonville maryland the driver was slightly hurt after crashing his vehicle into the side of the home someone lives there but doesn't appear they were home at the time. police are investigating why the car left the road and ended up inside. >> to the race for the the white house republican presidential candidates gearing up for another debate tonight in florida. this as president barack obama continues his own campaign style tour there is at least one heated headline coming out of the president's stop in arizona. here is doug luzader.
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>> reporter: well, newt gingrich and mitt romney duke it out in florida, president obama is squeezing into the picture leap frogging ahead of republicans into some of the next battleground states nevada and colorado today, arizona yesterday where he was fighting with republicans as soon as he got off the plane. arizona governor january brewer offered a welcome -- jan brewer offered a welcome, moments later, it was heated. they clash on immigration reform. >> i don't know why he was surprised by my book but he evidently is and he is very thin skinned in regards to it. >> the administration says the two had a cordial, white house meeting but in arizona it appeared anything but. a short time later the president was making his case for re-election. >> over the last 22 months, our businesses have created more
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than 3 million jobs [ applause ] >> this is part of the president's post state of the union tour not technically a campaign trip but a chance to grab the spotlight on a day when republicans were battling in florida. more tax on newt gingrich and mitt romney. new polls like this one show romney may have regained a slight lead in a pivotal state. >> the real clear politics average a poll shows gingrich has a lead in florida. another debate there tonight. in washington doug luzader, fox news. congress woman gabrielle giffords has given a farewell to washington for now the former u.s. congressman officially resigned yesterday a year after that shooting that left her with severe brain injuries her long time friend representative debbie schultz read a letter on her behalf in which she says she needs to commit to her recovery.
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giffords was in her third term in congress. >> learning a lot more about the stunning rescue of an american woman and danish man from somali pirates the navy's elite seal team 6 carried out the predawn raid. president obama hinted of the mission during his state of the union speech. >> 8 months ago they raided a fortified compound in rural pakistan and killed osama bin laden. tuesday night, member offs the same navy seal team 6 dropped out of the night sky over somalia within a matter of seconds rescued american missionary jessica buchanon and a danish colleague flying the former hostages to a base in djibuti. >> there was a fire fight. we are told all nine hostage takers were killed none of the americans was hurt. >> clearly, the government made
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a decision, that the female hostage was in distress physically and mentally and they thought they had the best opportunity to effect a rescue, these decisions are not made lightly, gain, high risk, high reward. >> president obama is clearly pleased you can hear him congratulate defense secretary, at the state of the union. [ applause ] >> leon, good job tonight. good job tonight. >> after the speech still at the capital president called buchanon's father in ohio telling him jessica was safe. >> we have a very robust special operations component and they can have great global reach and do this any where any time. >> dick couch is a former navy seal, vietnam veteran and author we spoke to him via skype from colorado. >> that is why most of these things are conducted at night we operate very well at night and can -- it is certainly to
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our advantage and disadvantage of those on target. >> bob bar in regard, fox 5 news. the president gave the go ahead at 9:00 p.m. monday night after getting briefed at the white house by has national security advisor. >> an ex-marine from alexandria expected to plead guilty to charges related at the pentagon and other military buildings, the 24-year-old is accused of firing shots at a handful of military related targets including the pentagon and marine corps museum he is due in court for a plea agreement hearing later this morning moscow tores have evidence linking -- prosecutors have evidence linking him to the shooting. the family of brittany norwood is asking the judge to sentence her to life in prison. she is due to be sentenced tomorrow for the murder of jana murray at the lululemon store last fall. her family wrote over a dozen
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em passioned memos to the judge. a man who walked into a local elementary school and tried to rob a worker at fort hood elementary school in fort washington the suspect did not show a weapon and was scared off before he was able to take anything the school was on lock down for a little while no students were ever in danger. another big story we are following future of education in washington dc. a new study commissioned by the mayor recommends more than 3 dozen public schools be turned around or shut down. fox 5s. stacey cohan is following that story she joining us live from school board headquarters i don't know how many schools there are in dc but over 3 dozen closed or being needed to turn around that is a big number seems to me. >> reporter: it is a big number and in fact, the number of those schools are all concentrated in the same sections of the city which means those wards will be the hardest hit if any changes come
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to fruition this group, the study was commissioned late last summer by the grey administration. this group, studied these and broke them into tiers, tier 4 schools are recommended to be shut down or transformed, high performing charter schools need to be expanded throughout the city this is according to the washington post full details will be released later today. i have a list of high schools, capped for closure or restructuring, roosevelt, core doeso, dunbar, woodson. anacostia and finguard of 39 schools in the tier 4 rating, 22 of those are in wards 7 and 8 the rest are spread throughout the city but that certainly means ward 7 and 8
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will be the most dramatically effected by these changes if they come to fruition we have not heard yet any reaction from chancellor henderson although she said back when the study was commissioned she expected it to be a game changing study, and that there may be drastic changes ahead for the education system in our city. live i am stay stacey cohan. chart wells school dining which supplies, dc food could lose its contract school officials tell the post because of reports of rotten food, poorly trained staff and some meals served without milk and fruit in one particular case students were reportedly served moldy breakfast bars. a heads up from metro riders, we are just getting word of trouble on the red line trains are sharing a track
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problems with the rail, expect delays. good news, old good news, 20 years ago today washington was celebrating. look back when we come back. and why? >> i think i know. >> then a public memorial service planned to celebrate the life of legendary coach joe paterno a day after his funeral, hear from the mourners including former red skin, lavarerington please stay with us i can't stand these spots.
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we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. yeah,. >> man even the video. >> glory days. >> red skins fans today mark an anniversary 20 years since burgundy and gold played in a super bowl, super bowl 26 the opponent was the buffalo bills, location metro dome look at
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that pass. red skins behind rigs and ripen. ripen was on fire. >> he had a great year. it is the last championship for any of the major four sports franchises in the district. what is going on. >> football,. >> wizards, cavs,. >> well, i mean -- >> nationals. >> let me say d.c. united had several championships. but there are a lot of big soccer fans. >> sure. >> those are the glory days it was great i cannot believe it is 20 -- even during that time i used to go to all the games with my friend rob and we used to celebrate but always said we got to enjoy this won't last forever. never did i think -- >> you put the curse on the team. >> no curse. >> but 20 years. >> you know i miss the squire. >> you know what. >> the squire.
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>> remember him. >> he was always in the news. >> i used to see him some times in georgetown very thrilling. happy anniversary. >> norry days. >> i promise -- glory days. >> i promise -- >> why did that video look so old. >> 20 years old. >> it is not old. >> bus stop forecast here is the bottom line kids going to school this morning, they will -- be prepared for a few showers honestly much of the day will feature cloud cover and occasional scattered showers during the course of our day main event will get in here tonight. temperatures not bad, 37-44 sunrise getting earlier, 7:19 a.m. this morning couple minutes, 41 washington, colder off to the north and west, in fact, our overnight showers were in the form of wintery presip across central pennsylvania where temperatures were colder than here you can see temperatures generally on the mild side, minneapolis, currently 29, miami florida, julie wright, 72 to start your morning that is
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not a bad way to start your morning. severe weather right now in southeast louisiana, in fact new orleans under a flood warning they are getting extremely heavy rain. those are the same storms that brought problems to texas that whole system going to slog across the eastern sea board. as that front moves through tonight, rain will become more widespread and heavier, for tomorrow morning the rain will still stick around. there is your five day, 51 today, temperatures on the warm side, 56 tomorrow falling temperatures tomorrow afternoon dry weekend seasonal temperatures by sunday and monday. temps not bad but a little messy in spots. >> a little rainy. >> okay. >> thanks tuck. >> these above normal temperatures,. >> we are getting used to it. >> spoiled. >> here is julie wright she has the latest on the roads and a lot going on. we are hoping we get this live shot from the chopper sarah i can see them over in
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skype this is the accident southbound i-95, south of 212 we had reports it involved a van and a box truck that is what we were told from authorities they were having difficulty extracting one person from one of those vehicles and that is why traffic was completely blocked southbound i-95, south of 212, now we've got the trip coming southbound, at least two left lanes getting by but because the road was shut down for a half hour, as expected, those delays are building from before 198 out of laurel. again a lot of activity still along the right side of the roadway, southbound i-95, two left lanes getting by. bailout early, head over towards the bw parkway use that as the alternate route or maybe even the option of 29 depending where your destination will lead you that could save you some time again clean up continues southbound i-95, south of 212 two left lanes getting by at the scene.
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northbound, i-95, virginia, heavy, slow and steady leaving wood bridge. lanes are open 395, traffic flowing at duke street continuing up towards seminary road, 66 tied up in manassas. leaving 50 to 123 again at the capital belt way we have problems the wreck along southbound 95, 212 just to recap that two left lanes getting by there on metro's red line because of a cracked rail, you will find red line is single tracking between friendship heights and van eases this is going to be with us throughout the rest of the mornings commute. >> thank you. 10,000 people will gather today for a public memorial service to honor joe paterno the legendary coach died sunday today's public memorial comes as the paterno's family, friends and former players came together at his funeral. >> reporter: thousands of family, friends and well
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wishers have gathered outside penn state university to say goodbye to beloved coach joe paterno. >> joe dedicated his life to this university and the football team i just want to pay my respects. >> some former penn state players were also on hand for his viewing. >> you know, my feelings are i want to pay respects to joe and that is what it comes down to. >> the world has lost a great man. >> walking by joe's casket the viewing, it starts to sink in more he is really gone. so you know, sad thing. >> outside mourners lined the procession route watching with grief and sorrow as the herst drove by. you can't miss this, joe has done so much for penn state i wouldn't want to miss a chance to say goodbye. >> some say his legacy will forever live on in their hearts and school. >> his star should burn bright through the history of this university as long as this
7:22 am
university is here his name should be part of this. >> he ended up fired from the university in the wake of child sex abuse charges, of sandusky, he was charged with molesting 10 boys over a period of 15 years. it is 7:22 a.m. on this thursday morning. new numbers are telling a rough story about local home prices a closer look at that when we come back. >> next half hour we will have a little fun out at the chinese new years celebration. >> how pretty. >> cute. >> 7:22 a.m. stay with us we will be right back ♪
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welcome back, 7:25 a.m., the chairman of the federal reserve, ben bernanke says they will not raise their record low interest rate any time soon. anyone buying a home or financing a car can borrow cheaply for at least two more years.
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if fed kept the benchmark rate near 0 for almost three years. alison. >> home foreclosures down from april to june of last year but they still made up 20% of all home sales now, that is about four times more than at the peak of the housing boom. sales of foreclosed homes have been held up because of disputes about arebo signers. so here in dc housing prices fell in the last four months of last year the average price was down 5.5%, just over $380,000 in dc, alexandria, arlington home prices are down more than 6%. fairfax and montgomery and prince georges county prices fell almost 7%. and in louden and prince william and frederick, home prices are down more than 1%, now the average time houses are on the market these days, 80 days. >> remember the old days when
7:27 am
they were on the market for about 3 days then gone. those days are over for now. >> yep. 7:26 a.m. coming up 7:27 a.m. on thursday morning if you are just waking up stay tuned we have an update on today's top stories when we come back. >> in his state of the union address president barack obama pushed the buffett rule it is his plan to make millionaires, pay 30% taxes, we will take a closer look at this idea, and if it will work 
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7:30 a.m. on thursday morning time for an update. the same elite navy commanders that killed osama bin laden parachuted into somalia to rescue two hostages yesterday. they originally planned to capture the kidnappers but ended up killing nine of them. president obama gave the go ahead for the mission monday night and knew it was a success before he delivered the state of the union address. >> we are learning about a dust up in the desert he was met at the airport by governor jan brewer they reportedly exchanged heated words over her latest book this photo shows the encounter she later says he was not happy with the way he
7:31 am
was portrayed in that book this morning the white house is does putting what happened. a new study commissioned by vincente grey recommends three dozen public schools in some of dcs poorest neighbourhoods be transformed or shut down the report recommends expanding the number of charter schools some critics are raising concerns they say the group that performed the research, supports charter schools according to the washington post the company says their work looks at boast school sectors objectively. 7:31 a.m., 41 degrees on this thursday. >> good morning not a terrible day but to be honest a lot of clouds around and mild temperatures, back in upper 40s low 50s maybe rain showers now and then. for january that is not bad. >> it is at this point -- it is feeling odd. it feels like every day we are on the verge of spring >> i feel the same way.
7:32 am
about to break out here aren't we. >> maybe we will have an early spring. would that be so bad. >> here the the deal with that mother nature, she likes to play games what will happen is then we will have the coldest spring in history. >> never mind. >> suddenly late april and may things will get cold. >> sentinel radar, light showers across the area, nothing at the belt way, that said, one or two sprinkles, north and west up to 70, 95, you might be getting a light sprinkle light showers moving through from time to time, a few more developing south of 66 showers in the forecast today, not going to rain all day, we will have cloud cover all day occasional rain showers but really, the bulk of the rain will hold off until the night time hours, you can see out to the west a cold front and vigorous storm another vigorous storm will keep most of its energy for us north and west of the washington area later today eventually the front will come through i think 9, 10, 11:00
7:33 am
p.m. tonight rain will get steady and be steady overnight into the commute tomorrow. so, a lot of clouds around today temperatures expected to once again be mild upper 40s to 50 that is not bad this time of year, and then cooler temperatures by late in the day tomorrow currently 41 washington, 39 baltimore, 42 at the naval air station and 30s hanging out to the north and west, 37 win chester, 36 hagerstown, a nice surge of warmer air ahead of our cold front you will feel temperatures rising late this afternoon and tonight, tonight generally 50s. cloudy skies occasional rain showers, don't fall back a whole lot tonight, 48 overnight low cloudy skies, showers likely becoming rain overnight as that front approaches and here is your 5 day forecast again if you get into the overnight hours and early tomorrow rain showers around, quick bump up to 56 and temperatures fall tomorrow afternoon and weekend looks dry
7:34 am
seasonal temperatures return sunday and monday highs low 40s. that is a look at your weather forecast, julie is very busy in the on time traffic center. >> i am tweeting away tucker barnes. >> keep it up. >> so much going on crew in sky fox once again jeremy is hovering above this accident southbound i-95, involving a box truck and van for almost 30 minutes we had this interstate completely shut down that is no longer the case traffic is able to get by the scene, south of 212 using the two left lanes there is a 5-mile back up slowing you guys up, headed southbound if you know someone who usually takes this commute into work give them a heads up use the bw parkway or 29 as the alternate route, 29 looks good headed south leaving randall down towards university boulevard no incidents in your way along the bw parkway a long string of break lights, southbound i-95, headed down to points south, accident activity allowing traffic to get by, using the two left lanes only.
7:35 am
another crash to report, westbound 50, i-97, heavy volume, westbound 50th, headed in towards buoy, leavier than usual approaching 997 with the accident cleared, northbound i- 95, below speed leaving the prince william parkway, headed across the occoquan. all lanes open, 395, duke to king and across the 14th street bridge metro having problems with their red line they tell me this troubled spot will be with us throughout the rest of the morning drive metro's red line single tracking between friendship heights and van nest because of a cracked rail. add time on the red line, for single tracking. >> that is a check of your fox 5 on type traffic. in -- on time traffic. >> in his state of the union address president obama, pushed his plan of having americans making more than $1 million a rule paying 30% in taxes.
7:36 am
it is called the buffett rule, joining us this morning, man you have any lapse in your day sir with that title there is your laugh. now we will get down to business. so this buffett rule we are calling it buffett rule 101 to understand what this means, warren buffett came out and said he pays less in taxes than his secretary that just wasn't fair. can you tell us the bullet points of the buffett rule. >> details of the buffett rule have not been spelled out yet they will do that in february but isobase we can understand what the -- as best we can understand what the president is proposing anyone who earns more than $1 million a year would have to pay 30% of all their income to the federal government, he would deny deductions for people making more than $1 million for child care, health care, retirement savings, homeowner ship the
7:37 am
only deduction apparently that he would continue to allow individuals earning more than $1 million to claim would be charitable contribution deduction. so that is what we know at this point, there is still a lot of controversy around what the policy will look like when proposed but that is what we know now. >> 30% when you hear that, does that seem high for this amount of money that we are talking about? where does that number come from in relation to what a middle class earner makes? >> well, it is actually almost double what the middle class would pay, the income tax system is very progressive so if you look at charts prepared by the joint committee on taxation which they derive from the irs, statistics of income there is a steady progression of the average tax rate or effective tax rate from the lowest income level up to the highest income level, the average in the last survey, the
7:38 am
average effective tax rate for individuals, earning more than 1 million dollars a year was 22.6%, so, pushing that up to 30%, is a substantial increase. >> much was made about republican candidate, mitt romney coming out and releasing his tax returns so he made $21 million but paid less than 14% taxes that is lower than the 20 something percent you just quoted. >> mitt romney's returns, actually 202 pages long, $21 million of income almost every line on the return that reflects income is filled out except for wages. and which tells you his income is coming from capital gain and from dividends, capital gains and dividends are taxed at 15% rate which is why his effective rate is well below the 22% i mentioned. >> john, boehner, speaker boehner basically said the problem with the buffett rule
7:39 am
is there is a reason we have less rates on capital gains because it spurs new investment and allows capital to move for quickly. as a person who is in your field does that hold true to you? have we seen a trickle down, if you will, of the high easterners in economic times. >> there are studies that indicate lower rates do create jobs i think the issue that many people have is that not all those individuals earning more than $1 million a year are job creators, they are attorneys and accountants who have their own firms of a certain size and they are not growing. they like what they do they don't want to grow larger the controversy is not only reduced rate for job creators when you pull in everyone who makes more than $1 million a year they are not necessarily the job creators. >> we talked about individual provisions, talk about the
7:40 am
business provisions with this buffett rule. corporate provisions are actually very interesting because they are internally inconsistent the president starts out by saying he wants to simplify the tax law for businesses and he is going to do that by eliminating special deductions in credit and reducing rates. and then, he turns around state of the union message and proposes a whole series of new special deductions and credits which will make the law substantially more complicated now the goal of the deductions and credits is admirable which is, it is their aim to bring jobs back to the u.s. but the fact of the matter is they would be very complicated, be very controversial and the likelihood of anything happening on any of those provisions this year is very small. >> we will wait to see what the entire plan looks like you said coming out of the administration next month. david cotter executive in residence, department of accounting and taxation american university thank you for spending time with us today.
7:41 am
thank you both. >> 7:40 a.m., for most americans the economy is still uncertain. housing prices are unstable, unemployment remains high but for apple, times couldn't be better more on that when we come back. >> reminder you can have the forecast at your finger tips, if you download the fox 5 weather ap more than 30,000 people already have it is getting good reviews we thank those of you who downloaded it. hit up the ap store or android market on your smart phone search dc weather or text fox 5 weather, to 29473. we will be right back we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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apple posted record profits for the first quarter now investors are looking for a kick back the company reported more than $46 billion in revenue, that is 73% higher than the same time last year. apple has nearly $100 billion in cash on hand, and investors have been asking when or even if the company will start to pay a dividend.
7:45 am
this is going to be ntto dog apple as something some people really want to see some action on, but unfortunately for them there is no development on that front today. >> apple has passed exxon mobile as the world's most valuable corporation. really? that is doing something to surpass an oil company. >> the big thing about apple 10 years or 15 years ago it was on life support. >> right. >> then what did they do is that when they kicked in all the stuff that we know and love now? >> i think the ipod started it and yeah. computers. >> they are smart. >> they got to start paying back some to people. >> seems to me. >> or do they? >> yeah. >> we will see >> it would be nice. maybe they can pay the u.s. treasury. >> there you go maybe you can get one of those snazzy black
7:46 am
jackets. >> is that the look of experts now. >> not too warm, not too cold, 41 degrees washington, 36 degrees frederick, it is not cold enough for any wintery presip just looking at rain today and rain showers, 43 annapolis, and let's see salisbury good morning, along the lower eastern shore,. >> hey, 26 in bing jam binghamton hasn't been a great year for snow so ski resorts, got snow earlier today, north of pennsylvania, i am putting in the future cast notice we have scattered showers across the area, showers particularly across northern maryland watch what happens later tonight. here we are 4:00 a.m., showers starting to develop and then the cold front comes through,
7:47 am
there you go between 4:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, good soaking rain around here for our commute tomorrow, then things start to quiet down and clear out during our friday, so bottom line unsettled today a lot of clouds around occasional showers and then a steady rain overnight into tomorrow morning, before we clear out just in time for a decent weekend there is your 5 day forecast, 51 temperatures should be nice and mild, 56 early falling temperatures tomorrow afternoon, saturday and sunday look dry temperatures back where they should be, sunday and monday, haven't done a whole lot of that this month. should be 44 degrees won't do that until sunday afternoon. >> all right. >> yeah. >> thank you tuck. julie wright likes it nice mild conditions. >> good for running too the last couple days have been really nice to get out and enjoy a run. >> very good. >> you mean you didn't do that tony? >> i was running errands not running. >> running around not just running. >> there you go. >> on the roads this morning we have had some hard times out
7:48 am
there on the highways as well as for our commute along that red line because again of a cracked rail at the tinnily town stop red line is single tracking until further notice allow extra time, at the red line. wreck here, southbound i- 95, has finally cleared to the shoulder you are dealing with the back up from 216 bailout earlly, bw parkway is a good alternate commute. travelling inbound 50, stacking up, headed over towards new york avenue, accident northbound dc route 295, kennel worth avenue as you continue northbound up towards the parkway that is where you had the wreck tieing up the right side of the highway. no problems to report travelling along westbound 50, i-97 that earlier crash cleared but we pulled up the camera to show you how slow a go it is. southbound i-95, past 212 down toward it is belt way accident activity cleared bumper to bumper crawl, heading down to laurel that is a check of your
7:49 am
fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. >> 7:48 a.m., 41 degrees on this thursday morning coming up we've got a whole lot of celebrating to do. >> local family celebrating the birth of quadruplets born yesterday here in this area and the amazing thing is they were conceived naturally we will talk to mom and dad coming up at 9. >> still ahead this hour, we are going to celebrate the chinese new year annie. >> hey, good morning alison and tony that's right, the chinese new year kicks off monday, but it is a 15 day event and it is the year of the dragon a very big deal did you know the dragon is the only zodiac represented by a mythical creature we will learn more about that and how the chinese community is celebrating the big event coming up. back to you. ♪ [ music ] ♪
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chef. >> the chinese new year celebration is important the china and other asian countries, 2012 is the year of the dragon. >> annie yu is learning more about the chinese new year this morning she joins us from china town garden northwest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison and tony. china town garden is here in china town and it is actually a historic building built in 1884 we will learn about that in just a moment this is a big big deal to the chinese community and other asian nations including korea, vietnam, mongolia, so on so we will learn more about it today from the experts, we have wu ping ya director of the foundation and the president of the community center good morning. >> good morning. >> we want to start off by what is the chinese new year all about. >> it is the first day of the
7:54 am
lunar new year, celebrated by a lot of asians including the vietnamese and mongolians it is a different calendar system but essentially the same as regular new year we just celebrate it on a regular day we need more time to party. >> 15 days. >> 15 days. >> we do celebrate for 15 days. >> with a do these signs say? >> this means have a progressive happy new year. >> nice and everything has a meaning, we are going to do food later on and the special dishes and all that, so what is the whole 15 day celebration like? what do you do on day 1 and day 15? >> day 1, first day of new year everybody stays home and we have to clean our houses all the preparations, are done before the first day of new year on the first day everybody is all relaxed, family get together and they visit each other and you see that, we all get together have food and enjoy ourselves on the first
7:55 am
day the 15 day is interesting, it is chinese valentines day, we will tell you more later. i want to and you, you are the president of the community center and one of many many celebrations going on in the area what do you have coming up? >> this is the ninth year we will host our year of dragon celebration, in fairfax and we have a 2 day celebration, it starts saturday 1:00 p.m. until almost 5:00 p.m. for both days, saturday and sunday. and we have always like we have a lot of things for the small children. >> and the dragon dancers ands. >> yes. >> let's talk about the dragon dance what does it symbolize what makes it different from the lion dance? >> dragon dance, is dragon coming from the good sign.
7:56 am
so for chinese, the track gone coming here is always a good luck sign. actually much more significant this year because this is the year of the dragon. >> that's right so i suspect there will be a lot of babies born this year. >> big time big time. right. >> so that is wonderful. well, there are a tonne of festivities going on around the area including the big parade sunday check out our website for all of the details and a link to the asia heritage foundation which has a list. thank you so much. stay with us 7:56 a.m. coming up after 8:00 a.m. the fox medical team joins us live with a look at this year's super foods five easy to find foods that should be in everyone's grocery cart. >> then we will introduce you to the local high school soccer player inspiring people across the country including wounded warriors. stay with us we will be right back 
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
back now 8:00 a.m. new video just into the newsroom several people exposed
8:00 am
to carbon no knox aid in dc early in morning the re-- carbon monoxide in dc early this morning. a dust up in the desert president barack obama getting into it with arizona governor jan brewer this picture is jan brewer in the president's face shaking her finger what lead to this coming up. then in our next half hour fox medical team joins us live with a look at this year's super foods five easy to find foods that should be in everyone's grocery cart. >> good morning i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour i am going to ask dana, -- deana, the medical reporter if she liked that kale chip because it did not look like it. i will ask her to be super honest. >> before we get to tucker we want to pass on an alert from metro, red line riders can expect delays due to a cracked rail near tinnily town station.
8:01 am
julie will have details in a few minutes. >> sprinkles out there, tucker barnes is here. >> couple light showers across the area not going to amount to a whole lot today as it gets into the night time hours, showers will fill in, and maybe overnight rain tomorrow morning as well it will take a good 24 hours before we get it out of here. clouds around on again off again showers in the forecast. there is your sentinel radar, west to east orientation of the shower activity tony is right we have had showers overnight generally now, we are looking at dry conditions, rain redeveloping out to our west more showers in the forecast here shortly. >> let's do temperatures at regan national 41 degrees, ocean city maryland, 44 for you, 37 win chester, frederiksburg, 43 degrees going to be a mild afternoon lots of clouds around again showers will be hit and miss during the course of the day but become more numerous later into the day and night time hours.
8:02 am
51 today, high 4:00 p.m. another mild afternoon. >> sure is mild. >> 50s in january. >> yeah. >> not a bad looking weekend forecast. >> thanks tuck. >> we've had a lot going on out there on the roadways this morning accidentthe like julie wright has the latest on that. hey, julie. >> yeah, hates been very busy good morning once again to all of you problems headed out to the west here at cascades parkway palisades parkway where we have an accident as a result the pole was knocked down we are told there is a large power outage in the area as well that will effect your commute around town and may effect your ride into work. so again, cascade parkway at palisades is where the accident occurred as a result we are dealing with a power failure as well alison touched base on this a few moments ago. the red line single tracking between friendship heights and van eases met owe tells me to tell you to add an additional 20 to 30 minutes to hop on a train and get to your
8:03 am
destination, plan your trip accordingly other side of town outer loop of the belt way below speed as you work from eisenhower avenue, telegraph road, not so bad closer to georgia avenue, southbound i- 95, accident activity at 212 cleared, we are in a big back up as you travel southbound, leaving 198, again all of your lanes are open and inbound new york avenue, again at the tunnel, kennel worth avenue headed southbound, below speed south of 50 the crash we had northbound on the ramp, 201 has cleared that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you we begin this hour with some breaking news from northwest washington several people have been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. fire crews have been on the scene in the 1700 block of p street since 6:30 a.m. this morning. we don't know yet how serious
8:04 am
any injuries are, there is some traffic impact around the scene as you can imagine you may want to avoid this area if it is part of your normal commute. 1700 block, of p street, northwest washington. >> president obama on a 3 day swing through battleground states when he landed in arizona yesterday he had some tense moments with governor jan brewer fox's aiynsley ear hart has more on this mornings top story. president obama's used to facing opposition but may never have expected this the tense situation happened in phoenix arizona wednesday, that is when governor jan brewer came out to greet the president upon his arrival according to brewer, mr. obama was displeased with how she depicted him in her recently published book, scorpions for breakfast >> i had writhandwritten note to him, to deliver, welcoming him to arizona and he immediately took um bridge, if you will with my book i wrote,
8:05 am
scorpions for breakfast and was somewhat disgruntled, if you will, about the way he was portad in the the book. the two -- portrayed in the book. the two leaders could be seen in what looks like intense conversation, he rejected a description of a meeting he and brewer had at the white house. >> i asked him oh, you read my book he said i read excerpts from it the bottom line is that, the book is factual, the book is true. >> reporter: the governor goes on the say conflict between the two stems from different ideas over border control and illegal immigration she said the president lectured her >> i want our boarders secured our nation protected he wants amnesty we are never going to agree on that we agree to disagree on that subject i don't know why he was surprised by my book but he evidently is and very thin skinned in regards to it. >> reporter: the white house
8:06 am
describes the earlier meeting as a cordial discussion in the oval office. in new york aiynsley earearth, fox news. gabrielle giffords has given her farewell the washington. her long time friend representative schultz read a letter on her behalf in which she says she needs to commit to her recovery before returning to public service. she was in her third term in congress. new this morning a car plows right into a house it happened early this morning on central avenue west, davidsonville maryland the driver was slightly hurt after crashing his vehicle into the side of the home, someone does live in that home but it does not appear they were there at the time. police are investigating why the car left the road in the first place. yesterday, the ceo of
8:07 am
general motors met with a house subcommittee to discuss the safety of the chevrolet volt, the first mass market electric vehicle told by a u.s. auto maker. joined live from the washington auto show mr. royce good morning thanks for joining us. >> good morning tony how are you. >> doing quite well. first let's talk about the hearing yesterday, and your feelings, your ceo was quite firm he said we did not design the volt to become a political punching bag that is what it has become your thoughts on that and the results of the hearing. >> well, i watched the hearing, back in detroit yesterday, with my whole staff, so we had it up on a c span live feed in my office and i couldn't have been more proud of our ceo and chairman, danker son and the
8:08 am
way he handled himself. we have a technology lead with the volt we know this is where the world is headed i thought he did a wonderful job and you know we have gone to each one of our customers, repeatedly, and really had a great experience and interface with them around the whole investigation we are happy to have the whole opportunity yesterday to give that transparency and give everybody a look at what the new general motors is all about i thought he did a wonderful job. do you want to stress to the public, that you know as far as you all are concerned the volt is completely safe. >> well, it is safe. i bought one here maybe a year ago, in february, and my daughter and my little daughter 7-year-old and my son, go to school in that every day and you know if it wasn't safe then i wouldn't have them do that. so the car i put about 2-gallon 3-gallons of fuel, about 6 miles in a year recharges for about $1 i don't have to give her any gas money we are
8:09 am
thrilled with what the car does what it is. safety record validated by every agency out there, that is where we are. >> one of our coworkers has a volt it is in the parking lot now it is a cool car. let's talk a little bit you guys got a shout out a mention from president obama during the state of the union address as he talked about you guys are back on top and that must have pleased you as well tell us about the status of gm right now. >> well, we are grateful for the nations support and support of the president, in a state of the union speech just really grateful s we've had a new focus in the company and that is all about the customer we are keeping our heads down producing product people really want you have seen us gain about 14% on a market basis over the last year and we have gained market share for the first time a half point for the first time in almost a decade and that is really a reflection of again the fuel efficiency
8:10 am
technology, cars, trucks, we are no longer just a truck company, we make great trucks but for many years we didn't have a great car line up and the car behind me right here is our new 3 series segment competitor, around you know cadillac, it is a brand new architecture going to be the lightest car in segment under 3400 pounds and i have driven the car on the north course of the nuremberg ring and i think our vehicle dynamics and performance will be second to none we are very excited about it. i think the progress is here on the floor this in washington -- floor in washington i am excited to be here at this show. >> it will me about the future everyone is excited about the concept cars and that kind of thing what you've got online. >> well, we've got two concept cars here we introduced in detroit now bringing here this is an important market for general motors and chevrolet here obviously what you see
8:11 am
here are two cars that are a reflection of work we did with mtv around discover ever covering what the -- discovering around the millenial generation, people from 11 to 28 years old, as they age they have more money to spend on cars we partnered with mtv to get a look at two portfolio entries we thing are compelling for that generation based on that research and now we are bringing it to washington with a voting booth and you can wear your button on what you like so please tell us which one you like we may just make one of those here for you. >> fascinating as young as 11 years old. well, mr. royce thank you for taking time out with you know you are busy down there. mr. royce the president of gm north america. >> thank you tony. >> 8:11 a.m., 41 degrees on this thursday morning, dc schools under fire, there is a new report out this morning suggesting some of the worst ones, should be shut down more on that when we come back.
8:12 am
>> then we will introduce you to a local high school soccer player who is inspiring people across the country including wounded warriors, a great story you will want to see it stay with us 8:12 a.m., we will be right back  oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear...
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8:15 a.m. on a thursday morning, hostages rescued in yesterday's dramatic raid on somali pirates are on their way home this morning. the navy's elite seal team 6 carried out the predawn raid they are officially known as the naval special warfare development group. the two hostages are getting medical screenings before heading home today. >> an exmarine from alexandria, expected to plead guilty. the 24-year-old is accused of firing shots at a handful of military related targets including the pentagon and marine corps museum prosecutors say they have evidence linking
8:16 am
him to the 2010 shootings. search continues for a man who walked into an elementary school in fort washington and tried to rob a worker. the school was on lock down for a little while but no students were ever in danger the suspect did not show a weapon and was scared off before he was able to take anything. all right, 8:16 a.m., tucker barnes, joins us with the latest on today's forecast, and. >> the cuteness factor of the day. >> you got it, the cuteness factor of the daytime now for my first 5 photo of the day 19 month old wyatt. >> he is trying to -- bryant. >> what is he trying to do. >> karate moves. >> 19 month old bryant he is turning his chair into a jungle gym. >> i see it now it is on the floor >> i thought he was trying to
8:17 am
get out of a high chair. >> look at that little face. >> cute as can be. >> yes. >> a little smile on his face. >> he is like oops you caught me. >> up to no good >> but i'm cute look at me mama. >> okay. >> funny when you are little how a chair or box will keep you occupied >> it really does. >> all right bryant thank you for your picture and please tell your parents you are a beautiful child let's go to -- to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. all right, bryant, let's do the web forecast together. the beam is going around and around, not finding anything generally we are dry out at the moment but i will be honst i think the beam might be taking a break because on some other radars we have one or two light showers, it is possible you will see more light showers then more during the course of the day as we get into the afternoon and evening widespread rain expected as a
8:18 am
electron tall system -- frontal system from the west. looking across most of the country nice and warm to our south miami, 72 degrees, yeah. 72 in miami, 72 new orleans their weather not quite as nice they have flooding rain and some severe thunderstorms at the moment all that rain you see out to our west, will get in here, later this afternoon and tonight, so we've got a cold front out there, and after a day -- our thursday we have a lot of cloud cover and mild temperatures it will turn to rain as that frontal system moves through. bott 2078 line unsettled, -- bottom line unsettled, it will not rain all day today showers on and off throughout the day rain persistent overnight, into our commute and then clear things out tomorrow afternoon dry weekend, with seasonal temperatures returning, by the end of the weekend by sunday temperatures in the mid-40s
8:19 am
that is a look at weather, let's do on time traffic one more time with julie wright. >> yeah, tucker it has been busy on the roads unfortunately we have more problems to report just now receiving word of a crash, massachusetts, 24th street, we have a couple problems we need to map out problems with emergency response teams responding to carbon monoxide along p street, dupont circle and 16 á9 that is blocked off until further -- 16th thats blocked off until further notice. so again this is the accident activity, at k street northbound lanes blocked off inbound 50s struggling to get in, river dale, headed in northeast, travelling alan town road at temple hill, accident activity follow police direction in order to get by, outer loop stop and go, headed around the outer loop there, all lanes are open, southbound 95, tough go from folks, coming out of laurel. they are telling me to tell
8:20 am
you, to add an additional 20 to 30 minutes to your ride in the problem is a cracked rail at tinnily town they are single tracking until further notice that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a new study recommends that 3 dozen public schoolin some of dcs poorest neighbourhoods be shut down. critics are raising concerns because they say the group that performed the research supports charter schools according to the washington post the company says their work looks at both school sectors objectively. >> there is more news about dc schools to report, it impacts what kids are eating, chart well's school dining which supplies dc school food could lose its contract. dc officials tell the post it is because of reports of rotten
8:21 am
food, poorly trained staff and some meals served without milk and fruit in one case, students were reportedly served mouldy breakfast bars. all right the work out regiment for an athlete is grueling in and of itself add in a physical disability and it is seemingly impossible. >> but one local high school senior did not let that stop him in fact he is now an inspiration to people around the nation, even our wounded warriors. sarah joins us now. >> it is an amazing story he is a great teenager christian is one of those teens that every parent would love to call their son he excels in sports, school and he touches people's lives in a way that you would never expect. >> reporter: it has been a good year at pope john paul the great, catholic school in dumb frees the men's soccer team placed 13th in state. the teens have an unbelievable work ethic. especially the teens goalie, christian. >> started playing when i was
8:22 am
4, so at that age i don't even know that i am that different i am just going out and having fun and playing and running around. >> reporter: from the way christian manoeuvres the ball and runs on the field you might overlook that he gets around on one leg. christian was born with a rare condition, it left him without a leg from the knee down but not without a sense of confidence. >> i have been growing up that way it is how i learned how to do everything when i get out to soccer it is how do you do that how do you touch the ball that way well, i learned it that way, it is kind of second nature to me. >> reporter: christian's coaches are continuously amazed at his accomplishments. >> he is an inspiration to his teammates. >> everyone was really tired and giving it half the effort and he was going hard as he could and he has one leg so it is really inspirational to see. >> reporter: not only is he an inspiration the boys his own age including his little brother. >> he faces the same challenges
8:23 am
every kid faces, throughout their lives but he does it with one leg. >> reporter: the hurdhas overcome in life are helping wounded soldiers who face the same disabilities christian has been going to walter reid for years. >> i started visiting them in the injury ward around 9th grade and doing that, it has impacted my life greatly, i've seen these guys with traumatic injuries their attitudes are positive and great, so it lets me know if these guys can go through it so can i. >> reporter: it is that can do attitude that landed him a nomination for a national soccer scholarship out of 250 nominees christian won. >> just sharing our stories and inspiring which is what the award is about and to win it is like the icing on the cake just i've shared my story that is all i wanted to do now that i have won it is a great honor that, i've been given the award. >> reporter: an honor for a young man who lived life well on and off the field.
8:24 am
and christian's story continues of course he has big plans for school, he is attending notre dame and says he may even try walking on the soccer team, alison and tony, he also plays basketball we forgot to fit that in too in his fair time besides visiting wounded warriors and school he plays basketball. >> just seems like a very mature, positive -- that is great >> he is. >> thanks sarah. >> speaking of that we do want to give a shout out to all the students and faculty and staff at pope john paul the great's catholic high school. >> we are told they all stopped what they were doing to watch christian's story good morning all of you congratulations on what is going on out there. >> it is just about 8:24 a.m., now on thursday morning, coming up fox medical team joins us live with a look at this year's super foods, five easy to find food that is should be in everyone's grocery carts. >> we will have a little fun
8:25 am
out at the chinese new year celebration. there is a little bit of it for you, stay with us, it is 8:24 a.m. everyday, an average of 5,000 people
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we have been having fun.
8:28 am
reminiscing about some happier football days. [ applause ] >> go skins. >> i remember those days. >> that was 20 years ago. 20 years ago today the washington red skins won their last super bowl we are showing you a little bit of the story, fox 5 reporter, ron tally >> i remember ron tally. >> filed from that night in georgetown. they beat the bills, 24-27. >> it was so great. >> great times >> by then everyone knew to go to georgetown i rebel tore the first super bowl we won -- remember the first super bowl we won against miami, as soon as the game was over we got in the car and drove to georgetown. no facebook or anything we just said let's go to georgetown and get there and the streets are loaded with people, it was such a great -- that is what is great about a sports team that
8:29 am
succeeds like that it can pull a city together because my main memory of that night was just hugging people i didn't know, black, white, asian, rich, poor, everyone was just together celebrating and so happy, and it was so long ago. >> yeah. >> so long. >> some great days. >> 20 years ago. >> that is a special memory though. >> it won't be another 20 years as you said tucker. >> let's hope not i can't believe it has been 20 years. >> statistically it can't be 20 years. >> ripen had a big year he had a big game, he was mvp yeah, it was great. >> remind we did we still have hogs then. >> still some hogs. >> okay. >> well, that was then. what is happening now. >> yes a couple rain showers across the area, and as we get into the afternoon particularly this evening, when the rain will become more widespread and i think it will stick around for the morning commute tomorrow, bottom line not going
8:30 am
to commute all day, lots of clouds around. not like a soaking type of rain. >> it is not going the rain all day just clouds it will feel gloomy out though. let's take a look at the radar, showers, now i've found another radar, i can't get it right today these showers, probably not touching the ground but light sprinkles, and reports of light rain across the area. hey, barnesville not much going on there, frederick, showers when i open it up for you a little bit more widespread rain this will be the main event, really tonight into tomorrow morning in the form of a cold front you see most of the action here is off to the north and west this morning, we are not going to get the bulk of this just the cloud cover relatively mild temperatures today upper 40s low 50s not going to feel a lot like january around here later today. >> currently 42 degrees now 42 washington 43 frederiksburg a little cold era little cooler off to the north and west winchester and hagerstown 47
8:31 am
and 42 at the naval air station. occasional rain showers, 51 degrees rain will become more widespread and heavier during the hours, at night tonight, overnight tonight, 48 overnight low, cloudy skies winds out of the south, 10 to 15 that will pump in warm air temporarily tomorrow morning when you get up, probably into the 50s. set us up for a dry but cool weekend, particularly sunday. that is where we should be low to mid-40s that is a look at your weather alison, toss it over to you. >> thank you tucker. >> we are almost a month into the new year if you are trying to get healthy, this year in 2012 there is something called super foods that you should be stocking up on, fox medical team joins us live from detroit with a run down. good morning alison, yeah, we are talking about foods instead of thinking about what we can't eat we want to think about food we can enjoy, so
8:32 am
alison you have heard of potato chips, poker chips, and take a look and understand why we should eat kale chips. >> this is seaweed. >> mm-hmm. >> all right. >> it is one trendy new healthy snack. seaweed. >> i don't know how filling this would be. >> your search for super foods doesn't have to take you deep into the ocean. >> in some ways they are super necessary. >> rd emily schwartz has given us her top 5 easy to find super foods. first, the little blue fruit. >> blueberries researchers find have the highst antioxidant activity really good for preventing cancer high in fibre and delicious. >> why not throw those blueberries into some plain greek yoghurt number two on her list. >> plain greek yoghurt is high in probiotics studies are finding every day has more and
8:33 am
more beneficial health effects to them they are good for your gi tract, good for helping boost immunity good for lots of things. >> next you don't need to know how to spell it but learn how to cook quinoa and treat it like rice or oat meal. >> it is great compared to other grains it is high in protein and has all of your essential amino acids you are getting not only the fibre and complex carbohydrates but a lot of protein. >> you know what you can sprinkle on it, ground flax seed. >> sprinkle ground up flax seed on your oat meal in the morning put it into a smoothie you are getting not only a type of soluble fiber good for your heart but a high quantity of owe nada fatty acids. >> if crunchy is what you need say hello the kale whip up a batch of kale chips. >> high in antioxidants, high in vitamin k prevents cancer,
8:34 am
high in fiber really a very healthy food. >> all right alison so this is what kale looks like we all just walk right past it in the produce department this is called the queen of green, kale, same family as broccoli, and this is what the kale chip looks like, so you just chop that off, throw a little olive oil on it throw it in the oven a little salt and pepper bake it 350 for 10 or 15 minutes get a crunchy kale chip to serve at your super bowl party. >> okay. or maybe after the super bowl. i am just saying but those super foods are good and easy and all do taste good. thanks alison. tony over to you. >> maybe you can serve kale chips. >> i just like cooked kale. >> i do too. mix it with collard greens don't get me started. 8:34 a.m., weekly jobless claims just coming into the newsroom we will have those for you when we come back and then,
8:35 am
tv game show host pat sajak revealing a long held secret i can't stand these spots.
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all right just into the fox 5 newsroom number of people seeking unemployment benefits rose last week to seasonally adjusted 377,000, after nearly 4 year low, the previous week. although economists say the overall trend signals a healthier job market. don't forget to check out our job shop, job of the day with the riot act comedy teeter looking for a book office agent, for more on this job and others go to click on the job shop tab on top of our home page. host of wheel of fortune coming clean about somethings he did while on tv in a recent interview, he revealed he hosted the game show, drunk at
8:39 am
times. he said he used to take dinner breaks at a mexican restaurant where he would indulge a little. >> they serve great margaritas so vanna and i would go across and have two or three or six and do the last showhave trouble recognizing the after fa bet >> he went on the say alcohol is no long era part of his hosting duties. well, i don't thing it was part of his hosting duties then. >> tongue and cheek. >> i actually recall you could tell some times. >> really? >> yeah, a little slower on the up take. >> i wonder why that is making news though that whole part of it. >> interesting. >> he is not in rehab or anything. >> no. >> okay >> i think the culture -- i won't even get started a lot of people used to drink and smoke while at work. >> true. >> it is now 8:39 a.m. >> not tony. >> of course not. >> or you on this thursday morning, coming up, we have a lot of celebrating to do. >> a local family celebrating
8:40 am
the birth of quads they were born yesterday, an amazing thing they were conceived naturally we will talk to mom and dad coming up. >> this hour we will celebrate the chinese -- oh, look at annie you've changed. >> i am in the spirit yes, this is traditional chinese dress they wear this everywhere and all day, and is they have a lot of colors and i chose red, very traditional color, so, the chinese new year is all about celebrating tradition, reunions and new beginnings and we are doing just that we will introduce you and show you all of the major traditions coming up in just a moment stay with us on fox 5 morning news when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
8:41 am
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chef. >> there are so many festivities going on around the area in celebration of chinese new year. >> annie yu is learning more about traditionpractices she joins us now from china town garden in northwest looking so lovely that is such a beautiful dress annie. >> thank you alison. it is very beautiful they come in different colors which we will get to in just a moment what i have learned being out here is that there is a lot of work that goes into it. we are talking about 15 days of this.
8:44 am
so, for 15 days, go visit families, come home for reunions and there are new beginnings, new babies it is a year of the dragon and a big deal and asian families plan their pregnancies ahead of time. >> my guide the executive director of the asian heritage foundation. >> good to see you again. >> you too. >> we are wearing these lovely costumes we have our models can you go through? does it have a significance behind each dress? >> no, this is traditional chinese outfit for female, it has been popular since 1940s different cutdesign what they have is more traditional design, different colors we have different lengths hers is more modern style just like yours and red is the official color for new years. >> it is a big thing. >> wear red for 15 days we will >> i like that. >> so over here we have traditional setting, if you will of family get together.
8:45 am
>> yes. >> so we have explain what we have here. >> we have obviously a happy family, including the grandparents and the parents and baby, and so every year, the children will come, and they come yes, they get red envelope. >> let's talk about the red envelope inside is a very special treat if they have generous you can walk away with some big bucks. >> absolutely to reward the children for good behaviour and new beginning of every year we put cash in there, in the red envelope every new year morning the kids are supposed to come to the family members elderly. >> even the baby gets one. >> only people -- that is going to mom there. >> so single people and children get this but if you are not married you can always get red packet always. >> no matter how old you are? >> no matter how old you are. >> i like that tradition. okay, so over here we have the
8:46 am
ribbon gals talk about their dance. >> doing chinese new years time there is a lot of people enjoying their free time so there is a lot of entertainment and performance we do a lot of cultural performance like the ones we will be doing this weekend at the fair oaks mall, ribbon is a very traditional apparatus in chinese culture and it is very oz. pi house to have performers -- auspicious to have performers. is this something a lot of chinese girls do this because of their parents. >> yes, it keeps our culture going from generation to generation >> i love that you did a great job girls. >> come out of course to the big parade in dc this sunday and then also have a lot of festivities going on around the area fair oaks, saturday and sunday, 1 to 5 log on to with where we have a link to all fun events going
8:47 am
on in the area. >> i want to come out there now. >> thanks annie. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ spinning over my head, driving me and your promises, better left unsaid, you're the right ... ♪ >> jenny from sterling virginia impressed the judges and even got a kiss on the lips from steven tyler during her audition in aspen she makes it on to hollywood find out who will join her when auditions move to houston watch that tonight at 8 right here on the mighty fox 5. exciting. >> she was good. time now, 8:47 a.m., it is a thursday morning actor liam neeson sits down with kevin mccarthy to talk about the extreme conditions he faced shooting his latest flick. >> cabs are neat reelically an easy way to navigate theoretically an easy way to
8:48 am
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if you think a movie star's life is easy check with the cast of the new movie the grey they shot in subfreezing temperatures some cast members told kevin mccarthy they were not just acting they were really afraid during some of their action scenes. kevin talked with liam neeson about leader of a group of men stranded in the wilderness. >> reporter: i want to be more epic and awesome like liam neeson. >> you seem to be doing well. >> i want to be more intimidating. >> a tiny bit. >> when you are talking to frank about being scared but also, i am sitting there thinking to myself you can't tell that you are scared but you are hiding it and keeping it underneath as an actor has there ever been a role you
8:52 am
played you were genuinely scared onset you had to keep it to yourself. >> in this film. certainly in the first week i was because it was so cold, it was like minus 40 degrees and all you can thing of is trying to stay warm. and that was you know there was some blizzard scenestuff which is all real. >> right. >> we were all very -- all the cast were very nervous and a little bit scared we were trudging through virgin snow, some times was up to here some times up to here. and you just didn't really know where you were going you know. and -- but we did it, we went for it and that was a little bit scary. yeah. >> you are in 20-degree below weather here 60-mile an hour winds how do you speak your dialogue. >> that was hard too. that was difficult i got two or three times i got a little
8:53 am
brain freeze i just didn't know how to form words. it was like being a little bit punch drunk and it happened to me two or three times it was a bit scary, but we did it we got through it. >> bill i can't aspect about this movie is how realistic this feels you guys were actually there. as an actor where did that balance about being too realistic and not hurting yourself as an actor. >> all i can say is the last thing any of us thought about the cast i am talking about was acting. it was just a struggle getting into all the gear in the morning all the thermal underwear and all the under garments you had to wear just to survive that was like a war guide in itself putting that stuff on. you literally would break into a sweat in your trailer putting this stuff on.
8:54 am
so it was very little acting you know what i mean. and i hate seeing acting any way in films, i don't know we just -- we all loved the script, we were there to serve the script there was no big ' egos at stake at all. i don't know what else to say. i miss my cast. >> hmm. in that movie sounds intense. >> it does. >> kevin joins us tomorrow morning in our 6:00 a.m. hour with his reviews of the new movies. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. robert as you can tell by the hat, shirt and look on his face is a super red skins fan. yep. that is how we feel these days. >> if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find
8:55 am
us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news, post a comment under robert's photo don't worry robert it will get better some day. coming up. all right, yes, coming up at 9:00 a.m. sorry that threw me off for some reason, derek thomas joins us he will show us fun projects that involve the kids. >> stay with us we will be right back 
8:56 am
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8:58 am
>> good morning welcome back i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour. heated exchange between president barack obama and jan brewer. several dc schools get bad reviews a new report says they need to be turned around or shut down. stacey cohan is live with
8:59 am
results. >> a new way to get around town, uber the ride is fancier than a cab but also got a fancier price tag. if you have kids, or if you don't you don't want the miss this story a local mother welcomes four more babies to the world, we will talk to her about her one day old quadruplets. congratulations let's say that now. >> before we get to weather we want to tell you metro is dealing with the red line. as a result, trains are single tracking between friendship heights and van eases with delays up to 30 minutes, both direction. in the meantime tucker barnes is in the weather center he has a look at this thursday not bad tuck. >> temperature wise not bad alison we have a lot of clouds that will be the theme around here for thursday mostly cloudy skies expected on again off again rain showers as we watch the storm s


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