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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a showdown could be brewing at occupy d.c. protesters vowing to outsmart park police as they begin enforcing a ban on sleeping at mcpherson square. a murder mystery spanning two states, an alexandria community activist found dead in a well in maryland. tonight police want to know who killed lenny harris.
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and a fox 5 investigation, we expose the worst of the worst metro escalators, the ones broken more often than are running. we have the list you need to see. we'll start with the potentially explosive situation in occupy d.c. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. protesters vowing to stay in the park 24/7 despite repeated warnings they could no longer r today could be setting up a showdown. fox 5's will thomas is there live with the latest of reporter: good evening. here at mcpherson square the law is very clear. these protesters can be out here 24/7 as long as their numbers don't exceed 500. at freedom plaza, a short distance away, their permit has been extended until february 28th. the real issue as you just heard is camping. it is literally a tent city here zippered up, demonstrators sleeping through the night. they've been doing it night after night since october. right now no police presence, haven't seen one park police
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officer, but you'll agree the night is young and this will be the first night many demonstrators will try to get some sleep despite the ban that's now in effect. >> i will comply and leave if that's what we need to do. reporter: determined to continue to stay put occupy d.c. protesters are vowing to outsmart park police by sleeping in shifts. >> it's very seldom they can just walk through without somebody say hey, the cops, everybody wake up. reporter: police issued a monday noon deadline before they would begin enforcing a long standing ban on camping overnight. sleeping won't be allowed. tent flaps must be open so officers can make inspections. >> i will comply is what it is. that's all that anybody who has been in the occupation since october has done is comply with what it is that they can do so that they can stay here and continue their vigil. reporter: sunday afternoon tempers flared at the square when police subdued a
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demonstrator with a taser. [ screaming ] >> right here are the taser marks from two prongs that was in my back. that actually what kind of hurt worse was the prongs getting taken out of my back of. reporter: ryan barton lesch spoke with fox 5 away from the park because the judge issued a stay-away order. the 25-year-old faces two disorderly conduct orders. do you think in hindsight maybe they did have the rise to tase you? >> i don't think so. i guess i can understand i'm kind of an intimidating figure. i'm 6' 5, 200 pounds. reporter: demonstrators are vowing to remain active 24/7 in freedom has on just a few blocks away. camping won't be permitted here either. >> if they can show me where in the first amendment it says can't sleep, then i'll agree with them. reporter: if there is a showdown with law enforcement any time soon, it will likely be at mcpherson square where
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protesters erected a tent over the statue of general mcpherson, a clear violation according to police. >> we decided that if they're going to push us out we'll make it worth their while. we're going to raise the ante and build a giant tent on the statue they covet so much. reporter: again protesters are really trying to push the envelope with police by erecting this giant blue tent over the statue. police could show up at any time to remove it. the u.s. supreme court has been very clear. political freedom of speech shall receive the highest level of protection from the federal government. so the national park service very clear on this one telling me today look, this is not an eviction. it is a camping ban. back to you. >> i'm surprised to see that big tent still there behind you. in your story we heard a guy talking about the fact he was tasered. what are park police saying about that? reporter: park police are saying those actions are under routine investigation. the officer is not on routine leave. she's still working on the force. i have to add this. that man we interviewed spoke
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with us off site because he's not allowed in the park at least until friday when he completes community service. he admits that perhaps he was not complying to their orders, so he is sympathetic with the officer's actions believe it or not. >> will thomas, thank you. another big story tonight, the murder of a well known alexandria man, lenny harris had been missing for months until his body was found in a well in ft. washington saturday. tonight investigators are trying to track down his killer. fox 5's bob barnard live in alexandria now with the very latest. bob, what do you know? reporter: brian, there are two people that police would like to talk to. first of all, the person who called in that tip last week that led to the discovery of lenny harris' body and then the man caught on surveillance video using harris' atm card the night he disappeared four months ago. this is where lenny harris was last seen alive, the houston rec center in old town. it was the night of september
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21st. the 53-year-old community activist was working out and got a call on his cell phone. mayor bill euille is a long time friend. >> he just stopped and left without telling folks, guys, i'll be back. wait for me. i'll see you later. he just exited the gym and that's the last anyone saw of him. reporter: within hours of his disappearance security cameras one on king street in old town, another in prince george's county captured images of somebody using harris' atm card. his yell phone would be found on the will -- cell phone would be found on the wilson bridge, his car at an apartment complex in the indian head section of prince george's county. >> i've known lenny for many, many years, but i've never known him to be associated with bad people. reporter: there was nothing for four months. then last thursday somebody called police telling them to look into a well near an abandoned house on old fort road in ft. washington not far from where his car had been found. it was lenny harris.
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he'd been shot to death, his body dumped into a well 20 feet deep. >> when i heard he was shot, that bothered me, you know, to know that someone did that to him and i'm just waiting like everybody else to see, you know, why anybody would do something like that to him. reporter: long time neighbor julie ben susan lives next-door to the home harris' wife now widow moved out of just before the holidays. >> sadness, complete sadness. i mean, you know, he was a great person. he took care of my parents when i couldn't and i'm just shocked, too. reporter: prince george's and alexandria police now working together to solve this murder mystery. >> at least for now we know lenny's fate. we know where he is and he'll be remembered and buried, properly buried, memorialized, but we still need to bring closure to this tragedy, get the killer off the street or killers, precisely. reporter: tonight a $38,000
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reward is being offered for information that helps police solve this troubling murder mystery, brian. >> hope they do. new this evening another university of maryland student became the victim of a crime last night. this is video of the suspect. the victim says he came up from behind while she talked on her cell phone near mcgeldon library, stole a phone out of her hand, ran away. late last week another female student was assaulted when she tried to get into her residence. neither suspect has been caught. >> i think we can all agree this winter has been kind to us. in fact, it's about to feel like spring. take live look outside now. it's chilly tonight, but wait until tomorrow. fox 5's sue palka is in the weather center. how warm are we talking tomorrow? >> it's definitely going to be a tale of two seasons because it will still feel like winter in the morning. we'll drop to the 20s tonight, but afternoon get ready for temperatures at or above 60 degrees. we're calling it a spring
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preview and our temperatures will be more typical of late march or early april. on to some of the other region's temperatures. we get our first clue of what's going to happen locally by checking out high temperatures elsewhere. we were definitely on the chillier side, although i would argue 48 degrees is above average for this time of year. we look down to our south and find raleigh with 60 degrees today. st. louis was 607, little rock 69, dallas 67 -- was 67, little rock 69, dallas 67 and a lot of warm air on the weather map. we expect those temperatures to move this direction. it's chilly tonight. we'll find a lot of places in the 30s to near 40 degrees, 40 in the district now. our forecast tonight, expect chilly temperatures, 20s for the suburbs, around 30 degrees in the city and we get the mild stuff in here starting tomorrow afternoon. also just want to mention one more thing. there was a minor earthquake tonight, likely another aftershock. it happened about 6:39 in central virginia around louisa can. it was a 3.2 -- county.
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it was a 3.2 magnitude. over 1,065 responses in 132 zip codes. that was back in august and we're still getting some aftershocks, but that was felt by quite a few people, some crazy weather out there and crazy event says geologically as well. remember you can check the weather app 24/7 by downloading fox 5 weather app. you can download it from the app store or android market on your smart phone. search for d.c. weather. you can text fox 5 weather to 29473. looking at newt gingrich's lead in the republican presidential polls is collapsing. the florida primary is tomorrow. a new poll shows him trailing mitt romney by 15% despite a lot of hard hits directed at the former governor and fox 5's tom fitzgerald tells us it might be partly because mitt romney started hitting back. >> folks, vote on tuesday. reporter: mitt romney's nice guy persona may have taken a
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florida vacation faced with newt gingrich's in your face style, romney has returned fire and in jacksonville monday he did not let up. >> the reason speaker gingrich has been having a hard time in florida is the people of florida have watched the debates, listened to the speaker and the other candidates and have said you know what? mitt romney is the guy we're going to support. reporter: the latest florida poll from marist and nbc showed romney surging with 42%, newt gingrich at 27% followed by rick santorum and ron paul. >> endorse newt gingrich for president. reporter: while former candidate herman cain who had quit following sexual harassment allegations endorsed newt gingrich, the former speaker continued to focus on what he says are unfair romney attacks. >> i think this race will be very clear. we need people power today. we're closing insider advantage. we have closed the gap despite all the as and all the falsehoods. we're within -- as and all the falsehoods we're within five --
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ads and all the falsehoods we're within five points. reporter: rick santorum returned sunday after visiting his daughter in the hospital and still hoped to be the alternative to the two front runners. >> obama and mitt romney is about the same. that's not what we want in the white house. reporter: while the focus remains on romney and gingrich, neither sideshows any sign of entering a truce any time soon. and winning in florida is in important. that's because florida is one of those winner take all states. whoever comes out victorious tuesday night will get all of florida's 50 delegates to the republican national convention which will be held this year in august in tampa, florida. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a scathing new report slams tax service in the district, but paying for those improvements will likely fall in your lap, the heated debate next. also ahead this little puppy shot in the head just weeks ago. now one lawmaker has a plan to
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let you know if an animal abuser moves into your neighborhood. tonight at 11:00 a carful of passengers driving on the wrong side of the highway, new details about the horrific crash that killed four people on the news edge. 
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a golden retriever puppy shot and killed earlier this month in frederick county, maryland. now a bill named after the dog is aimed at preventing animal abuse. fox 5's laura evans with the story tonight. >> maryland state senator ron young introduced this bill last summer before heidi the dog was killed. the senator was working tonight, i was unable to speak with him, but i spoke with his wife karen who told me heidi's owner stepped up to help with the bill any way she could. heidi, a 7-month-old golden retriever puppy, was shot three times in the head and killed back on january 4th in frederick county. the culprit still hasn't been caught. the bill now named heidi's law would establish a state registry of people convicted of animal abuse or neglect, providing a way for the public to keep track of them, but there is potentially a bigger purpose here and that is to --
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there's documented evidence people who commit abuse against people have a history of abusing animals. so to track these people is very important according to the senator. lynette kaufmann, heidi's owner, says she hopes that type of legislation might stop someone from doing to another animal what heidi's killer did to her. >> i'm thrilled about the bill selfishly because he's calling it heidi's law and i truly do feel that it's a legacy of hope. i'll never have her back, but if it prevents or discourages or -- people have to account for and you can find out what they've done, then i'll feel heidi is living on. >> one thing this law would do is humane societies and pet stores could check the registry and not sell a pet to a convict adobesser and maryland would be the first state -- an abuser
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and maryland would be the first state in the country to enact such a law. around 3:00 this afternoon on interstate 81 a tractor trailer crossed the median and slammed head on into a car. the driver of the car died. two other cars were caught up in the accident. the trunk went over an embankment. the taxicab service is in the spotlight at city hall in d.c., standing room only where city leaders looked into modernizing taxi service. some cab drives don't like the idea of gps tracking. fox 5 -- drivers don't like the idea of gps tracking. fox 5's matt ackland explains. reporter: the committee room was packed. hundreds squeezed in to sound off about the future of cab service in d.c. >> this room needs to stay silent except for the witness. reporter: chair of the committee mary cheh used results of a recent survey to make her point, the d.c. taxi industry needs improvement. >> taxicab service is viewed of among these that responded unreliable, outdated and often unprofession a. reporter:
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chairman of the taxicab commission ron lenten was the first to testify in favor of the improvements. >> which will significantly improve the district's taxicab industry by assuring more revenue for the drivers, growth of the hospitality industry through high quality taxi service. reporter: the proposal out there would add credit card payment technology, panic buttons, better training, even mandate one uniformed color for all d.c. cabs. cab drivers we talked to say despite complaints customer service is getting much better and they, okay with the proposed upgrades -- they are okay with proposed upgrades except when it comes to gps technology. >> that gps really is a tracking device which is meant to track my passengers and including myself. that is the part that we don't like and we believe that's not needed. reporter: but the d.c. taxicab commission says the new technology won't track the
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driver's every move, only the pickup and dropoff locations. >> the information that's recording -- recorded for the commission's purposes on the receipt that the passenger receives, which tells the origin and the destination, the length of the trip and the time of the trip and that is the only thing that is recorded. reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. the d.c. department of housing and community development is under fire tonight. two council members are calling for investigations into unethical and possible criminal conduct. it all stems from a construction project with a peaceoholics group. the group wanted to convert some rundown apartments in southeast into housing for at risk youth. the department of housing gave the peaceoholics more than $4 million, but some developers got involved and allegedly made off with some of that money. >> first thing was to ensure the young people graduated from high school, gave them a safe haven, a place to go. >> we figure there's about $2
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million which just can't be accounted for and there are other amounts which can be accountedded for but are very questionable -- accounted for but are very questionable. >> the director of the department of housing released a statement saying his agency launched an investigation. at least one agency employee has already been fired. the national mall is shining a little brighter tonight with the flip of a giant switch. interior secretary ken salazar and energy secretary steven chu turned on new l.e.d. lights that illuminate the mall. the energy efficient lights were donated by bulbmaker ostrem sylvania and installed by pepco and should cut the utility bill by 60 to 65%. metro riders use them every day, but what we found may actually surprise you, the stunning results of our escalator investigation. also ahead things are finally starting to turn around for the auto industry and that could mean big savings for you. 
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the washington auto show is in town and if you are looking for a new car, you're in luck. the auto industry is making a comeback and that means good deals for consumers. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick has the details. reporter: over two massive showroom floors at the washington convention center, car buyers and lookers are checking out the new models. >> definitely need a caddy cts, the v version. my wife likes it. we appreciate the jeep. reporter: 2011 was a good year for auto manufacturers as consumers felt more confident to make large purchases. >> i just graduated school and that's the reason why i got a car, got my first job. reporter: 2012 is expected to build on that success. industry economists predict a return to 2008 sales levels. during the recession people held onto their cars longer and now it's time to replace them, that plus record low interest rates means demand is back. gerard murphy, president of the
10:26 pm
washington area new auto dealers association, says there will be deals for buyers. >> they're going to have incentives for financing. they're going to have incentives on the price of the vehicles. it's a great time to buy a car. reporter: all of that translates into a difference you can really feel and see here on the show floor, just a little more swagger, a little more bling. >> they're going to see an effervescence and enthusiasm. the u.s. auto industry is really a bright spot on the world economy. there's no question about that. reporter: new fuel efficiency standards scheduled to kick in in 2015 mean consumers looking for good gas mileage will have more choices, too. it's a huge difference from where the u.s. auto industry was three years ago on the verge of collapse. few would have bet that ford, gm and chrysler would all be here today. >> america has really turned their products around. >> it's definitely got its mojo back, no two ways about it. reporter: melanie alnwick, fox
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5 news. a fox 5 investigation into the infamous met trophic laters and if you think some are -- metro escalators and if you think some are broken more than they're actually working, you're probably right. we're exposing the worst of the worst next. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. the sleep number bed. the magic of this bed is that you're sleeping on something that conforms to your individual shape. you can adjust it to whatever your needs are. so whatever you feel like, the sleep number bed's going to provide it for you. and now, the company that redefined sleep is redefining memory foam. save $400 on our all-new memory foam bed. and at our white sale, stock up and save on our exclusive bedding collection. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. hello, progresso. it fits!
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is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. metro escalators breaking down and out of services in. some cases fox 5 found they're broken more often than not. tonight we've got the worst of the worst for you and stunning numbers on how bad those escalators are. fox 5's investigative reporter sherri ly joins us now with her report. >> it really is no secret metro's escalators are bad. their goal is to have them working at 90% of the time, but i was surprised to learn some of the suspect's escalators run at just a fraction of that. at. with all the creaking, grinding
10:31 pm
and squealing it's no wonder many of metro's escalators are on their last leg. >> did we get ripped off when we bought the escalators? they could use some work. reporter: some work? how about a lot. >> there's some escalators that are really bad. reporter: bad could be an understatement when you find out the 10 worst escalators in metro's system work on average less than half the time. >> when you look at metro's escalators today, what do you see? >> danger. reporter: robert bonner spent 20 years working as a former contractor on metro's escalators before the transit agency brought escalator maintenance and repairs in- house. >> right now some of the escalators and the elevators are like a 20-year-old car. they have all kinds of mileage on them. you can put band-aids on them, but every now and then you have to bite the bullet and buy a new car of. reporter: between january and may last year here is a sampling how the worst of the
10:32 pm
worst performed including multiple escalators at the same stations. starting 10th on the list is an escalator at glenmont followed by one at columbia heights and u streets. they work between 60 and 65% of the time. then it takes a steep drop at 48% on an escalator at georgia avenue and 46% at noria street. >> some of it is the age of the -- at u street. >> some of it is the age of the equipment. there's a lot of immediate issues that need to be taken care of. >> it's very frustrating from the standpoint of escalator technicians to make repair on an escalator and have it break down again in a day or two or sometimes even shorter than that. reporter: metro's chronic escalator problems go back more than a decade and the agency admits preventive maintenance wasn't done. >> this is something we see across the country. reporter: robert quentin at brookings metro policy program
10:33 pm
finds a lack of service of the systems troubling. >> we've got to make sure the things that maybe not as sexy, the maintenance of the system, is just a much a priority as building the new stuff is. >> we're now at a point where we are in a hole where there's a whole backlog of maintenance work that needs done and frankly it's going to take time to get out of that hole. reporter: all 10 of the worst escalators are among 94 due to be replaced over the next six years as pressure builds on the system to move more people in the coming years. it's critical the system functions, a big part of that, escalators. >> it's clearly something most riders experience every day. when one of them is not working, it certainly impacts the trip. reporter: the lifespan of escalators should be 25 to 30 years, but on some of the last stations built on the green line such as georgia avenue, metro chose a cheaper brand. they're more than 10 years old and already need replacement. >> people are looking at the dollar value.
10:34 pm
when they put those out to bid for the price, the quality and the price fit in metro's budget. >> as a practical matter, they have not performed to the standards we would expect for an escalator on the metrorail. is. reporter: metro is now equipping all 588 escalators with an on board computer and sensors that are tied to a central monitoring system. this tells realtime when an escalator goes down. by june every escalator should be on the system. >> what it will allow us to do is respond faster when an escalator goes out of. is. reporter: if you look at the got -- out of. is. reporter: if you look at the bottom five escalators on the service, those work between 44 and 45% of the time which means it's out of service about an average of three in every five days. >> i have the little metro app and it will tell you all the escalators that are down. it's a long list. reporter: it's hard to believe it could get any worse, but we haven't even revealed the two
10:35 pm
escalators that break down the most. many of the problems that were raised by that former metro contractor are being addressed by metro. they're replacing the escalators and they're going to bring in contractors to work on parts of the orange line and then, of course, tonight at the news edge at 11:00 we'll be back and we'll tell you the two worst escalators in the system. >> the two worst? >> the two worst. they're worse than that. >> okay. i guess they're probably about 10 miles underground, too would be my guess. see you at 11:00. in the meantime many of the -- speak of the escalators, starting wednesday metro is closing the dupont circle south entrance for the next eight months. the transit agency will have all the three escalators at the entrance closed. you'd like to monitor metro, we're doing it 24/7, send us your pictures or ideas to
10:36 pm
fox5metro at dozens of protesters showed up to protest metro's rate hikes. it got loud during a hearing this morning in northwest. demonstrators say pepco did not pay any state or federal income taxes last year, still received $817 million in tax refunds. pepco wants to raise rates to help improve service and infrastructure. here's something many people are expected to like, facebook stock but not just anyone can get their hands on it. we'll explain coming up at 10:45. also ahead caught on camera, a deer caught up in a tight spot. we'll show you how this one ends still ahead. but first there is an app to help you change the channel on the tv in your hotel room. here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> making more but not spending more, personal income rising in december by the biggest amount in nine months but consumer spending coming in flat during the end of the holiday shopping
10:37 pm
season as people were saving more cash. meantime they'll need some extra cash to bump up their cars because gas prices continue to climb in the new year. a gallon of regular unleaded now costing $3.43. that's up 15 cents this month. people chowing down at wendy's sales restaurants opened at least a year surging last quarter getting a boost from the new hot and confusey burger, but the fast food complain is -- juicy burger, but the fast food complain is still seeing a drop in its bottom line. changing the phone in your hotel room from a smartphone. travelers will be able to use a lorgnette that turns a smartphone into a -- lodge net that turns a smartphone into a tv remote. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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caught on camera a violent robbery at a boston area jewelry store. the suspects walked in just before closing last night. one wore a clown mask, the other a scream mask. the video shows them roughing up the employee. >> they punched my 19-year-old employee who is a newlywed and pulled her hair. they threatened my male employee and put a gun to him. >> the entire ordeal lasted 10 minutes. the robbers made off with $8,000 in cash and more than $50,000 in merchandise. also caught on cell phone camera in bangor, maine, a deer stuck in a cemetery fence. a man passing by noticed and called for help. rescue crews freed the animal by sawing off part of the fence. the deer ran away immediately. witnesses do not believe it was hurt, just scared.
10:42 pm
tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a deadly head-on collision killing a man and three teenagers, new details how it happened and the 911 call made just before the accident. they're the worst of the worst. we just showed you how often met to escalators are broken down. so which ones have the worst performance record? the news edge investigation at 11:00. the word is swapportunity. can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence?
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50 million mega upload users could lose their data as soon as thursday. earlier this month u.s. prosecutors blocked all access to the site and charged seven men claiming mega upload allowed millions of illegal downloads of movies and content. the site hires outside companies to store that data. since its money is frozen they say they may actually begin deleting that data this week. facebook could be filing papers with the sec as early as this week to make the company public, a move investors and brokers like, but if you are looking to get in on this, you better make sure your portfolio
10:46 pm
is up to par. we will explain why. reporter: facebook could be updating its status to public and wall street is chomping at the bit. >> we don't know the price. we don't know the demand for, it but facebook has got a great model. it's very different. would i be selling it? not a chance. reporter: the offering could raise as much as $10 billion value the social network between 75 and $100 billion. it could be the biggest ipo since google. >> i think the shares of facebook will be highly coveted in the ipo realm and i think there's going to be worldwide demand. reporter: a $10 billion ipo would put the internet giant in the top tier of american companies right behind visa, general motors and at&t wireless. it would make founder mark zuckerberg a very rich man. it's nearly 20 years after aol went public and some think that this ipo could lead to another
10:47 pm
boom in technology. >> amazing what's happened in the last 20 years. obviously facebook has built on that and has tremendous success. i remember first meeting mark zuckerberg. he said he first learned to program by hacking into the aol system. reporter: facebook has 800 million users worldwide, the law stopping occasional investors from shelling out for this offering. >> unless you have a million dollars of net worth or more meaning you're a credited investor and have a preexisting relationship with the firm you cannot buy an ipo. that's the law. reporter: morgan stanley and goldman sachs jockeying for control of this stock sale. any deal could yield a i big bank tens of millions of -- yield a big bank tens of millions of dollars in new business and, of course, fees. >> you can't score with facebook, but you are going to be able to score with the weather. >> don't need to be a millionaire for nice weather. >> a totally public offering of wonderful numbers if you like it warm. who doesn't need a spring
10:48 pm
satcher in the end of january and -- sampler in the end of january and almost february. don't be surprised it will be chilly overnight and start on a cold note in the morning. it will be afternoon when we pump those temperatures up and above 60 and you know what? some of our new information tonight, maybe it gets warmer than 60 or 61 degrees tomorrow and it certainly will wednesday, so a couple nice days to look forward to. first i wanted to touch on the fact we had a magnitude 3.2 earthquake reported tonight about 6:39 and this is the area where it was in central virginia coming off the u.s. geological survey website. it was about 5 miles from louisa, virginia. certainly a lot of people felt it there, but it was also felt towards fredericksburg and locust grove. all these areas in blue are areas that reported feeling that 3.2 magnitude quake. it was likely an aftershock from the 5.8 in august that we had. also wanted to mention got a lot of great photos from all of
10:49 pm
you who saw that little dusting of snow from that squall last night including this picture from frederick. a little dusting sunday and it was probably hard to find a trace of that today. it certainly will be tomorrow because we think we're headed to about 61 degrees, if not warmer. wednesday perhaps the only difference is we get a business more increase in cloud cover, a spot -- a bit more increase in cloud cover, a spotty shower and maybe showers into thursday with the temperatures scaling back a bit at 52 degrees, but above average when you consider average is 44 degrees. this would be average for the middle of april. so it truly is a spring preview coming the next couple days. we'll have to watch the moisture. that's the part of this forecast we're still putting together. is it going to be a good chance of showers thursday or might it be passion just to our south? we do know we won't miss out on the warm temperatures. it will be warmer than today. we came in at 48 degrees at reagan, dulles 47, bwi marshall 45 degrees and check out some of the temperatures that we're seeing around the region now.
10:50 pm
it will be a chilly night, 30 frederick already, dulles 41, but martinsburg and cumberland down to 34 degrees. in the district it's 40 degrees. it's a push of mild air that will come in as high pressure gets off the coast. we'll get a nice warm south, southwest wind bringing up some of the very mild temperatures and certainly some of the warm air around the gulf of mexico. that mild air gets in here tomorrow afternoon and it gets kind of reinforced and pumped up more wednesday. so that's why we think mid-60s are doable wednesday and honestly would not be surprised if some of you hit that tomorrow as well. only a light jacket needed for tomorrow afternoon. it's fair skies for us tonight and chilly, certainly colder in the suburbs down to the upper 20s, about 35 degrees inside the beltway. tomorrow a few clouds, but a warm day, 61 degrees, easily doable, winds out of the south, southwest at 5 to 15 miles an sure. at 8 a.m. only about 39 degrees. make sure you have the sunglasses.
10:51 pm
the glare will be big. by noon we're up to 55 degrees and by 5:00 a temperature of 60 degrees. so things are looking good on the futurecast. the lake effect snow continues during the day tomorrow. this is satellite and radar now. we've just had a couple clouds with it and that is about it. so five-day forecast, it's a dry one until maybe thursday. it could be a very brief spotty shower wednesday, but that would be about the only thing to interrupt the mild weather. showers we'll keep an eye on thursday, looks cooler friday at 51 degrees and saturday 53. so essentially today was the coldest day we've probably had all week. the rest of the week pretty incredible in the temperature department. >> thank you, sue. a big week for madonna. sunday she headlines the super bowl halftime show, but first she'll debut a new music video from her 12th album. her new single is called give me all your loving. you can see it on thursday's episode of american idol here on fox 5.
10:52 pm
hi, can i get my crb brought, please? got a lot to do today. brodrick. brodrick. odrick. >> a throwback to the '80s, matthew brodrick channeling his inner ferris bueller. if is for a honda commercial that -- it is for a honda commercial that will air during the super bowl sunday. honda released the ad on the internet today. the commercial has plenty of references to ferris bueller's day off. the countdown to kickoff six days away. now both super bowl teams are in indianapolis, the host city, sports director dave feldman with the giants day. >> four years ago the giants were 12 point underdogs and ruined the patriots' perfect season in super bowl xlii. 17-42 was the final tally. this year the giants are three- point underdogs, but the giants
10:53 pm
coach tom coughlin and his counterpart bill belichick say that game has no relevance for sunday's rematch. the giants departed from newark and arrived at indy at 2:45 eastern. the patriots left yesterday and arrived this morning. the giants have the dubious distinction of becoming the first team to reach the super bowl after being outscored by their opponents in the regular season. head coach tom coughlin was asked what a second title would mean to him and his quarterback eli. >> i think it would be a great endorsement for the quality of football player that he is and for the kind of season eli has had and what he's meant to our football team, our franchise. the second part of that is it's not about me. that's the furtherrist thing from my mind is how that -- ft.est thing from my mind is how -- the furthest thing from my mind is how it's going to enhance my legacy. >> you don't think about that as a player. i think you concentrate on the
10:54 pm
opponent. that's new england, trying to get ready for them. try to keep your mind focused on the job and what your performance is going to take, what type of style of football it's going to take to win this game. >> the giants defeated the patriots in week nine 24-20. patriots are currently 2 1/2 point favorites. the king of pop is taking over glee. we have a special sneak peek at an all new michael jackson episode coming up next. on the news edge a melee caught on camera. this university of richmond fight got so bad the cops had to be called in to break it up, details at 11:00. >> this fox 5 sports update is brought to you by acura, acura, advance. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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10:57 pm
american idol alum danny gokey soft market. he married a model -- is off the market. married a model in florida yesterday. he lost his first wife in a
10:58 pm
routine surgery for a congenital heart condition. it is the episode michael jackson fans have waited for. the cast of glee will perform a special tribute to the king of pop. fox's william lajeunesse with more on what to expect. reporter: the king of pop gets the glee treatment as the cast sings some classic michael jackson songs, certain to thrill fans of the hit show. >> michael is my favorite ever as people know and i was very scared to see what would happen. i was very sensitive about michael. >> we've done a couple tribute episodes, but this is by far the most special one to me because it's the one i enjoyed and i grew up with the most. >> michael jackson is one of the, if not the most important pop artist of ever, the entire history of music and to be -- to have the privilege to-or him like this. >> he -- to honor him like
10:59 pm
this. >> he was so perfect in his timing in recording he either sang right on the beat or a little bit ahead of it, which is a very hard thing to do. reporter: rivera was excited to perform a unique version of jackson's smooth criminal. >> so cool. the cellists were amazing. they blew my mind. reporter: imitation they say is the best form of flattery unless you're chris colfer. >> i definitely tried to sing like michael jackson and i think i ended up sounding more like julia childs which i'm not sure how i pulled that on. reporter: although everyone was longing to do some of mj's signature moves, his music had to be enough. >> we can't legally do any michael jackson moves and if anything seems like a michael jackson move service not our intention. move it was not our intention. reporter: in hollywood william lajeunesse, fox news. >> can't wait for that one. the news k


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