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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 31, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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drive away in any new 2012 vw for practically just your signature. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a murder mystery solved. police say a maryland man confessed to killing an alexandria activist months ago and dumping his body in a well. >> it's no longer just protesters versus police at occupy d.c. it's protesters versus the neighborhood. people sick of the movement now
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taking matters into their own news alert, mitt romney wins the florida primary. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm laura evans. let's take a welcome at latest results. mitt romney with 46% of the vote. rick santorum 13%. that rounds out the top three. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following the results from the web center. >> this was a big victory for mitt romney, especially when you look at the gender gap. mitt romney captured half of all of the women who voted in florida today and for newt gingrich, a big loss on his part. he was leaving in florida until tonight. let's look at what happened. mitt romney talked to his supporters tonight, crediting them for this big turn around. it also was a large part of his change in direction after poor
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debate performances against gingrich. romney began to return fire against the former house speaker. gingrich was out as well tonight. he showed no signs of getting out of this race. romney tried to strike a unifying term, saying that republican voters have witnessed an unprecedented republican primary and it's time for them to come together. >> our opponents and the other party have been watching and they like to comfort themselves with the thought that a competitive campaign will leave us divided and weak. but i've got news for them. a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us and we will win. >> thank the well over half a million floridians who voted for us and i think florida did something very important. coming on top of south carolina. it is now clear that this will be a two person race between the conservative leader, newt gingrich, and the massachusetts moderate. >> joining us now, fox 5
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political analyst. mark, we heard romney trying to strike this unifying tone. gingrich is out repeating that massachusetts moderate line. does newt gingrich help or hurt mitt romney going forward as this campaign drags on? >> obviously, mitt romney wants to have this truce and he is prepared to say nice things about newt gingrich if he would stop running against him. it seems that newt gingrich feels that march 6 is super tuesday, three southern states vote. he wants to go to the convention. you have to realize that this is his occupation now. candidate, and he feels almost a masiah like following. >> at no point did newt gingrich congratulate mitt romney tonight. at some point, does this start to do real damage? >> one school is that it toughens up romney for the general election if he should be the nominee.
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the other is that it rips the party apart and it never really survives. it makes for a chaotic convention where they have to buy off with speeches and platform planks. already, newt gingrich is talking about what is going to be in the republican primary. they have ron paul that they have to worry about, running as a third party candidate, and gingrich being the bad boy. >> let's stay with our focus on florida. florida is going to be key in this general election this november. with so many conservatives still looking at candidates like newt gingrich and like rick santorum, spell trouble for mitt romney should he become the nominee. >> republicans will say look, once we have a nominee, they might hold their nose, but they aren't going to stay home. the animosity toward barack obama is so great that they will overcome their philosophical differences and vote for him. what you are talking about is
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an intensity factor and whether romney will be able to run as the republican standard if he gets the nomination with the proper level of intensity. >> fox 5 political analyst, we appreciate it. won't have to wait long for another round of voting. shawn and laura, the nevada caucus, february 4, it's just a couple of days away. we'll be at this again before you know it. >> our other big story tonight, an arrest in the murder of a community activist from alexandria, virginia. lenny harris disappeared last september, but his body was found in a well in fort washington, maryland, last week. bob is live outside the prince georges county police department with the latest details. bob. >> reporter: shawn, prince georges county police say the 49-year-old murder suspect, linwood johnson and victim, lenny harris knew each other. to what extent, they aren't saying. investigators here tonight are confident a troubling mystery
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has been solved. police were led to this long abandoned property off old fort road in fort washington last thursday by a tipster who said investigators would find a body in a well. they did. it was 53-year-old glenn wood, lenny harris, who had been missing for four months. sources tell us that same caller also gave police the name of at least one possible suspect in the grizzly murder. now prince georges county police have made an arrest in the case, charging 49-year-old linwood johnson of temple hills, maryland, with one count of first-degree murder. >> mr. linwood johnson gave a full written and verbal confession to prince georges county police department homicide detectives just a few hours ago. >> police are not saying whether murder suspect johnson is the man seen in this surveillance video. using harris' atm card, the night of his disappearance, september 21.
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but investigators are clearing up some of the remaining mysteries. >> we know that murder occurred on old fort road in fort washington, maryland. the motive in that murder is robbery. we have recovered what we believe to be the murder weapon. the murder weapon is a firearm. >> there was nobody home at suspect johnson's third floor apartment off southern avenue. a surprise neighbor told us johnson lived alone and had just moved out two days ago. police say lin wood johnson and lynnwood harris knew each other. harris abruptly ended his workout and left the gym right after getting that phone call. and was never seen or heard from again. >> we do anticipate that an additional arrests in this case are forthcoming. our work is far from done. we have a lot of work to do. >> assistant chief, kevin
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davis, telling us that investigators expect to make additional arrests soon. the harris family tonight is not talking. >> i know this investigation is just getting going, but what else have we learned about the tipster who called this in? >> not much, shawn. we don't know if this is someone who has known about the crime since september or just found out about it recently. someone who just happened to overhear it. we don't know. hopefully we'll find out that out in the coming days. >> thank you. developing right now in prince georges county, police investigating a deadly shooting. officers found. pronounced dead. investigators are canvassing that neighborhood looking for the shooter. fairfax county police are looking for a man accused of abducting and trying to sexually assault a woman. the incident happened sunday night on elmwood street.
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investigators say the man grabbed the woman as she was walking home. her assailant tried to sexually assault her. former prince georges county executive, jack johnson, will get two more weeks of freedom. he was supposed to report to prison this friday, but the federal bureau of prisons hasn't decided where to send him. johnson will spend seven years behind bars. his court date is february 18. delightful, how many adjectives do you have to describe today? we are talking about the weather outside and yes, we did set some records as temperatures hit 66 degrees in some places on this last day of january. lots of folks taking an extra long lunch, soaking up the sunshine and all that warmth. >> i love this weather. i don't like the winter. i wish it could be like this all the time. >> people always worry about
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the weather. stick around, it will change. >> well, maybe not. so is winter done with us for a little bit or is some cold air making a quick return? we're going to check in with sue in the weather center with the answers. sue. >> you have to love those weather changes, laura. here's the short answer to your question. we have one more really mild day coming. you'll see that behind me here. we will get into the mid 60s again tomorrow. plan accordingly. the only difference is, it won't be quite as sunny and a spotty--- >> oh darn, sue, we can't hear you. i know you have a lot to say. sue is going to join us in a little bit to give us more about what we can expect tomorrow. you saw those temperatures today, 66 degrees. it was delightful. i do want to remind you, you
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can check the weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. go to the app store to down load it. a brand-new security threat is looming. find out who experts told congress could be gearing up to launch an attack on american soil. plus, a showdown at mcpherson square. but not between protesters and police. fed up residents send their own message to occupy d.c. protesters. >> and take a look at what was caught on camera in a d.c. library. keep looking. hopefully we'll show it to you. how a deer got in such a strange predicament coming up next. and tonight at 11:00, $60,000 in damage done to a local mosque. the devastating attack coming up on the news edge.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. caught on camera, a deer smashing right through a window at the washington highland interim library in southwest today. the library was not open at the time. staffers called for help. animal control officers arrived quickly. the deer suffered a broken jaw and had to be euthanized.
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fortunately, no one was hurt. there's no word when the library will reopen. park police tonight are pitched in a relatively quiet, but stubborn battle with occupy protesters in mcpherson square. so far, it's mostly calm, there is tension swirling around one particular problem. a tent built over the statue of general james mcpherson. as fox 5's paul wagner explains, police want it down, occupiers want it up. and two people that have nothing to do with either sides tried to take matters into their own hands. >> just before noon, this man walked up to the tent and tried to tear it down. >> i was trying to take it down so i could see it. they can put it back, but they claim it's free speech to cover it up. i figure it's free speech to take it down. >> paul works in the neighborhood as an elevator contractor and sick of the occupy movement devouring the square. >> you have seen this park six months ago, it was beautiful.
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we had brand-new sod put down on the lawn. it was green. it was beautiful. and i ate lunch here frequently during the week. now look at it. >> as he shared his views, u.s. park police stood nearby in case the confrontation escalated further. he was not alone. and at 3:30, this man began approaching reporters to say he was a taxpayer and he had enough of the occupy movement as well. he identified himself as rick mangus, and began cutting the strings holding together the tent over the statue. when protesters realized what he was doing, they moved in. a confrontation that escalated and had the police responding in force.
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[ arguing ] u.s. park police then surrounded the man and led him out of the square. paul wagner, fox 5 news. now you just saw this man in paul's story there. we caught up with retiree rick magnus earlier this evening. he said he has had enough of the occupy protesters and tried to take matters into his own hands. >> the park service has been inept doing anything about it and it's about time somebody takes a stand. >> mangus says one of the occupy protesters assaulted him and he may press charges. as you saw, police had to escort mangus out of the park.
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biggest threats to national security, including iran, north korea, and al-qaeda. fox's katherine has the details. >> iran dome dominated the hearing. >> sanctions to this point have not made any kind of difference. does anybody dispute that? gh no, sir. the sanctions as imposed have not caused them to change their behavior or their policy. >> in written testimony, the top intelligence officials said iran's -- last fall shows quote, some iranian officials probably including supreme leader have changed their calculus and are more willing to conduct an attack in the united states. an iran they retaliate in other ways. >> the iranians have the capability, we assess to temporarily close the straits. >> on the possible transfer of five detainees as part of a confidence building measure to
10:19 pm
engage the afghan taliban and peace talks, lawmakers were told a 2009 review deemed the men too dangerous to leave the detention camp. >> did the community concur these detainees were too dangerous to transfer. i don't think anyone the administration harbors any illusions about the potential here. >> criticism from a leading democrat. >> who is going to start paying attention to this? >> the white house cor coordinator. >> we made no progress and that is embarrassing in view of what you and your predecessors have said about the nature of the threat. >> i do not think today is necessarily number one threat, but it will be tomorrow. >> in the past, al-qaeda and his leadership dominated the hearing, but lawmakers are saying it comes from the affiliates. on capitol hill, katherine, fox news. >> new controversy surrounding the gun tracking mission, known as operation fast and furious.
10:20 pm
clears pop justice department leaders of any wrong doing, saying there is no evidence they knew the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms phoenix office was supplying guns to mexican cartels in an effort to track down the criminals. republicans disagree. >> lanny brewer knew, approved, and continued to improve this kind of process and this kind of a program long after brian carey was gunned down with weapons. >> border agent was killed with one of the guns the u.s. supplied to cartel members while the report clears top atf officials in washington, it does blame atf officials and the u.s. attorney's in phoenix. a new report shows the people who blew the whistle in the case of the mishandled troop remains were punished. they claim they were fired, suspended, or put on leave. last year, investigators found gross mismansionment. some troops body parts were lost, other remains ended up in
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a virginia landfill. the special council ordered them to discipline those involved. >> ending the search for 16 people still missing in a cruise ship disaster. conditions are just too dangerous for divers to go back into the wreckage. bad weather also moving into the area. divers have recovered 17 bodies, the ship ran aground 2 1/2 weeks ago. crews are trying to prevend 500,000 gallons of fuel from spilling into the sea. >> city furloughs, tax hikes, increased fees all to close the supposed budget gap. turns out though, d.c. is running a surplus. now the battle is brewing over what to do. also ahead, a career teacher under arrest accused of making students do shocking things in the classroom. we'll be back. across the golden state,
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a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ d.c. residents dealt with higher taxes, furloughs, higher prices on city services, all to
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fight off a budget short fall. yesterday the district announced it is $240 million in the black. as fox 5 explains, that has one city leader saying that now some taxpayers should get a refund. >> it came as a big surprise when the mayor announced d.c. was $240 million richer. that's what a lot of people are saying, especially after so much talk about d.c. facing hard financial times. >> where did that money come from? >> we're told the city simply didn't spend as much as it thought it would. still in september of last year, the council voted in favor of raising taxes on those who make more than $350,000 a year. jack evans lost his fight against that tax and now is calling for the new tax to be rolled back. >> something that i would be interested in is putting the income tax back down. but that's just me speaking. >> council chairman says
10:26 pm
everything is on the table and doesn't rule out revisiting the income tax issue. >> and we say that $240 million came in and residents want to know what is in it for them? >> but the mayor and d.c.'s cfo caution against repealing the tax. >> we need to recognize that this is one-time money that we're talking about. it isn't recurring money. >> what do residents want with the surplus? $240million goes a long way. >> in housing. affordable housing. >> why not fix up some of these delap dated? they have so many vacant buildings they moved people out of. people need a place to stay. >> matt acklin, fox 5 news. >> mayor and chairman brown will get a letter tomorrow asking them to rethink the latest income tax hike on residents. the chairman wants to look at all options. the pink slips are flying on x factor. we're going to break down the
10:27 pm
big changes coming up. also ahead, gearing up for a battle in annapolis. over flow crowds pile in as the gay marriage debate takes over the state house. and if you see a story you think we should look into, send your news tips to or give us a call at 202-8895- 3000. about the food my daughter eats. things like high fructose corn syrup. so, i started looking for answers from medical and nutrition experts. and what i discovered is that whether it's corn sugar or cane sugar, your body can't tell the difference. sugar is sugar. and knowing that makes me feel better about what she eats. and that's one less thing to worry about. [ female announcer ] learn more at the sleep number bed. the magic of this bed is that you're sleeping on something that conforms to your individual shape. you can adjust it to whatever your needs are.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> the fight over gay marriage is taking center stage. advocates are hoping a new bill that addresses some concerns will make it through this year. john hanrahan has the story. >> take a look at the size of the crowd that tried to surge. many had to settle for an over flow area. the governor of maryland personally came to lobby for legal ization of gay marijuana. >> marriage. >> lesser protections than the
10:31 pm
children of other families in our state. >> other liberal elected officials pushed for this year's slightly different bill which legalizes gay marriage, but exempts both churches and church organizations. >> the people in the state of maryland have fought for that equality for a generation. the quality for religion. for race. for gender. today we ask for equality for sexual orientation. >> it's the nights of columbus hall doesn't want to rent to a gay newlywed couple, it doesn't have to. it's perfectly protected within this legislation. >> opponents of gay marriage rallied here monday and conservative religious leaders testified that the proposed change in the law is an attack on their faith. >> why would we complicate that situation by redefining what already has been defined by the bible. the bible is right. we can talk about several other groups within the religious
10:32 pm
community that oppose this, changing the name and tampering with the word, marriage. >> last week, our first lady referred to those who oppose this legislation as cowards. this is just the latest example of those with sincere religious convictions are can go encouraged to give up their beliefs. >> john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> last year's gay marriage bill passed 25-21. proponents think they can do it again and get a victory in the house. opponents vow to get the required signatures. unlike maryland governor, martin o'malley, bob mcdonnell will not support raising the gas tax. >> i'm not going to raise taxes on the hard working people of virginia. i will help our economy grow and create jobs and create more tax revenue for economic expansion and we're going to
10:33 pm
reform government. >> mcdonnell wants to see more of the current sales tax set aside for transportation projects. currently half a cent of the 5- cent tax goes toward transportation. mcdonnell wants to see it increase. president obama spent part of his day talking up the auto industry bailout at the auto show in d.c. after getting into a couple of electric hybrids, about a million people kept their jobs and the american auto industry is back at the forefront. the president also mentioned that some people were against the bailout. he did not mention any names, but mitt romney is among them. >> changes could be coming to a foreign exchange program accused of abusing workers. the state department will push for changes in the j1 summer work travel program. each year, the program allows 100,000 foreigners to work in the u.s. for four months. the program was criticized in the past for exploiting workers ers. under the new guidelines,
10:34 pm
workers could not work in factories and prohibited from working in the adult entertainment industry. >> a troubling story out of california. an elementary schoolteacher has been arrested for molesting two dozen students. the lewd acts took place between 2008 and 2010 and involved both boys and girls, all under the age of 10. mark also took photos of children in blindfolds with their mouths taped shut. some had cock dock dockroachs. >> dispickable. it makes you sick to your stomach. why we immediately removed him and fired him. so why he has been fired for more than a year, the police have taken this time to build their case. >> officials say burns worked at the same elementary school for more than 30 years. he's in jail on the $2.2 million bail. police in utah charged a 16- year-old boy with plotting to
10:35 pm
blow up a high school. they were arrested last week. investigators say for months the boys planned to bomb roy high school outside salt lake city. and then fly out of the country. prosecutors want to try the 16- year-old as an adult. a father returned from the war in afghanistan to surprise his four-year-old daughter and her classroom. it's all caught on camera. we're going to show you the touching video. plus, check this out. how the suv ended up in one man's bedroom. next. but first, ryan seacrest has 300 million reasons to smile tonight. fox business network explains why. a very big year for stocks. americans jumping back into the market. the dow posting its best january. stocks mirror the dow's performance in the first month of the year. washington is spending more green and putting us deeper in the red. there's a new report from the independent congressional budget office saying the government is on track to run
10:36 pm
nearly $1.1 trillion deficit this fiscal year. that would make it the fourth year in a row. we have sending more than we have been taking in. not good. meantime, choppers are not feeling as good about the new year. consumer confidence falling in january as high gas prices clamp down on americans pocketbooks. and a key report showing home prices falling in november. that would represent the third straight monthly decline. and ryan seacrest is singing a happy tune. the company getting a $300 million investment from a pair of private equity firms, including mitt romney's former company. could this dude be getting any richer? that's business, i'm neil. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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did you see it? check out what happened to this house in new haven, connecticut. they were chasing this suv when the driver lost control and smashed into the house. the vehicle ended up in a man's bedroom. man trapped under the suv for about an hour. he did suffer some severe burns. the driver got away. police are now looking for him. >> a soldier back from afghanistan reunites with his family in utah and gives his daughter the best birthday present ever. sergeant adam page recently returned home and thought it was fitting to surprise his daughter in front of her kindergarten class. most children pause when they see a parent, but oh, not bailey. she sprinted over to him, gave him a huge hug and she hasn't let go since. >> that's my only birthday
10:41 pm
present i wanted is you. >> it was definitely emotional. i was nervous going in there, not sure how she was react, saying i got in there and she ran towards me. she had tears in her eyes. >> what a sweet thing to say. sergeant page says he got home late last night and had to hide out in the basement until bailey left for school this morning. >> coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00, major damage done to a local mosque. the question now, was the place of worship targeted? and male and female drivers put to the test. that story is in tonight's top five on the news edge at 11:00. 
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10:44 pm
a major shakeup on the x factor. simon not only axed host steve jones, but got rid of paula and
10:45 pm
nicole. thanking all three for being a part of the show. l.a. reid will stay at the judge table. >> l.a. reid is sticking around, he signed a will the of contestants. >> there are rumors that mariah carey will be filling the spot. >> we're in the web center with hot 99.5, talking about tonight's glee episode. michael jackson, i mean, it was nice. >> huge, one of the biggest, most anticipated episodes. everybody was talking about all the songs that they did. they did human nature, black or white, so big, big numbers that they covered for michael jackson. i think it was great. jam packed. the reaction was big on twitter. people were loving it. they had lots of great things to say. not a lot of development because it was all about the music. that's what we wanted.
10:46 pm
>> michael jackson. so, what about next week's episode? people are starting to talk about that. >> yeah, next week's episode will be huge. rickie martin joins next week and pit bull. how fabulous is pit bull. i can't wait. gloria will be on it as well and then the real housewife is going to be coming back. she'll be an interesting episode with our spanish teacher, ricky martin. next week will be bigger than michael. you'll see quite a development and ricky martin, a will the of curiosity about him and pit bull is great. >> it will be fun. any special information you are saving for tomorrow? >> so far, we are quiet on glee stuff, but we'll have other updates. everyone is talking about x factor. more rumors as to who will host. >> that sounds good. sarah, thank you. laura, back upstairs to you. singer john legend wants to inspire young people to get involved in social issues.
10:47 pm
legend appeared at the kennedy center to kick off a new campaign called, what's going on? ♪ [ music ] >> the campaign helped commemorate the 40th anniversary of marvin gays iconic album and performance the kennedy center one years later. gay helped inspire the antiwar movement. encourages teens to submit creative works of art that address a basic question. how have things changed in the past 40 years and what is going on now? >> those are not short answers. >> a lot has changed. and the weather, we are enjoying the changes that we're having about now. >> and another one tomorrow is the end of january, beginning of february. so we have to roll in a new month. we won't be changing the weather pattern just yet. we squeeze out one more warm day. >> no buds on the trees today.
10:48 pm
>> still blooming in the backyard. and it's been snowed on. >> the poor things are so confused. >> we have a beautiful night, and it's still 55 degrees. our average high for the day should be 44. so we're 11 degrees warmer than it would be at 3:00 in the afternoon on an average january day. we have to say good-bye to gentle january and we had a beautiful sunset to usher it out and this is one of our my weather photos that we got off our weather app. please do, because it's an easy way to send a picture. we notice a lot of changes. if the wind direction was so you want, it was 63 and went southeast off the water and dropped to 48 degrees. most of us are toasty. what we had today is probably going to be a couple showers
10:49 pm
around and a few could be around in morning. we'll talk about that in a moment. not a real wet day. more of you will not see showers than will. i wanted to show you that culpeper's high temperature was 70 degrees. this 66 we had at dulles, that is the new record for the day, breaking the record of 65 from 1993. as we close the books on january, this won't be one of our top ten warmest januaries. we did have a couple close spells. it was 4.1 degrees above average. for the next couple of days, it's going to be the battle of the high pressure system. tomorrow, south and east, so we're going to have a nice warm flow out of that high. but as we look towards thursday, a new area of high pressure builds in, but note it's building in from north. it's going to drive a cold front through tomorrow afternoon and be cooler for thursday. probably be some showers around on thursday as well. but still only talking temperatures near 50 or maybe a little bit above and that is
10:50 pm
above average. right now, gaithersburg still 57 degrees. leanardtown 55. look at quantico. fredericksburg with him, too. exceptionally mild for this time of year and unlike last night when we did drop into the upper 20s, the night isn't going to be that cold, because we will have clouds coming in later. it will keep us mild for this time of year and only probably drop into the mid and upper 40s for most areas tonight. so not a cold start tomorrow. probably get up to 67 degrees. tomorrow's temperature depends on how much sun we get in the afternoon. we think there will be clouds around in the morning and a couple shower, but could be a couple showers around and tomorrow night into thursday, a chance for some showers with a temperature of about 53 degrees. and friday right now, we're going to keep it sunny at 51 degrees. we'll show you satellite and radar because there will be clouds building in and you begin to see a little bit of moisture that we're talking about that could be in for the morning. this is coming out of ohio and
10:51 pm
kentucky and some indication that we're going to begin to see some of that getting in here. i'm pausing this at 6:00 in the morning. skinny band of showers. i don't think you need it all day. in fact, as we get into the afternoon, we'll have some sunshine before clouds build back in and some of these showers that will largely pass to our south on thursday, could be around for the first part of the day on thursday. so we will jump you to your five-day forecast and again, 67 for the first day of february. how about that? a couple showers in the morning possible. thursday we may start with showers as well and right now i'm showing a dry weekend. i also want to say this, weekend is colder. i'm not confident and less so that it will be dry. maybe even enough cold air that we get a mix in a couple of spots. we'll keep an eye on that and see if we put it in for tomorrow and get model consensus. >> winter is not over yet. >> fox 5 sports is brought to
10:52 pm
you by acura. >> the super bowl circus rolled in. today, media day with players and coaches taking questions from journalists and nothing is off limits. fox 5 sports director is here with some of the highlights. >> john, patriots tight end was asked if he could name three kardashians today. he cot kim and kloe right away. just a sampling of a little thing we like, super bowl media day. >> the super bowl, a stage so big, even a star like tom brady takes time to stop and smell the roses. indianapolis' lucas oil stadium, playing host for the first time, players getting their footing. taking time to joke around with reportedders on media day. >> you look like one of the guys, i'm sure you can take a hit. >> out of 32nfl teams, the new
10:53 pm
york giants and patriots, the only two still standing. ready to duke it out sunday in front of millions worldwide. >> i'm just enjoying it, take ting in, and going to have fun. >> the questions, even bringing out the lighter side of giants quarterback, eli manning. >> sometimes you do need a hug from your mom or after the game. after some tough games. i have seen my parents and you know, they will always love you no matter what the performance is like or if you have a tough day. >> and fans can experience media day for the first time for a price. $25 for a seat in the stands and headphones to listen in on the action. >> put something up about who the interesting people are to listen to. i was listening to brady. >> we got to see a lot of our players close up. >> there's plenty of fun to be found. fans enjoying $7 beers and $4 pretzels at the village. >> this is as close as we'll get. >> bring a fall wallet.
10:54 pm
there's 3,000 seats available. the cheapest, a staggering $2100 for nosebleed. >> bring so much joy. >> can't get there to experience it live? some think the ads are bigger than the game. >> bueller, anyone? 30 second spot costing advertisers more than $3.5 million. that std highest total ever for an ad. >> that's a lot of dough. so i'm just curious. any news coming out of media day today? >> peyton manning did an interview and he said his neck is fine. he's not going to retire. he wants to play. there had been some speculation that the redskins would try to trade for him. he would meet after the super bowl. he did not say he was coming back to indianapolis. but he did say he is not retiring. so peyton manning is going to be on the sideline. why not come here and play with
10:55 pm
the ray redskins and he could play against his younger brother. >> very interesting. thank you very much. >> okay. >> it's the super bowl of singing competitions. idle taking the auditions to the northwest. we have a preview from portland, next. 
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did, but i wrote the note. new bakery sandwiches at dunkin' donuts. try the turkey cheddar bacon or ham and cheese today.
10:58 pm
the auditions continue as idol heads to portland, oregon. a look at some of the contestants. >> it's the great northwest to impress the idol judges and for steven tyler, getting in the portland state of mind required a preaudition sightseeing trip. >> it's all about green up here. the day we got here, we rented motorcycles and went out to this island looking for a nude beach. oh yeah.
10:59 pm
>> after day one, the verdict was still out. >> it's a really hard town. people can sing, but they were just missing this one little flavor and i'm hoping today we get it. >> i have faith for portland. the trailblazers are alive. >> contestants worked on calming their nerves. >> i'm going to breathe and pray a lot. and probably dance around like this. >> i'm really deep in the zone right now. i'm having visions of what it's going to be like to meet the judges and everything. oh no. i've never been in this position before. so cameras and everything is different. >> 25-year-old kay la thornton got some help from her dad and the cow of all things. >> my dad sent me a text message that says american idol has one more audition city, so he sold a cow and bought my ticket and i made it


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