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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we are monitoring metro this morning. >> a major euro haul at one of the busiest stayings is expect to the last for months. the work starts today. -- a major overhaul at one of the busiest stations is expected to last for months. the work starts today. mitt romney wins the florida primary. a look at the numbers plus a sign his credentials as a contender against president obama in november are gaining
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strength. taking a live look outside right now. 6:00 in the morning on the first day of february. normally, very cold. by the way, it is black history month, the start of black history month. that started back in the mid- 70s with president gerald ford making it official. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. thank you for watching. we have a great way to kick off black history month. it is a beautiful day out. >> it is fantastic. >> right now, it is nice. not just later in the day. >> it is raining right now. >> it is raining everywhere right now? >> much of the area seeing showers. >> butt temperatures are nice. >> that's where you're going. she's right. >> eventually, it will stop raining. >> support me here, tucker. >> and the sun will come out. >> i got your back, sarah. >> the sun will come out. let's go to hd radar. the light showers across the area as we speak. wisdom and sarah are both right. it will be a beautiful day. high temperatures in the upper
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60s and low 70s. >> right there is the rain. >> sorry, haven't been outside in hours. >> hears the bottom line. you head out the door here, there will be some showers that are moving through. not going to be with us much longer. i think the next hour or two, these will be east of the city and then we'll be looking at cloud and eventually some breaks in the clouds. that is enough to slow the commute. the kids who head out to the bus stop in the next few minutes will encounter some raindrops. >> get their little umbrellas out. >> exactly. they have such stylish umbrellas now. >> and little boots with hearts and clouds. >> turn the kids going to school into a fashion show. >> the kids were talking about the weather after school. >> everybody was thinking about the weather. >> they thought winter was over but we had to tell them it was not. >> hard to believe it is in the mid-50s to start your morning. affect highs later today, we'll get the showers out of here,
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upper 60s and low 70s. so a nice afternoon and again, a little sunshine. it won't be as beautiful as yesterday but a nice day. >> let's see if the rain is having an impact on the roadways. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest. >> good morning to you all once again. so far, so good. light showers moving through the area. as you work your way out of landover headed northbound 95, 495 approaching the baltimore- washington parkway. lanes are open, no problems to report on the beltway as you travel both the inner and outer loop. coming south on the bw park way, you are good to go coming in out of laurel. no problems to report south of 198 powder mill road headed down towards riverdale. we'll update the ride elsewhere. outer loop at university boulevard, no incidents to report continuing over towards 270. still nice and easy this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic.
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fox 5 monitoring metro for you this morning. and there is a big heads up for commuters out there. the south entrance of the dupont circle station is closed today and will be shut down through october. crews need that time to remace the three escalators. they have been deemed some of the least reliable within the metro system. it is all part of a multi-year $150 million plan to improve escalator and elevator reliability. all work has been suspended so that it continues to be available for customer use. long-term construction at farragut north has been suspended to provide additional space for customers who will use it as an alternative. stacy cohan will talk live with a spokesperson from metro in the next half hour for more on what you need to know about the closures. es.
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to politics now. mitt romney is relishing in his big victory in the florida primary. he has now won two of the first four republican presidential contests with nearly all the precincts reporting in florida. romney has 46% while newt gingrich has 32%. rein santorum and ron paul largely stayed out of florida to focus on key caucus contests. the former massachusetts governor gets all 50 delegates for the sunshine state. he focused much of his his victory speech on president obama. >> three years ago this week a newly a leaked president obama faced american people and said if i can't turn this economy around in three years, i'll be looking at a one-term proposition and we're here collect. >> it is now clear it will be a two-person race between the conservative leader newt
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gingrich and the massachusetts moderate. thank you. south the former massachusetts governor is getting secret service protection beginning today and an official says he met all of the requirements for protection. president obama will be in falls church today. he will visit a community center where he will outline a new plan to help homeowners refinance their mortgages. this plan expands one already in place and would also allow homeowners to refinance at lower interest rates including those who owe more than their home is worth. the cost of the program would be covered by a large fee on the banks. the pay freeze for federal workers will take the spotlight again today. the house is set to vote on a bill that could extend the freeze for another year. this impacts federal employees, lawmakers and congressional staffers. we're talking more about today's vote and its potential impact ahead in our 8:00 hour
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with ed o'keefe. a suspect accused of murdering community activist lenny harris is now behind bars. police arrested 49-year-old lynnwood johnson yesterday charging him with first degree murder. police say johnson and harris did know each other and believe the motive in this murder was robbery. harris disappeared in september. his body was found in a well over the weekend. johnson is scheduled for a bond review hearing this afternoon. maryland governor martin o'malley will deliver his state of the state address yesterday at noon. his push to legalize gay marriage may be one of the issues brought up. the governor personally lobbied for same-sex marriage during a hearing at the state house in annapolis yesterday. there is now a push for a bill that exempts both churches and church organizations. conservative religious leaders testified and the proposed change in the law is an attack on their faith. >> last year, you are esteemed first lady referred to those who oppose this legislation as
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cowards. this is just the latest example of those with sincere religous convictions are being encouraged to give up their beliefs. >> it is not right and it is not just that the children of gay couples should have lesser protections than the children of other families in our state. >> last year's gay marriage bill passed the state senate but stalled in the house. if it passes this time, opponents have vowed to get the required signatures to put the issue on the ballot in november. a civil liberties group is now calling to the fbi to investigate after a virginia mosque was vandalized to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. the muslim community mosque in chantilly was set to open in just about a month. but overnight sunday, police think a group of people gathered there, partied and destroyed much of what they could. the damage is estimated at $60,000. it is a scandal that shows no signs of going away. another name at d.c. city hall
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stepped down following the corruption investigation into a former city councilmember. also ahead , the occupy d.c. protesters staying put in we'll have details on something that could draw out the debate. 
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d.c.'s homeland security director has resigned. millicent west says her decision is because of, quote, current distractions. this has to do with the corruption investigation involving former ward 5 councilmember harry thomas, jr. west used to be president of the d.c. children and youth invest trust corporation. thomas recently pleaded guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in city money. some of that money came from the children and youth trust. west has not been charged with the crime. she says her decision to step
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down was in the best interests of the city. some overfight police action at macpherson square. it is unclear how this is related to the park service cracking down on the camping down at macpherson square. a u.s. district judge ruled that the u.s. government must notify protests are prior to eviction. he also said the protests are will have a chance to test plan. it is first day of february and all the first day of black history month. >> we'll have an update to the new smithsonian museum chronicling the struggles and culture of african-americans. another taste of spring in store for today. you can see the wet roadways we are dealing with out there. little spring-like temperatures and spring-like showers too. tucker has more on your forecast coming up. 
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february is black history month and here in d.c., work continues on the new national museum of african-american history and culture. construct is set to begin this year with completion slated for 2015. it will be built across street from the national museum of american history adjacent to the washington monument. right now, there is a gallery on the second floor of the american history museum giving visitor as a repre view of the new museum. this year, black history month pays tribute to the african- american women and the ways they helped to shape history. >> museum should look pretty nice. >> yep. >> our weather should look pretty nice later on today. a little bit of rain out there on the roadways. be careful as you are heading around but hopefully, should move out of here pretty quick, is that right? >> it is on the move and should be out in the next hour or two. kids want to be ready for a quick shower. if you are headed to work here in the next hour or so, you
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will probably get some wet roadways, that kind of thing. >> something to look forward to. dry and warm. >> later today. >> we'll be once again -- lets aget out to the headline. one more warm day. >> hooray! >> why not. >> exactly. we'll have highs expected to be right back into the upper 60s and perhaps a few low 70s. can't believe i'm saying that. it is possible a few low 70s off to -- just to the south here in washington later today. it is all about sunshine. if we can work a little sun in later today, we should get a chance to work some sunshine into the city. not terribly impressive here as far as totals here but just enough to wet the roadways. this is moving quickly off to the east. you can see we are getting showers here inside the beltway. generally in washington, still getting some light showers and sprinkles down towards mount vernon and prince george's county. much of your county is getting
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rain showers out to the east here, crofton, bowie and now annapolis getting some rain showers. bottom line, showers here with us for the next few hours and then we'll quiet things down later today and we should get breaks in the clouds by early afternoon and that will help warm these temperatures up. what's happening out there? warm front to the north. that brought us a beautiful day yesterday. as that lifted off to the north, we got the clear skies yesterday afternoon and now a cold front out to the west is still hanging well off to the north and west. it will take the better part of 24 hours to get in here. later tonight, the clouds will increase and we'll get overnight showers into early tomorrow morning. once that arrives, our winds will shift out of the north and west and you know what that means. cooler temperatures on the way. bottom line, enjoy today as the temperatures will be cooler starting tomorrow. currently, we're 50 degrees with the rain showers at reagan national. but you can see these temperatures well, well above normal even for daytime highs. 57 currently in annapolis. off to the north appear west, 56 in martinsburg and
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hagerstown. very comfortable conditions across the area. clouds, sunshine this afternoon and another warm one. 68 your daytime high. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. >> all right, we've got some problems out here on the roads. wet pavement which means no dillydallying around. grab that cup of joe to go. the crew in sky fox above this incident on the george washington parkway. as you work northbound past turkey run head for the exit for the inner loop of the beltway which will lead you up to the american legion bridge, this ramp is currently closed with an incident. so this is against our rush hour flow but nonetheless, it is going to cough you a little bit of time as you try to maneuver your way around. you have to cross over the beltway and make a u-turn to come back. if you are on the beltway, traffic is flowing freely in each direction between the american legion bridge and the dulles toll road. we'll take it back inside. we'll update your ride elsewhere. coming southbound along 270, lanes are open, no incidents to report leaving urbana.
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as you work your way past route 80, you are down to about 39 miles per hour headed southbound towards 109. northbound i-95 in virginia. we have some problems. we do have a stalled car reported in the center of the roadway. no problems to report right now eastbound along 66. lanes are open but the pace is starting to slow as you travel from vienna aheaded towards the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. if an old saying on wall street holds true, things could be looking much better for 2012. >> we like that news. let's hope it stays that way. let's check in with lauren simonetti coming up after the break. we're back in a moment. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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so, where to next? ♪
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welcome back. if january is any indication, 2012 could be a good year on the markets. and more buzz surrounding
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facebook's ipo. lauren simonetti with fox business networken good morning. >> good morning. >> so we got off for a good start this year. wade good january and you know what that means, right? >> as january goes, so goes the year. bestian ever, up 415 points so the do you should end the year higher 82%. >> everybody has an eye on facebook. we are waiting for facebook to file papers today for its ipo. what does this mean for facebook and its users and its owner? >> okay. lots of changes are on the way for facebook. first of all, we will probably get that paperwork filing with the sec this morning. so a couple of hours from now and we are thinking they have the amount of money that facebook is looking to raise
6:26 am
from $10 billion to $5 boil on. this will change business as usual for facebook. facebook is going to be an open book. it will have to meet wall street demand and do all sorts of accounting things and all of that. it has got 3,000 employees around the world. many of them have stock options which until this point they have not been able to cash in on. you might find them doing that in may and that means a lot of research employees. >> good for you got in early on that. >> yeah. i know. >> thank you. coming up next, republican presidential candidate mitt romney wins the florida primary and gets some backup that shows just how serious a contender he has become. also ahead aa so ahead aa -- also ahead, in for a major overhaul. this will address some common complaints from riders. 
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a little bit of rain coming down out there today but it's not going to be a washout so who cares because we know how nice it willing. >> you got it. we'll have high temperatures in theener 60s and low 70s. i'm excited about this. >> i am too. >> the kids were at school yesterday. they were thinking that winter is over. they were telling their parents that i saw it on the news that winter is over. >> we're not going there. >> they said tucker barnes told me this morning. >> we're not going there. i have a brief period of time to give you a lot of information. >> okay. rain showers falling across the area particularly south and east of the city now. this is all working through. so prince george's county, oxon hill, getting some rain showers there. north and west now, it looks like we're done with the rain showers and we should be in for
6:31 am
a great-looking afternoon. won't be quite as bright and beautiful as yesterday. still, nice temperatures. 50 at reagan national as we look at the airport temperatures. 53 at dulles. that is in the comfortable range for 6:30 in the morning on february 1st. clouds, warm temperatures expected and some breaks of sunshine particularly this afternoon. highs in the mid- to upper 60s. a few spots could touch 70 if we can get some bright sunshine building in hater today. we have ask the weather guy. tony will join us and we'll talk to a nasa scientist about what happened to winter. >> all right. should be interesting. >> a lot of people are wondering about that except for julie wright. >> this is what happened to winter. i put up my dukes and said come on, mother nature, i'm ready. >> don't do that.
6:32 am
she will win in the end. >> i'm putting up a good fight. the ram tonight inner loop of the george washington parkway was closed. the crew in sky fox live over the scene. traffic on the northbound parkway was being forced to exit on to the outer loop that would take you down towards the tyson's area. we've got that heavy volunteer -- volume there. the beltway itself looks good traveling between 270 and tysons corner. no trouble spots to report there. we'll show you what is happening here on the outer loop. no problems to report leaving university boulevard headed around towards colesville road. the pace starting to slow here. lanes are open right now southbound 95, 295 coming in out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. we have some new developments this morning on the fatal accident that happened on route 50 this past weekend. maryland state police say both
6:33 am
drivers involved in the wrong- with a crash were under the influence. toxicology report that came out yesterday shows the driver had alcohol in their systems. four people were killed in that crash when two cars collided on anne arundel county highway early saturday morning. starting today, a major metro entrance in d.c. will be closed for months. >> this impact commutes are who use the dupont circle station. it is all part of a plan to replace the system's escalators. station yes cohan is there live with more details. >> good -- stacy cohan is there wyff with more details. >> i am joined with dan stessel from the communications office. certainly, escalators have been a problem that wave reported for years. what do people need to know. >> the project has begun. it will take about 8 1/2 times. we will be demonthly,ing the
6:34 am
existing nontap r standard escalators and preplacing them with brand-new industrial grade units that are standard sized. in the meantime, customers can use farragut north which is about three blocks down connecticut avenue or the north entrance where we suspended all escalator work and will ensure that all three escalate irs there are in service. >> reporter: this is a high volume area. could the two stations handle the offset the volume. >> we believe there will be a fairly even split between farragut north and dupont's north entrance. we will be connually monitoring the north entrance to ensure that we do manage thed intoing into the station. >> reporter: if there is an emergency, what is metro doing to accommodate that? >> we have taken steps to prepare for that. we've worked with d.c. fire and taken some -- we've put in some additions to this entrance. right behind us here, you see new emergency egress stairs in
6:35 am
the event that they are needed and we'll be preserving one escalator here at all time in the event that it is needed. >> are there any particular projects that we should know about. >> our goal is to keep it to 8 1/2 months. we'll do everything we can to meet that schedule. this is a very tight space. the thunder he is chatter was installed in the '90s and that is why they had to use nonstandard escalators at the time but that has led to some problemses in the years since. >> this is part of the seven- year plan to repair the escalators. that as been one of the number one complaints, hasn't it? >> we understand that escalators are part of the travel experience on metro. we have 58 # escalators. many are fairly reliable and others are not. -- we have 588 escalator. we have a plan to replace 94 of them. >> what do you say to ruders who are just trust roted with escalators, with equipment failures on the system. >> the solution are projects
6:36 am
like this. in the case of these escalators, repairing them is just not an option. replacement, though it is inconvenient in the short term, well yield to more reliable service in the year to come. >> if you are coming through this area, you can hear the workers right behind me. that doorway gives you a peep into the future of metro. some brand-new escalators but not until the end of the year. back to you. >> thank you. you can help fox 5 monitor metro as well. just accepted us an e-mail about any issues that you find or questions you have about the transit agency. it is fox 5 metro at we are talk august big win. mitt romney in the florida primary. >> the former massachusetts governor gets all 50 del gets for the sunshine state. romney got 46% of the vote to 32% for newt gingrich. rick santorum and ron paul largely stawed out of the
6:37 am
florida to focus on key caucus contests. romney sounded like the job nominee by focusing his instructery peach on president obama. >> mr. president, you were elected to lead. you chose to follow. and now it is time for you to get out of the way. the way. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> the former massachusetts governor is getting secret service protection beginning today. an administration official says romney met all the conditions for protection which include being a major presidential candidate who has raised a certain amount of money. president obama will be in falls church today. he will visit acommunity center where he will outline a new plan to help homeowners refinance their mortgages. this man expands one already in place and would allow all home owners to refinance at lower interest rates including those who owe more than their home is worth. the cost of the program would be covered by a large fee on the banks. president obama made a stop at the auto show in d.c.
6:38 am
yesterday. he checked out a few electric hybrids and talked up the auto industry bailout saying it saved about a million jobs in the u.s. a look at the morning's other top stories now. a suspect accused of murdering community activist lenny harris is now behind bars. police arrested 49-year-old lynnwood johnson yesterday charging him with first degree murder. police say johnson and harris did know each other and they believe the motive in this murder was robbery. harris disappeared in seventy his body was found in a well over the weekend. johnson is schedule for a bond review hearing sometime this afternoon. the maryland governor will deliverties state of the state address today at noon. he is likely to reiterate his support of gay marriage.
6:39 am
the governor personally lobbied for legalizing same-sex marriage yesterday. >> we it talk about several other groups within the religious community that oppose this, changing the name and tampering with the word marriage. >> the people in the state of maryland have fought for that equality for generations. today, we ask for equality for sexual orientation. >> last year's gay marriage bill passed the state senate but stalled in the house inform it passes this time, opponents have vowed to get the required signatures to put the issue on the ballot in november. a civil liberties group is calling on the fbi to investigate after a virginia mosque was vandalized. the mosque in chantilly was set to open in a month but overnight zipped, police think a group of people gathered
6:40 am
there, partied and destroyed much of the building throwing rocks and shattering windows there. the damage is estimated at $60,000. ate. discrepancy in funds for the propose u.s. national slavery museum in fredericksburg may have been solved. the accountant for the project's founder said the money was found in fixed asset paymented made toward construction. the museum hopes to emerge from bankruptcy protect and resume fund raising. a major recall regarding birth control pills. >> a warning they may not prevent pregnancy. ♪
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they were shipped nationwide. the name of the drug involved are on your screen. pfizer says the pills pose no health threat but women affected by the recall should begin using another form of continue rae seption immediately. you will find more information on the underwater search for 16 people still missing in the cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy has been called off indefinitely. the conditions are just too dangerous for divers to go into the wreckage. bad weather is also moving into the area. seven teen bodies have been recovered so far. the ship ran aground two and a half week ago. crews are now trying to prevent 500,000 gallons of fuel from spilling into the sea. occupy d.c. protesters at macpherson square aren't just butting heads with law enforcement. they are having confrontational encounter with people in the neighbor too. yesterday, two men not associated with occupy movement found themselves face for face with demonstrators. this after the men tried to remove i atent thrown over the
6:45 am
statue of general james macpherson. a u.s. district judge is now weighing in on the campground crackdown. yesterday, he ruled that the government must notify protesters prior to eviction. it will be a little wet down there for the protesters too. >> just for the early-morning hours. i think we'll see peak of sunshine during the afternoon hours and that will once again help these temperatures jump into the upper 60s and l.a. 70s. >> right where we like them. >> i have to take a deep beth before we say it. yesterday, we had a record high temperature out at dulles. so it is very unusual to be talking about upper 60s and 70s for the first day of february. >> is it going to stay this way? >> no. that is why you need to enjoy today. temperatures will cool down tomorrow and we'll be closer to normal starting tomorrow affect. you mentioned the shower activity moving through the district and it is generally just south and east of us now. you can see it is hanging on
6:46 am
here across southern portions of the beltway. oxon hill, waldorf, you will get showers shortly. chesapeake beach, a few showers and then you go. out towards annapolis and portions of prince george's county, anne arundel county still getting the showers. most of the area has got i'm little rain. just be ready for it as you head out the door here. most of the day should be dry here once we get the showers east of us. let's push on. let's show you what is going on. there we go. our warm front came through jed. that brought us the tremendous temperatures around here yesterday. we've got a cold front out to the west that. cold front will slide through starting later tonight and during the overnight hours tomorrow morning. as that starts to move in, our temperatures will start the downward trend. so get out and enjoy today as temperatures expected to be in the mild category. we'll have peek of sunshine working in during the course of
6:47 am
the late morning, early afternoon. other in wash. 56 in quantico. -- 50 in washington. 46 for in frederick. the rest of the us starting the day in the 50s. we will end the day in the mid- to upper 60s. there you go. upper 60s for afternoon highs. then the cold front gets through here later tonight. a.m. showers tomorrow. best chance of that will be south of the city where you can see the cooler temperature here to stay as we get into friday and the wound. only in the upper 40s annual be shivering. >> that is normal right? >> normal is mid-40s. we have abeen trending well above normal if the past couple of months and there are some indications we are going to get colder as we get into the middle of february. we'll talk about that in ask weather guy. >> and tony is here now too. >> hello, tony.
6:48 am
>> it is time for ask the weather guys. this is the is hement where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. >> talk really slowly in this part. >> sometimes we like to get an expert in. we have to explain something to you. unfortunately, we are having a technical difficulty this morning. but here what is the question was. it's question we've gotten a lot last alita haytayanly. why has the weather been so you were -- a lot lately. when i has the weather been so unusual lately. we are going to be speaking with a nasa scientist. they are using at lights up there to check -- to track snow. do you know much about this, tucker in. >> well, they are tracking snowpack and that all plays into what is happening not only locally but this has been sort of a global phenomenon with very unusual winter weather here. in washington, we've experienced it every day. but parts of the world have had extreme cold.
6:49 am
we were talkingied in alaska, alaska in -- we were talking yesterday in alaska, the temperatures have dipped to minus 62, minus 79. those are actual air temperatures. while we've been enjoying a very warm winter, parts of world with the third or fourth coldest winters in history. it is not that there is not cold out there. >> there are actually long-term implications to all of. this the snowpack, the ice pack, all of that, how much there is. are we trending in a different direction now where we're going to start to see more snow in other places than in others. this is something nasa is looking into. we were scheduled to have a nasa scientist on this morning. we've been trying to get him on and establish that contact but we are having technical problems. nasa is there. they want to do it. we are having technical problems. we can't bring that to you this morning. >> maybe he is just enjoying
6:50 am
the warm weather. >> we just can't found him. >> it is very interesting because the term global warming comes up when people start asking about this. tucker and i don't know. we were going to turn to this expert to try to get some of the questions answered and it found out what they are doing with the information that they're now collecting. we'll try to gather that information. >> it is all about the jet stream. the jet stream has locked the cold across portions of canada. just a few short releases of the cold energy into the lower 48. the snowpack is no what it should be for this time of year. not only in washington, but parts of the country, chicago, boston, had very low snow totals for the year. not many storms. there are indications here that, if you follow weather carefully, there will be a big area of high pressure that will build across the pacific states and western canada over the
6:51 am
next week or so and that would be a pattern more conducive to cold if the washington area. there are indications we'll be colder for february and could be stormier as well. >> does it balance out. you have i warm day and you have the regular part of the month. does it balance out. >> i like to call mother nature even steven because she likes to work things out. this particular winter has been unusually warm and mild. that being said, two winters ago, we were unusually snowy. >> we've been talking about this. i'm starting to feel like maybe we're not going to get much of anything because when you have days like yesterday and today, the air is very, very warm. so then it would take some time to get that air colder. we can have a front come through and drop those temperatures but right now, the environment is just not conducive as tucker said to
6:52 am
snow us for. that could change in a week or two. >> you need a good snowpack across the north and west to lock the cold into the washington area. we don't have that this year. so there are some -- we'll see what happens. still going with an average snowfall this winter. >> i love that. >> i'm starting to pull back from that. >> if we don't have it, you can live through the winter weather video we continue to show. >> not the same, sarah. >> our apologies that we don't have the nasa scientist for you. we'll try to get him another time. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on air. i believe later this week we do have a video question we will be running. >> let's get to julie wright and get latest on traffic. i think you're okay with not hearing about any more snow. >> i've had enough for a lifetime. here is what i know.
6:53 am
as you guys are traveling along northbound 395 up to the 14th street bridge, we have a little problem here. you think i have a little clicker problem here because it won't work. traveling northbound on 395, the stalled car if you will is what is tying up the right side of the roadway. be prepared for that. lets asee if we can get some maps for work for you. right lane is blocked coming across the 14th street bridge. more close traffic starting to stack up here in germantown. we have agot delays northbound on 295 approaching the nrl. top stretch of the beltway leaving i-95 college park headed around towards colesville road, 15-minute commute headed west. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ffic. >> thank you. time to check out today's my fox half off deal. this one comes from the newly
6:54 am
opened cafe sazon. it looks pretty good. >> next hour, it's one-day bargain-hunting extravaganza. >> we are talking high lend, high quality boutique finds at up to 08% off retail prices. i like that store. we are live in alexandria giving you a preview of the big event happening this weekend. stay with us. ? not yet. i want to buy used but how do you know what you're really getting. check out carmax. all their used cars are guaranteed. that's where henderson found the one for him. way to go, henderson. finding the perfect car is easy at carmax because each car is carefully selected, inspected, thoroughly reconditioned and backed with a five-day money back guarantee so come find the one for you today, at carmax.
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way to go, neil.
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good morning i am annie yu if you are big into fashion shoes, clothes accessories you will want to stick around we are live at the ma sonic temple where we are getting a sneak peek at the 7th annual, all town boutique district warehouse sale it is just days away. a sneak peek to all the fun items you can find here this is a tradition that starletted 7 years -- started 7 years ago. here is how it works some of
6:58 am
old town's finest boutiques, offer designer items shoppers will get steals and deals on clothes, accessoryhome decor. we will get to that in the 9:00 a.m. hour we will get inside scoop and our minifashion show. this is diane von fehr ten berg shoes $200 originally down to $50. back to you in studio wisdom. >> bring me a pair of those for my wife annie i will pay you when you get back. donald is a school administrator with prince georges county public school system and a life long learner who likes to help others if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news, and you can post a comment under donald's photo. that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now let's send it over to tony and sarah. good morning. >> thanks wisdom. >> thank you.
6:59 am
coming up, fox 5 morning news, results are in mitt romney wins big in florida. >> leadership is about taking responsibility. >> that is romney sounding more and more presidential as he takes his money and momentum out west. a look ahead live from florida straight ahead. >> heads up if you use the dupont circle, metro station, live with details about changes that could impact your trip to work. new developments from an occupy camp in the district and an update on a judges ruling that might favour the protestors. fox 5 morning news starts right now there is a live lookout side clouds out there, a little bit of rain falling, as we begin february on a warm note it is wednesday, february


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